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tv   News  RT  February 22, 2020 7:00am-7:31am EST

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storage. is here. waiting to be breached. the headlines this week came from r t us media claims russia is backing both the republicans and the democrats in the 2020 presidential election depending how you read or listen to as anonymous sources kick off another alleged russian meddling campaign states. used to fueling hatred politicians in germany blame the rights of germany party now in the wake of wednesday's racially motivated terror attack in the now. live you spent pictures in from central london head of monday's open extradition hearing for wiki leaks julian sanchez you can see supporters. gathering for
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a london rally today they're now going on for a couple of hours and better and british rocker roger waters tells us he said be there. julian assange should america getting a fair trial to 00 charles breaking the law to try and get him there. good afternoon just turned 3 pm saturday afternoon in moscow welcome to the program live from the r.t. international world news center it's kevin owen here for the next hour stick around to take you through the latest reporting on from russia today. and 1st the u.s. media is throwing yet more meddling accusations east this time with the democrats front runner for the 2020 presidential election being dragged into bernie sanders is leading the polls ahead of the next nomination vote in the state of nevada and the washington post now claiming then that through our name sources it must be said
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that he's receiving russian help for his campaign. it was not clear what role they're going to play we were told that russia maybe other countries are going to get involved in this campaign and look here's the message to russia stay out of american elections the do nothing democrats using disinformation hawks number 7 don't want bernie sanders to get the democratic nomination and they figured this would be very bad for his chances it's all reet again against crazy bernie sanders . or one democrat rival maine time billionaire might bloomberg has jumped on the chance to report to target sunday's online posting his 2016 presidential campaign slogan feel the burn in russian the other end of the political spectrum the new york times claim is president trump is also a benefactor of alleged russian help moscow is dismissing that report and says it expects similar claims to multiply in the run up to the election these are just the usual paranoid claims which unfortunately we will be hearing more of as the us
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elections approach of course they have nothing to do with the truth. takes a closer look this weekend at the latest election meddling claims. dear diary i know i can be a bit of a warrior you know better than anyone but this time i really think we might have a serious. situation on our hands it is the conclusion of multiple us intelligence agencies that the russian federation is once again trying to interfere in our 2020 alexion our presidential election again to try to elect donald trump the russians off to american democracy again and there's just so much evidence to back it up this time in a closed meeting undisclosed intelligence officials told congress that moscow wants to keep orange one in the white house for another few yes' and 5 unnamed people who apparently are in the loop told us so it's a soul thing i turned on the t.v.
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and everyone's quoting it a bombshell revelation just makes me panic more than america's democracy once again under attack by a foreign adversary new revelations about russian efforts to interfere in the 2020 election with the hope of getting the president president reelected and also to make americans doubt the integrity of the election process this is not a 4 year ago flashback folks this is 2020 and the media wouldn't so panic to jump on the bandwagon just to boost their ratings that would be unconscionable wouldn't it i know you'll say i'm i'm spiraling but can you see how burn up proof this latest report is i mean i agree i did read the article which published the info for us and there isn't a single concrete fact a piece of evidence provided but they promised it would come to light soon both republicans and democrats the intelligence agencies to hand over the underlying material that prompted the conclusion the rush is again favoring mr trump selection how soon the house committee might get that information is not clear and if that
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wasn't convincing enough trying fod the director of national intelligence and replaced him with a man who supports him that can't be a coincidence can it i mean that's basically admitting that he's a criminal stooge and the president of the united states is now helping the president of russia help the president of the united. daves to get reelected now i don't want to exaggerate or anything but this is a national emergency we are now in a full blown national security crisis by trying to prevent the flow of intelligence to congress trump is abetting a russian covert operation to keep him in office for moscow's interests not america's. and politicians are panicking to it so seriously even tweeted about it poor henries also chimed in still a bit saw over the whole 2016th tast i suppose putin's pop is at it again taking
