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tv   Cross Talk  RT  February 7, 2020 12:30am-1:01am EST

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and more catch up with what's front running this sunday exclusively on r.t. . join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see that. you know world's big partners. and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks.
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hello and welcome to cross talk we're all things considered i'm peter lavelle what a week it's been the iowa vote was a disaster impeachment against fizzled in the senate and the speaker of the house nancy pelosi jumped the rails like a spoiled child and of course the liberal corporate media are beside themselves with rage are the democrats imploding. across talking the democrats i'm joined by my guest carla nixon in washington he is co-host of the sputnik radio show fault lines with nixon and stranahan in west palm beach we have jeanne allowed in she is a behavioral expert as well as
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a trump 2020 media advisory board member and in new york we cross a charles or tell he is a private investor. and a writer as well as host of the podcast show sunday with charles all right cross talk rules and i think that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate garland i guess you're in the hot spot today. in my introduction i kind of last week or 2 we were rhetorical e is the democratic party imploding maybe i should say exploding what's going on i mean you know what you're in a hole the best thing to do is stop diggin and it doesn't seem like that's happening go ahead garland well i'm at a point where you know maybe we're wrong to define this thing as a party you know my background is in law enforcement and you know we enforced rico laws racketeering influenced corrupt organization laws this is a corrupt organization and the. president's. organization exactly like this so i think we have to redefine it i don't. right i don't think
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that there's a separation between the impeachment and between what happened in iowa this is all this is all evidence of a organization that has collapsed and what we're seeing now they're not collapsing this is post collapse this is an evidence of that the party has intellectually and morally collapsed ok charles jump in in new york here i get so we could end the program now he said basically why but i wanted to have said you know what dr drew i think he charles but i mean you know you have a party with a o c in joe biden i mean how in the world couldn't function as some kind of unitary body be on the donors and that's really what the one of the biggest problems the democratic party has is the donors are calling the shots and you have so many fringe groups right now and of course i think the iowa caucus is it was just. a reflection of everything that is wrong organizationally and ideologically go ahead charles you know i think the democratic party's chances in 2020 are deader than
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jeffrey epstein's body i mean i think what's been going on here is actually is not there's not a 2 party process there's a 3 play system you've got independents in iowa where the statistics are 37 percent of the expected electorate is independent 32 was republican in the balance was democrat and we see the reaction to the pietschmann speech 82 percent of the independents that speech was great and 30 percent of democrats liked it so i mean the people who are talking to themselves and think they're running the democratic party are you know it's the home of the ways to go right over a cliff you know one of the things that i found really problematic and everybody that watches this program knows that i'm i'm a conservative i'm not a member of the republican party but i am a conservative but i have to say in complete honesty that what they're doing to bernie sanders is just simply wrong and it's being done so openly in broad daylight
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i mean they. you have to question if the demo the democratic party actually believes in democracy fine if you don't he is not a registered democrat ok but democrats want to vote for him ok that's what the process is all about so i mean again this is probably one of the problematic areas of the democratic party is that rigging it again and right in front of us and getting away with it but d.n.c. flies into iowa where it takes care of the the elect accounting of the votes i mean you know that's like putting tony soprano on the supreme court go ahead once palm beach. it is it's and when we watched you know i think the lack of authenticity is what the american people have woken up to and you know when we watched nancy the other night and the democrats who didn't stand you know for a little girl role who is getting educational opportunities which is something that the democrats have for ever said they espouse we watch you know the to ski area
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being applauded and the democrats you know half of them are sitting there lackluster and i'm thinking wait a minute you know and the president's talking about environmental policy that he's frankly breaking apart from the republican line and the democrats are still sitting there lackluster and i'm going wow what is their base thinking right now and i think we're seeing it when 23 percent of the people that show up at the average trump rally are democrats democrats you have a problem maybe it's time to change your ways and i think that your guests are are pointing to that i think that we have seen a total breakdown of the democrat party here's what they need and that is a trump and maybe this is why maybe for a moment democrats can understand why people like me who have never identified really as a g.o.p. loyalist but as a conservative like you are honestly why i am so appreciative appreciative of someone like trump coming along and just breaking up the system all. all i wanted
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was the money and the players that had controlled my party forever to stop controlling it trump came along and did that the democrat party right now i mean somebody like trump who is bigger than the powers that be will come along and break up the system and i don't know it's going to be but that's what they need well that person is bernie sanders ok i mean like or dislike him like his policies dislike his policies whatever i mean consistently he's the most popular senator in the u.s. senate ok for years one of the most popular politicians in the united states and every time he touches anything related to the d.n.c. he gets shafted ok and i've take offense to that very much so because what i do i do this program i come across bernie bros all the time and that's not a derisive term and that's a nice term ok i mean what are we supposed to say a clinton chicks ok it's a nice term and they like that term that's what's most important garland garland i
