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tv   Going Underground  RT  February 5, 2020 2:30pm-3:01pm EST

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time after time so we're going on the ground after us state of the union address overshadowed by alleged dirty tricks of the democratic caucus and us here in britain downing street stands accused of dirty tricks against the press coming up on the show with the leaks reveal d.n.c. dirty tricks against bernie in 2 of the 16 but the chaos of monday's iowa caucuses reveal that nothing is change we ask a man who's been at the receiving end of the democratic party machine lawyer and former congressional candidate tim going over and does an e.u. delegation to teheran heads home ahead of friday's washington talks how close are we to a transformation from anglo-american economic war in iran to full scale military
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geopolitical conflict we get a cia insider's guide to developments one month since the trump assassination drone strike as a suspected terror attack wounds 2 in south london what's changed since boris johnson used just similar attack in november for alleged electoral advantage we talked to former u.k. home office minister norman baker posable coming up in today's going on the ground before as the hours before impeached u.s. president trumps acquittal by the senate today his annual state of the union address over the whole world signals of what a trump 2nd term in the white house means for the planets of course 1st he'll have to beat the democrats in november but arguably they're fighting a civil war after monday's iowa fiasco joining me now from hollywood is jim going over who ran for congress in florida against d.n.c. boss debbie wasserman schultz thanks jim for coming back on last time we talked about vote rigging i might get to that in a 2nd but do you think after the state of the union elites there in the united states that will go. understand how much more powerful trump seems today than he
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did before the impeachment process began it is quite incredible between the mauler investigation and then the impeachment inquiry transpired you are only resit i'm not quite sure the democratic establishment is going to learn the lessons i wouldn't be surprised if they double down trickle down and try to find new impeachment articles i think it's a way of distracting from other investigations that are happening right now investigations into the democrats' own corruption so no sign that the d.n.c. might say now after all they did say it was the russians the got trump elected no sign the d.n.c. will now say the d.n.c. go jump elected. now there's not a chance of that you know there's not much introspection at the d.n.c. and you can't go through 4 years of absolutely vilifying donald trump and then suddenly say that you're going to actually discuss issues and have any gender
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their agenda has been to vilify trump and to try to impeach him the entire time that it's a losing strategy well i know next week is the new hampshire primary hopefully it'll go better than the fiasco in iowa but a clinton stauffer is reputedly mean in charge of online count to disinform ation reporting on those that use the word rigged on social media i presume that's not a reference to you or your previous suits against the democrats what do you make of that reaction to. i don't know maybe the popularity of bunnies on this. do susa typical d.n.c. response to anyone who's critical of the way the election system is run in this country i'm not afraid of using the word rig i think they've been rigging elections when i say they don't know he's there who's doing the rigging that's part of the problem but it's so easy to hack into electronic voting machines. or for an insider
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to manipulate the software of the electronic voting machines and we just saw this play out in iowa where really all it was was a new app that would help the reporting of the caucus results to the main you know central election headquarters i suppose or lex you know office and that didn't work out so well any app that's an app that's a mobile app it's capable of being hacked into and you know americans need to go back to the simple paper ballots that are marked by hand and counted in public there's no 'd opportunity to be rigging electronic software and having some kind of a dark market for about us olds in venice in the end see they did say the app correctly recorded partial voting but i thought sure what that actually meant what i'm the one but around the world i mean does it not show the u.s. u.s. democracy in crisis i mean we know the drum didn't get. the popular vote in the
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united states to become president we know that trump has been impeached your media believes the drum in fact is a kremlin agent i mean around the world how do you think this is being seen. it's a good question it certainly doesn't reflect well on the state of american democracy i mean much of what you just described is the hyper partisanship and polarization that's occurred. in the country over the past 4 years and donald trump has been that lightning rod that has only increased that hyper partisanship i think the greater threats to our democracy though is truly from these electronic voting machines people are losing faith and confidence in the election results and you saw in 2016 approximately what 62000000 people voted for trump and 63000000 for hillary clinton or something like that well 106000000 americans who could have voted didn't vote at all people are opting out of even
