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because here. we do need to be reached. towns in northeastern france accuse the belgian neighbors of illegally dumping rubbish across the border our correspondent china dubin scheme investigates. being described as jumping on and i just feel scales and you can see why. and as well islam's u.s. sanctions as a weapon of mass destruction and they mask form of warfare with donald trump threatening even more restrictions on the country's oil sector. for the 1st time since the outbreak the number of new cases of corona virus outside of china has exceeded the number inside the country they to this hour we'll look at why it is spreading so quickly.
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thanks for joining us this is r.t. international. residents of towns in northeastern france are creating a stink by trash talking their belgian neighbors they're accusing them of some serious cross border fly tipping correspondent charlotte visited the region. this may look like part of a landfill site but it's not all of this waste has been dumped here illegally we're just a few miles from the border with belgium and luxembourg and the french town of all core mu 9 is one of many struggling to cope with what you can see mountains and to mountains of garbage that have appeared since october in nearby it's a similar story trash both household and commercial has been dumped under the cover
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of darkness city. at 1st we thought it was a regular waste but it turns out people are illegally dumping their washing machines shitty they're throwing everything away. yes but here we see it's far more serious we estimate around 200 tons of waste it's enormous as far as the pollution we don't know what's inside it could be tons of who knows what type of products. chemicals. we don't know we see cleaning products plastics but more could be hidden it didn't take long before calls track down where the waste was coming from what if we did look at who the trench piles and piles of it it all had signs of being from the same place we searched and found out it was from turnip. some of it if there is an invoice to it is it.
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there now it says and to have been so of s. . when the company was contacted it didn't need any knowledge of illegal waste dumping but the local resident jessica told me that since that statement the fly tipping has continued it's been described as a dumping on an industrial scale and you can see why back in the local fisherman's association is also concerned. on the water source or close to this pollution so there can be a problem because it could affect our pond this is the 21st century there are designated places to put waste like this on it's an acceptable and people are doing this and regularly in the mayor's office says the cost of cleaning this up is beyond its means new and you will feel so on a financial level for us this is impossible to solve we have a small community of $1000.00 people it would cost the equivalent of the whole
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annual budget to get rid of this. a criminal investigation into this problem with cross border dumping has we know you print and customs agents have stepped up their patrols now in 2017 they reported 7 metric tons of waste like this was illegally trafficked into france in 2018 that shot up to 139 metric. sons now although there are no figures yet available for $29000.00 it is clear that this issue is escalating the communities here are fed up of being a dumping ground for other people's waste they want more regulation and are calling on the e.u. to step in to solve a problem that some believe europe's open borders are helping to facilitate schalit even ski for r.t. . u.s.
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president. further sanctions on venezuela's oil sent to the more caracas is branded american destructions a weapon of mass destruction accusing washington of waging a masked form of. it's been a year since the us formally recognize him as well as opposition leader one guy doe's the country's interim president officially cold shouldered the legitimate government of nicolas maduro the washington stance and i suppose transfer of power with looking increasingly hollow as artie's caleb maupin expects. when it comes to venezuela the trumpet ministration lives in a kind of alternate universe for example when the country faces a food crisis donald trump says there can be only one cause venezuela's president nicolas maduro people are starving here's a case worker who was wealthy 15 years ago and very wealthy 20 years ago very very well when you look today they don't have water they're on a basic food they have no medicine it's incredible what's happened it is we're no
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we're watching very closely we don't like it we don't like it now that he fails to mention that u.s. sanctions have been wreaking havoc on venezuela for years or that opposition groups have actually been caught torching food warehouses in the narrative of the u.s. government these things simply don't exist not an access almost element using the blockade of food medicine and weapons to politically coworkers were private entire countries and their own needs to sustain and develop themselves our actions there. completely criminal these unilateral curse or criminal actions are equivalent in scope and effect to weapons of mass destruction but it gets better the venezuelan embassy in washington d.c. has been reopened after diplomatic relations are cut off you'll recall how the actual venezuelan officials were ordered to leave the country so with no diplomatic relations what exactly is this new so-called embassy. somebody who is in there. how well are they able to provide consular services. you see.
