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tv   News  RT  February 6, 2020 7:00am-7:31am EST

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i. protests erupt across germany as the ruling centrist party breaks its own pledge and joins with the right wing alternative to germany in a regional tactical alliance german chancellor angela merkel has condemned to make this event is inexcusable and so the result must be reversed. so is the u.s. election primaries begin twitter follows you tube in changing policy on twitter videos and images but being rather vague wording 'd of the usual spots concerned tech giants use it to censor supporters of politicians they dislike. in moscow a court gives custody to social services of a completely healthy child left by parents in hospital for 5 years.
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either thanks for joining us this is our. german chancellor angela merkel has refused to accept the victory of her party in the key state of touring gear after it forwarded an unprecedented alliance with the right wing alternative for germany party. and this is a pants day for democracy this event is inexcusable and so the result must be reversed germans have joined the condemnation with protests erupting across the country over an alliance the ruling party had repeatedly promised it would never make.
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it's not often we're talking about high drama in german politics but it's fair to say that the political establishment here has been shaken to its core that's over the role played by fall right anti immigration party alternative for germany as kingmaker in state elections in 2 ranger well the public went to the polls back in october of last year into india but it was very tight and they've been trying to wrangle out who's going to take over as the state premier amongst themselves in the state parliament and that was completed on wednesday by just one vote the free
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democratic party candidates thomas kevin a quill be the new state premier his party only picked up 5 seats in the election back in october he gets the job the state premier thanks to the support of christian democratic union party members and glimmer party it's worth noting their . alternative for germany a wealthy person who is ousted bodo around a lot of has described the election of mr kerik as a discussed sting sure rons in fact the left party have been describing the free democrats as being willing to rule by the help of fascists the christian democratic union if they've come under fire from their party leader i'm going to come. has said the regional party representatives acted without the knowledge or without the common sense of central office this is not a good day this is not
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a good day for to be in chair this is not a good day for the political system in germany christiane lindner the head of the f.d.a. pay it had done his best to distance himself under his party from alternative for germany the. eve does support comes as a surprise because it is not motivated by an agreement on substance but purely tactical the f.t.p. does not negotiate or cooperate with the d. there is no basis for cooperation we do not support the goals and values of that party while thomas kenniff accepted the votes from a day or 2 put him over the line and make him the new state premier into danger he has ruled out any coalition government talks in the states with alternative for germany 'd but this is going to have potentially big ramifications outside of the state of today in june in fact one senior figure within the christian democratic union again that angle of merkel's party has described this move as well playing
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with fire that could potentially or at least has set german politics ablaze. we heard from visions of a solly of germany's the left party furious of what he calls a right wing coup firstly from alternative to germany's bicester. the question is what was the fault of onset and the turning and people. said quite clearly we would like to have a conservative coalition and that this is the majority we have this is a city you have the m.f.t. fear they have the heft majority and the communists and the socialists they were just ignoring it they wanted to build the government without having having a majority sauce they failed and how they are driving mad. but in a normal situation the a.f.d. would get a 2nd chance to build the government after the communists were not able to do that
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. just because all that other part is from a book a doing ours we have to do it this way of course it's a birth of this where you. have nothing it is an unprecedented day and we have thousands of people demonstrating in the streets and the way by which they stole the rightful government from our party is by instigating a coup basically it was it was a secretive negotiation so when he says that we are the losers then you have to look at the vote tallies and it was my party of the left party that actually one of the selection in choosing the man in charge of the air is someone who has competed who has been compared by many many people to hitler himself and so he's the most radical elements of the f.t. and this man has now decided who will form the next government in choosing.
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and the blow to the democrats caucus votes from the u.s. state of are you were still being calculated 2 days on the after an error in an application recording election day to stop publication of results just to ski primaries are coming up twitter and you tube announced changes to the way they find doctored materials on these double quarter looks at the take somewhat vague wording in the new rules. we all like a good many i know i do and that's why i'm here to warn you that they're potentially in danger because of twitter's new war on altered images and videos that might mislead voters we know that some tweets include many pleated photos or videos that can cost people harm today we're introducing a new rule and a label that will address and give people more context around this tweets one man satire is another man's trigger there's bound to be those who will find hilarious songs like this one unhealthy for political discourse i love the cold with. me.
