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tv   News  RT  February 8, 2020 11:00am-11:31am EST

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a thai soldiers killed at least 20 people injured others on a shooting rampage in the northeast of the country with police saying he remains at large. the global chemical weapons watchdog slants to form inspectors who exposed significant flaws in its report on the alleged chemical attack in the syrian city duma to the credibility of the o p c w. british couple accused of arranging the murder of their adopted son in india will free for now the u.k. so i called their extradition citing human rights concerns.
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good evening and welcome thanks for joining us here on r.t. international. we start with a developing story in thailand where a soldier has gone on a shooting rampage in a city northeast of bangkok killing at least 20 people and injuring more the government is said to have opened fire at different locations in the city center or been unconfirmed reports that the suspect is also holding several hostages inside a popular shopping mall police are at the site and of lockdown the surrounding area gunman's been active on social media throughout the attack posting disturbing videos and pictures which was shared online before his accounts were closed this is what we know about the government so far he's been identified as a junior officer in the thai army the suspect is believed to have shot that a senior officer and 2 other soldiers inside a military base for allegedly stealing military equipment and hijacking a humvee come and then went on to open fire at several sites including
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a but istanbul and shopping mall a school commentator underhill take says that the shooting comes on the back of growing social unrest in the country. island has one of the very high homicide rates it is higher per capita than the united states and lately there is a huge potential there is a social dimension in thailand the income disparity is tremendous price is sort of very high tide bad. realistically high as well which makes it very difficult for the 10s of millions of ties to actually sort of buy and so is this very common to see that. under the surface of politeness and the smiles there is a lot of anger and frustration so anything can trigger the. reaction from the people. here to be able to talk. about the soldier or.
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you know a person who has access to guns this is. dangerous. cocktail if you will. international chemical weapons watchdog the she ws lashed out at the links provided by 2 whistleblowers who revealed serious defects in its final report on an alleged chemical attack in the syrian city of duma and verify video emerged in april 28 team claiming to show the aftermath of the alleged assault was immediately blamed on syrian government forces and prompted the us you can france to carry out airstrikes on scientific facilities that they blame for the incident even before a probe are taking place. explains how the o.p.c. there were these latest comments don't appear to restore trust in the official findings. there are 2 types of investigation the 1st type is intended to find out
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and explain what went wrong the 2nd type of investigation is intended solely to cover your butt and the u.p.c. double. let's you know 'd what type of investigation they've done pretty early on the 1st 2 pages are dedicated to stressing how independent this report is. independent and objectivity and dependent independent dependent independent and then we find out that they were just kidding the boss nominated his deputy to explain how they were both innocent i designated the deputy director general as a senior investigating officer this is an investigation into 2 whistleblowers specter a and inspected b. and its intention is to show that they're bad people. whistleblower a was behind a study tran that these cylinders allegedly used in the duma
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a chemical attack were likely placed at the scene which he had no business doing in fact according to this o.p.c. w. report inspects a new body inspector a was not a member of the fact finding mission inspector a played a minor supporting role in the investigation of the duma incident we then find out that the guy who was apparently just there to watch did a whole lot more he was in fact the head of the u.p.c. w.'s syrian command post he helped collect samples of the alleged chemical attack site also at the hospital he helped tag and seal those all important cylinders inspectors a and b. a not whistle blowers they were individuals who could not accept that their views were not backed by evidence they also tried to dismiss the study by saying he had incomplete evidence somehow forgetting that one page ago they admitted to asking
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him to invent a rise the evidence they had on the cylinders now we come to the icing the question do in this absurd story this study they never even looked at it in the interests of transparency and completeness inspector a's assessment has been transmitted to the i.t. and will be examined by 8 in jew course. and if you think they treated inspector be any more seriously than inspector 8 you're in for a surprise most the duty and focus he reports on the incident the interim report and the final report was scientifically impoverished procedurally regular and possibly fraudulent inspected be end others raised concerns back in june 2018 according to this investigation those concerns were taken into account a month after hearing out all the inspectors and their concerns and their thoughts
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and their dreams the u.p.c. w. went ahead and excluded most of them from the investigation the point regarding the effort and in particular the ongoing duma work should be discussed with of of alpha it seem the least of team members was recently sent who not on that least should not be involved on the smetana courtesy of leaked e-mails posted by wiki leaks apparently the only team member who went to syria who was allowed to pitch into the final report was the team paramedic not the chemist inspected be nor the engineer inspected a when it comes to inspect a b. it's what the u.p.c. w. doesn't mention that's interesting is allegations never address what the whistleblowers said of them by dismissing it as irrelevant and unauthorized not inspecting a who's report they apparently didn't even read nor inspected be whose main arguments about evidence suppression and bias at the u.p.c. w.