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it's. very interesting because i hear that they're in empathy you see this pretend the embassy has a pretend ambassador working out of it it cannot grant visas or do any of the normal functions that a normal embassy does for one simple reason no one would be allowed into venezuela with those visas because the embassy doesn't represent the actual venezuelan government this pretend embassy is just a big facade representing a president not elected by the venezuelan people but by american officials duras group and tyranny will be smashed and broken. here this evening so very brave man. who carries with him the hopes dreams and aspirations of all venezuelans joining us in the gallery is the true and illegitimate president of venezuela who
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on. the eve of the u.s. government insists this is the true leader of the venezuelan people but when he arrived at venezuela's airport the venezuelan people had a pretty different opinion. back home the one great 0 is not popular polls show that roughly 10 percent of them as whalen support him however vice president mike pence likes to brag about the fact that over 60 countries have recognized him as president this president has led now a coalition of more than 60 countries around the world that have recognize one why go as the legitimate president of venezuela but over 100 countries have not recognized one way to go and still seem as the legitimate president furthermore in
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the countries where dueto is recognized it's far from unanimous do you not agree that the recognition of glide is an absolute am barris months to anyone that has occupied this chamber i was a disgrace and and a part of the member states of europe a so many of them have recognized and i'd like to washington had very high hopes for one guede 0 hoping that he would go ahead and topple the dural but it didn't happen so it seems that now washington has adopted a strategy of pretending that it did and hoping that others will play along the u.s. is totally broken international law by taking over the embassy in the name of quite oh the pm to do in israel and government is the official government of venezuela whenever the u.s. says. joke most people in minutes well innovate. that it's a joke. you can't just declare that somebody is the elected president when he isn't the elected so the u.s. is making this farce
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a person into the government and then saying that the embassy doesn't belong to venezuela we now have a coalition of the willing who are saying that kwaito is the government it doesn't have any other option i mean he hasn't been able to push that mud euro out. the 2020 democrat hopefuls in the race for the white house have clashed again in another t.v. debate the last before super tuesday which is seen as decisive for the party's presidential nomination front runner bernie sanders faced more attacks from his rivals for advance that he made earlier defending the literacy programs in fidel castro's cuba the self-styled socialist words when it should be made in a c b s interview his opponents were quick to pounce. were very opposed to believe or 3rd tour in the tour of cuba but you know what you've got it's unfair to simply say everything is but you know when fidel castro came into office you know what he did he had a massive literacy program it's not a bad link after 4 years of looking on in who are as from cozied up to dictators we
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need a president who will be extremely clear in standing against regimes that violate human rights abroad we can't risk nominating someone who doesn't recognize this fidel castro left a dark legacy of forced labor camps religious repression widespread poverty firing squads and the murder of thousands of his own people because your bernie let's talk about his literacy program but steering the debate son this is quick to point out his views on kiba were actually the same as barack obama's. and i said this president castro and. i said look you've made great progress in educating. young people every child in cuba it's a basic education that's a huge improvement from where it wants. you know they've all michael he done hawkins discuss the potential impact of sunday's remarks on the race with a panel of guests. bernie sanders saying this thing at a time when the democratic party's already split it's the vibe that it's going
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through perhaps a bit of a p.r. it means here across this i mean this is a really bad decision isn't it sanders to me shows his integrity here look he's been saying this for years that there's videotapes of him saying these things about cuba and fidel castro in the soviet union i mean how can he backtrack on those things honestly you know he's just you know reaffirming ideas that he has had for many years the concern is not him saying good things about the literacy program it's i said it thing that mussolini got the trains to run on time that was not what it is that people associated with what mussolini did it happened to be the case but he was a murderous dictator as was castro spineless democratic stablish men shows their true colors it's like a litmus test every time you can say one positive word about cuba or a one word in defense of venezuelan sovereignty they want to make sure there's no
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critique and so imperialist critique of the u.s. foreign policy establishment so this is a very sophisticated form of censorship to try to narrow the perimeter is as we have more and more debates within the democratic party coming out of that anyone can all get literacy is a bad thing literacy programs that's probably we could all agree on that but isn't this an error of judgment on bunny sourness paul given there are lots of countries with good literacy programs with social programs and robust human rights records i mean this is surely shooting one self in the foot before important electoral race we have a democratic nominee who is tipping is hat to castro the murderer for having a literacy program so it's not just a question of stature ship or narron things it's making 100 percent sure. we have a nominee who is electable and the concern is once the public realizes what bernie sanders has said in the past he's an unreconstructed socialist and the united
