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tv   Keiser Report  RT  February 11, 2020 11:30am-12:01pm EST

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or is it you still were here to put him in your lives to do it through me in the new belief that i do school in the middle of the former ukrainian president recalls the events of 2040 and. those who took part in this to do over $5000000000.00 to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. imax kaiser this is the kaiser report you know it's really hard to have an economy without a yardstick to measure stuff against right i mean if we're going to build a house you need a ruler right figure to build something you need standardization that was the whole point of the industrial revolution well in the global economy now we have no
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standard for money that's all fear of money referring to other fear money it's infinite regress and as a result. a lot of problem stacey. right we're going to get into one of the biggest stories that has been covered over the past few decades not only do we have the is it inflation or is it deflation we've also had is it trade deals or is it immigration or is it automation what's causing job losses what's causing the decline in u.s. manufacturing and incomes and the death of despair what's causing all that but speaking of despair i want to show you all an image that somebody created online and this is a merger between max kaiser and hillary clinton and what she might look like had she bought it back in 2011 by watching kaiser reports it was terrifying and caused great this affair oh boy but here's
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a big study that looked at china's introduction into the world trade organization whereby it got to compete with the rest of the developed world but a developing economy tariff raids so here is what they found in this study u.s. loses nearly 4000000 jobs to china since w t o entry a newly released study by the economic policy institute reaches a devastating but not surprising conclusion globalization has screwed american workers e.p.i. estimates that americans sacrificed 3700000 jobs as a result of the u.s. china trade deficit since china joined the w t o in 2001 with 3 quarters of the losses taken place and manufacturing positions they also point out that job losses to china have increased since trump took office
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for this is what i'm talking about the tariffs and trade policies replaced having a yardstick for the global economy like a gold standard right there is no gold stan. and so you bring china into the global economy based on people's conception of what a trade policies should be a what tariffs should be right that's the old polish euro from the soviet union trying to figure out how many tractors we should manufacture and it doesn't work you need to have a standard unit of money in the globe to have global trade once you get rid of that as now we have no global standard of money in the world you will open yourself up to fraud and gaming the system and the hopeless collapse and yes again you know look back at some of our interviews with dan collins and he talks specifically about this how the how china is still considered
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a developing nation is not considered a developed nation even though i'm going to go over some of the data to show how they took hold really outcompete us and even high valued manufacturing things like 5 g. they are way ahead of us and i mean now with the coronavirus maybe maybe you know the likes of our treasury secretary and commerce secretary wilbur ross or stephen newton that they're right that somehow this is all going to send manufacturing back to the u.s. but in terms of the deficit caused. by china and to the deputy chair remember that happened in 2001 just after 911 but nobody noticed that then because of of 911 of course but they we lost far more jobs due to that than to nafta so the growth of the u.s. trade deficit with china between 20012018 was responsible for the loss of $3700000.00 u.s. jobs including 1700000 jobs lost since 2008 the 1st full year of the great
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recession which technically began at the end of 20073 fourths or 75.4 percent of the jobs lost between 20012018 were in manufacturing $2800000.00 manufacturing jobs lost due to the growth in the trade deficit with china so again is the trade deficit which maintains the u.s. dollar as that global unit of account without that trade deficit the u.s. dollar could not be the world's reserve currency so that trade deficit harms american workers but it helps wall street bankers so that's why you see the top running away domestically with all the wealth while the bottom is suffering exactly and they would be in big trouble if they didn't have the highly fungible fantastical u.s. dollar and the printing presses and currency exchange rates members infinite
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regress right so the chinese yuan references the dollar references the hero references the pound references the chinese references the hero it goes around in this mobius strip of currency fraud and the result is oh there's a new man arkell class running the world oh how did that happen what happened by design. and it also shows that the the trade deficit with china has cost jobs in every single of all $50.00 us states but in terms of the top 10 hardest hit states in terms of the amount in the pursuit of the percentage not the absolute number but the percentage of jobs lost to china number one is new hampshire number 2 is oregon number 3 is california and number 4 is north carolina mostly because north carolina used to be the number one in the united states i think probably still is in terms of u.s. domestic production for furniture people travel to the state for their furniture it
