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tv   News  RT  February 19, 2020 2:00am-2:31am EST

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australian m.p.'s visit wiki leaks founder julian assange in jail and call on the u.k. government to stop his extradition to the us warning about that we can respond as deteriorating condition. he is exhibiting songs of disorientation. he did tell us about being. oscillation going on. also this hour u.s. house of representatives speaker nancy pelosi it warns the e.u. against working with huawei running china's tech giant in major security threat she doesn't however mention the only reported role in mass american spying including on leaders people in new york and london whether china or the us is a bigger surveillance right. over to us the us anybody having.
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access to our data. and billionaire michael bloomberg is set to take the stage and the democratic party presidential election debate for the 1st time i made chris is i'm from a main rival that has affected lean buying the vote. you're watching our to international coming to you live from the russian capital where it's just turned 10 am up to the program. australian m.p.'s have called on the u.k. government to stop julian assange has extradition to the us they visited the australian citizen and the london prison where he's being held head of an extradition hearing one of the lawmakers george christensen told us about the wiki leaks founder is deteriorating condition. spike in this wake with professor mills
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mels of the u.n. special repertory on torture. come to the opinion along with a number of medical experts that julian assange was exhibiting the symptoms of psychological torture visited julian assange. and are going to side there's nothing that i saw or that actually. discredited what those doctors and what mills melzer said he is exhibiting signs of disorientation. he did tell us about being kept in severe isolation and ongoing loss a large negative sign technically within belmarsh prison the conditions of the subject to apparently when you kept by yourself for 20 to 22 as a guy with that minimal human contact you're effectively oss alloted so all of that has led to i guess at the plated state of health for julian a songe and i don't think it's fair atoll to extradite an australian citizen.
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at of one foreign country into another foreign country to face charges for what for reporting on the facts. that comes as doctors around the world also condemned the u.k.'s handling of the case warning a songe is being subjected to psychological torture in jail while the $100.00 medics signed a joint letter urging authorities to take action they also called on the australian government to intervene to protect its citizens now before such letter from doctors . meanwhile the guardian newspaper has published a feature article on plans to tackle media repression penned by britain's special envoy on press freedom amar clooney how one key detail has been left out clooney has links to join a songe arguably the most high profile media repression case in the world today clooney proposed to sanction all those who take part in jailing journalists for their work including ministers and prosecutors but says nothing about the fact that
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no such action is being prepared for the treatment of the we can expand or the article did not even mention that clooney was actually a saunders lawyer in the 2015 swedish extradition proceedings against him many have been angered by the guardian's convenient mission. congratulations are in order to the guardian's patrick wintour who's managed to write a whole article on global media suppression without mentioning the phrase julian assange the foreign office will no doubt continue to be delighted the u.k. currently has julian assange has looked up at the behest of the us because he exposed war crimes the guardian publishes an article on press freedom failing to mention this unbelievably and unforgivably no mention of julian a songe journalist and broadcaster neil clark believes the a songe case is too shameful for the u.k. government to bring up to the journalist apparently apparently not 100 percent sure
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but apparently didn't see the need to actually brace the is the case of the most famous persecuted journalist in this interview about the persecution of this massive elephant in the room it's quite extraordinary how anybody could write an article about the persecution of journalists without mentioning. a sound for the establishment this whole case now is a big embarrassment. if you had a song it's either someone who could be attacked or to be ignored surprised to be ignored and waved good talking about it this context press persecution. is a non-person you know journalist being persecuted oh let's talk about a cup trees official any countries that that's fine but not what we've actually got the guy just a few blocks away down the road with us back at the jail for doing journalism. on a trip to brussels the us house of representatives speaker has warned against while
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way and see palosi insist the chinese corporation is a major threat to security and should be barred from developing 5 g. telecom networks in europe but palosi mention nothing about the far more wide scale and proving us global surveillance network are just come up and explains. now that the impeachment debacle is all wrapped up guess who's going to europe in order to promote one of the trumpet ministrations key policies it's the speech ripper herself nancy pelosi the speaker of the u.s. house of representatives is urging european countries to drop plans to use while away as their 5 g. carrier for the benefit of a few corporations you cannot sell the privacy of the people of your country down the river as i said before it's like having the state police write the chinese state police right in your pocket you see nancy pelosi just cares about your privacy awed that she's one of what edward snowden called the gang of 8 key figures
