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tv   The News with Rick Sanchez  RT  April 1, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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yes. live from the world headquarters of the r t america in our nation's capital this is the news rick sanchez. panel again everybody i'm rick sanchez you know whether you're picking us up in taipei or tacoma or any place in between as we broadcast live around the world we welcome you you may be watching us for example on portable t.v. it's an app either way we're glad you're there among the developments happening this hour there is a plane filled with relief supplies i think we've got some pictures we can show you here it is this is the plane that has just arrived from russia interestingly enough the governor of new york has been talking throughout the day in fact almost with a with
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a sense of desperation today he said that he's just very tired of not having enough supplies coming into his state he said it's very frustrating because he's competing with just a few hours after the governor makes that declaration lo and behold a russian relief supplied plane filled with medical equipment has arrived at john f. kennedy airport in new york so there it is we're following this story for you as we get more details of this agreement by the way between both governments this is a result of our conversation between president trump and president putin where putin offered to send relief supplies because he saw what was happening on in the united states what was going on in the united states and mr trump said yes please go ahead and send the relief supplies it's obviously important developments also somewhat startling and historic because these are 2 countries that have over the course of the last year been bickering to say the. released over several things including
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sanctions and the nuclear deal and many other things including places like syria so we're all over the story we're going to bring you the very latest as it develops now our job here is to try and look out for you as we bring you these newscast one of the stories that we're going to bring you to day has to do with a tech company that might be selling your personal information to facebook so if they are we're all over it we're covering that story for you but let's begin with the very latest numbers where there's some good news from some countries not so good news from other countries china south korea seem to be getting over that proverbial 'd or infamous hump or the curve as they call it other countries not so much so here's what the united nations is saying today they're declaring quote that this is what they say humanity is facing it's grace greatest challenge since world war 2 meanwhile here in the united states as we report to you just a block from the white house here the prediction for how many americans are going
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to die is now 240000 i want you to know that you should probably keep something in mind here you know how many people most of them elderly diane newly in the united states we checked 2 point $8000000.00 people of course the difference is they die of everything from heart disease to cancer to many ailments and their deaths are spread over a long period of that year right with coronavirus that death toll will occur even though it's just as large or may not even be as large during a shorter period of time and they're all generally going to die of one cause. so what's the concern well the concern is that because of that. our health care system is going to be swapped by lots and lots of sick people all at one time so i wanted to share that with you because you know what that does is it gives us context it gives us context to a pandemic that we still need to somehow demystify for you so we can better understand what we're going through and why to be able to get through it all right so this is the news with rick sanchez where we try and provide this kind of context
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on this type of clarity because we really do believe it's time to do news again. you know here we go the questions we think you'll be asking them are oh how is the world of sports teaming up with medical professionals to fight the coronavirus there's an interesting mix virus or no virus should your personal information be for sale and what about larry king what is he saying about what world leaders are doing in those getting sex with. 19 all right all this week we are going to bring you our special coverage of the corona virus with updates from around the world and of course everything that you need to know to help keep yourself and your family safe tracking coronavirus it's now just a few minutes past 5 pm here in the east coast of the united states we want to get
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to the breaking news on what is happening around the world as countries employ different strategies you know we mentioned south korea they took an immediate and very definitive approach to this thing right we learned today from our reporter john honey that in brazil the president of brazil is not taking that type of approach because he's concerned about his economy he doesn't want it to collapse 2 different ways of looking at this but maybe get this the most noteworthy if not newsworthy approach is coming to us from the president of the philippines rodrigo do terror is telling police officers in his countries that have citizens don't cooperate direct quote here folks they should shoot them dead shoot them dead. wow let's get right to bed swonk he's manning our global coronavirus update desk then get us started what's the latest yes shoot them dead those are the words from as you said the philippines president roberto do it do tara take it one of the
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things he said this was in response to a group of protesters who apparently in some slums in the philippines organized a small protest basically complaining rick that they had not received food rations for 2 weeks so the government there is shut everything down as we've seen in so many countries around the world but they promised packets of food would be delivered to these slum areas the food didn't show up and so for 2 weeks people have waited and they began to protest military was called out they told people to go home and those protesters did not respond they did not leave they continued to protest so what new terror tape did was he essentially said that he wants to protect this is how he framed it health care workers and doctors and nurses and to make sure that they were not going to be harmed by anyone being outside and so in order to prevent those doctors and nurses from being harmed if military is to see protesters he has given them orders to as you said shoot them dead which would be. let me try let me let me try that again ben we should probably mention to our
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viewers that this is a guy who's kind of ruled with an iron fist in the past. he absolutely has in fact not since probably world war 2 and we had a world leader who so commonly refers to shooting people and i think we have some sound here. date. my sole job is to feel i there's not a. lot of data do police will arrest and detain you should them dead. while the nanny but i that's i mean that i am kind of stunned not because i don't understand perhaps his position but because the choice of words in a moment like this when people are so desperate just seems a little like an overreach. well it's a huge overreach and again this is an emerging the passes the guy has talked about killing drug dealers and killing organized criminals he's talked about that before