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voting because they don't see this islamist working in any kind of a fair way and the more you study the system and when i say the system months or about a system that is electronic voting machines across the country that it's been proven time and again they're inherently vulnerable to outside hacking and insider manipulation of the software why would anyone have confidence in the outcome of these elections well if the elites in the united states are you really have a hold the 10s of millions of votes defacto in leah in the trash because they have a recorded trump did say when we get to real votes he did say that 20 percent of bernie's on his vote last time may have gone to him because if try but he's on his opposition to globalization do you think trump is his most i really don't know how to answer that one there's certainly
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a lot of overlap in their agendas one say right wing populist agenda and the other is a progressive power if you want some but you sort of your overlap in that they were both against the transpacific partnership for instance both critical of wall street in certain respects. donald trump's been very critical of the federal reserve system for instance and bernie sanders has been as well over the years so on trains on monetary policy on intervention abroad they both there seems to be significant overlap between those agendas so would that translate into donald trump here and bernie sanders the most i have to think he should fear senators the most the most and i think the democratic national committee for your sins who is in 2016 trump said he loved wiki leaks because of the revelations about infighting in the conspiracy by henry green clinton against when he signed as you think trump 2020 definitely and now senses civil war within the democrat party but i think it's
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there for everybody to see. you know a lot of democrats and especially progressive friends of mine i think we're in a bit of a state of denial over the past 4 years you know bernie sanders went on a unity tour with tom threads the head of the d.n.c. in early 2017. however that didn't really change the dynamics of the party it gave you of unity but behind the scenes it's still a very corporate army needed party that doesn't want to make room for any kind of grassroots insurgencies. i'm not sure perez and scientists are now on speaking terms and of course but anyway regarding the state of the union speech trump didn't have steve bannon this time around do you think that the election may well again be won on midwest seats that were of course hit so hard by the ending of the manufacturing industry and how far have you see us m.c.a. the nafta replacements helping the vulnerable in the struggling of those midwestern
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states it's interesting to see trump street agenda which is really to move away from the small to outer loop remits that resulted in massive outsourcing of manufacturing jobs instead to try to deal with countries on a bilateral basis i guess you could say trilateral basis with our neighbors to the north and south canada and mexico. i think this strategy should be helpful to some of those interests in the midwest in the northeast and midwest not just the breasting our manufacturing base but but also for farming interests as well particularly the trade agreement that's been hammered out in china should result in a pretty significant increase in agricultural 'd exports and by the same token the tariff set tropez imposed on china has created a pool of money that has been used to sort of your spirit help towards the farm
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where of course it has had the agricultural and. manufacturing sectors the trade war arguably but actually philosophically isn't the point that without a free movement of people policy manufacturers will be able to continue to outsource labor to countries like mexico i'm referring to the us and m.c.a. here and because they're cheaper and they're not allowed to move to the united states. well that's right you know nafta was the 1st. multilateral free trade agreement between 1st world countries and a 3rd world country and people didn't want to talk about mexico's 3rd world that didn't sign they were trying to say mexico is now 2nd world and moving up in the o.e.c.d. but it was you know he's was a 3rd world country in many ways and it was going to invite outsourcing of course soon after nafta was. adopted you had china being welcomed into the world trade
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organization and the end of the multi fiber agreement that had basically protected a lot of textile industries around the world so this outsourcing has really gotten out of control in recent years and you know that the heart of the democratic party folks who really believe in globalization 'd and that type of a corporate led globalization they don't want to really pay much attention to the effects that this model is having on the industrial base of the country the middle class really how doubt the middle class in many ways over the last 10 or 20 years i think donald trump truly is a symptom of that as his brecht's in england well of course is also told here about what sort of cool to allow a trade over any trade deals in britain does pose breaks in trump said he then the world bank linked to trade tribunals he hasn't he hasn't done that yet look at i mean there's a certain amount of this localization that you just can't walk away from in
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a certain infrastructure that it's not useful to blow it up the problem is that the economic model wasn't working you know at the level of nation states so i think there's a balance where you know somebody like something ministration has got to move on these fire lateral trade agreements where if the same time trying to keep what he can of go and say shame on him going over thank you thank you. after the break is the international community now united against britain and the united states after the deal of the century and trump's killing of money we get perspective from a cia insider's guide. legibly done. old stuff in being the 1st u.k. territory to rejoin the european union we are. only a small coming up to going underground.
