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tv   Politicking  RT  April 2, 2020 9:00pm-9:31pm EDT

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a new report from merican intelligence claims that china has been lying about the virus from the start where does that leave us officials in their fight against the pandemic we've got the experts on this edition of politic. welcome to politicking on larry king china has concealed the extent of the virus outbreak in its country and under reporting both total cases and deaths that has suffered from the disease that's a conclusion of the united states intelligence community in a bombshell report we learned about wednesday so where does that leave us officials in their fight against the pandemic for analysis we turn 1st to gordon chang asia
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expert and contributor for the daily beast he is in new jersey garden in your opinion has this china under reported this cases of the coronavirus. yeah clearly larry china has under reported coronavirus cases and deaths and it continues to do so so for instance this week we're getting numbers 36 or 7 new infections a day but they're not reporting any community transmissions they're saying that any transmissions are from imported cases and other words chinese nationals returning to china this is a situation which is inconsistent with all of them modeling is inconsistent with the reporting that we're getting from inside the and i don't really and certainly it is not consistent with the way this virus has acted around the world so i think that we can say with confidence that china is not telling us the truth about the
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crime of virus infections why why would they not one of a high and low why would they not tell us the truth you know that's a great question larry and i think it has to do with beijing trying to give the impression that china has recovered and because of that they want businesses to return to china they want congress inside the country to go back to normal levels they're just trying get back to where it was before the virus hit and that is the only explanation i can come up with you know the other thing of course is that they want to show that their system is subpoena or to our s. a so they want to be able to demonstrate that they were able to lift the virus. but it is really to figure out why because you know as this progresses we're starting to learn a lot more about what's going on and the inconsistency is don't do china any good.
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to how gordon chang would you describe the united states chinese relations at this minute. i think they're tense there's a my sense is that there is anger at the top of the american government for what beijing has done it deliberately hid the virus it then tried to tell the world that there was no human to human transmission that led to the epidemic becoming a pandemic and you know as elise heard from the white house briefing yesterday there's a sense that we were misled and i think people in washington are are pretty white hot angry. this chinese they if we don't get the right information diest think they send out deliberately misinformation. i think that
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clearly that is what they did you know we saw for instance beijing tell the world health organization that there were no community transmissions and the w.h.o. put that out on a tweet on january 4th or keep become infamous and i think that beijing did that because it wanted the international community to sort of keep links with china but what they did of course was by keeping those links at a time when they knew about community human to human transmission they help spread the virus around the world so. you know i don't know what's in the minds of chinese leaders but if they wanted to spread this virus. they would did exactly what they would have done so there's got to be some real questioning of beijing's motives here. a national review article posted online
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tuesday asserted that china has to be held responsible for this pandemic you agree. i do agree larry it's unfortunate but this really was gong to should have only been a local epidemic in the center of china but because of the secrecy because of misleading the world health organization and the united states and others this is now spread to most corners of the world now i don't know exactly how we're going to hold china accountable but there are many different ways to do that but that's going to be i think the conversation not only in washington but also in other capitals as well as people understand that it was chinese actions that led to the spread of the virus beyond china's borders so i think that when the virus subsides and it's going to be in the summer the conversation around the world is going to be
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what kind of relations the world will happen china and what kind of costs the world will impose on beijing for really irresponsible and reckless behavior we have heard nothing from north korea do you think they're free of this. you know and clearly they're not. there are hints that we're getting that the virus has spread throughout north korea so for instance they put foreign diplomats under a 30 day quarantine which is completely inconsistent with the notion that there are no coronavirus cases there the border between china and north korea was open for a long period when beijing was denying the existence of the disease and because of the substantial traffic i thought i'm sure that there have been a number of cases in north korea which have now probably be blown epidemic there
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is a lot of indications that north korea is asking for help why would it ask for help if it didn't have a coronavirus emergency gordon chang as always thanks so much for your expertise. well thank you larry i really appreciate the opportunity is a pleasure now welcome to our show lieutenant general russel honore ray he's perhaps best known for serving as the commander of the joint task force katrina where he was responsible for coordinating katrina affected areas across the gulf calls is related to the military he has been critical of the government's response to the coronavirus pandemic he joins us from baton rouge do you do you remain a critic general or have things improved. i do remain to
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credit because i know you're going to learn. where are we failing. well. number one in issue decisive diet's. we knew from day one the technique we should be using is people stayed in whole and we selectively. use that across the state level to go with us and we still have some 10 states still not pricey social distance when you're going to have a logistics problem and then when you do not have enough equipment you're to doctors and hospitals. and we still haven't fixed that problem and from the perspective of how we managing netlist just. i learned
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a long time ago that you know when you don't want to disasters through logistics. our logistics set up after weeks only latrobe he's going to give us the fema to try to support the governors and we can recycle we use you spec it in there we've got seats competing with the federal government. so those are the big ones the messaging on what we want people to do and where we want to. be out here of not having to test then point when we have the tests and we don't have the tests and we know the test is key you're going to find people who'll or asymptomatic knows that are you know you know to protect your workers and we still have testing. i suppose one test test does your villages the streets
