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we're. here. to be reached. 4 pm right now tuesday afternoon here in moscow in the headlines this hosni mubarak the former egyptian president who was toppled in the 2011 arab spring uprising has died aged 91 after a long period of illness coming up we look at the legacy of his life and times of his 30 year rule. for some headlines to a surgeon coronavirus cases in europe in asia stokes fears of a pandemic may be no worry of it after a wave of confirmed patients in italy now neighboring countries too are questioning the easy open borders and whether it's going to work or no. traffic in london it's the 2nd day of july the sounds u.s. extradition hearing as a grieving british following a weighs in on the case pleading with the u.k. to release that wiki leaks founder unless the u.s.
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hands over the suspected killer of this take another twist we hear from the family's lawyer. this is one of the darkest moments. in the u.s. u.k. relationship. public northern ireland's police over advice leaflets linking alcohol consumption with rape we discuss claims with the force that it could fall into a case of victim blaming here. we men they have to be loud and louder because some fortuny people in the sight of politicians and policemen they only here are we are allowed to be allowed by all means but we have here it's. other broken absolute life from us internationals world news h.q. here of moscow it kevin 0 in for the next half hour with your to. through our top
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stories this hour and 1st i was just mentioned that the former egyptian president hosni mubarak has died at the age of $91.00 after a long period of illness the autocrats who served as his country's 4th of the state ruled for 30 years until he was deposed during the arab spring protests that erupted in cairo in early 20 levon well let's now talk to fall asleep paul if you were in egypt for us as our middle east correspondent when the arab spring uprisings began to august through all the mubarak's life and legacy. well as you say i was reporting from tahrir square in 2011 when the arab spring began and i remember those days the haiti days for egyptians there were particularly youngsters who came to the streets and on sundays you would see thousands if not even a 1000000 people protesting against an almost 3 decade year long leadership people felt that it was time for him to go and for many mubarak came to symbolize everything that was wrong with egypt economic stagnation political oppression and
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at the same time i remember talking to youngsters and saying what do you think his legacy is and ironically they told me that his legacy was that of uniting egypt's sins against his own leadership so it's doubtful that he's going to be sorely missed there was a heavy handedness that he used during their revolution against anti-government protesters so much so that as many as $900.00 were killed and he was put on charge on trial and eventually convicted of the murder in august 2012 and i remember feeling that he handedness of the security forces when we were reporting live from tahrir square we would have amazing beans shining in on us to try and intimidate us there was a lot of a lot of tear gas and when he was later held in prison i remember reporting outside that prison and asking the gypsies how they felt and many told me they felt that finally justice was being served you need to remember that mubarak came to power after the previous egypt's president unless sadat was assassinated and that was something that mubarak saw himself. personally and it affected him deeply he was
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always very much focused on the security apparatus in egypt so much so that it's just a mater that one time for every one egyptian there was 40 police officers and that's no mean feat out of a country of some 95000000 people the last pictures we saw of mubarak were those pictures of him in a cage being held in prison there hasn't been a lot of news or pictures of him in more recent times we know that he wasn't ill but i think it would be fair to say that the legacy he leaves is a mixed one in the things for a military man but one nonetheless that held his country's commitment to peace along the way it's been described let's not talk 2 sides so deep reverser of political sociology at the american university of cairo would you agree with him on the ground as you see it from there what is his legacy. of course i agree with your correspondent. the mission of his legacy of course you will have also
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had doom for 30 years some are saying he is a good post person and those who love him say he is a former person so this is a big difference. how are you how will you be remembered. of course people will compare the economic situation on the present time so maybe this is in favor of president mubarak but at the same time you will also have criticism that for 30 years he wasted a lot of chances to make egypt think of poor south korea because when he took over in egypt in 1008 you want there was peace was israel there was no external spirit we had an avalanche of foreign aid coming to egypt even bigger of the marshall plan that we constructed europe and in the still of creating. you know our tiger of the middle east he was very slow in modernizing and and developing egypt he was also
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co-existing was a muslim brotherhood instead of fighting them and that's what we later paid the price fall of his not having a brave and strong stand against the muslim brotherhood he was able but at the same time we have to agree that president mubarak was ruling our country in an area you know full of topple and he said egypt from going into war form into conflict regional here or there so that has to be added to his legacy and his fear of a he kept the peace with israel and that is i think the very good thing that he did and president sisi is continuing that things started to unravel 123 and. i suppose some people would say that towards the latter years things started to unravel maybe got more and more authoritarian. and of course there are these allegations back in 2011. of his alleged involvement in the killing of nearly $900.00 protesters ok was acquitted of that in the end but did that slightly tarnish the endgame for him.
