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tv   News  RT  February 10, 2020 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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he. has ignited success or announces she won't now run for the chance of the ship amid a growing scandal over her party's pac the right wing alternative for germany party also to come the death toll in the coronavirus epidemic climbing to more than $900.00 worldwide we look at how russia is taking precautions to stop the spread and disturbing images shared with us by a palestinian family a 14 year old boy was left in a coma after being shot in the head with a rubber bullet by israeli defense forces. his story is one of many tragedies in our town every time a child becomes a victim people are terrified. first while this year's oscar winners celebrate
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their success this concern celebrities are hijacking give vent to make political statements that are made revelations about who exactly is behind their acceptance speeches. and. oh good evening welcome 8 o'clock here in moscow you're watching r.t. international a growing political scandal in germany has claimed another victim and this time it is a major scalp and that it. was chancellor merkel's designated successor but she's in and she no longer plans to run for the leadership should also step down as head of the christian democrats over some president alliance with the rightwing alternative to germany peter all over as more data. and. has decided to step down as the head of the christian democratic union party here in germany and therefore won't be the party's candidate for the chancellorship at the on the cycle
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lections of the set to be held next year she held a meeting on sunday night with party top brass and from that decided she didn't have the support she needed to continue in the role of the cd you have suffered in the polls of late and their coalition with the center left social democrats as also not really helped matters but it's really the scandal last week that we saw in the state of today in jet it seems to have been the final straw that breaks the camel's back here what happened into the in june was the local faction of the christian democratic union sided with the right wing alternative for germany policy now this was against the express wishes of central office here in berlin from the c.d.u. also against promises that it be made by chancellor angela merkel not to work with a.f.p. no matter what well the local branch of the party went against that they did decide
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to side with alternative for germany and that resulted in this big scandal even after they were rebuked by the central office for doing so and told that this was outside of their remit they still continued with the same message and that left a lot of people thinking this wouldn't have happened under the previous leadership of the christian democratic union the previous party leader of course chancellor angela merkel and then people started looking at whether a k.-k. issue is no one on it. was really the woman for the job so the reaction has been coming in from across the political spectrum with many thinking she wasn't up to the job in the 1st place she was made worse. if the call falls on deaf ears in the party's regional branches then she's no longer up to her role c.d.u. party chairwoman instead of letting things slide the party top brass would have done well to show leadership there's also been reaction from former vice chancellor
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of germany. of course was former leader of the social democratic party he thinks that this decision by an addict. could well spell the end of the grand coalition it's really in germany at the moment of mr gubb the else correct well we could well see new elections sooner than the ones that are currently planned for 2021 when it comes to who will take over as the new leader of the party or as the new candor that there will be put forward by the christine union when it comes to the election whenever that is held friedrich metz is being talked about now mr metts was beaten by. in $28.00 for the job he did come under some criticism for his ties to the black rock investment group he has since quit all of his posts with that organization are men also being touted he's the the state president to say prime minister of north rhine-westphalia also the vice leader of the c.d.u.
