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tv   In Question  RT  June 1, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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we certainly. thank. thank you thank you thank. you know there i'm going to let you and your watching in question broadcasting from our to america's national news headquarters in washington d.c. we want to welcome our viewers from across the nation and all around the world on our top story tonight america in chaos. waves of protest are raging nationwide as america is suffering both a societal and economic meltdown right now nights of chaos wept across the country
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following the death of george floyd an unarmed black man who said he couldn't breathe after he was held down by a police officer with a knee on his neck for more than a minute or so to a crowd of people on the street where his brother was killed listen. of all not over. all want to. go home out on where are. known or oh. we're going to have our own. i don't. know but we're ready for him because. i thought some of the one. about i 8 voted for meto. the. hope of all of the vote for the poet mother was everybody. right in a statement is coming as many dozens of people arrested after night upon the rest of the national guard moving in and forcing a curfew many nights ended with the city on fire while leaving stores ravaged and
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looted let's start our team coverage where these protests far off in minneapolis that's where we'll find actually banks. i'm here in the exact spot where george will be with count by minneapolis police officer derek shubin exactly a week ago today and. we all saw the video and we all know that he knew exactly what he was doing we all know that this was a conscious decision what was it 9 minutes of video watching him stand around while the guy slowly dies i mean come on. i don't see a way out other than charging now there are about 70 people here that are a living flowers they're leaving stuffed animals and messages for full weight for those who knew him they say that he was a man who was against violent actually spoke out against it and tried to invoke change. the same cycle over and over and over no matter how you did it was just
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this is devastating period i was here a last night around 11 pm and 3 hours for appeal and i want to say there are about 2 to 300 protesters that. fully protesting and completely unified however the best way to describe the atmosphere is that it would. look at this history this desisted this is stuff that we've seen in the books. just to state the whole is into this is. for us to be at the mess that this is the more protests are scheduled for the rest of the day as protesters say they won't stop until justice is served now what exactly does that look like the protesters say they won't stop and tell the remaining 3 officers are charged and convicted and they're hoping that officer showed a 3rd degree murder charge is to the 1st degree i'm actually banks reporting in
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minneapolis. meantime former minneapolis officer derrick show been charged with a 3rd degree murder of george floyd is behind bars shogun is the officer who kept his knee on floyd's neck which resulted in his death his court hearing is scheduled for today but that has now been moved to june 8th due to these ongoing protests he was also moved to be parked heights prison to prevent possible suicide in jail. and a week has passed since the death of george floyd and you can see here protests in almost every major city and those highlighted states are those that have already called in their national guard to help control the crowds that have been gathering every night and today cleanup efforts are underway after things turned violent sunday night with tensions playing up between protesters and police stores being looted in all these major cities including right here in washington d.c. r.t.
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is there live for us just outside of the white house where it looks like a lot of people are gathered ferrand what's going on out there. nominal so when we came to live at $2.00 and $3.00 there was a good 100 protesters here half of them actually broke off and went in march towards the capitol in which hundreds more came over here right in front of the white house you can see behind me the lafayette park over here is actually completely roped off and we have army are seen a d.c. national guard d.c. metro police along with the secret service in a line covering this fence area here now i've talked to many of the protesters here black white brown all of them alike all saying that they are preaching for a peaceful protest you had a couple protesters at one point throw water bottles over the barricades and actually a couple other protesters ran up and said we're not doing that this is going to remain peaceful and it's going to stay that way now donald trump is calling on state and local leaders to get have a tougher stance on protesters actually calling for governors just hours ago
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calling them weak now as for d.c. a curfew was put in place tonight at 7 pm and extended into tuesday evening at 7 pm to 6 am but last night that curfew was scheduled at 11 pm just hours before last night's curfew multiple fires in the area were started including at the historic st john's church right in the downtown where many u.s. presidents have attended over the years you also had other vandalism like what you see here in d.c. as national mall where right outside of the lincoln memorial it was written y'all not tired yet and at the world war 2 memorial written to black vets out now mariel has been there mariel browser has called in the entire d.c. national guard that is here behind me which is made up of about 700 soldiers to help control these protests metro police arrested around 18 people ranging from 18 to 34 and they're also posting these pictures on social media with images of people caught on security footage cameras asking for the public's help in finding the now today president arnold met with attorney general bill barr to fast track the george boyd case investigation but trump also did hold
