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tv   Cross Talk  RT  April 20, 2020 1:30pm-2:01pm EDT

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hello and welcome the cross not for all things are considered on purely about kobe 19 pandemic not only sees much of the world in lockdown but it is also devastated economies dependent make has been painful recovering from it may be even more painful is it all falls. on stopping the pandemic i'm joined by my guest in moscow is a political analyst and editor at interest me internet media project and in london across the alps enemy curious he is a writer on legal affairs as well as the editor in chief of the duran dot com write to make cross up rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i was appreciated all right let's go to alexander mackerras 1st in london as the united states and britain. deal with this pandemic here i happen to have noticed that there is a very interesting ways of explaining why things have gone wrong and it's from
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a foreign country or right primarily in the united states it's china and you have it's a very political issue because it is blaming china is one way for conservatives that numb all say it is from fox news to. say that it's all china's fault to deflect from what trump should have done or could have done in the early parts of this crisis here and of course it's we are in a political season in the united states a presidential election so this is it this is like of russia get 3.0 and then reviewing the british press here i mean again the the that deepest most bio recent phobia raises its head again i mean if it rushes even suggesting giving aid and comfort is somehow a trojan horse 'd or a means of subversion here i mean you know hopefully in future historians will look at this is the reaction of the media and some members of the elite were discomposure. the child this as
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a pandemic was raging through the world i mean it really kind of defines any kind of sensibility go ahead and. think that's right i mean it's completely irrational that's not to say that the chinese did everything perfectly. the problem is that you know our governments in britain and the united states had reacted far worse and i was just reading an extraordinary article and look in the london times cataloguing the fact that for 38 days the british government was basically an equal completely on the gauge with the problem of prime minister boris johnson skipped far crisis meetings to discuss this so you know what do you do when you're failing when people thousands of people are dying when your hospitals are overflowing when you don't have enough protective equipment or closing for hospital staff what you have in britain you blame outsiders
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and you blame china because of course china is the great rival and competitor and it's also shorting li managed to get this epidemic under control which is what we are signally failing to do so that makes us incredibly angry and of course you also blame the enemy who is always the kid systems call them invariable the enemy which is russia we should have had no role in this whatsoever the russians are providing help to italy they must be doing it for some sinister purpose if the russians are doing things better than we are that mess mean that they're they're up to they're up to no good again and we have this constance pumping hours of this propaganda which i'm afraid i'm sorry to say this i think this time especially the n.t. chinese part of it is starting to. some track should we look broke their proper lation
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as people become very angry with the situation but if i'm so sad you know in reading the british press i came across 2 new terms that you know just this morning ok virus poland teak and cyber gulag apparently that's what's going on in the country i've lived in i didn't know that when the guardian is all knowing and apparently here the interesting thing about china is that we're getting we're seeing a reversion or return of this kind of cold war paradigm of the enemy communism the soviet union not our values you know i've lived through it i remember it very very well and all 3 of us did ok but the interesting thing here in this case is that the west under the leadership of the united states had almost virtually no economic contact with the soviet block it was it was miniscule ok miniscule and and then we you couldn't use that as any kind of leverage and that was always one
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of the arguments against. it when we use the term that we use now it with it was sanctioned it was sanctioned for 70 years ok with the be the exception of the of the time during the 2nd world war you can't use this same paradigm against china one of your largest trading partners and one of the most to keep one of the most important key players in international trade and in finance and i could go on and on i mean. one point you can have an emotional reaction will make you feel good because of the failings of your leaders ok fine all right that's what happens all the time i get it doesn't merit a rational. agreement but that's what people did ok someone else but if you want to blame china then there are actually implications lately china and retaliation reparations what is that all mean in your mind go ahead. well it's interesting. you
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are basically right when you're say that there was not much economic interaction between the west and the congress on the soviet war with them nor exceptional which was a member of the walton bank even before 989 since the early aegis ironically hungary now is criticized by the european union if you read the negative i get go see in the european press the number of negative articles of all of the kind of gary in government is much bigger. negative i could go some voluntary of the countries we checked yourself with the biggest losses you know the most careless countries such as spleen all that you key and the reason is i don't want to call you know the e.u. just doesn't like the door but the fact that viktor orban was more effective than boris johnson in that in continuing the disease is not important what is important is that there have. been is not our guy and boris johnson is our guy you know or at