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but. not living. expenses or survival guide books to a single malt to start sampling that all these are. the sure it's not going to get them. oh heck no one says a repatriation scheme will get the rest in 7 years. though of the several years
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kaiser report. welcome back joins me now to go through some of the week's top stories for you came home office minister norman baker norman this morning culture secretary nicky morgan responsible for broadcasting actually she could shut this show down any time she liked but worrying things going on with journalism in this country arguably well there are worrying things the idea that dominic coming can decide which papers get briefings and which ones don't lead again it's a narrow and dangerous road down towards some sort of comport tyranny the fact of the matter is that the government of the day should put up with the press the media whoever they are that's their job and they can't pick and choose what they're trying to do is to say we will not give stories to papers we don't like so therefore we will exclude their coverage of it or or make them couto and behave themselves so they can gracefully get back into these briefings you're referring to
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the fact that they divided the press which we in pro and yes it was a totally it's outrageous behavior so the but we are them it's isn't up to them in a democracy a government has to respect to see that you're actually it is up to them a government not in a hurry noodles a government which pulls every single lever as far as it will go is a very dangerous and autocratic and dictatorial government it needs to be stopped that's a very very serious matter i wobble of the subject of press freedom where is this russia report where is this report about interference alleged interference in the last election the board terms and be sitting on what months in the press and asking about the russian report because it's one thing whatever makes or 2 i think now freights i think that what we impress don't care about it and the left wing press and the b.b.c. i.t.v. a very frightened channel for a fight about what they go because they do sort of a left wing president people against boris johnson and seriously frightened of calling for the release of the right over there which was a promise it was the language and the and of course of the already has the intelligence and security committee and the security services have approved the
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release of it so there's no reason what so don't release that report so i'll make a prediction here for you today. that report will appear under something else where they can bury bad news wait for a major international story report which the times well i'm sure most will be very interested in the rush to report what would some of the people implicated in the entire one did in russia let's go do this from the mirror because of course the big story has been this one indeed the problem is not why the stress of tucker was back on the streets what we did there was why prison made him worse and how to fix it well you know we're going to need jerk reaction we from the government about this they're going to make people stay in prison a bit longer by the way it's also rather worrying that they can represent to be changed people sentences that's a very very dangerous situation to be and they should be allowed to do that or as they said in stalin's russia in fact you know what i was going to happen yesterday look i mean the issue is these guys are fanatical when they come out some of they're going to want to cause damage to an innocent people in this country that's
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not going to change by having them in prison longer in florida for one more visitors to get out and saying that their universities of crime they're learning terrorism you know jail that that was a justice department by the way ron noble pursuit ok all the all the all universes of crime and the fact that the government or the prison authorities put all these people together means that they talk to each other and they become it even worse than they were before what we're going to do with his difficulties expensive and time consuming is to persuade these people away from what their belief system is keep him in prison a bit longer doesn't do anything but to deal with that as hopeless well anyone doing any research about the ills of society is going to come up with inequality being the key feature of a lot of the ills of society let's look at this for money saving money save yes but whoever they are thousands of pension is set to lose payments of up to 70 pounds a week from april when i say mixed but isn't it for those trying to save money obviously some of these people are the poorest in the country and it's for people who are the caring for others they're going to lose 70 quid
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a week i can't get i'm sorry i can't get too excited about this story this is. because this goes back because you were in the coalition but you probably created the policy about the labor government of 2007 i think it was has been in has been phased out over 10 years since 2010 people knew it was coming and also people who are seriously affected and of course we don't want anyone to be seriously affected can claim pension credits and it was for that ok so blame gordon brown for that one some of the people though making a lot of cash ghibli well yes the reason may has earned almost 400000 pounds since quitting as prime minister this is on the speech circuit to the worked with a your i did it and look i mean if she wants to make money making speeches good luck to her at least as more ethical about tony blair has been around the world helping those dictators but if somebody wants to pay to go and the reason why you know effect was only denies that and u.b.s. witsel and then j.p.
