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tv   The News with Rick Sanchez  RT  April 29, 2020 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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well still. live from the world headquarters of r t america in our nation's capital this is the news with rick sanchez and alone everybody i'm rick sanchez to all be watching us from all over the world whether you're watching on regular t.v. on your provider or on the app portable t.v. we're so glad that you're here with us within the past 24 hours the united states military has begun what can only be described as a major move with the transfer of its f. 35 joint strike force team 54 jets and more than 1300 military
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personnel are headed to heal some air force base in alaska where is that you say come on i'll show you here's an air force base in alaska this is interesting that this move is taking place right now it's right there at the base that the 30 five's are going to be drawing meaning the have 6 teams and what else do they have it they have 169 air refueling units so it's a big operation that they're going to have they're now what's the reason for any type of enhanced u.s. military presence in this area the 1st thing obviously to look at is russia right why well geography and history both play into this story look at how close sometimes we forget just how close russia and the united states are to each other maybe as close as any other country out there when you really zoom in and that's what i want to do i want to zoom in for you take a look at the thing that we just discovered there are 2 little. i lived right here
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in between the edge of russia and the edge of alaska one of those islands is called the big die i mean island and the other one is called di i mean island or little diabete island so this is big this is little di made this one belongs to russia this one over here belongs to the united states you know with the distances between those like 2 what a half miles that's like 40 football fields or approx with that many fields that's how small the distance is between these 2 countries so that's the geography now let's talk about the history which is predicated by a way by a cat and mouse game that's been truly played out by both sides in fact you want to see what i'm talking about i've got video i want to show you take a look at this video here it is look at this video that you see right here canadian fighters u.s. fighters all a part of norad chasing away a russian surveillance plane that's the one that you see right there right that's called a t. you 142 but norad fighter jets there f.a. teens and f.
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22 and as you can see in the video the smaller planes are chasing away the bigger planes there's another one coming right here this video was put out by norad by the way in this area which is called the alaskan own by the way this is very recent it's not like this happened a long time ago and the whole thing lasted about 4 hours let's go back to the map now if we possibly can because i want to talk a little bit about the history and speaking of the history this type of thing that i just showed you this is been going on for more than half a century during the cold war and after the cold war someone asked why after the cold war we still doing this kind of stuff the answer gets a little complicated but we're going to be joined by an expert who's going to take us through this in just a little bit so is it really about tensions with russia though the key word here is new new tensions maybe not remember this area right here has been america's bastion of oil production. and alaska relies on the price of oil always being high why do
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you think sarah pailin for example was such a popular governor when all this was filled with oil wells the price of oil was 120 dollars a barrel was it hard to be popular today they're lucky if they get 0 we're also going to drill down on that coming up so is the u.s. creating a military industry in alaska to bolster the state's lackluster economy that it has right now that's one opinion or one way of looking at it here's another one here's another one a look at alaska's remoteness with so many u.s. military personnel cramped quarters all over the world many of them right now succumbing to covert 19 years alaska a perfect respite for the u.s. to put many of its military personnel this is important with a map this out we're going to drill down on this story right here on the news with rick sanchez where you know we say this all the time and we mean that we work hard because we believe. it really is time to do news again.
