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tv   The Big Picture  RT  February 28, 2020 10:00pm-10:31pm EST

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thank you clashes with syria at the un security council over the turkish troops presence inside the conflicts ravaged country i thought the turkey says 333 of its soldiers were killed in syria if profits. may be escalation turkish officials say they will no longer stop syrian refugees from crossing into the e.u. it's reported large groups are already making their way towards the greek border. congress bernie sanders surges in the polls 1000000000 i don't know if the democrats tell the party to unite behind any body but they mean the socialist senator cannot speak for donald trump. as they are states when you're on the go to download b r t out for
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a little try android device coming up next is politics done more in the big picture . on this week's show do you ever wonder what the world is going on it's not you and don't blink history is happening right now at a dizzying pace as events unfold how does the rest of the world see the u.s. is leadership. holland cook in washington this is the big picture on our dear america. the ancient chinese curse offered may you live in interesting times and in a british newspaper in 1936 member of parliament sir austin chamberlain reckoned
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there is no doubt that the curse has fallen upon us. that was then this is now when motley crew of democrats challenge an improbable president whose unpredictable manner keeps other world leaders guessing as the world's economy is changing in fundamental ways and new hot spots around the world are flaring up weekly to help us sort it all out here in washington global business development expert and strong marc founder and president hillary ford which and her fellow contributor and long time pentagon official michael maloof and joining us from the new r t los angeles studios he and i just last month our team is larry king coronavirus is the story of the week and we're hoping that it doesn't become the story of a lifetime as the questions outnumber the answers mis information currently circulating includes rush limbaugh equating coronavirus to that common cold
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rush says it's all a lefty strategy to attack the stock market and make the president appear incompetent larry admittedly talk radio is infotainment but doesn't somebody with him following as big as limbaugh's have a responsibility that play it straight or of all the idiotic things he has said over the years this tops the list i never knew that rush limbaugh was a scientific expert i never knew view shit expert on those diseases that are catching i mean the guy is so warped and so so it's almost silly so we have a pandemic of the common cold. but. in the circles in broadcasting rush limbaugh has a considerable audience but inside. you won't be seeing any pulitzer yeah
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i think the guy is trump university and who better to hear downplay the seriousness of a respiratory illness than somebody who's dying of lung cancer but when coronavirus sneezes financial markets go down for the count hillary talk about supply chain interruptions and other ways that this coronavirus epidemic impacts life in the heartland usa well it is going to impact and it's going to impact the supply chain but one thing to note of course is that 300000 people died last year of the flu 80000 died not of the common cold but of the flu last year in america 80000 right now we've had like 4000 people have died of the corona virus and at the moment 87 percent of people that have been diagnosed with it survive and only 2 percent actually die when they could contract it so it's not going to be the same pandemic as it's been predicted the issue of course is like in the land with all of
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the undocumented chinese workers that are there those are the illegal aliens that it is really that the fashion industry did not want to admit to what the supply chain is going to experience are particularly on companies like amazon so i am apple and samsung because of their phones being made in china anybody who has a lot of their part of their supply chain in china which is also like the pharmaceutical industry the majority of our drugs come from china so i think it's going to be there i would say only but china globally only has 8 percent of the mission critical exports for health and survival whereas germany has 13 percent and the u.s. has 13 percent in the last week i've been to 3 different c.v.s. stores in all 3 cases the person just before me was asking for a surgical mask on the clerks were out. and you should tell them wait until we have the flu and then you're really going to need the mass of course were made in china michael the usa and south korea have postponed joint military exercises their
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closing on high school in seattle facebook cancelled their big developer conference all because of the outbreak take us inside 5 the pentagon what's the protocol when something this threatening comes up on the case of south korea they've cut back on the exercises and they have made contingency plans and they're going to minimize the flow of dependents for example they're cutting back on dependents of restricting probably going to restrict people to their bases in the in the affected area and of course we have no idea what's going on in north korea and and there's problems there and of course china isn't all that far away relatively speaking but the reality is the pentagon makes contingency plans for these things they are they are restricting bases they are undertaking measures that will counter or minimize exposure and i think to keep
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a low key until this virus begins to fade it will fade eventually it's a virus but things as they stand now the temple goes up an octave inside the pentagon well yeah yeah there's going to they have to have a contingency plan and this does this rup everything they were going to have maneuvers i mean it affects it affects readiness worldwide and so it's they've got to be careful of contacts and. men and women off shore going off shore and coming back to their back to a ship for example sure that would be really dramatic if anything broke out on on a carrier larry in the 4 decades over which your work has mentor of mine i've heard you interview happy dozen u.s. presidents and you've known donald trump for decades compared donald trump to the other presidents you have known. you mean in addressing a major problem yeah. he's not very good. first of all his
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vocabulary is very limited even i'm sure he would agree it is that so he's going through these papers and trying to figure out what to say he wants to say that it's not it's not going to spread and at the same time he's got these experts behind him who are saying it's going to spread the secretary of health and human services disagree with him and his 1st statement this is not donald's greatest moments these moments of great when barack obama bill clinton ronald reagan they can handle moments like this in supervised should they can put the the role now the president is for the country it is make you feel safe but it's a same time warning you of what could happen means be careful means wash your hands frequently. as so many i we have people know away walking around with masks i think that's a little premature but i would transfer foreman so far i would give it an f.