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in a way specially among the evolution is but today lucian is very unpopular in egypt there is now a strong cult of evolution hating the whole area and so people when they speak about the evolution they are not happy with it if you compare egypt and other countries libya iraq all the people there of lamenting what happened and the longed for the old rulers in iraq we still think the last of solve them was always iraq today when saddam was how was libya get their feet was was what was what was the situation and today because of nato intervention because they wanted to bring democracy actually they wanted only the oil and the the story the whole country so of course we'll find people men think. today's egypt today is iraq today's libya today because they felt that you know the things were despite the fact there was
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some criticism but not to the extent that you have the stowing the whole country all pushing for change that you could not pay the ticket to consider the consequences understood side sitting very sort of a political social to the american visiting care as you say so many things to deal with in office space turbulent time and thank you for your up some of his life and how he's remembered encouraged appreciated house republicans say who's a died today age 91 years old. right we'll get more reaction of that throughout the afternoon we're following this one to the world health organization is warning of a potential pandemic now that word is starting to be used potentially as cases of the deadly new coronavirus continue to appear across europe in asia italy around and south korea of no merge there's infection hot spots. this is a time for all the countries communities fire release and individuals to
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falters on preparing. we do not believe in a binary black and white world it's not either or we must focus on conte in a moment why do we have everything we can to prepare for a call to show. 80000 cases have been confirmed globally no almost 3000 deaths in just a single week south korea has seen a huge increase in infections iran has the highest number of deaths outside china 15 an hour known to have died although unconfirmed reports put that figure much higher in europe italy has become the 1st country to be hit with a serious outbreak with more than $200.00 infected there and 7 deaths italy's outbreak has spread beyond the area sealed off in the north to central and southern regions now and there are also reports that neighboring austria has 2 confirmed cases european nations have called emergency meetings on preventing the spread of the virus european commission has said that even member states are free to
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introduce stricter border controls if they wish here's our europe correspondent peter oliver with the latest for you. tens of thousands of people a lot down in quarantine and north and it's only because of the virus with one of the issues fundamental freedoms the freedom of movement taking a hit. on a.
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train services between italy and austria were temporarily suspended and in fronts the right wing of politics there is saying that that country's border with italy should be closed and given the model of i would prefer to do too much and rather than not enough perhaps closing the borders is necessary if the epidemic is out of control in italy each year we can harbor a very serious concerns that there are people in france in my heart of the markets so i request precautionary measure in my letter to the prime minister as i mentioned measures of reinforced border control holding china it's really does france control its borders no it doesn't and effective action plan however involves controlling entry from risky or contaminated areas let's have national borders once and for all rumania which has a significant proportion of its citizens living and working even if it's only for that i'll stick to week quarantine period for anyone returning from that country
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romania might be more exposed to crown of. as cases on the national territory these measures are similar to the ones taken by the italian authorities government officials insist that closing the borders remains an issue of last resort not only because of the impact it would have on public morale but also it would be very bad for business. at present there are absolutely no grounds for pursuing a suspension of the schengen treaty it would be a draconian measure to take to contain the infection there are no circumstances under which this would not have a devastating impact on our economy and then what we want to do with italy turn it into a quarantine facility. closing the borders would make no sense as the circulation of the virus is not just limited to administers of borders we asked people what they thought about borders and whether they should remain open. sea and maybe that's the only way to stop that i don't care. garry to be contained for sure but
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i'm not sure completely closing everything. is the right answer if there was a closed borders then we're looking at a good thing that we're starting to look at a pandemic you trust in the government story you know it's not necessary to close the borders and her entire crisis everyone is afraid and live in paranoia i think that we need to continue to live as we leave before. closing the borders is quite problematic especially when thinking about trade and other things we should wait for more serious cases it is better to introduce border controls even within the use of the virus gets in we will have problems i think it was necessary need to take measures in advance but it's a real unsurety about what to do about the coronavirus among people on the streets here in europe with most hoping that national governments have come and peter all of. it's being called
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a trial for journalism around the world is day 2 of us extradition hearing gets underway in london the wiki leaks co-founder is wanted in america on espionage and hacking charges and could face 175 years behind bars if found guilty in the united states after publishing classified intelligence data so much of it day one of the hearing lasted for 6 hours that here is some sketches from the court because filming is banned inside outside protesters gathered on master supporters inside defense lawyers argued that the case was politically motivated they said while the prosecution claimed the whistleblowers actions simply endangered lives of the songes father though insists his son's actions harmed no one. pendragon admitted under. josie many straws the body had to be for the release or so why aren't we discussing the harm that was released there was revealed by the releases of which is in $29.20 why aren't we here talking in court