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what do you say we ask the questions that you may be asking tomorrow and here we go what is the reason for the united states increase military presence in alaska does it have to do with russia well europe soon implement kobe had 19 immunity passports you heard that right immunity passports and my pants without a mask in a hospital. what does larry king think of this. but let's go ahead and get right to our top story what the u.s. military moved more fighter jets into alaska 1st the background and the details of the story as we know it right now here 1st is hard to correspondent john hardy. the 1st 4 f. 35 fighter jets landed this weekend i also an air force base in alaska deployed from the 354th operations group in utah the air force says that prior to the
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deployment the alaska wing was sending its pilots and personnel out for training at other bases but the cobra 1000 pandemic ended that program the associated press reports that the base expects to receive 54 jets and in additional 1300 personnel by december 2 10212 squadrons of f. 35 days will join the reactivated 356 fighter squadron with the 18th aggressor squadron of f. 16 and the 168th air refueling wing u.s. senator lisa murkowski of alaska said in a statement that the addition of the jets is a milestone for the arctic writing quote the importance the squadrons of f. $35.00 will play in our national defense while also providing our a man with incredible real world training is unparalleled while the kobe 1000 pandemic has reportedly played a part in the reason the jets are being deployed to alaska it also comes as russia's military has been conducting continued exercises in the arctic region this video of russian army paratroopers jumping from a transport jet at close to 30000 feet above the arctic during
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a 3 day military exercise recently ran viral russian spetznaz special forces also took part in the training and earlier this month f. $22.00 fighter jets and canadian air force jets intercepted russian reconnaissance planes over the bering sea north of the aleutian islands the russian planes never entered u.s. or canadian airspace but they're part of a string of intercepts according to norad over the past few months senator dan sullivan of alaska added in the statement senator mitch koski that quote alaska is the most strategic place in the world and now. now with these 2 squadrons of f. 35 days our state will soon be home to more than 150 generation fighters america's adversaries will certainly think twice before engaging our country when faced with this unparalleled force and fire power war games and warnings aside i also an air force base has been gearing up for the addition of f. 35 since 2016 when the program was 1st announced so far more than $500000000.00 has been appropriated for construction at the base located 26 miles southeast of
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fairbanks related to the addition of the f. $35.00 squadrons for the news of the rick sanchez john hardy. that's great stuff thanks so much for hustling get that story to us let's go over now to my former product out official what do you make of all of a sudden this increased u.s. presence there that has a lot of people saying oh it must be they're doing some offensive against russia or something is it. necessarily 2 points i'd like to make number one there has been increased surveillance by the russians in that area for quite some time back that's nothing new but more critical in the more strategic reason i think is that for some time now the russia has really paid very close attention to the importance of the strategic importance of the arctic and now the united states as far on the come around to realize that alaska is our most northern point to watch over the arctic
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because that whole area has opened up because of the melting of the ice that has become a transport area for a number of countries not only russia but also china and russia is way ahead of the united states in establishing bases in the arctic particularly in the russian area that adjoins to the to the arctic and it's looking over their areas that they're now claiming for resources very vital resources for mining and minerals and what have you so that whole area is not only strategic you got. keep in mind too that the arctic is when you look at it look downward and if you miss it is the arctic is the closest point to the capitals in the world to all the peoples of the world if you were a missile a strategic missile and you're wanting time would be negligible. everything's r.c. and. no i was just paraphrasing what you're saying it goes back to global warming
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it goes back to the fact that suddenly there are going to be resources and lanes that never existed before russia's touted is that there's already 'd they're looking at it in the united states wants to tap into whatever russia is tapping into this is fascinating the way you just laid this out for us mike what an amazing you know what we're coming back to this is something that you and i are going to drill down on some more thanks so much for for joining us mike maloof explaining putting it in perspective something that perplexed a lot of people that's why we have a god that's great part there is big news coming out of new york today from both the governor and the mayor governor cuomo lashed out at the white house from the federal government for only being interested in helping corporate america leaving states like is to barely have enough to protect police and health care workers his words and for his part mayor de blasio is taking on hasidic jews in his community telling them that he will arrest them if they continue to violate rules against
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large gatherings we have all of this covered for you but there's also a big story that's coming out of berlin where the european union is now announcing new rules as far as how you can travel from one place to another and it means get ready to have your temperature checked let's begin there here's peter all over. the brandenburg gate is one of germany's most visited tourist attractions but if you're dreaming of seeing it or anything else in the e.u. any time soon you may well need a special type of sport but as you are new to the coronavirus. the tourism sector has experienced an immense and unexpected decline in demand due to be outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic our mission is to be as members of the european union and as part of the most successful tourists region in the world a leader in the recovery of tourism these i mean it's just one of a number of ideas being discussed by the tourism minister is that they try to find ways to mitigate the impact of over 90. industry particular idea is based on the
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whole proviso that if you read 19 you come to some nations like greece which relies massively on holiday makers spending money a very much on side with the plan there is one quite significant. how can i say should say munity. i printed off at this point there is not enough evidence about the effectiveness of antibody mediated immunity to guarantee the accuracy of an immunity passport or risk free certificate people who assumed that they are immune to a 2nd infection made more public health advice the use of such a difficult made therefore increase the risks of continued transmission. going to. be. actively held. reality for tourism industry is. saying we're seeing the future looks
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bright for all of. the vice president of the united states walks into a hospital probably the most prestigious hospital in the world he's told to wear a mask and chooses not to. what does larry king think about this you're watching the news of rick sanchez that's coming up we'll be right back. the economic system known as capitalism has generated more wealth than any other system in history in many ways it has defined maternity itself hundreds of millions have been lifted out of poverty however capitalism has also witnessed growing income inequality the appeal of socialism currently on the rise can complement.