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you've known i'm socially 1st soul lawn. change guy now that he's president. well is he change yell considerably. da was a good friend he was very good to me i haven't spoke from since the election but i did speak to him during the election. he's. out he's so much of a puzzlement bag 40 years ago he was a clinton democrat or a clinton republican toss him up in the air. he was interested in things and foreign affairs were more interested in women. and hotels and building to see him now. suddenly become the. president of the united states is it possible for me to conceive what he is. hillary brags that there is
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a reshuffling the economic deck in europe and the belt and road initiative is among the eurasian alliances and running america's influence is there have world financial markets now priced in this often diplomatic presidents shoot from the hip style oh absolutely global markets are totally fine with trump if you look at the stability obviously until this pandemic and a lot of the obviously the media like and media in the us kind of wants this president to fail but i would say this you look at the cabinet that he has you look at stephen notion he's been a goldman sachs guy forever you look at my comp aoe they are universally respected so what he's done is he's surrounded himself with some very small leaders and he has actually of course until this day maintain stability i think if you look at how the stock market has month after month after month since his presidency improved that is an indication to you that absolutely yes the global market surprised that i do think that what's happening in europe though is very interesting and that is obviously the vying for u.s. trade deals i think that obviously boris johnson wants a huge u.s.
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trade deal but he's caught in the middle as his ankle muckle 'd between the u.s. and china that's the biggest issue michael geo political wrinkles to that there's going to be a fall out my sources are telling me that be our eye has been stymied somewhat the belt road initiative that. could what could occur because this thing is worldwide could occur is a creation of many b.r. if you will and then eventually be be brought together but this this is swept the world economy and it's going to have. some impact for quite some time well michael candidate. often told us that he knows more than the generals and a president trump. had colonel venkman a decorated soldier marched out of the white house and he has called people in the intelligence community all kinds of names and how does stuff like this play to the
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men and women in uniform who protest to us and how does that play to allies and follows elsewhere in the world where they know they're professionals they know their leaders they understand the donald as well they they know that he's. shoots from the hip and and oftentimes doesn't listen to. expert advice the problem with women i must tell you is the fact that trump didn't read his talking points to sit through the president of the ukraine his problem but be that as it may and you know all of us who have been in the bureaucracy in the past oftentimes experience that and that's the way it goes but the reality is the professionals will remain professionals and you're seeing very careful calculations and they're given trying to give the president the best advice they can and hopefully that will prevail and he listens to them oftentimes larry. yes big did disagree with hillary.
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when she said the media wants him to fail i've been in broadcasting 62 years don't republicans democrats senate is for i have never known the media and whatever the media is wanting him to fail why would you want your president to fail. yeah rush limbaugh began the obama administration hoping proudly that he would but i'm with you larry in the sense that when the media smells blood in the water it's the story oh that's different and it's not the party so much we have anybody's but when you go in ted kennedy 1st announced he was going to run they couldn't answer roger mudd question why are you running and they ran with that against him media is oh we are hungry for stories to story or was doing this a long time the story always comes 1st if trouble makes himself the story then we
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attack that all praise it whatever trump has a whole 'd network behind him fox news and the consumers the war on c.n.n. the clinton claimed i was a network we have larry king and hillary for which and michael maloof we're talking about usa optics how we look to the rest of the world and we'll get right back to it after this quick break. this is also very important. to those who can influence.
