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popeye hasn't become an outcast in the city where he wants to run the country he's very popular styling himself as a blogger and political activist. who came to madeline to meet him to try and understand this colombian paradox why he is treated like a superstar. i must admit i was very nervous before our meeting. at least. one of the interview too easy to hide away that's really nice to meet with. the police. and security you have the sort of. at that time you don't leave those. estimate merely with. this tell you. this could be doing pretty on this to leave the missile into a large problem you just. like us cannot understand ok i just know you're going to
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look at it i mean it. was in the premier league. so it has to leave. your mark. up into it i said it held up a bit. merely the i got that i mean this is. not a complaint you see is there you know they're moving. but i cannot it's not a complaint about it but the media. is going to be put on by the. ningaloo not going to mean a little i wouldn't want to start. just wondered what is just what i need to start then. i support wouldn't want to give up. on us you know
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. we had a most we would win no. i mean. he had one this week does that sound like. the number one what you know the name you. obviously melanoma thought of him up in the oil and you know no no let them all coming up with. i don't i don't know your place on the committee and i'm a. 1000000 dollar man although you know if you're going to think let me go split i'm going to pretend i said in which of the unit of the moon do. you know them in order to. be published claudia. medieval is the important thing in the moon did it go to c.n.n. window for problem either school or the media. in the mid eighty's pop
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cocaine empire came under attack the colombian government signed a treaty with the united states that allowed local drug lords to be extradited to the usa. but i hope they're going to receive this on the public schools are going to know that if it were not the. school denies it on this isn't just going up at the. defense i'm almost out of. a moment that media spittles. my eyes that out oh. yes it was definitely cause but i would go. to see on. the illustration of the analyst on you're going to kill me because. i know you listened to it all in. good time in 10 years what's that all 030 crowd in this political. scene and i want to.
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but my specific comment some of. us about the whole been only are you have to do. this or the kill before this stuff ready for. this talk in which people are so full of it those are. going to be the i mean. what you want about the. conscious bundle on the end you know not to keep out of the summit thank you motto we still got those are the flu let me get 2 up and get on a hike and you know i don't go but i had a monsoon which i think. so long since i must learn a lot of suffering for. you know when i was little time enough to not be so lucky that i knew you were not big on you know people he said. yeah.
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because you know the score and those are the most common folk on the non-fundamentalist. there's a little bit off the. table below that i'm not. envious and want to spend huddled up i thought it was somebody that just a little bit. but i got someone in the car he's a gay woman to. see my informant but it's not like i didn't look it up at all when i mentioned i can say he misspoke amount. but i know what the but i you know from the comments a lot of you out. of this kind of person can see the sun as he stands on the sun is a is how in the school so you are. cannot give up what i say spell out what. the thought of a. communist. although it is an italian low. thank
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you kid a call out here not taking pussy i mean i don't think that. just my body is gross he only has it been good you know he think it's not only how will seem quaint but that ain't going to middle sleep in the end the way already louka. i'll destroy you got the news about this little you do know it's 3 minutes it will be a square this is not a quota. but it's close eunice is i'll go get on the. walk i might if we could one of which i did. or said all along we're going to win was it was really a lot of 3 of us it was a bit of on air opposite of i want to go through this thing it still could ok. you'll. pay the audience what they did in putting on. the new page and the 2nd since he saw you could it could not i'm on his computer
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put me up and i hadn't. been not a model but i mean it doesn't begin with and he did not. hear it on the 3rd is not what it was an automobile double. for your speed. they don't let the in a lot of mom with it said the old chemist i don't know said went over to me i love you. but i don't know. if i can think of your last. words are they you know the one i want you. to see what are they to see of you going to do is part of what is the model you know and i want to hold him if they go and i caught. the. bus. i
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think i think that there's a level to get us. to where you meet your loved one. is i don't go no it's not like you look at a very bikers there are 30 and. they will show you someone who it was you know kind of voice that but also i tell it us you know we doubt when i look on a little more we're going to have you know monkey kind of another they don't get us i think a lot of last year's 1st i mean i wonder like you see if you come up with the. where there's an awful lot of from the wealthy you know that i want you know. your car has increased to like you in it would have people really your size you says you can color you know in terms of if you can get is going to go along with. those someone who wasn't there yours you started as you know.
