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that. was and. which is top diplomat tells his western counterparts at the munich security conference that it's time to seek common grounds that they must stop the train moscow as an existential threats as european officials warn of the west's political fragmentation while the west secretary of state insists he sees no threats to the current global water. the pentagon digital defense contract hangs in the air off that i wasn't challenges the way the multibillion dollar deal was awarded to drive almost all. the border france's equivalent of the all schools quits on the last off the director among present allowance cases sweeps sweeps the nominations despite still being wants to move us this dodgy tory
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rate find out in our next actions speak louder than our. 2 figures are united artist and man he's an adult so he should assume the consequences of his actions i believe the story of polanski is ridiculous it's existed for 30 or 40 years don't they have anything to do except protest. will continue watching r t international with me. our top story russia's foreign minister has used his address at this year's munich security conference to call for a reproach me with the west so a lot of i've said that my moscow's international partners have long sought to betray it as a grave threat that they need to stop invoking the russian phantom with the details his piece of. so to get allow for all of the russian foreign minister he gave a very quick address to the munich security conference he started off by talking
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about what russia sees as attempts to rewrite history of world war 2 speaking as we approach of course the 75th anniversary of the end of that conflict he went on to say that the spirit of alliance is as important today between russia and the west as it was 75 years ago between the then soviet union and the west he did say that when it came to improving relationships with europe as some european leaders have been speaking about iraq this year's security conference there remained what mr lavrov called a crisis of confidence that is the u.s. would be most what you show is a crisis of trust is being felt particularly strongly in european affairs escalating tensions as nato is a military infrastructure advanced eastwards the unprecedented scale of military exercises close to the russian borders the inflating of defense budgets beyond all
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possible measure all of this generates unpredictability the confrontational dynamics of the cold war have been recreated the more it sees one of those world leaders talking about improving ties between europe and russia was france is a money when my call early on saturday he was also speaking out about his idea to get more autonomy for europe when it comes to defense so that european nations could be able to act independently of the united states in more yup all new to the point that we can see that there is a certain weakening of the west that has been observed 15 years ago we thought of arnie's would be universal values that would always ruled world i think we're facing the hour of truth here we have a lot in common with the united states freedom and so on so this is why we fight together numerous was but is not quite what america wants we need to develop our own strategy that will represent. the united states has interests with secretary of
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state mike pompei oh he reject this out of hand claims this western nations role on the international stage needs to evolve i'm happy to report that the death of the transatlantic alliance is grossly over exaggerated. the west is winning we are collectively winning the west is winning freedom and democracy winning winning the west will get that. secular state my pompei o and secretary of defense mark us but i think quite a bit of china bashing while they were at the podium here in munich they were they to follow it to that same podium by the chinese minister of foreign affairs huang warrior he described those claims by the united states as well and not backed up by any facts hard to see those 2 delegations sitting down for dinner tonight in munich but the still a lot to come here at the munich security conference and continue into sunday we're expecting libya to fall into focus on the ongoing crisis in that country course all
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the news that comes from that i'll be bringing you here on r.t. the french president also offered his thoughts on the economic penalties imposed on russia beginning in 2014 and identified several areas where there is scope for greater cooperation with moscow. i don't think we should lift the sanctions i'm just saying that the sanctions and counter sanctions didn't really work out we europeans suffer as much from the sanctions as the russians do do in our strategic dialogue with russia we must take the opportunity to frozen conflicts address cyber issues and talk about space and the militarization of space we also need to be able to talk about addressing conflicts like syria i'm not pro russian or russian i'm just grew european if you look at the geographic facts we need to build a security architecture based on mutual trust you. certainly europe has to
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open talks to. the world is the only way to exist so to china russia and the united states and be a sort of a neutral police dealing with all these larger powers now we are not in this division of west and the rest and a sort of imposition of international order based on the agreements of the ulster this is over the world these multi-polar there are powers which are reclaiming their rule like china and russia it's the same level like the western countries so this is something difficult for the european union reaches to redefine its reason to exist in its aims munich security conference has also seen some tough words from iran's foreign minister mohammad czar if could recall the u.s. killing of iranian military commander kasem some money back in january and branded
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it a terror attack there was a military attack a cowardly military attack excuse me pushing back at the. at night against a civilian car carrying our general that was an act of terror the united states conduct operations and wants to be can you want from the consequences that doesn't happen. his remarks came as the white house released a memo for the clarifying what it called the legal basis for the strike the document has stirred widespread media attention as it appeared to shift donald trump's main rationale for asylum on these killing and sizing it as a response for alleged past actions rather than. although the threat of further attack existed recourse to the inherent right of self defense was justified sufficiently by the series of attacks that preceded the january 2nd strike president trumps decision to assassinate general sparked protests across the world