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that are overseeing surveillance in the united states this far and snowden he did as you know in the in the in disagreement with you he did violate the law in terms . of releasing those documents we don't know i understand and i understand odd timing as well it's just been revealed that the cia was the secret owner of a swiss company that was offering people encrypt people's privacy was compromised because the cia had a backdoor what the u.s. government speculates that china might be doing they have been caught doing themselves while the e.u. might be more apt to listen to a top democrat then to the donald it seems they still aren't buying nancy's song and dance her euro 2 were is a flop. while
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he will be continuing on with the beaks good like he believes he said so in the district of texas i see so we decided to ask people what they think of this supposed danger of china spying on them are they more afraid of china spying on them or the american probably us and i'm not so much worried about. china i'm worried about anybody had to having access to our data to be more. ready to spy on you to the chinese it could come from anywhere in the world u.s. . you can you would if i guess just the u.s. given say the alignment of interests that program for the u.s. probably you know well the u.s. as far as i'm concerned. can go to hell but i don't know trump along with them it's a common pattern of human behavior sigmund freud called it projection nothing drives us crazy or thinking that someone else might be doing that naughty thing
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that we know we are doing ourselves. are to see new york. artie's boom bust spoke to wall way usa is and a party who notes the u.s. has been spying on the world for years not least one way itself you can watch the full interview on r.t. dot com but here's a quick preview. it was interesting the u.s. government says that the declassified the information so we welcome the opportunity to see what the evidence is but we really have to look at this in the broader context of the ongoing geo political dynamic between the u.s. and china the u.s. has some major issues with china and right now the u.s. wants to hurt china so badly that they're going to hurt america in trying to her way and that's really a shame you look back some years ago when i brought snowden revealed information about the u.s. program prism and about the 5 year campaign of the u.s. government to spy on operation shop giant where they monitored all while why not work for 5 years and could not find any improper communications and in the prism program they found that the u.s.
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government used for example cisco equipment to spy around the world most recently the washington post crypto a.g.d. a swiss company that turned out is controlled by the cia so they've been monitoring encrypted communications of all the countries in the world except for china and russia so the fact is it is important to recognize the role of the equipment vendors and the telecom and mobile operators there is a lawful backdoor by the telecom the mobile operators that is triggered by lawful action by governments such as the u.s. government or china government we don't have that access we don't control that data . u.s. presidential candidate michael bloomberg will sell his media empire if he becomes president that announcement came ahead of the latest round of democratic debates being held on wednesday in las vegas well for the 1st time face rivals who criticize the billionaires and massive spending on campaign ads it's estimated bloomberg has splashed out more than $400000000.00 on television radio and online
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ads that's 10 times more than current party front runner bernie sanders donald trump for example spent around 325000000 on his whole 2016 campaign my colleague and her former discussed voters views on bloomberg campaign legal analyst jennifer and a master at libertarian presidential candidate arvind bora and political analyst dakota lily. dakota if i could start with you. says that bloomberg is buying is that a fair comment i do think it's a fair comment even if you look at the rules that the d.n.c. has instituted this is a complete change of what they've done so far this complete you know this late runners coming into their campaign spending $400000000.00 with perhaps he's spending so much money and so that he can make up for the fact that he doesn't have any real grassroots support but i think it definitely amounts to vote buying it's not so problematic that bloomberg of spending money on his own campaign the bigger problem is the d.n.c. what rules is the democratic national committee democratic national committee
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making with superdelegates and with everything else because the way the d.n.c. seems to be operating is that you're allowed to run for president play if you have the money or if we at least approve of you it's not against bloomberg it's not it's not his fault that he's need to spend this kind of money because that's the way campaigns are the bloomberg campaigns views would be massively unpopular with a lot of the democratic base and a lot of the american people and by fixating on this sort of minor non-issue i mean in politics you ought to spend as much of your own money as you want to by trying to get people to fixate on this non-issue the bloomberg campaign is affectively distracting america from the positions that bloomberg holds that are at odds with the majority of both the democratic base and the american people this is a very unpopular person with very unpopular opinions according to the democratic party base and also the general population he's polling you know i haven't seen one poll where he's polling above 5 percent this is really showing the corruption of
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the d.n.c. what there is nothing illegal about what he's doing but i think really that's part of a larger indictment of the american political system more than anything else as well as the rules of the d.n.c. as has been stated that this is an indictment that was a perfect description of the american political system of course you can look at the republican party a lot of republican candidates had a. a lot of money back in 2016 and yes donald trump spent his own he was not favored to when he was not going to when hillary clinton had tons of funding between hollywood between lots and lots of billionaire billionaires so the american people could still vote but that also raises the question when there are lots of different candidates within one party like we're seeing with the d.n.c. and i think the american people deserve to see who the candidates are and what their actual viewpoints are and how they stand on things democrats and republicans they control the presidential debates they change the the commission on presidential big debates has changed the debate threshold they do everything they can to keep their parties and independents out of the debates and you can see this