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we were getting ready for our trip to metal and we were warned that it was a place where just a dollar might have anyone killed we couldn't help but ask a pro about today's going rates. because you're going to know more but we're not i was here just like i'm going to. be a me the way i'm a thought of by listening but i mean a lot of it goes on and that's when i go. under state control it then they almost say don't bother going to be on the list i've gone through in my therapist an hour . when i left $1.00. going to say that all the. clues is well as. you know mr raymond dundalk at the home we do. when you're not you're going to tell us including one young man. has. said to me what the hotel but i called police
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union their faces when they yes i listed me of course this was a you know they. know this only. by law. goes. by. a. provisional or somebody around the corner they want to which is you move in there mr muscle man was developing nuclear style east. better thing go in project do a study in the state out there put i not of course think of project to start a holy win me what can make this group a lot of what i mean. you know. doing them we mean you know we love us you know pull us out of us. said we're not
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a good as well monday night columbia iraq mambo and. you know what to. do you know. i mean. you know it's you know i'm having. this place where you know monday night you oakum a missed call they gave us you know nobody there was never at the. you know katie i mean the media just look at the spot on so look at the caveat in alina dean it'll be a mini the. one. kilometer. cut in uganda i.c.m.p. up into whether that's going to be an issue get us council. you know then you know you need to molly call. problem you just got to go you. i mean honestly almost as equals you know things got out of the cycle but the.
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thinking of getting a coupon the ones we got our shoes from the model as he didn't know until he was trapped in this tiny little wired you don't need a crate with him he will just stir reaching out into the wall when it's pretty much anywhere near and thousands of the breeding dogs are caged in the in human conditions on puppy farm i mean 67 years you know they've been locked up in a cage outside you see no protection from the weather the heat you know the courtier the rain the snow the thunder nothing they have no protection. to kill you . it's to kill. across the u.s. cruel puppy mills are supported by dog shows and still most of the puppies that are coming from these large scale factory farming kind of operations are being sold in
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stores even joined a group businesses are involved like the mom center there has been a shocking amount of the organizing opposition to efforts to increase the standards of care for dogs bred in commercial breeding for so many most of that opposition is coming from huge agricultural groups and industries that have nothing to do with jobs don't buy dogs on a. so the politicians have basically stuck the american public with the delegate to negotiate for drugs and both parties who are financed very heavily by the pharmaceutical industry have done the so when your own people vote they should look at how much does this politician get from the power pharmaceutical industry.
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in this community there are people who believe that it's ok to suffer actual food on the table it's really hard there are no jobs and you see that i've got kids and ask and as a parent. i can come up with arguments there's a lot of conflict in the game between the cost of the conflict i would say the balls around money and most of their money is made. up so close well you know the children are seen on each other is good business the state of california alone
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makes $6000000000.00 a year of the prison complex just to get some point in your life where. you don't care and one of my cares about you so your care mind anything. is a psychologist say that popeye is ok i suppose it must be safe to ask him to demonstrate how you used to torture and kill them and he willingly agreed to our request with enthusiasm. in a dell gargoyle. i used to look at the deal be and open it the biggest almost door on the yellin of. that there isn't that idea like it up as an outlet or that they're going out they don't put up with. you know that at that i go in i thought i guess they bring. it up they put it that you.
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you know so at the point in bahrain it is you can throw it up it is not there but i would have thought it was a set up or was you not but this is. one of. the monkey does it would. it was you know provision of my back when it would be. used on those. you know the i realize he has but i got it as you know going to prison on this but i keep what i will get the name you. what what they will think i can is from uncle. how about they don't keep yet keynote you know how about from the state of. looks awful looks . thank you for with us here to. 2 2 2
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help us and i must say i'm entirely here so you can get on to using with us but those were the ost they speeded tucson to. and they cut i mean they has a crystal that i want to. which of them is how he goes you know in the late in the what i like a demolition that. 6 they leave in several young him because he doesn't. think oh no well no it is necessary not to. like out to be will get those of us begin like i get up 30 and get up what is going to be i get up out. 6 of the needle but i do i mean by that. equine the guy up is when i need it i don't belong relation i see it on the. on the in eyes how you can buy little not that any country isn't easy money even money. to go to court they way you put out by now ma. see she like ok now you've got a social news jago neck up you anything can. be in the market is that i thought out
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the window you know to hell it was hell i guess i don't even get like a muscle you know but that kind of got me into him at that installation. and there you hear bang going to leave illustrate they are a democracy. ok good thing. that is still a school open see this but the simple will find the meeting is too. long we'll see large bailed on or so poor people can but i'm opening up a common law about the comic opera but i don't you see how to do more but up on the scene. i think. for a good number. of the couple this and i'm not the case it will be covered up and
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feel a. little b.s. a month on the part of this kid if the child to get past like this implement the. law get the move on because of the promotional come off because a lot of. things will fall down that if. they we're not done your party coming. the minute that is how money out of. this you know that is how money. put out the. people. enormous. they used to be good. but of course had lot.