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the some very different group of people rick let's also touch on as you mentioned you know russia sending this aid to the united states is a big headline right now as you mentioned that aid has arrived in new york and we're not we're not exactly sure what the aid consists of we know that russia has said that it would sin that medical aid to help the united states during this corona corona virus pandemic and so that's taking place right now in new york and then one more for you i want to show the sea real quick i know we're short on time but some amazing video there filmmakers who are going around and they are recording these empty cities across the united states and around the world right now in fact of we have video here from one filmmaker it's called the silent city and it's essentially just went through chicago with a drone and recorded all these various spots of ways that are in fact streets that are in what you would all go to see what that is and. oh there we have the to go video of ok. that's the wrong video in that case just tell you real quick in that
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case that those are goats in a welsh town that have taken over this town because so many people have stayed inside that mountain goats are actually taking over the town to show that to you at 7 o'clock but that's ok we'll show you the intensity that's i'm sure the goats right now it's incredible they've taken over the it's a great story make it make it as laughter in these times was wondering if the good that they're going to overhear god have a good story to but i'm sure on as usual doing a wonderful job there for us bringing us up to date with the growth of the growth of ours update desk let's turn to the numbers shall we are due course one of the tab injured i was at our video curve she's following following that story for us these things change every day depending on the country so would you bring us up to date on what's going on right now separate k. we're seeing at record number of deaths per quarter in a single day here in the u.s. as ass 865 people lost their lives. coronavirus and doze deaths put america's death toll at over 4600 people and now moving over europe the virus has
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now claimed more than 30000 lives and europe alone and what the head of the united nation has described get this the worst crisis since world war 2. but i'm wondering so about some of the countries that are getting that much attention because it seems like it's always the same countries in the headlines you know you're exactly right for example let's go to south africa which has actually some of the toughest viruses locked down regulations in the world but unfortunately enforcing them has not been easy and right now security forces are actually firing rubber bullets at anyone defying orders to stay to not to stay at home and that the country currently has over 1300 reported cases and 5 deaths and also about a number might actually appear low compared to some of the other countries it's still the most of any country in africa and the main issue is that authorities are really worried that the virus could spread in the poorer areas where it would be
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almost impossible to provide proper medical attention then there is countries like jordan which has been under total lockdown since march 14th and after just a few cases began to appear in that country you know the government took extraordinary measures including implementing strict emergency laws where the jordan armed forces and the police were deployed to gether to patrol the kingdom streets and forcing an extremely strict curfew and because of these measures jordan has 274 confirmed cases we had 5 deaths were as compared to their neighbors like for example is your rail where they have over 5500 confirmed cases and 22 deaths and there are other neighbor saudi arabia over 7516 deaths and i think a lot of this has to do with testing i mean if you don't tell us you really don't know so your numbers could be very low and then you test a lot your numbers are going to be really hard then that's probably going to be the
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case of latin america as well where they've just started getting a handle on this thing right here rick you know anywhere from mexico city to port au prince all de way to santiago chile this is taking root in the world's most equal social class to. where the 1st case of the virus actually arrived by the extremely wealthy returning from occasions of work trips from europe in the us where it's now spread to the poor but unlike many of the wealthy who are actually recovering right now from the current virus medical experts are worried that the virus could kill thousands of the poorest people and i'm referring to the ones who must work every single day to feed their families that live in extreme conditions that lack even proper medical care and clean water for example in haiti the western hemisphere's poorest country their 1st case was actually brought into the country by one of haiti's most famous r. and b. singer who had just returned from france and it's currently in quarantine but for hundreds of thousands of haitians are on just a few dollars
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a day selling goods on the street quarantine would pretty much mean near starvation and in chile which has seen cases grow to over 3000 with 16 deaths has mostly been in the upper class neighborhoods and people just back from europe particularly italy and then there is mexico with over 12. cases and $29.00 deaths after some of the country's wealthiest people return from a ski trip in vail colorado which puts mexico's again confirmed cases at over $1200.00 although the u.s. is leading the number of confirmed cases in my not be long before we see. numbers globally because just 6 weeks ago here in the u.s. we only had 60 cases and now we have top 210000 cases where it all depends as we said testing testing testing so good job thank you so much for a very thorough report bring us up to date on what's going on those terms of the
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numbers all over the world there's a lot going on this is the news with words and judge you're watching our special coverage of dream and we will be. right back. micrographs friends aren't slights against you know whites or men for example there's their slights against women or nonwhites so it's it's it's always you know the idea is that statements that directed toward a privileged group are interpreted differently than a statement directed toward an oppressed group and so that's kind of the whole framework and it's a it's
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a political framework that's used the result is of course focusing at least on certain kinds of minor slights and saying well rather than a north more than we need to call attention to them but it's not all slight so it's very political in this country. and we're going to fulfill repeated purposes oh politics to the people come on you know we've all pots be. pretty rough. cut. pretty good. now you want to. know.