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already when it comes to a potential candidate for chancellor or marcus as order of the christian social union the very end branch of the christian union here in germany is being talked about with increasing frequency as a potential successor even now to merkel. ok let's get the thoughts now of thomas fassbender he's a journalist and commentator and he joins us here very welcome thomas thanks for coming on some headlines are calling this a crisis in the c.d.u. is that going to be far do you think. for sure not. the storm issuing thing is that all this was triggered by. a storm in a water glass you could say because the fact of the election in the parliament last week has shaken up the political. the
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whole political class here in berlin to an extent that was hardly to be expected on the other side the previous comments of course perfectly on the spot a cake. was not up to the job. almost everybody assumed that she was mrs america candid and the fact that she is no longer at the top or she will leave the opposition very soon is certainly has certainly a weakening effect on the chancellor on anglo merkel herself the big question here though is whether this what happened in 3 was all due to a lack of leadership or maybe due to a lack of strategy i'd rather say a lack of strategy because. as position a was not to side neither with the left is nor with the rightists and when you have in a state like the ring via between them they have 50 almost 55 percent of the votes
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in parliament and if you have a situation like this then the old strategy of not siding with either of them. does not leave too many options and so it is no wonder that within her party within the christian democratic party there is an increasing amount of voices who say we must sort of sort out of strategy and show some creativity about it sure it's definitely not good for the c.d.u. is it how are the opposition parties responding to this how might they make some political gain from all these troubles for the cd. well i'd say i'd say the 2 winners are the opposition parties in the in the border so the leftists and the a d. of course in through the left care the left is incumbent border on law he lost his position but he's running a very good chance to recover it in. a subsequent vote which could take place in
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the next days or weeks the a deal of course is always winning when the mainstream parties do do their best thing then there's always an increasing amount of support among the population which definitely one must say especially in eastern germany is rather disgruntled with the general situation the general political set up where there is a stalemate between a right and left wing opposition and main. center which is free but protecting their influence and their power ok thomas look we're going to have to leave it there but really good to talk to you there was a thomas 1st but fassbender journalist there and commentator thanks for your thoughts. the death toll from the corona virus outbreak has exceeded 900 people with over 40000 cases confirmed globally against this backdrop the russian air force is evacuated all russian citizens who want to
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leave the chinese province worst hit by the outbreak. 144 russian nationals and foreigners were brought home from we were on the coronavirus at the center 5 russian military planes carried out the emergency airlift. we have very happy we were waiting for you when you finally rescued us thank you very much evacuees were transferred to a rehabilitation center near the siberian city of 2 men where they'll be monitored under quarantine such high level precautions being taken amid fears about the spread of the virus similar methods being approach across the globe in the u.s. military bases have become makeshift isolation areas for hard evacuees but if you look at some reports it sounds like russia's dusted down its good legs we have total imprisonment all of it looks so surreal people in full body chemical protection suits a constantly coming in but many of the guests have been taking to social media to
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show just what their temporary lives are like to send you a callar is one of the. bonus here is our room everything is very good there all the basics. you can easily live 14 days here there is a shower and a t.v. . fridge which i haven't used yet. so wardrobe and a mirror when i come into the room i found fruit sweets and tea on my table everything is good cosy i'm happy. with the evacuees provided up to 4 meals a day one complaint mentioned they're not allowed to leave their rooms despite this they can chat to their roommates some have been working out but most reading books or watching t.v. . has plenty to fill the time it's just. so i'm planning to do my chinese language studies now that i'm going to read i've already done my exercises so i need to stay
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active and now sit around doing nothing. evacuees are under the close watch of my. medics make sure they're all doing well but. doctors jackers morning and evening did take our temperature and listen to how we breed examine our throats none of the evacuees are showing any symptoms of the virus and if it stays that way they'll soon be able to head home. now the south korean film parasite has won best picture at the oscars sarah may not in los angeles but it does seem the event is becoming as much about politics as it is about entertainment with winning actors including brad pitt using it as a platform for some divisive state. we feel entitled. to artificially inseminated. and when she gives birth we still her baby. even though her cries are very english i'm mistaken. and then we got to tell you. what we put in our coffee
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and our cereal. every single person who won an oscar tonight i'd like to think so many people like in phoenix know shut up and sit down we're going to talk about the way we artificially inseminate cows and steal their milk. gas congratulate joaquin phoenix for the shout out. 45 seconds up here which is 45 seconds more than. half of the audience just to you and out top of the bread bowl impeachment greg the oscars should be about move this not divisive political commentary. imagine telling someone you just saw it in 5 bradby 2 it showed john bolton during his oscar speech because he wasn't allowed to testify against president trump. award ceremony ceremonies are increasingly facing criticism for being overly political and it's now been revealed that a speech writing company founded by former obama staffers is helping some hollywood
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actors choose their words. because you've done off as much. as acceptance speeches used to be straightforward thank you i don't know what to say and all my gods but it seems the simple times in hollywood are long gone now they're as much about climate change elections and equality as they are about cinematic achievement women 18 to 118 when it is time to vote please do so in your own self-interest it's what men have been doing for years. and while culture is the 3rd leading cause of climate change use 70 percent of the water it pollutes the most water the statistics are staggering dedicating our lives. to our environment and figuring out how we can save our but how did we get
