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tv   News  RT  February 9, 2020 9:00am-9:31am EST

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thinks. we. ask. from election confusion in iowa to donald trump's impeachment to put away look at a week of frustrations for the us democratic party. rest of an alleged war criminal who lived in hungary in france on a student visa expose the dangerous flaws in e.u. immigration policy. the key regional prime minister steps down in germany having only just been elected made outrage from top politicians in the public over a package that brought him to power between chance of the manacles party and the right wing alternative for germany.
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have you with us this is the weekly here on r.t. international. it's been a tough week for the us democratic party its officials have tried to verify the data for several days following a technical glitch in the voting out for the caucus elections in iowa despite all precinct information now actually being in the final result remains unclear the party apologize for mistakes in procedures and even called for a complete review of voting the tally was also marred by chaos in the reporting process inaccurate calculations unexplained consistencies and missing data it all the while the parties seem to focus on supposed external interference. of a nightmare scenario and if so what do you do about it these are probably the most prepared we've ever been as a party for these caucuses and we've run through a few different scenarios but i can tell you were ready was the starting pistol i'd settle for a race and at the end the prize is becoming the presidential nominee and that the
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finish line stand around and wait to find out who won. as precinct caucus results started coming in the iowa democratic party ran them through an accuracy and quality check it became clear that they were in consistencies with reports the underlying cause of these in consistencies was not immediately clear and required investigation which took time this is an embarrassment all they had to do was count the votes the polling stations counted the votes all they had to do was add together the tallies what a 10 year old could do in a calculator the democratic party couldn't this mess was caused by a new app designed to speed up vote counting made by a secretive company called shadow inc that i suppose was the 1st clue who contracts a company called shadow to build an open transparent voting app democrats the
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people who shouted loudest about russia threatening american elections that breaking news russian hackers tried to hack wisconsin's election system russia's hacked into a lot of things russian hackers the kremlin clan it certainly looks like they're at it again and with an eye towards helping this president to combat strums popularity democrats created 2 organizations acronym and paquin him to flood the internet and t.v. with anti trump and anti russian propaganda trump spent $10000000.00 on a commercial for tonight's super bowl we fixed it for him under president truman miracle speeding or veterans setting isis prisoners free losing don't reconfirm ladies and gentlemen the worst is yet. here comes the incompetence part these groups a pact with people who ran and sank hillary clinton's campaign including shadow inc
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founded by a former clinton campaign manager they've spend fortunes and amateur propaganda and apps that don't work all that. money the effort is just to see trump have the last laugh. when will a democrat stop blaming russia russia russia instead of their own incompetence for the voting disaster that just happened in the great states of iowa i hope that the i were democrats will ask for an f.b.i. investigation on the app i believe that russia has been engaged in interfering with a number of our elections dealing with the 21 election i'm sorry the 2016 election it's sad. all the complaining and moaning about how russians were out to ruin american elections most of the russians that did it it was the democrats their paranoia and competence they turned liberals and democrats against each other
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screaming and shouting accusing each other of foul play or russia could never do the democrats did we've heard the people who are responsible for this catastrophe in iowa or the democratic establishment claim that it was russia's intention to undermine integrity in our voting systems in our election process the question is who really threatens us elections and now i think a lot of voters within the democratic party are finally seeing what the real threat is and it's with it's within the heart of the democratic party establishment the more that we talk about the reality of our election systems the more this russia gate hysteria just begins to fall on deaf ears and voters particularly younger voters who are social media savvy reject it angrily. the democrats
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suffered another big defeat this week when the senate voted down both their articles of impeachment against donald trump democrats claim to be use of power accusing trump of withholding military aid to pressure ukraine into probing supposed corruption by potential democrat rival joe biden the other challenge was obstruction of congress over the president ordering white house aides to defy congressional. peters house democrats refused to accept the impeachment defeat trump was jubilant did nothing wrong. i've done things wrong in my life i will admit not purposely but i've done things wrong. but this is what the end result is i. was acquitted without facts he was acquitted without a fair trial and what he says or whatever headline he wants to carry around here impeached for ever the model tom gave his annual state of the union speech this week and heard his own private battle with the democratic speaker of the house of
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representatives ortiz in case you missed it takes a look deeper. thank you thank yet the state of the union is in a bit of a state and there's not much union she was just angry that she ripped up the speech i promptly and house speaker nancy pelosi have taken playground all the ticks to a whole new level you know these 2 were characters in a wrong call i think i know would be happening next this was wasted really good. commie and handed over a speech to fellow see and turned away to shake a hand although in his defense did just try and get him impeached says' pelosi having decided that on this occasion she would not be right above it getting her revenge but takes out.