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to turn me off and speak of the black hole of debt that is where all the debt in the universe ends up after it leaves a central bank balance sheet and it's a cosmic force calling the g.d.p. of the world down on our t.v. white hall of debt as i am a fellow straining with this white piece of cardboard the white dead is on the other side of the black hole and in an era of negative interest rates and negative oil prices we have to colorize our concept to death toll from black to white makes sense and of course not. one else seemed wrong why don't we all just don't hold. me
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to be yet to shape out these days to come to agitate and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. there is a really important story taking place right now in the world of sports steve chris taco's is here by golly to take us through this this really this really is important by the very cool and it doesn't have anything to do with coronavirus right although it may impact it at some point of course because we're talking about college sports right so the end c.w.a.
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is now moving towards the board of governors adopted officially they met yesterday with this name image and likeness working group and this morning they announced they released a statement saying that they have a move towards adopting recommendations to allow players college players so amateurs to accept money for their name image and likeness they can be compensated now every man for himself basically you know there's a reason for those of you who may be watching who are either a not sports fans or don't understand the game united states because you're watching us from some other part of the world there are guys in the united states young men 1819 years old who have lost their scholarships lost their livelihoods not been able to play in the n.f.l. for example professional football because somebody bought them a free cup of coffee because they had a meeting with an agent that he bought him a soda seriously. for years guys like you and i i don't know have been laughing at these rules and saying this is this is not overreach it's madness because they should be able to if they can profit off their own value they shouldn't have an
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asterisk by their name for the rest of their life it ruined some careers like some of the superstars were suspended for the last few games of their college career because they signed an autograph for a 1000 bucks let me ask you a question just to give our audience a perspective what we're talking about a college athlete let's say the star quarterback at alabama one of these schools how much money do you think he makes from. a university exactly millions of course especially the millions of millions of dollars itself is a $1000000000.00 industry and he makes about $7.00 an hour if that way before they get free tuition is what some people say oh they get through to about $7.00 an hour that i don't know if it's not ok so tell us i'm sorry i got excited about it i want you to tell us what's the ruling what will be absolutely they still have to write the rules it's just the board of governors has agreed with this and i owe working groups to move forward with these but they still have to write the rules back to over 31st and then an official vote in january but it's expected to go through now how athletes could be paid let's go through basically 1st 3rd party endorsement such as promoting a product through t.v. a radio or advertisements now we know the kids are big social media influencers is
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a big thing if you want to be a social media influence on twitter instagram tick tock whatever it may be then you can you can do your own work or business activities through you tube or streaming it digital content using your own money will pay you for your autograph or your name bet a lot of take money at your name you ought to write personal promotions with memorabilia it's your name you can do that through meet and greets and there is no cap on the amount of money that you can receive but what we're not talking about just to be clear is right we're not talking about them being paid a salary exactly what they're going to pay every athlete or not employees know many college athletes most won't make a dime from this but i superstars will as they should because they're valuable yeah and you like it like everything in life right i tell this to my kids you should be paid for your value exactly what is your value right if a guy rings in millions of fans deserves millions of dollars actually the guy who plays on the you know women's. softball team and nobody actually women's softball very popular going to take another choice but in those cases no maybe the the golf
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team might not you don't really know about college golf that much they're not going to make as much an endorsement but until they go to the masters as an amateur and so i don't know what i said for the reds there but if they had a that's a great story i'm so glad that you brought it to us thanks steve that's awesome all right let's go over now to our global coronavirus update desk and our own superstar he was somehow missed by the n.b.a. and the have. well here then is won. but not by major league softball but you go couple of really interesting stories out there in this is probably the biggest one is going to impact people you'll really notice it on friday there is plans right now for a kind of joint strike to take place between amazon workers wal-mart workers insta cart workers target employees are plenty all together in solidarity to strike together on friday at noon to say they're going to walk out of warehouses and walk out of supply chains because they say essentially that those big companies are making a lot of money right now putting them at risk keeping them working in warehouses