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makes because of all the famous trees and stuff here so china has displaced this is the 4th hardest hit in terms of percentage of jobs loss of manufacturing to china right and then when arkle clouseau squared off. there they're laughing and they love having absolute power and all the wealth i mean that's great for them as. historically we know that it does end in tears but that's yet to happen. you know the propaganda will tell you that you the ordinary american must like you should fight for that mighty dollar for the dollar to be to have us this exorbitant privilege but the the privilege is reserved clearly for the privileged class which gets to enjoy the free printed money nobody in north carolina gets to enjoy the free money nobody in the rest of america outside of new york city outside of san
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francisco enjoys the free money or in enjoys the trade deals like hollywood does so our trade deals that the free money supports is you know allowing for the intellectual property monopolies that they get to. you know plunder essentially the rest of the world but should we go on to a unit of account which is not control. older or freely printed by anybody like a global goal standard like some sort of bank or that had originally been presented at the bretton woods by by keynes or bitcoin something that is not controlled by any one individual that would also basically reduce the stress in the globalization right at the moment i mean china we talk about china but germany actually reported the largest ever trade surplus of any nation so this is also a huge issue across europe right well look at the 2000 make level financial crisis
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the banks were bailed out the creditors and after that because of the monopolies ever created j.p. morgan and one or 2 others really only entire market interest rates on credit cards have gone up and interest rates to borrow money to buy back your own stock has gone down. so again they had always said they had promised with nafta they had promise with china into the w t o they had promised and by the way they being the clinton administration really and all their apologists they had promised that don't worry we're just going to send the drudgery to china and the chinese people will somehow never aspire to anything better and the actual process of manufacturing will somehow they're not innovators by nature and they won't learn how to innovate on the factory floor where all other innovation in history has always happened but somehow that will magically not happen and this case well they had always said you know we're going to have the high value added stuff things like aeronautics and boeing like that sort of stuff
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we're going to have well obviously we failed at that we failed at creating apps that might monitor elections for example we can't do any of that and the evidence from this research shows global trade and advanced technology products often discussed as a source of comparative advantage for the united states is instead dominated by china this broad category of high end technology products includes the more advanced elements of the computer and electronic parts industry as well as other sectors such as biotechnology life sciences aerospace and nuclear technology and 2018 the united states had a 134600000000 dollars trade deficit in advanced technology products with china and this deficit was responsible for 32 point one percent of the total u.s. china goods trade deficit that year in contrast the united states had a 6500000000 dollar trade surplus in advanced technology products with the rest of the world in 2018 the us balance of trade in advanced technology products declined
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by a $132700000000.00 between 200-2018 right well you know used to be surrounded by furniture manufacturers mom and pop furniture companies making furniture that was sold around the world in peace. or making a good living out of it but of course the deal with china meant that all those furniture manufacturing jobs are sent to china and the people in north carolina go to wal-mart now to buy the cheap slave made chinese knock off for 90 percent less so yeah it's cheaper but of course they lost their job as a result. and it's not just slaves made it maybe used to be but there's a huge emerging middle class in china their incomes are going up and up and up and again look back at our interviews with dan collins he's saying that the middle class there is earning just as much as the middle class here in the united states
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they're traveling all around the world as we see with the coronavirus spread it they're like the hugest spenders for example in france which relies so much on tourists they're the number one spenders are the chinese number 2 russians number 3 americans who spend the most when they go there so there's a they're not all just you know this notion that oh they're just low value drudgery workers and their slaves in there and all this stuff they're actually high value added they're creating these jobs tesla where are they building their huge gigafactory sort of thing they're building in shanghai to right china outsourced a lot of it now to write their own became a slave labor but the fact is that without a real money standard to build an economy upon like gold you will always end up with these investments and dislocations and things like the coronavirus and then finally in the last 30 seconds here i want to say that the growing trade deficits are also associated with wage losses not just for manufacturing workers but for all
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workers economy wide who don't have a college degree so they directly show that it costs $37000000000.00 per year in lost income due to this and it's not just xenophobia it could be any country the fact is you have to have a domestic industrial policy just like germany does in order to maintain the quality of life and the living standards and the innovation within your domestic economy unless of course you have a reserve currency whereby you don't need the working class and in fact the working class gaining any sovereignty would actually harm wall street and harm their disproportionate share of the end. me. oh my gosh well that's going to do it for this portion and we're going to have more coming your way after the break so don't go away.
