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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  February 15, 2020 9:30pm-10:01pm EST

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aim to have been taurus in 2008 when they wrote which they wrote about for the new york times yes they were tourists. but somehow they interviewed unnamed government officials and spent only 24 hours there and somaliland is roughly 3 hours farther away than the middle of nowhere ok according to former cia agent and now whistleblower john kerry obtuse there really is nothing going on in somaliland to say you go to somaliland as a tourist is a joke to me it's not a war torn area but nobody goes there is a tourist so 26 year old. so 26 year old peavey flies around the world to a small autonomous region of africa for one day just long enough for the jet lag to cause you to crap your pants and then heads back to the u.s. to write a new york times op ed about it and this had nothing to do with the government
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agency mama that horse don't dance all right. now i will admit i don't know what that expression means but it was something my grandmother used to say and i think she's right. so who is not. currently works as a senior advisor for the u.s. agency for international development office of transition initiatives in washington d.c. now that's the fancypants way of saying the words to destabilize and create coups in countries the u.s. is annoyed with places like venezuela nicaragua iran cuba bolivia when those coups are a successful they often collapse the countries and then put in place a fascist ass when the coups aren't successful like in venezuela they still kill tens of thousands of people due to economic sanctions and this guy was the best man at booted judges wedding. i think that means something right like even if you
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don't know someone at all if you find out the best man at their wedding was sean hannity. you know that person is a baggage. they are pete also worked at mckenzie consulting where he was employed by blue cross blue shield and the defense department he helped a big insurance and big military further exploits your average american so i guess i was wrong when i when i said he wasn't prepared to be president exploiting average americans. sounds like pretty good training and while his campaign is denied ever worked for the cia the gray zone has reported according to military documents that have gone mostly under the media's radar it does appear that the former mayor worked alongside the cia while serving as a high ranking naval intelligence officer during his short stent in afghanistan is unit operated under the watch of the drug enforcement administration so while he
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was in afghanistan as part of our imperial wars he worked alongside the cia and under the d.i.i. d.d.a. so basically he's the guy who the party. you may recall from away back in the present day one of the reasons we remain in afghanistan is to steal the country's minerals and resources and according to an exposé in vogue magazine just in his living room pete has a huge resource in mineral map of afghanistan. why isn't he ever loved. why shows so he can just muse to himself as each is rice krispies wow look at all the stuff i helped america still got those were good times maybe in my bedroom i'll put a map of the oil fields of sirius there is the wall street goons match merrick vice president of black rock of the world large. investment manager controlling nearly 7
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trillion dollars in assets it was as an endorser of the south and mayer amazon watched named black rock the world's largest investor in deforestation they honest thing about people to judge is that he talks as if his campaign success is so shocking tonight an improbable hope became an undeniable reality you are you have shocked the nation the are you is in the deep freeze of an iowa january where we begin this unlikely journey to win the american presidency. dude you're not an indigenous disabled woman trying to win the presidency. people said it could never be done they said a white christian man from harvard could never be a president finally we're breaking down that last glass ceiling the one
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that stops ivy league white men who came from the military intelligence world from ever succeeding. it was by europe. we brought together an extraordinary coalition of americans progression moderates and good number of what we like to call the future former republic. here by standing for nothing you can attract a whole lot reborn progressive moderates republican satanists furries sexual deviants former new york nazis they all think peets their guy because he isn't actually saying anything and they are pete is a rorschach you see whatever you want to see and then he gets in office and you can keep seeing whatever you want to see while wall street and the military intelligence apparatus do whatever the they want company or why should you see the belly the bases the reactor the no.
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thank you can tell us take the news from behind the cells bernie sanders eat the out of win in new hampshire but that makes perfect sense he was only leading by like 8 points in the final poll before the vote and then he won by 1.5 percent. kind of odd well we better check the exit polls in most countries exit poll. as are used to show fraud if the exit polls are way off from the actual ballot count a crime may be afoot and while there are some exit polls from these primaries none of them seem to show the overall projections and i found that out in till i saw this video we found exclusive footage of the d.n.c.