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the nature and. in the. churches today just decided to show max. hope for the rest of the life in the ball. boy iraqis now they should we have had a much better 17 years could we could have had a much more prosperous iraq a stable iraq yes as their. mistakes happen absolutely. things about by far they could've should've have made it better but that does not take away from the flag i was stood up to romney dictator who was bloodthirsty participated in the mud and killing of hundreds of thousands of iraqis are millions of more of them iran then the invasion of kuwait and so on.
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this is the big picture on r.t. america holland cook in washington we have larry king at r.t.e. and l.a. and michael maloof and hilary ford which are here with me in washington democratic presidential debates have produced enough noise that the candidates could and simply canceling each other out with all the noise and that trump antics and all ends up seeming like the tolerable known commodity the voters who are now enjoying the economy just this past week the dems had added again with each other larry you have interviewed dozens of world leaders over the years who if anyone
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among these democratic challengers strikes you as what we call presidential deal like this so my outstanding citizens there joe biden is an old friend and he's a great american. you don't have to correct mr bloomberg on where to go in business i think there are very good crew young young makes michael is terrific mayor pete seems like he's got a 4 digit i.q. joe biden is a known commodity to the world leaders any of the survivors up there now tom styer for instance that you think world leaders would lack confidence in. but always a guy i'd like to know when you know him you would like to know him better. hillary what are you saying you are very tuned in the internationally yet in terms of what i believe is a thinking actually i think that one thing to note is i remember being in amsterdam having dealt with it on the cape in jan 1980 and of course off of the clinton i had
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ron it was amazing when america called the federalist if you walk in. anybody who was around at that era named the other 6 people that were running very few people can remember even can go get past any of them like michael dukakis right but they knew every single name in holland i think one thing around the rest of the world is they know who's running and they know their platforms i may know the lot better their press is very in-depth want to global leaders think to answer your question i think it's the same as you just said right now i think that most of them look at who we have running and say better a devil we know. that's what i'm hearing and i'm hearing that from business leaders you know i mean that goes and says go ahead larry are you saying that we're world leaders like trump are you saying i didn't say that they liked him i'm saying that we've come to adjust to his bark is worse than his bite most people know when he's just barking and there has been until this pandemic and scat there is been a degree of stability certainly militarily and certainly there are people who
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haven't done things like going into crimea like putin did under obama's watch and certainly they would now have a dat test trump in terms of a red line in the sand like they did with obama michael your take well i think again as hillary's points out it is the double you know as opposed to the one you don't. we see this with other world leaders for example putin really really doesn't care that much for netanyahu but he's endorsing you see that you see it with. with with with the with the heir to one nobody likes everyone but he's the devil we know keep an eye on turkey. very closely but it isn't said the same thing with yugoslavia off the tito's that was that we knew where we were and this is what you know because they're very cautious internationally and especially when you consider world investment markets and they're going to be very careful very cautious and go with her purse and look biden along with obama they didn't do anything
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that we lead from behind well if they would tell us 10100 $50000000000.00 can. shot of the back of planes to around so that of course you see that he has a history well as he has a history speaking of delray me. larry i always say i you are you saying that the obama administration failed yes internationally it was i think it's easier to say what did they succeed at because they really accomplished it we don't have time to talk about how much the mail under their righteous anger and why isn't my al-qaeda sorry what he succeeded at and succeeded in keeping the country together. during those tragic shootings would you want donald trump. to go to a church after 89 people have been killed his son is a lot to be said for leadership qualities and obama just had it in spades yeah right it was only good news he was a great already do you know but my argument is that under obama we saw the spread
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of isis the spread of al-qaeda and the creation in fact of an isis caliphate internationally and that has created world disorder exam that's a that's a fact and they would not have dared rise on trial i think the thing is the question begets we have to answer the question do you want a great orator somebody who is articulate yet ineffective or somebody who is massively affective but in articulate well the strong your mental activity maybe an articulate you mentioned. a minute ago by the pallet and after candidate trump promised to 0 out the deficit by the end of his 2nd term it's up to a trillion $1.12 zeros during his 1st term hilary can we ever dig our way out of this hole that we did have some some bowls we had that in 2010 that congress did not enact and sit simpson bowles would have had us actually stick to only 21 percent of g.d.p. in terms of the debt but also most importantly they talked about it actually stipulated in terms of making social security sustainable something very important
