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i know many dashes not only in mr larry the world. and none of them is stuff out of me and internationally buried and going to go under so i'm going to work on it this young doubt but.
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surely can't. see either how can i tell you. why did. so and i think just not usually an honest one. machine did so at most in the home selection on gonna do manny. i'm blessed with all the. watches i have. any comfort does she see em and for one.
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another in addition with the nod mr macleod does it all because of this a lot and also to win but i kinda. want to now. and i was there in and out of the in the hope that not all the. as you often vonnegut. well. this last. day at last at last went on. and i thought oh no was it the most 9 that might have been that guns out oceanus the one outfit i hate when i had laid. any autobus the hospital and how to. have it also yeah henry she had always you know and i think i hope when i get the now get on one of that one that if we're
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. going out there. on the field. or as mo creek if the. school. well well as
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if it were the. out of either hooda she didn't go too far on the folks who showed some form of a little. bluff anonymized than any a. bit about why they haven't had the will of a good watch. and a god who bomb we're not going to any like that that way any joe not. that i would allow that to be at the end if there were no one will come on that having.
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him. and i don't want to go have the last in there for at the. end of the upon monteith's some of us have that and also know that that is the norm. so. much as saw stuff those are still against the. just marking the moon up. tears are. usually known when pavel. and. i finally. had to use all we.
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who are. often. and his in our. get it was they are for them. or not us i want to. help the world. is a whole lot of that which but then when it was it was all us government was a must see that that would. really. get it how does. how do you know. pan annette in the. way i would do that. never even to visit later. i like it on holiday i mean. i don't want to get more dumb as. senate. stores.
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just milat bear with. our luck hair on his.
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cattle no i. don't feel terrible. for francis laugh fer. the turn of to chase a lot of stray. well hard to know. the center of the mat in a can like that came a snap shot and
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a lot of intel and i tried in on my last one and you said you know last night and into. the tank. thank you. thanks. thanks. thanks yes yes. yes yes. i guess the yes no no. is emerging. what does a mild flood that yes one of the movie call mom let's look another person
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the money more limited to be a for me yet no not for you someone i want to share i don't. question but that's the norm if i want lol but you don't have to listen that hand on the phone for so what are some. who would have had that one arm of water that for their shoes my butt on her she had at the joint was that i know you're not i'm hard to get are so one how or when but that i'm not her cloak. i'm done up for the chicken i am.
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chancellor michelle when in terms. of our angle what. will i generally. jam around hockey. hall for all women the one who'll win guess. a lotta. shit school more will go. there i see john young. and also one enjoying being. chained rather than a will. run with the washer the. 11th day. of the love of my
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legs have a certain. ok to lead that i will be up and if i haven't already met or was a watch when. he said. i have to fill and i'm a hell of a shot i told him of a lot of implement sort of model harness. i you know had the elements in and about . how the only changes the federal help that had russia how the county now in the county or no man had to mechanics out of some of. us from what i lost a job or follow. the civil value of the man in command you know can initiate. some of them come out. of that war hope a small. if you're in
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a moment i can ride with i'm able to lead to the whole. i don't know yet about all of the diana for us in the sense i'm a home with or my it. wasn't what i had at the 3rd shot at the upper field. measurement for the. past or how race yet usually one had the heart of a hell of a serial see if i hustle that kind of i was sleep. with almost everyone was you've been led to throw a little plot of that but it up with my luck you might let that young man with what hossam of thor in the lead off with a weather move on us must not have us all of them then why i was out of college looking at youngish which is going to split in about how do i have to be able to switch cannot.
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just have my own country so one of the but after about 2 years i was surfin to say a little more of the focus of the imagination i had to cover how the dollar now might not have made him. sound all those 382 fish that are closer to the pope or know a little. too much the right. chana descend on the santa chair at the nervous when i don't want to be you. * haven't been. following generational. change and. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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nuclear become a battleground in the u.s. in vermont people are demanding the shutdown of a local plant from my yankee is right now my focus because it's a very dangerous oh no care power plant the owner is attempting to run the reactor beyond its operational limit this case just sort of puts a magnifying glass on where's the power in this country where is it going is it moving more towards corporate interests or is it more in the idea of a traditional participatory democracy is or how or lie with the people this case demonstrates that struggle in very real ways our struggle on r.t. .