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in the way that they mistreat any candidate that opposes a massive military overage so they've shut out sanders gathered all the 3rd party candidates to oppose it the united states is definitely an oligarchy and i think that most of the people the united states know this a lot of these people who voted for obama and that are voting for trump but both of these people received plenty of money from fossil fuel companies from banking institutions from financial institutions from all these different entities but in a true oligarchy not much has been done about it. british environmental activist group extinction rebellion has vandalized the lawn outside cambridge university college 3 activists have been arrested with others in custody artie's no dear to their reports. digging up the lawn of a world renowned college stopping traffic and a whole week of protests is this a way to gain support this is normally one of the busiest roads right here in the
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center of cambridge but as you can see it's pretty quiet today apart from the music playing behind me a mask because extinction rebellion have blockaded this road but what do the locals think about this is just fine it is an absolute basis and it's not what so all they're doing is a native people they're not getting anybody on their side of this they just annoy people fundraiser trinity college is ties with fossil fuel companies investments of around 9000000 pounds or what's driving the anger of the activists trinity college has invested 9100000 pounds in oil and gas companies the most of any of the 45 oxbridge colleges they are complicit in the climate and ecological crisis trinity college responded with this the college respects the rights of free speech and nonviolent protest but draws the line in criminal damage and is liaison with the police and the police have had to control the uproar. the right to peaceful protest
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wish police have a duty to facilitate needs to be balanced against the other responsibilities of the police to promote public safety maintain public order prevent crime and protect the rights of others but how has the actions of the group encourage the poor is this the moment where extinction rebellion muses sympathy very laudable return troops from. the really inconvenient. books they don't want they want to do right therefore they should crack up and go on to the us over half of it after coming here to cambridge today it's clear that there is a them and us situation between the protesters and locals a full week of disruption and rebellion in the rich altie. still to come a top german official hit out at both left and right wing parties for the wing christian democrats deepening crisis tells absolute right.
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you know beneath. the kind of good intentions are fine for teachers. and christening to and maybe even 40 years ago simply evaporate to see them to not see it coming pleasurable to live. is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation whole community. are you going the right way or are you being led. dialling. what is true what is faith.
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in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or a made in the shallowness. welcome back a top official from germany's ruling christian democrats has blamed both the left and right wing parties for its failing public support there has been a massive vocal backlash to the c.b.s. alliance and a key regional election with the anti immigrant alternative for germany party that are all over us more. the times a set for changing for angle of a christian democratic union party with how they're going to cram our announcing that she will step down as party leader and it she doesn't want to be considered
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for the election if chancellor next year it means big changes have to be made but instead of getting on with making those big changes some in the c.d.u. party leadership are pointing the finger of blame at both poles of german politics saying they're to blame for the c.d.u. suffering the any of you benefits a little from what the left party has been saying for 30 years maybe did everything is back they can reap the benefits of that now will protest voters have gone to the a.f.d. the the bar coal into danger where the c.d.u. allying themselves with the right wing a.f. de ultimately toppled calabar in an attempt to bring some stability to the central german states the left party proposed putting in place former minister president christine liebknecht of the c.d.u. until new elections can be held to rehear is far from having stable conditions which the absolute majority of citizens want the proposal of appointing bieber
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nectars transitional prime minister sees to open a nonpartizan way this is acceptable for the democratic parties in this parliament great problem solved not quite a situation that came about after the c.d.u. broke promises not to allying themselves with the right wing could only be temporarily solved if they were to break all the promises not to align themselves with the far left leaving the ruling party in a damned if they do damned if they don't predicament the situation in chile is very complicated for the c.d.u. it can only do this because the path of its electorate. one soon have a clear message began to be a deep and they're not providing that while another part of the electorate. well they would much rather not. vote for a party that is in line with what is going on behind the scenes it's time for the
