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tv   News  RT  February 5, 2020 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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in germany where the. coach.
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after 10 pm here in moscow on this wednesday february 5th one welcome to all my names you know. we begin with some breaking news from turkey we're hearing at least 120 people injured after a passenger plane overshot the runway. this live pictures right at the scene. there. the main body of the plane which burst into flames. you can see here completely detached the cockpit. screen now the turkish ministry of.
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77 people on board. a lot of them to nearby hospitals the plane. was arriving from another city is near it is not clear what has caused the accident all the reports suggest that stormy weather once you can see a lot of rain right there at the moment. may have played a role. being temporarily closed the flights which are being redirected to. emergency services we're looking at right now will continue to work into the night it looks like. the democratic party revealed early results from its key caucus vote almost 24 hours later than expected with 71 percent of results not reported. as a slight lead with 27 percent it's the beginning of the race to see who will run in
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this year's u.s. presidential election against donald trump but the party has been left reeling from glitches in its new mobile app which is meant to deliver. you have a nightmare scenario and if so what do you do these are probably the most prepared we've ever been as a party for these caucuses and we've run through a few different scenarios but i can tell you were ready was the starting pistol i'd settle for a race and at the end the prize is becoming the presidential nominee and that the finish. to find out who won. his precinct caucus results started coming in the iowa democratic party ran them through an accuracy and quality check it became clear that they were in consistencies with reports the underlying cause of these in consistencies was not immediately clear and required investigation which took time this is an embarrassment all they had to do was count the votes the polling stations counted the votes all they had to do
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was add together the tallies what a 10 year old could do in a calculator the democratic party couldn't this mess was caused by a new app designed to speed up vote counting made by a secretive company called shadow inc that i suppose was the 1st clue the party is saying on one hand we had inconsistent things with the data then they say oh but the data is fine and it wasn't a problem with the app so that won't what was a problem with because we also know this take the app aside and say ok the absa failure didn't work you had precinct chairs who were calling back to the democratic headquarters last night some of them on the phone for 2 hours on hold waiting to call in and say one of these guys only had 6 people at his caucus site he's going to give 6 votes and one caucus goes over to the headquarters and he's on hold for 2 hours and can't get anybody who contracts
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a company called shadow to build an open transparent voting app democrats the people who shouted loudest about russia threatening american elections that breaking news russian hackers tried to hack wisconsin's election system russia's hacked into a lot of things russian hackers the kremlin clan it certainly looks like they're. with an eye towards helping this president to combat strums popularity democrats created 2 organizations acronym and paquin him to flood the internet and t.v. with. anti trump and anti russian propaganda trump spent $10000000.00 on a commercial for tonight's super bowl we fixed it for him under president truman merica stealing our veterans setting isis prisoners losing don't very conflicted ladies and gentlemen the worst is yet. here
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comes the incompetent spot these groups a packed with people who ran and sank hillary clinton's campaign including shadow inc founded by a former clinton campaign manager they've spend fortunes and amateur a propaganda and apps that don't work well that todd and the money the efforts just to see trump have the last laugh when will a democrat stop blaming russia russia russia instead of their own incompetence for the voting disaster that just happened in the great state of iowa it's sad. all the complaining and moaning about how russians were out to ruin american elections most of the russians that did it it was the democrats their paranoia and competence they turned liberals and democrats against each other screaming and shouting accusing each other of foul play or russia could never do the democrats did we've
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heard the people who are responsible for this catastrophe in iowa or the democratic establishment claim that it was russia's intention to undermine integrity in our voting systems in our election process the question is who really threatens us elections and now i think a lot of voters within the democratic party are finally seeing what the real threat is and it's with it's within the heart of the democratic party establishment the more that we talk about the reality of our election systems the more this russia gate hysteria just begins to fall on deaf ears and voters particularly younger voters who are social media savvy reject it angrily. well as we wait for the rest of the results to come in from the iowa caucus artie's double quarter summed up the day the night and then the day again judging by how the iowa caucus
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has been held this far it looks like one big mess of the electoral system really it's been over a day since the initial results of the votes were supposed to be made public and only 71 percent of them have even been counted nobody knows when they'll finish this process but so far pete booted judge has a slight lead over bernie sanders who's actually right now in new hampshire preparing for next week's primary there and the polls are already suggesting that he will win by a landslide over there now less than 100 percent of the votes were counted but both candidates seem to have had 100 percent confidence in their electoral victory in iowa by all indications we are going into new hampshire victorious. i have a good feeling we're going to be doing very very well here. it seems like they jumped the gun a bit and even more strange is that the 1st election results were actually announced even earlier when only 62 percent of the votes were counted why at that
