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and the bottle just is putting an end to the war zone in yemen which is making the situation in measurably worse because right now thanks to jets which are made by systems are flying over yemen they're fighting missiles which you need by. missile company which has one virtue and maybe systems longer about what is going on for more they have profiteered because where every bit as war and conflict there will always be major armed companies trying to profit from it because the problem isn't just the companies that will become pleased to have responsibility of a problem are the governments who are taking such a relaxed approach to arms at the arms control and are actively arming and supporting human rights abusing regimes dictatorships in war zones around its bat's lead is about level of political support for the arms industry which really needs which needs to stop immediately up next the latest pot and deal for to going to solve should more democratic rights in the united states as well as other news on what's in a lot. greetings
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and salyut a shoe wow this week is shaping up to be a blast from russia gates past my hawk watchers you see in the span of a few short days the names of roger stone julian assan john brennan donald trump and of course russian acting have once again banned on the tips of pundit tongues across all of cable news lending retro russia gay we kicked off across the pond in london england at the westminster magistrates' court on wednesday when one of a songes legal team declared to the court that according to witness testimony u.s. president donald trump offered to pardon wiki leaks founder julian assange if he
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said that russia had nothing to do with wiki leaks publication of democratic party e-mails in 2016 at least that's how the story was reported trump offers assad's pardon to vindicate russia that's that's what you saw that's what the headlines were except that wasn't mags really quite the whole story at least not according to the previously mentioned witness yes former u.s. congressman dana rohrabacher who told yahoo news on thursday that quote i spoke to julian of songe and told him if he would provide evidence about who gave wiki leaks the e-mails i would petition the president to give him a pardon now that doesn't that certainly doesn't sound like donald trump offering a pardon that sounds more like rohrabacher saying give me the goods and i'll try to get you a pardon that's the difference big difference there anyway we can put sideswipe around. at the end of the day we all know about the. exit least 50 grand to get
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a pardon from donald trump these days you got to make to get big payoff but that wasn't the only goes from russia games past to make headlines this week roger stone yes he was sentenced to 3 years or 40 months in prison this week for charges not involving any kind of russian collusion but you know who is being investigated for possible occlusion this week yes our old buddy from n.b.c. news his own john brennan yes the u.s. justice department is looking into the former cia director's role and into how exactly the intelligence community came up with the assessment that the russian government interfered in 2016 and if that assessment was an honest one stone from random elections russians my goodness and his day job who all over again as we start watching the hawks. was going on a city the streets. are so you'd like to see that this is joyce
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state and see the slice grace suggests least systemic deception is the late show which. so you'll see. what we're going to watch in the arc. and i'm. goodness gracious to malaysia it is this russia gate over again i'm getting flashbacks up your like it's 20162017 it's going to trip me a little bit absolutely i mean it was a big book the media blink years ago and i think that a lot of these organizations are still trying to rail on it even though right now i think the american public in general is very weary of all things related to russia gate after after the initial investigation and all the information or lack of information that came out from that we saw that people's interest in it went down a lot and it's just interesting at this point we're going into the next election cycle where headfirst into it right now we've already started the earth. if they primaries we just had a debate we're right back where we were 4 years ago and it's interesting this all
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came kind of from like you know julia songes lawyer representative in london saying hey look you know the one point he was offered a pardon you know and then that kind of got twisted in the translation into this whole big thing that like oh here's trump stepping forward to try to offer julian a pardon of this when it wasn't really the case plus when you look at the timeline the timeline doesn't even match up in terms of like if that would make sense because rohrbacher said you have a 3 hour meeting at the ecuadorian embassy back in august of 2017 julian's on record going on i think it was. a fox news show at the time in january before august saying like russia had nothing to do with these hacks he's always said russia has nothing do these acts so i don't really understand how you're going to dangle a pardon in front of them with something that he's already publicly come out and said no let me gaining anything that i don't think that there was a carrot there yeah when you've already made several public statements it was it wasn't secret whatsoever but i also feel like that the bigger issue here for me is