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what you begin to see her rip those bits of paper. you really think it's not supposed to be while we're here just take a look at voice president might. we all want to find someone that looks like ants. from my roof and or has a couple more points where joining us in the gallery is the true and illegitimate president of venezuela one who i do know this is the point we show that even in the darkest of times there is one thing which will always you know republicans and democrats is their ability to meddle with a foreign government this is how to win if you speak of a miracle our spirit is still young. the soul is still rising. is still shining. and my fellow americans the best is yet to come which is definitive proof of one thing. from wife is
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a speech is. but it's france now where a former spokesperson for a syrian rebel group has been arrested on charges of war crimes and torture the jihadists lived in hungary for months before being printed a student scholarship in ma say the thirty's were only to tough for a human rights group pointed out his real identity on the show the looks of the loophole that allowed him into the european union. torture kidnapping war crimes these are just some of the charges brought against the syrian he was in france on a student visa he went by the name of mushed enough in france back in syria he was is a lowish no ordinary student he is said to have once been jayashri islamic press secretary previously nor did his freedom fighters the hardline islamist group in fact curried out a reign of terror in the eastern suburb of damascus. where
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you. can see in his linked in profile he describes himself as being specialized in security and terrorism affairs with a focus on syria he boasts of an impressive academic background with bachelor's degrees but not one universities including in hungary and when it comes to experience he mentions being the c.e.o. of the syrian news monitoring network new trace of the allegations of torture or forced in this moment of children raising his history seems upped given that all islam ceased to exist back in 2018.
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as the battle for eastern ghouta played out the french government said it was concerned about a grave violation of human rights and it called for a cease fire now while it acknowledge the presence of just harvests it also accused president assad of using the ongoing conflict as a fig leaf to wipe out any opposition. the syrian regime and its allies are brandishing the fight against jihad his fighters the need for which no one is disputing i just if occasion of an offensive and it's entirely different goals it's
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real intentions are indeed to annihilate any and all opposition and break the morale of civilians by indiscriminately massacring them following that offensive in eastern come to by the syrian army gyration al islam was talk pulled last year a complaint was filed to the courts in france and. the senior members and no one wanted criminals. the complaint filed in june 29th teen was built and over 3 years of documentation of the crimes perpetrated by jaish al islam summary executions kidnappings and the systematic use of torture the group targeted people suspected of complicity with the regime but also ordinary civilians accused of not applying the sure it imposed by the group rigorously enough the international federation feel human rights says the arrest of most enough may in march say paves the way for the 1st investigation of the rebel groups crimes others may be hoping
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that arrests such as this will help shed more light of crimes committed by on. position forces doing the syrian conflict giving a fuller picture of what really happened. so. paris. political analyst little america bitch police that such issues should be better handled by the government and once you enter the european union you could go more or less where you want there are no border controls how we entered hungary would be an interesting question to know that what is. prosperous in this in this situation is that he entered legally he wasn't even hiding he was living in the white which is a neighborhood in the center smack in the center of more state studying in france with no problem whatsoever that means the police cannot do their job properly today in western europe they don't even know who's in the country we've gotten so low as to say that we don't even we don't even know if you got the means to stop terrorists we don't even know if terrorists are in the country we know there are some but we don't know how many and it's you know it's already difficult capturing those who
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are not even hiding so i think definitely this is going to hurt a bit the government because this is very bad press very bad press having a terrorist. somebody accused of terrorism entering illegally come from their country go and legal it's a university this is very bad press so there might be some who's in the following days but i think unfortunately if the government doesn't handle the process of immigration legal immigration illegal immigration and the secret service if the government doesn't tackle these issues seriously unfortunately this these types of stories are going to continue in time. in a major shakeup in german politics a key regional prime minister has quit just hours after taking up the post amid a huge backlash over an unprecedented pact between the ruling christian democrats and the right wing a of the party that brought him to power protests erupted across the country against the me.
