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tv   Politicking  RT  February 7, 2020 5:30pm-6:01pm EST

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actually experience it it hurts still with all the evidence they do well the evidence and the fact that they would want to hear evidence i don't care if you're republican democrat what have you when john bolton is saying let me speak let me speak let him speak forget forget your why would you not want me here why would you not want to hear you know it's it's so blatant party above country and it's heartbreaking because you really hope you know you a lot of times you think that you are you're in good hands that people with integrity are running things and they believe you're faced with it you realize no it's as bad as it's worse than the house the t.v. show house of cards he was at least he was you know right there and the you would tell you he was corrupt and these guys we all know there's a lot of. it's a power struggle and you know at least romney spoke up so that was one thing you said the donald trump is good comedy but the world. is you good comedies and some
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people think he is comedy in and of itself larry i tell you i said that i said that when he 1st one that he was good for comedy because for comedians he was given us a lot of material i've or since then i've changed my mind and i don't think it's good for calm because a standup comedian we need time to develop our jokes he says so much crazy stuff every day it's impossible to keep up with him i do the staff of like 20 writers and a nightly show to keep up with donald trump when you're a state of comedian and you're doing a bit about take your pick whatever you want pocahontas rocket man you know chocolate cake number chocolate cake number 2 is you know people don't but that's how crazy this is he had just decided to drop some bombs on syria early in his administration and somebody was interviewing though there was lester holt or somebody was asking him about it and he's telling the fact of how he came to the decision of dropping bombs in syria meeting she was in case our stuff. going about
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chocolate cake and i don't know what happens like this is your voice in his head that goes tell about the chocolate cake they're going to love to hear about the take from. you do you have a democrat you like motion warm you know larry i am ready to vote for any democrat vote for donald duck i don't know who is i don't care who wins the nomination there's a lot of them that have piqued my interest at times elizabeth warren i wanted a female president bashar i'm interested in now even andrew yang bernie i'm ready for any joe i don't care who i'm with them and i think that's one thing the democrats got to do is really step up and say our list let's fight it out but let's realize keep our eyes eyes on the prize you know if you burn new york worn the whole term campaign will be. absolutely i have friends of mine who are you know fiscal republicans and they and they're smart people they've already fallen into the whole thing of one of them said you know if bernie wins and 2020
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will be broke by 2024 and i go how can you say that i mean there's no logic because if you look at the tax break that they gave $1.00 whatever trillion dollars further in the deficit and that's that doesn't help our our long run our long term economic standing in the world and i say what about just you know bernie has said he wants to tax billionaires there's certain taxes that we can stand to give i think i personally feel that we should have education that's free we should have you been to europe you've been to some of these countries this is the largest deficit ever yeah but he didn't mention it didn't mention that didn't mention the fact that he goes i want to get us out of all our wars however currently under where we're at we have more more troops in the middle east than we did when he 1st went in to he declared that the state of our union is stronger than ever when you make a statement you know somebody was pointing out that he had his body language was all towards the republicans the whole time so if his. state of the union is just
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a republican is that tells you something his base might feel that we're on the right path and the right course i think the reason why a lot of these senators have not the that they decided to. come and stand behind him was because he's given them their judges he's given them their tax breaks he's given them their deregulation he's basically doing whatever they want to do so why would they want to get him out so yes for them it's great for many people you tell the kids and the kids you tell the the people driving. and making $5.00 an hour you tell these people the economy in the state is good 15 years ago you were in the axis of evil comedy tour now it's the peaceful warrior comedy tour how you go from axis of evil do peaceful warrior where you know that each had a genesis of the name the name axis of evil comedy tour came when as an iranian american i was watching george bush give his state of the union address this was after we had been attacked by al qaeda with 911
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a lot of the hijackers had come from saudi arabia egypt other places and we knew that they were harboring the terrorists in afghanistan so he gets up there and he goes as an axis of evil and he goes it's iraq north korea and iran i go how did iran end up in here when the hijackers a result were else so that was a play on words that we took and we put the word comedy on the back of it just to lampoon the whole term now the peaceful warrior tour comes from i'll be honest with you larry people are hypersensitive in my shows i've done trump jokes and have audience members yell back at me and they go you yeah they you should make fun of our president and i go that's the whole point of america i was born in iran i live in this country so i'm free to make fun of our president i couldn't make fun of the president of iran and iran if i did that you say was you next over there there are no more shows the ministry of no show showed up so i decided rather than getting into arguments with people i'm just going to try and be peaceful about the way i present my act and therefore it's. the peaceful warrior tour you get your ph d.
