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tv   News  RT  February 18, 2020 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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was. it was your group was. more than $100.00 doctors from around the world signed a letter condemning the british government's treatment of jewry in a song. and surveilled a young sex trafficking victim in the u.k. didn't receive any support from the old dorothy or the case ended up in the high court will hear from her lawyer. it's completely unacceptable that someone so vulnerable and someone so at risk every trafficking was not provided with the support and the accommodation that they say desperately needed. on facebook last month like the book's a social media giant sees more regulation from governments to tackle harmful contents.
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when will continue watching r t international with me becky aaron now our top story this hour doctors from around the world have condemned the british government's handling of the julian assange case they claim the wiki leaks founder is being subjected to psychological torture in prison more than $100.00 doctors have signed a joint letter urging the u.k. authorities to take action they also called on the australian government to intervene to protect its citizen is the 4th doctor's letter since the songs were made his 1st court appearance and documented a history of denial of access to health care and prolonged psychological torture it requested that the songs be transferred from beaumont prison to university teaching hospital for medical assessment and treatment faced with evidence of untreated i'm only going to watch it also raises the question is dishonest fitness to participate in the u.s. extradition proceedings. next to make us face is
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a herring on his possible extradition to the u.s. where he's been charged with hacking and espionage ahead of that's the current wiki leaks editor in chief condemns the u.k. inaction is a publishing company. and what's at stake is not just. close to you it's a. crazy 175 years in prison if you go to those. in the future to do this that's how important is this is the producer on to listen. australian and pay george christensen has visited our sons in prison and says the condition of the journalists is frightening. spike in this wake with professor nils melzer the un special rapporteur on torture. who come to the opinion along with a number of medical experts that julian assange was exhibiting the symptoms of psychological torture visited julian assange. and are going to say there's nothing
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that i saw or that actually. discredited what those doctors and what mills melzer said he is exhibiting signs of disorientation. he did tell us about being kept in severe isolation and ongoing us a lot of going to psych technically within belmarsh prison the conditions of the subject to apparently. but when you kept by yourself a 20 to 22 as a die with that minimal human contact you're effectively ocelot and so all of that has led to i guess at the plated state of health for julian a songe and i don't think it's fair or told to extradite an australian citizen. at of one foreign country into another foreign country to face charges for what for reporting on the facts. meanwhile the guardian newspaper has published
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a feature article on plans to tackle media repression by the british special envoy on press freedom lol clooney however one key detail has been omitted toonies links to julian assange and his case in particular despite the fact is one of the highest profile cases of a journalist being persecuted in the country the guardian's article focused on clooney plans to propose to sanction all those who participate in jailing journalists for their work including ministers and prosecutors something that hasn't happened in a songes case they are the article didn't even mention clooney was actually a songes lawyer during the swedish extradition proceedings against him in 2015 the emission house directly plenty directed plenty of anger towards the guardian congratulations are in order to the guardian's patrick wintour who's managed to write a whole article on global media suppression without mentioning the phrase julian assange the foreign office will no doubt continue to be delighted the u.k.
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government has julian assange looked up at the because of the years because he exposed war crimes the guardian publishes an article on press freedom failing to mention this unbelievably and unforgivably no mention of juliana songe. journalist and broadcaster neil clark police the government doesn't want to talk about the estancia case as it's too shameful when to the journalist apparently apparently we not 100 percent sure but apparently didn't see the need to actually brace the the case of the most famous persecuted journalist in this interview about the persecution of journalists it's a massive elephant in the room it's quite extraordinary how anybody could write an article about the persecution of journalists without mentioning julian assange for the establishment this whole case now is a big embarrassment. and a staunch it's either someone who could be attacked or to be ignored is
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a place to be ignored and when you're talking about it in this context press the persecution of journalists is another person is a non-person you know could journalist be persecuted oh let's talk about other countries official enemy countries that that's fine but not what we've actually got the guy just a few miles away down the road from us banged up in jail for doing journalism. a vulnerable british woman who had been repeatedly sex trafficked by drug gangs was denied support from the british government and so compelled by the high course the shocking revelation comes despite the u.k. claiming it needs the way in the fight against forced labor and here issued a report. the cake claims to be a world leader when it comes to fighting modern slavery and people trafficking yet if you take the story of this 22 year old woman that seems far from the case.