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full. well yeah. you. it's that zoom is selling your personal information to facebook and to other 3rd parties and well this is not zooms only issue at the moment that's the big deal because a lot of people are centrally sharing their information during these conferences or
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to gore's part of the process wait has more on the story for us from los angeles. as cases of covert 1900 school rocket more and more people are working from home many are utilizing the video conferencing platform called zoom students are using it to keep up with their classes and friends are staying in touch on it to keep a sense of community but now according to a lawsuit filed monday this is sending data to facebook and 3rd parties according to the lawsuit the unique advertising identifier allows companies to target the user with advertisements this information is sent to facebook by zoom or guard lists of whether the user has an account with facebook zoom's c.e.o. has acknowledged its data sharing in a blog post and says they're doing away with the practice erik un says our customers privacy is incredibly important to us and therefore we decided to remove the facebook s.t.k. in our apple base client and have reconfigured the feature so that users will still
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be able to log in with facebook via their browser the lawsuit also claims is due was paid for sharing user data but according to zooms chief legal officer resume has never sold user data in the past and has no intention of selling users' data going forward but privacy concerns aren't the only thing plaguing the video conferencing company the f.b.i. is warning zim users about teleconferencing hijacking happening all across the country there have reportedly been multiple incidents of conferences also being distracted by pornographic images images and threatening language the agency's boston. offices urging users should not make meetings public or sherry links to video conferences on social media as coven 1000 has made an impact on the stock market zoom has actually seen positive gains as their popularity soars amid this pandemic while the s. and p. 500 stock index has dropped about 25 percent since its record high in february xoom stock has shot up 45 percent since then as investors believe this video
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conferencing trend will continue to be a corporate and social staple even after the crown a virus gets under control to avoid having your information being sent to facebook assume users are being advised to update the latest version of the application reporting in los angeles suite r.t. and now it's time to go to the world of sports as we often do with this stuff. joining let me try to get steve christakis can be a little you know greek names i just called you st it's because as you know in colorado to so look. we knew this was coming yet wimbledon oh yeah next day makes the biggest breaking news today in the sports world is obviously the 134th championships of wimbledon are cancelled now and they will not be postponed you know like the french open for example another grand slam was postponed till september but this one is just not happening so it'll be next year june 28th to july 11th 2021 for if the next time we will see wimbledon and that is the oldest grand slam of all for so 134 years so we don't get to see the hats we don't get to
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see any of that this year and it's it's the 1st time since $1045.00 since world war 2 so hey here's an interesting development the world of motor sports is actually trying to contribute to the need for a coronavirus equipment yes tell me how solar viewers out there are getting mercedes team is leading the cause the mercedes formula one team and their engineers usually they're building engines for cars to research on the track where they're hoping mixi pep devices and devices are continuous positive airway pressure devices that help basically deliver oxygen to the lungs without the need for a ventilator or patients a day should. so they're trying to basically remove the intensive care they want to prevent patients from having to go into the tents of care so with this they'll be able to do that hopefully that's it this is a lot like what people wear when they snore right it's like a breathing apparatus machine that they wear basically yet bridges the gap between an oxygen mask and the need for a full ventilator which we all know those are expensive and in short supply yeah i guess the director just says the proper word is sleep apnea and yes i've heard of
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that my wife says i've never seen or never you know in case you needed to know yeah a little bit of a story hey. i remember a time this is one of the biggest stories in the history of sports so there's this guy named tiger woods oh i've heard of him you know apparently he was having a relationship outside of his marriage yes his wife found out about it and she went after him with a 9 iron he did my wrong you know yes she did go after him with the night are you right and he was having about 18 relationships apparently. had all of the what at least maybe so tell us why that particular story comes back into the news today so it's actually 10 years to the day april 1st 2010 is the 1st time he made his a public appearance to the golf world again after that incident incident back in you know in 22009 i believe it was when she chased him down with a 9 iron crash as he went to to rehab and then 5 months later he comes to the practice rounds at the masters hundreds of spectators journalists just mobbing him there and that was his 1st public appearance and he went on to be tied for 4th at that masters that's the video of him coming back for the very 1st time that is the