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from most u.c.l.a. larry i entered the ph d. program at u.c.l.a. dropped out the 1st year because you know i wanted to do i wanted to be an actor and comedian eddie murphy when i was 10 years old as a kid northern california and my immigrant iranian parents had no idea what that meant and they wanted me to be a lawyer or a doctor go down those pass so i was battling them for the longest time and i think i ended up in that piece to program to please my parents but while i was there you see i get in my ph d. i went over to the theater department i auditioned got in the play and i said this is where i'm alive i'm alive on stage and it was the best thing i've ever done where you're now costarring in a new movie a simple wedding it's about as i understand a young iranian american woman who goes to great lengths to appease your parents and then need to see her settle down and you play on cool shaman yeah so what it is is it's. it's a romantic comedy an iranian american girl falls in love with an american guy and
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in the in the process of trying to get married with each other i play her uncle and i fall in love with the mother of the american guy who's played by rita wilson so while they're getting their thing go on i'm getting i'm getting our thing go with rita let's take a look at a clip from a simple wedding. this is my fiance alleyne salama move here the question of time to show me. oh it's nice to meet you too. but the shooting was that he said he's very happy to me and. i think congratulation i hear you're a doctor around copy what he's actually he's an artist yes me straight out of balloons oh yeah yeah i mean it's really exciting to me your family. yes. it's very exciting. so excited
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saying what attracted you to do this you know i love the message of the movie 1st of all it's a comedy it's fun it's silly it's light but it's a message of bring in cultures together right i am all 'd for that you know my my comedy special netflix special i had was called immigrant a lot you know my tour is called peaceful warrior i'm all about bringing people together if you watch my comedy special you see in the audience i've got russians and i've got chinese and i've got middle eastern i got why i got black it's let's come together let's laugh together and i think this movie provides that for i don't care where you're from a rare movie really in people it's always been close to the american people maybe our. closest ally in the middle east iranian people love american culture i remember i left iran when i was 6 years old so this was 1978 and i remember as a kid even being in thrall with american culture i saw the 1st rocky movie in iran
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i love zorro back then i'd have shorter men comics i had all that stuff so i think iranians love america american culture and i think unfortunately a lot of times the way you see us in the media they show people chanting stuff burning flags but that's a minority of people and doing it for political reasons within the within the country you can type against you know larry early on i was getting some type casting as a matter fact i wrote a book called i'm not a terrorist but i've played one on t.v. because it was making fun of that and for the past 1520 years i've been able to tom agents know more terrorist parts so i haven't had one of those in a long time what do you make of the apparently show white come to terms of the oscar nominees you know the oscar nominees i think it goes beyond the nominees obviously it goes about trying to open our eyes to movies that are coming from other points of view every year when the oscars come around i go. must have been
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movies that these people did not see because the movie didn't have the budget to get in front of them that's why if you've seen the movie parasite when it's true if it's a great movie it's out of south korea i think that it has naturally caught people's attention i think we need to look more for movies coming from a minority communities to put into the mix when we're judging our films what were you going through when there was a time recently when there might be a war with i'll tell you larry earlier in the year when we got really close to having a war with iran i think every iranian american i knew was just on edge there was it was high anxiety you know there's a lot of iranians also right away i mean i think iranians especially in the west criticize the iranian government for being oppressive to its people for being a violator of human rights it's not a good government how ever you know that it. would cause a lot of innocent deaths and so i think a lot of iranians around the world were very nervous about that and i'm happy that
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for the time being we found an off ramp this movie is a simple wedding our guest is man's job rami and we'll be back with him right after this break in a. cool . muslim now now. kind of a muslim name sure what would you like your muslim name to be. ok sure.
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aeroflot russian and lights. you know world a big part of the lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bats and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. and.
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terror of russian and lights. i walked through the streets of moscow now drew blood 100 people i was found 8 of them but had the changes of leukemia in the blood that they don't have to keep because in order for them that leukemia they need the d.n.a. changes they also need an environment that's receptive and one of the biggest areas of growth for medicine in the future is be targeting. changing news so the cancer doesn't want to. so the politicians have basically stuck the american public with us. negotiate for drugs and
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both parties who are financed very heavily by the pharmaceutical industry have done this so on your own people they should look at how much does this politician get from the power pharmaceutical industry that. she's a business i just think. they're pretty much. the . money.