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with many in the middle east considering him a martyr and denouncing america's action initially the white house justified the attack by saying the general posed an imminent threat to u.s. forces and prophecy. telling case of an imminent threat imminent threat selami was plotting. eminent and sort a surtax on american diplomats and military personnel can reveal that i believe it would have been for embassies preemptive self-defense is narrow justification for assassination and we know that that wasn't even in the plans even back in january we knew that in fact there was no imminent threat and certainly the democrats were outraged because. you know justified it and then they're on trial they couldn't stick to the same line it kept changing and saying it was for and this is are 2 embassies and. you know that there was no imminent threat at that time i mean this
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is us in nation was a threat to the then something when it was a threat to the united states and a sense that peace is a threat to america without if there is peace then america cannot have an excuse to expand to exploit and to occupy so peace was a threat to them not to also knows so they might action as. one of the biggest digital defense contracts in american history has been put on ice online retail giant amazon is taking on the pentagon in court i thought the washington gave the $10000000000.00 deal to rival microsoft and lawsuit argues donald trump was biased in his decision against imus and supremo jeff bezos and if you had between them stretching back to trump's 1st presidential campaign. he wants political influence so that amazon will benefit from it if i become president oh do they have problems they're going to have such was my view is that's not an
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appropriate way for a presidential candidate to behave or using the washington post for power so that the politicians in washington don't tax amazon like they should be taxed finally tracked by donald trump will still reserve him a seat on the blue origin rocket send donal to space so sorry to hear about the news about jeff bozo being taken down by competitors reporting i understand is far more accurate than the reporting in his lobbyist newspaper the amazon washington post. at the end of last year bezos stressed the importance of the military project with the pentagon but it's kind of open reports he's now hindering the deal one by microsoft. remember when jeff bezos called out his tech rivals for not stepping up to the plate when the country needs protecting in my view is this big tech is going to turn their backs on the department of defense this country is in trouble this is how we're going to do it we are going to support the department of foods this
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country is important the silicon valley tech giants love to walk hand in hand with the pentagon but their employees not so much google workers protested a program using artificial intelligence for drones and microsoft employees have voiced their concerns about a $10000000000.00 contract with the pentagon to offer cloud services but lucky enough for the department of defense amazon led by jeff bezos america's richest man has stepped up to the plate they say amazon is happy to do business with the pentagon we're going to continue support to do this is a great country and it does need to be defended so it turns out that when amazon didn't get that contract 8 and microsoft got it instead they as ows was angry he took it to court citing bias from donald trump the preservation of public confidence in the nation's procurement process requires discovery and supplementation of the administrative record particularly in light of president
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trump's order to screw amazon the question is whether the president of the united states should be allowed to use the budget of the department of defense to pursue his own personal and political and but the irony is that jeff bezos with his legal action as double crossed the very same entity he swore to protect as a result of the lawsuit the entire program which the pentagon says is necessary for national security has been put on a hold the military brass is on have. we're disappointed in the ruling and believe the actions taken in this litigation have unnecessarily delayed implementing department of defense's modernization strategy and deprived our war fighters of a set of capabilities we need in the us department of defense says it will lose $5.00 to $7000000.00 every month the program is the late users changing as a pin in a way that serves as pocket book is not necessarily or may service pocket book is
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not particularly a surprise i think there's a debate to be had on the degree to which these social media tech companies and search companies are able to sway the assuage problem opinion change public opinion restrict debate these are big issues that i think are the balance when people think about it or there's going to be a drive i believe a populist drive to lessen the power of big tech the cuts across the political spectrum well apparently for the world's richest man the country only needs national security protection when he's getting a share of the defense budget kaleb happen r.t. new york. has been a major plot twist at the french equivalent of the office the entire season to me has quit just 2 weeks before this year's glittering ceremony paris correspondent sheila dubin ski explains why. this hughes award season has been plagued by allegations from
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a lack of diversity in the candidates we've been using that has had over the last couple years has said oscars so white this year the oscars they have a new house a oscars wider than ever do a lack of the fairer sex hollywood is stuck in the 1970 s. the criticisms a may have been like water off a duck's back of the boards of the british and american academies but here in france they take it it's hot 2 weeks before the french oscars are due to take place in top board has resigned to honor those men and women cinema happened in 2019 to find call and ensure that the festival film remains just that a festival the board has and then must we decided to resign this collective decision complete renewal of the board this season was there any here in front of come under fire off it was revealed the convicted child rapist and fugitive from the us justice system polanski had topped the nominations list the director who
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fled to france in the 1970 s. received the nords for his historical drama. and disposal i. do so since only. because of. the film has received rave reviews from the critics and even had a standing ovation for its premiere at the venice film festival the feminist groups have picketed some of those prime is after they found out that it this is up and they would feel this to celebrate an abuser like polanski is to support the system of a punitive for male violence and silence the voices of the victims the riaa would then deepened when hundreds of actors directors movie produces and personalities demanded profound changes of the says to me they were unhappy off to a female director and the female writer was. snubs in an open letter to the academy they did not state it as being disposed to deal with the screws tightening the