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join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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welcome back to the kaiser report i'm max kaiser time now to return to our conversation with randy volker her he was a former head of the democratic party in north carolina randy welcome back great to be here already randi the new hampshire primaries are said today what do you expect after the iowa zoster and how the race looks heading into the vote today i expect ray buckley up in new hampshire and the new hampshire democratic party to learn from what happened in iowa expected to be run very well as it always is and i expect that bernie sanders will win right so i kind of feel that that's going to be the case too because there's such a groundswell you know bernie was. looking like he had that heart attack he looked like he was running out of steam then they all see came out with a huge endorsement and his forces fortunes are just ticked up ever since then is
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that tell us about that how important is she to his campaign and what will that mean going forward i think she's very important i think she's she's a wonderful figure in american politics certainly she threatened certain interest by what she discusses and and what she does in congress but you know bottom line no bernie was not seen as sympathetic you know because he's basically been repeating the same message for 40 years then he you know had this heart attack and people saw miss human and i think it changed their view on him they saw him someone that was vulnerable and human and more lovable ok i mean it's hard for us to that but i mean like get a heart attack and he's still there going at it right it it created a place for empathy ok fair enough so the democratic national convention the d n c they seem to be working as much against bernie as the republicans and tell us
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a little bit about the rule changes they they want or they might implement a stop sanders at the convention what are these rule changes that they that they want to make. well this goes back to the whole issue with the superdelegates which were originally put in to change how the method of selection was after you know jimmy carter where people said oh you know we don't want to have people too liberal look you know we had the mcgovern disaster then we had carter elected then he got beaten by reagan it's a lot of these centrist and 3rd wave type of people trying to triangulate back and get the candidate that they can control and they feel that there is quote moderate and you know these superdelegates are basically d.n.c. members elected in the states plus elected officials that hold the status i was actually part of the plot from a resolutions committee in this state that fed into that process to make that change where the d.n.c. voted that the superdelegates wouldn't vote for the 2nd round and now i hear they're trying to reverse that and i hope that's not true so the democrats like
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they like the idea of democracy except when it goes against what they think they want and they're willing to change it to make it go to the direction that they want that doesn't seem very democratic you know it reminds me of whenever the republicans do the same thing you've got to remember now is that their hands are private they are dead or have these superdelegates what's so the question is though they really don't have that but there they don't let me finish so they this reminds me of these drivers on the road that they want to co-exist bumper stickers and they're the worst drivers they're causing weaving in and out and cutting people up because they feel like well i'm virtue signaling i believe that and everyone's beautiful so i can break the law whenever i want that's my impression of the democrats they like let's all co-exist but i am i i can break the lower i want because i'm virtuous maybe they're just trying to co-exist in your lane. well let's just talk about what this brokered convention means exactly i don't think we've had one in a while or would know better because your political historian and you have really
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studied this stuff when was the last brokered convention and are we heading for one of what is it me god it's been a while since we've had a. brooker convey what does it mean to have well it 1st of all in the new roles we haven't had one i mean because we after 1968 you know they went to these quote reforms but you know essentially to have a brokered convention is to have all the delegates to not to not get a majority on the 1st round right you come in that's with these these committed delegates i'm committed to sanders or while bashar warriner by a new member who judge and then you vote but then after the 1st round delegates typically can be freed so you know if bernie were to show up there with you know 45 percent of the delegates he would still need to get you know 50 percent plus one so that 2nd round is huge and this is where the superdelegates situation comes in because you know the superdelegates than theoretically could select the nominee you
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know much like it used to be done as they said in the smoke filled rooms right where the party elders would meet you now and talk about this look it happened when f.d.r. was president he removed his vice president was removed in 1904 and they put truman on there and that was part of these decisions that happened in these quote smoke filled rooms right i get the fact that a lot of people and the democratic party the neo liberals like hillary clinton they're afraid of bernie and they all say because they think they're too far left but why wouldn't they strategize and like look this guy could be trump let him be trump 1st and then we will do our darndest to have you know pull away from the far left ideas that he might have and to adopt the other and work together on it on a platform that we can all agree on right at the when 1st right understand what the democrats think that the only way they're going to get their agenda through is by strategically losing to trump how does i don't get that well what's very strange
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about this whole discussion is nobody ever says somebody is too far right so you never this commentary come out like who they're running someone that's too real. auction area too right it always seems as if the 3rd way folks or the hand-wringers in the party are chasing that middle illa thing in the middle in texas for instance or dead armadillos i mean being in the middle is not really a great safe place to be the only fish to swim with the time are dead fish exactly what i mean aren't so it's like you can run as right as you want and you often hear people like oh i'm in the primary i'm running to the right of my opponent so i can beat him right well you know what that whole left lane is wide open and there's all kinds of policy in that left lane that the people actually like when you poll it you know people want good health care they want clean water they want clean air they want to have affordable education it's like all of this stuff is vastly popular right sticks like in the ground and just this is what i want on and try to