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which they say are unsafe now obviously this affects a lot of just the average person out there with wal-mart and amazon and target in these companies say all of a sudden we're going to stop delivering because the majority of the public's being told to stay at home and have things sent to you so what is their claim i'm not quite sure what's the argument that they're making besides the fact that they're working very difficult hours so they claim that they're too close to other employees in the case of amazon those employees have been the most vocal they say 130 of their warehouses covered 1000 has been found and that the company is not doing enough to protect them or keep them safe and a lot of those employees are asking for higher pay in addition to that because they say they're working in essentially high risk positions and they're not being compensated for that while the company is making you know many more billions right now yeah right now in particular good stuff sound argument what else you got. yes so this other story is the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell you know he keeps pushing through different bills and the funding bills well there's
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a new one now that he wants to push through it's really saying that he wants businesses that reopen to be shielded from legal liability if employees or customers get kovac 1000 so if you contract the coronavirus you cannot sue a company because they opened up or you cannot say it was a sewer company because you went back to work there. they're essentially saying we'll protect those businesses which you know there's there's a positive in a negative that in terms of big corporations of people don't want to go back to the don't feel safe should they be forced but if you do reopen you know is it one of those situations where people choose to come in and now they want to blame you've got sick it should be like everything else i mean depends on how clean how clean you were i mean where you are asked if you have a disaster at your store and you knew it and you were following guidelines or did somebody just sneeze on you happen to be at the store right i mean well and that's why a lot of businesses right now requiring whether or not the cities are states that are in require it they are requiring the customers to wear face masks in order to walk into the building they save you're not wearing a face mask in many cases you're not allowed inside here make rules and have
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everybody try and follow them i mean how hard should that be the other 30 seconds you've got one for one more thing for us. that's what i got for you ok but i thought we would chat a little longer about that but in the end look i think what's going to be really interesting to see is again going back to the walk out on friday whether or not actual change can get pushed through as a result of workers making their voices heard because the next big issue is going to be workers in these factories that produce meat and food rick because there are warnings right now about food shortages being the next big issue and that could be a very big issue for a lot of people so you did have a 3rd thing you always have something in your balance outselling for you when you're the best man i appreciate talking to your good guy at a time when our country is facing one of the worst moments in decades instead of coming together many americans seem to be going at each other and there's a lot of sparring about what to do some people wearing full face masks and want everything locked down other people are protesting to have everything reopened and
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then there are those who are being paid to work in the government or who scoff at those who want things reopen without realizing what it's like to suddenly go without a job and be worried about being able to feed your family so it really is about compassion and comprehension right but then there's this divide. president of the united states did this he went to a hospital that's treating patients for code 19 and health care workers he did not wear a mask he was told to wear a mask his staff was told that he should wear a mask he said no now when asked why he said he's positive that he doesn't have the virus because he's checked routinely as you might imagine everybody's talking about this and. i want to bring in larry king i mean you know larry probably got a lot to say about something like this he watches both politics obviously he's a student of it and he's been watching this situation what say if you about this larry it was ridiculous for him not to wear
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a mask the only only guess i can have is that he's afraid in. trump would not like it because you know as this kind of a macho government we have and it would look bad for him there were a mess but it was a terrible example to people when you're telling people that were a mask and your vice president does not wear a mask each job owes does find someone told me that it's more important when you going into a building. for you to wear a mask than the person in the building because you will carry the virus into the building so for him not to not do a mask and his reasoning that he gets checked every so often was was poor i don't know how i am no i did to you i have an idea why he did not wear masks well his explanation is exactly as i said he said i am checked routinely and i am