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least he was until the bronx so basically you're right devolved china is just amazing how hypocritical of the united states can be criticizing china and you know the their what mr biden and mr drum the require i called food. from china well when you deny that states provide food you school on the wars in iraq won the war zone in syria or in leaving the united states did not provide the full disclosure and not oh you know the washington post is writing china has pulled a lot of dollars on january 20th 3rd and it marshaled resourceless s. all regarding regime can well the huge problem is that the so-called democratic regimes yes it transpired. it simply did not have
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a lot of course at the will of course but the bats you know they didn't prepare for anything that they didn't prepare for a war they didn't prepare for an epidemic they just hadn't we knew more of that so that they called extract maximum of my need from the patients and the system ground both as it could be extatic than that but i can see you bring that even though. it's a really good point because i mean it kind of dovetails with your your your usual mantra which i always welcome on this program about ideology and you're absolutely right but you know what no one's going to deny on this program in our viewers are going to agree china is a very ideological glace but so is the west ok in just in a different way here ok alex and we i mean again the same question to you i mean you know there's this talk of decoupling after 40 years of this globalization with china as a major partner and i mean just get your head around it 40 years ago we barely had
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stacks on china you remember that barely i'll be we're not the boss of the world i mean and now that's because china is a very real peare to the united states to the west it's a peer and that is something that no one thought was conceivable 40 years ago you know before you went to the question i want to reiterate what you said in your 1st answer this does not absolve china of its behavior before during this crisis here and everyone should be held accountable and we need transparency here but you know going from challenging their transparency to decoupling one of the major economies in the world that that is essentially an act of war ok go ahead alex really is going to make a an economic problems on top of the health crisis that we already have because of course the way you going to deal with those sleep economic growth.
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there's a stemming from this health crisis and the how crisis itself is by putting resources internationally you can't do that if you exclude porteous by some estimates the well by by all estimates the will sink 2nd biggest economy in the world's biggest manufacturing power and of course a country which has enormous financial resources but you talk about peter the fact that 40 years ago we barely registered barely registered and that's absolutely true but that of course is the reason why we perceive all these tensions is this enormous roets of china in terms of wealth in terms of power in terms of global reach in terms of attractiveness around the world some things that western governments and western societies on the more ideologically minded people in the west have been extremely unnerved by i can't help but think that what has happened
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is that this particular health crisis has acted as a catalyst what. concerns the north up to the surface around us our neighbors say this. is you know maybe not using the word concerns but i would say neurosis i think that might be you know her own hero because it may be because the west has never had an international peer for 500 years something does not compute people can't understand it here demon let me go to you before we go to the break here i mean also with the demonization of russia we've had specifically since 2014 but i mean roosevelt be it goes way way back at me in a policy sense of the sanctions 2014 we've seen russia and china become closer together china is now in the hot seat right now being criticized what do you see it you see russia and china coming more and more close and this is something that is actually a fun. of the demonisation and the the recent bobbie of the comes out of the west
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go ahead. well unfortunately these. kind of demonization of board china and russia started all on igor before trunking to power up. you know just let's remember the facts you know mr obama when he established that he is a. specific partnership which meant what larry king with bob he excluded china and russia. so it was supposed to be transpacific but somehow it didn't go on to all very important country as you know some would say the most important country is on the western side of the pacific. now mr biden is is blasting trump for raising china's transparency you know trump said something good about china when china really is that they don't know all their new wire us and
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then you jump in here i have to not have to go to a hard break ok we're going to go to short break i'm out of that short break we'll continue our discussion on china bashing. is your media a reflection of reality. in the world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation community. are you going the right way or are you being led. by. what is truly lost his faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us
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in the depths. maybe in the shallows. style bananas used in planted on the stone to continue a little spot that same day and. desire to know. how much older the. local just to. show. you some will push. you put it's not just on thoughts and you will not a monolith so the stuff. of.
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the world is driven by a dream shaped by one person. syncs . we. welcome back to crossfire where all things considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing china bashing.