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get there really not going to happen it's not going to wake up the next day and it's going to be everyone's wearing them out outfit marching in lockstep eating black norad right i mean that's going to take a political process there's still a constitution it's like the democrats don't even like that none of them have read the constitution mean exactly one of the weirdest arguments about the student that is if we were to forgive the debt and you know have free education all of these people would suddenly be able to buy products that we sell and buy baby boomers properties by the way because suddenly they could afford it you have this debt relief from the credit report tonight you know another really bad look for the democrats is to just like let michael bloomberg buy his way in a now michael moore you know and he was crying recently and on the stage just like literally literally we distil puddle of tears that the day d.n.c. would betray their supporters so a gracious lay by just letting bloomberg bias why and change the rules and that's
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not a good look if they're trying to beat this opportunistic billionaire by kowtow going to an opportunistic billionaire that doesn't make sense either randi well it seemed like a very. just in greek tragedy but i mean isn't it is this a great moment for us though we have bernie and you have elizabeth warren talking about you know billionaire taxes wealth taxes talking about you know do we need to have billionaires in our society really raising that issue and then we have billionaires who support you know support the democratic party entering it so it made this really raises the issue for the voters i mean do you want somebody to basically buy their way and isn't that the great debate in our country buying your way into the best schools buying your way into the neighborhoods buying your way and why are we allowing this i mean right now i heard he has 600 people on the ground in california all paid 150 in north carolina are they catered lunch is sushi . right he's hired laming michael bloomberg i'm just saying it's odd that we're
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doing this and for them to change the rules to accommodate them really questions you know their seriousness and the fact that other people play by the rules and had to get out of the race julian castro for one right a good a spend a candidate member of the cabinet for obama you know our mayor of new york no cory booker he's gone kamala harris they all played by the rules they're gone bedo. let's talk about the china trade china russia china now north carolina is the 4th most impacted state in terms of percentage of overall jobs lost you know they had this big furniture industry here because it's nothing but trees the tar heel state that i'm sorry sheree stepped up but trees what do you think a president needs to offer north carolina to win north carolina. well north carolina is also a very complicated state because it's a state of no real large municipalities you know not like other states that have a chicago or new york you know charlotte and raleigh are big but you have a lot of small towns and a lot of communities really over 540 minutes apologies give or take and so you know
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and you've got this quite diverse state in terms of race and in a burgeoning of hispanic klosterman he's going to have to come in here and say well you know north carolina you know i feel your pain especially eastern 95 your wages are flat you know i have a strategy for helping i mean certainly our farmers have been impacted by its policies you know they're losing money all right so agriculture is c.h. agriculture soup agriculture since this is a and the i see a lot more furniture you know they've got a whole lot of hipsters moving in here why is it just appeal to the hipsters and saying look it's sunny most of the air we've got great coffee shops will charge $8.00 for a cup of coffee no problem and they're popping up everywhere and the raleigh is a huge the research triangle and there are it was a great place what's his argument going to be the appeal of the hipsters i'm not really certain that trump in his kind of 1980 s. ways you know suckle that the teacher roy cohn really appeal hipsters right you know give them a brother should win north carolina this time instead of losing it like they did
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last time and well then you lost that roy cooper wanted it was kind of a draw but i mean we have a u.s. senate race too so this is going to be one of the most contested races because of thom tillis loses you know the balance in the senate is there so very and so a very good question what's going to happen i suspect a lot of money will be spent in north carolina whose time tell us what one of these issues but i'm jealous as the u.s. senator and he's pretty much been a supporter of donald trump and if mcconnell wants to hold the senate he has to hold north carolina like yes hold colorado yes old arizona so if you lose this time tell us of cal coming amro of our nominee is he can lose control of the senate and then you know trump if he were president in the 2nd term would have a different situation right well makes a. so it's good strategy all up in a coffee shop well up in a grandiose nexus coffee i you're right rolly right role in charge a buck for a cup of coffee that's what the higher it's a very good the higher you are a liar than than 5 bucks starbucks oh yeah much higher but that's how you make
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money all right are we going to thanks for being on the kaiser report great to be here that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser reform with me max kaiser and stacy herbert like to thank our guest randy waller yes if you want to reach just twitter you just look at kaiser report and i'm at real max kaiser on twitter it's a life time. in this community there are people who believe that it's ok to sell fractional food on my table it's really hard there are no jobs and you see that i've got kids that ask and as a parent. i can come up with lots of arguments there's a lot of conflict in the game between the 2 most of the conflict i would say.
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is made. close one only to. each other is good because the state of california makes 6000000000 dollars a year of prison complexes you get some point in your life where. you don't care anymore nobody cares about you so you don't care mind anything. it's seemed wrong. to me to get to shape out just because get educated and engage with equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. what politicians do. put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected.
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so when you want to be president or injury. or somehow want to. have to go right to the press it's like before 3 in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters in the college. course if. i can show you my face but i'm going to teach you must. in 9093 this man was sentenced to death. they could charged with capital murder even though he didn't have the gun didn't pull the trigger didn't intend to kill anybody imagine living in your bathroom for that week with the son of a $23.00. confined within 4 gray walls the fights using. them to leave death room.
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rewarding occupation the palestinian president rails against the trumpet ministrations middle east peace plans or an address at the u.n. security council. africa cell regencies a dramatic increase in extremist violence the mali and president reveals his administration is holding talks with senior is the misleaders in the hope of ending the bloodshed. this comes as the philippines says it's terminating a decades old military green with the united states some would worsening relations between the 2 countries.


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