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tv   News  RT  February 17, 2020 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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french politicians who granted political asylum to russian artists are now demanding he sent back home after his arrest over an instant that brought down a key ally the president. also this hour russia's foreign minister accused the u.s. of openly creating the conditions to deploy short medium range missiles in europe and asia it has welcomed the french president's proposal to discuss arms control with moscow and an advisor to the u.k. government resigns after a backlash over his extreme heat from the rights and eugenics so to come people in the african nation of ghana dying of cancer and other diseases as the west uses it as a dumping ground for electronic whites. to
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decide them in france is at the center of a political scandal there french lawmakers are demanding that. he is sent back to russia after he was arrested for posting footage that brought down president micron's candidate for paris mayor with more details his shot at the. your dad pub lenski is a political refugee here in france but it seems even he is too hot to handle with these latest allegations even members of my own party and are calling for him to be sent back to russia if you get this guy out he's a political refugee he behaves like the 1st thing to do would be to put him on a plane straight to russia and he will see with mr putin if you can do this kind of crap this comes after the latest scandal involving pawlenty ski this follows the
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dissemination of videos and photos on the internet last week of benjamin cleaver a key ally of the president back on his former spokesperson now linsky and his partner were taken in by the police and they were questioned in regards to those videos questioned in 2 invasion of privacy and broadcasting videos of a sexual nature without the permission of the person who is in those videos the interior minister here in france has said he should face the full weight of the law if he did you feel casting certain videos without the consent of the author or subject to criminal sanctions in our country resulting in a substantial fine and 2 years imprisonment and these offenses must obviously be prosecuted it is a matter of respect for democratic rules and this is not the 1st time that pawlenty ski has been headline news here in france he was recently accused of brandishing
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a weapon a knife or to a new year's eve party and of injuring 2 of the party goers at that event further back he was also found guilty of setting light to the doors of the bank of france in the basti area in fact he is currently serving a suspended sentence for that criminal act in france and that comes after a series of stunts that he pulled in russia of a similar. criminal nature. russia
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it's sometimes difficult to be an answer. yes especially for one makes a political declaration out of his art that's the case of for that poverty and we already know and he's just been arrested for setting the door of the former k.g.b. building on fire. so it's not clear where the pov linsky will be sent back to russia chucked out of france or whether he will face the music here and those possible criminal charges what we do know is that his political asylum here has become an embarrassment to the french authorities. the u.s. is creating conditions to deploy short medium range missiles in europe and asia according to russia's foreign minister in his news briefing at the munich security conference sergei lavrov added to that washington is not even hiding its preparations after abandoning a key arms control treaty with moscow peter all of his more details circular for
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over was wrapping up events at this weekend's munich security conference and he took aim at the united states and made claims that washington had deliberately collapse the intermediate range nuclear forces 'd treaty i.n.f. treaty for their own means their own games that they wanted and as far as russia saw the intention was for the united states to try and set up miss aisles in places around the. world when it came to russia looking for partners in the west particularly on this issue moscow seems to be looking towards paris that's after water money with the french president had to say here in munich on saturday with what the u.s. was destroyed the treaty you know is actively working on the conditions to deploy these missiles burned some time ago in europe and asia they're not even hiding or denying this mr michael suggested a dialogue between nato and russia and france is looking to the future thinking
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progress sickly and is open for dialogue with everything michael said regarding his attitude towards sanctions and russia this thing time he called to face up to realities russia exists and russia influences procedures in the world of the e.u. high representative for foreign affairs sensually the e.u. foreign minister used his speech at the munich security conference to say that the time is now for europe to start acting more independently you don't have to develop the willingness to. really not be doing cummins and saying every day that we had really very much concern the extremely concerned we should be able to pick the real takeaway from this year's security conference here in munich was the very clear split between the united states and europe particularly france and germany when it came to the role that western nations should be playing on the world stage operation sophia which is concerning the arms embargo to libya we saw that austria