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states that generally not a calling card the unofficial religion of the united states is anti-communism and we just have to listen to richard's previous comments but i say here are some of the anti-communism but the truth is that the youth of this country in the multinational working class who supported bernie in nevada 46 percent of the votes that he won in nevada they're not anti socialists they understand who the true enemy is the enemy is not venezuela or cuba or china it's the 1000000000 is right here in the pentagon in the white house the former. mayor of new york city michael bloomberg and on wall street i will quote george w. bush who said we judge other countries by the worst of their actions we judge our own country by the best of our intentions and i think that's true you can look at a country like cuba and yes you can learn about literacy programs that work health care programs that work and we should be able to do that in
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a rational way again especially when you look at the fact that people like president trump and president obama before him and numerous presidents before them partnered with murderous regimes like saudi arabia which now is being funded by the u.s. in its war against yemen which is threatening to kill millions of people and yet that is something that isn't being discussed. still to come climate change skeptics spine to found their own teenage i come with all their opposing views to get it's in them but story on more after the break. the point is should we actually be charging for education because this is when we charge for things is because it's been a benefit to the person who is buying it and that's the audiology that took over education about 30 or 40 years ago but the perspective of education was originally
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that education is a benefit for society in general i wouldn't want to live in a society without doctors or engineers all saw it as what happened without economists. saying it of being a profit benefit ignoring the public means that we're ignoring that the skill basis we need for a sophisticated society and putting the burden of that school biases on the individuals and what we've turned it into is just now the trying institution public higher education become a form a version of a real estate scam that is not the basis for a functional society. join me every thursday on the alex simon shill and i'll be speaking to us of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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welcome back 80 percent of employees in britain's arts and culture sent to say that they hide their views if they feel they don't fit within liberal norms and that includes support for the country's conservative party among other things and you surveys revealed a growing environment of self-censorship our survey shines a damning light on the corrosion bullying intimidation and intolerance that is active among the community that thinks of itself as liberal open minded and equitable. in a poll of some $500.00 respondents many highlighted the risks of holding so-called controversial opinions spanning topics including briggs it religion sexuality and gender fewer than half of those questioned said that they felt their views were respected and some even claimed that they were offered money to stay quiet about corrupt practices in the field others pointed to the wider problems in their working communities. it wouldn't be advisable to point out that the arts tend to do
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well under the conservatives or arts culture and indeed education sectors are not dominated by monolith the politically correct class mostly of privileged white middle class people by the way who impose their intolerant views across those sectors anything to do with gender issues especially trans issues who get a lot of flak either for not being on message enough or being off message or 2 on message meanwhile another traditional bastion of free expression is also under pressure in the u.k. think tank is warning the country's universities have quote lost the trust of the nation over attitudes towards traitors and the report quotes governors and chancellor see fear and could have been situations are seen as out of touch and goes on to say that the sector should show that it speaks for and reflects the whole of the u.k. and recommends education leaders should avoid being critics who actively despise those who have traditional values it also encourages universities to make sure
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students feel safe to express conservative viewpoints a professor at the london school of economics told us universities are supposed to allow critical examination of all ideas. british universities have become what we call very wolk that is the very sensitive to these about ratios sexual inequality and student unions in particular but also all sorts of groups of students create riots and lobby the university authorities and make a great deal of noise in different ways if they think an academic or a visitor who's been invited to speak at the university or one of the students at the university has said something which doesn't fit in with the kind of left wing to the could be correct consensus. the loss of students who are very shy about expressing their views particularly of the conservatives i don't particularly
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believe in bricks and. ok let's take a quick look now at other stories making global news headlines. i. a 3rd day of violent antigovernment protests in the indian capital has taken the death toll to at least 20 months according to local health officials and rest was triggered by a so-called citizenship amendment tax which has been criticised for discriminating against muslims in the country controversial law was adopted last december indian police have been trying to identify rioters. in a bizarre local festival of exploding sledgehammers has been the center point of celebrations in the small mexican town of sun one delivered but disciplines their attach a mixture of sulfur and chlorate to the end of slow channels they then smash the gates rail tracks exploding the substance into huge clouds of smoke or those in
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attendance injured their leg in a blast a machine being stretched away by medics. and students for battles with police in the colombian capital baugus are on monday protestors from the that agogic the university of bogota are angry at the creation and alleged abuse of colombia's mobile are anti disturbed squad protesters barricaded themselves within the gates of the campus over which tear gas canisters were thrown at each other. only 21st anniversary of the establishment of the riot police units which throughout its history has faced numerous accusations of brutality. climate change skeptics may have at last found an answer to the phenomenon of teenage i congress to 19 year old site juxtaposes her self described climate real ism against what she calls climate
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alarmism the media outlets were quick to the picture as the ultimate villain. you're never too small to make a difference. comparatively speaking the wind is not ending because of climate change.
