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tv   News  RT  April 13, 2020 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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it is. monday the 13th of april and the headline from r.t. international the new york governor pledges a fund to support medics but health care workers hit back at it saying his budget cuts what led to today's dire lack of resources there the big trade every single agency every think all. the outbreak worsens here in moscow city leaders that bring in a digital permit system to control travel around the capital and the wider region. and the lasting effects of social distancing what's going to happen in the future will a leading american doctor says we should all permanently. start and stop the spread of illness we discussed coming up how isolation will affect our future interaction
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. what's being promoted in the name of health is actually the erosion of human contact and human solidarity social isolation is a privilege for those that don't have to face in close proximity or die of starvation not an option for several billions of peoples around the world. hello there good afternoon welcome to the program which has turned midday here in moscow this monday on kevin now in with his 30 minute world news round up 1st here's where we are on the numbers as we enter a new week it's 4 months now since the 1st infections began to cause concern around the world and as of now this hour more than 1800000 cases have been logged and more than 114000 people have died the number of people known to have recovered meantime from covert 19 is now more than 428000.
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so in today's developments to new york city the worst affected area in the world's most affected country the governor of new york's playing to launch a fund to support medics but the skepticism from unions back at him who blame him for budget cuts which they say have squeezed resources and left them ill equipped for the pandemic with more on that and the similar struggles elsewhere around the world is a senior correspondent were aghast you. isn't is astounding that something super tiny a virus which isn't even technically considered alive has humbled us through law technology for all our knowledge and hubris ami's robots rockets we have powerless we have nothing to fight it with but there are those who fight to a godless every day into the jaws of infection or warriors in this life and death
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battle the incredible doctors and nurses and health care workers on the front line of the fight physios radiograph was pharmacists who kept coming to work kept putting themselves in harm's way for years we took what medical professionals did for granted this is a given they didn't get parades all fireworks it took a pandemic for the world to wake up to the service and sacrifices that medics make is a process well the commitment of that i make tonight for health care workers and for the entire nation is that once the crisis is over a massive investment plan and an upgrade of career paths will be put in place for our hospital system we think the federal government should set up a hero's compensation fund to compensate our health care and other front line workers for what they did here oh they're thankful now they are on camera he didn't
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mention how under him and his predecessor they eliminated 20000 hospital beds to cut costs the french president doesn't mention how successive governments tried to skimp on health care for a year is now as few abed's nurses doctors less equipment and less money. with the world while military budgets explode. that politicians rule the dice on which hospital to close next and no one can claim that they didn't warn us for her. the end result has been that we don't have enough of anything that we need not beds nor hospitals no ventilators 1st world nations with astronauts in space ascending
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the nurses to work in trash bags here troll to use one mouse over and over and they're cruel i don't know over and over to their mouths or if you're going to be special and told to you for the entire week don't applaud politicians they were warned time and time again that this could happen sure it would have been expensive to prepare the turns out it would have been cheaper than doing nothing the world is not prepared for a fast moving global risperidone pandemic that could kill up to 80000000 people devastate economies and create social chaos. and yet those medics that we try to skimp and save money on they can't for us every day in america france or russia these medics goo to work every day knowing that there's
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a serious risk of infection and with the dignity to avoid mentioning that they warned us were unprepared as a health care system one that was already broken prior to this and is completely destroyed at this point we were unprepared as a country it's unfortunate how it everything played out how every personality sponsible for making sure we were protected so that we could do our work properly and save other people fail to do that they completely let us down they betrayed us every single agency every single federal government fell does every single person that was there that was supposed to provide us what we needed that was supposed to assist us and give us support during these difficult times so that we could do what we needed to do would be properly if equally fail to do that we were left alone. to figure it out on our own we're going to be damaged as
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a result of this i don't know what are we going to end up i don't know what we're going to look like after this but if we're never going to be this a health care is never going to be the same healthcare workers are never going to be the same this is as completely destroyed. everything that it could. even. trast. the digital permit system starts rolling out here in moscow this monday to try and could tell nonessential travel around the region the mayor is also shattering the majority of non-vital enterprises to the outbreak in russia is worsening at the moment nother daily record this monday to report to you with 2558 new cases with more than 1300 of them here in moscow such detail as more on the capital's new restrictions than. but i'm just standing opposite the mayor's office right here in the center of moscow and it's located on the main street all the way down to red square and not direction is kind of the equipment of london's
