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tv   Going Underground  RT  February 17, 2020 2:30pm-3:01pm EST

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and then along with u.s. president donald trump threatens to talman ate all 8 to tens of millions facing famine in the world's worst humanitarian crisis coming up in the show has how he had his day yemen's former human rights minister where you have a sure on whether there is another way out of a conflict with britain reputedly times more in weapon sales than gives in a hand with palestine said to be absent from issues at tonight's televised u.k. labor leadership debate we ask award winning jazz saxophonist and labor activist so we do kinch with the fight go on for international justice after jeremy called and all the civil coming up in today's going on the ground 1st to one of britain's biggest foreign weapons sales and as yemen site of the world's worst humanitarian crisis joining me via skype from shows we call start in germany is yemen's woman human rights minister oriya my sure thanks so much area for coming on britain has been found here to have been acting unlawfully selling weapons for use in yemen what is the scale of the world's worst humanitarian crisis do you think. sarah
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thought thank you very much for. this program thank you for your 'd heart of the us this is not those are surprises this is how we have got the software where it is have been going on all the new man. staff i fear of course lee and what on him and i think you're these probably one of these cuts that will fade scoring. when people don't have a. system basically it's a 4 day order at a depth. and of course this is up there and because of the 'd war it is going to last. cut it off if we aren't going to all this maybe we can see the result that it would be a good deal so i thought it was in unfortunately that is. what was the
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war and. afflicted from this water ship there and although. most of the evening and. there are a. lot. of. the music out there is not the air maybe their front line is or are dead and i think many people many people will agree tried tens of millions are facing disaster but it was president how do you who are appointed you you mention 5 years how the fled the country to other countries saudi arabia which is bombing with with british weapons yemen isn't how the the problem here but ringback we cannot say that in fact from 200-2000 their event will start and therefore at the end and we were in
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the national enquirer for every good always there. in the air in this mission of. course there's. the outcomes of the mission of course this it is consensus and all of those were in that nationality or mission a lot of confidence has signed on the outcomes of all of this that you know of and they have to be committed to that and they have to blag their route. and the editor and is. in ringback there going to the club this is the problem. then. this is i think there is all of it. that we don't have a lot of or that politico but it was president how do you appointed you you don't agree with him now on the use of drone strikes which president hadi does in fact even the saudis tokio mamak the run the arab coalition in london last week he said
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there have to be investigations into saudi war crimes is hardly the problem is it time now for the united nations to abandon putting hardy back in power in yemen they cannot accuse ringback the had the now now we have many she asked and we have to get the government which it will do as a the interest only community when we have tools we have to all stand and not to have brought out the end not. of course but anyway if we want to choose we will choose that because this is. and law is on closer to certain yeah but that of the many she has against the law and out of the law this is the perfect yeah. and we accept it had the
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ante and we have now that election. i think we. are going to try and don't undergo a situation and. then their new election maybe another to guess that they're pretty to see and elaborate in but i want to know if no one is going to vote no one is going to vote for hardy in a yemeni general election given how he was in saudi arabia the country that is bombing yemen. yes how they asked out the out idea to support the head here tool restored by what i had to go back to. that i began to see. but anyway ringback it dixon all of that and it has taken 5 years and and so many people that we have have been killed what it would have you made of the trumpet ministration which says and it gave $746000000.00 in aid just in 2019 it's saying
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we're not going to give any more aid because some of it goes to hooty communities poor hoody communities britain as well if it's saying no more aid maybe it's given hundreds of millions of pounds of aid what do you make of the united states and britain saying no more aid to yemen. really this news it is shocking because they're now young men in very bad need for assistance for what it's for on the enlisted community but anyway this is also it is a lot that much. when what's really become what should be there that they have thought. that if. if that. but anyway i think also that is that is shocking when we when i have the out that. they let their. position they're not. the problem in a man. and when they're out of their age. that is
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really shocking. it is there's a lot of any citizen with a hearing like this and yours well you know the trump says because iran they're allied to the hutus that's why he can't give money that goes to poor women and children in hootie communities in yemen when you know what that was. misused. it's there it's a part of their. efforts. that there is that many problems but anywhere so we are sticking above that my duty but they have to be politically needful of these headed. we have to reach that get it could all just on targeting there was a party here in london very expensive party of grove now it's people from the b.b.c. of spoken there they arms company party lobbying party britain
