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tv   Going Underground  RT  February 19, 2020 4:30am-5:01am EST

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governments support these terrorists do they like it that the they're one dead to prevent i mean i it's beyond my understanding that l. all that the only one that there are is a defeated that bumpy you all or or western or root of piano pushers called for stopping the syrian army because civilians are being killed it is that died when civilians are being saved it is that i would women and children and fact it is and institutions are being saved through terrorism ok but even if one accepts the boris johnson donald trump are backing al-qaeda linked groups in damascus al-qaeda linked groups still have children what about the children in these groups that your saying that your liberating is the new alternative but for them to be killed in the liberation of these areas in our lead the big said that you saw there
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a lot out of me was fighting terrorists there were no children and the areas where i went out of me is fighting and we definitely do not target i knew women i knew children it down to just only that terrorist but if the western governments . care about our 2 women and children they should at least acknowledge that reality and they should to stop the measures they take against syria and women and children which are preventing the us through having a lot of food a lot of medicine a lot ordinary life a lot of movement it is don't want to is imposing the worst kind of lives on syrian women and children but british television channel 4 news on c.n.n. on i.t.v. here in britain there is a video evidence portably showing the bombing by row. show obey syria of
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children the bugger off children that's not true well there are so many videos you know and all p.c. w.-o. we discovered how much of the media was fake. with the light had metal got the us car we discovered that they were the right hand of that terrorist now we all had their fill of being shown and undone by waddell complete oh is it through my lip will it does it take film that has no good aim of truth in it that had been made only in order to the good and the women and their family it is the density and britain at the expense of the truth fake media and now is an issue that we should all face in order to discover that reality and what is it truly go and are not only in syria but everywhere in the word of course the director for
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samo which was nominated for an academy award didn't get it would deny that but then what happened to the u.k. mercenary founder of the white helmets or syrian civil defense his body was found it is stumble. and we should discuss serious matters not only if they can use that to reach you from istanbul and diploma the light helmets and to from people who are doubting syria and the syrian people it's true fake me go just as a terrorist out of town getting the sudan people with their weapons and with their arguments why doesn't western media come to syria and find out truly what's happening that are other than the proposed sale they say they can't get into syria turkey apparently killed 51 syrian soldiers last week more soldiers on valentine's day what's your message. judge to turkey which of course under article 5 is
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protected by nato i didn't say it didn't keep it as a chad to gun because their neighbors were dead fish people that i would tell you that i do gun was spared all of this terrorist war that has taken place in syria without. without him as allowing all these terrorists the crust the boy does it would have been impossible to make all these terrorists come to syria and now that he has failed in syria he's moving his terrorist or into libya i think that to do gun is a very dangerous man because of 2 factors 1st is that he thinks he would restore the autumn an empire and 2nd because he is a muslim brother and he's feeding muslim brotherhood not only in the middle east
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but also in europe and in asia and i mean what he can and you can ok reza the one denies he is supporting al-qaeda or isis die action in your country ovi asli britain announced new sanctions along with the european union on syria what do you make of the fact that boris johnson newly elected prime minister said in parliament in the past few days his government britain wants to overthrow president bashar al assad lead a test a thought all sanctions against my country illegal they're not going don't want david by they will an otter knew that there are measures taken by they've knighted states and by european parliament we are defeating terrorism and because a lot to start that he couldn't struction and the was 10 countries do not you would have been had gunda do not want. to acknowledge that all did it is stand to what
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syria was it owned a stun and they were defeated they don't want to acknowledge that did spend billions of dollars and support of terrorism and again just a secular 6 country that looks very much like europe i don't know how they can pace dead people or would this reality star not stand that difficulty that go on through is nato acting as a proxy for israel because of syria's stand against israel last time in damascus you told me this is not even about president assad this is about destroying the identity of syria itself and its vetted through option it is that when you see the destruction that has taken place in and it'll you know that in a way. the old houses that things that are that are