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about the war crimes yes as a nation of innocent civilians by the military the slaughtering of reuters journalists that is why we should be talking about in a courtroom in this country and in america adding their voices to get the songes extradition blocked is the family of a british teenager who was killed in a road accident last august harry dunn's parents say the u.s. 1st needs to hand over and suppose she's the woman suspected of killing their son she is the wife of an american diplomat who's admitted driving on the wrong side of the road she fled the u.k. very shortly afterwards claiming diplomatic immunity and despite requests from the british government ever since washington says no it will not agree to her extradition the done family's lawyer spoke to us accuses the u.s. of rank hypocrisy here than. well just america is. protecting her are the person who's accused of killing her son they have no business calling pretty
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extradition anybody from the united kingdom it is it is it is what they're trying to find where it's just disgusting god or the cases are completely different but the over principle of reciprocity. it's all extradition cases if the united states is going to revoke the extradition treaty between the u.s. as it's done here then you know the united kingdom needs to stand up to both countries need to abide by the extradition treaty so you know we are very clear working you know doing our best work u.k. government. to make sure that the decision that the united states has made it's not actually. started but we are in the middle of it about it standoff it's one of the darkest moments. in the u.s. u.k. the relationship. at least northern ireland apologized after leaflets linking
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alcohol consumption to rape were wrongly circulated in belfast the instant of angry backlash in the city with many accusing the force of participating in a culture of victim blaming then the flyers claim that many sexual abuse cases happen when people are drunk and outlined ways that individuals can protect themselves the police service though says those leaflets have been discontinued for a number of years and is still investigating why they were distributed in the 1st place and also went on to stress rape victims are never fold but that wasn't good enough for many. this left that is a horrible example of victim blaming from those who are meant to protect the victim this is an issue that has come up again and again and we thought that the lesson had been learned police need to step away from the complaining these leaflets rebirths that deal the police can you please get some don't be a massive and stop attacking women leaflets to distribute please how can you prevent a crime you routinely fail to understand with this victim blaming nonsense it's
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just the fallout from a controversial flyer for british police officer pretty kirkman also women's rights activist. always the same and the same thing happening again and again we are in 2020 and still with the this is the blaming the victim of rape but please don't blame him right for anything else what they do do and they have an absolute duty to do is provide people with crime prevention and personal safety advice it would be utterly ridiculous if they didn't shouldn't get drunk come on everyone knows that but why you should put that in the if you know in this leaflet why you should connect this to rape the shore that's the bad thing people need to avoid making themselves vulnerable to all sorts of things by drinking so much that they don't understand where they are and what they're doing and we see every friday and saturday night in every town center but this is and how sick
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a is you know so this is a common sense thing for everyone as i said to you don't you shouldn't connect this to rape in your day or to prevent rape you should go in target men who are violent or let's say these loud and clear you keep asking for things that are effectively the moon on the street how can the police go and find a rapist before they been a rapist and persuade them not to be right pissed it simply isn't the posture of violence there is a pattern of violence you new know that and whether or not you he's alert the police intervene their efforts are not helped by exaggerated and inaccurate claims by campaigners and i'm sorry i don't agree with him when he says that it's exaggerated no every time we men speak up it's never exaggerated it's finally our voices are heard you know what we have enough we have enough of this culture of this particular culture so we need to be united if you agree with me that if this is a social emergency and i'm talking about sexual abuse and domestic violence we need
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to find are always working together isn't helped by one party or exaggerates. claiming that the other party is a lying there is no grounds for xpect for claiming pierce and i we service in all of northern ireland are lying when they say these were old leaflets but some are through some mistake which will undoubtedly turn out and so i'm sure even minister to vera. he's why why you what grounds of you've got to sign the police service of northern ireland a lawyer and that's basically what you're doing it's not helpful because they want something every this town's like an excuse i'm sorry i mean what you should be responsible for what you're praying to what you put out for how you want to stay over there and also tell us why they're all the way and exactly which year they were written who wrote them so give us some kind of you know for more information see if it's true we men they have to be loud and louder because unfortunately people in the society of politicians and the policeman they only here are if we are
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allowed to be allowed by all means but be accurate. ok let's move on what else we got coming up i can tell you a break after that a new has an online drama series has branded dangerous over its depiction of the holocaust so what you think about this don't go away it's coming out my seconds from that.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race is on spilling dramatic developing only slowly and going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. amazon store in a 2nd 1st the kremlin says strongly reiterated that russia is not interfering in u.s. internal affairs democratic state side have been urging the white house to impose