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9 we've got a president in trump who has been very retaliatory towards whistleblowers this happens to be a whistle blower that he things to look like so it's i think that you know that's something to take into context but i don't think that it goes it in some crazy russia best occasion that we need to kick start again all the more that it has anything to do with with this being something that was actually going to be unleashed because of the care that was hung over you know it's interesting when you say like it because it's also those 6 words like right now julian i think they're they're they're hoping that julian dies in prison you know i mean i think that's really exits like it's funny because it's like trump on the campaign trail i love wiki leaks great for wiki leaks the moment he gets in office now he's a traitor froman belmarsh know and then you know you get the cia spying on him you know while he's at the embassy that came out now to with the company that was you know basically that the private company feeding information back to the cia while he was while he was in the ecuadorian embassy i mean everything around port julian is a mess and it's sad absolutely and also. that the. public sentiment around the leaks
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was very different from what the president was initially tweeting in terms of his support and so after he actually assumed office the idea was ok well maybe i need to dial this back because even many people on the right were not supportive of the comments that he made oh now here in washington you know no one likes to leave in washington because you know julian you know spills the dirt in the place to be i mean we've talked about this several times though when you're talking about a lot of military secrets and things like that there are a lot of people who are invested in having those secrets they just that oh yes most definitely most definitely what's interesting too is looking at the roger stone case he gets sentenced this week 3 years 40 months or 40 months altogether i want to read you this do this district court judge amy berman jackson stated this case could not arise because roger stone was being pursued by his political enemies in a rose because roger stone characteristically injected himself smack into the middle of one of the most significant issues of the day is the wrong. thing correct this is roger stone being roger stone he's known to be
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a shady bunny of sorts he's been doing this for years and it's finally caught up with him in a way because it president did a lot to ensure that roger stone didn't get the maximum the maximum amount of time it has actually gotten less than half the initial the initial amount and you know we've seen all of the all of the arguments and everything and circled around bill barr and the conversations he's had how he tried to dial things back as the. instigation in this in this process but i do think that there's something to be said about this president deciding that because he's had such a loyal person and roger stone that he was going to ensure that he did not he did not baseball penalties it's going to be interesting to see how it goes for them and the judge did kind of say leg of the middle of the road decision on there she didn't give him nothing but she didn't give him everything it's going to be interesting to see all the players forth but you know it's not surprising not surprising. last night's democratic debate in the bottom with filled with everything you'd expect from sin city scandal entertainment big personalities and
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fireworks but frankly for the democratic presidential candidates what happens in vegas doesn't stay there big money bloomberg looked down on the peasants and in turn elizabeth warren skewered him let's take a listen i'd like to talk about who we're running against a billionaire who calls women strapped broads and horse taste lesbians and no i'm not talking about donald trump i'm talking about mayor bloomberg democrats where in the debate laid out the battle for the soul of the democratic party to be or not to be a socialist that was the question things are clearly heating up for the democrats. can singers hold on to his lead will biden make a comeback is the bank of bloomberg big enough to overcome his massage any racist comments or sexism will break down the winners and losers shocking moments and where democrats go from here with host of music you see who's got a male who's welcome scottie i thank you i grow from one show talking about this
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the other and this time though i have to tell you i actually like the last debate let me be the 1st to say it was more entertaining except that i realized i was watching a news channel not bravo because i really did feel like at the end they were going to lose like survivor they were going to vote one of them off and throw me into the moat that it looked like was surrounding the entire state as modern elections as a bunch of you go to vote one of them offer to move forward is interesting absolutely and there was a lot more tension during last # night's debate than we've seen during the rest specifically you know we had a new person on the stage mayor bloomberg everybody 0 was ways to target him in a think that you know his performance was lackluster at best and he definitely didn't show you know strength and preparation either it was that's what's so interesting about this because we all know that he is paying literally millions of dollars highest paid campaign 7 back if you want to stay at the ritz carlton on a campaign trail when the bloomberg staff is this kind of how it was you would think one of them before having such a great staff would have prepped him for things we knew he was going to be questioned on stop and frisk how you've treated women your own billions of dollars
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that was going to be right out of the gate when you're talking about a party that is trying to show they're such ways discrepancies in the country it did not shock me at all that he was not prepared to answer those questions and not know you know why you know you know why because we live in the united states of america we question the super rich the poor the strings and i wanted to both parties we never could have done well bloomberg this up and there was a big shock to me that he was kind of. just didn't know what the difference between him and trump is and that's what they're saying well of trump was able to do it then why can't bloomberg do what difference does trump came into it and he was on such a bare bones budget like we're talking it was almost pathetic how much he was not paying his staff or buying campaign signs of people making the donations. it was his message this oldham bloomberg come in and poured money into it that's the same money can buy loyalty it can't in this case when you are talking about the people but here's what i think the ultimate result that we need to figure out from last night going forward is who is going to pair of best against donald trump on a stage and if you look at all of the candidates whether you like her messaging or