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it just ignored well not entirely. as could be expected their conclusions are uninformed and brum mission accomplished but covered and if you are at the u.p.c. w. watching this you may be saddened to learn that you are now going to have to attend mandatory classes on keeping your mouth shut and additional obligatory organization wide confidentiality training program will be instituted for all personnel employed by the secretary at this training will be accompanied by annual access stations. britain's the center of another extradition scandal the high court has denied the indian government's request to extradite a couple accused of arranging the murder of their adopted son a decision based on concern over possible violation of the human rights in india seeing the couple walk free for now they deny the allegations. with. the old
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saying goes that no one is above the law but it seems that some people aren't subject to either a british couple adopted an 11 year old orphan boy in india and promised him a better life but now they're charged with the ranging his murder all for a lump sum of life insurance payout ringback. indian place have been battling for over 2 years to get their hands on the couple but to no avail and now british high court judges have ruled they can't be extradited but not because the evidence against them isn't strong enough. i find there is circumstantial primal free she case that ms dear mr a jogger acting together and with others committed the offense to set out above despite all this the u.k. won't send that you are back why well because of one crucial piece of indian at
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a station that means the packet face a sentence of life without parole if convicted of double murder in the country which the united kingdom says would breach the human rights i find that there are substantial grounds for believing that they would face a real risk of been subjected to treatment like a review of a life sentence which would be inhuman and degrading this would be a breach of article 3 the court's decision falls within the european convention on human rights but the ruling is raising concerns here in britain do we really want suspected child killers roaming the streets of london this is an absolutely crime and i think many people would agree there needs to be the harshest of sentences if they are found guilty it is up to the indian legal system to decide on the appropriate penalty and we should not be standing in the way of justice being served for the victims but the decision to keep criminals here in the u.k. raises alarm bells as the concept of human rights even for those abusing them seems to provide a quick get out of jail free card the fact is here justice has been denied to the
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indian people the process of a trial has been prevented because of the european human rights legislation when we're saying that they can't even stand trial because the possibility that they will receive what is called an irreducible life sentence in india means that the possible sentence violates their human rights what the british government is saying is that there is no assurance in place that these 2 people will not be treated in the same way as they would have been had they been arrested in india what we are saying to the indian government until they could draw to authorities is that your criminal justice system simply isn't good enough to try our citizens who was an incredibly serious offense indian people cannot hold people to account under the terms of the justice system without the european and british courts. saying your justice isn't isn't good enough i think these cases show is that actually what it does is it creates a difference in treatment between european citizens and the rest of the world. the
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president of the philippines with regard to turkey's planning to end a longstanding military pact with the u.s. that's after washington canceled a tourist visa issued to a filipino senator and wanted to teddy's close political allies he's been in charge of the leaders stuff cracked down on the illegal drugs trade detainees he made his feelings clear about the visa cancellation. see above all. been their love for the on the move and wanting you know this is the 1st time. in being when you're. you know. what are you it better man may be says visiting is agreement. up or same. the so-called visiting forces agreement has been in place since 1999 and it provides a framework for u.s. troops coming to the philippines for joint training exercises if it is canceled it
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will affect more than $300.00 military personnel we spoke to political scientist and foreign affairs analyst richard darian about the impact this could have. here is that present a very easy really angry at the united states not only because of the travel ban or visa restrictions imposed on these lights but there are concerns that the united states might actually move forward. and other kinds of sanctions against the president himself down the road especially when he's out there already going to step down for anybody through so i think there was some complacency on the part of united states if they ease in the arctic and now that means the end of significant amount of american military to the philippines which amount to $1800000000.00 or possibly decades and it's going to make it very difficult to operationalize because that be a software that allows for the operationalization the hardware the bilateral lines and. a closed hearing taking place against the private
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security company accused of spying on julian assange the spanish court is deciding if the firm violated the privacy of the wiki leaks publisher spanish company you see global was hard to protect the ecuadorian embassy in london while the songs was living there last summer recordings of the songs from inside the embassy will link to line and allegations of emerged the company might have shared surveillance with the cia so far the u.s. intelligence agency an ecuadorian embassy officials have declined to comment and the director of u.c. global says all information regarding the case is confidential. are they supposed to join in a scientist lawyer who's been attending the trial they claim the company shared thousands of documents for the cia. and then there's a large amount of evidence related to the work that the u.c. global company carried out while providing security services to the ecuadorian embassy the company's e-mails indicate priority espionage goals including mr songes lawyers doctors and ecuadorian diplomats themselves there was also evidence that