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russian help for himself he knows he can win without it and we can't let it happen i mean this is someone fat the democrats are just being unlucky the mourner report was a boston pietschmann felt flat on its face but still how could anyone pick trump over the i mean just to conspiring democrat candidates on offer take joe biden for example sure he's got a chance on approach but he's clearly a good parent and that's got to count for something right then does michael bloomberg sure he made a few crude comments apparently about women back in the eighty's but these were different times now he's just a good old 2 clean billionaire and bernie sanders good old bunny mo was giving his honest opinion when he allegedly said a woman couldn't become a president no no the more i think about it the clearer it is a trump 2020 victory could only have the kremlin's fingerprints all over it. diary what a disaster. that's good tale of
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a lot bigger than in war of the race for the white coming up bit later the program i can tell you the washington post is facing a backlash for overplaying the importance of the top one percent ahead of the election and how much they should figure it warm up and recover it about 10 minutes . story from central europe leading politicians in germany have lashed out of the anti immigration alternative germany party in the wake of wednesday's racially motivated must shootings of 2 bars in homo which 9 were killed for lawmakers argue that the f.t. has helped create an atmosphere of hatred. had i not the 1st glance it looks like it was a lone wolf attack one man carried it out but there were those who had provided him with ammunition and the a of these definitely among them used it in germany struggles to come to terms with the events of this week's tragic slayings in hull now we've seen politicians from the christian democratic union the social democrats they are part of the ruling
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coalition as well as the left party on the greens as well coming out and accusing alternative media day of funding the flames a far right extremism in the country of course there's a direct connection between the growing strength of the a.f.d. and the increasing right wing violence citizens of foreign descent are being denied their human dignity it's so dangerous because it brings someone to a point where they commit a crime here we have a fatal disinhibition at work and the a.f.d. bear responsibility for that too 9 people were killed this week 2 shooting incidents at 2 separate she should bars in the city of how now all of those that were killed were from an immigrant background most of them were young people as well we heard from one eyewitness who describe for us the scenes of that night. the man came in and started shooting at a kiosk then he came to us he shot the 1st person in the head then shot of the 2nd person we'll drop down to the ground i pretended to be dead we all pretended to be
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dead we all fell down and he the shooter had emptied his magazine and by then and just run away. from my eyes i was ok i was still alive but i just didn't want to believe it was real i asked unitive everything was ok he groaned he got me he got me there was a hole in his neck i shouted the other guy to ask if he was ok he hadn't seen a bullet in the shoulder yet he didn't see the blood as he was wearing a coat he said jamiroquai i stood up and saw interest lying is brother nasser he was down there in the others were lying there too so i went out and peeped into the kiosk. the people in there ruled out i didn't know what to do i just couldn't believe it was happening or police have confirmed that the main suspect had killed himself his body was found along the side of the 7. to 42 year old owned 2 weapons legally the handgun that he used to carry out the attack had been modified to allow it to release bullets quicker than alongside calls for tighter security
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and more surveillance of far right to vittie in germany there are also calls for tougher gun laws in the country and after a spokesperson claimed the german establishment is simply desperately trying to link the atrocity to his party he says. the killer was a paranoid he was sued because of. the police said it very soon on twitter. this guy had no connection to any any political group to any a ride to extremists to any right wing groups and what this world as terrible as the situation that the the all political parties are trying to stick it somehow to the a.f.p. this is the only way how can they manage to fight against us because they have no real political arguments and politan the political discussion so therefore they are
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always just trying to push us into a right to in corner sort of the people are afraid even to talk to us to listen to our political arguments we are we are living in the in the very heavy political oppression in my mind we are not free to express what we want our people are permanently under attack off the left extremist and. you know what what happened now is that we are putting in the corner where we don't belong spokes person they have to do the talking to us now just like you know this is out international live from moscow if you're watching us in the u.k. there hi there good afternoon we got a special program lined up for you which i hope you'll enjoy award winning filmmaker john pilger delve deeper into the mounting pressures from all sides on britain's n.h.s. its special on air after this break coming up and if you're watching us anywhere else in the world how do you till my name is kevin 0 in on but with more of
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saturday top stories in the arctic national world news center. the world is driven by a dream shaped by phone person with those words. the dares thinks. we dare to ask. this whole business about blaming russians by americans is getting really pathetic because here's a guy who's effectively trying to d.c.
