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tv   Politicking  RT  April 23, 2020 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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more money and i have a problem that a lot of the small businesses larry that need the money the most are necessarily getting the money we made a big mistake in turning out loan program which is something that i supported laffer supported steve forbes supported the idea who during a time of crisis you want to give healthy businesses that were healthy and that don't have customers a bridge loan so they can get through this so that when we're up and running hopefully very soon that they can they can be up and running and hiring workers what we did was we transform that into a grant program so that if you didn't lay off your workers the loan became a grant and so what happened has happened larry and this is a story that's not been widely tell toll is that the healthy businesses the ones that were going to layoff the rigors anyways they said i can get a free 2 or 3 or $4000000.00 grant from the government and they've lined up for this money and the companies that we really wanted to get the grants aren't getting it and unfortunately we haven't fixed that problem yet. why would people who have
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want to have more why would the why would why would you apply for a loan if you don't need it because it becomes a grant so that in other words you do sign up for a 2 minute lets say you have 20 workers you sign up for a $2000000.00 grant and if you don't lay off your workers for a certain number of months i don't know the exact particulars then that loan converts into what they call a forgivable loan or a grant of money you don't have to pay it back that's why these businesses are signing up for it and it was a dumb idea at the time they still haven't fixed that but ultimately i'm of the mindset very that it doesn't matter how many of these trillion dollar bills they spend there on what phase 3 phase 4 i can't i think the last one to space 3 and out and we are now at the fed printing trillions of dollars of money if you don't have your businesses up and running if you don't have workers working and producing things and then the end of the day it's not going to matter how many of these bailout bills we passed because you're just if you have to have
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a production productive economy for things to work makes as mitch mcconnell is now saying he won't consider another phase of stimulation until the senate's back he also declared his time to start thinking about the amount of debt the country is piling up and you share that view. i think that it doesn't make any sense to do more of these spending programs there is going to be a battle royale in washington larry over what is being called the blue state bailout so i think you're there in california. california and new york and come out of it in new jersey in my home state of illinois have big massive budget problems because the revenues have fallen so much because people aren't working so they're up paying income taxes and then you have a problem where you're spending more money on all of the issues related to coronavirus but these blue states are in big trouble and there is a real risk. nancy pelosi from california obviously and and the senate
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minority leader. wants to have new york bailed out and i'll tell you this the republicans aren't much in the mood for a bailout of blue states so that will be a big battle in the next rout you recently said you thought the economy has turned a corner what corner. well i don't know exactly if i said that i think what i said was when i met with the president last week during our economic recovery taskforce meeting i said if we can get the economy up and running in a week or 2 and i am a big advocate of that when demobbed is fully doing it in the safest way possible and using the best types of medical know how in the best kind of public health safeguards but if we can get people back on the way at least in a rolling basis getting the economy up and running i do think by the end of the
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summer we could have a bit of a plateau 'd and a recovery the summer is going to be a disaster i mean i hate to tell people this but we're going to see 20 percent unemployment rate in this country and it's going to last several months and that's not something i ever thought i would see in my lifetime so it's going to take a while for these businesses to get up and running again and some of them by the way are never coming back that's one of the reasons i've been so strong and such a strong advocate getting the economy open because every day you keep it closed more and more of these great businesses businessmen and women who most of their whole life they're not coming back so i do think by the end of the summer we could start to see some improvement and that is much needed. are you putting the economy ahead of health. you know i refuse to. let some of the people who disagree with me take the moral high ground and as you know the way you said it is is they exactly the way that
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a lot of people who favor the shutdown are saying that you know we have to bear any burden and that anyone like me who favors getting economy up and ramat running is trying to kill people and is putting greed and profits over people's lives and i think that is a very unfair kind of sophie's choice that either we have to have 30000000 people unemployed or we have to have you know tens of thousands of more people die when i'm trying to say larry is we can do both i mean we can sow both of those problems we can in a very smart way start the economy up and running and we can continue to save lives what i'm here to tell you larry is if we get this if we keep this american economy shut down for another month or 2 the devastation to the american society the health problems the human misery that you're causing by the way not just in the united states but around the world is you know united states is really the epicenter of the global economy you're talking about suicide depression child
