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the toplevel munich security conference expose of discord between nato allies with the us increasingly alone and its continued russia fear mongering people on the streets of the german city whether the alliance remains effective or not you associate with more to the culture. so. the divide was always us always fought for its own interests. also this hour after and the non-a mr viewer post negative comments about an australian businessman court orders google to transfer all data about the incident to the victim we debate the issue of online freedom of speech it's given people a mask to hide behind and they're not taking responsibility for what's being posted
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if you start trying to regulate all of this regulation and all of the sports it only goes in one direction but the power of these companies anymore they're so much smaller. and our team is a video agency ruptly films the highly toxic effect of the west using an african nation as a dumping ground for electronic waste. a very warm welcome to the program on this monday morning at 8 am here in the russian capital let's get started with your live news update. at the top level munich security conference has left transatlantic allies in discord and pose an existential questions over their alliance and vision with the event asking whether the west global role is on the slide the u.s. trying to unite partners with the tried and tested russian threat claim however growing numbers of europeans are instead calling for dialogue russia's foreign
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minister is expected to give his wrap up on the events later on monday with the details for now here is peter all over. one of the takeaways from this year's munich security conference was the crisis of identity that seems to be going on with western nations west listeners was the overarching theme of this year's event as western nations are being called on to take stock of their place in the world and which direction they're heading and not everyone seems to be pulling in the same way. europe's powerhouses germany and france want to see a relaunch a new beginning partly a move away from the united states one of the reasons for that is the glue that had found them to washington is no longer a sticky as it once was and on saying stuff a been that our closest ally the united states of america under the current government can also rejects the idea of an international community very aim to be
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great again if need be made to get the expense of our neighbors and our partners in the. we have a lot in common with the united states freedom and so on so this is why we want to give the numerous was about his point what america wants and needs to develop our own strategy was beautiful has to develop a willingness to act to really act not to be doing comments and saying every day that we had really very much concern that. we should be able to act. the united states doesn't know what everyone's complaining about washington doesn't want to see change and spent the weekend trying to convince its partners that the best days of their alliance is still to come i'm happy to report that the death of the transatlantic alliance is grossly over exaggerated. the west is winning we are
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collectively winning the west is winning freedom and democracy to. the west. those polarizing views of left the nato secretary-general un spalted burg somewhat stranded in the middle he's attempted to bring everyone together by rolling out the classic unite behind a common enemy they don't come much more common than russia we all saw face her competition from a more assertive russia made dollars or responding countering russia's attempts to interfere in our democracies but that doesn't sit well with the public recent research shows that it's half the people in nato member states don't think that their country should support a nato ally in a conflict with russia i asked the people here on the streets of munich what they thought about transatlantic friction in the alliance. the ideas of how to
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menace. different. europe doesn't like confrontation so it likes to avoid confrontation the us social bit more tendency to go for confrontation we are europe we are not america so so we must look only for europe 1st and so we can work to get a bit of america distinctness didn't vide was always there or us always fought for its own interests but i think that since charmed became president. the west is winning speech from secretary of state michael peo left many at this year's security conference cringing at the total deaf and nature of the current u.s. administration's attitude to transatlantic relations while european leaders from france and germany talked about of valving particularly when it came to russia the u.s. seemed focused on the past ignoring that they scored at least publicly being in denial
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of this though is unlikely to help nato find its place in the modern world peter all of a. munich. former advisor to the french interior and defense ministries told us that mending the relationship with russia is a strategic necessity for europe. there is a contradiction between the fact that this alliance was to fight against the soviet union and no they had been saying that ok there is no more soviet union but there is russia then we have to do the same alliance military alliance against russia and they invent the they create spreads which do not exist we are not threatened by russia this is stupid to say that on the contrary we have to cooperate with russia and. russia is a european country there is