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specific moment it's anyone's guess but on social media people found it pretty strange and a lot of people had a field day with these very early declarations just finished 62 percent of titanic and rosen checks future seems to really bright just 62 percent of the $986.00 world series and clearly the red sox won the whole thing that you just finished 62 percent of the drugs back and while that played to guys spewer so said he. rest in peace. i'm 62 percent of the way through war and peace and man this napoleon character is unbeatable now after those 62 percent of votes were counted it became quite clear that had won the majority of the electoral votes but on the other hand bernie sanders had actually won more of the popular vote which is a strange aspect of the american electoral system where it's possible where a less popular candidate can actually win the election so as these votes continue
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to be counted we'll keep our viewers updated of course on the latest developments in the iowa caucus. while the democrats were busy wondering where it all went wrong in iowa double trouble is giving his 3rd state of the union speech his own private battle with the democratic speaker nancy pelosi 1st broke with tradition by introducing the president without using the words on or in privilege trump intern refused her one chick pelosi then ripped up the american leader speech right behind him and made a little bit of gestures of her own through it. the state of our union is stronger then ever before i was. the world would not now be witnessing this great economic success was i the united states has become the number one producer of oil and natural gas anywhere in the
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world was. companies are not believing they are coming back to the usa i i keep my promises we did our job at i. or republicans up in reacting to nancy pelosi shredding tactics pointing i thought she ripped up a tribute to american heroes including to a decorated 100 year old world war 2 veteran u.s. senator lindsey graham about her actions won't diminish the work done by the white house i. appreciate nancy pelosi as speaker of the house nightmare what she's accomplished but tearing the speech. is not going to tear the accomplishments of this president i think is well on its way to being real a new low for mensa palosi the speech was about american hero some american workers
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she decided that was worth would true tearing apart absolutely disgraceful. speaker pelosi just ripped up the survival of a child born at 21 weeks the morning families of rocky jones and. servicemembers reunion with his family that's her legacy. a surprise political alliance being temporarily formed in germany the ruling centrist party and right wing politicians join forces to ice the regional left wing premier that defies the national party's refusal to work with the far right before let's cross. to berlin to our correspondent peter oliver to make sense of all this peter the alliance as we say temporary or otherwise has sparked outrage what do we know at this stage how did it work out like this. well it's not often we're talking about high drama in german politics it usually prides itself on being fairly did put on wednesday
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german politics rock to its very core because of the role played by alternative for germany they were the f.d.a. well they've become the king makers in the state elections in the regional ballots in to injure. what that means is a candidate from the free democratic party the f.t.p. thomas chemical will be the new state premier and he's achieved this after they put their votes in the state parliament behind him 2 worth noting this ballot the public went to the ballot back in october of last year this is the 3rd round of voting in the state parliament itself what has actually happened is that mr cameron it has been elected by just one solitary vote this is after members from the christian democratic union which is of course angola miracles party alternative for germany the anti immigration far right group well they got behind the free
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democratic party candidates really worth pointing out the free democrats only picked up 5 seats in the to enter parliament when the public voted back in october but it looks like their man will be the new state premier lots of controversy this has sparked the outgoing state premier of of the left party has called it a disgusting charade the election of mr kerik while the twitter page of the left party has been publishing remark searchers the free democratic party would choose to rule with fascists then not after all of course it wasn't just the f. date that got behind mr. kennedy of the free democrats also the christian. democratic union representatives in the state of turning your world their party leader and. widely tipped as
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a potential successor to our chancellor of germany said the regional party representatives acted against the well against the rules in the words of central office. this is not a good day this is not a good day for touring this is not a good day for the political system in germany which is also seeing protests both in the state of the cross in germany against the role played by day as the king makers in that state election the target for the protesters particularly hear him in was the offices of the free democratic party there was a spontaneous demonstration some saying thousands of people outside of the party headquarters of the free democrats here in the german capital voicing their anger breaking what had been seen as one of the big to booze in german politics that the
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main parties the establishment parties would not enter into any type of alliance with alternative for germany well the national leader of the free democrats say that they're not entering into any kind of official. alliance with the f.d.a. but says that they're in fact doing exactly the opposite and remain with that stance . eve does congress surprise you because it is not motivated by an agreement on substance not a purely tactical the f.t.p. does not negotiate or cooperate with the if there is no basis for cooperation it cannot support the goals and values of that party. well for his part thomas kenniff did accept the day's backing to take the role as state premier but he has said that he won't be involving alternative for germany in any negotiations for forming a government within the state but what we're also hearing from one senior party
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member within the christian democratic union is what the f. 3 day is a thorn here is they've played with fire and essentially set the whole of german politics ablaze you know their own bifurcation so be fascinating peter should know whatever way it turns are terry europe correspondent peter oliver thank you. well let's indeed get a little bit further into this i'm very happy to say a strong foreign policy speaker for the alternative for germany party in the buddhist joins us live petter why do you think the christian democrats were willing to break their own taboo and cooperate with it if they vote. well the answer's quiet simple just look at the election results the christian democrats answering it they have lost. quite a many around 11 point and percent and they lost it's to the a.f. d.