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earned 6200000000 pounds in weapons licenses since 2015 and that's what oxfam says do you think britain and the united states they see yemen as a place to earn money from the killing more than to give aid to the people suffering the killing. we hope we hope that the. international there are going to see a show and especially the laws are working on a process. that will stop the living on a ceiling that eyewitnesses to the laws involved in a war in a man and i so i should actually say it was actually 770000000 pounds of aid from the british taxpayer to yemen and britain says actually the arms sales are good arms sales we have a good arm sales policy here in britain when we send weapons that are bombing your
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country. we hope we hope that they're go out and. buy out of this many bad of these. people for us to rebuild the amount because we need a lot of. a lot of money to let it be. i mean that helps fight it the question of the air or answer. to. this the army that's why we want them to all clear that fire and to leave it there are not tool. and what and what would you expect to be going to yemen any time soon i hope that we can get it off there this is us and we'll be back to. my country it'll all be there. with the women we added. actually we added. that it in it and we had
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a we mounted on a friend. a political background and many of as also the at in the been there all of that and we're working on that one peace process and what we are going to do all after the war what 'd impact should i ask i said the britain. and 8 times more from weapons sales than aid trump is saying no more aid maybe to yemen. saudi arabia do you think saudi arabia is going to cut aid as well obviously saudi arabia has been spending money on british weapons. i mean. i think they are committed to. the amount of support to find out that evolution with. his story. and we have me and my knees before the floor of the world we have many and many many immigrants is that you have there is. a deed
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that relation between us out. there there will be equal with now they have fallen dition. but that's not what journalists say on the ground journalists on the ground say there is a hatred of saudi arabia which is why they bombed around go from yemen the saudi oil facilities but there is another that we was there and also the board of that u.n. x. that that is. it is not true that that will seize they don't have. the abilities or the. time to get it. i mean it is fighting with these that it is far away from their abilities as it was started by. my count 3 maybe. but not there but lots of that was the it is very far we thought we had meant this that ok iran
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completely denies that area measuring thank you thank you after the break. had riots music with boris johnson pushing for tougher sentences cracking down on left wing voices and deporting people of color has anything really changed in the past 100 years of british history we are coordinating alto saxophonist so we do can choose a new album the black apparel explores the legacy of $919.00 or more coming up about to a growing underground. you .
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know you're. kind of good intentions revived. in christian and maybe even 40 years ago. simply evaporated that's a pleasurable. welcome back in part one we heard about the world's worst humanitarian crisis which continues to involve boris johnson's government back home and only in power for a few months johnson has been assailed by critics and campaign groups for perceived tory injustices from deportation of british people of color to regressive law and order policies to the prescribing of progressive groups as terrorist threats the black peril the new album by multi mobile award winning sex office soweto kinch
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looks to the politics of 1919 to fight the establishment of 2020 joins me now it's a way to thanks for i don't have back on i'm going to get on to the album in a 2nd but the labor leadership debate on television here in britain jeremy corbyn outgoing said it was a case of a young white boy with blond hair related dabbled in class a drugs and conspired with a friend to beat up a journalist would they deport that boy or is it one rule for young black boys born in the caribbean and another for white boys born in the us. so it's fired any leader like that in the debate it's just a few days out we go and but i love the fact this is free wheeling shooting from the hip 2015 jeremy unfettered you have to explain to the audience how we can say that boris johnson in any way presumably the guy would want to dabbled in class a drugs conspired with a friend to beat up a journalist i mean this is defamation of our prime minister says the beautiful thing that sort of himself has said it michael gove himself the half of the front
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bench of admitted dabbling in class a drugs lost at university was disease this is the germ recording that we want to see more of in the last election frankly and any leader of the labor party any socialist leader is going to have to be a lot more confrontational direct irreverent all those things that we're dealing with in this clip. ok but the government is saying that the deportations of people of color are nothing to do with race or plus course or is not to do with it just so happens that there ought to make and then being sort of i mean this is the kind of poppycock gaslighting discussions of race from race that i think most people of color are being subjected to in the country there's something so overtly and obviously racist that's a dog whistle to most of the country there's still a an error plus a pool deniability about it as though what we've got to deal with criminality we've got to deal with drug abuse etc when you put these things empirically together then you realise it really has nothing to do with criminality and it's more about