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she was 1st registered as a victim of sex trafficking in 2019 and a professional should have been provided with safe refuge yet the home office failed to find any it's shocking really it's completely unacceptable that someone so vulnerable and someone so at risk every trafficking was not provided with the support of mch accommodation that they said desperately needed and with no support from the government this young woman was drawn into a vicious circle once again it was in june 2019 that i was made a decision not a crime as a potential victim of shocking. when the legal obligation to provide her with adequate support and assistance 1st a very. home office was underage to protect her. this is in spite of the fact that
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she has contacts mental health health problems people who are. often do it because because of their experience so you respect of the fact yes they were. support but when the woman was ready to be just charge from the mental facility the home office claimed her mental state meant there was absolutely no west suitable to house her from the time when b. . the decision was made that she was a potential victim of trafficking up until january 2020 and the highways were where there was at least 3 instances agreed trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation i made that case. the high court that time arkwright was being released to homelessness been discharged from hospital and the judge ordered that they must report it would come to 2. officials have been vague to say the least in their comments on the case i was significant reforms of the national referral mechanism for victims of modern slavery such as the introduction of new single
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component all authority on the launch of a digital referral form as sure victims get the support they need more quickly there's been constant criticism that all the government talk on ending modern day slavery does not match in practice accusations that funding and support for victims are clearly inadequate figures from 29000 confirmed that more than 2000 survivors of modern day slavery were given housing and specialist support but it's not enough according to come painters who claim that a lack of safe and specialised accommodation is in fact leaving many of the victims traumatized isolated and vulnerable to retry the deer a tutor r.t. . facebook boss mark zuckerberg has said big tech companies need more state regulation the social media giant recently announced a new independent oversight body however it's already raising questions about impartiality and of course our explains for years political scandals and government
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pressure to regulate content have been a thorn in facebook's side does not just about innovation you need regulation to get feasible going and then again what do we tell our constituents given what's happened here while we should let you self regulate i don't want to vote to have to regulate facebook. but i got i will as the social media giant strayed away from its roots of connecting friends and family over the internet and began playing politics to grow its influence things started to get a bit hairy for the company facebook's fight against so-called russian bots ended up targeting many accounts that had nothing to do with russia its campaign to flag political ads treat some organizations better than others and the army of fact checkers often seems more like a censor for certain political opinions facebook's critics are far from satisfied facebook's not just going to really trump but intends to reelect trump this is
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a global company that has huge influence in ways that we're only beginning to understand and there's george soros who even called for mark zuckerberg to be removed it seems facebook c.e.o. has dug a deep hole for himself we didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility and that was a mistake and i'm sorry for it it was my mistake and i'm sorry this was a major breach of trust and i'm really sorry that this happened now he's calling for more serious regulation of social media content as for who should step up to the plate well zuckerberg wants to pass that buck on to someone else somebody who knows the need but it's all over the sides when we make decisions which is why we creating an independent oversight board so people can appeal for these books come to decisions the director proposed for the so-called independent board goes by the name of thomas hughes and he says he's fully on board with the human rights and
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diversity agenda. the oversight board is committed to protecting free expression and human rights its composition will be global and diverse and whilst there will be disagreement at times this diversity lies at the core of this important innovation that sure sounds nice but you have to wonder how hughes actually defines those ideas especially since he was the leader of a british angio called article 19 it's directly funded by the state department and the national endowment for democracy think tank which promotes regime change in countries washington isn't very happy with can we really expect a judge jury and executioner of social media with that background to be independent . but it was live to media commentator dana loudon welcome to the program it's great to have you with us as our correspondent just mentioned facebook is creating a new independent oversight board now the $1000000.00 question is will it be impartial what do you think. i think would be very
