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alina songe extradition hearings in london both occurring this monday the 24th of 2020 page but tragically real life isn't a dick wolf series and there isn't a jack mccoy or lennie briscoe in sight when it comes to these 2 rather unusual and crazy trials yes monday was not a good day for the house of weinstein of a new york jury convicted the famed hollywood producer and mogul on charges of 3rd degree rape and a count of committing a criminal sexual act in the 1st degree while the jury didn't convict weinstein of the stronger charges against him which included 1st degree rape and 2 counts of predatory sexual assault for many this was still an important court victory for the hashtag need to movement meanwhile ladies and gentlemen across the atlantic pond the extradition hearings began for wakey leaks founder and publisher julian a son of a son just facing 18 charges here in the united states of america violating the espionage act and hacking if convicted the sons could face up to
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175 years in prison but 1st the british courts will have to extradite him to the united states and this is worse than just lawyers are trying to draw the proverbial line in the sand assad's attorney edwards's gerald argued that essentially the u.s. is persecuting julian a songe not prosecuting him telling the packed courtroom today that julian a son just being made an example of president trump and his administration decided to make an example of julian a son. so with harvey weinstein now legally a rapist yes harvey it was indeed rape no matter how much you claimed it was not and now the legal future of the freedom of the press hanging in the balance i think it's time to do a little watching the harks. on a cd you st. peter so let's see. this is joyce
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state. grace suggests least systemic deception is the late show which. welcome a lot of watching the hawks. and i'm a. boy boy what a day for courtroom battles to not only revel in the wind stream in the beginning of the extradition hearing absolutely and i don't think that there's anybody thad about peppina wife thing today if anything there was an expectation that he might have actually been convicted on some of the stronger charges but i think that this spells a victory for the need to move and it's both a victory for all of the women who have been abused by weinstein but also it adds an amplifies the voices of those who might be afraid to actually come out and you know talk against their accusers and i think that for somebody who is rich and powerful who may have thought that he was going to be able to get off someone who
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didn't really show any remorse throughout this entire process i'm very thankful to . finally get his day in court and to see some bit of some bit of victories for the victims i couldn't agree more i'm a district attorney cyrus vance jr actually told the press outside the courthouse that this is the new landscape for survivors of sexual assault in america and this is a new day it's a new day because harvey weinstein was finally been held accountable for their crimes committed and i hope this is my dream it's good when we see people like weinstein you know get good guilty verdicts and things like that my hope is that it doesn't it's not that you get harvey weinstein and suddenly. to me to move with all its over everything is better absolutely i think that's a good point to know because there are thousands of harvey weinstein's out there there aren't just in hollywood they exist in nonprofits they exist in private sector organizations they exist in corporations they exist in the political realm and i think that once you see something like this there also has to be that that fear plays in the men who actually are the ones who are doing this to women to
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showcase that just because you're powerful just because people want to have a certain job or reach a certain level of esteem within their careers that doesn't mean that you take it upon yourself to abuse women and i think that it also places abuse in a different context because one of the bigger things about this case was that a lot of people were going back and forth as to. the litany of these women's stories just because many of them had seen him and started relationships with him later on or they continued sexual relationship with him so i think that there was a little bit of there's a little bit of pushback initially and it was bothersome because in the majority of cases where there is sexual violence or sexual manipulation of any kind it is from somebody that you know i think that we have to peel back the onion to a certain extent is showcase just just how bothersome this can actually be because these aren't your stranger danger people these are the conditions of power the people that you work with there are people who even gauged with and i think that it's important for the general public to understand that these weinstein type
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character is maybe they don't have all the money that he does but power comes in different and different avenues and i'm thankful that i think that a case like this is really going to push women 1st and foremost to stand up and say this happened to me which helps other women going through the struggle right now but also it gives women a charge to say that there can be a difference made that it most definitely does i want to also talk about the sharing this week it's interesting george. former british parliament george galloway weighed in on a question of whether political motivations matter in the united kingdom when it comes to the u.s. extradition process and the deal he told our own military on him. question earlier this year to take a listen i was a member of parliament about the time the extradition treaty was reached with the united states political cases are explicitly excluded from extradition treaty between the u.s. . that's really interesting what he's saying is that if the defense can try truly