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every level of what has boiled its definition of so-called doctor damages down to a few criteria editing of the contents composition changes in its visual or auditory information and anything that simulates real people but who actually gets to make the call on what does or doesn't harm is anyone's guess are these trump dog and rocky memes politically misleading maybe this one with bernie sanders is harmful a political satire well it's always bound to hurt someone's feelings but if you're not on twitter don't think this isn't going to step on your toes you tube's got its own version of this new policy of the 2020 lection season kicks into high gear in the united states people who visit you tube to learn about the candidates and watch the election season unfolds over the last few years we've increased or if it's to
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make. news and information as well as an open platform for who flee political discourse you remember that video trumps supporters made portraying their president massacring the mainstream media and the church it was funny to them to the mainstream media well they were a bit offended the white house correspondents association says it is horrified by this and is calling on president trump to denounce the video c.b.s. has decided. not to show that video we can't show this video because it's so disgusting is extremely violent it is disturbing and those bad liberating videos could also be interpreted as politically misleading you're probably only they think a bug just quit right here. we need new babies out there think we need time to make new ones because the old ones just become so big twitter's netizens have already picked up on the controversy because people hom were kind of these fantasies this i love how you used the word doctored because that's the elites attack on memes the
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left caught me on twitter oh yeah well now no one can make your bed in the eams which may cause harm to the draft we can read between the lines there would be no unimproved in the people's republic of twitter coverage it seems that without any ultimate authority to make the call on what is and isn't a violation so many decisions will be left to the rules vague wording who knows how internet freedom will fare as a result. to come this hour the u.s. senate feinstein will trump not guilty on the abuse of power and obstruction of congress charge. before that a moscow court has given custody of the child's to social thora to stuff the parents failed to take a home for 5 years the girl in question has been living in hospital almost her entire life despite doctors claiming that she's perfectly healthy the parents can appeal the decision but officials hope to eventually give the girl to her. this
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girl is 5 years old and she's had a bizarre sheltered life. this is the room where she lives it's not in a house or apartment and her relatives are not by her side it's an elite private hospital in central moscow and for her entire life she has never left his grounds for the wrestling machine or stress me or her up in washington. you. don't have to be here to. the voice or sharing is not her mother it's her nanny the mother has decided that her daughter is hopelessly ill and must be confined to a hospital. however
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doctors say that the girl is perfectly healthy and there is no medical reason to keep her in the clinic although they have been unable to discharge her without parental consent one thing is they don't she doesn't know and yet in life but she's a good normal girl the girl's parents have paid the hospital huge sums of money almost $200000.00 a year to keep her there in the company of private nannies almost a year ago the parents stopped sending their payments but they still refused to take her home and a legal battle has been raging so the hospital convinced the parents to leave their child in the hospital all this time that's the logical conclusion that the child has been hospital for 5 years the parents are not doctors they just paid the bills how reliable is information the child is healthy and there is no need for her to stay in hospital. on monday the corps delivered its verdict that and your resume
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the parents are to be stripped of parental rights to the girl and she will be placed in the custody of child welfare services perhaps soon she will finally leave the confines of the hospital and see the world she has been drawing for all these years. israel is investigating a terror attack in central jerusalem on thursday morning that injured 12 israeli soldiers one of the victims of the car ramming incident remains in a critical condition the driver fled the scene and massive search operation is underway for the suspect tack comes amid anger over donald trump's peace plan for the region the proposal would leave jerusalem as israel's undivided capital palestine would be demilitarized and its capital placed behind a security barrier on the outskirts of east jerusalem the deal is sparked furious claims across the middle east of pro israeli bias newsweek columnist mark shulman warns that jobs plan will not help the region. you cannot expect the peace plan which was very negative in the palestinian view not to result in some attacks the
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reality is most palestinians are tired at this point and didn't they previous attacks didn't bring about anything but you have a lot of young men were angry and this is what you could expect from peace plan a plan that whatever else one can say about it was unveiled right now for 2 reasons one to try to help prime minister netanyahu in his election campaign and be to some of the issues of impeachment from president trump so it was a plan that was there was brought out for one purpose only and that was political for both leaders from plan will certainly bring more violence in the coming weeks long term you know the 3 percent to 5 percent chance i give it to succeed that of course will end the violence but like i said it's 5 percent which is not a very high odds. riots police the latest arrivals on the greek island where protests have broken out among this story after the break.