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a real need for corporations risk russia this is a geopolitical additives but these people are not free because they are all allied with this need to alliance which is a prism these summits showed that internal differences are coming out more clearly the nation of western world is finished. now to australia where a dentist is trying to take a bite out of google and a groundbreaking rowing at the tech giant has been ordered to unmask the identity of an online user who posted a negative review the anonymous were warned that the australian teeth whitening service was quote extremely uncomfortable and dentist says his business was affected by google and michelin refused to take down the comments however a court has now ruled that it must reveal the us identity
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a dentist lawyer says company's reputation and should not be unfairly damaged. i believe it's extremely unfair that people are allowed to anonymously attack on this hardworking small businesses we think google has a juicy of casual straight and small businesses and business is globally for allowing these reviews to go on this ruling is groundbreaking google has historically argued that it is now responsible for user generated content and has only taken down negative posts when order to by the courts under australian law businesses with fewer than 10 employees can sue over statements that could damage the company's reputation paving the way for possible defamation cases against tech giants r.t. has reached out to google for comment on the case and will let you know if they do reply google has already faced numerous such cases in australia just this month a barrister was awarded half a $1000000.00 over online comments last year at the tech giant face a contempt of court charge for failing to remove reviews about
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a high profile businessman we debated the issue with broadcaster karen turk and journalist chadwick moore. this guy had one negative review and this is how he wants to get the courts involved you want to put this in google you want to sue the guy i mean just take care of your own business right it's sort of ridiculous and this is also a massive slippery slope how long if we keep up this culture until you're no longer allowed to criticize google itself or if you do you're some other massive corporation also offer free speech by you know it's given people a mask to hide behind and they're not taking responsibility for what's being posted and they are hurting innocent people and this is becoming way too widespread dentist to be comes up is foolish it's a bit unhinged if he thinks it's a good idea to be going after a troll on the internet now when someone's looking for a dentist their neighborhood they might google this guy and think do i want to go to the guy who's bringing the courts down on the troll on the internet or maybe
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i'll go to the dentist on the street instead now i don't agree i think that you know we are in an environment right now that so divisive and there's these people out there that just love to hate and they're just looking for something and i would be the 1st person to walk in and get teeth whitening from this dentist based on this because i feel very bad for what happened to him and i think we're just in an environment where we have to find a way to make people own the things that they're going to post that this is a probe sort of the free market and just basic social etiquette is solve itself because when you have someone anonymous on the internet they automatically are not taken as seriously as someone who is putting themselves out there i actually have faith in my fellow man that man and woman that they're smart enough and discerning enough to know when something seems a bit off and to know it seems anonymous that maybe you don't take that person as seriously i would love to have faith in people and say you know that we're going to police ourselves and that it's going to stop this problem one of the problems that we have is we have this whole mentality of fake news and this cancel culture where you can completely ruin someone over
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a personal agenda the longer that we allow people to hide behind their screens and be keyboard warriors the. moore this is spinning out of control but we have to find a way to control this the only way to do it is have validated profiles where people have to actually post who they are and there has to be some way to validate it there is a huge problem with defamation with people being have their lives destroyed on the internet but if you start trying to regulate all of this regulation and all of this forcing only goes in one direction but sun power these companies anymore they have so much power why don't we just all decide maybe we don't need to read these reviews on google maybe ask your your friends or family members say i need a dentist you've got someone you could recommend maybe that's the way forward 'd because the more research to do with these vast complicated companies and the more regulation and speech it's a spiral and in they already have too much power and influence our lives anyway don't they. after her defeat in the last u.s.
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presidential election hillary clinton appeared to have stepped back from high level politics but she may now be handed a surprising return to the limelight. it doesn't mean he will resign a year after so winning so hillary can take over via a back door of the picks hillary as a v.p. running mate would significantly reduce the likely expectancy man i would not want my life to be the only thing standing between hillary clinton and to prove that it's just see. me mike and you'll be completely safe. we are focused on the primary and the debate not the peace speculation.