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very 1st time in its creators i got to tell you lately i've been spending a lot of time looking at old sports stories and i love it yes i watch the lakers the other day against the pistons classics the bad boys yeah the bad boy is great stuff and showtime will speak at a los angeles yes but other than larry king the host politicking here on our d america and for those of you who are joining us from all over the world from delhi to karachi and germany you probably already know who he is because he's legendary as one of the most prolific broadcasters in u.s. history and he's good enough to join us now by the way do you remember that whole tiger thing i remember you doing a bunch of segments on that larry. you know we should i'm so happy to be with you rick it's so nice to join you every day on this outstanding program in these great times of need how does that sound i've cited fantastic it almost sounds like one of our bosses wrote it for you did they. by the way i can add to the sports report the
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n.f.l. draft will go on as per usual however it was it was live in las vegas but nobody can go so they're going to do it all by phone you know as the los angeles chargers pick 1st they'll have 15 minutes on the clock and then they'll make their selection and then the washington redskins go 2nd they'll have 15 minutes on the clock but they're going to do it all like in a silent chamber you know could be weird you know who's really going to be upset about that new yorkers because they go crazy you watch this thing right there they bring their mothers their brothers their whole families and they sit there and boo and cheer and that's part of what makes it so exciting to watch that there. and i don't know how they know all these players you know like with the 17th pick in the 3rd round the cleveland browns select mike monist sally of montana and they
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cheer how to hold the bay known mike mana sully of montana is amazes me how the n.f.l. has grown to use the draft as a big site where people can go to. they have really got it down the n.f.l. so it's crazy it's a major event staying in new york russian plane just lands at j.f.k. apparently putin agreed with mr trump to send this plane load of equipment on the very day by the way when governor cuomo was on the air just a few hours ago saying we don't know where we're desperate for relief supplies please send it to us and here comes that's kind of nice. it's a great story you know we haven't heard from mr putin too much have we. you know we're one of the interesting things about russia is it's still a bit of a quandary as to what actually is going on over there their numbers are very low compared to the rest of the world but you know before anybody over there in you
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know bosco's start bragging about what a great job they did which they may have it's kind of hard to tell because testing you know how many tests have been done how do we know a lot of this stuff is very opaque larry whether it's russia or any other country. and some experts the already praising russia for the way they've handled you know and we haven't heard about them in ages it seems like russia hasn't been involved for the size of that country but of course they have no thing i did interesting i looked into which will be on politicking tomorrow they have been no reported cases in north korea what do you make it at well it took them 5 days to start testing they lock everybody up well that's i should say that they didn't lock anybody up big they declared a lockdown social isolation zone right away and they tested 4000 of every 1000000 people within the 1st 7 days you know how many we tested 5 of every 1000000 people
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within the 1st 10 days so they kind of they they did their job right oh you live in line now i mean you've got to you've got to you've got to hand it to the south koreans what's the situation there larry what are you feeling in california i mean this is the biggest state in many ways what's the sense there what are people saying i'm corrin teemed i haven't left my house i'm in los angeles beautiful weather. no one's on the streets. so i. been here we have fine cameramen and producers that come to here they come in with them masks in the all white uniforms and they come in every day when i when i do my show. and so i can give you no report on l.a. so i'm looking out the window it's a beautiful day yeah it's there was one story at the beginning of this show that i got to share with you so the president of the philippines said that he should he
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wants his police to shoot people dead if they go out and they argue with police about going back to that crazy. that's a good way to stem the flow of the panic. you know if you want to stop its flow shoot people on the street it's crazy surprise singapore hasn't done that already yeah it's funny how different presidents different leaders different countries are using different strategies and all of this larry it's always great to talk to you i enjoy this conversation every day you record too and i really do. think of you thanks man thanks so much well and by the way just to carry out my producers just told me that i misspoke when i said south korea i think larry had mentioned north korea but i maybe didn't hear him right i apologize for that. that's our news thanks so much for being with us i'm rick sanchez they say stay connected check out portable t.v. and stay connected through that we'll see you again right here when it's time to do news ago i'm rick sanchez.
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it is time in america for the sort of the workers who are making minimum wage they can't survive they have to have 2 or 3 minimum wage jobs they're rising up they're going. well being much higher wages long. in his community there are people who believe that it's ok. it's really hard there
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are no jobs and you see the kids. and as a parent. i can come up with arguments and there's a lot of conflict within the game and between the teams most of the conflict i would say. is made. close one on each other. is good business the state of california makes $6000000000.00 a year of prison complex and you get some 20 year life where. you don't care. anything. to. feel great.
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ideas. and. opportunity to walk away. for the 1st time again like you. how do you feel about. the big. fellow a.


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