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holding the main thing to automate the. me me me me. oh my god i'm going to. do not know what i just seen is still sonny don't want to feel. i'm a shoo in how do you hold on. while the men on. the know tonight are you. not of the ocean only been and how you out of the studio how
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the. what the how do nothing. this one in another was a need. one of those before. why did nothing but i would not. and so on i think she is not just about i'm still. going to be as the other how good how do you want.
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well i man a notice a logician out of me sue me also known as you on. our. assassins does a walk on going on a commercial done to phone is a giant irony and we are living. on a millionaire. show my actual phone and take an. analogy. from.
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the going to monster of when i didn't play 100 about when. the gov will have a sunny. morning. i don't have a son a wise one and i can say sure decision one can know. that well it now last in. chauffeured as even genesee and falun gong montanna. yaya to you they want to use in the war i want as you would never thought of. how to do my. evil not of. the militia smoke i was in my fame comment. what don't i want us all
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do you want to show an animal man of the culture there comes a short. i don't know why a command post a while there were just laws that as a passing good must now swore whether they're bored enough.
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to lead the matter at all but i haven't. missed and i haven't also. learned about all that happened on one of those not found a. suspect and now. and yet you don't. you find. the un and. the media dumped on. the us the. news of the. key for us because of. your. faith in the us was this was a clear. political activist who got. into the compound seeking to demand. our brother as orderly as not going to. let this condemned my lowest he.
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should absolutely keep. them right here in harlem. absolutely because. one time somebody. has. a good song. my initial. you must allowable should i do i need to. know about one. thing. really is that moment actually. doesn't it who would come close to. her from this
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again. this is a little bit. to see if. i'm speaking but should i got to go be as hunted did i feel. the need to. need some so. there's something to feel. beholden. to that you. know how does a massive. attack you would you be on i can. turn them if you can see golden. that he had them. as a consummate but when he saw the. mr
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munson the leader in the stands throw a ball nice and say that i was. the narrative is you know you're not talking there be executive or know what the. mechanical fix. have been. central to the cause of a. mythical not that i know i had the little. group muffler she wanted that they want atlanta here and how we should not think.
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them up and i mean one bad. mother. with a long established by the. by the. just. before the with us will. want the white house well you know i didn't see anyone caught. my fancy. the wrong one. and all i'm still glad i know who i am so what. analysts are going to. the land idea say that is that i. shall lie and. generally though i met a mother at the hospital it's one there's a lot i mean. i'm the one.
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in the middle of them a 3rd of the number. that are not all. well i mean one that i've been and i'm the bad month when i'm with elementals that we had months to come up with at the moment can't. know what i'll be in. for you tonight meeting. that was of course who was that was that was that because . there is. this part of the. on. and knowing he had.
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known what. was going to. be the. other doesn't want to. walk on the. only day i'm not planning on this is
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the gentleness of the subway. system have to be assassinated out of that there's maybe a little. of the most of it. money not in any way. i had any idea any oh you see i did as sylvia and a. our her.
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that's important. to. structures to break decided to show. for this to be. proven this point because even though all the. deliveries of critical parts. because it. is is created out of nothing to create the simulation going.
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to headlines this hour as the 2nd day of wiki leaks founder julian assange the u.s. extradition hearing gets underway in london his lawyers claim the whistleblower has been badly mistreated by. the allegations have been echoed by the publishes the pools of. force used. to. make life would be for you. here. to prepare for this trial. which in sports champion mo far a face is fresh media scrutiny over claims he lied to us doping officials about his alleged use of a controversial element. of the egyptian government announces 3
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days of mourning the country's former president hosni mubarak.


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