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and this is because of the policy of angle i'm actually because of the policy of the c.d.u. headquarter and burleson so they know what the people into the steering your are wants and what the people want it is a coalition of conservatives so now they are doing it they know the communists were on the power to get on with socialism with the greens and they they lost not that they don't have the majority anymore so this is the very logical step but is it necessarily a good thing for your party is the new minister better in the view of alternative for germany considering he was he was pretty fast to distance himself from your party. you know this is not about what is bad or for the f.d.a. this is the question is was what the voters have on to it and the clearing and people. said quite clearly we would like to have
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a conservative coalition and that this is ready the majority we have this is the city you have the m.f.t. appear they have the heft majority and the communists and the socialists they were just ignoring it they wanted to build the government without having having a majority such they failed and how they are driving mad so but in a normal situation the a.f.d. would get a 2nd chance to build the government after the communists were not able to do that . and just because all the other parties were blockading us we had to do it in this way and of course it's a bird this way. have enough and there's been a lot of negative coverage though to this the leader of the christian democrats the leading party of course called this day a bad day for germany's political system that is despite their local section of our
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party going together with yours what's your response to that from the high leadership you know this is very funny he is saying add them up explaining why i mean why should it be a why should it be a bad day this is a great today for democracy this is a great day for germany you know it happened what the world just wanted of course this is a bad day put on go america the c.d.u. are not trying to avoid this but it's a great day for everyone who went but no not everyone petter because the votes led to protests what do you say to the people on the streets. by the move yet you know . you are questioning those protesters and front of the anti again and it always even even your colleague said that they are spontaneous no way they are not spontaneous just look on the flags on the signs of the those people who are protesting those are members of the left party of the socialist party of the green
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party those are extreme left extremists from the anti far also organized protests of the losers they're just not they are just not accepting that they have lost and the. you're just breaking up a little but let's keep with you one last point though on this. because of the reaction do you feel that this will only be a temporary. kind of accord together with the other parties that possibly the other bigger parties are now going to distance themselves even further away because of the reaction or is this a seismic change in german politics what's your take. and this is a big change this is the same as it breaks it on the international level you know once you have proved that this is possible you can put it back and they the other side knows it very well and this is the reason why they are driving so
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mad you know this is the beginning of the end of the era of the left this is the angle of the era of the 68 generation and you will see we will have. in the next elections in the future better thank you very much for your time this hour put our best strong foreign policy speaker for the alternative for germany party in the bin dislike my pleasure thank you. a sex abuse scandal in french sports scene parra as prosecutors open up an investigation after a former ice skating champion broke her silence after 30 years in her recently published book sarra a big ball accuses her ex coach of rape the claim is triggered and i pouring of support from the country's top athlete. we feel appalled appalled but then fortunately not the surprised ones who the truth becomes chilling and isolated keys
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becomes many the more mysterious omnipresent hamann of victims remain locked in a state of shame and fear how many cases could have been avoided we can no longer be silent it is time to act collectively and realize that breaking the silence also means servant sport or with the growing in the wake of the claims of the reaction to francis sports ministry as the mom of the resignation of the figure skating federation president who herself previously made controversial statements on the issue picking up a story for a charlotte difference. when a minister makes a public pronouncement you probably would hope that they had checked all of the facts just like when in 2017 france's former sports minister declared that at the height of me too there wasn't a problem in her sphere the former fencing champion must now be considering for laying on who is sought after the latest explosive revelations of