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you know world of big partners. and conspirators. to wait to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the troops the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. so the politicians have basically stuck the american public with. to negotiate for drugs and both parties who are financed very heavily by the
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pharmaceutical industry have done this so when your own people vote they should look at how much does this politician get from the power pharmaceutical industry from. the us democrats suffered another bitter defeat this week when the senate voted down both their articles of impeachment against donald trump the acquittal comes a day after trump state of the union speech and the voting implication malfunctioning at the democrats' caucuses in iowa house democrats refused to accept the impeachment defeat ordered in a judged that the said donald trump b. and he is here by acquitted of the charges in said articles he was acquitted
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without facts he was acquitted without a fair trial and it means that his acquittal is virtually valueless because of the republican students betrayal of the constitution the president remains and growing threat to american democracy with his insistence that he's above the law that you can corrupt elections if you wants to. verdict from a fight trial with no witnesses would change the fact that a majority of americans know that trump is guilty trump is impeached and was not exonerated that same will last forever. interim place to challenge is abuse of power claims that trump with how the military aid in a bid to pressure ukraine to probe supposed corruption by potential democratic rival joe biden allege that bud tried to quash investigation into a gas company that. there the charge was obstruction of congress of the president instructing white house aides to defy congressional subpoenas on the scale of more
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pain takes a closer look well the impeachment proceedings have come to their ultimate conclusion donald trump was acquitted on both charges abuse of power and obstruction of congress however even though it was a quick vote with very little unexpected activities there was certainly plenty of debate in the lead up to the ultimate vote and conclusion the proceedings your hatred of donald trump has blinded you to the obvious. this is not about protecting the country this is about destroying the president a great miscarriage of justice in the trial of president trump as a result the verdict of this kangaroo poor will be meaningless they're going to refuse to accept this acquittal perhaps you will tear up the vertical that you took the state of the union address now at this point the result was one that was not really surprising the republicans have a very solid majority in the u.s.
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senate and it requires 2 thirds 67 votes to remove a sitting u.s. president so clearly the democrats had nothing near that there was one interesting surprise which was that mitt romney who was a long time senator from the u.s. state of utah who was the republican presidential candidate in 2012 against barack obama he voted to convict donald trump on the charge of abuse of power he voted against party lines making him now the only u.s. senator in all of us history to vote to remove from office a member of his own party a president from his own party now it's also important to note that this has not been a good week for the democratic party in addition to their failed impeachment proceedings there was an increase in popularity for u.s. president donald trump he has now got a 49 percent approval rating the highest approval rating he's had since taking office and the iowa caucuses in which the democrats took their 1st step toward
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picking their nominee to run against donald trump in the 2020 fall elections did not go so well why did debacle so not a good week for the democratic party donald trump will be speaking in response to his acquittal in the end of the impeachment process very soon and it appears that this entire impeachment situation is now past and the country is figuring out what will happen next as they move on. how in the name of god when do people proceed with some take chiller theoretically only impeachment which is just to charge when they know under no mathematical model is it possible to gain $67.00 votes to remove this president it is the bill if everything's unconstitutional and if anything subject to impeachment removal it's the impeachment trial nobody understood what this president did nobody could
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understand it nobody what did he do he abused power what does that mean is it a crime no he obstructed congress here is the 1st part he obstructed congress by implementing by using affirmatively using a constitutional provision called executive privilege it defies logic the payback is going to be severe and it's going to be serious in november when he went to reelection perhaps and a landslide then hell will pay. thousands of tons of european waste in landfills across portugal is provoking a massive public outcry and rates presidents have been staging protests with some even taking the issue to court.