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mean it's time for nancy to pack up and go ok i mean what a disgusting display. on the on the floor of the senate. well and. yes and as if the person who i live by support i love bernie sanders and tofik abbott i'm a an unabashed lefty but when i look at this this isn't even about bernie sanders anymore to me we have a process in the process says forget me or forget nancy pelosi we have a nomination and how about this for something really crazy the voters choose the nominee and then of support of the party supports the nominee that the voters choose this has been turned inside out by this party let's not forget barack obama said something and this is the way i interpret it he said look overwhelmingly if you democratic voters choose bernie you can't have him now what he said was if bernie runs away with it he can't have it but he wasn't talking to the bernie the discussion is really not about bernie anymore it's about
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a party that says i don't care if it's bernie let's not forget i'm a big polls are gathered fantasy yang whoever it is you do not get to choose the nominee this is a top down organization we choose it and that's just not going to work in american politics are going to be punished for it is well they're already have been punished or they will continue to be punished more and i think you know charles i guess what i can quote barack obama elections have consequences ok and that's what this is all about right now it's all about 2016 still they're still talking about it i mean it is it's a very high probability they will find an additional impeachment articles they are going to continue rolling this thing here and i do you know that is the definition of stupidity expecting something to doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome but this is where we are. astounding to watch i've been a political junkie all my adult life i've never seen such craziness go ahead charles well i think actually what's happened is that both parties became enamored
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with something that i call feudalism unregulated globalism it was a way for politically connected people to get big deals financing done around the world. nobody would check how much money went into your pocket and the people who've been doing that for probably 30 years or more are very scared of what trump's going to do next they're scared of what durham might be up to they're scared they're acting this way for a reason and to date we haven't had a real public investigation of why i would call me a brother in the corporate obama or the bushes in the clintons why would they be so against trump and i think the reason is they know trump is going to drain the swamp and expose them for the corrupt cronies that they've been yeah gene i have i have a very strong suspicion that the 2nd shoe is going to drop pretty soon and i think that is also going to involve declassifying a lot of documents for all of us to consume and i don't think i think at least the people on this panel and many people watching this program we're not going to be too surprised we're actually going to be we're going to find out that our
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suspicions were right all along go ahead. yeah and for for true. for you know for people who like good government and like for government to be the voice of the people as it should be republican or democrat regardless of party independent we're not going to mind watching those people go down and i don't care what party they're and i can't wait for that moment and i'll be just as excited by the way to watch the republican names go down in that process as i will perhaps more honestly than the democrats so so i think that this is going to be a revolutionary moment in politics not just for america but honestly worldwide because there's going to be a new level of accountability and i think democrats have kind of watched this disruptor trump come in and do what he's done in republican politics and say hey we want a little bit of that we'd like to control our party as well and i think that they deserve that why can't we have 2 parties that are controlled by the grassroots of
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their own of their own party it should be that way and i think the democrats deserve that and furthermore i think we're are a better country and a better one. world when the people do control their own parties i think this is an encouraging moment in history and i'm glad that the democrats are having their come to jesus moment even if it means that a socialist is leaning it because i think that it will ultimately result in more honest government so i do too and i want to continue to be bipartisan here girl and before we go to the break here let's talk about ukraine gate and jane is absolutely right biden the criminal stigma could known as the biden family they're going to be exposed because the republicans exposed is well ok you can count on that ok because this carpetbagging is needs to be exposed we have to end all of this foreign aid but only aids and abets corruption 30 seconds go to you go on before we go to the break. jimmy door put it beautifully when he said the democrats had to look to find something to go after trump for that they weren't complicit in and that was it was
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all a fraud and i think everybody knows it and now looking forward i expect them to continue it because to be quite honest i think while the democrats don't plan on bernie being the nominee no matter what i think deep down inside the republicans in the intelligence community or afraid that donald trump in a 2nd term who would not be a lame duck it would have to run again might just start doing whatever he wanted so keep an eye on that also ok we're going to go to hold that thought we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on the democrats stay with us marking. another one of our is going to sway the bulk of the. valley could still move to get out of plazas we've got to go through to. the other dissipated
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women to look like they are and i know you still are and. this is the only thing that we do is music because everybody fights his way to. the floor you can feel the feet out of his will for this would be a. movie about a lot of. what i think is this is the fun that is all come from. i walk through the streets of moscow now drew blood on 100 people i was found 8 of them would have the changes of leukemia in the blood that they don't have leukemia because in order for them that leukemia they need the d.n.a.