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oxford street cars to shanties a new york's 5th avenue so usually it's obscene jump packed with both cars and people but today you can see there are relatively few cars and almost no pedestrians why well new harsha knocked out matches have come into effect this monday so from now on until the touches of april trouble within the city will be regulated by a strict cost system so how to set up false starts $3.00 stages to the 1st stage of comments from people traveling to and from the us the 2nd stage of the tricks of the frying tees and stage watching be to limit movement within your own neighborhood now so far around 780000 costs have already been given out just to give you an idea must the house around 13000000 residents i'm actually one of the 718000 you can see right here this is my permit it comes in an electronic form it's got various information so it's obviously got my name it's got my e-mail address it's got my possible information it's got the time limits of mine is going to last
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until the thirty's april but the most important thing it has is right here at the very top and that is a tussin old code not this is the code it's a policeman comes up to me it says can i see your comment that is the code i'll give him he'll check it interested and then heard from you also let me carry on and i'll be trying this with me everywhere i go if i'm going on a tux if i'm going on the cheap from walking down the street the only time that i will safely leave it at home is fun throwing up my rubbish or walking my unfortunate imaginary dog or going to my local shop now this is a significant tightening of the restrictions on till now we've just been requested to sit at code but given the recent surge in the number of corona virus cases here in russia the moscow authorities. they were really left with no other option but to impose more stringent measures so the latest count is that i'll just tell you that 18000 cases here in russia around 2500 new ones in the last 24 hours
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and the death toll partly stands out $148.00 now moscow was russia's largest city accounts around 2 of cool russian codes it 19 cases now you don't actually need to look at the figures to see that increase just looking around on the street there are noticeably more ambulances in fact of the 2 recently came out showing a few of confidences waiting to drop top us suspect is covering a high risk. patients not to clinics on the outskirts of moscow now on average jane 1300 people have been transported by ambulance to the top flight hunted just a week to do these new restrictions with police it brought in because unfortunately some people are still refusing to abide by the state october diakite something that w h o says is obviously only busting situation but the good news is is that the positive results of this new process didn't seem to already be showing because according to
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the app that rates how well the city itself isolates most of comedy its rating at $4.00 out of 5 that's up from this time last week a 3 point one so it seems that the system is beginning to show the positive efforts of people coming together the more disciplined yes the sun is shining yes bring has arrived but it's a health crisis to people a staying in and that doing that part to ensure the health and safety of all the thought i must have bites absolutely so so far so lay should one thing stay the whole one thing but also of course the russians all know to test as many people as possible let's see where we are in russia in terms of testing the lights the so go kill dimitri from the line he's chief executive of the russian direct investment fund the government vehicle for economic investment and other things he had told the day hope you were. no you haven't you're funding one of the virus tests contract is what's the current scalar production and what what volume we are looking for because it's a real race against the clock here isn't it well we already manufactured 500000
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tests and we own that track to have more than 1000000 best manufactured every week and what's unique about a system that we've invested in to look at the way to systems we believe testing is very important is that the system is one of the most precise and more systems in the world we can test wasn't going to work well in a mobile units that looks like a suitcase and it can be used at airports and schools in different places and factories and we believe that destiny has to be much more ubiquitous and we believe that russia is moving forward to do more testing and that is very important as we separate people who are infected with the virus from those who are you know how do you know just simply do the same time people are being asked to stay at home only to go out to go to the shop maybe walk the dog go for a little bit of exercise going to get all these pay isn't about these to get people into one space to be able to test them like that well if that's exactly what we're doing so 1st of all we have a program to test people at home so they can order
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a test or an application and then somebody comes to hold to collect the sample and then a lot of the cells have been used in factories and plants a big corporates more than 2000000 tests have been ordered by 40 russian corporations and they basically the best people in their plants people at their workplaces because they want to make sure as a great piece compete so we also agrees that it doesn't make sense to have everybody come to one place for testing that it has to be distributed and we provide the platform to do that and testing is k. to try and get through this of the other side to try and add this down around the world isn't it i mean you say that your test is very accurate the problem is a lot of other tests around the world of protein to be i'm thinking about the u.k. that can't find a test i think is is totally accurate right now coming. well that's exactly right because you know there are 2 types of test want that's like ours this look at it was a virus itself and then us along its look influence aboard this was a virus well and for this was a virus the p.r.