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signifying to the rest of the country that we represent the interests of a white majority and will do anything to ever voices people's people from countries that we don't agree with lane or the government or completely deny that and i know i mean be feel free to talk about it in the context of 919 all those years ago but we have a more multi-colored cabinet there never never had a situation like that and you're talking about racism was a bit in the days of margaret thatcher this is just it i think they like to keep us disc. cussing racism is really superficial most pantomime level and we've had 2 female prime ministers both of them tories and yet living standards for the majority of women the degree of equal pay is still an issue neither premiership did much to advance the interest of true feminism and the same is true with the most diverse cabinet that we've had in history but yet the most xenophobic and openly hostile towards immigrants and refugees and so it's
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a way of brown washing if you like black and brown washing was still empirically the most racist in the phobic and white supremacist cabinet that we've ever had in this country again the government would deny that never said that you said but as to administrations it was in venice to resume not boris johnson took on an old style of course and you have to i mean this might seem quite tender gentle here but what the klu klux klan where hoods they don't walk around with a badge saying a member of the klu klux klan and this is all about signification it's all about subtlety and about giving a nod to people who do have those white supremacist views that were on your side well of course in fact it was the blairite and the blair labor body the broadly in the 20 or 7 act gordon brown the labor prime minister brought in legislation that allows deportation of people of color in the 1st place so it was a labor prime minister in 1945 clement attlee who described the west indian people people come from the colonies as an incursion so there's a long history of the labor party being complicit with tacit racism so i always
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want to get straight to the also and just tell me about the likely ireland why it has something to do with 919 and how it tells us something in 22 went absolutely the black peril is based on a very real history of race riots that was called race riots that took place 100 years ago in 1919 from liverpool to glasgow cardiff south shields whole areas that i didn't expect enough black people to even have a race riot in my history book what's interesting to me about this moment in 2020 and how it relates to the. 100 years ago is that. juncture where the working classes seem to be gaining more traction more awareness of commonality of interception at sea when there is a credible challenge to the establishment racism is always funneled out into these communities to basically help people against their natural allies really get on to how you translate that to music that you're talking about protests then what did you make of it when that list propped up of extinction rebellion and all these
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different groups greenpeace and oh they're going see the terrorist groups on that piece of paper this is the march of creeping fascism really there's no other way to describe it to prescribe certain groups and thoughts as banned as a parent is absolutely a sliding scale towards authoritarian fascism. is not the way to call it frankly what i do think though is that there are also preparing the ground for spontaneous insurrection spontaneous rage everyone's just really angry you find this in the interpersonal interactions you have of people in the train etc and i just find do yes not just everyone is wired so i think it's important to draw attention to these instances because they can't at the racism the racist superstructure underneath it it's not that i have any beef with a coach driver or trade train driver but it's also to signify to everyone else going through those situations you're not crazy you're not imagining this
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heightening of racial tension between people and let's step back and analyze this psychosis white psychosis that's being called who's really benefiting from it and he's been disadvantaged by it because it's my very strong contention that everybody is being disadvantaged by white supremacy including the supposed white working class you know the way these issues are covered in corporate media which is it's all about the oscars and the bafta and this kind of things you don't have much truck with the key. and it should be said malcolm x. never particularly addressed the oscars i don't know why that was or they're not mutually exclusive i think you can just as well have jay to pink it or you know it was complaining about the lack of diversity but we should always type back to people that my good friend kinda andrew is pointing out that there's a systemic and international racism that means that life outcomes you know infant mortality education housing these are the industries in which we can really measure
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racism and what racism really means is this because the class dimension is another superstructure which is why debate seems to just be confined to that oh good what if race didn't exist as a construct of people actually understood how engineer and artificial the whole thing the whole history of race was then we'd naturally find allies with people that we identify with i want to think that i found really key throughout the last election campaign was how they could create a shorthand for alien just venezuela a few of the buzz words and it seems to sum up everything that. we think of as anti british and. of course this country used to have and i'm going as far as 1919 but in the eighty's race today we had the coeditor on who said maybe diane abbott would never really been shattered secretary without a at least a magazine that was putting these in articulating these issues where they are all gone and i believe. that we live in
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a far more atomized society than we have any point in my in my memory even at the time of the mine destroyed the poll tax riots you know i still remember. very active working men's clubs very active organizations for unity solidarity of black and asian people students etc because the racism was so offensive and so clear you knew what the enemy was and the fact you had to organize had to be solidarity and collective action to overcome those things when out of. that thought try. ideal of anyone being able to make it on their own pull themselves up by the bootstraps has filtered down and cross roots organizations and we no longer feel that need to have collective action and they are mindful of another fact you can be pointed out. in 919 marcus garvey had over 6000000 members of the un i.a.e.a. with no facebook no instagram to speak of no phones widely but the conditions of