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about social security everyone in america should be thinking about when social security was enacted in 1935 the u.s. life expectancy rate was $61.00 what does that mean it meant the us government really didn't expect to have to pay our pensions and all of them bismarck in 1909 1st established the very 1st pension system in germany what was the life expectancy then in life expectancy in germany at that point was 7172 so he had social security starting at $65.00 he expected in germany to pay out for 7 years we never expected to pay out now there's an 18 year is people live in the terms of the life expectancy of people in the u.s. last year in 2019 u.s. lives to be $78.00 according to the sea. d.c. what does that mean we've got 18 more years than we ever anticipated tomorrow if tomorrow congress would actually and that legislation that the unborn american and they will protest we know the unborn american is not going to protest the unborn american should have social security raised to 70 because life expectancy already
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is 78 we should have it raised to 70 and that could be for the morning and that is a political 3rd rail hollering. i think you're going to see that happen oh yeah i will raise it to 76 and have the only day when i would have to move 65 is the new 50 and i know i may not know which i don't believe in more than our own take it from a consultant i can put a dinner party to sleep just by mentioning the word die not only do i think that michael there is a staggering deficits put social programs and expenses like public broadcasting in the budget crosshairs but the defense contractors go largely on skates don't throw it that's right that's why you're seeing trump today insisting that we stay in syria to take the oil and sell it stay in iraq and take over the oil wells because of the relationship of the dollar to oil and the oil and its oil capturing that evan that exchange in us dollars that then comes back from us treasuries and
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what have you to help refinance our entire deficit and that's what we're seeing larry in the newspaper industry is in a death spiral cable news is largely a shouting match and corporate radio firings have been brutal can we count on the media to keep us as informed as we need to be and does rely on social media for news coverage condemned us to being gone and formed. every advance has its problems and they are tagged as all advances leading to the internet and social media while they do wonderful things politically they produce they they were poor. i don't think they've been a success at all most of the signs if i turn on the cable channels it's all panelists they have 6 finals some one side to the other everyone has concurring opinions you can't make up your mind i like what a baseball manager said last week 3 words nobody knows anything.
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but you're right think about it taught programming is less expensive to generate the news programming and the cutbacks of the networks on the local stations have been brutal or we just cheaping out larry yeah we are. it's sad imo i began in radio many years ago and i think radio is such an essential part of the day i get it in my automobile. i don't i don't go on the internet i try to hear people talking every day gee the news i heard it in the. little watch that clock whatever that is. i live a different kind of life and echo chamber john mclaughlin started to talk. michael with info overload now business as usual and warfare now cyber as well as boots on the ground military where are the under reported hot spots we
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should be watching but aren't paying enough attention to i think asia is certainly going to be springing back up we're going to see afghanistan is not going to go away syria is probably could mushroom almost overnight now belong with turkey into a full regional conflict and so these are just a few of the areas that i'm seeing and they're going to they're going to get much worse especially if and we're seeing it now into the mediterranean we're seeing it into the balkans again north africa of libya is about ready to blow once again so there's a lot of areas and also china coming back and if with their belt road initiative they're going to need a military to back up those investments over time larry when you've been around i have a question why do we why is the world always like this nation against nation and against man armies against army for the same he thought it was me. why for the same reason that young boys want to play video games should not buy them up every
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single day and people want to watch violent movies in the same human nature and human nature is right the success of the fox news channel misery loves company i've got 15 seconds hilary yes the stock market is upside down should we be buying this week i'll warren buffett actually we should be buying but it hasn't gotten doubt at once it bottoms out and you start to see the 1st trickle of rise and that's when you get in hillary ford which michael maloof and larry. the king of talk can thank you all for stepping into the big picture and thank you for watching the big picture now if your cable company does not have r t america call them up and tell them cancel everything but internet access where live at youtube dot com slash r t america if you have direct t.v. you were on channel 3 to one pluto t.v. channel 279 if you got that dish dish we're 2 $80.00 there and all of our shows are available anytime anywhere on our t.v.'s new portable t.v.
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alp it's free on the app store or it google play and d.d. is super cool and we're on demand that youtube dot com slash the big picture r t m holland cook in washington and at holland cook on twitter where if you follow me i'll follow you question more. hello hello. hello. hello. hello.
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hello. hello. hello. hello hello. hello. it's.
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a very warm welcome to you you're watching. me. never change that's. true about humans so who is really in charge of my life me or my brain and are will one of the say well i talk about this with. at the university.


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