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a closed door video session with governors across the country just a few hours ago along with law enforcement and national security affairs. those were there are reports coming out now from the inside of that room that president trump told him that they needed to step it up one quote actually coming out of the room with trump saying it's a movement if you don't put it down it will get worse and worse the only time it's successful as when you're weak and most of your weak notrump is also pointing out the minneapolis police department precinct being burned in the city where the protests all began now trump has been very vocal on where he stands on this issue mainly saying that these those that are rioting and looting and causing violence are members of anti forward yesterday he doesn't need it as a terrorist organization tweeting this i don't see any indication that there were any white supremacist groups mixing in this is an ant in ization now again the curfew is scheduled for tonight from 7 pm to 6 am and again into tuesday but there's a lot of on social media calling for the gatherings of last night to come back
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again tonight now again i've been out here with protesters all afternoon it has been nothing but peaceful no violence no arrests made whatsoever actually have a lot of these protesters you know sitting together arm in arm giving each other water giving each other pizza every time they leave they pick up their trash once they're done so definitely all peaceful here manila but we'll have to wait and see as far as once that 7 pm curfew comes in about 3 hours for now going to shoot back to oh. thank you. and from jacksonville florida to tampa and south to fort lauderdale and miami protests rioting also broke out over the weekend in florida where some cities have acted a curfew to deal with that lawlessness are to correspondent john cuddy has more for us from miami and john what's happening down there. well you're right and speaking of curfews real quick the city of miami miami dade county both have a curfew in effect city in miami from 8 pm to fight in the county from 9 pm till 6 am but behind me here manila and actually want to walk with me there's
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a gathering of protesters they gather right out side of the american airlines arena which is the case yes to. they as well demonstrators who gathered here on the steps they're giving speeches they're doing some interviews with the media just follow me because they literally were just here now they're walking down it looks like this came boulevard it's not that huge a crowd. it's not the size of the crowds that we saw over the weekend when things got really contentious here in the city of miami and there were clashes between the demonstrators between protesters and police there was some looting going on mostly at the bayside marketplaces you just just down the boulevard here and also there was some damage as we showed you earlier in the show in our earlier a live shot in downtown miami but for now this is peaceful i could tell you this there is a massive contingent of police basically at the ready just on the other side of the arena here up the road where it's all cordoned off we saw dozens of police vehicles
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swat teams tactical units getting ready there some police going by behind the camera here and also on the drive over here from our office in brickell which is on the other side of the miami river from downtown we drove drive the city of miami police department and i can tell you this there are police tactical units basically getting ready and getting geared up there for possibly something larger to come this evening it's not to say that it's going to happen but earlier when we were downtown a lot of businesses were shutting down earlier early in anticipation of another protest whether or not it's at the level that we saw over the weekend here in miami when there were clashes between the protesters and police well that remains to be seen we saw that happen here we saw it in other parts of the state in tampa protesters clashed with police there there was looting there was rioting likewise in jacksonville florida in the northern part of the state same deal over the weekend clashes between protesters 2 and police several day sheriff's deputies there were reportedly endured here in south florida in broward county not too
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significant as far as injuries very minor injuries nothing to. syria not serious injuries no deaths we're not seeing really the violence and the widespread violence on the level of other cities throughout the country most notably of course minneapolis los angeles new york among others ok but at this point police are gearing up they are getting ready there is a curfew in effect so really the question is if this crowd grows larger if they continue marching through downtown and if that stretches past the beginning the start of the curfew here in the city at 8 pm and in that point what's going to happen are we going to see arrests and are we going to see basically the crowd grow and spiral out of control again i'm not saying that's the case i certainly think we all hope that's not going to be the case but we've seen it we've seen the anger throughout the nation and there is definitely the anger here as well over these recent attacks so a lot of helicopters overhead
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a lot of police coming by at this point we're going to keep monitoring the situation we'll keep you posted but for now that is the latest here in downtown miami in the middle of back to tensions definitely riot the later it gets john heidi thank you in miami. and as you know tensions have been running high even throughout the west coast and all over parts of los angeles correspondent natasha suite reports from santa monica where a lot of protesting and looting has already taken place natasha what's happening in l.a. . yeah you know i mean you can see behind me there is a wall that the national guard is making to you know enact the curfew that started an hour ago and you can see that we do have a few protesters here just a few of them many of them have been arrested so far but yesterday what started as a peaceful protest eventually turned into looting and we saw that several businesses were you know ransacked and some even set on fire take a look at this video you can see this man breaking open the store window and others