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ok i want to go back to how it sit in london and one of the things i find very very interesting and i'm actually quite delighted about it is that now this leaves some elements of the political elites in the west particularly in the united states wanting to point the finger at china and now everyone across the board has to reconsider globalization because this is how we got here ok this is exactly how we got here and and i want to just pick up with something that de mint had to say earlier you know it's called the pandemic for a reason it's cost of the entire world you can't fix a pandemic independently you have to have an international perspective not a global list of one here but i threw me it's very interesting because over the last couple of weeks in lockdown in warranty and in my own home i brought on a lot of liberal economists and they. started saying well what about you know
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economic nationalism in the in the what the in the frailties the daily years of globalization what about the renewed attraction of having economic sovereignty everybody starts wiggling into a little bit of a sway. down ok because these are obvious questions we have to ask go ahead alex well indeed can i just come back to a point that was made before which is of course the democratic societies supposedly have been less effective at mobilizing their resources than supposedly or thora tarried ones that is completely not true there is a complete misunderstanding of historical perspective democratic societies used to be extremely efficient at mobilizing resources the reason they are not successful today is because they've become far less democratic as global oil. has entrenched power for financial all the dark is in the way in western
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societies that are inimical to things like manufacturing. all those can do things and have been using globalization in order to train their own positions the heart of the world financial system that are used for globalization is now international cooperation such as we used to have was saw in states with strong why weren't economies based often on you know use it with strong manufacturing base is able to cooperate with each other in a sensible way to deal with joint problems that's what used to happen it's become thermal difficult now because globalization has weakened economies and societies and it has also created tension in the
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international system which had not existed before so that people feel deeply suspicious of each other they're extremely concerned about what you know the united states might be doing what china might be doing in ways which one. let's on wood notion of a recent global hunt say should ease part of the problem he's won this thing has spread so fast it's why this thing it's improving so difficult to develop both can hear a reaction at state level and an international reaction. and you know also it's shown vulnerabilities ok. it's one of the it's some of the weaknesses that we've seen in this quite every time you know john maynard keynes said this is very interesting about the great depression when is it when the great depression started we started seeing the level of corruption in the frailties and the inefficiencies of the market that so many people worship ok that 22000000
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people that just applied for unemployment that this was something that had nothing to do with them and they're going to pay a very high price and i'm on this program we're going to keep an eye on that ok because this crisis is far from over the pandemic may be stomped out and it will be but the economic crisis is going to stay with us and it's all because of globalization and we need to have that conversation diva let me go to you because i think it's really important to discuss here you know i've seen in american media people all riled up about who's to blame who needs to pay for this year but there's always the absence of knowledge or introspection is that the chinese government has to face its people is well ok and and we you see this war of words on bowl signs you know the thing is something that you and i have noticed living in russia is that you know when john mccain was a lie all he would get up on the stump and he would start saying the worst possible
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things about russia and then russian national television which is you subtitle it but this is exactly what an american senator says about us and they get right to the audiotape i mean i mean john mccain was one of the greatest soft power tool. russia ever god bless us all ok but the same thing is happening right now ok when you have just bluster coming out on cable t.v. be it just be me just put it right on to chinese television saying this is what they think about us. well there is another example you know i think there is a logical rivaling mccain's statements about russia just recently in the new york times there and i began to call. that would yell smaller war against american science and in the subject i thought in the lead it's sad that we can actually helps brad deadly diseases in the united states well that was too much even for the
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belly and for vons in internal debate including the good god from the steel dossier. yesterday's and you know where taken by the way while getting to know more and more interested in yours of all of this to you a dossier you know read by recently published you know that transcripts all the conversations which m.b. ice confidential sources had with papadopoulos actually it provoking him and just saying something bad about russia and making the link between trump and russia which but almost didn't want to make that was there was none but anyway so coming back to what your just said it's just amazing and what is very dangerous is that we found out we learn from mr obama that he believes this crap because of amerie tweeted this article headlined would use a lot of war against american science so if it puts
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a huge question who was iranian the united states you know a person who can believe such awful crap you know how * i'll follow dead where obama's decisions on ukraine on syria let me remind you that trump so far has not started a single war a bomb or 2 my mike started 3 in levy in syria and in ukraine. and i agree completely and we said ok. well i completely agree with alex i think it's very important to say that efficiency. is is not against your will proceed democratic congress very very efficient for example during their walter wars you know where you had to drop horse that well was that the bats for the wounded now were suddenly the reach just countries in the world could not put out 100200000 bats that's just it's one of the inner