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here when and how did all these major stars catch the woak bug because you didn't seriously think of the all right there except in speeches themselves now did you so perhaps it was right about the time barack obama's old stuff as and speechwriters switched to offering their services to the west coast maybe jon favreau no not this jon favreau the other jon favreau yes this one he is not just your average scribe he was also a director of speech writing for the former us president and me told me via 2 he was once obama's national security spokesman the duo founded a firm called fenway strategies back in 2013 and while there are not disclosing the names of their clients they are proud to work with hollywood's elite over the last year we have worked through some of the highest profile individuals on the planet
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from former presidents to oscar winners fenway strategies employs people who have diligently. not only barack obama but other democratic luminaries including hillary clinton michael bloomberg joe biden and others among a bus respectables as confidentiality is the name of the game here who's to say if and we was involved but see if you can notice a common theme everyone associated with the black women's agenda. i'm thrilled to be with you i'm thrilled 'd to be associated with you as a black woman i am especially proud to stand here today because i know for certain that the dreams of my ancestors run through me the race is moving go along the whole the the set up for the other church of bigotry of the truth that very true should we. just in the why you know we have
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a sexist in the white house we add a powerful logical lawyer in the white house. one of fun ways employees. also authored a book called impeach the case against donald trump wonder if he got the ending right and if anything a transition from capitol hill to hollywood has added some much needed glitz and glamour to boring old political messaging rushing for actors a speech was his dream come true because unlike politicians who are not professionals at memorizing lines or delivering them in compelling cars mustique ways or it is actually know how to deliver the lines so is it really a surprise that ever so glad to be able to spend some of their fat hollywood paychecks on a few lines of text that can launch them on to the divine bounty and of the woke in
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a matter of minutes. well that has been more criticism of last night's awards. serious questions being raised terrorists links to a filmmaker behind one of the nominated documentaries. they put themselves on. the reject. of the president. of the press before. can't be good. interested in the water.
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in the united states presidential candidates debate the future of the u.s. and the world. stacy her but dig into the burning questions of this election cycle . every week. student trade was money universal basic. running this sunday exclusively. hello again this year's oscar for best documentary has been awarded to a film backed by barack and michelle obama the program made by netflix was hugely critical of donald trump's policies although never mentioned him by name but
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there's been more controversy to win the category because it's with a documentary on the syrian city of aleppo accused of pushing a pro terrorist angle and they're brushing the role of militant groups in the region. had some painting. we are so proud to have developed this film from was unforgettable short films during the siege of aleppo all the way through to this incredible feature documentary proof that our unique support of independent filmmakers across the world can have a huge impact the movie won a british academy award for best documentary as well as around 60 other prizes worldwide however questions have been raised over the team behind it come a woman. has been an outspoken supporter of the syrian revolution and her husband has been repeatedly spotted with members from militant groups including
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a man who beheaded a child independent middle east this vanessa bigley says the flaws don't and their . lives the existence 1st of all. the extremist armed groups and the terrorist groups already have to remember the last 4 front which is there in syria is easy or was and still is the dominant force. in most of us in a sliver and now of course what we see are these 2 protagonists. effectively commissioned by channel 4 to produce reports that were presenting a misrepresentative view of what was that thing in a celebrity and this feud was lot being verified or investigated independently or internal or it was being republic as gospel in a sense now that is the liberal it's liberating what we're seeing now which for some is a denial of justice and a continuation of the suffering that the people went through both front of the
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occupation of the groups and in western look at that with daily being targeted by mortars from east and i. can find more finesse obese analysis of the documentary and situation too on the ground in syria by heading to party dot com. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu says he's ready to resort to drastic measures against garza following recent attacks on his country i want to make it clear we will not accept a new aggression from gaza only a few weeks ago will i'm an aide to the senior commander of islamic jihad in gaza i will do a while plants will not waste all our actions but we are prepared for crushing action against the terror groups in gaza. palestinian militant group hamas have called netanyahu just threats of provocation and say his words will only encourage more fighting tensions have been on the rise since the us president announced his
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long awaited peace plan for the region amid criticisms that it heavily favored israel civilians have been caught up in clashes including children in palestinian family has shared their experience with us and one day you might find some of the following images upsetting 14 year old mohammed has been in a coma since being shot in the head last week by israeli soldiers his family say he was walking in a local park with friends his father told us how he heard about what happened. muhammad was shot in the head i wasn't at home at the time my father groeschel touch with me he said my son was wounded i was driving at that moment but when i got back i saw my son was badly injured he was taken to hospital but only after soldiers remove the broken blood i know my son was put in intensive care but. responding to ask these requests for comment the israel defense forces say their actions were justified is the word dozens of palestinians in the area burning tires
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and also throwing stones the i.d.f. adds to that it is aware of the boy's injuries mohammed's grandfather told a rather different story. published. for children went to the park and sore soldiers of course they were scared so they hid behind a rock at one point they wanted to see the soldiers had gone so mohammad stood up to look and then he was shot a bullet hit him in the head of the right side he lost a lot of blood and fell into a coma he's arms and legs are paralyzed his story is one of many tragedies in our town every time a child becomes a victim people are terrified i can tell you that the soldiers really do shoot at children in our. new revelations obtained by the new york times cost times and what led to the extreme tensions between the u.s. and iran last month baghdad military officials are questioning washington's version
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of events according to which it's backed militia launched a rocket attack on an iraqi military base killing an american contractor but the iraqi side saying now that there might have been a very different culture culprit. explains. so far this is beat an awful year of plague terror volcanoes and shootings and it all began with a very nearly world war 3. go to the globe. but.
