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wow it was. french politicians who brought his political asylum to a russian artists are now calling for him to be deported as long as there's a rest over an incident that bore down a key ally of president looks like. russia's foreign minister accuses the us of both really creating conditions to deploy short to medium range missiles in europe and asia. an advisor to the u.k. government resigns after a backlash over his extreme views on braised and eugenics. some people in the african nation of ghana are dying of cancer and other horrific diseases as the west uses it as a dumping ground for electronic waste. to
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. a warm welcome to you this is r.t. international with me if you erin great to have you with us your russian shock artist who was granted asylum in france is at the center of a political scandal french lawmakers are demanding petra pawlenty ski is sent back to russia after he was arrested for posting 1st pitch that brought down president candidate for paris mare solo dubinsky explains. your dad pub lenski is a political refugee here in france but it seems even he is too hot to handle with these latest allegations even members of macaroons own party and are calling for him to be sent back to russia if you get this guy out he's a political refugee he behaves like a the 1st thing to do would be to put him on a plane straight to russia and he will see with mr putin if you can do this kind of crap this comes after the latest scandal involving pav lengthy this follows the dissemination of videos and photos on the internet last week of benjamin cleaver
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a key ally of president mack on his former spokesperson now linsky and his partner were taken in by the police and they were questioned in regards to those videos questioned into invasion of privacy and broadcasting videos of a sexual nature without the permission of the person who is in those videos the interior minister here in france has said he should face the full weight of the law if it did you feel casting certain videos without the consent of the author or subject to criminal sanctions in our country resulting in a substantial fine and 2 years imprisonment and these offenses must obviously be prosecuted it is a matter of respect for democratic rules and this is not the 1st time that pawlenty ski has been headline news here in france he was recently accused of brandishing a weapon a knife or to a new year's eve party and of injuring 2 of the party goers at that event
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further back he was also found guilty of setting light to the doors of the bank of france in the basti area in fact he is currently serving a suspended sentence for that criminal act in france and that comes after a series of stunts that he pulled in russia of a similar. lakesha. russia
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it's sometimes difficult to be an artist yes especially when makes a political declaration out of his art that's the case of so that poverty and who we already know and who's just you know arrested for setting the door of the former k.g.b. building on fire. so it's not clear whether pav linsky will be sent back to russia chucked out of france or whether he will face the music here and those possible criminal charges what we do know is that his political asylum here has become an embarrassment to the french authorities. russia's foreign minister has accused the us are preparing to deploy short and mid range missiles in europe and asia the weapons were previously banned under the i.n.f. arms treaty peace out of a port circular for of was wrapping up of ends at this weekend's munich security conference he took aim at the united states and made claims that washington had
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deliberately collapse the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty i.n.f. treaty for their own means their own games that they wanted and as far as russia saw the intention was for the united states to try and set up missiles in places around the world when it came to russia looking for partners in the west particularly on this issue moscow seems to be looking towards paris that's after water money were in my column the french president had to say here in munich concert today with. the us was destroyed the treaty you know is actively working on the conditions to deploy these missiles burned some time ago in europe and asia they're not even hiding or denying this mr michael suggested a dialogue between nato and russia and france is looking to the future thinking progress and is open for dialogue with everything michael said regarding his attitude towards sanctions and russia and the thing time he called to freeze up 2 realities russia exists and russia influences procedures in the world of the e.u.