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and i know hillary clinton is not flawless no candidate here but she is the right choice. it would be foolish to deny the rumor because because bloomberg is comments so bizarre legally to the campaign anything that draws national attention to him is going to be great clinton is a more national figure than bloomberg is she has a much larger level of name recognition she's known by many many more people so for him to let the rumors spread is exactly the right political strategy whether they're true or false they're they want that dead attention so squashing the rumor would be a terrible idea strategically what's especially telling is it shows the desperation
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of the democratic party to allow somebody to come in this late and had the d.n.c. try to push him to the front really turning the whole primary process into a. joke i mean this is i mean this is nonsense you know to come into the the entire presidential campaign process after major primaries have already happened it's it's bizarre so yes it is the exact type of longshot desperate type of thing that you would do in that type of circumstance. well michael bloomberg may be trying to boost his campaign with a famous name his p.r. team is going further and working to make him appeal to younger voters are 2 things are stand up reports reaching your audience can be a make or break when it comes to winning an election and 2020 has presented candidates in the us with new challenges like appealing to an online crowd but well . although america's the greatest nation in the world we still face many modern
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problems. and modern problems require modern solutions and if you wondering what the hell that was well that's a me pitches spread online they are the newest wrinkle in the big short political game. it's. donald trump has been rocky dragons daddy as the king of the mean realm and not only his presidential crown but he's virtual one too is now in jeopardy
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democrats have means squads fighting on their side to bernie sanders has bernie bros a grassroots fun base photoshopping his face in the name of humanity elizabeth warren now has a war in me team which is posting some weird stuff like this and lo and behold michael bloomberg is entering the ring. if you follow kids whites but bloomberg scum pain team is dead serious about their intentions while mean strategy may be new to presidential politics we're betting it will be an effective component to reach people where they are and compete with president trump's powerful digital appearing is already spent more than $300000000.00 on advertising and that's an order $100000000.00 more than all of his democratic
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rivals combined and there are plenty of people eager to take bloomberg millions to get him online attention. hello juice boys can you post the original mean to make me look cool for the upcoming democratic primary i don't think so to be honest your vibe is kind of i put lamborghini door on the escalate. hello mr side can you make a borrowed me to let the younger demographic know i'm cool candidates. mr time i've been waiting for my mean for so long that i've learned how to make myself in photoshop. yeah who
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would have thought money can't buy you love or make you funny either apparently internet this some great campaign is a nuff to get your attention we're talking about it people are talking about it but voters are going to want to go to the next step to say ok what do you have to say that's going to be the problem because here's no passion is wanting to win this election over all the the means aside and all the social programs are the social platform there's no desire he is ubiquitous he will pay money among people to get his message out in terms of using visibility but when it comes time to convince the voters that's what matters he won't make it but. his credit is means are cute. is
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estimated to be africa's most polluted country for waste having become a dumping ground for all the electronic devices from the developed world video agency were up late films locals burning the trash weeks in toxins that cause cancer and other deadly diseases. you file would become. more. noble to do with such as you said to be so i got a few margins for them to see it was 7 plus for 3 more words in my head beat. that he did indeed.
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writing the european. trip or for the review of the hunger. for like 20 quid if. it can be trying generation now trying to stay i can say to my child and might do it that i most of it. i agree it dre did before you my pledge of the group. in the country and making
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them proud to be the city council. we have asked for a response on the issue from ghana's environment ministry as well as the president's office and we'll let you know when they reply. the daughter of one of the world's most renowned psychologist jordan peterson has told r.t. that he went to russia for treatment because western doctors overprescribe drugs he's been undergoing detox treatment in this country after being misdiagnosed and several american hospitals are trying to take up the story. what is the price of living a life like that of jordan peterson a number of emotional breakdowns by the canadian who's become known as the world's top self-help guru have been caught on camera the other comes up to me and they shake my hand and they say look i've been listening to what you've been saying for 6 months and it's changed my life it's like i was depressed i was addicted to drugs
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my relationships weren't working out i was hopeless i didn't have any goal i started cleaning up my room and telling the truth and working hard on myself and it's really working and i just want to thank you for helping me you'd think a widely cited academic an author of a global bestseller explaining how to fix your life wouldn't have any problems with keeping his own in order but lately professor peterson's been in a real trouble with his health this is what his daughter has told us he had a terrible. last month nearly died several times i'll quickly remind you of who exactly jordan peterson is a professor of psychology at the university of toronto his speeches and interviews have attracted tremendous public attention videos featuring jordan peterson are watched by millions online crowds as big as those that turn out for football matches gather to hear his lectures worldwide but just as much as he inspired some