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additional sanctions on moscow including on president putin it follows meddling claims ahead of november's presidential election with russia accused of helping candidates from both main parties. a letter from congressional democrats was presented sensually calling for more sanctions to be imposed on russia in response to allegations of russia trying to interfere in the 2020 presidential election which will take place in november we urge you to identify and target for sanctions all those determined to be responsible for ongoing elections interference including president putin the government of the russian federation any russian actors now as you heard the letter even called for directly sanctioning the russian head of state russian president vladimir putin now we know that these new allegations about the upcoming election are can be traced back to shelby pearson now shelby pearson is a an intelligence community figure in the united states who is basically at this
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point the top election security official and she testified before the u.s. house of representatives intelligence committee about allegations that russia is somehow planning to meddle in the 2020 vote for the purpose of making sure that donald trump is reelected did you see that i see these ponies these that do nothing . they said today that wants to be sure that trump gets elected here we go these people are crazy now much of shelby's claim has been disputed and debunked by other figures in the u.s. intelligence community furthermore in the aftermath of this claim from shelby pearson that russia is meddling for the purpose of reelecting trump we now have allegations that russia is meddling for the purpose of electing a u.s. senator bernie sanders from vermont so russia is at this point being accused of taking 2 different sides in the upcoming vote however russia has been very adamant
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that this is simply not true the russian government officials have been very adamant that they are not trying to interfere in the u.s. voting process. russian federation does not interfere in other country's internal political processes we appeal to politicians to stop playing the blame game it's especially striking political forces in washington are exploiting this myth for their opportunistic making totally. fictitious russian linked allegations against each other is becoming an american political tradition now in 2016 there were widespread allegations of a russian meddling russian collusion in the us election process those allegations continued after the election there was a long investigation and much of what had initially been said was debunked the facts simply didn't add up it wasn't true but regardless of everything the united states has been through and all the allegations that have been hurled and debunked in the last 4 years it seems like now as the 2020 vote approaches and in november
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once again the united states will be going to the polls to determine who will be president it seems that allegations about russia will once again be surfacing and that this will be once again part of the election process in determining who will be the president of the united states for the following 4 years. under fire from jewish groups over a new series on its video streaming platform the show's called hunters which the auschwitz memorial museum describes as dangerously food over its depictions of the holocaust in particular it's a scene of a human chessboard of nazis killing jewish inmates at a death camp which the museum says is a current of people suffering with a drama. and centers on the vigilante nazi hunters of the 1970 s. who tracked down hundreds of escaped will criminals who fled to the united states. you know if. people like us being good we exterminate.
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them. the show's creator is the grandson of a holocaust survivor he's defended the chair scene saying it was deliberately done to counteract the white washing in some of the worst atrocities committed by a man who's been called it before for allowing ethically dubious items linked to the holocaust to be sold on its site a including t. shirts with a picture of a nazi executing a jewish person. which theme said a christmas decorations both those products were removed but other questionable items are still available history central editor and newsweek columnist mug children spoke to us about it he believes amazon end of the day has to take more social responsibility here i think that amazon's series may have gone a little bit beyond where i would have been comfortable going as an historian we
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always have to be careful we have to be careful because the line between documentary history and the line between what a movie maker can make up is a difficult line it's but a company this big has to take a social responsibility and i think it has to be careful if you're 1000000 sellers now and amazon now can you can they pull lease all 1000000 sellers yes they could but requires tremendous effort and they don't do enough of that amazon worries mostly about its profits like any big corporation and they have to be responsible for making sure that they don't allow things on their platform that are problematic visa via the holocaust he has been naziism other areas as well obviously other hateful areas. just so one of the many stories we're covering today that we've got time from the t.v. sort of things before check it out to dot com or social media outlets great pictures feature is there for you from us 247 shows have you say on our website as well in the comment section or it's coming to 29 minutes past for the afternoon here in moscow as ever for me the team thank you for watching out international by
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the way report the news from russia today or for me just over half an hour whatever you're up to the rest of the day have a good one. the world is driven by shaped by. the dares thinks. we dare to ask. nuclear power become a battleground in the u.s.
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in vermont people love demanding the shutdown of a local plant from my yankee is right now my focus because it's a very dangerous oh no clare power plant the owner is attempting to run the reactor beyond its operational limit this case just sort of puts a magnifying glass on where's the power in this country where's it going is it moving more towards corporate interests or is it more in the idea of a traditional participatory democracy is power live with the people this case demonstrates that struggle in the very real ways our struggle. in dublin the campaign group justice for the had for years.


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