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tv   Going Underground  RT  February 26, 2020 4:30am-5:01am EST

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were your case and the case did involve pretty bizarre covert smuggling of nuclear warhead blueprints to iran to perhaps create war who knows specifically lewis said you and that case was a relevant benchmark for the prosecution and sentencing does that mean we will get a 175 years at least i was facing are also over a 100 years based on yes you know it's our chance that i was alone and i did he may not only in my case that be in the judge i'm going to be clearer in stating that the sensing guy rights or way out of balance i think should realize and understood that it was a completely circumstantial evidence with no case and the government actually proved nothing but dark being on the government's side she's certainly going to hear and sentence me to i guess she thought it was a sunni only our 42 months in prison life doubt that mr assad will receive
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that same sort of mercy or we've talked to people who've been in the court they say they can see all the u.s. officials and then you hear a british q. seated speaking the words what do you think why do you think they might have been using your case so early on in the proceedings at this south london court and they trying to tie up the cia are they trying to connect a publisher and journalist to someone who like you consider themselves a wrongly convicted former cia officer i think what they're doing is. considering be efforts to use the espionage act with their own called a darn good job to see to quiet dissent since acquired free speech i think it does make sense and where you know her purse or wait for them to mention my case because there was an appeal on that series where the government won't be appealed to finally decide. cleary me confusion about whether the government. to go out to the
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press were any journalist or by leaving just you know. be a stars case that's tradition proceeding is a further assault backs and it shows that the government my government ole will use any method necessary to acquire said what did you make of them then saying this same q.c. lewis representing the usa pointing out that wiki leaks cables were founded well he's a former cia proxy asama bin laden's house in pakistan what do you think when you think they were going with that case to try and get as saddam's to virginia it's all about image and they want to create an image so mr assad he's an enemy suger free moral that he's a terrorist if you will and making any sort of connection with. some of the larger just fulfills their purpose to make that image the bible or any other court in the world with me during my trial the only thing that i see. for the trial the only
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thing accrued beyond a reasonable doubt was that i was black and they have theirs they have to show during my trial because there is no evidence that i was there is on the ruling on american black men who have the nerve to stand up against the cia and u.s. government yeah in your book i wanted to spy the persecution of an american whistleblower you say that racism the worst racism was not in missouri it was in northern virginia where they want to bring julian a songes of course a publisher and i and a journalist not even a whistleblower what would he be facing he said not only racism but a right wing ideology exists in that area similarly that court of virginia is they are our home field if you will with us government their court routinely. rules in favor of the government with the conservative hammer everything north a law what i face even with regard to jury. there was no one on at yury that was
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black you know out in america and most of the members of that jury also had some sort of connection with security clearances so there was already i think assumption by. that they better do the right thing by the government or maybe they would come out so he could not receive a fair trial in virginia i don't think that stops that's certainly what the united nations measure up to neil's meltzer told us on monday's a show but the defense team also saying that this trial which the british authorities think is worth having here in london they say that the cia cut out they allege a cia cut that spanish security firm was bugging the conversations of the lawyers we had geoffrey robertson q.c. one of the top human rights barristers in the world him saying that the cia were up to this kind of thing is that the kind of thing that the cia do bug people's conversations with their lawyers i think you know i had words known show rebirth
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sort of activity by cia or n.s.a. is certainly possible and does indeed happen i can't so i cannot of course speak to any direct knowledge or apne but there is certainly we're going to urge you in capability you're either also organizations well you wouldn't be able to tell me or . have good in the. helping the enemy that's another thing the barrister for the united states of america versus julian sanchez said then he said there also that the official secrets act here trumps the u.n. charter and the european human rights act what do you make about this helping the enemy charge i think again their past to go into the enemy there and i think it's quite disingenuous of the state to make any sort of claims about any sort of harm because if you eventually years since to america to face trial under the espionage act the government doesn't have to prove any sort of harm for them to do so now
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bolster extradition i think just shows that this is a political prosecution what it's like what the soviet union. yes absolutely they have to portray this matter and as an enemy. particularly to the united states and to the world it will be a very sad day for speech and legal process in general you know years mr science extradited to the u.s. the lawyer again noted to the judge that there's no public interest defense for a publisher or journalist that was changed in this country not sure where they are up to speed on this a the family of a u.k. teenager killed by an alleged cia spy they have been supporting julian assange saying they want to see i suspected cia spy cyclists and so google is extradited here but they don't want to sign it's taken away from just being a journalist is it one rule for the cia and one for not cia oh absolutely
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absolutely a dirty murder trial it was incredible or out there you saw are claiming national security national secrets was only for their benefit. as i stayed in my book i sued the c.r.a. for discrimination my suit was not allowed to go forward because the c.i. a and b. b. an administration claim barracks if i were to go or work with my discrimination case there were holes a threat to the national security of the united states u.s. government in general will use it to their defense and also use it to go after its enemies yet that same sort of situation is not allowed to be used by individuals who are complaints about the u.s. or trying to stand up to the u.s. government so is it is excess for strategy because they can point to you and right now if there is someone thinking of blowing the whistle on wrongdoing in
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langley at headquarters or it the myriad cia stations around the world they just can't now again it's a strategy of deterrence they're all chilled out if you say anything that we don't like oh we'll go at you and look weak. jeffery sterling stepped out why it will be such a one sided affair where the government is able to do whatever they will are there in the trial but anyone trying to defend against that because of the complications . of the national security will be very difficult i did my best to fight against all of that. it was a hell of about and of course it's not just purely innocent to the u.n. repertoire says torture knob charlie detained by british authorities here it's chelsea manning who refuses to testify against a songe and who who is imprisoned there in the united states obama commuted jealousy manning sentence of 35 years saying it is disproportionate your vice president mike pence said there was a mistake to commute the sentence do you think u.s.
