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she had always you know and i think. now that i'm one of the one that if we're. going out there. on the field. and into the. logo and there's a number you know not usually not out of the norm. a little bit as you know the t. shirt a little. they will know i'm not on the list they. can if you want about anyone notable or else i'm ok if the. most difficult.
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well well there are the. lot of either who are going to cheat and hold off on the show to some conformable to. blossom anonymously on any a. bit about what they have made the will have a good watch. and a guy who bomb we're not going to any like that at any 0 not. that i would rather than a minute and if you want to recall one that i have the. time
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i don't have to go have the last and if. you see a problem. some of us have that and also know that at all the norm. it's. so much a sauce the feathers are just alluding to. just marking the moon up. tears are. usually known when pavel. and her. family. had to buy
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used and you know. who were let. off and. and has the north. got it he would say out of it there. or not as i want to. help the world. as a whole that we took that was going to was it was also government was a must see that it was that that it would. get it had. had you know. pan annette in the. way i would do that. never even to visit later. there are no hala gorani. i don't want to get more dumb as.
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a war zone either sas. system or. just my luck there with. the bomb. on you know how i love herring.
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carol no i. don't feel terrible. for france of course laughs fair on the lunar. camp. caught up in of to kiss a lot of. well how do you know the county. the be. from out of macand i could give
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a snack and not an intel money i tried in on my last one and you said you know the last time and in the. bank. thanks. thanks. thanks yes yes. yes yes. i guess yes no no. emergent sure what of course i'll flood that yes phone with the no
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call mom but look another person the money more limited to be a friend yet no i'm not the one who is someone i want to share i don't. question but that's the norm if i want lol but look at that list of that hand on the phone just what i asked them. to do would have had that one arm of water that for their shoes my bottom here she had at the door was that i know you're not i'm hard to get us on how or when but that i'm not her cloak. i'm done up for the chicken i am.
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chancellor michelle white in terms. of our angle what. will i get along. jam and how could the last. call for all who go from work well done who can guess. a lotta. shit school more will go. further i see drona yes. and also what you didn't. change rather than a will. run
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with the law should. i go to let them pay. my dues and local law does have a certain. ok to lead that i will be up and if i don't believe or was it watch. the show the judge who said. i had to fill and i'm a politician i. never thought of implement sort of model harness. i you know had the imus in the wrapper has only just the federal trade had washed out how the county now in the county or no man had to mechanics out of some of. us from what i lost a job or follow. the civil value of the man in command unit oakum initiate. some of them to come out. of their war hope a small. if your name
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on one hand with a noble lead to the whole. i don't know yet about a lot of diana for us in the us and from. turkey i wore a horse and quite often had to shut them up or feel. measurement for their own thoughts. as to how ways yet usually one had the heart of the heart of a sharia law see if i hustle that kind of i was sleep. with almost everyone was you were led to the little plot of attack but i got with my love the way it let the young man with what hossam of the world in the lead off with a weather move on us last night but i soon learned that eagles wife little was not a political kind of youngish which is going to split in about how i don't have to be able to switch cannot.
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just have my own country so one of the but after about 2 years i was surfin to say a lot more of the focus of the imagination i had to cover how the dollar now might not have made him. sound all those $382.00 fish that are closer to the pope on a little. too much the right. channel the solo santa chant on there never was one i don't have one been. * haven't been 1000. national 109 and. one finale.
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in london julian assange is standing trial on whether he will be extradited to the u.s. to face espionage charges the stakes could not be higher i saw inches livery even life is on the line freedom of speech is also on trial though you wouldn't know that mainstream media. in the troubled 19 seventy's a group of killers rampage through parts of northern ireland that was coordinated loyalists attacks particularly catholic population tens of thousands were forced to flee their homes and what was striking to put these attacks was a p.r. you see the police actually took part in the attacks so instead of preventing it they were active participants and the burning of full streets in belfast at the time more than a 100 innocent civilians were murdered as the review can seniors and we found out
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more i was surprised about the extent and of the currents which the inclusion was involved in some of those cases the killers would later be named. i think it went to the very very top i think it is. the water where politicians you know on and give the go ahead.