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difficult for any board to be completely impartial no matter honestly how well intended and frankly with any of these social medias you have to wonder after their past track record how well intended they would be to begin with what i don't understand is why these are not regulated like a public utility if we had a phone company for example that was only letting calls from leftist groups go through then we would understand why it needed to be regulated we see that there's extreme bias against one side of the political spectrum and that's conservative on many of these different platforms and that's the reason why self-regulation obviously doesn't work and as your person there pointed out if they hadn't waited into the political realm to begin with they wouldn't be having problems in these kinds of questions about being regulated as a public utility would even be being asked in the 1st place what do you think along
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true motives here in calling for more state regulations you think is really concerned about home food calling or is this a way of avoiding legal responsibility for what facebook publishes. well yes and yes i think he's trying to keep money obviously is always a concern for any business owner and i think he'd like to maintain control of his company i don't think he wants to be regulated as a utility but really if you look at facebook and you look at any of these social media platforms many of them have become. have been used you know i'm a conservative i don't like regulation of business almost ever except when it becomes obvious that they are being used by the public in ways that public utilities are use that they've become something that is as ordinary or even in some cases more ordinary than making a phone call and in my case i can tell you that i use social media far more than i
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use a telephone and that alone tells you that they need to be considered for public utility they need to be considered as something that needs to be made fair and maintained balanced because they haven't been and no amount of so-called self-regulation is going to change that my opinion yeah picking up on what you just said about using social media more than anything ours a pew research reports says that 55 percent found that 55 percent of us thought it was not get the news from social media. how much of an impact do you think facebook could have on this year's election. i think it could have tremendous impact if for example i'm posting things and this happens to me all the time especially i'll say on facebook it used to be that when i would post an article or for example a media appearance that i have on facebook i would get hundreds and hundreds of comments from my friends which are limited to $5000.00 on facebook now if i post
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something that i've specifically done an article i've written or a media appearance i've had all only get maybe between 10 to 20 hit a comment at the most that tells you that facebook is doing what we call shadow banning and in all likelihood of the only complaints i ever see about this are from conservatives why is that why is it that conservatives especially trump based conservatives are being shouted banned i want to know the answer to that i'd love to ask mark zuckerberg that question myself as long as that's the kind of regulating so-called regulating that mark zuckerberg and his team are doing i would say we need to look at some sort of regulating them like a utility company like a telephone company like a gas company other utilities that are regulated and need to be able to be used broadly across both sides of the political aisle or do you think there are more regulation will inevitably inevitably lead to claims that facebook is politically biased in one direction or another. i
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think that self-regulation will certainly lead to more claims of that facebook is biased because i think facebook's own regulators will invariably be biased and when we're using words that are already politically correct in describing the kind of regulation that facebook intends to do then i can only imagine you know the kind of people that they're going to say they're eliminating for whatever their reasons are so that's the part that concerns me i think free speech should be free speech like it is when other utilities regulate or it shouldn't be whichever it is if they're going to be a private company company then they need to call themselves a private company they just need to go ahead and admit their leftist bias and stop trying to say that they're not biased but if they're going to claim to be unbiased then they need to probably be regulated like any other utility and i think the way they're used today on such a massive scale for more communication and more news than than really any other
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mode of communication that is regulated by the way that alone stands to reason that they should be regulated as utility media commentary so jean allowed and thank you for your time. now in the pipeline protesters are shutting down rail lines encountered about story and more coming up after the break.