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the rocks and denier carries a lot of weight and today i consider it's an atrocious insults. they're going to make her out to be this step further alien world by central casting brainwash quant this dude you know the pawn the tool of the right wing but grata all don't say anything about gratton no don't make any comments about her whatsoever or the way she's pig you know she is she speaks from the heart that that doesn't happen there it would be so reflection to see
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a counterweight to the how dare you gretta. the number of new corona virus cases reported outside china has for the 1st time exceeded the number of new cases inside the country that's with 33 nations around the world now reporting infections jealous and interests of skiers spoke with soviet scientific legend dmitri laval for about white spreading so fast although he argues that the situation is actually not that bad. here is the work although there are 2 types of coronavirus the alpha coronavirus involves the human virus has been circulating among people for hundreds of years seasonal coronavirus a type of acute respiratory viral infection this year around 7 percent of acute respiratory viral infection cases are coronaviruses. here and not here with humans
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just got accustomed to them yes humans got accustomed to them they are lethal they cause some trouble especially among children but why these viruses mostly spread in winter. and winter our body is going through some restructuring or a decrease in the resistance to infections secondly when to there's a high concentration of people in houses buildings bars and other places and the high concentration of people is a condition for epidemic spread why is it happening in china there are many people them and there's a high concentration of population that they call it a deadly virus on t.v. it's not deadly it's always been and will always be and we should be ready for that i've got 2 words to say about masks these goals rags aren't must at all but in china and even in some places in russia they have tight mass with a respirator they can protect other people if you're ill so the mask on top you personally know or only to
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a minor extent but why is this does the response through our eyes as well yes and also these pools they can protect against large droplets a person becomes infected when he or she speaks maybe i have infected you or you're trying to infect me i hope you won't i also hope not to be honest masks can partially protect from that. of course also places you could be right now so very grateful you joined us here on. t. international do stick around if you count updates coming your way in half an hour . of.
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people who have money in pension account people or money in savings are actually digging into their pockets because their savings rate their pension accounts are now yielding close to 0 or negative they're taking money out of their pockets banks through the central bankers and they're giving it to a billionaire so he can buy jeopardy so he can sell trying to steal more billionaires this is louis the $65.00 only living off the labor of the peasant. and i think this is later. down the. ladder surely can't. imagine anyone knowing. what i want. and there's oh no don't you know you not. can if you
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could vote all of them ok if there. was not a master plan a it will be less about today only lastly i could watch that over my dad a bit. about that having. people. give the newly married couple what the how do we slow our d. a soon i'll show you no no no jane need. to go before. why do men. 3.
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time after time see we're going underground on day 3 of this week's extradition trial of the century as the usa fights in a south london court for an effective death sentence against a publisher the u.n. has determined has been tortured and arbitrarily detained by the united kingdom julian a son of wiki leaks coming up on the show what does a u.s. funded u.k. lawyer mean when he references a case of secret cia nuclear warhead a blueprint smuggling to iran as a benchmark for a songes extradition to virginia we talked to the espionage act convicted former cia spy name checked in court jeffrey sterling and 24 hours ahead of the 120th birthday of the u.k. labor party whose trade unionist and socialist beginnings began a new age in political representation of the working class we ask a former labor cabinet minister whatever happened to raising the scarlet stamp to tie all the civil coming up today is going on the ground 1st extradition proceedings are underway today in london as the usa tries to get its hands on the
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most famous publisher and journalists in the world julian assange faces 175 years in jail in the q.c. for the usa james lewis is citing former cia spy jeffrey sterling to secure the australian wiki leaks found his removal division jeffrey sterling now joins me via skype from st louis in missouri jeffrey thanks so much for coming on the show so you know all about the tactics of the u.s. deep state racism persecution at the cia what do you make of your name. being quoted in court and i find it incredible that their name dropping the support of their position and saying i guess the referring back to the sentencing for me shows how reasonable it can be one thing to experience to mention was that in my prosecution persecution over yes you know ares i-x. there was absolutely no evidence yeah they had they obviously said it was circumstantial evidence so the us authorities say but james lewis has do is cute.


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