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politics game that was a clip from a simple wedding at costars my guess maz jobrani american comedian who's also appearing in the peaceful warrior comedy tour the white house recently unveiled its middle east peace plan rejected by one side as all was well jamaica you know when you don't include the people that are involved with the palestinians as part of that i think that you are doomed for failure i saw a quote from mahmoud abbas who represented the palestinians it is just said no no no so i think. he meant no. you know in the fact that jarrett questionnaire is
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running this i mean i don't know i don't know what gerry coaster knows about the middle east i'm assuming he lived you know he grew up in new york maybe if so maybe he's had a fall awful at some point but other than that i don't think is qualified to be helping with the middle east peace plan release of the middle east. but you gotta get you got to get them in there and you've got a you know it's a negotiation you've got to have both sides involved and we've seen even that the arab league has said no i mean a lot of different countries from that part of the world who i think listen a peace between the israelis and palestinians is beneficial to everybody i mean can you imagine a peaceful middle east i mean we can't we've never even thought about it we take it for granted that it's going to be a constant conflict the one thing we still have for the moment free speech yeah which. countries in the world amen do you think that's been trouble in trouble
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absolutely when i see people that my comedy shows sometimes you know tell me that i can't make fun of our president that worries me because i think that they don't understand what you just said that we have the freedom of speech when they see the president attack the media and he says everything they say is wrong well how can it be that everything they say is wrong and everything you say is true there's no you know you're disqualifying journalists whether it's the new york times of the washington post or whoever it is whose job it is to call you out on your falso it's and you're saying no no just listen listen to me there's no way to be as could be right so i think that you're quieting their 1st amendment so definitely where it's in trouble probably you should be invited to give the commencement address or u.c. berkeley yeah it was like for a tailor that was a career highlight for me to be able to go and do that they invited me to do the commencement speech at u.c. berkeley and it was in 20. 17th and it was interesting is when when i 1st said yes
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i thought it was going to be in at the greek theater up there was seas about $5000.00 people well come to find out who's going to be admit morial stadium the seats 45000 people and so i was intimidated as somebody who loves being in front of people i was intimidated should be a great crowd and i'll tell you larry they listened and i was i also was happy and proud that i was able to give a message of saying listen exactly he said about the freedom of speech he said look you've got people like ann coulter and some other people that are on the far right who want to come and speak here i always say let them speak because i think their own words will sink them. and finally who's going to be sworn in on inauguration day 2020. who's going to be sort of us and the 2020. let's go bernie sanders or people the jets just because they were that wanted to and i all right now i thought the point here is the only one but trump i get a feeling involved whoever the democratic nominee absolutely thank you man or. the
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new movie is a simple wedding be out february 14th for more information you can go to blue far gentle jane mint dot com a return visit now for my next guest and criminal defense attorney as ari her book president simple guide to the crimes of the trump campaign and presidency will be out in march she joins me here on set each chapter is devoted to someone like criminally invite in jail correct larry it actually starts with the stories of each of the president's hand men you know michael cohen george papadopoulos. rick gates' metaphor that cetera and then what i did was i devoted a large part of the book to summarizing the moeller report in the rush of last a geisha and frankly because americans won't read 483 pages of dense material so i felt that it was a very. important piece of our history that should not be forgotten that the
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president has not been held accountable for even my congress as we sit here today and yet it's a terrible precedent for future presidents as a lawyer how would you assess the case made by the by the prosecution for the house in the trial 1000 democrats you know i think there's a lot of should haves and could have and didn't when it comes to the house democrats the idea that for example they didn't charge the president in a separate article for bribery and that gave a lot of the republicans. leeway to argue well where's the crime even alan dershowitz saying there is no crime while article 2 of the constitution does not require crime to impeach a sitting president it's about high crimes and misdemeanors which includes abuse of power so they had a strong case there's also the other argument that maybe they should have waited maybe they should have subpoenaed people like bolton like me again and then had a stronger case the bottom line larry is that there's nothing that would have
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changed the outcome of this sham. exactly we had an acquittal before we had the trial sham trial sham acquittal. listen the cast of characters that are representing the legal team for donald trump is from a show called hypocrisy you've got alan dershowitz who in the clinton impeachment was saying you absolutely. don't need a crime you can impeach a president without a crime now he says where's the crime he also made a very dangerous state last week that essentially that every president acts in their own self interest to be reelected and so to that extent trump is not abusing his power then you have white house counsel simple loney who was a witness who was in the room when donald trump instructed bolton to pressures the lansky with respect to the withholding of the aid in the analysis of the fake