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vetoed the project so the whole project collapsed because arthur was saying that it would be thousands of immigrants entering europe and the european union brussels producing what he was going to be stopping arms entering media so we're trying to see cracks in this comedy now and see what our house and they're free we've been hearing voices recently you know people saying that they maybe don't want to depend so much on the u.s. oh we've seen 2 wars many wars in the x. you saw you know a war going on in the europe. on european soil and we saw you see in most situations that washington was pulling the strings and i think at that time european politicians a little there at a washington that they were not to intervene on european soil and it's extremely interesting today to hear that european politicians prominent european politicians are saying well maybe it's time europe the european union take its own future is true in its own hands and they want to discuss independent. an advisor to the u.k. prime minister has resigned amid an outcry over his views on race and eugenics after
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several quotes and tweets by andras obesity dating back several years were published in the media era chewed up as more. one way to get around the problem of unplanned pregnancies creating a permanent underclass would be to legally enforce universal uptake of long term contraception at the onset of puberty usually x. or about selecting for good things if the mean black american i.q. is around 85 as compared to a mean white american i.q. of 100 we are close to the typical boundary of mild mental retardation just 27 years old was appointed by chief aide dominic cummings after he put out a job description requesting misfits and weirdos apply which was circulated by his blog though not a permanent member of staff who does work on special projects and his comments have deeply upset and lots of a people as you can imagine and court outrage amongst
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a number of politicians so when dominic cummings put out an advert for weirdos to work in number 10 it turns out he meant supporters of eugenics deeply sinister and use a biscuit should be nowhere near government so biskit describes herself as a political forecaster but following his very public statements and his actions on social media one of which involved deleting tweets where he called a number of female labor day in many of. sizing his appointment and wondering how he managed to get through and apparently strict government writing process. now you have fears of being raised over what's become one of the west's biggest dumping grounds for electronic waste the african country of ghana everything from mobile phones to compete is are being burned releasing highly toxic chemicals known to cause deadly diseases including cancer.
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don't you file would be going to count more than any day which i. know will feed you with such as you said to do to be so i got a few words from the margarine before the see it was 70 was for 32 more words in my head i had the because he did end up in debates. with the writing from the european. trip or of a review of $300.00 of them. for what.
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it can be trying generation now transfer. to my child and might do. it. i did before you my plagues of improvements in the probe and making are probably the city you know in africa. but we have contacted ghana's environment ministry as well as the president's office for comment on this story although so far we haven't had a reply. now the chinese government has condemned the spread of conspiracy theories over the coronavirus us politicians including senator tom cotton suggested barra's
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may have started in a biological weapons lab in the city of blue. we also know that just a few miles away from the food market is china's only biosafety level 4 super laboratory research of human infectious diseases reapplied consistently about this virus to me so we should not take their words at face value it's a very harmful it's very dangerous to stop suspicion rumors and spread them among the people for one thing and this will create panic another says that friend of racial discrimination as you know for all of this in which on his handling of the corona virus outbreak has been widely criticised in the western media some outlets have accused beijing of falsifying data and covering up the scale of the crisis meanwhile the world health organization has said unfounded dream is making it harder to deal with the outbreak. the 29000 and outbreak and response has been
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accompanied by a massive info demick an overabundance of information some accurate and some not that makes it hard for people to find trustworthy sources and reliable guidance when they need it. ok we can talk about this issue a bit further now because joining us is dr parkman wang he's a senior lecturer at the department of politics and university of bath and also there is at daniel koblick he's a human labor rights lawyer and joins us from the united states you both very welcome thanks for your time tonight dr wong can i just start with you what do you make of these latest claims particularly from the u.s. senator cotton that this virus may have emanated originated from a laboratory in with is he right to suggest this is one possibility. well of course senator cotton has the right to the suggestion but i would advise that anyone express
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a high profile politician who would like to make this kind of suggestion it's better to back up africans i think in the case of the war is a tool viral it is true that it is r.p. for. board 3 with the highest security kiran's is the only one in china which is open to the world but however if you look at the track record of the one instead of r o g it's actually the lead researcher yes a reputable international 40 all these thought the off. virus and she actually or has been all what have should be published the the scientific papers have collaborators not just in china but also in you notice that he's in australia and singapore these are top ranking scientists so i think if these are the case that senator cotton is making i think these also we need to look into very carefully if