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taking whatever they can stores and cars catching on fire after 500 people were arrested friday night 8 pm curve. he was sent for los angeles and the national guard was called in the protest grew it started downtown then went to the fairfax district near the grove mall then into beverly hills long beach and here in santa monica things became so heated here sunday a 4 pm curfew was set for santa monica and a sudden 6 pm curfew for the rest of us angeles county well stores closed early to avoid looters some store owners stood guard in front of their shops armed l.a.p.d. chief saying it hurts to see police finally back to a place he thought they'd overcome i'm sad i'm margaret is here so i've lived through this before at least partly for 3 years and i've read that we've never been back in the cycle situation and l.a. has really such a different place than it was 30 years ago and we've made so much progress as a as a community as a society as a police department we're doing here the police were there. in oakland an
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independent journalist was hit by those projectiles you just heard and the f.b.i. is investigating after 2 federal protective service officers were shot and one died of his injuries saturday night aerials from sunday night show several stores in san francisco being broken into some protesters smashing their way into businesses running off with as much as they could carry protesters in the silicon valley also blocking the one freeway holding up signs as they protested the death of george floyd and in the central valley a car rams into 2 protesters. all officials here are expecting war on the rest and los angeles we understand and dish into the 1 pm curfew here the entire city of los angeles it is expected to be on lockdown by 6 pm but something the positive during all of the you know despite all the looting that we saw yesterday you know today with all so many people carrying brooms and trying to clean up santa monica you know even taking away all the graffiti that was on all
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the walls so you know still some positive things and all of the destruction that happened here manila right natasha. sweet live for us in santa monica thank you. with america and chaos who are the voices of reason that americans can turn to we're going to discuss that topic next with our friend larry king and then later over the sports h.q. we're going to hamm shares a major update that could pave the way for major league soccer to get back in the pitch and remember to keep up with all the latest news and anything you might have missed download our brain a free app it's called portable t.v. you can catch their 247 i'll be back in 2.
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the old adage goes cooler heads will prevail but after nearly a week of nightly protests many of which descended into riots chaos and looting who are those cooler heads and where are they media giant oprah has weighed in on her twitter saying she thinks about that image of george floyd day and night basketball great michael jordan speaking out saying that we have had enough but who will read the real change so joining us to discuss our friend t.v. legend larry king host of politicking our larry you have covered numerous movements in our society through the decades is this one somehow different from those you've seen in the years past for example could you perhaps compare and contrast this current situation against the l.a. riots of 1902. yes that was all caught on
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camera with that when the cops beating up one innocent citizen getting in with sticks annoy miller yeah i'm so saddened over all this because as a nation we seem to have progress and then we take a step back it amazes me the civil wars is over yet we're still racism in america is so saying what we need now is a leader to lead us there's a great article new york times the other day times are great stretch great leaders have come forward starting with lincoln at gettysburg unfortunately we don't have that today don't trump has no empathy and you've got to have empathy at this time so we need a leader to take us forward without the bad and the sadness of what we see on the screen. there's no answer to this i don't know what to do i am so much said that
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obama should be called forward yeah maybe there's a good idea or maybe what about that larry. i would if i were if obama were to ask for time on all the networks now and here is a man who could lead as he obviously has that quality which trump lacks and so we're not going to see it in we're not going to see the leadership convoy washington washington blames the governors. and it's all blame kicking around is just so damn sad sam said when we see this and. i catch most americans who have to admit that they miss the former president yeah that is that is in fact president obama came out today publishing an op ed in medium about george foy's death and he also tweeted this he said he said i know the past few months have been hard and dispiriting but watching the heightened activism of young people makes me hopeful and if we can keep channeling our justifiable
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anger into peaceful sustained and effective action this can be the moment when real change starts so if former president obama could possibly be that voice of reason like you suggest larry i mean how is he really going to impact quell the violence that we're seeing and impact actual change going forward. i think of it have to be done on camera we're a nation that expects things on camera we resolve we depend on technical aspects but to see obama now talking to america i think the networks would give him the time he is a former president maybe he could be joined by george w. bush. the former president and bill clinton another former president to appeal to the good in us and we know there's good in us there's good in 99 percent
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of us this is the one percent the damage is the 99 percent you know and it's tragically sad and what we need now and we need great leadership is in that obviously need the amador who could carry us forward and i don't see it have them in washington right now i had to someone said that they someone in the white house as the president trump to speak to the nation last night and he did. prine how can you decline to speak to the nation of a time like this one with it larry mind it's mind boggling it is mind but affluent to me when you're the leader of the free world and this is happening in your own country in your declining to speak to a nationwide audience and larry right now we have on the screen live footage of what's happening in downtown minneapolis or excuse me this is new york city we're seeing protesters blocking the streets i know new york is your your home and just a moment ago larry you mentioned you know the 99 percent of us and what about those
