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actually suggests that. the long term effects might not just be the absence of benefit but actually that might be causing long term. with over $100.00 frontline health care workers reportedly dying in the u.k. from covert 19 medics not to complain online about shortages of protective gear and testing kits from saying outrage. a consistent record all seeing. and then the reputation of release those before clinical concerns and safety issues. question doctors say they have successfully helped treat coronavirus patients by giving them transfusions old blood plasma from those who have recovered we visited one of the hospitals using the technique. blood plasma crucial antibodies that will help those who are right now groups in critical
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condition are battling the new disease. more unrest on the long down in the french capital with some of paris is forced suburbs registering some of the highest mortality rates from covert 19 in all of france also ahead. of a stop the export of these viruses from china the virus was spawned in china as the largest state sponsor of pandemics. washington ramps up the pressure on beijing with threats to sue china over the pandemic lots of donald trump says he'll cut all u.s. ties to a chinese virology lab which was the thinking i think in financial support from the on the administration. a very warm welcome to you you're watching r.t. international with me making arun let's begin with the latest figures own. 19 since
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the outbreak of the new virus in december last year over 2500000 have been infected with it the number of fatalities currently stands at over 178000 but more than 704000 people have managed to recover from the deadly disease. the u.k.'s health secretary has responded to allegations that medical staff are being gagged saying they are free to raise their concerns during the pandemic about thought and h.s. trust issued new social media guidelines to its staff outlining a list of topics to avoid it all sucks them to refrain from tweeting about political issues including shortages of p.p. and testing kits but start all over encouraged to praise the n.h.s. is hard work and volunteering initiatives mental health campaign a terence o'shea sees this situation will affect the morale of front line workers.
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it's not a coincidence that guidelines where is shaped by probable a. mental health trust in the united kingdom with the west reputation and the worst relationship between. ca's and management. it just excessive bites norway date. poor situation well i think if we look at the response to the corona virus outbreak in the u.k. . it spain ball sht and perhaps one of the reasons why the u.k. has been cited slights and reacts to the combined a virus is because the n.h.s. has i can see some wreck or all but saying it's its reputation and reputation of ministers before clinical concerns and safety issues
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transparency is a must if we all to stop these dreadful out bike. the british medical association has warned that doctors lives are being put at risk by dangerously low levels of p.p.d. and amid the shortages the n.h.s. has changed its guidelines advising medics to reuse gowns and aprons prompting unions to call for an independent inquiry into the government's handling of the p.p. crisis they say the lack of equipment has contributed to the deaths of over 100 health and care staff so far in the battle against covert 19 and h.s. nurse naomi bennett ses hospitals are not following best practices. ah school i worked with they were not prepared to supply the basic surgical masks however i did see that some. some staff were able to get a p.p.a. filtration laws in some circumstances i was actually working with 2 patients that
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were put tested positive and i was supplied to the surgical mask which will not protect me when i'm in the room with a patient and their cotton and flour and i didn't fool comfortable with that but like i said when i raised it as an issue i was told that that's how they do it in that particular trial and i found myself in a position where my own safety was compromised but i think a lot of how care workers we do tend to work more towards their outcomes for our patients so we're not in a in a situation where oh well almost forced to be working in unprotected it's very difficult when you know that the outcome of a patient could depend on you leaving the shift to make the department sure. and russia the number of corona virus infections keep story in with some 5236 new cases where just that the total number of people who have died from the virus now stands
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at 531 meanwhile russian medical staff are exploring new ways to help coronavirus patients recover one thing that appears to be working is a blood transfusion 3 patients were discharged from a moscow hospital after they received a blood plasma from people who live coverage from covert 90 are seen a ghost on of talk to some of those donating their blood. plenty of russian hospitals have been group purpose companies partially to treat those who have fallen sick with covert 90 but right now we've come not to where the patients are but those who have been cured have come to donate their blood plasma blood plasma with crucial antibodies that will help those who are right now perhaps in critical condition are battling the new disease ringback.