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investigation and he's up there lying to the solders about the fact that that happened and of course you have jay sekulow with his array of lies and then lastly you have ken starr who again back in the clinton days believe that lying about a sex act was important enough to impeach a president remove him but abuse of power by donald trump is not. for us should never have. i don't believe we've ever had a president so corrupt an american history and it started with the solicitation of a. action interference back in 2016 i see ukraine as a as a continuation of that same scheme in fact the day after muller testified on the hill he was a bold and felt you know exonerated pick up the phone and began the scheme with ukraine so it's all the same criminal conduct that he's continued to engage in and frankly i agree with out i'm sure if i don't think it's going to stop will you give
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them. a b c b. i would say. wow from a legal perspective i understand his position i would give him an a from. just a general outcome perspective i would give him a c. or d. i felt that he did hear it so strictly to that d.o.j. policy that prevented him from indicting a sitting president we have so many policies in the d.o.j. that are not followed it's not a law it's a policy and it was disappointing that he basically wrote up a mammal a prosecutorial memo and left it to congress and to the separation of powers for impeachment in doing your research anything surprise you you know what surprises me and when i wrote this book it had a different meaning than it does today it's more meaningful today than it was when i turned in my manuscript on june 1st of 2019 to me when i wrote the book i felt that there was a need for people to understand it nancy pelosi said you know we're not it's to
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work ie we're not going to go with the mall or report people don't understand it so there was a need to understand what happened today i feel like there is even a greater need for a book like this because president trump has only been impeached on his conduct with respect to ukraine this conduct is not addressed and yet he committed not only impeachable busa power but 10 acts reproduction of justice which is a violation of the federal code do you favor. a path to the president well i think you know i think these senators that the majority in the senate republicans doesn't matter what this president does they put the party over their oath of office it's been very clear to us that. you need 51 votes and based on what some republican said when they have to. they would they would but would they. boy that you'd love to get. in there. be under oath and.
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that's that's another lie you know he also released the transcript of the ukraine call thinking that it's going to help them and thinking that it's going to have optics of transparency but it was actually really bad for him so he will never testify not only he won't testify he has blocked witnesses and documents and from being brought forth in the senate call that phone call a perfect right it is a perfect lie there was nothing good about that phone call there is nothing good about the evidence that was uncovered. the corroborates that phone call was not a good call and yet you know here we are we had a speedy senate trial with no witnesses with no documents and then now he gets to say that he's exonerated would you make him a favorite to be reelected you know when you look at some of the polling. i think that people are starting to realize that people that voted for him 2016 are
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starting to realize that he's corrupt that that some of the stuff that people have learned is actually going to impact their decision at the polls in november but i'm not sure if we have enough of the country and his base convinced thank you man thank you larry sarah we thank her for her time today the book again is unprecedented symbol guide to the crimes that the campaign and presidency and you can preorder it on amazon it will be out everywhere on march 1st thank you for joining me on this edition of politicking remember you can join the conversation on my facebook page or tweet me at kings things and don't forget the politicking hash tag and that's all for this edition of politicking.
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aeroflot russian and lights. in a world of big part of the new lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks.
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aeroflot russian and lights. what a week it's been the iowa vote was a disaster impeachment against trump fizzled in the senate and the speaker of the house nancy pelosi jumped the rails like a spoiled child and of course the liberal corporate media are beside themselves
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with rage are the democrats imploding. geysers financial survival guide liquid those that you can convert music as quite easily. to keep in mind though as a team into
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a place in the last guy's record. that. was. the global chemical watchdog flams truthful way inspectors who questions the o.p.c. w. report into an alleged chemical attack on the syrian town of duma. the passenger plane in syria narrowly avoid being hit by air defenses were mostly find in response to an israeli missile attack. on britain's determination to stop terror offenders guess and also massacre early release from presidents that sit on court a collision course with the e.u. this human rights we put the issue up to debates. these are people particularly when it if they go to start applying it to people have already been convicted
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already been sentenced already so part of their sentences.


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