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soon and hopefully bless your heart hurts. and your. hat. or population who are dying why are some of the wealthier neighborhoods it's been far more contained in the numbers are much lower than some of the more neighborhoods we're working with green stories now so i'd say there's there's just so 'd it's your it's all you've got it is. i think it's safe to say that the 19 will be remembered the world over as one of
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the most trying things of 2020 by the end of march the country hit the hardest was the united states in new york city in particular. my friend maria lives in new york i've asked for its record a bit of her life during the pandemic. hi my name is maria out and she. talking to you. which is a global epicenter of. atomic so this is this is my 15 month old son who's playing by himself as are most of the other kids in the park and normally there wouldn't be a single patch of grass available to sit on the little erie out here so quarantining new york is a little bizarre because there's there's like 2 worlds right so we're in a world where we feel very isolated we're working from home but we're still.
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working and then there's this like other part of new york that we don't see when you look at like the map of how hope it is living some of the wealthier neighborhoods it's been far more contained and the numbers are much lower than some of the poorer neighborhoods it's like 2 different worlds like i don't know what's going on over there talk to be honest. i got married i moved to new york 10 years ago before that i was it toronto that's where i grew up person so i got to new york it's like this is the bizarre crazy bad a disgusting screech by incredible plays and you just get caught up in our problems. to work on wall street we live in park slope in brooklyn. so you go to brooklyn and you see like $5000000.00 apartments and one block over
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there's like a project where it's like people don't have jobs they've been impacted badly because there's no hospitals there we're fortunate that we both work in technology it's very easy for us to work at home if you have a blue collar job but you've got to go and those are very blue collar neighborhoods . just 2 days ago good family friend he passed away from kobe had he was in his sixty's and his daughter my eyes as if she was on fire i suppose she brought it home everyone got sick but with mild symptoms and he got sick and died we're in a situation where. there are treatment. patrol people are just kind of walking back and making sure that people are keeping their distance we actually wanted to get out because everywhere you look at the trajectory chart on up not lighted. right at new york it was like a high. so we preemptively said you know what we should just get out so in the
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midst of planning and talking about it you know the u.s. and china are shut down the borders security for hoping that i will see if you hold windows to move back and forth and during that time we hope to go to toronto i think it's much bigger in china in the look complicit way like health care is when you're sick that matters will fall i'm scared of getting sick i'm scared of getting my son back i'm scared of anyone in my family getting sick. i was carried out like crying that being and right. there a sense i wake up every morning or my new day enemy great and then by the end of the day don't like to be on your back today and i feel like that's our whole i slowly closing in on their evil it. does appear it is this is a very good as you read guggenheim spirit of god to superior to put the body in the
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in 18 will ya. please dayside this is a real. after talking to maria i looked at new york's most affected areas and just like she said they were predominantly poor neighborhoods at the top of that list was impressed me its. wrath a bit here on parlor which is on the way to the school and their jihad barracks moving bodies. track that's right city the city usually has been growing about 47 ads are they now every day or day of 7 or 8. per day. just from the virus that's why they were so inundated. by father started business in 1940 s. answer people until. i was yours and cared whether it's welfare is now was $300.00
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. it was the old currency queso so was the schools of our garbage there's a number of hospitals have closed out over the years it's just more difficult for 'd one hospital to cover the area that. elmhurst became the focal point because right in the beginning they had 13 deaths a one day and they answer 4 or 5 days old this are just kind of exploring their family so it was like it's a hospital because it was so. and they can't go into the hospital to visit them because i suppose close to families you know the person dies and nobody can survive and we're at risk so it's all we care it's really it's not me going to the hospital and that's the last i miss all of these team member die yes. but i do take photos for folks i mean i've had a few people. i don't like the liability aspect of it per se but i
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feel i feel she was a great source not letting anybody at you know what the general sense aries who will lead a raft like 2 or 3 people and yes stay in your car and watch the burial there so of course 'd that account at least an no or ours like watches have one or. the 3rd round i heard him say so they've got a least 3 rows and it's high we're working with can source outside of the state because they're just 'd so inundated here that you can't get a commission box so we ended march for the promised city and 'd the hospitals are telling folks that they have 3 or 6 days to move their uncles or they don't have a city burial so unlike anything i had to 'd say to my father ever seen anything quite like this ballad out i mean i've dealt with plane crashes 911 this is just every day it's there in 20 families coming in that they want to help us get helpless. i'm
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a legal how many deaths of athens certainly in our community we probably don't know 100 year olds in the last 2 weeks and we have more than 100 more to go i'm going to do probably almost as much work 'd inside for more than ideal listeria within the best we can and we have a small staff you know organise we're going to round up all our. you know we're exhausted. i sleep myself here at all i worry a little about my father and my uncle they say they're going straight to the system . they're trying to be careful analysts many devices 'd my son sakhi alison yes he does yard and i have a face mask that my wife may. not have i am a pink one and i haven't added any great ones. and you want me to take the bait more but it's always such high fat. i don't have time to think about
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140 all this area but able to write i have a little. research report in the am right. since it's a busy have no science. maybe look back on this one to start. a different way. for now it's just. so you just keep going. i wonder why you were in areas such disproportionately high mortality rates i restarted keesha bullis in the same area one patient 0 get on. the run you know was back in card freedom reason when there are no. good you have to put it out. seeing as how many. we are have our mask on and a ring round rang in your which i considered one of them were area out west
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and westchester made the news because. lawyer in your rush hour being known as patient 0 to measure to me in hand and that's how it started spreading the new york. heart. managed to get our order to. be. wished that my sister works for a new york presbyterian hospital she has an uncle who have been broke lame. michael vick 19 it's unfortunate that there are 16 the number and that it's a lot of war and black and than any nation me and minority people that are getting need who are in. the core population are dying one has. in everyday circumstances when you go to a hospital in new york city and probably in any other age the 1st thing they
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actually raised you having been a 4 or 5 different times that i've been we are we have not been able to get health insurance yet they're telling you you can give your health insurance but if you're not working how do you know for like a 100 or 2 as knowledge journey. they don't take your case seriously when you don't have insurance because that the end of the day the hospital to look at how are they going to get countries with universal have here we will treat it or. a more prevented and level which is a lower to the hospitals evaluate based on the population how many hospitals should be there not in the ranch it's focused on money we have one hospital
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money here are malvern and hospital and from last year they have been by an interest eric down they feel that it's not making enough money so therefore it's not needed all all that the only hospital in mount vernon are very overpopulated who are area i definitely do think that it has the hospitals there or are there in the areas that give them more income. and not rich i rarely in the south side i remember and i'm not rich that's considered or a bad area. you know where. people get shot at warners or and. i guess news and you almost become immune in you get
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a mirror image of the fact that ok they're going to close down the only hospital and people use a. status aid but i wonder when all of this is out over and we're all just involved right back to business as usual. i hold that we come out of it as being kinder gentler to each other and that the hospitals this there and focus on follow me here and not just there and that we no longer and each other and bridge or or or you know world black vs white. because we're all dying from it it doesn't it's really.
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we go to work so you can stay home. and i'll show small seemed wrong mom told stahl just don't call. me. yet to shape our disdain comes to educate and in gains from an equal betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground in the. show see. this mission does other good for you but always goes to within your system that's right there if you did national and if you. got it would you put it out of chicago still not. ready for the.


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