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my friend you had coronavirus and recovered was asked for a blood test because doctors need blood plasma from those he successfully recovered from the virus and i decided to donate my blood to it because i also got over the coronavirus and wanted to help. how did you play out japanese symptoms of the one. yes i had symptoms it went by the book but 1st i had a fever followed by a cough. and you believe it's of significance which you're doing here right now you have. the pretty much the from oh yes as far as i understand this will help the doctors they save this blood plasma transfused it will help critically ill people. but rule blood plasma can be used for treatment just yet 1st it has to be processed
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all potential bacteria and other viruses that is in that they have to be destroyed and it happens here. we have 10 to 15 people donating plasma today we don't know how much russia will need as we don't know how huge the peak of the pandemic will be but based on what is expected in moscow what is happening now we will need 202250 donations a day and that's just for moscow plasma has already showed its effectiveness we have seen the 1st recoveries however more time is needed to say if the effect is proven.
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so how were you examined before this procedure on august they took a blood test for making and discharge me from hospital. well they say they are expecting you back in 2 weeks time yes there's no if they're expecting me then of course i'll go back. to the jewels but it would stick in cities all the pandemic we were doing $20.00 to $30.00 tests a day at the institute now we're doing $2500.00 tests every day. so if a covert 19 is indeed the invisible enemy as they say this right. here is the front line of the civil resistance. france remains europe's 3rd hardest hit country with more than 158000 cases and more than 20000 deaths despite the nationwide lockdown
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some of paris's poorest suburban areas have seen violence clashes between the residents and the police. and another one further pious tensions were high turned by the collision of a local motorcyclist with a police car over the weekend fireworks were used on the streets and police used tear gas to disperse the protesters the protests have spilled into the neighboring area where the mortality rate from the corona virus is one of the highest in france shiela deeper the ski has more on the situation. what we've found out in the last few days is how inequality in if you will poor means that if you have 19 you're more likely to suffer as a result and even die let's take cents on to me which is one of the tourist northern suburbs of france it's one of france's smallest departments and now new
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figures from frances it is dick's agency all see shows that also has one of the highest mortality rate from cope with 19 in all of france this health crisis throws a harsh light on the territorial inequalities of which the unit habitants. or victims this is an area that synonymous with poverty the people who are working or working as delivery drivers or cashiers in shops or home help or care home workers meaning that they are more likely to come into contact with more people which means their move risk of catching 19. areas describe what's going on in this department in france as being akin to a social emergency. and sounded the alarm over says people are starving i'm shocked that in a country as wealthy as ours the authorities do not provide better support but also
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that's exacerbating the situation in. fact it is an area that also has a lot of shanty towns inhabited by rumor communities and all. so by immigrants and these are areas that have conditions this squalid one charity medicine and more and is concerned that the residents here could face their own the epidemic on their face and double health crisis in the slums because one can ruin a virus or people will have big problems to get access to health care and also because the basics access to water access to tourists are not yet efficient in old shanty towns well of course people can access medical care like the charity work that meds and demand is doing but even when they do access that they are facing an uphill struggle sensel to me is a twelvemonth as some of the fewest intensive care beds in the whole of the country so if you need access to an i.c.u. to intensive care it will be less likely that you'll be able to get that the
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lockdown in france has been very strict in that is difficult for many people but if you're living in school it cramped conditions in a shanty town then it really must be pretty unbearable and the fear is that 19 the pandemic isn't just widening inequality in areas like sense on to me it's actually pushing people into their graves. coming up after the break the pandemic has prompted several us states to ban abortions arguing that they are non essential or are now story in just a few minutes. the world is driven by dreamers shaped by one person or those with.
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we dared to ask. after a lackluster primary democrats and their media brands have decided on joe biden as their party's nominee is the lesser being will the progressive. what is junk offering voters will be d.n.c. experience buyer's remorse.