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succession to angular mirco and some people say that she has damaged see the irreversibly and that the party is now in a death spiral because of america's politics with angle of merkel's preferred choice of party leader taking herself out of the running the future of the christian democratic union party is currently a 4 way race and with angle of merkel set to remain in the role of chancellor until late 2021 the real question has to be will whoever gets the job of c.d.u. chairperson be willing to play 2nd fiddle to the chancellor until then especially after having watched a case toothless performance doing just that if they won't then well perhaps the reign of germany's 2nd longest serving postwar chancellor could well come to an end sooner than she would have expected with elections being called early peter all of
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a r.t. early. lastly we bring you some world news in brief starting in iraq where security forces have stepped up their crackdown on mass protests. 3 as you can see a police used tear gas to force thousands of people from the central square in baghdad iraq has been gripped by mass unrest of a government corruption since october of last year the demonstrations have continued despite the resignation of the prime minister. hundreds of homes have been flooded in the u.s. state of mississippi after 2 run children these are the latest pictures from the city of ridgeland forecasters are predicting further downpours and authorities in the state capital jackson have urged hundreds of residents not to return home until they get the all clear. and passengers have begun departing a coronavirus hit cruise ship mord off the coast of japan after 14 days of
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quarantine hundreds of passengers and crew had been infected on the diamond princess biggest cluster outside of china have now been more than 70000 confirmed cases of the outbreak worldwide. and that's all for this hour news wise but if you're looking for more head on over to our website dot com for countless articles and more thanks for tuning in. i 1st heard about wiki leaks. from the helicopter footage in iraq. i think it down to people or do you mean i mean us military who have never forgiven him for this guy's a traitor and treasonous and he has broken every law the united states illegally shoot son of a. story to have. independent journalist with his computer
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exposing to see who is what crimes and to a global audience. the idea of developing an anonymous box and applying it to a media organization is what he makes that was the 1st. i didn't the toy anticipate that he would be for a short while world right and wrong one of the world's most powerful news organizations standard founder julian assange in the sun over the sun and there was a great deal of jealous in the mainstream towards him particularly why won't he be more like off you seem. mean feces on the walls. we have julia. in solitary confinement in the prison for terrorists
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a way to keep the house alive in person the person. i don't see him dying. and i think that's what he's facing. the world is driven by shaped by. the dares thinks. we dare to ask. and the united states presidential candidates debate the future of the us and the world. max kaiser and stacy her but dig into the burning questions of this election
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cycle oneself every week. tax student debt trade was corporate money universal basic income and more catch up with what's front running this sunday exclusively on r.t. . is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation or community. are you going the right way or are you being led. by a. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted
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you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or a maid in the shallows. ok . was. a ha.
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greetings and sal you taishan. if the 1st casualty of war is the truth then the civilians caught in the crossfire are most often the 2nd 3rd and 4th casualties of war currently the united states finds itself involved in multiple battlefields across the world ranging from major conflicts like the wars in afghanistan iraq and syria to an unknown number of small regional conflicts and special forces missions that the taxpaying u.s. public will never be away made aware of until long after the fact or something horribly goes tragically wrong and currently tragically wrong often means the loss of civilian life who were unlucky enough to get caught in the crossfire of america's peacekeeping but how effective is the united states military when it comes to tracking assessing and investigating reports of civilian harm and casualties by its forces that is the question at the heart of a new report by the center for civilians and conflict and the columbia law school
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human rights institute after conducting an in-depth after conducting in-depth interviews in analyzing over $200.00 investigative reports into alleged civilian casualty incidents and. afghanistan iraq and syria between the years of 2002 and 2015 the investigators discovered that quote the us military has shown it can investigate civilian harm but significant in inconsistent season when and how investigations are conducted has contributed to shortcomings including a failure to investigate incidents when a close look is warranted and missed opportunities to learn from incidents and make future corrections this includes the fact that according to journalist nick turse the standard practice is troubling because while u.s. investigators regularly interview military witnesses they almost totally ignore civilians victims survivors family members and bystanders because you know hey well
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how would i would civilians know anything about civilian casualties in a war zone i mean it's almost my friends it's almost like they would rather pretend that civilian casualties don't exist when the u.s. pulls the trigger which is impossible if you are truly watching the hawks. what's going on a city street. there so you'd like to see the prices you always state. rice is crazy suggests least systemic dissent says the late show. with some good deals as. well that we're going to watching the hawks i am tired. and i don't mean. voyager this is this is brutal but we do not i mean i kind of had a sneaking suspicion this was the case whenever you'd see like you know reports come back from.


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