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authorities really want a songe manning dead is an example i don't know that they want her back would not serve the purpose of putting these individuals up as an example of what can happen if anyone decides to whistle or say or do you really think it may be an embarrassment to the u.s. government how would you advise someone out there right now who has seen wrongdoing in the intelligence services the intelligence community the military industrial complex given what you've been through i would say stick to. your inclination and stick to your stopping your guns and gold stay the course oh don't be intimidated by threats of. retaliation on our reprisal those are very real aspects concerning whistleblower but for anyone to even say the steps we think about coming forward that in itself is
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a very powerful. thing to do hopefully with the discussion or was laura's that it's happened maybe we can finally see more protections whistleblowers take it out of the. political route. i think yes i mean that be a good example for someone who is wanting to expose government wrongdoing but it's doing the right thing so it's a unique person and i think even with these actions against me l.c. manning johnson react to you and julian assange arts. i think you can despite that people have integrity. and know how to do the right thing and i don't think this is going to squelch any of that even if it isn't covert attempt at infringing the un charter you wouldn't advise a whistleblower a journalist a publisher any of them to to attack the intelligence services for racism no i am not saying don't do anything like that because there are certainly reprisals but
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i'm just saying stand up be yourself stick to your integrity and stick to your conscience and regardless of how big the enemy may be you can stand up for yourself and you can't fight against these individuals may not be a good outcome but as i have always myself i would never let you all see to something that i did not did and i would never be able to face myself in the mirror doing such a thing so contrary to my character and i think the same things can be said about chelsea manning john kiriakou emmett yet julian jeffrey sterling thank you my pleasure thank you very much after the break ahead of the 120th birthday of britain's labor party and as members start voting on a replacement for jeremy corbyn we ask of all the labor cabinet minister of the party of the working class is relevant in boris johnson's birth oliseh morgan have a budget of going underground.
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i guess taking over all the alternative architecture they're taking and taking. because i say the stage show that does what's called real choices i.e. binary choice and only choices if you say here i'll borrow vailable and best binary thing is not a chance for the arab states to sort of provide a new architecture revive the quartet and start negotiations with. israel they're not invited to negotiate they're invited to think about what's been put on the table. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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welcome back well to more of the 120th birthday of the british labor party now thanks to jeremy corbyn the largest socialist movement in any major country but the party now finds itself amidst an increasingly fractured leadership about love to defeat at the polls in december joining me now is former labor cabinet minister lord clog of when dimia who served as chancellor of the duchy of lancaster under tony blair he also served as they must shadow sector defense and shadow agriculture minister will collect thank thanks for coming on the show called been turned into the largest social movement repeatedly in western europe is it now finished you know far from it and i think we've got to think jeremy called me in for the way he's gonna live and i support you know the last election december is very confusing because if you look at it in catastrophic well you say cut dystrophic but remember
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we normally have 40 seats in scotland we had one we did almost a wipe out in wales. you know for labor we lost a lot to cease this time and if you look at england in spite of the red wall that the press are focused on we've done so much better in england in december 29th teen then we did in our last catastrophic election in 1983 in 1903 we won 209 seats throughout britain including 40 in scotland this election we won $203.00 seats 6 different despite scotland going there you know all about the lake district you know about the areas that is the. killer starmer chatter
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brecht secretary is the argument the mainstream media's candidate the way the next labor leader was it just bricks it has disastrous bricks of policy that last called an election i don't think it was i mean bracks it was really symptomatic of a wider problem the seats we lost when the city seats in the north seat in manchester newcastle we won all the seats with much majorities we lost the seat on the fringes annoys people were feeling alienated they didn't feel part of britain any longer and therefore the lashed out and breck's it was the way in which they showed their views but at the election if we take working to i mean we rarely got brakes on the doorstep it was all until he caught me. describe workington it's all area which the mainstream media particularly homed in on as the bellwether seat of the december election yes it was that the press really picked up