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they gave the gathered information to u.s. intelligence these are hundreds if not thousands of images of passports documents on the visits of mr sanchez photos a visa entry and exit stamps they also installed bugs inside the embassy one of them was placed on a fire extinguisher in the meeting room this listening device recorded many hours of mr sanders meetings which led to reinforce the case mr sun suspected that they were spying on him and started holding his meetings at the back of the building in the female restroom as soon as they discovered it they installed the 2nd microphones there. julian science was arrested in london in april last year and served a sentence for skipping bail back into n.t. 12 he's still in british jail pending a hearing on extradition to the u.s. where he faces espionage and computer hacking charges which focus on the publication by wiki leaks of thousands of classified military files and 2010
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including this incriminating video here of american troops in iraq if convicted the sons could get a prison term all the way up to 175 years their final stage of his extradition trial that's been pushed back to make meanwhile a science remains in belmarsh prison science was only recently moved from solitary confinement not after repeated appeals by his legal team they cited poor health he still faces tight restrictions on visitors while his lawyers say that they've also found it difficult to meet with their client in an open letter last month dozens of leading medical experts warned the u.k. government the wiki leaks co-founder could even die in prison it is because the issue with his lawyer. same style i don't in this prison he's been kept in very severe conditions during the day he spends little time outside his cell he's practically in isolation all this wasn't his state of health recently the un special rapporteur on top joke mr mills meltzer visited mr sands with
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a team of doctors and found that such a situation considering his health could be described by legal authorities as torture and. this is tell me the democrats presidential primary process is still mired in computers enough to be a disastrous caucus in iowa details coming up. the copper prices telling us about the globalization the dollar is asian population also the big thing the market tells us the cycles of the markets are telling us something that you don't hear in my stream media and that's always been the case since markets are bad and it's always price precedes. join me every 1st week on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then.
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you know world of big partisan movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. welcome back to the final result from the botched iowa democratic primary still remains unclear despite all precinct results now being in the party's state officials have spent the week trying to verify the figures following a technical glitch in the voting of many known question how the chaotic scenes
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could have been allowed to happen and all while donald trump has been reveling in the mayhem. democrats don't know what the hell they're doing. they can't. simple votes but they want to fix your healthcare system. if you can. and questions of race of any election results in the u.s. the same followed by pledges that it will be sold to quickly but the skill of open explains what happens in other countries it doesn't take washington long to start shouting for a lot. often the way we interpret events can be very subjective if something happens to someone else we see it one way but it happens to us we see it very differently let's compare the electoral confusion in bolivia last october to the electoral confusion in the us state of iowa last week and both situations and election took place and the results were delayed and then authorities said that
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some irregularities have happened throughout the collection of records over results the i would democratic party identified in consistencies in the data and used the redundant paper records to probably correct those errors there was intentional manipulation and serious irregularities the make it impossible to validate the results originally issued by the bolivian electoral foresees in both instances the public spoke up and cried foul folks i don't know what is going on with the iowa democratic party and the slow trickle of results how many of the counties are having their results falsely reported by the i.d.p. every county needs to release the results now now iowa caucus was rigged by near cheap eat pasta don't. like it. and in both instances the authorities agreed and said that the concerns had to be addressed what happened in iowa was unacceptable and the party chair as
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acknowledged that he's apologized for that and we've worked together over the last few days to fit. the challenges it is the i have decided 1st to replace every member of the supremum like total tribunal and 2nd to hold national elections to allow the bolivian people to democratically elect a new government with new political activists except the similarities stop here in iowa a recount is being conducted to make sure the ultimate results are correct and in bolivia the military toppled the government and a woman who wasn't even a candidate in the election has declared herself to be the new leader. i see in the presidency with the middle of the fact in line with the constitution and pres to take all measures necessary to bring peace to the country. while many have declared what happened in bolivia to be a military coup the u.s. secretary of state branded it as a transition to democracy we recognize the importance of believe us political transition to democracy in our hemisphere and we admired the believe in people for
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standing up for their constitution their democracy and for free fair and transparent elections after morale is flat things have been pretty messy and bolivia one more resigning so that my opponents do not continue to persecute more socialist brothers. i'm wondering if they were going to say she american states as they were said in an election i want you to figure out what's what's going on here you know it's clear that in the case of believe me. you need a clean of the electoral discrepancies to justify any campaign to demonize. and then ultimately to overthrow him the reason why they are against. you because he pursued policies that were of projecting u.s.