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morgan chase. do you think it's wise to have i mean you heard it 1st hand in downing's i got a look i mean she's she's like an animated cardboard cutout it's like you want to go and listen to her and pay money you know that sarah probably does quid pro quo for bailing out the banks giving cash to these will know it's time the standard arrangement john major got term i think other areas going to go into job may just on the right i should reason that he was quite sudden breaks that but let's go to aggressive and lay there did he express e.u. turncoats exclamation about brussels down about spain bid for gibraltar but right says britain bucks us well the daily express are close as is fanatically progresses so you take anything they say with a siberian mine for those solved but i mean the facts that are out there is of course the e.u. will not be utilized anymore would it be neutral before which we had to be 2 members now of course spain is a member in britain isn't so is going to does it mean it's going to run for
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a while doesn't embarrass or gibraltar who will change what it means it could be part of spain no only polish radiation what i think it will do is a britain who want to get back into the e.u. space will have a veto until it's brought to sort of britain's held since the treaty of utrecht as you know in southern sudan resembling 3rd segment of that treaty very well but should fame leading in the polls in southern ireland boris johnson's line down the irish see scotland they just polls showing pro independence what's happening to the united well is disunited kingdom that stuff was happening to a conservative and unionist party let's not forget the unionist bit isn't is lost to e.u. union is in danger lucian the scottish union is in danger of losing nolan oland as well so they can show the newness parts in danger becoming little england party would be very sad indeed no one begun thank you well it's a month since donald trump catalyze a spiral of violence leading to mass injuries of u.s. troops in iraq after an assassination drone strike on iran's top general joins me now from washington d.c.
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is gareth porter who together with former cia counter. there officer john kiriakou has just published a cia inside his guide to the iran crisis from cia cuckoo to the brink of war so good to see you again so iran apparently reviewing relations with ukraine over the leaks pertaining to the killing of 176 aboard a ukrainian flight but your book is called the cia inside his guide why is the role of the cia so central to the story of how we have now got to give me the brink of war well of course the cia role goes all the way back to 953 and the infamous cia coup against him mohammad mosaddegh the prime minister of of iran at that point and a democratic elected. prime minister who was extremely popular of course what happened was the cia joined together with british intelligence to hatch
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a coup plan that succeeded mainly because as i point out in the book the british and particularly the americans were so adept at deception they created a fake today party gang that rampage through tehran and the result of that was of course than the interregnum of the shah's regime. which made for an iran that was a basically a client government and a tool of the united states a stand in if you will for the united states in the region up to the overthrow of the shah 979 and i argue we argue in the book that. that one of the major reasons why if not the major reason for the u.s. hostility toward the islamic republic has been that the united states has been unable to adjust to the idea of having an iranian state that is not
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a client. state of the u.s. and you explore the reasons why in a sense the cia created the conditions for the islamic revolution ironically do you think people understand world leaders little and think tanks understand this history because i've had to say i learned some things from it but when the u.k. said de facto it back to the trump assassination of customs and they money do you think say boris johnson needs to read the book while i think that would be of value to the of the british people in the rest of the world for sure yes if if there was an awareness of the way in which deception and basically an effort to dominate has been at the heart of the entire history of the 40 years of of relations between the united states and its allies of course and the iranian regime like republic and no weapon was too evil for the us when it in the u.k. supported saddam hussein you talk about nerve gas one thing i hadn't realized was
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the role of the founder of reuters baron judaeus director who controlled most of iran's infrastructure i'm sure reuters journalists today would say in no way does it influence the agencies reporting do you think information is core to our understanding or misunderstanding of iran well this is really at the heart of the problem and at the heart of my book as well with with john kiriakou it's a problem of creating false narratives about iran about the islamic republic that goes back all the way to the early 1980 s. and it really surrounds and infects the entire issue of the iranian effort to have a nuclear. nuclear program what happened was that that iran inherited this nuclear program from the shah very early on in the 1980 s.