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abuse you're talking about things like you're seeing big increases in alcoholism you're seeing big increases in things like drug overdoses we know that when people become unemployed and their lives are ruined their business or ruin that has extreme negative health consequences there is a rule of thumb that for every one percentage point increase in the unemployment rate that's associated with about $10000.00 additional deaths per year so if we take the unemployment rate from 3 and a half percent to 20 percent you just killed $175000.00 people from economic deprivation and one last thing you can tell i feel strongly about this larry the people who. you are being hurt most by this shutdown are not people like you and me and it's not people in the media it is not people in government positions or university professors the people are getting creamed here are the lowest income people the people who live paycheck to paycheck who have lost their jobs they don't
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have they don't have any savings you seen the pictures larry of the food trucks the salvation army food truck so many major cities there are a mile long now and they're getting longer every day so i think we're doing more damage not just to our economy but to the health of our nation by keeping this this economy shutdown much longer so soon let's get maybe a better explanation or have you been misquoted or did you draw a parallel between protesters and rosa parks. so what i said was i was talking to a group of activists and i was trying to motivate them at look let me start by saying that i wrote my senior thesis in college on the american tradition which i'm very much a civil libertarian and the great american tradition of civil disobedience it goes back to henry david thoreau and emer cent and then you've had people great heroes of america over time that have practiced civil disobedience or not and i'm was
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mentioned one of my favorites who i wrote my thesis on was rosa parks she is a great great great hero of mine and i was saying try to be like rosa parks if you see injustice in what's happening you know rosa parks should be your all model so people i think misinterpret that to say i was somehow saying that that these the protesters are on power with what rosa parks did i certainly didn't mean not it was almost like you know when you're on a football team and you quote joe you know general george patton let's go out there and when i was trying to make you know to put her up as a kind of inspiration. because these people who are protesting may have real beefs larry i mean they have real gripes these are people who have lost their jobs these are people who've lost their businesses these are people or face facing real hardship and these are people who feel their religious freedoms have been taken away with respect to church services being shut down now people can disagree about
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whether they agree with these you know we can have disagreement about whether they have they agree with what they're saying but you know the idea that they should not be able to protest a lot of people such as shut these down that is contrary to the american idea of being green grievances out in public in peacefully assembly but i think rosa parks should be on the tornado a bill that's a great idea i and you know what her lawyer who represented her is i believe 91 years old i think his last name is on a gray area you have to the but he recommended the president president trump that he should win the presidential medal of freedom because that was with rosa parks almost single handedly helped bring the evil of desegregation to an end. you maintain to sing standing up to government is similar to what rosa parks did to you
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in your quit government actions whom quintus to racism to. no what i'm saying is that she says again that she should be an inspiration to people who are who have grievances against injustice and i do believe that some of the things that are happening in the states are very unjust i think the idea that you are shutting down a small business that is deemed an essential but the big box stores like wal-mart and best buy stay open i don't i don't think that's fair frankly i don't think fair in the small business men and women of this country i don't think it's fair and i don't think it's constitutional when people go to an easter church service and they social distance from each other and the government shuts them down i don't think it's fair when you have the government setting curfews or and i don't think it's in the american tradition some of the mayors are telling their neighbors to snitch on their neighbors if they are violating some of these government acts that's not
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america to me and i think people should really resist this kind of heavy handed treatment of some of our government officials well stated we'll be right back with more oh stephen moore right after this. matter of full on russian and why. i'm a journalist it's all i know being a truth teller people say i make a month come from good uses like a jack hammer to drill down and think find the truth move with rick sanchez because it's time to do news again and question more.