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domination of the region so the difference is that in the case of in. i while the presumption is it's just a technical problem or you know there's nothing sinister going on whereas in the case of the government that's our side with washington asked i was on why it's a different standard so if a us state has some electoral confusion we'll look into the matter and get it straightened out however if a socialist government that is friendly to russia and china has a mix up at the polls it's time to reduce the country to chaos kaleb happen r.t. new york. in light of the u.k.'s exit from the european union the french president has called for a more coordinated e.u. defense strategy in which france blocks only briggs it nuclear power would hold a central role when you're micron said europeans cannot confine themselves to the task of spectators anymore and should be controlled by americans approve the amount
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of the collapse of the iron there treaty france hopes for more inclusive talks in which europe's voice and interests are taken into account in talks on a new instrument to assure strategic stability on our continent if it's blocked by some we won't stand still europeans cannot confine themselves to the role of spectator to build the europe of tomorrow our norms can't be under american control in his speech my concern renewing arms control needs to be put back on the global agenda but he ruled out any further cuts to france's nuclear arsenal the countries previously reduced its warhead to less than 300 spite that is spending 37000000000 euros modernizing its arsenal between 20192025. icon speech comes at a time when longstanding accords on limiting the growth of nuclear arsenals appear increasing the risk of the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty having recently being killed off so on by the u.s. and soviet union in 1970 it's banned some shorter range and intermediate range
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missiles but it collapsed on august 2nd last year when the u.s. quit the treaty russia then followed suit. professor a political commentator believes that europe doesn't need the u.s. to play a key role in nuclear defenses but the e.u. has no means of pressuring washington but the whole of americans in europe with a condition have lol but to see what does it mean to do arms controls with the americans who have no means of cash on them and the only means of pleasure the tool having children would be to leave mental and that let them do with the world if you don't want to intervene in other countries than you don't need any simple shit. if you know nuclear weapons as they did. it with the 1st war they don't even need a defense because nobody said thinking that because the french army disappears people who's going to attack trains germany 1st and. finally for you can use of a special arrival an orphaned seal pup is being nursed back to health in st
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petersburg after being discovered on the baltic sea shore of the northern russian city believe that baby is saying it lost her mother in a storm now she successfully capturing the hearts of the veterinary staff looking after. thanks staying with us throughout the evening hope will be here at half hour's time updates of the coming away.
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he put themselves on the line they did accept the reject. so when you want to be president and. want to. have to go right to be close that's what before 3 in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters in the. first city. in this community there are people who believe that it's ok to sell for x. food on my table it's really hard there are no jobs and you see that i've got kids that ask and as a parent. i can come up with a logical argument there's a lot of conflict in the game between the 2 most of the conflicts i would say over
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balls around money and most of them money is made. close one on each of those he knows each other is good business the state of california alone makes $6000000000.00 a year of prison complex just to get some 20 a life where. you don't care anymore nobody cares about your so you don't care mind anything. i am nice guys or this is the kaiser report does anyone really remember iceland remember the banks loaned the money to themselves to buy back their own stock. it's all the whole thing collapsed and the whole country collapsed. keep in mind.
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yes there is a lot of corporate leverage in america and it's driving stock prices higher and higher and ever higher no matter what the real economy shows but no matter what all the copper dry index and all that sort of stuff shows so we're going to look at china limiting down and the usa hitting mag despite what is happening and iowa and all the election stuff happening you know we have maggie making america great again we have 1st tweet for the 1st time ever there are for one trillion dollar companies in the u.s. apple microsoft google and amazon you might say instead microsoft apple google and amazon maggie all right right and remember back in iceland there were i think 3 banks and their market capitalization went incredibly high because they were engaged in the massive accounting fraud of borrowing money from the don't buy their own stock and then it blew up so these trillion dollar corporations are
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involved in accounting fraud multiple accounting fraud says we have a numerated on this show and now it's having its big moment and it'll be spectacular fireworks to see how this all plays well in fact when iceland was buying up the entire high street major corporations throughout the united kingdom we were asked by al-jazeera english at the time to go make a film about it we said that this was all going to blow up because it was basically a lot of bridge and that happened and then right after that what happened copper fell ball to dry index fell and we were making a show for the b.b.c. b.b.c. world at that time and that was one of our 1st episodes ever was covering the baltic dry index and the collapse of that so back again in the headlines baltic dry index down 80 percent from its september peak so some parts of the baltic dry
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indexes are 3 different categories.


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