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all these are having to do with these international network of top ranking scientists or not is a complicated case let's just bring in dan here dan just generally speaking how do you think china has dealt with the crisis because before you both came and we heard from a spokesperson for china i think the chinese are employed to the un saying look a lot of rumors are being spread about china unfairly what are your thoughts down. well from what i can tell china has been reacting very well to the crisis they quickly put up to hospitals to deal with the crisis which you know i can't imagine the us being able to pull off such a feat here. you know they core entire team you know all of the proper province. you know they seem to be making best efforts to deal with the crisis there is some evidence that in fact the crisis may be abating. so i don't
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see a lot to criticize here in terms of china's reaction don't you wonder there are complaints if i can call it that that the u.s. has offered help for example to china itself or to send scientists to china to find find out because with of this particular outbreak but china has rejected this and also senator cotton says look can this laboratory hand over evidence just to clear up exactly what was being tested there why doesn't china just agree to that no i think i think what china has done china is open and welcoming international efforts to. investigate these old brick so what china has stunned to opened and invited to. by the. organization instead of just a single country for the united states so i don't think the united states should
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get the way it is being rejected because china is just basically saying that we are open to international investigation but it has to be led by international organization between the united nations which is the world health organization. dan i noticed this story which been following very closely at the start the narrative is very positive towards china look they've come out they've taken for kone measures this is what is needed but i am sensing perhaps things are changing and people accusing china of covering things up without actually explicitly showing any evidence and also suggesting you know they could have been the ones responsible for this virus i just wonder from your perspective g. think that this is now being politicized quite a lot. i do think it's being politicized it's not only politicized in the sense that there's criticisms of the chinese government you know there's also a lot of acts against chinese nationals in the united states and even you know
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chinese individuals who've lived in the u.s. for many years a lot of chinese have been complaining they've lost business over this some chinese nationals have been attacked in the united states and so not only is the chinese government being blamed for this but the chinese people themselves which makes absolutely no sense but it's part of this yellow scare that is you know frankly has been underneath the surface in the u.s. for a long time but now is really bubbling to the surface because of this crisis dr wong if you notice this because i know that you work in the u.k. have you noticed an increase in xenophobia or how have people treated treated yourself for example. well i honestly i don't have and can't and the. race or pills or discrimination or my own but i heard the needles in the. piece of solved discrimination against and not just
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ties people but asian people who wear a mask ok i think i think i think this has to do with the sort of. believe that these corno are as is a tribute to the problematic habits of wildlife anymore among the chinese people and also as you say there are locations which are suggesting. there is leak from the war. for. i think i think these are allegations and suggestion i'm making is basically trying to brain the outbreak of the corn the virus to chinese people in china and if you look at these claims and these are location carefully up to now in the scientific circle we still do not have 100 percent than to suggest that these spyros is indeed coming from any wildlife any more number one and number 2 we still don't have any of evidence
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to substantiate that these virus is a leak from. the or viral so so so these are very problematic claims but unfortunately these feel the discriminator of unseen the active tools of some of the people here. dan do you can you understand why people might be confused with what's going on in terms of just to a member of the public because we see what's going on in china draconian laws down almost a 1000000000 people in lockdown but then when you listen to western media particularly western politicians they say don't worry you know the flu can kill more people so clearly if you're looking around the world different governments are treating it very differently is a member of the public could be a bit confused about how serious all this is than. well certainly people you know can be confused and that's understandable but to me what's not
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understandable is that you know you turn that confusion into you know fear of an entire nation like china fear of chinese people anger towards chinese people that is unacceptable and you do see that happening in the united states and i think that the government of the u.s. in the media have some responsibility for that ok gentry look we're going to have to leave it there thank you both for coming on tonight that was dr parkman one senior lecturer in the part of politics university both in the u.k. and also done coverage there in the u.s. he's a human labor rights lawyer thank you. canadian psychiatry and best selling author if you wouldn't peterson has been receiving detox treatment in russia according to his daughter she spoke to our cities oksana because i've had hundreds and hundreds of people reach out telling me they've had the same experience with benzodiazepines so i think that there's