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in 2016 realizing that people could use the exit polls to see the fraud they were committing against bernie sanders there's a video. tonight. and then he hears what the d.n.c. did with the exit polls this time around at . she is the resistance against exit polls but don't worry we have the nevada caucuses coming up and nevada is not using the shadow app that was designed to ruin the iowa caucuses though no no no no no no they may be clowns but they aren't stupid stead as the nevada democrats are de viewing a new i pad based tool to calculate math on caucus day. and i
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pad based. i suppose another name for that would be an app. so novato have created a brand new app to manifest chaos on their caucus day that may sound that may sound shady but have no fear the nevada democrats have just hired a new voter protection director her name is emily goldman and she's a former staffer of the booted judge camp a. bunch but when people started freaking out about this the nevada party assured everyone that emily goldman does not have decision making authority. so should i be more pissed that a booted judge staffer is overseeing voter protection or that the voter protection person has no decision making authority i've got an idea just start just spitball it here just to follow it let's give the voter protection person some authority and
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like not pick up a judge staffer. moving on to another corrupt candidate for president michael bloomberg has been caught on tape defending it stop and frisk program 2015th eggless. murders murder is murder ready. one and. this. may already. yes thank you michael bloomberg for saying to think that that might not be popular might not be politically correct i might not be true. so you have to say that it was well done well done in fact completely false after i suggested show that 82 percent of the time when a white person is killed by another white dude as seen here. yet bloomberg
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used a racist fake statistics like this one to justify his stop and frisk program when he was mayor of new york during those years millions of black and hispanic men were illegal stopped illegally stopped by the police but mr i'm trying to buy the presidency leave me alone i wasn't done. and this is the. rest. yes that's true. yes that's true. j.m. store 2 a you can't deny that stepped up point out it. false. but since when does utterly false mean something isn't true. he says minority neighborhoods are where all the crime is really is that we're 2 all the tax evasion is my is that where all the insider trading is where all the bribery happens or the
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child abuse or the domestic violence or the sexual assault or where all the cocaine use or the black market adderall is snorted under the private school bleachers or where the insurance fraud half the source. of how to use card is 3 so that you can sell a lemon to an old lady with bad news for the high priced illegal origins or stalled or where the predatory subprime mortgages are pushed on a confused homebuyer inside nice smelling bank offices or the laundering of billions of dollars of mafia money goes down or where the execs of johnson and johnson decide to keep a special job slated baby powder on the jet so as to make a few extra bucks is that where they're doing it in the projects or is it whereupon santo execs hatched a plan to laminate the country and round up herbicides even though the w.h.o.
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says it will cause you to fall off. where. decided to put planes in the air they knew were going to go straight into the ground where the exact coca-cola decided to keep telling people to chug a coke even though it's a mild toxin that will give you the diabetes of the tumor of the kidney stones. the poor minority neighborhood the location of all those crimes. no no no one of the largest crimes in our world happen in poor neighborhoods in fact street crime doesn't hold a candle to corporate crime the big pharma created opioid epidemic alone build a high. 130 americans a day criminals are not the true criminals in this world in fact it was criminals a couple of weeks ago who took a moral stance to get the world's most famous political prisoner julian assad out of the torture of solitary confinement as craig murry
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a former british ambassador said julian is finally released from solitary in belmarsh prison because the other prisoners were appalled by his treatment and took up action on his behalf a small victory for basic humanity and it took criminals to teach it to the british state but that's not the only step in the right direction in the case of a songe the international human rights and rule of law organization the council of europe which represents 820000000 europeans has finally sided with julian assange and called for his release look i get it i understand belmarsh prison you don't want to let him go because when you have high profile prisoners you get lots of money from the government i'll tell you what you release julie the sun and we'll give you the whole u.s. congress. and the drug industry. and the entire cast of m.t.v.'s jersey shore. which for some reason is still on the air.
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i mean i mean honestly honestly what what kind of world is this we're a publisher who has never printed anything false is sitting behind bars. well snooki is free. get it for more on julian assange solidarity actions coming up soon go to action for a sons' dot com that's action the number for a song dot com where to go to a short break but i'm coming for him live in austin dallas new york city flagstaff tucson asheville north carolina it's all part of my new book tour tickets details every day acted tore dot com up the right guy will have more no less.
