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tv   News  RT  February 5, 2020 9:00am-9:31am EST

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over 22 hours of chaos but still no final result and i walk with peek through to the start of the neck and neck the fall from grace be the 2020 u.s. democratic nominee also focusing too much on external threats the vote was actually marred by a new out result counting. ignoring shakes and ripping up speeches donald trump has his own side a battle with the democratic speaker joining his annual address to congress. and french for it's wrong by scandal as a former figure skater publishes a rape allegations against her coach of the 30 years of silence.
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is r t international thanks for keeping me company this hour as we talk through the biggest stories of the day some. well we've got to start with this one the iowa democratic party has revealed early results from its key core christian vote almost 24 hours later than expected with 71 percent of results now reported people to church has the lead with 27 percent in the fast round it's the beginning of the race to see who will ultimately run in the 2020 u.s. presidential election but the party has been left reeling from glitches in its new mobile app which was actually meant to deliver fast results. do you have a nightmare scenario and if so what do you do about it these are probably the most prepared we've ever been as a party for these carcasses and we've run through a few different scenarios but i can tell you were ready was the starting pistol at
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several for a race and at the end the prize is becoming a presidential nominee and that the finish line stand around and wait to find out who won. it's precinct caucus results started coming in the iowa democratic party ran them through an accuracy and quality check it became clear that they were in consistencies with reports the underlying cause of these inconsistency is was not immediately clear and required investigation which took time this is an embarrassment all they had to do was count the votes going to the polling stations counted the votes all they had to do was add together the tallies what a 10 year old could do in a calculator the democratic party couldn't this mess was caused by a new app designed to speed up vote counting made by a secretive company called shadow inc that i suppose was the 1st clue the party
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is saying on one hand we had inconsistences with the data then they say oh but the data is fine and it wasn't a problem with the app so that won't what was a problem with because we also know this take the app aside and say ok the absa failure didn't work you had precinct chairs who were calling back to the democratic headquarters last night some of them on the phone for 2 hours on hold waiting to call in and say one of these guys only had 6 people at his caucus site that is not enough to get 6 votes and one caucus goes over to the headquarters and he's on hold for 2 hours and can't get anybody who contracts a company called shadow to build an open transparent voting app democrats the people who shouted loudest about russia threatening american elections that breaking news russian hackers tried to hack wisconsin's election system russia's hacked into a lot of things russian hackers the kremlin clan it certainly looks like they're at
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it again and with an eye towards helping this president to combat strums popularity democrats created 2 organizations acronym and paquin him to flood the internet and t.v. with. anti trump and anti russian propaganda trump spent $10000000.00 on a commercial for tonight's super bowl we fixed it for him a new president trying to steal your veteran's setting isis prisoners free losing don't they we can factor ladies and gentlemen the worst is yet. here comes the incompetence part these groups a pact with people who ran and sank hillary clinton's campaign including shadow inc founded by a former clinton campaign manager they've spend fortunes and amateur propaganda and apps that don't work all that. money the effort is just to see trump
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have the last laugh. when will a democrat stop blaming russia russia russia instead of their own incompetence for the voting disaster that just happened in the great state of iowa it's sad. all the complaining and moaning about how russians were out to ruin american elections most of the russians that did it it was the democrats their paranoia and competence they turned liberals and democrats against each other screaming and shouting accusing each other of foul play of russia could never do the democrats did we've heard the people who are responsible for this catastrophe in iowa the democratic establishment claim that it was russia's intention to undermine integrity in our voting systems in our election process the question is who really threatens us elections and now i think a lot of voters within the democratic party are finally seeing what the real threat
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is and it's with it's within the heart of the democratic party establishment the more that we talk about the reality of our election systems the more this russia gate hysteria just begins to fall on deaf ears and voters particularly younger voters who are social media savvy reject it angrily well as we wait for the rest of those results to come in from the iowa caucuses ati's donald to court to break down the current situation for us. judging by how the iowa caucus has been held this far it looks like one big mess of the electoral system really it's been over a day since the initial results of the votes were supposed to be made public and only 71 percent of them have even been counted nobody knows when they'll finish this process but so far pete booted judge has a slight lead over bernie sanders who's actually right now in new hampshire preparing for next week's primary there and the polls are already suggesting that