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join me every thursday on the all excitement and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics or business i'm showbusiness i'll see you there. welcome back canada's prime minister has called an emergency meeting with his ministers off to protest a shutdown where keane rail lines across the country activists are hoping to stop
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a natural gas pipeline being built in british columbia about those 2 percent of the passes through territories that belong to indigenous communities the movement as school aged off the police raided an activist camp and arrested several people. please please please. please please. please please please the company this building the pipeline says it has received permission from indigenous elected councils but tribal chiefs are gates the construction we discuss the conflicts with journalist jimi treat last carissa as mohawk nation member
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russell day out. the witch shouldn't have never signed a treaty with canada. they have an aboriginal tell you no edition title to their land and they don't operate under the india back there there are already a terry traditional government system their salmon bearing stream or some other pristine force and that this pipeline would go through that they're objecting to it which is why they proposed an alternative route but really it is. an issue about corporate interests trumping indigenous rights in canada i mean coastal gas link the west so it and as i understand it had proposed an alternative route for the pipeline the company said no because of the economic issues associated with changing the route but i think it's going to cost them more money if they continue the conflict and don't do these protests this is actually quite unusual by canadian standards when they begin to have an impact on the economic interests of large businesses in this country then that's an escalation of the fire that the prime
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minister is forced to deal with it's very hard to see where there's a resolution here because frankly the only resolution that respects truly respects the rights of indigenous people is to put a stop to that pipeline project this is unseated territory the hereditary chiefs of the what's working people have not consented to this project and that is rightly given the historical abuses that have been horrible abuses that have been visited upon indigenous peoples in this country i think you know we're hearing a lot of lip service as we have for many years from the corporate community in this country about their commitment to human rights environment but the reality is radically inconsistent with their rhetoric and it's time for us to recognise that at the governmental level. for this to me and have dismissed an invitation to attend an alter event held on israeli settlements as insulting so they come to my territory too in the area where the occupation negates police tinian development through a network of checkpoints roadblocks and closed new truisms. and then they tell us
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you can attend in a closed military area the israeli military has given approval for up to 15000 people to attend the gathering in disputed parts of the west bank organizers say politics have nothing to do with it it's an unofficial version of the burning man event in the us which prioritises quote radical inclusion among its guiding principles meaning anyone can attend however palestinians who want to go to the west bank version will need to get approval from the israeli army although it seems not merely awaiting to attend the event as hall. as palestinian citizens we are all against this except those who cooperate with your patient i don't agree with or support this this normalise is the occupation and we want these really still leave our lands just like i said i will never take part because i'm not a traitor to my country of course i'm against it they made this festival to provoke us it will be a dishonor for me to persist
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a place alongside such people this is an occupied holy land i reject this 1st of all i cannot participate in the jet amazing the occupation so-called deal of the century which for me i will never go and i don't advise anyone to go. we've asked event organizers as well as the israeli army to comment on why west bank palestinians need permission to attend and we'll bring you any responses soon as we get it. victory melees a new project launched by r.t. uniting those who went through the horrors of world war 2 with modern day generations through it you can send a letter to veterans of that war and tell them how you feel about what they did one of them served in the arctic convoys transporting vital supplies to soviet russia while he put his own life on the line he still feels anybody would have done the same.
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as in this side as goat song really guy was at so i'm churchill say it was one of the worst journeys in the world and. most respect for them. all. good luck and i don't know began. and indeed so why is where we say he summed up. starving to death. and. up into a sad a cemetery where they just mans of earth where they local was da wide and i just saw
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a bear with them then no. they just numbers. there was $27000000.00 russians killed would during the war. and where their sacrifice and the sacrifice of days russian convoys that woke would never been one the only regret is our dumb spite russian. you know. quite happy. to reply to any letters that you with the same. probably there is your wife for you. with many veterans monuments are places of
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healing the motherland calls in russia is europe's tallest statue and it's been caught on film shrouded in mist it's 85 meters high you can just see its top there although its size is still nothing close to demonstrating machine scale of losses during the war it was both a $967.00 to pay tribute to the heroes heroes of the battle of stalingrad but perceived by many as a general symbol of the war. paradise he loves her your thoughts on all of our stories so do get in touch by following us on social media leave your comments that we're back in 30 minutes with the latest headlines join us that. we're still in an era of resource colonialism again this is a big risk and the one big thing that could really inhibit the kind of electric
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vehicle revolution that a lot of us want to see is if we can't resource the battery components in a sustainable ethical way then it's not going to be a successful revolution. i can't show you my face but i'm going to teach you must. in 9093 this man was sentenced to death they could charged with capital murder even though he didn't have the gun didn't pull the trigger didn't intend to kill anybody imagine living in your bathroom for that week with the sound of a 23. i doubt that i deserve to be but it abbi very. confined within 4 gray walls he fights using. trying to help him to leave death row.
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