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only it's a very late stage of the disease so maybe up to 10 days so we believe the pope will be on tests to find the virus and that a very simple criteria is how little virus units can you find we can find 100 units of virus which basically means that we can identified the person on the 1st day of the infection and this is important because of the test and systems you know find people one week later or 2 weeks later but identifying people early it allows us to treat those people sooner and allows them to in fact 5 fewer people so we believe in early testing as a key criteria of success in the particles of virus and by the way all tests have been used in australia and u.e. in other countries and we believe in international cooperation we believe it's very important that countries share information shared technologies share prochoice we have a local or from a you know lots of countries have a lot to learn from russia i think international cooperation is vital to fight for the virus well you know what else you do to help the russia or the rest of the
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world while we've invested also in manufacturing or one as a medicine it's called good idea which is very promising and has showed great results in china so we are now manufacturing is us and russia and i getting a government approvals to manufacturers of drugs in russia viral yeah yeahs is one of those the key viral drugs that showed a very high fission seed in a child now it was actually original developed by japan as an influenza drug but it showed great promise of fighting of kernel virus and we also plan to invest in several companies of manufacturer of insulators for long since. the machines so we really look at very widely what can be done we also invest in online communication online education we're. believes that kind of virus will change the economy you know it's avoid to go very vital and big facts and we need to just as those changes by the proper infrastructure online infrastructure will be able to do
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well at the time was it a bit eric carroll thanks for explaining that to us if you could stick around be much appreciated and come budget a minute or 2 you're talking about you know where the economy is going to go after this it's early days can go how long he's going to go on but there is one vital element there in the world economy oil energy going to talk about that in a minute come back to the 2nd thank you sir thank you. so than the president salva russia and the u.s. along with the saudi king have endorsed in a storage deal sunday the oil cartel opec and other producers have agreed on the largest ever all output cut it will see a drop of $9700000.00 barrels per day which is around 10 percent of the global supply kuwait's oil minister says the deal will come into force on may the 1st. by the grace of god and then with wise guidance continue sufferance and continue stock since early friday we can now announce the completion of a historic agreement to reduce production by approximately $10000000.00 barrels of
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oil per day by members of 4 plus starting from me the 1st 2020 or but the back story here back in early march opec and other major all producing nations failed to find common ground on reducing output you may recall as demand took the nosedive on the back of the corona virus outbreak then last week an agreement was almost reached to slash production but mexico refused the country later agreed to a cut by far less than requested by opec let's go back to kill to retrieve again the chief executive the russian direct investment fund it's been really hard isn't it to get all sides on board for this it's happened in the end but will it be enough is the crucial question to stabilize the oil markets well 1st of all we believe that got this actually $15000000.00 barrels more because you're also obligated to buy into countries who are joining a visa card in the u.s. will cost $2.00 plus a 1000000 barrels and you have brazil iceland other nations so it's really $15000000.00 cards it's very significant it's one of the largest cards ever in the
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history and yes of course demand drop is also significant so we will see how it all balances out but if it were not for a deal you will to see the oil prices will below $10.00 a barrel so this oil deal really provides a very important support if war if you will to oil prices and that's very important the stability of the world economy but the most important or i was going to say that a bit ahead of a lot of arm twist to be on the same is to get this deal through which countries were dragging their heels who could have done more. well i will just focus on who really pushed this on a loop level and up until russia has played a huge role saudi arabia has played a huge role in driving this forward and has made just as a king and prince mohammed bin simon really led. all agreements and actually president trumpet in the united states also played a very vital role including his mexico including was the u.s. cuts and that's important for us because it saves lots of jobs and the u.s.
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so i think you saw as a call between president bush and his maybe president trump they actually had 2 polls this week and this is really just because we're showing that russia us working together on the world's biggest issues and this is really important for the economic survival of the world and it's an examples atrocious audience the u.s. can really work together on many lowballed issues and that's very positive just a final one if prices and demand stay low what are the consequences for countries that rely on those prices being high with more demanded how robust is russia's economy to deal with any fallout from this well we believe project called the because very low debt actually debt is huge of the world economy we believe actually in very significant world recession and that is because of the slowing demand in the world economy that is full of debt that may be actually collapse it but russia economy will definitely also as you solve that impact it will destroy
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prices but we have much less debt than manuals as a country so we've been insulated but definitely we'll also see effect of the slowing down of the economy and it's very important to start economic activity it once we overcomes the beak of fighting the virus so much think about the moment in the carrolls retrieve chief executive of the russian direct investment fund thanks mike it's over time for us today give us your insight of a good day so thank you thank you kevin. it's 20 pounds midday here in mosco hi hi what have you got coming up here on out to say well could a personal interaction. be changed forever as we get used to this social distancing thing a living american doctor says we should permanently ditch those heim shakes for our future health plan shakes big thing here in russia is not going to go dad it's a month of stories ahead.