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rape by sports coaches have emerged they've been made by france's 10 times national skating champion sarah a bit bold in a new book she accuses her former coach year of regularly raping her in the ninety's when she was aged between 15 and 17. i was sleeping with my teddy bears and he woke me up with his torch it was a nightmare it was horrible and it's still horrible today and that's why i'm talking about it as unfortunately i'm still not well i'm taking antidepressants and i'm speaking up for all the other victims who can't speak themselves this exchange 2 year old former coach admits having sex with a skater but his version of their relationship differs though my memories of the exact. circumstances differ from hers i am aware that given my duties and her age at the time these relations were in any event inappropriate it's not the 1st time
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questions have been raised about a year sarabeth paul says she previously spoke out against him in the us including to the then minister of sport john moore but was shut down. he called me back and he said to me listen to me yes we have a file on him but we are going to close our eyes let more says he doesn't recall that conversation i do not question at all what she say's but i have no memory of this exchange above all if i had known these horrors that i discovered today i would never have advised sarah bit ball to close her eyes according to the sports newspaper keep 2 investigations were carried out. in the early 2000 including one white sports ministry now his contract as a technical advisor was terminated following the 2nd one sara a bit but although it is not the only person making accusations 3 other former
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skaters say they too were raped by their coaches including by ear when they were minors suggesting the problem was much deeper accusations which of either being denied or declined to be commented on questions are now being asked about the leadership in french sport with the current sports minister demanding the resignation of did you get the books of french skating along with other allegations of sex abuse in other sports many are suggesting that these revelations are just the tip of the iceberg and that france has done precious little to protect its sporting hopefuls and heroes. ski altie paris. the european union sharply and washington's the solution to ease restrictions on the use of personnel landmines which will allow the u.s. military to deploy the weapons in conflict zones across the world. this in the
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mines the global norm against on t. personnel mines i normally say tens of thousands of people in the past 20 years the use of the weapons anywhere at any time and by any act remains completely unacceptable to the european union well the u.s. state department says the bond which was instituted by the obama administration puts the military at a severe disadvantage in conflict situations that's this by the fact that over 150 countries are signatories to the 1907 bomb on the use of the weapon they expose of devices are buried in the ground detonate under pressure there are effectively 2 types of personnel lund mines with newer varieties possessing a self-destruct function those are the sort that the trumpet ministrations say's the american military purchase here some of the reaction we've been getting to washington's controversial decision. trump administration's decision just adds one more layer of. tea to warfare and
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encourages that it's very difficult to determine. what where these mines would be laid and and how they could be deactivated even though they they claim they're going to be field in a new one new type that can be deactivate on its own but that's not sure i think the land mines are just terrible they they they affect civilians primarily and i don't think there's any foolproof way of developing a what i would call a smart landmine that could deactivate itself we greatly welcome the you statement today in the statements by the number of other states. which would include germany belgium netherlands that have come out and spoken very clearly condemning this decision the international campaign to ban landmines deplores the
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decision by the u.s. go. meant this decision reverses its land mine policy the u.s. is effectively stepping backwards from the progress it has made in putting its policy in line with mine be in treaty provisions which being the production the use in the transfer of land mines and which commit states to providing assistance to mine survivors just a reminder for up to the minute stories quite literally artie's twitter page house you covered and don't stray too far now as more great programs get their start in moments of the season. we're told it's a total meltdown confusion consumes iowa as officials struggle to report voting results for the botched i will caucus is to make political metaphor of our time.
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time after time so we're going on the ground after us state of the union address overshadowed by alleged dirty tricks of the democratic caucus this here in britain downing street stands accused of dirty tricks against the press coming up on the show wiki leaks reveal d.n.c. dirty tricks against the 16 but does chaos at monday's iowa caucuses reveal that nothing is change we ask a man who's been at the receiving end of the democratic party machine lawyer and former congressional candidate. and is an e.u. delegation to teheran.


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