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because they are showing you the smile is the worst thing we can smell it a kilometer away because landfill will have a daughter who lives close by in some bearable trouble to give us if it's impossible to be outside it's awful we can't even drink the water it's contaminated . we found out that's in portugal the waste management fee for landfills was started $10.00 euros per tonne one of manure of the average is 80 euros you don't have to be an expert to understand that there's a huge economic opportunity to attract rubbish to portugal transforming our country into a kind of justice for industrial waste. stream insofar as we're asking for the closure of the landfill because it is located $100.00 metres from a vocational college it is too close to the houses to therefore it does not respect
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legal limits and it is impossible to live like this. the greek government has sent extra riot police to the island of last boston's amid growing protests by refugees this week officers fired tear gas as hundreds of migrants demanded better living conditions in the camps migrants of the of a crowded madia camp on the island are warning of a poor in conditions that 3000 person so they think currently housing home 6 times that number of asylum seekers as an impulse who complain about a lack of electricity and water shortages. it isn't nothing for people who don't have wanted it and there are. lists this morning of more youthful depict probably through john. the gerber rubbish. all of the chilling sick now are muslim us and i live in libya and in the years very mad nothing has been
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struggling to contain a growing number of refugees it's committed to relocate migrants from islands to the mainland and the speed of processing of asylum claims in just a few 100 relocated so far he says migration ministers vying to step up the response and the peace tell your skill ugly says other e.u. member states had promised to do far more to help fortunately this behavior of the european union that are bad loans for greece and the italy with which is coming. is unacceptable because according to previous agreements the the the those. in the richest blokes in greece should be relocated to to the other member states of the european union according to the populations but there are some theories mainly because the research governed by the right wing governments they're
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not accepted even one refugee you know is very simple when it comes to financial questions whether to repay your debt that said there are very very strict but even just to come to the political questions. they're human values the foundations of the european europe they're doing the things. the u.s. navy has expanded its nuclear arsenal by deploying new low power warheads on submarines capable of launching ballistic missiles currently on patrol near land think they say that decision was made in an attempt to contain russia on the pentagon claims it will lower the chances of a nuclear war russia says it's a dangerous move. the department identified the requirement to modify a small number of submarine launch ballistic missile warheads to address the conclusion that potential adversaries like russia believe that improvements of low yield nuclear weapons will give them an advantage over the united states and its allies and partners this reflects the fact that the united states is lowering the
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nuclear threshold thereby allowing itself to conduct a limited nuclear war and ensuring its victory in any such conflict the new weapon is called the w $76.00 mauled to the low yield thermo nuclear warhead it's about 20 times less powerful than the earlier versions of the w $76.00 which had been in service on u.s. submarines since the cold war the trump administration requested the new tactical nuke a new 2018 nuclear posture review we discussed the issue with security analyst and former u.k. army officer charles shoe bridge it has absolutely high risk i mean on the face of it reducing the size of a nuclear weapon sounds an attractive option and it should surely be welcomed by everybody the problem is this is more tempting it may be for commanders for the united states for example in this case to point us weapon system to use that in circumstances which wouldn't have merited the deployment and use of the massively powerful systems that they currently have thinking perhaps that i might reduce
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civilian casualties and so on you can well imagine a situation where if for example president trump feels that international tension is rising that he could delegate for example the use of these so-called you know we're you know it weapons to commanders in the field and therefore you've lost political control or together russia doesn't need to worry because we're only deploying a weapon against you that slow you know it the whole theory appears to be flawed in this case even before that misawa landed on enemy let's say russian or chinese target you would expect russia or china to have launched its own missile hours again say u.s. or its facilities in response and stay without international don't forget plenty more stories available on our website had to r.t. dot com. i'm going to fulfill the repeated promises apologise to the people and promise that
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you know we it's all pots. really. pretty good. now you want to 1st correct that. no. ball being cut. coming out my yard i walk through the streets of moscow now blood 100 people i was down he would have the changes of the lips the blood that they don't have to keep
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because in order for them them to kenya they need to d.n.a. changes they also need an environment that's receptive and one of the biggest areas of growth in medicine in the future is be targeting. changing news so the cancer doesn't want to. greetings and sell you take a shit. as the rolling stones famously saying you can't always get what you want hauke watchers but if you try sometime you'll get what you need and you know what happens if you don't try it all well you get what you deserve and after tuesday
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night's state of the union speech i think we are definitely getting what we deserve this year is 78 minute long annual public relations speech by the president the united states to the u.s. congress and the country was definitely everything we've come to expect from our brand name in chief including 3 door prizes like the awarding of the presidential medal of freedom to conservative radio talk show host rush limbaugh. rosa parks' mohammad ali mother teresa and now rush limbaugh adds his name to the list for i guess what helping create a train wreck of divisive partisan punditry that's called news commentary what else did rush dewey inspired a generation of hypocrites sexist racist and sells i got diagnosed with lung cancer i don't know who knows but the state of the union reality show the outworks were not just reserved for president trump no new no us house speaker nana you host.


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