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high representative for foreign affairs here said century the e.u. foreign minister used his speech at the munich security conference to say that the time is now for europe to start acting more independently you don't have to develop the willingness to. really. to be doing commence and in saying every day that we had really good very much conserve the extremely concerned we should be able to. the real takeaway from this year's security conference here in munich was the very clear split between the united states and europe particularly france and germany when it came to the role that western nations should be playing on the world stage toshio which is concerning an arms embargo to libya we saw that austria vetoed the project so the whole project collapsed because i was saying that this would be the sounds of immigrants entering europe and the european union brussels producing what he was going to be stopping arms entering libya so we're trying to see cracks in
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this common i would say what our house and they're free we've been hearing voices recently you know people saying that they maybe don't want to depend so much on the u.s. we've seen 2 wars many wars in the x. you thought you know a war going on in the ukraine that means underpin so long and we saw you see in both situations that washington was pulling the strings and i think at that time european politicians didn't dare tell washington that they were not to intervene on european soil and it's extremely interesting today to hear that european politicians prominent european politicians are saying that well maybe it's time to europe the european union take its own future it is true to its own hands and be able to discuss independent. an advisor to the u.k. prime minister has resigned amid an outcry over his views on raise the ante genex that's after several quotes and tweets by address the biscay dating back several years were published in the media is now dearest here to report one way to get
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around the problem of unplanned pregnancies creating a permanent underclass would be to legally enforced universal uptake of long term contraception at the onset of puberty usually about selecting for good things. if the mean black american i.q. is around 85 as compared to a mean white american i.q. of 100 we're close to the typical boundary of mild mental retardation just 27 years old was appointed by chief aide dominic cummings after he put out a job description requesting misfits and weirdos apply which was circulated by his blog though not a permanent member of staff he does work on special projects and his comments have deeply upset and lots of people as you can imagine and coursed outrage amongst a number of politicians so when dominic cummings put out an advert for weirdos to work in number 10 it turns out he meant supporters of eugenics deeply sinister and
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use a b. sc you should be nowhere near government so biskit describes itself as a political forecaster but following his very public statements and his actions on social media one of which involved deleting tweets where he called a number of female labor m.p.'s it dim many are criticizing his appointment and wondering how on earth he managed to get through an apparently strict government vetting process. major health fairs are being raised over what's become one of the west's biggest dumping grounds for electronic waste the african country of garner everything from mobile phones to computers are being burned to the everlasting highly toxic chemicals known to cause deadly diseases including cancer.
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don't you fall would become to. do anything which is noble to do with such as you said today to be so guarded i've got a few words from the margin for the card since it was 17 votes for 3 more words in my head that i had to eat because i doubt he'd end up in debate. ready for the european. trip or for that i believe. the 100 of them. for like 20 quid if.
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it can be trying generation now transfer i can pass it to my child and might do it imo so pass it. by we get dre did before you my pledge will be proven standard in the cards and make your proud to be in the city you know in africa. because it's a good we can talk to gone as environment ministry and president's office for comments will let you know if we hit back from them. now the chinese government has condemned the spread of conspiracy theories over the coronavirus earlier u.s. politicians including senator tom cotton suggested the virus that may have started in a biological weapons lab in the city of. we also know that just a few miles away from the food market is china's only bio safety level 4 super
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laboratory that researches human infectious diseases we have lied consistently about this virus to me so we should not take their words at face value it's very harmful it's very dangerous to stir up suspicion rumors and spread them among the people for one thing and this will create panic another says that friend. racial discrimination is you know phobia or this in china's handling of the corona virus outbreak has been widely criticised in the western media some outlets of accuse beijing of falsifying data and covering up the scale of the crisis meanwhile the world health organization has said unfounded rumors are making it harder to deal with the outbreak the 2900. responses being accompanied by a massive info demick an overabundance of information some accurate and some not that makes it hard for people to find trustworthy sources and reliable guidance
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when they need it because some reaction to the story from human rights lawyer daniel and political scientists pack. i think these are allegations and suggestion i'm making is basically trying to brave the outbreak of the corn the virus to chinese people in china and if you look at these claims and these are location carefully up to now in the scientific circle we still do not have 100 percent of the to suggest that that these why rose he's indeed coming from any wildlife any more number one and number 2 we still don't have and if the evidence to substantiate that these virus is a leak from. viral i do think it's being politicized it's not only politicized in the sense that there's criticisms of the chinese government but the chinese people themselves which makes absolutely no sense but it's part of this yellow scare that is you know frankly has been underneath the surface in the u.s.