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57 year old professor embittered a full auto army of haters all because of his bid to challenge political correctness the man widely seen as a right wing celebrity is loathed by the left for things like once going against gender neutral pronouns so earlier this month peterson's daughter shocked his followers with this update on his health status put on a low dose in advance and asked being a few years ago for anxiety following an extremist of the air out of your reaction to last april when my mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer. the dose of the medication was increased and became apparent that he was suffering from both physical dependency and a paradox or reaction to the medication and paradoxical reaction use the drugs do the opposite of what they're supposed to he's been in unbearable discomfort from this drug made worse when trying to remove that experience terrible at the asia which is a condition where the person feels an incredible analysts irresistible restlessness
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bordering on panic and an inability to sit still the reaction made him suicidal so it turns out the self-help guru could have been on the brink of suicide in a remarkable twist to his story the peterson family say they had a real hard time for finding a place for successful treatment they had to seek an emergency medical benza hasn't been detox which we were only able to find in russia was incredibly grueling and was further complicated by a severe pneumonia which we've been told he developed in one of the previous hospitals so what's with this medication it's part of a family of drugs commonly known as minor tranquilizers it's generally viewed as cif and effective for short term use but for long term that's when i add tom's real trouble kicks in mckayla petersen believes her father sufferings could have been at the hands of pharmaceutical joints i think that there's a huge misunderstanding about the dangers of physical dependence regarding
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specifically this class of drugs do you think it's just not being informed or do you think there is economic interest now in north america the medical industry is heavily like wow if you go to medical school out of the courses and take are backed by the pharmaceutical companies part of the reason we thought russia was a good option is because the medical system here isn't as backed by pharma so as it is in north america with plenty of admirers of all the dr peterson stood up for and probably just as many haters you shouldn't be surprised by the commons that popped up online i mean by how polar they are. i hopefully years of hell in prepared to offer jordan peterson he pretended to have all the answers while falling into the oldest trap in the world i wish ill will on him karma he deserves as much sympathy as he showed others we don't know if any of mr
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peterson's health issues have anything to do with the career path that he chose he now seems to be slowly recovering but will the man who try to hope mankind up with an antidote to chaos be able to find one for all the design order in and around his own life. you can watch the full interview with mckayla peterson on the worlds apart program on our website artie dot com meanwhile john dombrowski chief executive of the washington pain center told us about the risks of having overpowerful pharmaceutical companies. some medical education are sponsored by pharmaceuticals however every course i've ever taken they always say this course is sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry so most efficient will go go these courses which are fine get education which is fine but we're always should be wary again i think a lot of the things that she might be thinking of is like the oxycontin you really don't see that with these kind of medications at the best as a p.
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and it's really hard these medications are hard to break the habit and it's not uncommon that patients multiple rounds of trying to get sober any addictions whether it's alcohol or bedsteads opinions that there are really like threatening so if you stop these medications or drinking you could actually carry a self in the withdrawals and have a seizure so it's a real medical problem i mean it's a medical emergency so you really should seek physicians counsel on how do we knew from these medications and then more reportedly what psychologically is going on that you would need me these medications that they would come up with another plan to help me their anxiety or help you with sleep or other things like that so i mean it's a great story i mean i'm sorry that it happen to dr peterson but i'm glad to get better russia. and a landmark decision a british court has found that a muslim couple's shari'a marriage is not valid under u.k. law a legal case started as a dispute over alimony rights 2 years ago the high court ruled that islamic faith
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marriages fall under british law but now an appeals court has ruled that the marriage was not legal now of course that means that the wife is not able to claim alimony from her husband as lawmakers marriages ceremonies known as nico weddings do not require any sort of cation or official representatives to attend a 2017 survey found that up to 80 percent of islamic marriages are not registered under civil law couples can seek a divorce through shari'a council or a local moms but campaigners say such bodies have no jurisdiction and the u.k. leaving the women without any legal protection. ruling in the english braille school i found myself because it shows that women do not have the equality that is often talked about in response and it's very sad that the slow of working against women when in fact women should indeed be able
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to emerge from these divorces receive a fair and equitable settlement finding the high court is not a step backwards this is 100 percent a step in the right direction muslim women need to be protected even those who might not say that they want to be protected they should be no legal system not operated in this country where mostly women are being abused and unfortunately that is the case muslim women are being abused and i know that many won't like it but whether we like it or not you kate look and that still is all that supersedes and when you are in a country where there is a legal system that is the law system that you live your life by. the head of facebook mark zuckerberg has called for tighter government regulation of online content saying it shouldn't be left to private companies his comments came during an address at this week's munich security conference i do think that we
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don't want private companies making so many decisions about how to balance social equity use without a more democratic process so i think that we are where the wind is in my opinion should be drawn is there should be more guidance and regulation from the states suckered added his company already employed 35000 people to review content and online security with more than a 1000000 fake accounts taken down on a daily basis our facebook's approach to suppose a fake news is attracting significant criticism particularly with accusations of political bias privacy activist bono says the issue raises censor freedom of speech questions i think facebook are very reluctant to bear the responsibility with coming up with the rules themselves because whichever rules that they come up with them and seek to employ somebody is going to just like that the problem is abuse or
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