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humanize a whole group of people and slavic people of this case this is remarkably ironic coming from white flight. it's 30 minutes past the hour hi there welcome to the program wiki leaks founder julian assange just said get his u.s. exhibition hearing in a london court on monday you can see over my shoulder there now there's a live news event happening where we cross all afternoon his supporters started gathering in central london with veteran british rocker roger waters saying he's going to be there as well as sons of course facing charges of hacking a u.s. government computer and leaking classified documents back in 2010 he spent 70 years
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in london's ecuadorian embassy before being removed by police the former pink floyd front man told us why he is set to be there protesting with the rest those people this saturday. julian assange should america getting a fair trial 00 charges they're breaking the law to try and get him there that would there is an extradition treaty between the u.k. and the united states which has a number of articles of the forethought to koloff ways that no extradition proceedings should even taught if there is a political motivation to it this is a political course it is 100 percent political so a legal proceeding it's all it's a choke and it's disgusting and and and for english prudence to fail an ordinary journalist doing his job properly like paris makes me ashamed to being which. they've almost killed him and belmarsh he's really sick if you
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read craig murray's description of him in the in the last hearing before that awful magistrate he it's really really moving craig's a friend of his and he's you know chilling could he could hardly remember a zone name. he maybe did got a drug a law which they probably have to probably go on all kinds of you know trial lawyers to see as well but. now he's been in prison for 7 years now in the ecuadorian embassy and now in the spikes security place at boma it's disgusting he hasn't committed a crime. the case is crucial only if you believe in the rule of law and freedom of speech and he and if you believe that the press and journalists have a responsibility to inform the public if they kill a song it's going to be at the back of everybody else's my all my god they killed
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him they're going to kill me too if i step out of line it's a way of a search for authority so that nobody will report on anything that said convey. it's a power. scheme it is no crime apart from a minor bail in fridge he did it's absolutely clear now that he didn't rape anyone in stock oh that was a poor thing to try and get it he was so right when he said he was frightened of going to sweet because they would extradite to see exactly what they would have done is this is being borne out completely by what's happened now here in the united kingdom where the u.k. government have decided to feed him to the wolves well if you will hear more about what roger waters has to say i can tell he's our guest on artie's going underground show you can watch that throughout the day various times in r.t. international. human rights groups are demanding that
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a british university suspends a master's program it runs with bahrain's royal academy of policing how does field university flies academics to bahrain despite rights campaigners condemning the kingdom as a torture for prisoner abuse a director for the bahrain institute for rights and democracy told us it has detailed allegations from 10 prisoners who allege they've been tortured. we opened those testimonies which came to us directly from this into the prison behind your prison and somebody called us to give us the details of how those individuals or tortured this is i'm talking about the fears 10 testimony from the victims that ikey detailing how they were abused. there is a consistent account on many of them where subjected to physical and psychological torture some of them were subjected to electric shocks some of a lot of them where naked the during their interrogation they were blindfolded some of them and they were raped and sexually assaulted at the they make threats against
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their families and just last weekend i happened to know that my own family including my brother in law was subjected to torture at the royal academy this is what i got from his last chord more in 2017 a un report called for the claims of torture in the ill treatment of prisoners to be more thoroughly investigated as previous complaints made by rights groups were not reviewed independently know the university refuses to confirm how much is being paid by bahrain saying that economically sensitive stuff but further it says it will give consideration to the request and respond in the coming days if they do we'll let you know what they're going to say we've also asked the bahraini government and university to comment the fire rights group says it repeatedly called for the course to be dropped the british government got to stop their own go and get training with security forces because if it did anything did the in a set of improving the situation they just simply have them to cover up abuses the
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place where they teach the course is the place where the prisoners get tortured so it's extremely serious allegations we have extremely strong evidence and can be even better fired within asylum seekers in britain. because pigs of the time to me that i mean so far as agreement say rights groups are about that hope is clear now next and the tally in police raid on a hotel that houses russian athletes has created a diplomatic spat let's talk about that next this afternoon involves a champion russian biathlete who previously served a doping ban the russian embassy in italy has questioned the legitimacy of the search r.t.d. goes down off reports. all the scandal stems from the accusations of the personal coach of the russian biathlete del xander logan of that he used a fake or somebody else's accreditation to move around the competition site now he and alexander logan of himself have their hotel rooms searched by the police and
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their personal electronic devices were confiscated by the officers that includes the notebooks and mobile phones here's how to log in a room may describe the situation as he witnessed it they didn't allow us to leave the room but they had no questions for me they took all of our devices put them on the table but they confiscated our exams devices to copy all the data from his phone and computer we asked them when they would return the devices they answered they didn't know and experts would analyze them and copy before i had a matter of seconds to message my teammates and coach now apparently the measures were taken out of suspicion that kasparov reached the coach that he used a fake accreditation to bring doping to bring illegal drugs to to his athlete but it comes to alexander logan of he does have a history of substance abuse he was banned from participating in competitions but then was reinstated the ban was lifted and he was back in the he was back i should