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very confident that i do not have it therefore i do not have to worry about giving it to anywhere else but mind you this is important i think as well because this place it's always important in our business to talk about who the person is right he is the head of our nation's coronavirus task force. it's almost laughable you couldn't do this is a joke. it is it's incredible to me i can more things have been in this government weekly and daily that are impossible to comprehend and this is one of them of the vice president not to wear a mask in that situation at the mayo clinic no less with everybody else is wearing a mask is there's no other word for his absurd yeah apparently it's caused a lot of guff from people there at the hospital and other health care workers who are up in arms about this they're very upset he feels like he's putting them who
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are working at the hospital in a difficult situation the only. way the one thing i do want to address is the economic side i do understand and i know this is where trump and pence are going that truly important we open up the economy at some point we've got to step away from this stuff and there are people out there who are suffering because of this who don't have jobs and i don't want to sit here because i do have a job and not understand those people's plight right you get that you're a kid who grew up in. of course but that's still not an excuse for not wearing a mask we are the way it was should only i agree with you everyone is in this boat and some of us a fortune of to be paid rights and those of us who are not it's easy to sit back in the comfort of our homes or whatever and could set up cameras and be able to work it's sad situation but when the government when you're in the head of your task force doesn't comply with the requests of the people in the mayo clinic no excuse
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no can you figure an excuse communic scuse know everything that i've been reading in a boy there's a lot to read you can spend all day and everybody's talking and rewriting about this is that there is a sense of duty that he feels to donald trump donald trump doesn't wear a mask and he's been feeling like he's been saying wearing a mask is kind of a sign of weakness and it hurts the economy that it seems like that is impetus for doing it larry. i guess so but it's so it's a weird obsession by the way tomorrow on politicking my guess is a great american bill frist double billed for his doctor. went overseas how hiv. he was a former majority leader was seen as he's our guest tomorrow everybody to watch on politic i guarantee you here are going to show in the video i just showed i can't wait to hear his reaction. to the press thanks larry good conversation you.
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and boy we're out of time again have fast thanks so much for being with us if you have some friends looking for those cash like the rest of the fear and tell of a portable t.v. where you really develop she gets. this is like a horse race like the marathon there are 200. trees. and the question which takes me place to save lives and companies because it's a matter of saving both. my
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parents only on this is america's lawyer some of the largest outbreaks of corona virus have taken place at meat processing plants in america raising serious questions about the health and safety standards as well as the management decisions of these facilities tonight we'll tell you how these outbreaks happen and what these companies failed to do to protect their workers also tonight. big banks are being sued for allegedly providing the loans to their clients with the fattest pocketbooks depleting funds that should have gone towards keeping small businesses afloat and later in the show while thousands of businesses have been shuttered by stay at home orders across the u.s. we're learning insurance companies are honoring coverage that they should during this pandemic don't go anywhere america's war starts right now.
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huge clusters of workers have become sick with the coated 19 meat processing plants in the united states because some of the largest corporate food processors failed to implement any kind of safety precautions for workers joining me to talk about this is fair and cousins editor of the trial lawyer magazine you know as i look at the story and worse yet as i look at the graphics. i don't want a mate but you know this story really i think we're going to survive even without meat for a while people have alternative protein but the thing on that bothers me about this is it just got so little attention you know these workers were going in without any protection they're working 4 feet apart basically no protection at all that the sound is so loud in there that to talk they have to get face to face era to era or whatever it just screamed out for problems especially and people started leaving in not coming back because they could.


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