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after quitting as prime minister in the wake of the growing scandal thomas camera insisted future deals with alternative germany were out of the question. this resignation was inevitable the dissolution of the parliament is inevitable if detroit yesterday with a perilous trick of damage democracy there was no cooperation with the f.t. there is no such cooperation and will never be told us carrick they're quick to say that he had nothing to do with a deal with alternative for germany but well how long he sticks around at the
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higher levels of the free democratic party with that may be measured in hours similar to his reign as prime minister of the state of today in jail he's fairly much in the firing line at the moment and has been a huge backlash to this situation it's unfolded into india backlash from politicians also from the public is well it follows this union basically this alliance between the c.d.u. which is angle of merkel's party the right wing alternative to germany part of the f.d.a. to support and back thomas kennedy to be the prime minister of the state of to even get that resulted in condemnation of condemnation from on high angle of merkel herself having something to say about it and this is unforgivable and that's why the results must be reversed the election of the prime minister was a unique process that broke with the basic conviction of the c.d.u. and also of mine namely that no jury should be one with the help of the a.f.p.
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this is a bad day for democracy. chancellor merkel have to say something because she often repeated that promise that there would be no alliance between alternative for germany and her christian democratic union it's really seen as the big to boo in german politics to have anything to do with a half day to try and use them to gain power in fact you saw large demonstrations across germany on wednesday evening against what we've seen happening today nya christian linda who's the head of the free democratic party that thomas kennedy belongs to least for now in fact he's called for a vote of confidence while speaking to the party leadership when it comes to the c.d.u. themselves local representatives in the states of today just saying they don't want to see new elections in the state it does look like that's the direction we're
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heading in at the moment when you look at that it's hard to think that would have been possible just a short while ago while angela merkel was head of the christian democratic union that there would be a local faction of the party that would be so publicly. against what head office is saying is one of the smallest states in the german federal republic it's the rock that's being thrown in there and not pool has certainly cast ripples far afield. we go reaction to the story from different sides of germany's political spectrum. parliament voted with this majority for this liberal and it is clear that our deputies from f.t. also supported this liberal candidate but it's completely constitutional completely democrat democratic the political left wing a lead to centrist elite and bowlen is not a willing to accept that in a federal state parliament elects
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a liberal to be prime minister because to say he has the support of the wrong after all party f.t. into the 2nd largest force and people voted for them it shows. democracy in germany as an hour after a long government of and good are merkel to lead the regional federal government and you left it through fascists this is. a group of a chap who's it's not a question of legal it's a quest question of politics in this year. of course in the professional political. system on the federal level you are professional you move all and you think forward rich scenarios. and if you know better now you can happen the. trick tries to bring in. government religion to meet it it's all just
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politics you should do anything to him. as the us election twitter and you cheap of announce changes to the way they find doctored materials seized on quarter looks at the take johnson vague wording of the new rules. we all like a good many i know i do and that's why i'm here to warn you that they're potentially in danger because of twitter's new war on altered images and videos that might mislead voters we know that some tweets include many plated photos or videos that can cost people harm today we're introducing a new rule and a label that will address and give people more context around this tweets one man satire is another man's trigger there's bound to be those who will find hilarious songs like this one unhealthy for political discourse rather coldly. with. what is
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boiled its definition of so-called doctored images down to a few criteria editing of the contents composition changes in its visual or auditory information and anything that simulates real people but who actually gets to make the call on what does or doesn't harm is anyone's guess are these trump dog and rocky memes politically misleading maybe this one with bernie sanders is harmful a political satire well it's always bound to hurt someone's feelings but if you're not on twitter don't think this isn't going to step on your toes you tube's got its own version of this new policy of the 2020 lection season kicks into high gear in the united states people who visit you tube to learn about the candidates and watch the election season. over the last few years we've increased or if it's to make. news and information as well as an open platform for who flee political discourse
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remember that video trumps supporters made portraying their president massacring the mainstream media and the church it was funny to them to the mainstream media while they were a bit offended the white house correspondents association says it is horrified by this and is calling on president trump to denounce the video c.b.s. has decided. not to show that video we can't show this video because it's so disgusting is extremely violent it is disturbing and those bad liberating videos could also be interpreted as politically misleading you're probably aware they think a bug just quit right here. we need new babies out there think we need time to make new ones because the old ones just become so big twitters netizens have already picked up on the controversy because people were kind of these fantasies this i love how you used the word doctored because that's the and he said soccer means the left caught me on twitter oh yeah well now no one can meet your bat in the eames
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which may cause harm to the left we can read between the lines there would be no unimproved in the people's republic of twitter coverage it seems that without any ultimate authority to make the call on what is and isn't a violation so many decisions will be left to the rules vague wording who knows how internet freedom will fare as a result. was given custody of a child to social thora to have to parents fail to take a home for 5 years from the bill has been living in hospital almost a whole life despite doctors saying she's perfectly healthy the parents can appeal the decision but officials hope to eventually if the girl to her grandparents. this girl is 5 years old and she's had a bizarre sheltered life. this is the room where she lives it's not in a house or apartment and her relatives are not by her side it's an elite private hospital in central moscow and for our entire life she has never left his grounds for the wrestling machine or stress me or her captain washington's embrace.