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seemed wrong why don't we all just don't all. get to shape out just to become educated and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. she's to look for common ground. the world is driven by a dream shaped by. the
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dares thinks. we dare to ask. the same for the right there the way we personally greet each other could be about to change forever as one of america's most prominent experts on infectious diseases suggest we all give handshakes the elbow from now on it's been claimed that stopping the centuries old tradition would not only prevent the spread of corona virus right now but also the common cold i don't think we should ever shake hands ever again to be honest with you not only would it be good to prevent coronavirus disease it probably would decrease instances of influenza dramatically in this country so you know we'll discuss how the pandemic might shape our future with an
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expert panel. if it was somehow universally adopted out how big a difference would it make you know a sense what what what was being promoted in the name of health is actually the erosion of human contact and human solidarity and it seems to me that if you begin to medicalize human relationships and contacts into is being suggested it simply makes the divisions and the tension that already exists so much more difficult to bear i think that's something we should very strongly oppose and that is that a lot of people are talking about now and i watch television i see people very close to each other there are strangers talking to each other or people shaking hands and they get there disgusted i think that's quite unsettling this is a class pandemic that is several billions of poor people around the world crowded in corridors in the world's megacities they're forced to do jobs that involve physical contact and close proximity to others they have no other choice social
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isolation is a privilege for those that don't have to either face work in close proximity or die of starvation in the future after the pandemic is over such things as no longer handshaking were having physical context not an option for several billions of peoples around the world how easy do you think it will be after being told for so long to move away you know social distancing isolation supermarket rushing how do you expect the public to react when when the measures are lifted as this as the measures begin to recede hopefully we will see ourselves going back i think older forms of social contact think a portion of global humanity is going to be more cautious there's going to be of course the psychological trauma of having emerged from this pandemic but again i see the world from the viewpoint of that's 34b5b that are the most outcast and the most downtrodden and their secondary concern is shaking hands in physical presence maybe there 1st is that still going to be daily survival in this in stream leon
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equal global says. i agree that we live in what the pandemic has done is that it's created a 2 tier system it made it even more rigid many respects what a pandemic has really done is reinforce trends there already exist in existence in the economy prior to that but it accelerated it it intensified it and in that sense divisions and differences in lifestyle are going to become even more pronounced what happens now or are we still helping to be monitored cut it encourage people to test snitch on each other to the authorities what's your take is the next stage in exchanging our freedoms for security which is basically to make our private lives negotiable and i never go worried in the way in which those all the stock works governments into using these new outs that will monitor us but it does seem to me that it does give enormous power over to the authorities and my understanding of human history is that whenever you get all your freedoms your through it used to
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going to go back to you there is a very potentially quite a quite a difficult situation coming up as far as question of freedom is concerned the czech had some other world news this monday there's been a coronavirus or break onboard the french navy aircraft carrier seeing their 50 cases are registered on the shelter goal which is talk to the mediterranean port of 2 long 3 sailors are in hospital as a precaution apparently while the remaining crew are quarantined on board for 2 weeks and they're wearing face masks. while some police use drones to check on social distancing compliance in germany they're using that an airship it's to look for groups of people around the picturesque lake constance near the swiss border the 30 say it's better for higher altitude monitoring and quieter as well over the sun easter weekend gatherings were seen in berlin's park to spite advice to stay well at home.
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what we have here well on the positive notes this alfresco concert comes courtesy of the spanish police no less who gave staff at $100.00 hospital in full but a time out some of the medics joined into singing along to a popular national song. and talk of the creativity whiling away the long hours stuck indoors is definitely bringing out people's hidden talents here in russia of course happening to its isolation art that's the hit of face book group where people are uploading images of themselves recreating masterpieces with whatever comes to hand at home it's become a huge hit worldwide too with more than $400000.00 followers so let's finish this bulletin with a little exhibition should be. 2
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2 very nice well that's it for now i'm covered i would hear it out internationally to moscow reminder that we live bulletins at these times every day to keep you posted and that our web and social media teams are working around the clock as well plus if you download our app you'll get any breaking news as it happens straight to your mobile device for now to stay safe and thanks for watching. is your media
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a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe from. isolation or community. are you going the right way or are you being led. direct. what is truth what is faith. in a world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. aura made in the shallows. humanity is on the edge of a precipice thanks to continuing destruction of the natural world.
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you just seem laid out a lot of things also. losing much of a later period. of. less than nothing you can hold up. i think that all of the war. there or that the bottom line is. only dealing in the muslim groups the same people can sit around and stuff it and ship them through the same is the movement. of. human activity has brought us to the brink of the world's 6th major extinction of it and the people in this film just come take it anymore.


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