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board took the decision to disband but even that decision has come under fire imagine what happens next new college of voters who are male self-esteem opacity and sexism who will eventually stop cheering rapists peter criminals on the run so how has it gone down here in paris but is a film more important than those who make it for something very good if i believe the story of polanski is ridiculous it's existed for 30 or 40 years don't they have anything to do except protest is there nothing else in france now really. soft in my opinion the 2 figures are united artists and man he's an indulged so he should assume the consequences of his actions. this is art to me this is a resigned rate for them and maybe these regulations can fix the issues and this is
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what i'm hoping for the actors the artists or the directors for everyone. but you think he has an artistic side beyond comparison with other artists from to human point of view it's not good what he did but it's past and we can't mix the aspects . which is in danger of slipping into a dystopian society that's the warning from a judge after he rolled on the case of a businessman investigated for posting allegedly trans phobic tweets. the effect of the police turning up at his place of work because of his political opinions must not be underestimated to do so would be to undervalue a cardinal democratic freedom in this country we've never had a check or a good start. we have never lived in an old willian society the case came about after a transgender woman reported tweets by 55 year old harry miller police came to see him at his work and he was told that his posts would be recorded as
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a non-crime hate incident one officer allegedly told him quote i am here to check your thinking mr miller took the case to the u.k. high court the judge ruled that police disproportionately interfered with his right of freedom of expression here's what harry had to say after the decision. this is a watershed moment for liberty the police were wrong to visit my workplace wrong checkmark thinking. the police say they've taken on board the judge's criticism while in a separate claim the court rejected mr miller's wider challenge to the lawfulness of policing guidelines on hate crimes almost 120000 non crime hate incidents have been recorded in england and wales in the past 5 years and may show up during criminal records checks my colleague kevin owen spoke to john galt to talk radio host and columnist about whether people's beliefs should be monitored. these thought crimes are going too far he is right to describe it as an orwellian state
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it is not the police's job to police thought it is the police's job to take on board criminal and real criminal activity and put those people before a court of 12 good men in true if you have an advanced criminal check on this would come off now we already know people are not get in jobs because of this social media his sermons are scared stiff especially we're going to provide social media a great place to bully people as well people have to be able to eat it people think they're going to have what they like more or less know on social media that has to be policed as now the idea that you cannot write a limerick saying that you don't believe that you believe in bottled tickle sex is absolutely ridiculous what one person complained about this man's treat one person this my own ends up with effectively a criminal record this is not what we want to pay the police for.
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afghanistan at least 8 people all believed to be civilians were killed by an airstrike in the east of the country on friday it's not clear who is behind the attack but the u.s. says it was looking into the incident the victims were reportedly driving home when the vehicle they were traveling in was targeted. but my sons were in the way home when they were targeted by any strike my 3 sons and several villages were killed in the attack i lost everything i will be alone or to my cousins were on their way home near the village when their craft targeted them at 1st they were wounded but alive but after minutes some helicopters landed in the area and killed them by shooting them. we asked why follows u.s. claims of progress in peace talks with the taliban in afghanistan on thursday defense secretary marcus best say that the both sides have negotiated a week long would auction in violence the united states and the taliban have
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negotiated a proposal for a 7 day reduction in violence progress has been made on this front and we'll have more to report on that soon it is our view that 7 days. for now is sufficient but in all things are pro-choice this process will be conditions based we say again conditions based so it will be a continue if i you take evaluative process as we go forward let's not just want to edmund hillary payson athlete mideast analyst and lecturer at american university in washington welcome to the program it's good to have you with us and now the u.s. says it's investigating how do you think was behind the attack well it's not it's not clear but. the. ceasefire has not really begun so 'd what you would expect is that there would be continuation of some acts of violence in fact what the u.s. so crucial so upset so far at least is. the act one
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interim objects part total stoppage of all acts of violence even after going green meant those folks at the election but what they are expecting is that at least is that there would be a general decline and action of violence and that there would be a genuine attempt to between the different parties through reduced violence and to sit down together and begin to negotiate the u.s. says there's been a breakthrough in negotiations with a ton of bonds an agreement for a 7 day reduction in violence does this latest attack support that assertion. there's no doubt any kind of attack is going to questions and doubts about that agreement but generally speaking the disagreement so far has not started yet. been announced when it's going to begin. to be implemented and so we have to wait until
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that announcement is made but the trick specter that was supposed to be anytime in the next few days but. we'll have to wait and see what happens and then that would be the 1st phase. then there would be another phase once it's perceived or seeing that the 1st part is being implemented that's one but real negotiations as it would begin after the 2nd agreement and probably negotiations would begin in the beginning the 1st few days of march and the 2nd thing's going to be making sure the afghan government will also be involved and there would be negotiations between the 2 sides that governments will follow all of you expect the u.s. taliban talks to have a real impact on the situation the country. well that's what one would hope i mean here 1st of all of course the u.s.