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classified as human to treasure it is at balad that destruction of the identity of syria and if you link in this to the statement of netanyahu 2 days ago saying that we will prevail and at each end and in the arab you will you will conclude as i conclude that what they're doing is trying to destroy the indigenous add up people in this region and the whole of dissolving the palestinian problem and prevailing all that region and destroying the arab culture of what what is israel more and the last is the alliance that has been made are in the syrian war between it on it out of syria and hezbollah well while the united nations marked local career the u.n. security council complains about
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a divided security council and we get the media pictures of these women and children. there is rebuilding now i understand going on what do you make of. reconstruction reserve a china is china investing in new reconstruction we wish china and the chinese people to 5 the best and the fastest you know victory over this corona but there is not valid doubt that china and russia a lot of partners whole supported us and security council and the detail in defense of the syrian people they would be dealt and that list and that it could a section of syria and just finally dame catherine pierce the british ambassador to the united nations she has been promoted to become britain's a woman in washington now the ambassador in washington she said you use cluster bombs on off spittles what do you make of
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a promotion well i think the last kulak you may call for any ambassador saying that out any government i think probably she was promoted through a british ambassador to the u.n. to put it is that in washington as it is alt. stands again it's the sudan government and that's it and people at it but i will tell the british ambassador that had a statement that he'd colonialist estate man we are typing for our freedom well it is stablish ng and making a lot of future and a she would have no say and the future of syria dr but then it's about thank you. thank you thanks. after the break is china detaining a 1000000 weaknesses or is this a terror cover story for us spillover of the war in afghanistan is china really using one way to hack into all of mobile phones is china suppressing information
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about the coronavirus we speak to the translate of a chinese from a leader deng xiaoping about a new ledge this information campaign against the superpower of the 21st century old us of all coming up we've got 2 of going underground. i can't show you my face but i'm going to tee you must story in 9093 this man was sentenced to death. they could charged with capital murder even though he didn't have the gun didn't pull the trigger didn't intend to kill anybody imagine living in your bathroom for the week with the sound of a 23. i doubt that i deserve to be. confined within 4 gray walls he fights using hot trend to help him to leave defense room.
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seemed wrong. why don't we all just don't call. me that yet to say proud disdain because as a kid and engaged it equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. welcome back in the 1st half we heard from the syrian government currently in talks with china about post-war reconstruction but if nato nation media is to be believed
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the impact of coronavirus will leave china crippled unable to wield economic power it currently does meaning projects like syria and reconstruction and the newly trade deal with the united states will fall by the wayside china denies this so why is their message don't coming through joining me now is the man who used to translate for chinese parliament be to deng xiaoping victor gao who is now the vice president of the center for china and globalization victor welcome to going on the ground in the studio for a change so i got to ask you what is your take on the nia consistent attacks on your government being a reason your government being a dictatorship all of this in the context of china's problem with coronavirus well 1st of all i need to express my condolences to those people mostly my countrymen a whole passed away because of this torah law virus and also please allow me to express our sympathy and solidarity with everyone in china throughout
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china and all these provinces especially in all one city and i hope the province where i'm now fighting against this corona virus eventually china we will and eventually china will we again you are aware of the coverage the fact is johnno probably anyone watching the government in a jewish nation is you can't win because you're lying to your people about how in a virus this particular variant even started lying about all manner of the context of this virus that learned practitioners involved caring for the sick and not allow me to divide this whole thing into to feel. this and the dividing line was january the 20th when dr to management declared that this corona virus could be transmitted person to person in the 1st face leading all the way to generate that 20. 2020 it was badly handled but ever since jenner the turn to especially
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ever since she entered the 24th when the police in china convened a full session to talk about his career on the virus i think we are now in phase 2 we are now very much united in china as a whole in fighting against coral not ours i think transparency is a must complete disclosure is a must. communication man all of this seems to suggest what you're saying there is a total failure of messaging and of communication don't forget that this is occurring whiles it is being pumped out into an aged nation reader all around the world you're basically running concentration camps of a 1000000 people of we good is and i know that's come under scrutiny now because reuters apparently used said it was a un rather than a us back then geo and so on but what is going on with china's ability to communicate its view of what's going on in the world now the eagles are our brothers and sisters probably