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you. can be. the voice or sharing is not her mother it's her nanny the mother has decided that her daughter is hopelessly ill and must be confined to a hospital. however doctors say that the girl is perfectly healthy and there is no medical reason to keep her in the clinic although they have been unable to discharge her without parental consent nor the reason it she doesn't know and yet in life but she's a good normal girl the girl's parents have paid the hospital huge sums of money
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almost $200000.00 a year to keep her there in the company of private nannies almost a year ago the parents stopped sending their payments but they still refused to take her home and a legal battle has been raging so the hospital convinced the parents to leave their child in the hospital all this time i think that's the logical conclusion if the child has been hospital for 5 years and the parents are not doctors they just paid the bills how reliable is information the child is healthy and there is no need for her to stay in hospital. on monday the corps delivered its verdict that psionic seemed to and your resume can the parents are to be stripped of parental rights to the girl and she will be placed in the custody of child welfare services perhaps soon she will finally leave the confines of the hospital and see the world she has been drawing for all these years. staying with aunty don't forget you can check out plenty more stories if you head to our website at odyssey dot com.
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you know world of big partisan movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's taught critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. in this community there are people who believe that it's ok to substract food on my table it's really hard there are no jobs and you see that i've got kids that ask and as a parent. i can come up with lots of arguments there's
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a lot of conflict in the game between the 2 most of the conflicts i would say over balls around money and most of them money is made. close one on each of those he knows each other is good business the state of california alone makes $6000000000.00 a year of the prison complex just to get some point in your life where. you don't care anymore now why cares about your so you don't care about anything.
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welcome to front running 2020 coming to you from brooklyn as we take a look at all the economic policies of the democratic candidates today say it was bernie sanders the man from brooklyn who 1st introduced medicare for all in 2016 hillary clinton called it a shiny pony for the people well it looks like the united states might actually get universal health care for the 1st time and i want to introduce our guest here dr michael hudson james howard kunstler and randy kohler dr michael hudson why does the united states not have universal health care and do we need it because of the united states is an arena over what kind of central planning are we going to have is it going to be centralized planning by wall street that's out to squeeze as much
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monopoly pricing is it can or are we going to have the more decentralized planning by government where you're obviously going to have the same doctors as before there are only so many doctors in america but are the doctors going to be working for the patients and for the government that people vote for or are they going to be working for wall street and the financial firms that are trying to squeeze more and more money out for a pharmaceutical profit and for operating profit and to make it a money how did health care become a wedge issue in other words you would think it would be something that everyone for decades would agree is a basic necessity and a functioning economy and a functioning society and yet it's used. like guns or like abortion as a wedge issue which seems how it's message so when you look at what dr drew westen said in this study when they say we want to family doctor for everyone 80 percent of the people are on board with the family doctor for everyone but when they rolled
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it out with obamacare and universal health care and public option people didn't understand what that was and they started you know taking sides but if you tell someone i'm going to give you a plan and there's going to be a family doctor for your community people can get on board with that for me when i look at what's going on in america 2016 was the beginning of the generation. millennium goals the largest voting bloc now basically making their voice heard against neoliberalism what we have in america today with our health care system seems to me the epitome of neo liberalism there's so much paperwork it's unbelievable and none of it makes sense at all in terms of the cost structure so if you look at obamacare it costs $6300.00 for the taxpayer to cover your premiums but use up to pay 7000 dollars to visit the doctor medicaid only costs us 4234 a non disabled person so why not just put them on medicaid like ever.


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