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a good story there and run with it and you are right we are going to have i think the fuel that and the fuel the story but it's an area which is 40 miles from. takes no really good road to get there and they've always voted labor as indeed it did but on the right on top of that alienation they. are long bailey who's the cold needs to candidate touted by the mainstream media again. she said progressive patriotism you saw that patriotism as a clue to understanding these last oh yes because what you got talking to voters who deserted us by in large it was the men who did the speaking i'm going to say that and of course a disproportionate of young people in workington because there's not been jobs for years for decades so many of them have spent their time a few years in the army they got
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a trade there they would call it and there's nothing else nothing else but of course when they go back cove the one thing you know that afghanistan or iraq just doesn't matter they've been there they fought there and it made them even more pottery how to make the jeremy corbett as. dick a not was the key thing so many labor voters believe in their country nothing else to believe in. traditionally did nothing to believe in and therefore they were they believed in britain right or wrong some may say that the reason jeremy coleman was able to increase the membership by such a great amount with the people that never would vote or take part in labor party politics they were inspired by corbin if we look at some of the pictures of the former prime ministers the few they were but i mean this is in the 120 years they're all war prime ministers at the them of the attlee obviously working with church within the malaria merge and see for rubber to get the money for the n.h.s.
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there's wilson who didn't go to vietnam but. arguably covertly was involved in the vietnam war as a man called tony blair the 2 you served under yeah i mean we take her a wilson i mean he was very brave in vietnam he resisted america america was desperate to get us to go in to be at nam how old wilson said we're not going to go there and he obviously worked with the americans i mean clearly he did but he we weren't part of that effort and i think he believed he paid the price for that lack of support of the vietnam war which killed 4000000 people maybe maybe that's right and you can judge it but i mean you go back to otley clearly i mean churchill was fighting the war utley was running the country and in a sense was preparing for i don't think you set out to do this but the outcome was he was preparing for that great labor victory in $45.00 and that the labor party
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itself. all parts of the labor party to draw all the liberal a village of candidates will be talking about the great age of play in the n.h.s. and so on clearly we now know papers are still not being released about herbicides used in the malaya emergency how many thousands are killed under clement attlee his leadership isn't that the boy that we aren't facing the fact that labor has been responsible for a brutal imperialism in all its time in power well i'm not sure if it's right to try to judge events of 607080 years ago by today's standards that's the 1st thing the lack of knowledge the 2nd things if we're going to survive eve taking up your regional point and prosper we've got to start looking forward we've got to offer something to the people of britain not only rebalancing between the southeast and the rest of the country but between parts of the rest of the come. i mean i thought
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my father was more a trump and says by the way you just said yes but i do moving the treasury to teesside in the well and moving the house. where you work up there yeah johnson's got there before you well know he hasn't got before and he's got it wrong to start with why would you say york it's not typical of the red wolves they voted labor in your book or even what happened to his chance such a job that maybe maybe moving things up there was to do with the bad weather in the abyssal and flooding going on up. areas ok but care storm of the mainstream media obviously wants to be the heir apparent to all of this he voted against an investigation into tony blair's iraq or even to for mass surveillance and the investigatory powers act he. stayed on the welfare act which disproportionately affected men women and children in the disabled he he he actually altered legal guidelines as head of the d.p.p. to charge those. on benefits with fraud under the ford act so they could send 10
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years in jail for mine the welfare claimants excesses every thomery wanted to think went away more 14 years. i mean kissed a comma but we destroyed by the left of the body just for those things surely if he's later i learned she does a communist by the mainstream media well that's right that's one of the problems one has in the labor party and what we've always had that problem it may be great and i don't know i can't make a judgement even looking back after all those years we shouldn't forget the origins of the labor party and the beliefs of the labor party of using science and technology to make life better for the future of ordinary people in this country and nuts what i think we may have forgotten. in some of the recent years we've got to look to the for the future and that is what germany was getting at with
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broadband and it was loft at even though and of course there are food banks now in britain and one in 4 children are in poverty so perhaps that's where the broadband was lost but wasn't corben appealing to that will sony an idea of technology and the the white white heat of technology he was absolutely right absolutely right we need our t. in every house in the country so generally corbin was absolutely right but on the other hand as i said the un repertoire for liberals to said the poverty chosen by the coalition to build democratic tory party was a political decision so bad is the inequality and wages have not kept up to that level since the napoleonic wars it means nothing broadband to someone who can't feed their family and needs a food bank to to eat tonight well no but we've got to look to the future and also learn from the past i mean the territory yes of the liberal coalition with the with