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a problems region and the way we go are very proud. as a group in china and the way goes reached the chinese culture and tradition as a whole and don't forget ever since 2001 the americans and nato have been fighting a war in afghanistan it has brought to an end it is still going on and. tunnels region borders with afghanistan and the spill over of terrorism extremism in. is a real threat to an industry national coming out of mostly from well i mean obviously rational these big n.g.o.s say using the research of the albeit far right fundamentalist christian adrian sense that your country is imprisoning and detaining i don't know whether it's millions or a 1000000 and the d.c. based chinese human rights defenders which is an organization widely quoted around
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the world they've interviewed 8 people and they say that your government is persecuting and detaining and reeducating and psychologically torturing who knows millions of people i do not accept this kind of accusation we are a nation of 56 ethnic groups each of these ethnic groups are important members of the chinese nation as a whole they are proud the chinese citizens all of us i tell you why this is the reason why britain isn't allowed to work with while away according to mike pence threatening britain over both brakes a trade deal because you'll immediately start hacking our entire internet system i think the british government has the wisdom and the courage and the vision to do the right thing and i think howie is a very very important player here as in many other countries in the world there is
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no ideological twist to whatever always to be and i think u.k. as well as many other countries cannot afford not to upgrade their network system to 5 that they agree over here obviously is just i mean this is also in the context with something that john pilger the one of the greatest english language journalists who said there is a coming war on china your country is surrounded by us bases sometimes you see foreign ministry spokesperson in beijing getting angry about it but you said why would we want to do it is the perception that's being brought out in new. nation media that the reason you want to do do it is somehow china is an evil force in the world i think that's a complete to discard to arise ition of the situation in china i think it is true that there is a very big country in the world which has not yet come to terms with the prospect that eventually china's economic size will be bigger than that country but does
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that mean that china eventually will be for example pushing or rounding all to ructions even driving that country out from the center of the global stage no you don't want to invade britain right now. i think while i respect you your reference in that direction probably is as far stretched as you can think about ok when you look at the headlines about huawei and mike pence seeming to turn around something that trumpet previously except the u.k. power networks they run the power in london underground heathrow airport that's a company control basic infrastructure all the leaker xing from china or other people why do you think there is controversy over war where when chinese companies can control. the electricity and i would say there are indeed to politicians in washington who seem to be very desperate and hysterical and probably
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they are on the verge if not they are already losing their sanity is about a hallway and i think it is truly unprecedented for any country is specially the top economy in the world to launch a national or to declare a national emergency on one single company while we and i hope politicians as well as the people on this side of the tick in the united kingdom as well as the other european countries will be wise enough and saying enough and reasonable enough not to behave like some of the politicians on the other side of the. ocean china is characterized as being a dictatorship in media in this country how would you define it can china ever be described as a dictatorship. ever since became the paramount leading china around 1978 also all china has been calling itself
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a country of socialism with chinese culture estates and i'll say that phrase or that label of that definition is very very broad and fracs of and it is the flexibility whether the people come to that it will be the most of flexible pragmatic and a reasonable development model in the world it is not based on the ology for example now for dictatorship i don't think china is dictatorship i don't think the 1400000000 chinese people want to live in a dictatorship but china's system is different from any other country in the world which is better is specially which system is better for the circumstances of that country itself that's arguable that question i think we do not need to really know . is our sanity because one country is different from ours one country has a different system one country can achieve roughly about 8 to 9 percent every
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year for the last 4 decades i think we can see why china can manage to do that while almost all the other countries have failed sometimes miserably there you can only development from playing a good game with phase one signed of this trade deal intel has already been told it can't working on 5 g. corp with china companies are still wary of sanctions if they deal with china allow me to make something for the wreckage of the trade between china and the united states is the wrong war to start with the conclusion on the 1st phase agreement is a good thing why because it helps china it helps the united states and it helps global trade we are at a period of time in history right now where we are almost on the verge of a global recession recession no one will gain anything by stopping the economic