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prove this is a political persecution which i believe it is. potentially britain this judge could say you know what we're not going to extradite him because this isn't about getting him with a crime this is about going after him personally by the u.s. government so i think that despite who was in office i know that you know times here right now making these decisions but despite who was in office i don't think that the the prediction for how this would end for assad would be very different than he's contradictorily here 1st some people view him as one of the highest the patriot shedding light on on some of the war crimes and abuse that the american public want to know but there is by and large this other side that says there is government oversight there and these are protectionism that need to be there specifically for redacted information for the safety of those who may have been involved that he has now released to the public and that's a scary place to be so we think that for somebody like julian assange he kind of heater is in those 2 worlds one in which that actually threatens our safety the other one that you know with the public right to know and we also have to remember
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that joining us on is not a journalist so a lot of the arguments that some of his defenders are making are very interesting because it was not this he doesn't operate under the same journey but he does he's a publisher he's probably showing information and here's the catch is that i understand the argument and i agree there should be certain redactions to keep people safe to keep you know things of that nature safe keep undercover troop movement there's there's definitely things that need to happen there but remember that's not what the u.s. government charging him with they're charging him with the under the espionage act they're trying to say that what he did on equivocally helped our enemies i say it isn't. see what i say what he did allow the american people to see what was being done in our name with our tax dollars you know we saw you know bombing those journalists in iraq was one of the biggest things that came out of chelsea manning weeks he's at the end of the day he's not he is a journalist i believe he's a publisher he's publishing newsworthy information but then was being assured by the new york times always run a very global a lot of other people saw it we can't so there is an argument to be said about it
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going beyond just the americans i think that there's something in it for americans to be able to peel back the onion and see what they need to see here in terms of what our government is doing but we also have to recognize in the way that he released that the world solved it. and that will definitely put us in the. will agree to disagree right now. student loan debt reaching an all time high of 1.4 trillion dollars children in cages housing affordability a thing of the past having to decide between life saving drugs like insulin or paying your car note and our world literally being on fire is enough to drive anyone mad or just enough to drive folks to the polls that's exactly what bernie sanders and his campaign have been doing handedly taking home a victory in the nevada caucus on saturday the 1st diverse caucus of the early primary states solidified sanders place as a top contender for the democratic nomination but that win was hardly surprising 4
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weeks sanders was projected to do well in the bottom but none of this stopped the mainstream media onslaught and freak out mode we heard a russian conspiracy theories strange echoes of naziism attacks on his supporters labeling them as misfits and fear mongering that standards would take the country in the wrong direction one much akin to the failed socialist policies that crippled south america but pundits had to eat less than 24 hours later after votes were analyzed because much liked what they did in 2016 sanders listen to a growing desire to shake up the status quo and the results are undeniable same. made direct appeal for the youth vote one often taken for granted and he designed a strategy to reach latino specifically showcasing the fight for america's heart also run through the brown community people like chris matthews who completely lost it on live t.v. while vividly painting a picture of nazi germany and oddly comparing sanders rise to it might be speaking to a horrible past even veteran democratic strategist james carville got in on the action
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calling santos plans communism one thing's for sure if banner victory in the bottom is mirrored elsewhere he can bring out this newly formed coalition on super tuesday the democratic party may be in for a reboot and naysayers will be forced to fall in line or go after you you follow your were deep with the democratic party in the obama administration. is it time for the reboot is that what we're seeing just what you said. the elites they're just not grasping the fact that maybe the country's gone a different direction from what they originally thought i think that what bernie have done is tap into a populist populism other side in the same way that trump did in 2016 there is a rising and upset mode of thought when it comes to income inequality there are people who are my generation millennial who can't afford you know can't afford the cost of housing or looking at student loan debt astronomically increased aren't seeing rises in their paychecks many of which are still having
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a hard time finding full time job to provide health care are also delaying starting their families because the cost of child care is astronomical when you add all those things together and they're playing on each other at the exact same time if you please rise for some type of earth shattering i think wake in the system and bernie things to be speaking to all of those things at the same time and he is directing his plan specifically to this group and it's crazy because when you see the media's reaction to this especially the cable news media they're not reacting like journalists or they're not reacting like people reporting on what's going on they're reacting like they're truly afraid of this strange i mean you see karl on there saying like oh putin must. watching me right now talking about bernie sanders and smiling i doubt glad i'm here i was doing you know it just blows my mind you know chris matthews talking about how the. bernie sanders women is the equivalent of the month season baiting friends yeah they kind of jumped off the deep a really quickly and again like they had to in some ways tone it down because when