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oppression was so clear the material disadvantage was so obvious that we had to organize and i think now would be living under this delusion that things have somehow improved because we've had a black president and a few black m.p.'s you know i should say the 9091 politics right actually brought down that have to say with the labor leadership going on here strong lisa nally all these different candidates who weren't really great friends arguably of jeremy corbyn they will be emphasizing their anti racist and identity politics credentials to take over what corbin has created is the largest socialist movement in west europe. i say this to many people have discussions about politics with really cut through all the rhetoric all of the ballast all of the. platitudes and what is their voting record what are their policies if you looked into the house that famous image of the vote in the house when the vote was going down around the world
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and rush scandal just before it was even a scandal only 3 members of parliament turned up to vote against that bill and we know who they were dying john mcdonald in germany called in everybody else even david levy who i think is a fantastic voice against this injustice didn't vote against it when they had the opportunity and that should tell us something really clear about that posture who they like the pope and who actually backs their words with action ok with joe musically let's talk about the music on the album how we reflect take all the complexity and i have to say you probably do reflect it really well try musically how did you go about reflecting such implicit plex of the music i mean any pretensions so accurately depicting all the forms of black music that were around a 100 years ago would have been pretentious but i was very inspired by the research that i did there would about read music that you wrote play write music that in some instances i was reconstructing historical music with write music specifically
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as a piece i wanted to chinle in energy a feeling of terror and excitement that black music has given us historically and still gives us today i find whether it's drill jungle our you know double bass grime all these forms of music that we've innovated here in the u.k. . there's both this powerful revulsion and tara that we seem to enjoy and oh my gosh the young generation are losing their way to the metropolitan police is interested in july music this is the 1st time in recorded history. had a song banned and were banned from performing it so that's a worrying precedent prescribing certain forms of music and not. but also we're fascinated by black culture we want to emulate it and i think it's this tension in britain that we love your reggae love your calling to fall in love everything about you but you think that you think you're going to support drill minister for mayor of london for that made me into a minister need to be build and we've discussed that we talked up
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a little bit another thing the great friend of mine and music pioneer because there was pointed out. you know black liberation figures are often global liberation figures because they say if you at the bottom of some suppose that hierarchy can liberate yourselves emancipate yourselves then we all can. thank you thank you and so waiters album the black peril is out now and in a moment he'll play us out with riots music from the album will be back on wednesday ahead of the nevada democratic presidential caucus to talk d.n.c. voter electoral fraud with the diana vote at justice greg lasted till then keep in touch via social media here's a way to can't with write music. this
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is. a saddam. was trying to straddle the battle so what about his stuff it just kind of just kind of trying to have his dad and his head up with the kids. not excited about is this always going to. be pretty. soon i was right in the piece of. overhead. when i was. so late to a standstill how do you still stand and how do you. how do they. how they will tell you.
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why they. come and see come. on. the. boys like the fold. it seems the point is. it's disappointing in closing the book because the stories of the office of the father was that the composition terrifies you because it's. called this is called a 6 also to see. the proof. of the statement that the use of the presence of it to be present for your press to get the free 27 feet. 7 feet tall and i believe. is the right.
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i can't show you my face but i'm going to teach you must store in 9093 this man was sentenced to do. they get charged with capital murder even though he didn't have the gun didn't pull the trigger didn't intend to kill anybody imagine living in your bathroom for that week with his turn of the 23. confined within 4 gray walls the phone it's using. turn on to help him to leave this room. 6 guys are spread full survival job. when customers go by your surprise. they're now well reduce and lower. that's undercutting but what's good for market is back here to the
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global economy. bad lines the sad french politicians who granted political asylum to russian artists and i demand he sent back home that after his arrest over an incident the group down a key ally the president. also this hour russia's foreign minister accuses the us of openly creating conditions poise short and medium range missiles in europe and asia but he welcomes the french president's proposal to discuss an arms control with moscow and forest johnson is facing coast to sack an 8 known to his extreme views on race and eugenics it comes as an open rebellion sajid number 10 over the hiring. also people in the african nation of ghana are dying of cancer and other a rethink diseases because the west uses it as a dumping ground for electronic quotes.


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