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is a major player has been a major player in afghanistan for almost 2 decades on was in the power last fall but since they lost power they have made significant gains on the ground especially in the last few years so if in fact we see that there is a real good will then i think the chances are going to be a real question is going to be one and this is what one of the questions that's being raised here and the united states is. representative is. with the u.s. representatives with the ambassador zalmay khalilzad to present all the factions apollo bond or not so that is one question the 2nd thing is when you asked officials i've been asked if the. afghan government supports this agreement
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all they have said in the last couple of days is that there has been a meeting and there been talks with the. afghan president and talks one but they have not said that the afghan government supports this process so there are some course some questions but there is the appearance at least that there is an agreement. and process that 2nd point however is and this is one of the issues that concerns the afghan government and also some u.s. experts and analysts upgrade. this is the question is. what does this year old does this mean that there will be a full withdrawal of u.s. forces from. is this really a peace agreement or is it really meant to allow the u.s. to withdraw. most of its forces one of the interesting points is that there have
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been also reports about 3 secret an excuse. for going to agreement one of them is that the u.s. forces would remain on the ground enough times that for a while at least one room make sure that the fight against isis. strengthen you in the 2nd thing is to make sure that the different parties are implementing the agreement so these are 2 somewhat different from some of the. talks about bringing u.s. forces to 0 because that the talks that have been heard at least so far as you would say somewhere around $8000.00 troops on the ground in afghanistan. released early is that meant to reap thank you for your time thank you. and maybe an airline's is facing a backlash over its latest data twitch debunk some of the region's cultural icons
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pointing to the fact they are foreign what is truly scandinavian. absolutely nothing. what nonsense and self-hatred always try to fly with us but never again that's a promise i have always flown with sense a lot but i would have a bad taste in my mouth if i did it again because they space and i was like that all the airline defended his commercials saying the main message was to inspire people to travel more but after getting tens of thousands of dislikes money as you cheap channel it did eventually when lenton pulled the video only to replace it as lace that without days of diversion the company says it was pressured by the online assault. it is sad that the film has been misunderstood that some have chosen to misinterpret our message and use it for the purposes the pattern of comments and
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number of reactions on social media channels indicates that our complain is being attacked or we asked people in gothenburg in sweden about the things they think represent their region. skinnerian meatballs i hear. our food use up salutes we. can. truly. we are you flew a used by many other cultures but i still feel. this is we have. an old cultural who was accused before. something just swedish. completely wrong there is absolutely skid liviu of things. we can learn more about the country struggling through an identity crisis on our
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website from tearing down statues to classic literature is the let's all go on the internet now. thanks for joining us here on out the international we're back in 30 minutes with the latest headlines to you that. i don't trust medical authority at all ever and the reason for that is i had this horrible autoimmune disorder growing up and it turns out it was completely alleviated with very drastic dietary measures and i went to a number of doctors to discuss what happened to me and i was basically laughed at like diet has nothing to do with our meanest orders so my suggestion to people who have health issues they can't figure out if they're going to see a medical professional and they've been going for 10 years and they're still on the
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same place they should probably take it upon themselves to start testing things out testing out diet testing out exercise and try and figure out things on their own. i 1st heard about wiki leaks and you know. from the helicopter footage in iraq. i think that there are people we need in the u.s. military who have never forgiven for a discussion traitor a treasonous and he had broken every law the united states illegally should show up and it was really historic to have. independent journalist a guy with his puter exposing the serious what of crimes and to a global audience. the idea of developing an anonymous digital truck bombs.


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