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and straighten up the messaging and this is been going on now for buck or week since i did my 1st any view about this letter is the military sufficiently involved in your opinion. we're giving you. the struggle to go terry in an operation like this is a committed troll a logistics management. the go but decided to give this test the fema. and they're not a logistics or was there should never write checks. but we do logistics 24 seventh's around the world you know our coach from the one that dismantlement in tracking of the equipment should military share with you it's logistically it use it but they didn't go that way with the fema and not you
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know any ad hoc group to try and meet the needs of fall out of all equipment p p e n ventilators besides the media has anyone in government reached out to you for any help and there's. no. messaging well thats it if you were to try this is they or i treat the white house's. all the agencies and i have a feeling you're listening to see we're going to cover a lot of some lowers coming back to me i didn't want to say the bright spot oh it is the sacrifice that our 1st responders the people who are here in hospitals the nurses and doctors and hospital staff across the board or they have shown a much courage and will have to deal with the majority you know that the real ugly
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part of dealing with this pandemic is the lead witness up people dying in the hospital who cannot recover from this very bad virus. we're talking with retired lieutenant general russel honore e he was commander of joint task force katrina and we'll be right back with more of the general after these words. better if long russian and i guess. i'm a journalist it's all i know being
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a truth teller people say i make among comfortable good news is like a jackhammer good drill down to find the truth. because it's time to do news again and question more. better if long russian airlines. amass keyser with more of my guide to financial survival this is on a device used by professional scallywags to earn money. that's right these has
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flaws are simply not accountable and we're just adding more and more to them. totally destabilize the global economy you need to protect yourself and get in for guys or for. back with retired general tenor general russel honore ray he's joining us from baton rouge or ken the general what's the situation currently like in louisiana louisiana is. isabel getting worse larry it's going to get worse for you you know bogus every day the number of people dying and one being admitted because we there 1st test we did it 78 is it going to take the men long to get the results back right about the numbers of people that's been certified and having the virus. unfortunately it
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takes of up that mountain time for people to test that telethon to go in with durward is an issue we would describe as double pneumonia then they're certified as having the virus and it was then to help enough to survive you know what was secondary conditions did not survive those with diabetes elderly obese or having our issues it's hard for people with those conditions to survive. high what it what would you say to in this time of peril and there's no other better word for it and you handled katrina so well what would you say to americans now watching and others around the world what advice would you give what thoughts do you have a number one i think you were going to work our way out of this is each one of us need to assume we have the bars. and everybody you meet have it.
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so the social distance we're. except down to the only we're going to see buses ups you know jet planes to attack is that any you know bombs are dropped on it's b. actions of the people. use google sufficiently we need to stop this barnes from typing one number and practices the issues of social this is what i should not use not to mention i'm out and we don't need to wear a mess for a damn month all people c.c. and health and human services tell us nowhere man star about and to save not will we see effective careers and the 2nd poorest and with every by where and medicine charity now it might be a good idea everybody to get on board because if every state don't
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try to use it social justice is now seen whole watching news where a man did follow me don't taxi assume you got in soon the other person hasn't and that is the only way we can stop this virus from attacking us and our fruits are not family but we can get past this but it's going to be the actions of the american people it was based on what the government do i guarantee you know. everything the government is goes people rest bills what the government could doug hurley was to give us earlier on it did not treat this lack of political hack job and b. shrink with the american people it's a replete with gerald wilson president wilson did in rwanda see it happening to get it thank you general wise words as always thanks so much for being with us as you can see to get
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a return visit now for my next guest dr bob are not the former chief medical correspondent for n.b.c. and c.b.s. news and an award winning journalist to boot your winners in mid march doc. or surprised you most about what's happened with theirs since then. well there really has become the greatest crisis perhaps in the last 100 years it's unbelievable you know as the president said the other day more americans are apt to die over the next month or so and have you know in decades so i just this think the staggering force of this you know it it literally has been like is to nami where people are playing on the beach reading a book and there's this giant 100 foot crushing wave headed towards them i've been on the phone all day today and yesterday last couple days with hospitals in boston
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new hampshire new york city trying to respond terms of increase the number of events that they've been able to get there and it's just completely beyond the imagination how sick people are and how many people are dying how do you rate the trump administration's handling of us. we it's really tough actually about this larry that you know there are a lot of miscues here that the chinese mr early on the bureaucrats and wouldn't try to cover it up then the chinese didn't tell us then we had a lot of warning there then i think you know even more warning with you types the trouble is just gauging the enormity of this now my friends will kill me for saying this but i listen to these white house press conferences every day and i would give the president's team very high marks and i do think that the president gets a lot of credit for being you know reasonably upbeat about this and you know trying to keep the national mood up even though this is
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a staggering capacity you know catastrophe you know whatever burst that is fantastic you know she's great terms of the modeling. work with since 1983 when i 1st started at c.b.s. so it's an all star team but it's not she said you know this is the nightmare scenario you know the the ebola sent in those hemorrhagic fevers they kind of burn themselves out because people get too sick to travel here we've found people can travel completely asymptomatic and it may be 25 percent of the infections that come from somebody who doesn't even know they're infected so it is the nightmare scenario but i think that supported become calm and i got a tape i have never seen so much transparency in government you know a question was asked one day why did you shut down the united kingdom the next day the shutdown there's a question about stuff and i love the way that the administration is able to respond incredibly quickly you know i think they'll be a lot of president for being late but i do think that you know day to day i give