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more. of. it when all of your work. better than a number. so we. could hear what you just heard. there was applause. the one where you if you're normal person. they're going to turn your back on the show you know what they're not. now look at obama he's done well as you know bob. so when i started this. so we're still in ohio alaska bust. will pay you what you were paid to hike. the height of course in fact we love that fashion. and others have become or feel as if i don't i'll. probably see only
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a policy of those in some way be it. coming from space or you know me and i was i mean a lot in this thread yeah because you know for you i think i was that always you just because he. had a quarter before you know part of the police yes yes i'm pretty up on the float that was made ok since i'm out on the thought when the police reports are going to get in this could mean i could pilot did i get up and you know got to tell them it was you guys had been to the things that made the cops to break up that they're making peace with or like us if we do it we're going to try and up what are you. that's what i was. going to tell you look it up if i don't know if this will come to us we pull up if yes what i will people i think you know i think that look if it was if i mean you. asked.
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me if i would say so when we. get out when we would have. some of them listen to this. for you know my most people so which put them up in my mouth and i think i'm a little before but it's not just about that i started to see. that it could be anything you know in a lot of the battle but still in the schools and see i mean the place i don't know if i was. looking inside stage and you know just little things have this little bit to the point of the fight that. asked. you if you're not the same i might just keep . it a little to get us out of this no coastal zone right to see if i still have been. in office comes up in a month he said please don't miss it was. just a quick one miss how do you move your point to put it right now this will. mean a. lot of how we're going to. go out of there like it was it was 3 months and
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it's a little in the foot a little funny you don't often see this until this thing from the super bowl i was behind it all the time i see listed by the sink and look at the kid came up with nothing but i think that's a little bit since i put it but i say i just have faith that the missing from my eyes doesn't exist from all of the politics of my last of the concept and we try to make out the name a unicycle for my part i mean it's not a skeleton. from the stomach i mean i could argue with. they don't want to have me until it hits the water it was for me thought it was just as when i was. about the level of the thing that's. equal to if you know me and ya mummy democrats want to get up with me tell you my name a friend of the decade i could argue with a cloud on. your part that you put it up at your feet it was throwing this c
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c c i'm on it you know you don't want to go straight stop living us out of the system ollie's as i'm sure you know my the question of the open event i mean i just had one difficulty that could you may tell me which was that i think that i'm. running out of the mosque. you know what are you going to someone just when you. don't keep up a pick i'm going to find another town doesn't happen to us on the top. fassel asked on the. plane. could see the women thinking this is the plane out of the prison it was like they called to tell me.
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i mean it was the lord for getting on which honestly i went alone. and. went to school that i had only not i'll. tell you meanwhile that i'm interested because within the you know that this. is. where the legal look at oh my this i mean as you know since it arose and not those weapons were not a multilateral concept and seen as a myth i just used all of the wording around us. so deep or me so reporting his presidency. yes that's correct pass. it with the enemy go. in a me go when i meet up with this is let me go. to this for. what
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i see it there is common in. that other what i. mean in which i think i work a presence because this will put it into the papacy is the plastic interest to open your eyes. yes the one up when you lot are owned by this government there. you go up with their way to see me out west like there's your neighbor at that. place.
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to live. oh.
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and very well might continue watching us and. copper prices telling us about the globalisation the dollar is ation depopulation most of the big things the market tells us the cycles of the markets are telling us something that you don't hear in my stream media and that's always been the case since markets are bad it's always price precedes news. tough and the full entire swathe of both the suv. bandicoot so smooth to. close in this way got to dog so hard not to think of the mother disappeared the state of the market the day i was and i know from the start then if . this is the only thing that we do is music because everybody
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fights aim is to lose weight. the floor live from the feet down this bill frist would have been driving home the ability to put a helmet on the cool but i think it is this is the funds that is a constant. donald trump might appear showy and shallow but he has once again defied his critics this time by securing his impeachment acquittal what is it about the 41st president of the united states that makes people love and hate him so the.
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thai soldier killed in least 10 people. in the northeast of the country he shared. his attack on social media they say he is still at large. global chemical weapons watchdog slams to inform inspectors to expose significant flaws in its report on the alleged chemical attack in the syrian city of do we look at the credibility of you if you see different planes. so a british couple accused of a ranging thing murder of their adopted son in india walk free for now. their extradition citing human rights.


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