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not whether or not she can win elizabeth warren i think out of all of them dimon serves the only one that could demonstrate that she could make donald trump possibly look childish with his attacks even better than hillary clinton could i think you look at everybody else you put the 2 months it will be entertaining it will be great we'll get our popcorn but will it actually be a productive debate from a democrat standpoint in beating donald trump she's probably the only one sadly i think she's the one that's not going to merge past obviously even south carolina doesn't mean a follow up question do you think that liveth one can sustain because one of the reasons why last night she had to come out guns blazing is because she had fallen so far in the polls for fundraising hasn't been what it was previously we saw all the 1st 2 state primaries didn't necessarily go in her favor she had a lot to prove last night i'm not so sure that she's going to be able to carry this through i think she's already even in our own debates don't win elections i'm sorry that gives great sound bites that will follow you for the rest of your life talking about binders and policies from the eighty's those sorts of things but what she
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knew she had to do she had to set herself up for vice president and i think what she did was very well last night is what she said herself for vice president her versus mike pence will be the most boring debate as far as compared to what bernie versus trump debate would look like but you will see if bernie is the nominee he possibly might bring her on and she at this point considers that to be her goal i think she knows that she's not going to make it past a super tuesday at all it's going to be interesting to see because one of the things that stood out to me too was at the end of the debate none of the candidates actually the guy was the most only good sort of girl with the most delegates should be the nominee which was very telling that like wow everyone on that stage is going to live bernie i'm getting the most delegates going into the convention my. get the number 1800 that you need it's going to be interesting to see if suddenly all those people just turn their backs and say no or we'll one of them cut the deal one would like war and suddenly say you know what i'll give you my delegates let's jump on the ticket together and put it over the top i don't know but they did say that they don't want to make the superdelegates mad if they want that those superdelegates
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still hold a lot of power and that the last thing they want to do is insult him and say i don't care about you because that's the key to the whole mess is that this is a country based with 2 parties who do not care about you about voters they care about the people who fund them they care about the power of their own party and so in this case that you have a bunch of people up there basically saying i'll put the party over the voters any day of the week which scares me now i wonder if bernie sanders if you said you know what i'm done with this i see that it stacked up to me time and time again i star and i'm going to run on my own if he would actually have a better chance of beating donald trump on his own than he would be with even a somewhat put together democratic machine if you got to be the nominee even right now with all the talk about bernie sanders and how well he's performing people judge actually is leading in the delegate count and now there is a little light as well and that speaks volumes right there about where he can stand and where he's coming from that just shows how much a farce that i think the d.n.c. has said this i want to watch and they are pretty. close which are about a lesson that was like watching 2 people asking for the manager of the middle and
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what i mean was really just what areas. do you expect and the one that nobody really i don't i'm not sure that it helped either one of them they're both trying to fight for this moderately and close which are have a small boost after she after you know new hampshire but beyond that i don't think she's going to come back either in her performance last night was almost as bad as bloomberg but as we've learned this week that both secure themselves very good positioning to be come a political commentator on a news network following this so hey at least you have a job to follow that won't just be being a mayor and a senator who's got the 2nd 2 because he was involved in the intelligence community and they love them intelligence community but the key is. if he is young that is the great thing about him and that's hurting him right now but give him 1020 years i guarantee regarding how this turns out for him this is not the last time we see his name running for a higher federal office if not president but it might be in 20 years but the rest of the millennium when they're actually considered will be older scott erebus i thank you as always for coming on always
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a pleasure scott emails news views whose cool. all right as we go to break cock rogers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics to cover of our social media be sure to check out watching the hawks the podcast which is now available on spotify out of everywhere you listen to your favorite or. you can also start watching the hawks on demand through the brand new portable t.v. which is available on smartphones through google play. store by searching portable be coming up officially the case against steve and his associates is still being investigated but our next guest offered investigative journalist believes things are not as they seem to want to miss this state to watch.