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say in the big sports but here this whole thing is turning into a bit of a diplomatic scandal because russia is saying that in this particular case the presumption of innocence has to be maintained and that no allegations no accuse ations or should be taken at face value and alexander logan for instance of that whole thing happened literally hours before he was shuttled to participate in a biathlon relay which he is still doing by the way he wasn't pulled from the team also russia has sent all sorts of less says the ministry to the sports ministry is involved they are demanding explanations. as to why such measures are being taken and apply to the russian team but when it's another nation's team in question then a completely different set of measures is being taken and not as harsh as russia has to bear the french team also had the same situation at this world cup but their
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man was only fined $500.00 euros and now the case has been exaggerated to an absurd level i'm 100 percent sure this was well planned now the international biathlon union has launched a legal investigation a legal case against the russian team and against the coach so we'll have to see how their version of events fares in court yet will do back to the rate race for the white house in the states the washington post has altered the headline which originally suggested the elites of politics in the financial world should play a key role in picking the next u.s. president it comes out of the outlet found itself in the spotlight online. democracy dies in darkness and less darkness is what the elites need to read in election in which case maybe democracy isn't all that great anyway though it goes through unheard line that silence presents the wealthy are speaking. well the current u.s. election system it's complicated primaries take place at the beginning of an
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election year to select candidates in some states every citizen can vote in others only registered voters however it's not just votes to secure the nomination is also down to the number of delegates they get depending on the size of the state legal and media analysts lionel believes the article is simply a bold move for attention. first of all it was one of the most poorly constructed arguments ever i read it and i thought to myself i don't understand what this is suggesting so i gave it to a couple of by learned colleagues they don't know what it is either we don't know what exactly this is suggesting who are these elites this is a college professor a ph d. ph d. stands for something this far as the washington post goes it is a rag it is a hospital mop it is it is it is nothing it's it the glory days of your from watergate it's over with not only that the print medium of this country newspapers
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are closing the new york times is a joke so what you see right now is one last gasp effort to put something in it will get people to talk about it. the u.s. is it around with more sanctions of a front is parliamentary elections washington's targeting the council of vets candidates for excluding thousands from taking part the u.s. has blacklisted 5 council members meantime now one of them is him saying the structures have nothing to do with supposedly supporting democracy. even with the boycotts and sanctions on members of the guardian council the us regime has shown that it has nothing to do with democracy it's a. dictatorship and milled the region like a cow we are now more determined to learn to our votes to the people even after a huge number of candidates who ruled out some 7000 more were vying for just 290 seats in parliament only results will be announced later saturday we'll keep you
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posted there is the 1st nationwide ballot since u.s. sanctions against iran reinstated in 2018 as washington stepped up its pressure on to run off and drawing from the 2015 iran nuclear deal while the election comes around struggles with economic recession ongoing and spiraling tensions with washington over the killing of iran's top military general while middle east analysts we spoke to says the sanctions are a way for the u.s. to openly interfere in foreign elections and i think that it's fine for the west to be pointing the finger at iran because that when they're actually fighting for fingers at themselves showing because the world now has come to laugh at america at the elections that they've been holding the farce and the lies and propaganda but i think there's also a dark message in this and i think that is to actually take iranians inside iraq and polarize. the united states wants to give the impression that is on the side of people who have who are more prone west and their dark reformist there is nothing
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more outrageously open and obvious about the interference from these sanctions because the sanctions insult as far as the monetary things girl doesn't make any difference it's just the message they're sending and they're saying how do you not pick the candidates that we will prove us more that's basically what it is and devouring everything in the past swarms of locusts heading from pakistan to china officials there and preparing a unique air force to fight off the plague like threat check this. if this is the. right.
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frank. good luck well that's from may kevin owen here mosco the way things are being reported in russia today all to go home for the latest we're a social media what's coming up next dog. ready to be let loose on you from mexico today though less coming up right after. this the pretty you would never move but in your circles modesty.
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and you know. when you much for that was a little bit more when you. look. at. the whiting good both of you here already you know you since you have been you know made it seems to trace. cities. that. were still in an era. resource colonialism again this is a big risk and the one big thing that could really inhibit the kind of electric vehicle revolution that a lot of us want to see is if we can't resource the battery components in a sustainable ethical way then it's not going to be a successful revolution. ties
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or this is the kaiser report remember bill black. the best way to rob a bank is to buy a bank or therefore something like that this is all going to make a lot of sense stacey well for those who don't know william k. black was a special prosecutor during the savings and loan crisis in the 1980 s. when there was widespread fraud especially there were a lot of congress people involved in both some of the bush family involved and he said at he put 800 bankers behind bars and that set in motion the boom times
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that followed where all the all the criminals were taken off the street by wall street he said the best way to rob a bank is to own a bank because therefore you get away with crimes here is crime in this headline because many people do associate with mexico with the cartels and crime wave here curbing crime could boost mexico's economic growth says think tank cutting crime in mexico could encourage more investment leading to higher economic growth the private sector think tank said last week that is why it is indispensable to guarantee the security of the private sector center for economic studies said in his weekly report i don't get it may and i mean look at america we know at j.p. morgan we know and jamie dimon their business model is to keep $0.90 of every dollar they steal they pay $0.10 of every dollar they steal as a fine.


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