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for a long time but now is really bubbling to the surface because of this crisis and i think that the government of the u.s. in the media have some responsibility for that economically. or in the one china's economy or these 3 is going to war. and for a slowdown in one more tool it brings far more uncertainty to global economy in the coming months and the thirty's since we do not know when this outbreak we eventually disappear and then the it also a. fact of uncertainty to to grow the economy i mean china's economy is so big that you know this could really impact the world economy could affect the gross domestic product of many countries certainly will affect china's but
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certainly many others that trade with china you know it could even have an impact on the u.s. on the u.s. stock market and again on the u.s. gross domestic product we'll have to see. you know how that turns out. those are common the program canadian psychologist jordan peterson has been undergoing treatments in russia we have details on the stories after the break.
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boeing they used to have unions at these companies to protect workers' wages but they got rid of all they don't need workers to keep printing money and say ok well these are the products without boeing is saying we don't make products either we will make bad products will fall out of the sky kill people but we still get the bailout money every single day because to put it toward corrupt crony capitalist shareholders of course we go. welcome back the canadians like colleges down bestselling author julian peterson has been receiving detox treatments in russia according to his daughter she spoke to aussies oak saw the boy code and explained why her father decided to seek help
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in russia i've had hundreds and hundreds of people reach out telling me they've had the same experience with benzodiazepines so i think that there's a huge misunderstanding about the dangers of physical dependence regarding specifically this class of drugs north america the medical industry is heavily like wow if you go to medical school a lot of the courses and take are backed by the pharmaceutical companies part of the reason we thought russia was a good option is because the medical system here isn't as backed by farmer so as it is north america people who are meaning well go to med school medical school and are perhaps taught by the wrong people and then end up over prescribing mckayla peterson also said that her father suffered an extreme reaction after being prescribed a high dose of pills to talk along xyzzy and that it almost cost him his life. takes up the story. what is the price of living a life like that of jordan peterson
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a number of emotional breakdowns by the canadian who's become known as the world's top self-help guru have been caught on camera the mother comes up to me and. said look i've been listening to what you've been seeing for 6 months and it's changed my life and started cleaning up my room and telling the truth just one of frank you for helping me you'd think a widely cited academic and author of a global bestseller explaining how to fix your life wouldn't have any problems with keeping his old in order but lately professor peterson's been in a real trouble with his health this is what his daughter has told us in 2017 there was a really terrible auto immune reaction to it and he went to our family doctor and was prescribed. and he took it for a number of weeks and then became physically dependent which we weren't aware of until earlier this year when my mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer his dose of
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and was increased and we realized he was experiencing not only a paradoxical reaction which is when the medication does the opposite of what it's supposed to but he had also become physically dependent so we're trying to get out she tried to get off of that number of time to and just experienced like horrific withdrawal so what's with this medication it's part of a family of drugs commonly known as minor tranquilizers it's generally viewed as see if an effective for short term use but for long term that's when the ad times real trouble kicks in and he was prescribed an anti-anxiety medication at a low dose it wasn't something that rung any warning bells quickly remind you of who exactly jordan peterson is a professor of psychology at the university of toronto his speeches and interviews have attracted tremendous public attention. videos featuring jordan peterson are watched by millions online crowds as big as those that turn out for football
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matches gather to hear his lectures worldwide but just as much as he inspired some 57 year old professor embittered a full auto army of haters all because of his bid to challenge political correctness the man widely seen as a right wing celebrity is loathed by the left for things like once going against gender neutral pronouns so earlier this month peterson's daughter shocked his followers with this update on his health he's been in unbearable discomfort from this drug made worse when trying to remove their reaction made him suicidal the peterson family say they had a real hard time for finding a place for successful treatment choosing russia as a place to go for health treatment is this something somebody from north america when usually until we looked all over the world for someplace that was. invented as a talks couldn't really find any place that would do that certainly not in north
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america coming here into detoxed was our last option really seems to be slowly recovering but will the man who try to hope mankind up with an antidote to chaos be able to find one for all the disorder in and around his own life it could launch that full interview with mechanic peterson on worlds apart on a website called. off to head to feet in the last u.s. presidential election hillary clinton appeared to have stepped back from high level politics but there is growing speculation she could now make a surprise. love doesn't mean he will resign a year after winning so hillary can take over by a back door to have the picks hillary as a v.p.