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the united states big. cuz of its policy of hostility toward iran and support for for saddam hussein's forces in that iran iraq war decided in its wisdom the reagan administration decided in his wisdom to deny iran the ability the right to have a nuclear program they simply said no you may not have a nuclear program and they ordered their allies france and germany who had been helping iran with its program to cease all cooperation with anything that had to do with nuclear with regard to iran to be clear that's the iranian civil nuclear program because as you say the new york times in 20th less right but the new york times in 20 of will publish cia documents that were fabricated and the entire narrative about the nuclear weapons program comes from fabricated documents that's right and this this is really at the heart of the story line and i'm sorry to say
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that no one else except myself has written about this but what i found in going into the problem of these questionable documents of these mysterious documents that came came to the surface in 2004 was that in fact what happened the the israelis worked on the documents gave them to their friends the mujahideen eke out the m.e. k. at that time considered rightly so to be a terrorist organization by the u.s. state department the m.e. kay then passed them on to the to the german intelligence agency the b. and d. and the germans passed them on to the cia but when the u.s. government began to talk about these documents as evidence that iran was in fact trying to mate a nuclear weapon with their shahab 3 missile then the german intelligence people said wait a minute we don't trust these documents because we know they came from. sources
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a source that we don't trust because he's any k. he's not one of our regular agents but just a sometime source and so they warned the cia that they shouldn't trust these just as they warned them against curveball of 'd a year and a half earlier but of course the cia george tenet paid no attention to that he was he was already in on the deal which was that they were going to attack iraq and up to now that is still the only real source of documentation to support the idea that iran wanted nuclear weapons will of course the discredited source for the iraq war you also explore that of fact that iran participated in what is being seen by some as a surat of j c p o a talks to try and get concessions on economic sanctions you go through obama's cyber attack on infrastructure the 1st in history right now after the deal of the century and now incidents is there unity do you think right across the
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international community against anglo american policy on iran from palestine to let alone russia china and the global south i think that's a fair statement to make that the united states really has no no allies beyond britain and france and germany who are playing along with this. beyond that it's hard to point to anyone who really supports the pressures that the united states is putting relentless economic pressure being put on on iran which i must say is risking war one of the 2 major risks of war is precisely what the trumpet ministration is trying to do by preventing iran from being able to participate in international trade which is a fundamental right of any state has been ever since the beginning of of international law in this case using economic. economic sanctions as
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a tool which are even more damaging than military pressures the cia guide to iran is out now gareth porter thank you thank you option for the show will be back on saturday when the nation that holds the framework for the u.k. . holds a general election until then continue the conversation on social media and subscribe to go. join me every. time i'm sure i'll be speaking to you. i'm sure. i'll see you then.
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yanks this is what happens to pensions in britain. as a report. the clock keeps ticking on still no final results in iowa where the 1st democratic party caucus 2020. s been marred by the latest polls. a result. of people in germany where the ruling centrist party. with the right wing alternative for germany the premier of a local regional. conference sport is rocked by scandal as a former champion figure skater publishes rape allegations against her coach but she alleges 1st took place when she was 15.


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