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we pill back everything and we saw what those boats looked like more young people came out in the bottom than we saw in any of the earlier caucuses in addition to that more people of color came out so the latino vote count for no bottle was a lot larger this saturday than it was in the previous 2 elections so what we're seeing are people who are 1st time voters coming out we're seeing people who are younger voters come out and i think that that has the opportunity to actually change the trajectory of what this entire caucus stream and what the super tuesday states look like if this can be kept up and what too is that then you have you know you have these pundits on t.v. or the party bosses and things of that nature then saying well these people are wrong and how dare they and why are they voting this way russia is manipulating them bernie sanders is lying to them and what's sad about that is just what you said these are 1st time voters these are young voters these are people these are people who have been systematically put down by this country over the years who are now finally saying you know what i want to take a chance i don't feel like i can change anything but maybe now i can maybe there's
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somebody out there that i can and they're voting we should be applauding them whether we like the candidate or not i personally i don't i like bernie sanders i haven't i don't i haven't endorsed any candidates but i think he's got some good ideas and i think it's hearts in the right place we should be applauding these people for getting taken part in the system rather than like rejecting them and saying how dare they voted for the sky i think the other part is the party has a has an issue with isolating voters and then you're out here calling people who follow bernie sanders are buying into that message myspace and you're going to have a problem you can have the same problem hillary clinton did when she called republicans the basket of the pool and on top of that is siphoning a candidate off and. him sound like he is the anti everything democrat is problematic especially when it's somebody who was running for the top spot in your party who if he gets the nomination would be effectively leading your party but bernie has actually brought some of that on himself he has gone out and basically made a lot of claims against establishment one of which i would argue that he's also part of bernie has been bernie has been a part of this of this thing we call the american government institution looking to
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not going to settle on top of that we also have to look at the fact that bernie is seeing i think something happening with young people and he is taking that and he is speaking directly to them and for a party that is supposed to be the one is the most diverse the one that's the most inclusive the one that's this umbrella organization to push him out or to you know make these outward appeals to the contrary of his his belief system i think it hurts them in the worst thing that you could do to a candidate who's running on an anti-establishment platform whether he kind of admits to it or not but i you know he is the worst thing you can possibly do is call him anti-establishment battles and say don't vote for him he's not like us that's the worst thing you can do because that's only going to boldness voters and push them further and i think i really even with all the bloomberg money i don't see them being able to put this thing back in my standards being able to get the nomination and challenging dropping the ball this fight baiters comments on being you know favorable of what we saw in cuba being favorable of castro being favorable
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of a lot of the a lot of the nicaraguan government as well it still doesn't seem to be shaking people we live in a different time and i think people are looking back and saying you know what i don't care what he thinks about castro actually you know maybe there's people that say you know what i support castro some bad he's not a great he was not a great leader but at the same time he represents certainly free thinking you know i like the idea of revolution you know but i think that's what people are seeing that they're not falling into those old traps that like the boomers lived through the cold war and things like wow we could go on and on there's a great conversation but as we go to break our grudges don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics to cover of our souls. be sure to check out watching the podcast all variable every everywhere you listen to pod cast also don't forget to sign up for our exclusive e-mail newsletter at bit dot levy l.-y. slash watching the hawks to keep up with all that we are working on behind the scenes here also don't forget to sign up for the exclusive e-mail newsletter and check this out you can start watching the hawks on demand through the brand new
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portable t.v. app available through google play and the apple app store by searching portable t.v. coming up a new arms deals announced between india and united states an expert matthew all joins us to discuss watching the hawks. in the troubled 19 seventies a group of killers rampage 3 cups of mills an island that was coordinated loyalists attacks on the population tens of were forced to flee their homes with stray can put these attacks was a p.r. you see the police actually took part in the attacks so instead of presenting they were active participants in the purging of full streets in belfast at the time more
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than $100.00 innocent civilians women. as the review can seniors and we found out more i was surprised about the extent. to which the solution was involved in some of those cases the killers would lead to be named. and getting i think. to do very very top i think if the. there was here where all the tape you. and give the go ahead to. the point is should we actually be charged. because this is when we charge for things is because it's a benefit to the person who is buying it and that's the audiology that took over education about 30 or 40 years ago but the perspective of education was originally that education is a benefit to society in general i wouldn't want to live in a society without doctors or engine is what happened without economists. saying it
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of being a profit benefit and ignoring the public means that we're ignoring that the skill bias we need for a sophisticated society and putting the burden of that school biases on the individuals and what we've turned it into is just now the trend institution public higher education become a form of a version of a real estate scam that is not the basis for a functional society. our us president donald trump was on the move recently bringing our lovely political circus here in the u.s. to india this week with the purpose of the trip wasn't all and i'm sure it's a photo ops with india's prime minister modi notrump also brought with them a $3000000000.00 new defense deal with india in miami the american story. president in his speech today in india said the u.s.