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he will win by a landslide over there now less than 100 percent of the votes were counted but both candidates seem to have had 100 percent confidence in their electoral victory in iowa by all indications we are going on to new hampshire victorious. i have a good feeling we're going to be doing very very well here when. it seems like they jumped the gun a bit and even more strange is that the 1st election results were actually announced even earlier when only 62 percent of the votes were counted why at that specific moment it's anyone's guess but on social media people found it pretty strange and a lot of people had a field day with these very early declarations just finished 62 percent of titanic and rosen checks future seems to really bright just 62 percent of the $986.00 world series and clearly the red sox won the whole thing that you just finished 62
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percent of the drugs back and while that played to god spewer so said he. wrist and the. i'm 62 percent of the way through war and peace and man this napoleon character is unbeatable now after those 62 percent of votes were counted it became quite clear that had won the majority of the electoral votes but on the other hand bernie sanders had actually won more of the popular vote which is a strange aspect of the american electoral system where it's possible where a less popular candidate can actually win the election and so as these votes continue to be counted we'll keep our viewers updated of course on the latest developments in the iowa caucus and while the democrats were busy wondering where it all went wrong in iowa donald trump was giving his state of the union speech and had his own private battle with the democratic speaker the president gave none to proceed the cold shoulder when she offered him a friendly handshake but it wasn't long before she got her revenge ripping up
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trump's speech right behind him and shaking her head throughout on whether donald trump spent most of the address looking back at his own successes rather than forward. the state of our union is stronger then ever before the with. the world would not now be witnessing this great economic success the e.u. narrative states has become the number one producer of oil and natural gas anywhere in the world i. companies are not believing they are coming back to the usa. i keep my promises we did our job. with. or probably on surprisingly the republicans have been reacting to nazi places shredding tactics
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saying that she ripped up a tribute to american heroes u.s. senator lindsey graham also added that her actions weren't actually diminish the good done by the white house i. appreciate nancy pelosi as speaker of their house nightmare what she's accomplished but tearing the speech up . is not going to tear the accomplishments of this president i think is well on its way to being real a new low for mensa palosi the speech was about american hero some american workers she decided that was worth would true tearing apart absolutely disgraceful. speaker pelosi just ripped up the survival of a child born at 21 weeks the mornin families of rocky jones until a 1000000 or a service members reunion with his family that's her legacy. let's head to europe now because the sex abuse scandal in front board has seen paris prosecutors open up
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a broad investigation after former ice skating champion broke her silence after 30 years and her recently published books are up at all accuses her ex coach of rape the claim has triggered an outpouring of support from the country's top athletes. we feel appalled appalled but unfortunately not the surprised ones who the truth becomes chilling and isolated keys becomes many the more serious omnipresent how many victims remain locked in a state of shame and fear how many cases could have been avoided we can no longer be silent it is time to act collectively and realize that breaking this silence also means serving sport with a scandal growing in the wake of the revelations france's sports minister has demanded the resignation of the figure skating federation president shot it to princeton brings us the story. when a minister makes a public pronouncement you probably would hope that they had checked all of the
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facts just like when in 2017 france's former sports minister declared that at the height of me too there wasn't a problem in her sphere the former uk fencing champion must now be considering for laying on her sought after the latest explosive revelations of rape by sports coaches have emerged they've been made by france's 10 times national skating champion sarah a bit for in a new book she accuses her former coach year of regularly raping her in the ninety's when she was aged between 15 and 17. i was sleeping with my teddy bears and he woke me up with his torch it was a nightmare it was horrible and it still horrible today and that's why i'm talking about it as unfortunately i'm still not well i'm taking antidepressants and i'm speaking up for all the other big tims who can speak themselves this extinct 2 year
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old former coach admits having sex with a skater but his version of their relationship differs though my memories of the exact circumstances differ from hers i am aware that given my duties and her age at the time these relations were in any event inappropriate it's not the 1st time questions have been raised about a year sarabeth ball says she previously spoke out against him in the northeast including to the then minister of sport john points while or more but was shut down . he called me back and he said to me listen to me tangibly yes we have a file on him but we are going to close our eyes let moore says he doesn't recall that conversation i do not question at all what she say's but i have no memory of this exchange above all if i have. these horrors that i discovered today i would