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growth of the world ok bo you said the national specifics are the context for different political systems of course the way we hear about hong kong britain's old colony is the johnnies communist party which may work so well within the people's republic is not intrinsic to what it is like in britain's old colony in fact there are riots over coronavirus because again there is a context of coronavirus in the in the antagonism between the people of hong kong and china a miscarriage mis characterization i would say whether you like the situation in hong kong or don't like the situation in hong kong one thing is clear is brutally clear. that is the chinese central government is not interfering in whatever that's going on in hong kong because if you see the rest of china throughout the chinese
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landmass 9600000 square kilometers there is no such value or is difficult to get from journalists violence is not tolerated in china therefore china is not interfering in the situation no one really disputes the chinese sovereignty of a hong kong but under one code why isn't it interfering them to stop the violence and the protests on the one country 2 system the responsibility of venting law and order squarely rests on the shoulders of the hong kong is a archival there's kerry lambswool know the hong kong government is doing whatever they can to make sure that violence does not degenerate into real chaos always seen the picture that has been my home cause of democracy and everyone has the right to protest and demonstrate if such protests and demonstrations are legal or just finally made in law is the principle thing that we need to promote in addition to
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democracy and human rights ok well after we did actually talk about us n.g.o.s and their involvement in the situation ongoing i got to ask you given that the indian a commissioner told me on this program told going underground that as regards the from an accession of kashmir by the indian government that the india's position was they wanted better governance in kashmir will china recognise indian occupation of chinese kashmir or china india have very good relations with the 2 largest populations in the world and both countries need to do the right thing to promote good neighborly relations between china and india pakistan is a strong and staunch friend of strong ally bug specially in the in the war against terrorism as it were exactly you were ever has been the cash. a region is disputed territory between pakistan and india and also
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involving areas in cash being a evolving china therefore the legal status of kashmir is not settled because of these territorial disputes therefore china does not recognise the indian government's decision to for example in poles its claim on to kashmir as it did to what's going to do about china is working with india on the one hand that china's working with pakistan on the other hand to call for calm call for sanity call for reasons for example and anyone any country need to do whatever they can to stop the violence all prevent further provocations and asking china as the voice of reason as far as the situation is concerned victor gao thank you thank you very much for having me on the show. the future freedom with pink floyd from roger waters ahead of next week's projects tradition. of wiki leaks publisher julian assange may
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decide the fate of all journalism all around the world until the conversation on social media and join the underground by subscribing to the show on your. i 1st heard about we can exist in a song from. helicopter footage in iraq. i think people. who have never forgiven for this guy's a traitor a treasonous and and he has broken every law the united states illegally shoot son of a. story to have. with his computer. seeing to see who is what crimes. are the audience. the idea of
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developing an anonymous box and applying it to a media organization that is what he likes that was the 1st. i didn't the toy anticipate that he would be for a short while world right and wrong one of the world's most powerful news organization clearing standards for founder julian a song. and there was a great deal of jealous in the mainstream towards him particularly why won't he be more like all that you seem. to mean feces on the walls. we have julia. in solitary confinement in the prison for terrorists away team that helps i've seen a person the person. i don't want to see him die in prison. and i think that's what he's facing.
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it's not pretty you would never move through but in your circles modesty. in a move for you to much for the blues a little it made it easier to do more when you. look. up a. little white in good part of the new year already in the eastern seaboard never . seems to trace. cities. that.
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seemed wrong long rolls just don't hold. me but you get to shape out these days to come out ok and in the game equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart a. chance to look for common ground. today we stand for the storage of the. word.
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is here. waiting to be reached. turkish airlines. breaking news this hour of the turkish president announces a military operation and the syrian province of idlib as quote a matter of time a turkish military convoy has been seen crossing the border into syria. and in other news australian m.p.'s visit julian assange in jail and call on the u.k. government to stop his extradition to the united states warning about the wiki leaks founders deteriorating condition. easy exhibiting signs of disorientation. he did tell us about being kept in severe. and ongoing loss of life from going to psych. and us.


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