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chris to. simply. see it. bob dylan once said money doesn't talk it screams former republican new york city mayor michael bloomberg is proving this just the sheer force of lavish spending has made him a serious contender to capture the democratic nomination are we experiencing peak travel arrangements syndrome. you know what the name has miraculously disappeared from the headlines in recent months despite the severity of the crime celebrity those involved in the victim's desperate need for justice like jeffrey epstein of course so what is happening with
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all things jeffery epstein these days not just with the investigation into epstein's rather convenient suicide but also with the investigation of the crimes that got him into jail in the 1st place well buried in the headlines the british banking regulators are now investigating the american chief executive of barclays just staley in connection with his relationship with disgraced financier geoffrey epstein oh good buddy prince andrew appears to still be trying to duck any responsibility for his deep connections to epstein and according the new york times has given 0 cooperation to the investigation and according to a.b.c. news one of epstein's alleged victims whose testimony was central to epstein's 2001000 indictment in new york was known to federal authorities 11 years prior to that indictment but despite all these little snippets we still do not know what is truly happening with the epstein case and the potential prosecution of those involved and that has led longtime investigative journalist and author of the franklin scandal nick bryant to raise some pretty troubling questions brian has
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even started to change dot org petition seeking justice for epstein's victims he joins us now from new york city thank you for always for coming on. it's great to be with you tara now you've had a long history investigating the upstream case and other cases like it was the hottest story but now that you is that it seems does it seem like things are slow down i mean in your view where does the case stand today. i look at them seen as as a 3 act play the 1st act was him flying around with underage girls pandering them to is rich and powerful bodies and basically doing it with impunity the 2nd act was what led to his incarceration and ultimate death now the 3rd act we have yet to begin the 3rd act and the 3rd act is our department of justice seeking. justice for the victims of jeffrey abstain no one has been indicted i mean the new
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york times and august of 2100 named 6 hears in the epstein case and none of them have been indicted and if this was a natural investigation the search for tears would be indicted on multiple charges of child trafficking which carries pretty heavy duty sentences and then they'd be looking at 2 or 300 years and then they roll over on the perps that's how a criminal investigation like that would go but these procures are just running around loose as a goose. and we have no idea where they are this is kind of like if. john gotti. had 6 associates and the new york times named john gotti these 6 associates and how they fit into his criminal enterprise and the new york times said it and the justice department didn't react to it so that's the
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situation we have right now is the department of justice is saying that it's carrying on an investigation but from everything that i've seen that is a lie wow well. nick remind us again about who is to flame maxwell and how he puts into that cave and do we believe we will filthy her potentially tarred and prosecuted for what she's been accused of. well the thing about doing master was she was. it's hard to know a partner of jeffrey abstain she was fond of molesting the young girls and also child pornography just like jeffery abstain was and she played a very instrumental role in actually grooming young girls to be abused by jeffery abstain and also transporting them around the country to be pandered to epstein's rich and powerful friends there's that famous picture of her standing next to prince andrew and prince andrew standing next to a victim and drawing machel has not been charged with anything and it to me that's
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that's kind of mind boggling and we say we don't know or it said that we don't know where she is an vast crowd of that that's completely ridiculous because someone like glenn maxwell is she lives high on the hog i mean she spends a lot of money her financial footprints are all over and the f.b.i. if the f.b.i. wanted to find glenn maxwell tomorrow they could find her i'm i'm convinced of that it really does nick you've covered you know these cases before obviously the franklin scandal which is a you know very big case are you seeing those same similarities here in the 3rd act as you mentioned we talked about this being the 3rd act of the up stinkers are you seeing the same kind of similarities the happen with the 3rd act of the franklin scandal now rearing that's kind of same had with upstate. well the franklin scandal