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a huge misunderstanding about the dangers of physical dependence regarding specifically this class of drugs north america the medical industry is heavily like wow if you go to medical school out of the courses and take are backed by the pharmaceutical companies part of the reason we thought russia was a good option is because the medical system here isn't as backed by pharmaceutical companies as it is in north america people who are meaning well go to medicine medical school and are perhaps taught by the wrong people and then end up over prescribing and peterson there are also said that her father suffered from the extreme reaction after being prescribed a high dose of pills to tackle anxiety and that he almost lost his life. takes up the story. what is the price of living a life like that of jordan peterson a number of emotional breakdowns by the canadian who's become known as the world's top self-help guru have been caught on camera another comes up to me and said look
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i've been listening to what you've been seeing for 6 months and it's changed my life you started cleaning up my room and telling the truth just one of frank you for helping me you'd think a widely cited academic and author of a global bestseller explaining how to fix your life wouldn't have any problems with keeping his old in order but lately professor peterson's been in a real trouble with his health this is what his daughter has told us in 2017 there was a really terrible auto immune reaction to it and he went to our family doctor and was prescribed. and he took it for a number of weeks and then became physically dependent which we weren't aware of until earlier this year when my mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer his doesn't come as a fan was increased and when he realized he was experiencing not only
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a paradoxical reaction which is when the medication does the opposite of what it's supposed to but he had also become physically dependent so we're trying to get out he tried to get off of that number of time to and just experienced like horrific withdrawal so what's with this medication it's part of a family of drugs commonly known as minor tranquilizers it's generally viewed as see if an effective for short term use but for long term that's when the ad times real trouble kicks in and he was prescribed an anti-anxiety medication at a low dose it wasn't something that rung any warning bells quickly remind you of who exactly jordan peterson is a professor of psychology at the university of toronto his speeches and interviews have attracted tremendous public attention. videos featuring jordan peterson are watched by millions online crowds as big as those that turn out for football matches gather to hear his lectures worldwide but just as much as he inspired some
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57 year old professor embittered a full auto army of haters all because of his bid to challenge political correctness the man widely seen as a right wing celebrity is loathed by the left for things like once going against gender neutral pronouns so earlier this month peterson's daughter shocked his followers with this update on his health he's been in unbearable discomfort from this made worse when trying to remove their reaction made him suicidal the peterson family say they had a real hard time for finding a place for successful treatment choosing russia as a place to go for health treatment is this something somebody from north america one usually until we looked all over the world for someplace that went to. a benzodiazepine talks couldn't really find any place that would do that certainly not in north america coming here in china to tocs was our last option really seems to be slowly recovering but will the man who try to hope mankind up with an
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antidote to chaos be able to find one for all the disorder in and around his own life. you can actually watch the full interview with mikhail peterson a little to the pots on our website dot com so that side of things looking to save you can as usual in about how often are. survival guide book stacy goes to the store and. says. he should. replace. the 70. percent. of her.
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i 1st heard about with nukes. from the helicopter folks in iraq. i seem to down a single woman in the u.s. military who have never forgiven for this guy's a traitor a treasonous and and he has broken every law united states illegally shoot some of us really historic to have. independent journalist a guy with his puter to see and sue is a lot of crimes and to a global audience. the idea of developing an anonymous digital top box and applying it to a media organization is because he hates that was the 1st. and didn't control
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interest i had 15 would be for a short while world right and wrong and one of the world's most powerful news organizations furious and except for founder julian a song in the sun only in the uk and there was a great deal of jealous in the mainstream towards them for a pill of why i wanted to be more like off they have to steam off smearing feces on the walls. since my explicitly. we have julia. in solitary confinement in the prison for terrorists a way to keep the house alive person. i don't see him dying me i pressed him. and i think that's what he's facing.
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