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one thing leads to another and we're on the brink of that war now imagine finding out that it was all based on a lie as you know asteroid a u.s. forces were attacked by hezbollah to base near kirk that hard if that the us used the incident of the k one base attack as an excuse to accuse hezbollah and hold it responsible this is a weak and false pretense and it cannot be taken as a justification to target groups that's are the iraqi borders and defending iraq the. iraqis have a least having consistencies with trump story 1st the jaw graphy the initial attack which america cited and blamed on the iranian backed caught the by hizbollah happened in this sunni muslim populated area of kirkuk province she'll muslim such as caught the by his boat iranians they aren't welcome that if you've never been to
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iraq let me spell it out taking a walk through the wrong neighborhood can get you killed and facts caused by hizbollah hasn't been seen in this area reportedly for years who has made a home in the area is isis they will. 3 attacks here just days before we as iraqi forces cannot even come to this area unless we have a large force because it is not secure how could it be that someone who doesn't know the area could come here and find that foreign position and launch an attack. the villages near here and in the europe there are sympathy with them where do resort to blame in his book or those american intelligence connected the dots real quick they examine the truck that apparently launched the rockets at the u.s. base connected it to cut the best bowler iran cited the intercepted communications and then hid everything literally they haven't shared thread of information with
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their allies or iraq or the defense took office of actions in defense of our personnel interests in iraq by launching 15 strike eagle against 5 targets associated with hizbullah which is named iranian and sponsored shiite militia groups and i would note also that we will take additional actions as necessary to ensure that we act in our own self-defense and we deter further bad behavior from militia groups or from iran we have requested the american side to share with us any information any evidence but they have not sent us any information the inconsistency as they mounted mount the truck that the u.s. says fired $31.00 rockets at them well iraq he's added lies that unfounded fod less than half of that what adds minor compared to what comes next the iraq war and the
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u.s. base that there was a growing risk of isis attacking them on november 6th iraq's national security council since a report to the americans noting that since last october isis terrorists have endeavored to told one base in cookoo district by indirect fire could use your rockets to sum up here is how it went the americans were warned that isis which controls territory around the u.s. base and hates america was plotting to attack and the intro kits at the base the attack happens so blames and then bomb. abreu radian militia citing intelligence either to secrets or to shameful that show any what you decide the classic justification for not sharing such intelligence is normally that you know there are affiliated elements within iran and so probably such intelligence could be leaked but at the end of the day you know if there is something serious then probably at
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least there needs to be some intelligence cooperation the united states never has the whole truth probably they need the iraqi side its side of the story or version of the events so they would go and have a certain committee under the umbrella you know under which they are cooperating and say we have this what do you have on the incident but it could well be that the united states not sharing the information means that they actually don't have in from information and that they just want to use this incident in particular as a pretext for doing whatever they wanted to do it in the 1st place. for that report that's how things are looking we're back again in 30 minutes.
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or who was there. and. there are 3000. shows still seemed wrong why don't we all just don't hold. any belief yet to shape our. becomes to educate and engage with because betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.


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