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a 100 in the thing to automate the me me me me. oh my god i'm going to. do not know what addition is still sonny don't want to feel . i'm a she in. the she why the men on. the net i'm not a woman was not in the aujali bit and i had a lot of standing behind the. what the how do i not. strong enough to know those a need. want to go before. the lad to man now i would not.
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consent and i think she is not just a lot of the same. as the other how could i do you. well i'm an a novice alleges a lot of make sunni also known as you on. our. assassin. going on
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a colossal done soon as i and i on the way i lean. on their. show my actual phone and take another. analogy. in.
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the going to monster of when i didn't play 100 about. when i got will one have a sunny. morning. i don't have a sunny wise one and i can say sure decision one can know. that well it now last in. chauffeured as even genesee and falun gong montanna. i have to you they want to use in the war i want. and you would never thought of. how to do my. evil not of. the malicious mco was in my favor but how many. dollars i want us all do you want to show an animal many. of the culture here comes to show.
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i don't know why a commander so while they want to ask for that as a passing good must now swore weatherboard enough to ask what nation i had. to lead the matter at all but i haven't. earned by him and also. to learn about all that happened on one of those not found a. suspect and now. and yet you didn't get.
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the ferry. for the. value on the back of. the us the. news of the. key for us because of. your. faith in the us was this was a good. little to. come to the compound seeking to demand. our rather us wanted to only a small amount. so it was condemned my lowest. show. that a man. lived. in harlem. obviously because. he was
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with them didn't. have. a good song. in the shed my initials are. you mr law will take it or do i need to. be about 2 americas a little bit of limited americas and if you. think that's the. only guns that moment actually. doesn't cope with. the. post from this again. this is a little bit. but sure they got the clothing much as $115.00 of the year if you. could miss
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a nice. neat with them so. there's some soon to be a. member beholden. to the you. know how does a mascot of. the future would you be american going to turn them if you can see golden glow in the garden for them i'm a little. bizarre because i can see not about him when he saw the door. on the. bar. and how in all the time somebody was mr mundus in the lead in the stands throw a bonus and say that i was. the narrative is you know you're not talking to be
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executive order no one of the mechanical fixing. to. have. him sent to the core of a. not a mythical not that i know i had the little. muscle if she wanted to. act number one and how we should not think. how the. mother of the shooter would. use the 1st brothers and by the time he was on
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a. just. before the with yourself. so i don't want the white house well you know i had a rough cut off. my loves. it's on one of the lunar selected availability and. you know what i'm so glad that who i am so i would hold them the time and come the analysts are going to. have the land idea say that is that i. met a medical hey i was told it's one that just henshaw a lot i mean with and. it's fairly shallow and i'm the one. in the middle of them a 3rd of the. month that i've not thought of. them . well i mean would that have been
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a humble bad month when i'm with elementals that we had months to come up with at the my macand how you know what i've been. hearing is that but that was of course. the host of the. there is. this article. on. knowing he had. all of. that.
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and i mean what's going. on what. he was going to. be the. other doesn't want to ask him. i mean day i'm not planning why this is the gentleness of the sabbath. to have to be as tough it out about this maybe i'm. not going to learn of the most of it.
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how does money not in any way. mother had any t.v. i think oh you see i did us all fia.
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nuclear power become a battleground in the us in vermont people love demanding the shutdown of a local plant. right now my focus because it's a very dangerous. power plant the owner is attempting to run the reactor beyond its operational limit this case just sort of puts a magnifying glass on where's the power in this country where's it going is it moving more towards corporate interests or is it more in the idea of a traditional participatory democracy our lie with the people this case demonstrates that struggle in very real ways. little.
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live. play. lists
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lists lists lists. list. and very well might continue watching on since last. ah. well maybe i. just remembered you later but. i. i i. i. i'm.
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i'm. i'm not. that. breaking news on c.n.n. international. to be carrying out as strikes against syrian targets in. the tokyo president holds an emergency meeting of 33 turkish troops over to be killed in the west syria. now the news a.b.c. news suspends one of its veteran reporters he appears in a secretly recorded video slamming his network and outing himself as a socialist. rival somebody songs as in the race for the democratic us presidential nomination result to the 2016 playbook suggesting he's backed by russia.


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