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changes but they also need an environment that's receptive of one of the biggest areas of growth medicine in the future has been targeting environment changing views so the cancer doesn't want to. most people think to stand out in this business you need to be the 1st one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest raid in truth to stand out of the news business you just need to ask the right questions and demand the right answer. question. welcome back to crossfire where all things considered i'm peter lavelle remind you we're discussing the democrats.
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ok let's go back to charles in new york here let's talk a little bit about the iowa catastrophe fiasco i mean it's really quite interesting the way the results of kind of trickled out in media has moved on a bit and that's exactly what the d.n.c. wants but essentially what it does is they tried to stall bernie and they tried to hide the fact that joe biden is the biggest loser in the pack ok because biden doesn't have to have a come to jesus moment because he'll say well it was a flawed caucus ok i mean it's really quite interesting how they're moving the pieces on the chessboard here to avoid their favorite one of their favorites from facing the ultimate. failure and that's what his campaign is completely to the core of failure go ahead charles. well i mean nobody wants to play in a rigged game unless you're the rigger and completely morally bankrupt so this isn't the 1st time that the democrats have done this if we go back into known
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undisputed facts uncontested facts that democrats rigged the 201516 process they were hillary over burning it's ironclad fact and they're doing it again now and i don't think i mean michael moore who i don't really respect is absolutely right on this one what what how can you change the rules to let bloomberg in the debate when he got how many caucus votes that he get i was a 10. it's just nuts and i don't think people in it who vote are stupid i really just don't think that and the people who are trying to rig the system are their group arising themselves if you remember the professor from mit who made a fool out of himself over obamacare the they're proving how ignorant they are and i think it's doing incredible damage to the democrat brand in jena if there's a lot of people that support bernie sanders that they say this is deja vu all over again i mean this this is something this is a a game changer i mean doing it twice in a row and and you know and pete booted judges you know is interesting and nice as
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he may be he doesn't have the wherewithal to go there to go into the general election as a matter fact is none of them do and i think this is one of the things that the d.n.c. is scrambling right now and changing the rules for bloomberg and believe it or not there's still that possibility that they're going to throw it to hillary again because they say we need a unifier she had us united but she's a loser she lost ok oh i mean they think the level of stupidity and arrogance and at this point don't dismiss that possibility go ahead gina. now there are all sorts of theories out there about what's going on because we all know that a lot of this is an internal battle between the establishment the nancy pelosi said of the world and of course the a.o. c. troop and some people are saying that they're willing to toss away this election figure trump is going to win anyway at this this is really a battle for 22 that could be i think one thing to note that i'm not hearing pointed out a lot at least in you know media is that joe biden had really 3 weeks all
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to himself to win iowa and to show up so abysmally and to really fail so miserably is remarkable if you think about it because he really should have won this hands down and even have he won this hands down it wouldn't be so remarkable but to have lost it is very remarkable and says a lot about what the democrats have in joe biden as a candidate they really have a lot of nothing so they really have a problem going forward and i don't know what they're going to do about it but they are absolutely willing to steal it from bernie again and that is evident and there's no arguing with that and the american voter is woken to that you know garland you mention jimi do you mention you mentioned jimi door i've been on his program is a wonderful guy and again you know i come from the right part of the political spectrum but he was on tucker carlson and i thought it was so interesting because here you have this really hardcore progressive jamie dornan this really articulate
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conservative talker and they agreed and this is something that i'm beginning to notice a lot because there's a lot of we have a lot of commonalities it's all been already mentioned in this program a number of times it's a stablish in the donors that are the problem and they have contempt for voters they have contempt for the process and they'll keep changing the rules until they get the outcome they want but shove it down your throat ok if jimmy door and took tucker carlson can talk for a long segment i think a good. part of the country could do that different parts of the country could do that again if we're allowed to do that without people jamming us and separating us and cut putting labels on us which don't apply and to stop stuart circuiting a conversation that we can have there doing it the media is doing it these donors are doing it stablish can do it and i'm not going to give the republicans a free pass on this one here they have their problems to this this is in
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a man we need to emancipate ourself here and i see the the rumblings of a week we had that with with trump in 2016 in the republican party we'd i want to see someone come up in the democratic party are on the left that can be a healer and can reach out we don't have that right now and they won't let bernie do it go ahead of arlen. yeah and see the reason that there can be a cross ideological discussion is for the for this reason this is about the reality that elitism is fundamentally incompatible with democracy so what we have is a ruling elite class in the democratic party in the republican party has theirs but that's not the discussion now it really elite class desperate to hold onto power look it doesn't matter trump pants who they're running against within their close institution within their closed system they have a system that allows them to take the money and give it out to all of their friends as consultants to get jobs wherever they want when they leave so they have