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makes the quote greatest weapons ever made and they'll be among the weapons sent to india as part of a $3000000000.00 arms deal we're talking about u.s. helicopter missile air defense systems and unmanned aerial vehicles also known as drones president trump lauded india in his speech and his quote great friend indian prime minister narendra modi the event was named in the last day trump a take on the rally in houston texas last year for india's prime minister which was called how the modi will today's day long affair in india featured a lot of pageantry singing dancing basically a huge celebration for president try. who's joined by 1st lady maloney a trump and his daughter ivanka and son in law are among others the president took a little ribbing for not exactly accurate pronunciation so shall we say a famous indian cricket player for the president to get big applause from the crowd for his shout outs to bollywood and some famous bollywood films basically personalizing the speech to the indian crowd and playing to the crowd and said the
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president and in the end prime minister modi did speak about us india ties the relationship as economic and political allies and the threat of global terrorism trump made mention of that threat in his speech adding that his administration is working with pakistan to crack down on he says terrorist groups along pakistan's border with india our relationship with pakistan is a very good one thanks to these efforts we are beginning to see signs of big progress with pakistan and we are hopeful for reduce tensions greater stability of the future of harmony for all of the nations of south asia india pakistan nearly came to war last year after india bombed what it said was a terrorist training facility in the mountains of pakistan along the indian border resulting in an escalation in fighting between both countries that came dangerously close to all out war both sides however relented and war was avoided but still it
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showed the danger of tensions and the risk of an escalation in violence between both nuclear powers president from tearing a speech today touted the $3000000000.00 arms deal with india saying he believes the united states should be india's premier defense partner or president trump and a 1st lady also visited the osh room were gandhi lived and of course the famous taj mahal inaugural and despite his comments about working with pakistan which didn't garner a whole lot of support in india trump is still very well liked in the country where recent pew research poll found that he has 5056 percent approval rating the u.s. and india did not. reach a trade agreement before the president's visit and that will be among the topics of discussion while the president is in the country for his 36 hour visit saying he's quite optimistic that both he and prime minister modi can reach a trade deal and by the way trump who ones own of course the taj mahal hotel and casino in atlantic city new jersey had never actually visited the indian side until
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today when the president is in new delhi now where he will attend various events on tuesday for watching the hawks john heidi. joining us now to discuss this $3000000000.00 defense deal between india and the u.s. and its implications for more even senior fellow at the center for international policy matthew matthew thank you so much for coming on i want to start what is this move 3000000000 dollar deal between the u.s. and india mean you know for the region who's going to be very interesting especially with all the talk about trying to members of progress. yet it doesn't 1st thanks for having me on it also involves china and russia as well we want to back up a bit throughout the cold war the united states was aligned with pakistan there is actually something called the middle east treaty organization that involved iran iraq turkey pakistan the united states that lasted up into the like late 1970 s. and the united states back pakistan in the wars had with india during that time but
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then when the cold war ended. and the soviet union went away in this does bipolar world kind of vanished. india was now in a different place and it became open for grabs for u.s. military planners as well as for defense corporations and in the last 20 years you seen a real change in the relationship between india and the united states during george bush's time several defense agreements were signed as well as george bush took india off the same list because of indie. as development of a nuclear weapon during the 1990 s. george w. bush took them off of that sanctions list and then when president obama came into office the united states' relationship with india really changed for 2 reasons obama was a very big and a very good weapon salesman trump is better but obama was quite good and so when
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obama comes into office there are no weapons sales or not many weapons sales from the united states to india but time he leaves there's over $15000000000.00 in sales along with a whole 'd more kind of like planned out as well as this deal to build 6 nuclear power plants in india for a cost of $10000000000.00 so when trump comes in the united states' relationship with india has changed and this has come about because the united states relation with pakistan has fallen apart particularly in the years since 911 and of course if you all remember underneath president obama we have the pivot to asia really united states military where china was now and so china and india have a very contentious relationship india and i mean china and pakistan all are allies in many ways so the united states looks to india to counter china and at this point india is the 2nd largest importer of weapons in the world after saudi arabia and
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right now there are biggest supplier of weapons are the russians and so the united states would love to you know divorce india from its relationship with russia get more of that weapons market and then use india kind a as a wedge against both pakistan and china so that a lot here with this $3000000000.00 sale besides the fact that this is what travers and president trump likes to do he likes to make deals for the defense industry. pretty incredible man with. you due to. a heck of a good job just kind of setting up the entire back story behind this arms deal i got to say that was that was quite incredible sir very good said. no thank you very very much for coming on a day man like that was that was a great little you know great little bit less than a mystery why these arms deals take place and what they're all about thank you so
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playing. very well now can see you watching on since last. nuclear become a battleground in the u.s. in vermont people love demanding the shutdown of a local plant from my yankee is right now my focus because it's a very dangerous oh no care power plant the owner is attempting to run the reactor beyond its operational limits this case just sort of puts a magnifying glass on where's the power in this country where's it going is it moving more towards corporate interests or is it more in the idea of a traditional participatory democracy is or powerline with the people this demonstrates that struggle in the very real ways a struggle. fresher
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and claims of russian meddling in washington democratic senators are calling on president trump a slap still more sanctions on russia alleging moscow is interfering in the upcoming 2020. and historic legal hearing that begins in london to determine whether julia saundra will be extradited to the u.s. where the refuseniks founders wanted on hacking and espionage charges his supporters claim the case against him is extremely weak. but we heard this morning a lot more of the same the same thing we've been hearing for 10 years 2020 they are in for a lot of people who for a sense of simple evidence. and in the stony and woman who requested asylum in russia after.


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