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the 3rd act of the franklin scandal was making sure that the victims didn't talk and and that was the 3rd act and that was a sealed cover up but with the epstein scituate. we know who the perpetrators are we know that absent i mean epstein is a it's been proven that he's a child trafficker. he was he pled guilty to it and in 2008 he was. indicted on multiple accounts of child trafficking last year and there's been like $35.00 civil suits that have been settled about him molesting minors so we know that jeffrey obscene is a super predator and and that's what's really troubling to me is that this is going nowhere but there is one major similarity between jeffrey obscene and the franklin scandal the book that i wrote william barr was eternally general under bush the
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elder and he covered up the franklin child trafficking network that i wrote about and now he's the attorney general under donald trump and he's covering up the epstein trafficking network so i just can't i've been very vocal and i started this petition because i just can't sit idly by as rewarding him by or commits a 2nd you know an atrocity to american children no one no to cross into the american justice system is really what it what it is because you know when you you when you have anyone you know when you have the justice system going after these people that's what really breaks our right and also it at least is something else that shows that there really isn't anything any recourse for the victims for anything but you know setting that type of fate in that example is really hurtful. there is always something about it is you know i'm sorry but it is risky if you're if you if our department of justice shows indifference so these victims i mean what chance do they have what chance do those any victim have if the department of
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justice is going to look the other way if the department of justice is going to let these perpetrators off scot free that only empowers other perpetrators so we have to draw a line in the sand here and the justice department should not and cannot be allowed to cover up jeffrey i've seen straffing network and all the perps that were involved in jeffrey have since trafficking network. absolutely and there's always a lot of false leads band information uninformed conjecture what do you think are they can twist the truth in cases like these what do you believe is the biggest untruth being told about the epstein case so far. well as i said the biggest truth is that there's an investigation going on because if there was a natural investigation going on the preachers would be indicted and they'd be rolling over on the perves so that is the big lie right now that there is an investigation going on and that is the line that the department of justice and
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f.b.i. are using right now and if like i said if there was a natural investigation going on multiple people would be indicted at this point. mick i got to say thank you as always for the great work that you do in the investigative journalism that you cover it's always it's always important to have you want to thank you for a living our audience today always a pleasure sir. thank you very much deborah. we will probably never reach a point when exploration of the cosmos and there's still much unexplained and much more to come thankfully for us astronomers are always on the case and some of their latest findings might surprise you oxygen has been detected outside of the milky way for the 1st time astronomers that shanghai observatory make this groundbreaking discovery using radio telescopes in spain and france the oxygen with uncovered in a korean 231 a highly volatile galaxy that we don't know much about located 561000000 light
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years away from the earth this is big news because of the current 231 oxygen is 100 times higher than the element in our own galaxy wow wow that's cool so that means like we could technically get oxygen from the galaxy if we travel back to order but why because the bully i don't know we might need a lot more oxygen but i'm going to probably a little bit but that's cool that's cool 1st time ever received oxygen outside of our own solar system the search for life continues out there in the great vast emptiness of space all right everybody that is our show for you today remember in this world we're not told i would love to tell you all i love you but i am tired rover and i'm a mess across keep on watching all those hawks out there and have a great day and night everybody.
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plenty. plenty. plenty. oh.
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just slept. very well now continue watching us and see us. blaming russia. is getting really pathetic because here's a guy who's effectively trying to dehumanizing group of people. this is remarkably ironic coming from one life.
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in the wake of wednesday's. extremism. with government forces on the. rebels look at what's at stake for the external powers involved in the conflict. with. residents of a central ukrainian police as the authorities attempt to.


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