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one percenters celebrities are all over this because larry back in the vietnam war era we saw jane fonda the celebrity poster girl against the war today there are folks like kim carr dashin backing black lives matter of the bron james doing the i can't breathe do you think the celebrities are helping or hurting these causes larry. well they can't be hurting it they're appealing for the stamina to be in all of us so i don't there's no downside to celebrities making this appeal by the way it was appeals that helped end the vietnam war the protests end of that war when no american no we won't go how many many people did you kill today they'll be jay that the vietnam war was stopped by protesters and then we in the media wall of cronkite turned against it but right now that was all we were fighting on foreign soil and so we had
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a difference of opinion in foreign affairs and we were against what was going on there this is totally different this is on our soil. it is it is horrific but no i i hope i don't see a light at the end of the tunnel something's got to happen charging the other 3 officers explaining why it was 3rd degree murder or not 1st degree when we saw in front of our eyes for. is it 3rd degree bowen's explain that ira has anyone explained to me why it's 3rd degree why is that now i know they're burning out on they're basing it on autopsy results which the family has just brought in michael bought in the famous. the famous investigator there i know i'm well marc was very warm i bet you dale's award i bet you do i wish he says he says it was not and. he said that but the initials report it didn't matter what he died of
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a heart attack. my biggest issue you know he could have died of any. let's say this he did good looking today if this didn't happen we can change dream but i think we can all bet on that as always larry king appreciate your insight and that only you can offer we'll see you soon larry thank you. thanks. already to hams over at the sports h.q. major league soccer might be making a return soon but fans aren't going to be able to benefit from that pretty much like everywhere else in the world except the chinese basically they can have fans but no one else can a major league here in the u.s. are formulating plans to try to bring their seasons back after being postponed due to the current of ours pandemic now major league soccer could be making headway to get the league out of it shut down the music soccer players association did agree to a counter proposal to send to m.l.s. the future is a summer tournament in florida at e.s.p.n.
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is wide world of sports complex in the world tournament with the league's 26 teams and staff sheltered hotels for a maximum of 6 weeks teams that arrive in orlando on june 24th train for 2 weeks and then play a 3 game group stage for knockout round them less are to gave participating teams the go ahead a very strict restrictions to return to practice including temperature monitoring and the last pay also voted to approve economic concessions across the board and clothing salary cut the season was suspended after just 2 games in march and while this is a hope there is a chance or actually could even be a lockout because m.l.s. is going to push back against the m.l.s. proposal and said that if their original offer isn't going to be accepted by tomorrow they're locked out it's shocking you know we want sports back and yet when leagues like if you don't agree to our terms were dot going to come back. well that's where i know you've got to give a little compromise right i mean this is not the year to say me me me give me no no no we want sports back we want soccer back on the pitch and if this is how we have
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to do and there's got to be a middle ground it's a happy marriage somewhere yeah we'll tell it to tell that to the the leagues that make all the big money anyway right exactly all right thank you for that regina and you don't go anywhere because we're back at 7 pm with a lot more news for you including a live discussion on being black in america we're going to have this delicate discussion with our panel gas and talk about the real changes that need to happen after all of these ongoing protests and riots so all that and more coming up at 7 pm that's it for right now but make sure you keep up with everything and question at all times by downloading our brand new free app called portable t.v. you can catch there 247 any news you might have missed call me on twitter at manilla hand that's my name remember that question more about.
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join me every socially on the elec so i will be sure and i'll be speaking to us of the world of politics. this knows i'm sure. i'll see you the. bill. which your thirst for action.
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well here are the bullet points. for those of you keeping score. cities are on fire. 40000000 unemployed. in america. g.d.p. to the climb by 50 percent in the 2nd quarter. the velocity of money is dead. small businesses are dead. and j.p.l. said chairman says this is fine this is fine this is fun this is time.
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hello from rhode island where i live and if you 2 are working remotely during this pandemic shutdown is that temporary and if you do go back to the company's building how will that day to day experience feel different and what will be the new career opportunities in the new normal let's ask david lewis c.e.o. of operations a quick vices companies in all industries companies of all sizes about all matters pertaining to human resources so he's been a busy guy lately david welcome back how are you good to see kelly clarkson say what doesn't kill you makes us stronger can numb bull companies emerge from this crisis better off.


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