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them high marks for their responses how about the governors of states how are they doing. you know i think it's a mixed picture i think some of been very reticent you know some states like arizona really haven't you know shut down at all yet which may prove to be a mistake florida was a little bit light. i think our governor up here in vermont been very proactive i think that cuomo has done you know a terrific job of really pushing pushing pushing for these vets i'm talking to the hospitals at one or 2 o'clock in the morning and they're begging for a match and we found in fact that they were missing a broken parts to the vents coming out of the the stockpile least that's what we believe they came from inside and working to try to replace those parts and they are desperate for these ventilators they're down to just 2 or 3 and you know they're telling me the other day larry is that you know in the last week what you lost were you know the older individuals who had risk factors who the flu might
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have killed you know tragic but might have killed anyhow now you're looking at young people and one of the most interesting things they said was that it's the younger people who are vague being who are cigarette smoking who are smoking marijuana word infects the obvious that little air sac there that's for the virus attack and so the tragedy is going to be you know the younger people who get this virus and then you die before i just did want to get one shot out here to russia i was really moved with that plane that they sent to the united states you know we're talking about moving ventilators and respiratory therapist you know from one sort of epi center to the other and i think that's going to happen between country cut country to country and i really think russia has set the mark there by showing how you're you move from one country to the other and it was it was very touching i really was very impressed you're a former colleague of dr found gee how would you rate his performance.
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you know i would give tony 5. an a plus plus extra credit because you see there has to be good enough information the model to really decide what's going on i mean they they you know they haven't known who's going to die you know like among the younger patients the london now they found out that those on ventilators have a high b.m.i. meaning they're overweight they have metabolic syndrome which is sort of diabetes on steroids they found you know pregnant women are on it so there are all these new demographics you know who's going to get we the younger population in italy so the models constantly change each country constantly adjusting to this but i would give them a plus plus and i give deborah never breaks in the plus plus do i think she's been very transparent you know their data models have all been you know surprises us every day in the news conference itself fast things are moving you know this onslaught of new york is going to be you know unbelievable tragedy and yet there are adapting and you know they're keeping a you know
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a positive face on this and. i think for the president you know there will be books written about this about all the mistakes that were made while america slept but i think we're right now in the present president faced with this enormous tragedy now is the time we really have to do as much as we can you know i'm 1820 hours a day try trying to get parts try to find ventilators today we're actually looking at a very interesting thing larry it turns out that you know a lot of these patients when they come into the e.r. if they had a very high flow ventilation of oxygen crew their nostrils at a high pressure they may not crash because the biggest tragedy exists people have the disease for maybe 4 or 5 days they start to get short of breath they have 8 hours and then they crash i mean their their oxygen saturation falls and they're not on a ventilator they die very quickly and so catching those patients is important so i just learned yesterday in new york that there are these machines that do that i had
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a call in to new zealand. they make some of them in new hampshire where they make others trying to adapt to this so you know it's one of the most fascinating stories of our time and i think that one thing you're going to see in the united states with the medical excellence you know the teams like the c.d.c. and dr pao chicken and never burke says that we're going to drop very very quickly you know you look at hospitals like mass general new york presbyterian dartmouth hitchcock you know they're adapting they're looking at it and i think we're going to change the face of this disease i think were you know really going to win a lot of these fronts here as long as we can get the equipment and understand a lot more about this disease than we had up until now so it's going to be fascinating medically even though of course it's an unparalleled tragedy for many do you think that under 200000 deaths would be a victory. and he would you know originally these models looked at 2700000 deaths when you look at the staggering number of infections here i think it
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is a victory if you had 200000 or even 250000. i think the interesting bigger victory is that when we go and look at the background that is right now we're doing a test that only shows active infection there's a company in the called bio america that now has a serial logical test me you take a blood test and using antibodies you can determine if somebody had the infection once we have that background information you know if we can get a death rate that's less than one percent that's point 6.7 percent that will be a victory for the dog thank you as always stay well. thank you larry great job thanks for really be the forefront of this epidemic as you have been at the forefront of the news for decades we all tremendously admire you thank you for joining me on this edition of politicking remember you can join me on my facebook page or tweet me of kings things and don't forget to use the politicking hash tag
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and that's all for this edition of politicking. heteros long russian and like this. i'm a journalist it's all i know being a truth teller people say i make among come from good news is like a jackhammer good drill down and to find the true news with rick sanchez because it's time to do news again and question more.
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nobody cares about you so you don't care might anything. greetings and salutations. finally finally after $4.00 to $5.00 wasted days of partisan politicking and the proverbial dragging of feet across marble floors the dueling parties that make up the united states congress finally decided to agree on a massive 2 trillion dollar economic stimulus bill in an effort to save the nation from the kobe had 19 pandemic and in reaching this agreement they took the time as they always do to pat themselves on the back and paint themselves with grand historical significance senate democratic leader.


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