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the tories when they cut nurse training by 10000 a year for 3 years that's why we're in the difficulty we're in with you know a 100. 1000 people short in the health service the whole services straining at the edges because of the cuts they made their territory was a big big mistake and we should not have forgotten the keynesian approach to economics which i observe bars johnson seems to be employing now ok well just finally corruption is also being associated by the detractors in the mainstream media with the labor party whether we will since raincoats whether it be tony blair's cigarettes and the gambling obsession by gordon brown of putting betting shops on every high street which the tories i think of curved a little would care hard to say today about the labor party. well of course the
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interesting thing is that the stone didn't things that hardy was after. minimum wage. and all the other things that he hardly stood for blair tony blair actually implemented with one exception he hardy blunted to bomb drink as well and tony didn't go that far. but but i don't care i would want maybe tens of millions killed wounded or displaced from the war the yeah well working class people we'll tonight anyone talking about yes i mean it is generally working class people not all who lose their lives in the labor party was formed 120 years ago certainly probably about 80 percent of the people in this country with their heartens now it's less than 10 percent it's a completely different world and labor's got to adopt to that pretty quickly tony
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blair adapted to it and i do find it rather strange the way people constantly run down tony blair and the government and the gordon brown putting the 2 together they were a very successful government well they're judged by one other doctor still talk about peer fire new methods of hospital funding i've got 2 articles about the major issue about the labor party as regards the mainstream media is not the minimum wage is not trade union workplace rights is not maternity leave. and these things it is anti semitism all the candidates say it is now anti semitic to call israel a racist endevor something one could one could even see in the israeli press do you consider all the leaders that and the semitism for them will be the key because the me mainstream media writes their priorities well the media certainly have an effect on that but. for the ordinary people in the country it is things like trade union
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rights a workers' rights it is things like improving the health service it's things like maternity care it's things like when you discharged from hospital that's what concerns people in this country and the conflation with selling weapons to the israeli government to defacto ballast in children well i mean the whole effort of the labor government of trying to get you know 2 parties solution the 2 countries solution is still in my judgment a lot it's been discounted somewhat is still the most likely way forward to achieve to achieve a long term peace i mean it really shouldn't should probably shouldn't have happened although she has to go to create a separate country of israel but we did i'm going to live with that while bombing in gaza this week. thank you so much thank you that's it for the show will be back on saturday as part one of his extradition trial winds up in london and as the
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candidate wiki leaks reveal d.n.c. dirty tricks on bernie sanders fights to win south carolina's u.s. democrat presidential nomination until then he would try to actually do and join the on the ground by describing to us on the. haven't is later systematics again that is not for this matter that they would. have. had to manually. and there is no known them she knew not. can if you had all of them ok if it.
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was not a master plan a killed in battle they have laid it would have a garage that is not going to be. the one that had. given people. who gave the name not. what the how do we. assume. they need. to go before. the men let out a year or so and i think just more. nuclear power plant so become a battleground in the us in vermont people are demanding the shutdown of a local plant from my yankee is right now my focus because it's a very dangerous oh no care power plant the owner is attempting to run the reactor
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beyond its operational limits this case just sort of puts a magnifying glass on where's the power in this country where's it going is it moving more towards corporate interests or is it more in the idea of a traditional disappearing democracies or power lie with the people this case demonstrates that struggle in very real ways our struggle on oxy. today we stand or it could be. worse.
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because here. waiting to be reached. turkish airlines. towns in north eastern france accuse their belgian neighbors of illegally dumping trash across the border our correspondent charles devinsky investigates it's being described as don't playing on the scale and you can see why. also this hour in venezuela slams u.s. sanctions as a weapon of mass destruction and a massed form of warfare at present donald trump threatening to impose further restrictions on the country's oil sector. and u.k. athletics officials come under fire after a b.b.c. documentary claims they took part in a doping scandal involving olympic champion mo farah.


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