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never have advised. to close her eyes according to the sports newspaper keep 2 investigations were carried out by in the early eighty's thousands including one white sports ministry now his contract as a technical advisor was terminated following the 2nd one sarah a bit but although it is not the only person making accusations 3 other former skaters say they too were raped by their coaches including usually by ear when they were minors suggesting the problem was much deeper accusations which is why they've been denied all declined to be commented on questions are now being asked about the leadership in french sport with the current sports minister demanding the resignation of did you get the books of french skating along with other allegations of sex abuse in other sports many are suggesting that these revelations are just the tip of the iceberg and that france has done precious little to protect its
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sporting hopefuls and heroes. ski otty paris. news the united nations top humanitarian official has said more foreign troops stationed in mali or in the south pole region generally will not save the african nation in its conflict against armed groups but political talks could but as the area in north africa has seen a surge in terrorism over the last decade the u.n. statement comes after france an extra 600 soldiers to the struggling for help region but in addition to the 4500 french troops already stationed a u.n. affairs chief in mali explain why the situation in the country as it was sitting despite increased security presence. if you look at the needs that have been identified for 2019 over 3000000 people needed support from humanitarian act. so this and we had and planned to use about $324000000.00
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however only 51 percent has been received obviously you cannot cover the needs of all of the people identified as vulnerable if you only receive half of the money particularly the situation is getting worse and we are looking at a situation where more people will need our support and we do have about $1100000.00 people that are in additional. humanitarian assistance well let's break down how that terrorist insurgency has grown in recent years and actually spread across north africa since 2016 the number of to harvest attacks has increased 5 fold and thousands of people have been either killed or displaced the latest incident on sunday 20 soldiers were killed and by islamist fighters now much abrams he's a fellow at the quincy institute for responsible state craft believes that any
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negotiations with terror groups won't prove productive. a greater portion of international terrorism will move to africa especially so as well as in libya their fighters are going to continue to increase in number particularly because we're dealing with one of the world's poorest areas with weak governance these kinds of field states create a power vacuum ideal for terrorists of all sorts of brightness so it's very hard for me to imagine what the french will simply $500.00 troops that is going to resolve things the reality is that sometimes there is no good answer fighting them isn't going to work talking to them probably won't work either islamic state is groping in mali and throughout this hour hell they do not want. okies process is in his lowest group also very difficult to negotiate with and so even though i'm
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a skeptic that military force you know is not going to work that doesn't mean that i think that negotiations are also necessarily the in. touch here in our chance national and local after a music festival in sweden draws on line is a blouse children as young as 3 to create an avatar with the muslim headscarf we'll talk about why the job has become so polarized how much more and i can. lead. to good.
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we're told it's a total meltdown confusion consumes iowa as officials struggle to report voting results for the botched i will caucus is the call to make political metaphor of our times.
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the online debate over the wearing of the head child has been rekindled in sweden it's off to a mobile link to a song competition allowed all ages to dress that on screen image with the traditional muslim heads call for women. to normalize islamization every normal person with or without children should be terrified and disgusted. awful the other public services and politicians not only have neutral permissive attitude towards islam but also actively spreading it.
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women in muslim countries risk their lives fighting male oppression and the obligatory bail here goes out with taxpayers' money making my children believe that it's normal for little girls to cover up. now a bit of a backstory mid january redesign of the swedish edition of elle magazine chose this job wearing influence of the 2020 look of the year this quickly good debate online and on the day the foster factory which is the wild hit job day thoughtful people across the globe too and that's where you will because women over all faiths are not to cover their heads as a sign of solidarity but running power on social media was the hash tag no hit job with women arguing about the traditional head scarf is a symbol of oppression meanwhile in predominantly muslim egypt the country's top court has upheld a 2016 ban on the niqab for staff at cairo university they ruled that the face veil can impede the atmosphere of communication of
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a compass so we decided to put the issue to activists favor. eavis and who's a women's rights advocate. app developers are merely reflecting the culture that's taking place in their community i think right now what the media what magazines and you know the beauty standards are trying to do is just be more inclusive and say there is a spot for you here i do feel as though only one narrative is shown in the west when we talk about the job it's often a very positive narrative but i think that the other side also has to be addressed many many girls forced into wearing the job without any full understanding of what it represents and the how difficult it will be to take it all there's definitely a community where this is a very real and present appearing you know issue and concern and so we have to just allow the app designers to kind of. basically play to their audience if you will i do find