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and we're going to fulfill the repeated promises of politics to the people come on you know it's all pots. really. really really. push. now you want to 1st crack that. no. 4 be. a telling.
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my yaar. in the united states presidential candidates debate the future of the u.s. and the world. max keiser and stacy herbert dig into the burning questions of this election cycle one topic every week. tax student debt trade wars corporate money universal basic income and more catch up with what's front running this sunday exclusively on r.t.
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. right back to crime of record income inequality of millions of nonviolent drug offenders behind bars prosecutions of corporate crime are at a 20 year low for more we're joined by our white collar correspondent and is larry . initially here so why does the government keep letting these wall street crooks off the hook but they're not the real story here is how us entrepreneurs' have been on our best behavior over the past 2 years. in entrepreneur i'm not to tell that to the senile old man in my neighborhood who i sold 100 can cutting knives to. just look at the past 5 years the justice department's criminal penalties have shrunk by over a 1000000000 dollars to s.c.c.s. have been halved this is a good sign c.e.o.'s have cleaned up their acts and now get to keep the harder and
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money generated by their employees i mean them. want all the money they're already keeping through tax evasion we have plenty of caps on that beat in fact every spring many government regulators gather in miami along with tax haven attorneys for the offshore offshore alerts conference the off shore alert conference actually call it that i know i know money grubbing scoundrel conference was a big 2 on the no. it's a very important event though the topics they discuss are billed as wealth creation preservation and recovery less officially the tax lawyers come to learn what the feds will crack down on next year the government investigators come to fish for future jobs this is just blatant corruption locally you gotta know your enemy what better way to probe the mind of a tax cheat than staring them down over martinis. with a steak dinner and maybe add some caviar appetizer probably some tiramisu
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definitely some champagne on ice before laying down to rest on some fat. i was in thread count sheets that are wrapped around dancing girls and. this is how they brought the number of prosecutions down doesn't the fact that these agencies budgets have been gutted have something to do with the well that's made them leaner they're more flexible nimbler quicker on their feet and they are taken bad guys down just look at the farmer bro martin scrabbling who was prosecuted by the f.b.i. oh right for for hiking the price of that aids i.v. medication now no one cares about that. he defrauded hedge fund investors mortal sin so rich people he got in trouble for ripping off rich people plenty of rich people who get in trouble with the i.r.s. there's martha stewart wesley snipes stephen baldwin those are all the list celebrities exactly yes when a big name gets in trouble it's a deterrent for everyone else that's why the i.r.s. has explicitly instructed agents to prioritize cases likely to generate headlines
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and make the public think criminal prosecutions are routine but they're not routine it's it's been over 11 years since the financial crisis and on of those jackals on wall street have been prosecuted yeah because that's the of is complicated. trust me you can't sign off on a loan these days without accidentally committing fraud right. what's more important boring everyone to death through a trial with financial laws or busting tommy lee for not disclosing the income you're in for his underground guana fighting ring. i was a big investor in that. i think the answer is financial laws are more important they actually affect the economy the economy is doing fine thank you very much see the reason these regulators haven't been cracking down on white collar crime is because they are busy writing reports on just how good trump's economic numbers have bed sealy god. you can't argue with charts. for
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christ's sake and do everyone. resume protests going on because the cross of america are revealing a deep seated hypocrisy in the university system when it comes to how they treat the people who work there for more on this raging controversy here is reactor correspondent only care of. the american university it's known as the sanctuary but you tend to examine life be intellectually challenge and indoctrinated with esoteric beliefs by radical professors so that their parents no longer understand their children it's also a place where a critical labor struggle is taking place graduate students are going on strike after getting ground down by low wages and a heavy workload both teaching and researching this is part of a decades old grad student movement to achieve the same legal rights as an american
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worker which makes me think couldn't you aim a little higher just a little higher than the people who have to wear diapers instead of having bathroom breaks even harvard grad students are on strike what could they be mad about that their parents are too happy according to them harvard university which has a $41000000000.00 endowment it makes that student workers here are food insecure but instead of fair compensation in a union contract they're offering discounted muffet and here the harvard grad students must be marching to get there but now and then allowance graduate student workers at the university of california santa cruz are also on wildcat strike demanding a cost of living adjustment or cola on their stipend in one of the most expensive housing markets in the country the protest was met by riot police on campus because nothing is more dangerous than a rebel who is marking undergrad says while he does sense that his motives here.