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demons and they did when i come from the u.s. the u.s. can spend over 700 $1000000000.00 a year on defense about non-existing threats but they can't make face masks ok ok go figure all right go figure let me go to let me go to alex here i think that you know again there's the leads particularly in the media and in politics not so much in business because they have such deep ties with china right now that's why i don't think this is going to work because again you can blow off steam and say you know point fingers and makes you feel good but at the end of the day because the financial is a nation of the global economy that it was started out in the west here i mean saying you're in bed with the chinese there's an understatement i mean there are so commingled right now the thing any thought about actually decoupling it which i
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think for many industries it should be like then later is why don't you make your own ventilators to protect your own people why don't you make your own masks to protect your own people why don't you make your own and i buy audix to protect your own people i'm not just saying that you know that you should go and have our darkie not at all i just think it has to be done now because this that globalization hasn't been thought out because the profit motive was always 1st and foremost not the protection of publics and voters go ahead now we're. i mean i had to concede that for a fact because i've i'm here i'm hearing this from businesspeople there is huge resistance to discuss ideas of decoupling when donald trump was talking a few years ago few months ago about you know american businesses you know ending their connections to china he came up against huge resistance because of course with those businesses has become a very important part of their business i mean companies like apple and indeed tesla are heavily involved in the united states because there is the other side
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which is china itself and i think that one must not underestimate what a profound shock all this anti chinese campaign has been on opinion in china itself the chinese have been insulated from this until very recently i used to hear this in chinese you know we manage our relations with the u.s. and the west much more. effectively than russia has you know why do the russians get themselves into these quarrels with the west we've been able to avoid it now they see that in fact it's not russia's mistakes that lead to this it's very much depends on how the you know what what the dynamics are within western societies and it has come as a profound shock to them and i think the chinese themselves are going to start adjusting their record of these and societies and society from now on to
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a future where they no longer think of the united states and the west in quite the same way as they did before as a really i mean economic knowledge that's a really good point because in the time that i've lived in russia there's been a distant a growing disenchantment with the west ok well the way it was in the early ninety's ok and i think that that's going to happen again i mean i you know i look at what are called procedures publications i. i don't want to call them out now because some of the writers i like you know this is president she's greatest nightmare that the communist party of china is teetering no i mean the people of china are rallying around the flag i mean they get it the most simple things wrong like i said when you take this. rhetoric that demonizes their country and you give it all of them unfiltered you see the obvious result is going to come about they don't want to rally around their people and and and we have much of the same way is
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blaming outside forces ok and this cuts down dialogue when we need dialogue more than anything else of this well i think the program was launched in the united states a little lower in their national interest the problem i swear you listen to is i you always hear me in that sense it's very interesting to an interviewer to them you can 6 daycare speak to us given by them not only leave me you know the atlanticist french water fire he said that he was already concerned by the fact that european where we're starting to treat and that china is using this crisis to push its nation engendering and of call here was a lot of concern about france who didn't get powers and people several times more than china and goes and sometimes more than russia here was concerned by their retreat or he is that you always have any time you hear the last verse in the west talking about values that's when i turn down the volume and change the channel all right gentlemen that's all the time we have left i want to thank my guests in
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london and in moscow i want to thank our viewers for watching us here darkie see you next time remember us not. only has changed american lives but pharmaceutical companies have a miraculous flu. these drugs the people who are chronic pain patients believe that their opioid prescription is working for them on the remedy be sent to the price at the. grocery dependency and addiction to opiates to long term use that really isn't scientifically just right now a study actually suggests that. the long term effects might all just be absence of benefit but actually that they might because we want to.
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tell oh they're on the edge natural watching can question run casting live from our to american national headquarters in washington d.c. but want to welcome our viewers from across the nation and around the world today here are your top stories 1st thousands of americans nationwide are rallying to reopen the economy adding more pressure to end state lockdown plus the trumpet ministration and congress are close to a deal to help give small businesses and get them a boost this while oil prices take a historic plunge and we'll discuss it then boeing is reopening some of its airplane manufacturing plants bringing thousands of employees back to work and multiple states where stay at home mandates remain in place all right at the top.


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