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welcome back washington and beijing got on a collision course over the pandemic with the trumpet ministration suggesting it's now seeking to sue china the us president has previously insinuated that the virus originated from a lab in the sun to all the outbreak well that contradicts the world health organization finding that the virus is likely to have come from bats in late 2019 trunk officials say beijing must be held accountable. to stop the export of these viruses from china we have a lot of tools our tool kit i understand there are lawsuits that are being filed here against china's royal lawyers they're there for the dog good and the chinese have a lot of assets around the world you know we'll see what happens officials in the state of missouri have become the 1st to find a lawsuit against the chinese government alleging the pandemic was unnecessary and
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preventable if not for a cover up by beijing while donald trump states the u.s. will sever ties with the now infamous institute of the role of g. which was funded by washington in the past and has the details. the blame game between the usa and china is escalating now got a longtime critic of china who's also a white house advisor saying that china is profiteering from the pandemic he put forward the claim that china worked to hide it along with the world health organization while stockpiling the supplies that would soon be in high demand 1st of all the virus was spawned in china 2nd of all they hid the virus behind the shield of the world health organization the 3rd thing they did was basically hoard personal protective equipment and now they're profiteering from with the pandemic overwhelming america this was on capitol hill soon found a scapegoat that they could pin it on if they did it was a mistake a mistake is
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a mistake but if there were no a responsibility then there should be consequences china is the largest state sponsor pandemics this is the 3rd or 4th pandemic that came out of china what should we do to the largest state sponsor of pandemics on the globe which is sanctioned china china's attempt to control basically every organization within the united nations through their colonial powers to bribery through other things tremendous damage to this country into this world china has has long been the most significant geopolitical threat the united states faces trump even promoted the conspiracy theory that the virus originated in a virus lab in china is a lot of people are looking at it it seems to make sense they talk about a certain kind of bet but that wasn't there in that area in the city rouhani are adamant that this is simply not the case so it's woodruff was there and officials
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have repeatedly stated that there isn't any evidence that you coronavirus was produced no tree many medical experts in the world also believe the so-called laboratory leak hypothesis has no scientific basis you know that conspiracy. theory wouldn't exactly when the united states points let's remember that lab actually received a grant from none other than the united states itself the obama administration gave them a grant of 3700000 i've been hearing about that and we've instructed that if any grants are going to that area we're looking at it literally about an hour ago and also early in the morning u.s. officials of glossed over this fact it barely was mentioned during a press conference and now despite the fact that there's no real evidence donald trump says an investigation is going on into the laboratory a lot of strange things are happening but there is a lot of investigation going on and we're going to find out in spirit see theory is used to justify u.s. foreign policy rarely require evidence for the u.s.
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media to run with them and for the u.s. public to become convinced now calls for china to be sanctioned over the virus are growing not just in the united states but around the world and is really n.-g. o. recommends suing china australian and canadian politicians are jumping on the anti china bandwagon as well this as so many countries around the world are depending on china for personal protective equipment tensions have been pretty high which china for some time and i do fear that to spake to get worse certainly it could result in more economic warfare against china as everyone knows the us has the most cases of coke at 19 in the world as the most number of deaths from covert 19 those numbers will continue to go up it's clear that the reason this has happened is because number one. trump waited 6 weeks before doing anything to confront the crisis and
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because even to this moment we're not testing nearly enough people for the virus so this is a home grown catastrophe but the government doesn't want to admit that so it's trying to find a scapegoat in china. the number of confirmed cases in ecuador has now surpassed 10000 with over 500 fatalities already become tree has resulted to deploying mobile wolves refrigerated trucks were seen parked in the country's capital kate so they reportedly capable of storing up to $200.00 bodies' however for residents of that could those hardest hit city such facilities remain unassailable with mortuaries overwhelmed and cemeteries running down so burial space.