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a closed system that works very well forget what happens with the other party if bernie comes in he replaces their people with his people and the gravy train closes this is not about the republican party they're fine with losing to trump or anyone they don't care about that as long as they keep their power and their access to money you know channels you mentioned earlier about the global elites and you know i have to agree with you because they have everything at stake and they will do everything in their power to maintain their positions of influence and their wealth and they won't give up easily and that's what makes this such an interesting moment because i think there is a democratic spirit across across party lines right now people want their vote to count and i always showed how easily it can be taken away from you ok let alone what happened to bernie in the last election cycle with these elites are not going to give up they have a lot of influence a lot of money and they're determined and i think this is turning into a critical mass where people are going to are getting sick and tired of their
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institutions being manipulated go ahead charles. you know if we go back into history remember that the last time there was a big gangster terrorizing the country al capone they got of on income taxes similarly the system that's used so effectively to concentrate power amongst the elites is crooked unregulated foundations be they presidential foundations large foundations operating internationally where nobody checks what's really going on clinton data across the political spectrum progresses to conservatives. the clinton the clinton nation absolutely i think the clinton. the clinton foundation as a technical legal matter in my opinion does not exist and is never been audited and i think it is under investigation in many places and i think this system of allowing these presidential foundations it's a nasty political families to route money to friends and to use it to pay people off that's got to be fully exposed and punished for the fraud that it is you know
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geno what $1.00 of the things that i originally owe it because so much happened this week i wanted to do you know how we can mend the country together but you know i'm really i think a lot of people i think the majority of people are sick and tired of having labels put on them having their views slurred and and i mean this this intentional division this person's this way you cannot talk to this person this person has these views that means they're amoral average people don't talk that way average people don't think that way but we hear it on c.n.n. and this n.b.c. all of the time that covington kids for example they're like monsters now they're not they're just little guys going to visit washington you know in a march pro-life what is so horrendous about that but they were turned into demons the media does this they gaslight all of us go ahead gina. yes and it's incredibly irresponsible with the media has done and i'm glad you eliminate it this
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my own family has been attacked you know my own children have been attacked just based on my work which i think is ridiculous and i've seen this across the board i've seen you know children attacked for wearing a red hat we've been called names for that and i know that it goes both ways but we have seen it a lot more directed at the president's supporters i believe at least recently and i think part of that is because he has been a disrupter he has broken up the globalist elite system that people have become very comfortable with and there's a lot of animosity about that and so i think that i think that that's what makes it easy for those of us who have been part of cheering for and supporting this disruptive environment that is breaking up the leaders globalist system it's easy for us to cheer for someone else joining that effort even if you don't believe the same things we believe we would love to have company in the effort of delivering the governance back to the grassroots even if it's in a of
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a different opinion and we support that and and so that's why you know many of us who are watching all of this happen to the democrat party are saying we hope the people win on this one we don't agree with socialism i don't think that bernie should be president under any circumstances and i'll fight with everything i have even if he's the nominee to ensure that doesn't happen but i do hope that the democrat party gets to pick their own canon candidate and i hope that we return to a country that has 2 parties that are accountable to the people you know girl and you are on the progressive side of the spectrum you know i want your opinion i mean what do you think of all this identity politics stuff i mean i am so sick and tired of it. seems to me one minute left it's because the mainstream democrats the leadership they have no ideas and that's why they have a default position of identity politics am i wrong go ahead. you're 100 percent right here's the reality because it's a fraud it's ad hoc they'll say vote for this person because they're oh whatever as
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long as that person espouses their ideological view if you look at it they only play that game when it benefits them it's a fraud identity politics are a joke and every single time you look at it they are in favor of it it's like conveniently the black gave female whatever person happens to be a system person if that same person opposes him towsley gabbert they were trying to she was 2nd in charge but isn't that democratic party garlow is that they were making her a star fire but does it's not condescending you know we like you you lot you must like us because we deem you a victim it's that condescending it's worse than that they're using people as human shields they're using people of color or the minority people as human shields to get around honest discussion about the things that they're doing. we ended exactly on time many thanks to my guests in washington west palm beach and in new york and
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thanks to our viewers for watching as here at our feet the next time remember. so the politicians have basically stuck the american public with the delegate to negotiate for drugs and both parties who are financed very heavily by the pharmaceutical industry have done this so when your own people vote they should look at how much does this politician get from the power pharmaceutical industry. is your media a reflection of reality. in
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a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation community. are you going the right way or are you being that. way. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or inmate in the shallows.
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moscow warns an israeli air raid on damascus put a civilian airliner an extreme danger forcing it to make an emergency landing. also this hour syria the friends its military campaign against terrorist groups i don't emerge and see the session of the united nations security council after western powers accused of mass chaos and moscow of quote indorsing of destruction. the sheer scale of destruction both indoors and facilitated by russian shows that neither they nor the assad regime can be trusted to deliver a ceasefire it is astonishing the desire of someone.


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