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a huge problem in perpetuating this idea that children as young as 3 need to wear the job in any in any form and i would also like to say that he is not a culture it is very much a religious symbol see when i myself see a little brown skinned girl on a t.v. commercial as a little girl i believe i can grow up to be that person so what we don't want to do is not show women have jobs because we don't want you little girls who wear jobs to feel as though they can't be a part of this larger story that we all are a part of a think that women should be able to choose what they wear and that is exactly why i am an advocate for no job because i stand for the choice to take it off which is something that is just not extended to people around the world and people within even my own community here in the in the. final 4 this hour the u.s. could impose heavier penalties on companies that entities involved in the construction of the north stream to gas project according to german media the
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punitive measures may be introduced as early as this month the pipeline project which would carry russian gas to europe for the baltic sea was one of the many topics we discussed exclusively with russia's ambassador to germany again a child. normally singham we appreciate the german government's continued support for the north stream too despite external pressure projects highly beneficial for germany and to europe as a whole as it's aimed to at ensuring the energy security of the continent it's environmentally friendly in comparison to liquefied natural gas an idea that's being forced on europe this project works out much cheaper and we have plenty of experience in supplying this kind of field to the european market we have proven ourselves to be a reliable and effective partner and we have never failed to meet our obligations this is a win win deal which is especially important for germany as it turns away from nuclear and coal energy in favor of greener alternatives i'm not sure all gas is
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indispensable here. just like i'm still a human lives in my do close and meaningful in co-operation between russia and germany can have a positive impact on both international relations in europe and resolving problems around the world the crisis in libya is one focus of our cooperation with berlin we are also ready to collaborate on resolving the conflict in syria for a long time we've urged our western colleagues to be more active in returning syrian refugees to their homes but this is not always possible because of the need to rebuild infrastructure some of our western partners are not very enthusiastic about this because they're all reluctant to cooperate with the legitimate government of syria all in all we're trying to create a positive agenda in the interest of furthering russia germany relations helping us shaping up they fought today i'll be back on top of the out the next great news update and.
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wrong. just don't call. me. yet to see how this thing comes as a. and in games red equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. chido churchill builder academy in such a way as bad spawn the crisis of the crop of virus and for that there is an economic downturn and the us could inherit a benefit of that economic baldrick a similarly the us build its economy in a way that cars and other kind of extra nellie's that are highly detrimental to the us come.
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now what are we not asia was so on out in. the fall for. us. i'm after it out there we go. on the ground after us state of the union address overshadowed by alleged dirty tricks at the democratic iowa caucus and us here in britain downing street stands accused of dirty tricks against the press coming up on the show with the leaks reveal d.n.c. dirty tricks against bernie in 2016 but does chaos at monday's iowa caucuses reveal that nothing is change we ask a man who's been at the receiving end of the democratic party machine lawyer and former congressional candidate tim going over and is an e.u.
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delegation to teheran heads home ahead of friday's washington talks how close are we to a transformation from anglo-american economic war in iran to full scale military geopolitical conflict we get a cia insider's guide to developments one month since the trump assassination drone strike plus as a suspected terror attack wounds 2 in south london what's changed since boris johnson used just similar attack in november for alleged electoral advantage we talked to former u.k. home office minister norman baker posable coming up in today's going on the ground a fast hours before impeached u.s. president trumps acquittal by the senate today his annual state of the union address over the whole world signals of what a trump 2nd term in the white house means for the planets of course 1st he'll have to beat the democrats in november but arguably they're fighting a civil war after monday's iowa fiasco joining me now from hollywood is tim going over who ran for congress in florida against d.n.c. boss debbie wasserman schultz thanks jim for coming back on last time we talked about vote rigging i might get to that in
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a 2nd but do you think after the state of the union elites there in the united states that will and corporate media understand how much more powerful trump seems today than he did before the impeachment process began it is quite incredible between the mother investigation and then the impeachment inquiry trying stockyards only resit i'm not quite sure the democratic establishment is going to learn the lessons i wouldn't be surprised if they double down down and try to find new impeachment articles i think it's a way. distracting from other investigations that are happening right now investigations into the democrats' own corruption so no sign that the d.n.c. might say now after all they did say it was the russians the gun trump elected no sign the d.n.c. will now say the d.n.c. go jump elected. now there's not a chance of that you know there's not much introspection at the d.n.c. and you can't go through 4 years.


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