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aeroflot russian airlines. this is a story about what happens auster a stray bullet kills a young girl in the street. what happens to her family and daughters in florida the other daughter is buried in a cemetery meaning this is your head what happens to the community the public was screaming for a scapegoat the police needed a scapegoat so why not choose a 19 year old black kid with a criminal record who better to pin this on than him and what happens in court to
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be. shocked shocked as far society we feel. we don't know just from. end of this trial unfortunately you. will still not know. with good reason public discourse is focused on addressing and finally each containing the coby $1000.00 pandemic now the focus is on devastated economies where the recession will it be if into a depression will the recovery be you d. or an elf. has changed american lives but pharmaceutical companies have a miraculous solution. based drugs the people who are chronic pain and believe that
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their opioid prescription is working for them in the realm of peace. the price at the. close of dependence and addiction to opiates is the long to use that really isn't scientifically just now study actually suggest that. the long term effects may not just be absence of benefit but actually that they might be causing long term. we're back with stephen moore stephen moore. showed up 2 thirds of americans are worried that the state governments the governments are going to lift restrictions surely to be honest with you if they lived in restrictions in california i don't think i would go out. so that's a grid point. if you wrist relive some of these restrictions it doesn't require
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people to go back to work it doesn't require a business to open it allows them to open a lot of people to go out if they want to and i think that's the right approach i think you do it on a rolling basis i think you've got to be really smart here larry the last thing we want and you know as i've said i'm a big advocate of getting things up and running again but we don't want to see a recurrence of this evil disease you know some people think there might be a 2nd or 3rd wave of this and so you've got to do you have to use the social distancing you have to have gloves you have to have you have to have. we need to use testing we need treatments we need screening all the things i went to the white house a couple weeks ago before you can get in you have to they take your temperature and make sure you don't have a fever we have to be smart about this larry there is 40 percent of the counties in the united states 40 percent of the counties that have had virtually no koran of ice virus outbreaks and virtually no doubts if you look at a map larry and i would urge your your viewers to do that you can see it on the
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internet where the corona virus has hit as most people know. 40 to 50 percent of the douse are in new york city and the surrounding area you have about 12 urban areas that have been really negatively affected including my hometown of chicago those areas need to continue to be shut down or get remake in progress in the city new orleans is making progress new york is but they still have a lot of cases but if you're living in a county out in the middle and up raskar oklahoma or iowa or wisconsin why in the world should we keep those shut down we got to be really accurate about targeting where they where the virus has hit and where it hasn't tova finished even or you think of these briefings every day and so on that or carrying it is claiming that there are more political than informative. so i look i love this
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president i work for a man he said i consider a dear friend and he's been great to me. my advice to him as stick to the facts stop fighting with the media i think it would be to his political benefit to be more presidential and not get into the street balls with brawls with these politicians so i think he's doing himself some problem he should he usually when you have a crisis like this people rally around the president he continues to kind of ague tag and i some of the people that he should be bringing into his camp and so if i were advising him i would tell him to just tell the american people what's happening be very straightforward tell them what we have to do to beat this terrible but he could he says that we're in a war against an invisible enemy and i think that's right so he said he should be more high minded i think and if he did that i think it would be to the benefit of him politically but also to the country if this pandemic goes into the fall.
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well that being tough to his reelection. but again and someone who loves down trump i mean i've some frustrated larry because you know 2 months ago we had the best economy we've not had 30 years and i helped with the economic plan together with larry kudlow and some others it was just working beautifully we have the economy just booming we have the lowest unemployment rate 50 years with 6 millions are part jobs we have wages rising we have growth back up and so here we are 2 months later with the economy flat on its back a so much of the progress has been ruined by this virus i believe that if the american people. believe come to believe that donald trump has helped conquer this terrible virus and he has done everything he can to get the economy up and running down so people have jobs again that he will win but there's a lot of ifs there and he's got a lot i think the next 8 to 10 weeks for donald trump all critical they will define
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his presidency. soon as always good talking in june great guests we hope you come back soon thank you stay safe and great to see you again my friend we turn now to the topic of american innovation and the era of the coven 1000 gracious on this edition we'll focus on an l.a. based clothing company started in a garage by 2 high school buddies which is now converted factory to make millions of facemasks plays in all of them danny harris c.e.o. and co-founder of bell and canvas out of this all go about. warm i'd like to tell you that you know i started this company with my best friend as you said right out of high school and we built this clothing company by being different and doing things differently and we don't get to being the largest clothing men faction company in north america. and as we saw a lot of our competitors. moving manufacturing out of the country to places like
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bangladesh or hunder a search china for cheaper labor and that became their efficiency well here in america because we wanted to invest in america and american jobs we invested and technology in we invested in the american workers and because of that because of the technology we were in fact able to pivot faster than anybody else in the world in retool our factories and completely put a halt to all of our government being a factory. and start manufacturing mass and larry i believe today we're the largest mass spin a factual here in the world right here in the united states of america competing as it. reads. and you know to see a manufacturing factory in america competing in succeeding is