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running mate would significantly reduce their life expectancy man i would not want my life to be the only thing standing between hillary clinton and her presidency just see. we are focused on the primary and the debate not the peace speculation. i know hillary clinton is not flawless no candidate here but she is the right choice. it would be foolish to deny the rumor because because bloomberg has come in so bizarrely late to the campaign clinton is a more national figure than bloomberg is she has a much larger and level of name recognition she's known by many many more people
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what's especially telling is it shows the desperation of the democratic party to allow somebody to come in at this late and had the d.n.c. to try to push him to the front really turning the whole primary process into a joke i mean this is i mean this is nonsense you know come into the the entire presidential campaign process after major primaries have already happened mids it's it's bizarre so yes it is the exact type of long shot desperate type of thing that you would do in that type of circumstance meanwhile presidential hopefuls are using every tool at their disposal to win votes. and to that means. reaching your audience can be a make or break when it comes to winning an election and 2020 has presented candidates in the u.s. with new challenges like appealing to an online crowd but well. although america's the greatest nation in the world we still face many modern problems. and
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modern problems require modern solutions and if you wondering what the hell that was well that's i mean pitches spread online they are the newest wrinkle in the big shot political game. donald trump has been rocky dragon's daddy as the king of the mean realm and not only his presidential crown but he's virtual one too is now in jeopardy the democrats have mean squads fighting on their side to bernie sanders has bernie bros
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a grassroots fun base photoshopping his face in the name of humanity elizabeth warren now has a war in me team which is posting some weird stuff like this and lo and behold michael bloomberg is entering the ring. how do you follow kid's life but bloomberg scum pain team is dead serious about their intentions while a mean strategy may be due to presidential politics were bad it will be a fact of component to reach people where they are it could be it was president trump's powerful digital operation is already. more than $300000000.00 on advertising and that's an odd $100000000.00 more than all of his democratic rivals combined and there are plenty of people eager to take bloomberg millions to get him online attention.
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and. hello juice boys can you post in the original mean to make me look cool for the upcoming democratic primary i don't think so to be honest your vibe is kind of off i put lamborghini door on the escalate. hello mr side can you make a viral me to let the younger demographic know i'm cool candidate. mr tank i've been waiting for my mean for so long that i've learned how to make me lose myself in photoshop. yeah who would have thought money can't buy you love or make you funny either apparently internet this some great campaign is enough to get your attention we're
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talking about it people are talking about it but the voters are going to want to go to the next step to say ok what do you have to say that's going to be the problem because there's no desire here is your big what if he will pay money among people to get his message out in terms of visibility but when it comes time to convince the voters that's what matters. thanks the chasing aussie international join us again and 30 minutes. in the troubled 19 seventies a group of killers rampage through parts of northern ireland that was coordinated loyalist attacks protect the only catholic population in belfast tens of thousands
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were forced to flee their homes and what was striking about these attacks was that the are you see the police actually took part in the attacks so instead of preventing they were active participants and the burning of coal streets in belfast at the hague more than a 100 innocent civilians were murdered as the review can seniors and we found out more i was surprised about the extent and of the currents which the pollution was involved in some of those cases the killers would later be named into the now we're getting i think it went to the very very top i think it is. the water where all the taste and you thought was going on and give the go ahead. in the united states presidential candidates debate the future of the u.s. and the world. max kaiser and stacy herbert dig into the burning questions of this
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election cycle one self big every week. tax student debt trade was corporate money universal basic income and more catch up with what's front running this sunday exclusively on r.t. . doesn't want to for them disappear a minute in the still was enough to live in them obviously matter of job but why they are that i should choose to some woman. want to visit the robot or one of the doors to open the door of the old. the intimate act simple at the back with 2
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