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before i demand please i want to know where my father is please you know hold up and it's not clear that one seen my dad's body and i'm desperate i cry every day because i can see my father i would like him to have his christian dorio so that all his family can. look like little bit of it last time they do to contain us they were placed there at the main entrance of the past while this project symmetry to contain the part
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that with blood leaking out of them salutes the lives of the even maggots in my hand if this is a fact and our respiratory tracks the kids are feeling so that my case last week i didn't understand the reason for the smile suddenly opposed to the stomach leak and i thought why not. realized it was because of the small print. the u.s. state of texas has bans nearly all abortion services as part of its response to that 19 texas is among 8 u.s. states facing legal battles over restricting abortion access during the pandemic will forty's that are calling them non essential procedures during a public health crisis it comes as some clinics are now experiencing a spike in requests from women hoping to get an abortion while they still can the
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trust women abortion clinic in kansas reported an up to 400 percent increase in patients recently we talked to julie cox the chief executive all of that can take she says that women are under a lot of additional stress during the pandemic. i. affected our clinics greatly we have seen 300 to 400 percent increase in our patient load i think there are a couple of reasons why. you know we're facing a global health crisis. coronavirus and some people are very certain they're going to stay healthy or not we've had millions. claims filed people have lost their jobs people are still losing their jobs and we have absolutely see women coming in and saying you know this is not the time to bring
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another child into their family because there aren't sure if they're going to be able to financially support their child and from world news in brief now. u.k. police have responded to a shooting incident in kent after a man was described by neighbors as shooting a machine gun from his balcony the man live streamed himself firing shots from several other guns as well police confirm that he's been arrested on suspicion of firearms offenses. there have been more protests in the u.s. to over stay at home or does being implemented during the coronavirus pandemic hundreds gathered across missouri against the state governor's decision to prolong a curfew through may 3rd demonstrators have decried the measure pointing to the rise in unemployment while also claiming it could tales their personal freedom. and
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missourians are the only ones flouting coronavirus lockdowns this group of penguins was spotted taking a stroll down the streets of simon's town just outside cape town animal groups say that the penguins are usually anxious around people but with the streets now. say the animals are a claiming that territory kept conservation rangers busy in south africa with penguin hatching season also in full swing that. thank you for joining us here on r.t. and wherever you are we hope you're feeling well we're back with the latest in 30 minutes save a. little. one almost should seem wrong. why don't we just don't all. let me. get to shape out these days come out again and in detroit because
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betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. the world is driven by a dream shaped by. the dares thinks. we dare to ask. this is a story about what happens auster a stray bullet kills a young girl in the streets. who happens to have family and daughters in florida
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know the mother daughter is buried in a cemetery in healing messes with your head what happens to the community the public was screaming for a scapegoat the police needed a scapegoat so why not choose a 19 year old black kid with a criminal record who better to pen this than him and what happens in court be the . shock shock as far as i feel. we don't know she'll just screw up on. the end of this unfortunately you too he will still not know childress. is you'll be d. a reflection of reality. in
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a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. tyson nation will community. are you going the right way. so you being. what is true. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. of the shallowness. something man has used. that same.
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tone that i desire to know. how much older the. local just to. show. you some will push it. a little you put it's not just on thoughts and you will not on one level so we stop.
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the greetings and sal you take a shit let us start today with a little black gold texas tea you know what i'm talking of course about oil yes fossil fuel driven world or oil is at the center from which everything else springs forth including the and. the holding love affair u.s. politicians have shared with the saudi royal family the political and business relationship between saudi arabia and the united states of america has always been a controversial one at best and downright despicable at worst at least to those of us you know most of us eyes living outside of the washington d.c. oil lubricated power structure but now in the wake of the coded 19 pandemic in the prices of oil balling to rock bottom prices around the globe due to lack of consumption the once mighty fossil fuel power structure is frankly falling to pieces even us oil production for the 1st time in history dropped below the 0 high
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into an incredible.


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