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is really a beautiful or incredible thing you know making millions of mass selling to who. well originally it started off as what can we do to in fact help in this crisis. knowing our efficiencies and our production we started making masks for the front lines hospitals government people in need and today it's extended onto now. almost every essential business almost every business in america that's essential is using the ballot she and this case mask orders don't be a profit. what has it done to the profit well out right now we're not so focused on trough that we're more so focused on manufacturing and solving this problem and i believe larry that it will in fact not just solve the problem for america i believe
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that we will also solve the problem for the world well. tell me about the masks themselves of a medical s. . yes a so the masterly what they are is their health and wellness masks these are mass to protect you. from me and me to press a tech to me from you know. these are not medical use masks and however we have found that people in the medical field do in fact use these masks they now use them as covers over the on one side that and you know these massive really more so walk me saying i am not sick i am healthy i'm inviting you into my business i'm i'm or i'm giving respect to you and just saying hey i'm out here why assassin public protecting me from here and that's craig's a so have you stopped your favorite business so yeah we completely put a halt to all of them in attacking so what we did originally was we joined the
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white house to run a 19 task force in we made a pledge and join that force to make masks for the government we've also since then joined a number of other task forces making sure that we get mass to the people in need 1st and then after that addressing the essential businesses. if you hadn't started doing this you think your company would to shut down under the shutdown orders. well in fact we are in a number of businesses that are how can one this businesses so al yoga is one of our brands we also have a lot of different apps which digital technology we really invest in technology here and in in some cases aspects of the business would have shut down all of our brick and mortar stores larry that we are closed today would have you
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have any covert 19 among employees. we have not we have not we in fact in our factories honor and respect we want to get america working again and i think we're a perfect example on how we do it we have massed to protect we also wear gloves and we also honor and respect the social distancing rules in addition to that just to ensure safe you know public safety we have 6 nurses on staff as well as yet as well as monitors to make sure that people are honoring and respect you know these new regulations that are in place today. well when things get back to normal lower level normal will be you know what will your company be like when they go right back up again. well you know that's what we look forward to doing we look
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forward to getting back to business as usual because it's so far from usual today but larry we do believe that masts are the solution to get america in the world back to normal as fast as possible if we are in risks that. wearing a mask you know out washing our hands not touching our face as well as our. social distancing we should be able to get not just america back to work but get the world back to work. you were able to retool the company one of the massive medo. said the master maid well there's there's a couple of different ones but they're all $32.00 single stitches per inch a fabric we do compacts them as well as. their duties friendly right there's no additives or anything on these fabrics because you know we we
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grieve in these all day long and i think that's one of the reasons why you know they're so effective is that you can breathe however if you cough or you sneeze they will catch the droplets which will stop the spread that's really danny i salute you and thank you very much let's hope we get through it and get back to making fabrics. i agree with that larry thank you so much for having us on and we're so proud danny thanks for your time today and thank you for joining us on this edition of politicking remember you can join the conversation on my facebook page or tweet me at kings things and don't forget to use the politicking hash tag and that's all for this edition of politicking.
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heteros on russian and on this. i'm a journalist it's all i know being a truth teller people say i make a man come from good uses like a jackhammer to drill down to find the true news with rick sanchez because it's time to do news again and question more. better of long russian airlines.
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this is a story about what happens austria stray bullets kills a young girl in the streets. what happens to her family and daughters in florida the mother daughter is buried in a cemetery in healing this is with your head what happens to the community the public was screaming for a scapegoat the police need is a scapegoat so why not choose a 19 year old black kid with a criminal record who better to pin this on than him and what happens in court he
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be. shot after shot as far as a side deal that we don't know she'll just screw up on. the end of this trial unfortunately you. will still not know who killed just. people are really remarking that 2020 is a mirror image of 2008 it's the exact same problem banks all over leverage blew themselves. men are now demanding a bailout at the point of a gun from the fed and other central banks except this time the dislocation in the economy combined with the coronavirus is so great that we've tripped over into medieval ism test so messed up this.
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hello there i'm going to lunch and you're watching in question broadcasting from the national headquarters of r t america here in washington d.c. we want to welcome our viewers from across the nation and all around the world here are tonight's top stories along the california coastline there is an unusual flight taking people by surprise the unexpected arrivals all tied to hope and 19 up next we'll show you the exclusive footage then the latest unemployment numbers are out bringing the total of unemployed americans to about $26000000.00 and all the while there are reports dead people are receiving stimulus checks and last.


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