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asking my friend who ran wouldn't be so goddamn high if those students making 17 year just took up a side gig like as a sugar baby who was also into christo who also sold fake indulgences as a fake. once upon a time the graduate student was a poor schmuck waiting until the university tenured them and treated them like academic royalty for the rest of their lives that's happening less and less now that 20 percent of physicians are tenured the majority of teaching is done by adjunct and part time for festers or teaching assistants i graduate students but jobs are becoming more and more insecure in the world as a whole it's kind of like the ivory tower is becoming the real world but it's time they adjust and learn to cut costs like the rest 9 of us.
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and we're around to see more strikes on campuses as the trump administration's labor board proposed new rule that would strip graduate students of their ability to organize under the national labor relations act the law not grants most private sector employers the right to engage in collective bargaining collective bargaining according to the board imperils the protection of academic freedoms harvard attempted to make employment conditional on participation in strike action it's called a yellow dog contract because only a scared worker a yellow dog will sign one the contract was banned in 1932 thanks to the relentless work of striking coal miners. it's a vintage scam these students say they're protesting the corporatization of the
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university system. where more money goes into administration instead of they're barely legal and pulleys but until they win those fines they're going to have to find sugar daddies and pillage their libraries miscarriage. your copy of the rise and fall of the 3rd reich is 15 years overdue own camo now point through there's another turn out well for them in the end. oh look at the time. reporting from hiding this is new we caravan and redacted tonight. that's that's our show but help us fight the understood by getting our new app for free it's called portable dot tv and you can find it wherever you get your abs plus my new book is now shipping out people are ordered online go to leave camp book dot com to grab a copy it till next time goodnight and good bye to.
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his community there are people who believe that it's ok. it's really hard there are no jobs and you see the kids that ask and as a parent. i can come up with lots of arguments there's a lot of conflict in the game between the close of the conflict i would say revolves around money that money has made. us want to know each other. each other this could be just the state of california alone makes $6000000000.00 a year of prison complex just to get some point in your life where. you don't care and one of my hair is a monster so your hair might anything. 6 guys are financial survival. when customers go buy your supplies. will reduce
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some lower. that's undercutting well what's good for markets it's not good for the global economy. i 1st heard about wiki leaks you know. from the helicopter footage in iraq. i think that there are people we mean the u.s. military who have never forgiven for this guy trader a treasonous and he had broken every law the united states illegally should shut up but he was really historic to have. independent journalist die with his puter exposing serious crimes to a global audience. the idea of developing an anonymous digital truckstops and applying it to a media organization is because he thinks that was the 1st. thing i didn't have to
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all interest that he would be for a short while right and one of the world's most powerful news organizers serious offenders and eccentric founder julian a song. there was a great deal of jealousy in the brain strain towards a song driven particular why won't he be more like the accused seem. to cease when the law. says my. time. we have giuliani in solitary confinement in the prison for terrorists a way to perhaps be priests and. i don't want to see him die in the u.s. prison. and i think that's what he's facing. television
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propaganda machine propaganda outlet propaganda tools we are in an information war . we can change the world. we use and now you tube videos the. last few days or so long now look. at your brush is russia russia and russia today is. what i want to believe are the very words it is russia today and i really have to put drugs out to see you then on r.g.p. . who are so proud and. are just going through a number. why have you not shut
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down our t.v. on you tube it's a propaganda machine mr walker. russia's top diplomat tells his western counterparts at the munich security conference that it's time to seek common ground and that they must stop the train mosco as an existential threat to us as european officials one of the west's political fragmentation while the u.s. secretary of state insists he sees no threat to the current global no water. pentagon digital defense contract tons of media that's off the amazon challenges the way the multibillion dollar deal was awarded to survival microsoft. and the border france's equivalent of the oscars quit selling musts i have a director roman polanski sweeping the nominations despite still being wards in the us the stuff.


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