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reading facilities most of that opposition is coming from huge agricultural groups and industries that have nothing to do with dogs don't buy don't. hello there i'm a military man you're watching in question broadcasting from our to america's national news headquarters in washington d.c. we want to welcome our viewers from across the nation and all around the world our top story tonight america in chaos. right waves of protest are raging nationwide following the death of george floyd an unarmed black man who said he couldn't breathe after he was held down by a police officer by his knee on his neck as floyd begged for his life since then
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peaceful protests have now turned into riots here in the nation's capital a large group of protesters have defended near the white house authorities have used tear gas to disperse a lot of them squaring off with riot police also on the street of the national guard troops and military tanks humvees moments ago president trump spoke to the nation from the rose garden are his parents from zach just got back from where those protests were happening and where the president was speaking so far and what can you tell us about the president's message so in lafayette park there was a lot of boos as the national guard came in descended and basically took over lafayette park this afternoon monella there was a lot of pushback by donald trump says that he is the president of law and order and he's going to keep the american people safe take a listen look at what he said 2 moments ago where george and his family justice will be served he will not have done. but we cannot allow the righteous
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cries at peaceful protesters to be drowned out by an angry mob the biggest victims of the rioting are peace loving citizens in our poorest communities and as their president i will fight to keep them safe. now as the national guard was rolling in which was about $1700.00 soldiers from the d.c. area attorney general bill barr he actually took a walk out on the lawn when i was out there to take a look at the area and assess we also had trump while at the same time in a closed door video conference with state governors with reports of the president told them that they need to step it up one quote coming out of that room from trump saying it's a movement if you don't put it down it will get worse and worse the only time it's successful is when you're weak and most of you are weak now trump also pointing out the minneapolis police department's 3rd precinct being set on fire the city where protests all started now where tonight trump is saying that he will do whatever
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necessary to keep the american people and their streets safe you know. you were out there all day what was the fence about what was the feeling like on the street i have never covered a war ever been in a war zone but for the 1st time you know it's a day i will tell you it felt like you were in a war zone out there i mean watching the amount of national guard members coming out they have flooded lafayette park right in front of the white house again it looks like just a complete war zone now before the curfew there was only one little skirmish where my photographer and i were actually in the wake of some pepper spray that was sprayed when a few went over the barricade and officers tried to push them back now that curfew was put in place about an hour ago here in d.c. at 7 pm which is right when we left and tensions started to rise but the street area that's directly in front of the white house it was cleared out by 7 o 5 or that trump took a walk over in front of st john's church with his staff that was actually on fire last night just an hour before last night's curfew at 11 pm 1st taking a picture with the bible and another picture adding his staff with him now this is
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a historic church right in the downtown where many u.s. presidents have attended over the years you also had other vandalism like what you're about to see here in d.c. is national mall where right outside the lincoln memorial it was written and graffiti you're not tired yet and the world war 2 memorial. do black vets count now i know when we left you could see that there were groups heading towards these peaceful protesters some with bats crowbars holding violent stuff going towards the white house where was then the curfew was said but many of these peaceful protesters that i talked to said that they were going to go home 17 o'clock came but also a lot saying that they were not going to go home again that the curfew has been extended again into tomorrow night at 7 pm but you know out there today young old black white all of them in unity saying they wanted to keep it peaceful and before the curfew they did a fair and we're looking at those large crowds right now live descending on the national mall looks like they're headed towards the washington monument possibly passing by to the lincoln memorial can't tell at this point from this vantage point
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but like you said it was it's all ages all colors many of them right now look peaceful to me i'm not seeing it in crowbars or bats but as we know when nightfall defens right a different crowd of people come out i was going to say around like you know we were out there starting at 2 pm and around you know from 2 to about $430.00 there was hundreds but then once $5.00 and 6 pm hit there was we were joined by different thousands with a lot of them chanting one more hour and reference to that curfew being over so it'll be interesting to see what happens tonight but again a lot more military presence actually you know men holding you know the big shields that the military police on them so it was it was kind of a strange scene to see in the united states today right in the nation's capital project i'm glad you're back safe. and tensions have been running high throughout the west coast as well several parts of a being righted looted arctic correspondent natasha suite is reporting from santa
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monica where a lot of that protesting and looting took place natasha what's happening. yeah lots of living for terminal here you can see the national guard making a wall to enforce that 1 pm curfew that was in acted some 4 hours ago here local time in all because yesterday what started. as peaceful protest and eventually turned into looting and some buildings were ransacked and businesses were even set on fire take a look at this video. you can see this man breaking open the store window when others taking whatever they can stores and cars catching on fire after 500 people were arrested friday night 8 pm curfew was set for los angeles and the national guard was called in the protest group it started downtown then went to the fairfax district near the grove mall then into beverly hills long beach and here in santa monica things became so heated here sunday a 4 pm curfew was set for santa monica and they cited the 6 pm curfew for the rest
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of us angeles county well stores closed early to avoid looters some store owners stood guard in front of their shops armed l.a.p.d. chief saying it hurts to see police finally back to a place he thought they'd overcome i'm sad i'm tired i'm margaret is here so i've lived through this before it's released from harvard for 3 years and i pray that we never be back in this type of situation and l.a. has you such a different place than it was 30 years ago we've made so much progress as a as a community as a society as a police department to be doing here the police were there. in oakland an independent journalist was hit by those projectiles you just heard and the f.b.i. is investigating after 2 federal protective service officers were shot and one died of his injuries saturday night aerials from sunday night show several stores in san francisco being broken into some protesters smashing their way into businesses running off with as much as they could carry protesters in the silicon valley also blocking the one freeway holding up signs as they protested the death of george
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floyd and in the central valley a car rams into 2 protesters happy me. well in addition to the 1 pm curfew already set here in santa monica parents are expecting more unrest all throughout los angeles so the. 5 pm curfew has now been acted just this hour so a lot of things could possibly still come hopefully not but we'll have to see what happens and in light of all of the looting that we saw late sunday some positive things have been happening in santa monica we saw a lot of people showing up with brooms and even cleaning off graffiti that was late last night so still some people showing some love for their city manila natasha suite live in santa monica i think you. mean while george ford's brother terrets spoke to a crowd of protesters listen. not over.
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all want to. go home out on where are. known or oh. we're going to hell. i don't. know 2 but we're ready for him. and his statement comes as many as dozens of people arrested after nights of on rest a lot of businesses vandalized now the national guard moving in and forcing a curfew here's ashley franks reporting from minneapolis. i'm here in the exact spot where george floyd with killed by minneapolis police officer derek exactly a week ago today. we all saw the video and we all know that he knew exactly what he was doing we all know that this was a conscious decision what was it 9 minutes of video watching him stand around while the guy slowly dies i mean come on. i don't see
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a way out other than charging now there are about 70 people here that are a living flowers they're leaving stuffed animals and messages for full weight for those who knew him they say that he was a man who was against violence he actually spoke out against it and tried to invoke change does. the same cycle over and over and over no matter how you did it was just this is devastating period i was here a last night around 11 pm and 3 hours per view and i want to say there are about 2 to 300 protesters that were peacefully protesting and completely unified however the best way to describe the atmosphere in front of the net. i mean look at this history this desisted this is stuff that we've seen in the books not just the united states the whole world is in. this is worldwide so you know for us to be at the metro this is the month that is more protests are scheduled for the rest of the
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day at the protesters say they won't stop until justice is served now what exactly does that look like will protesters say they won't come up and tell the remaining 3 officers are in charge and convicted and they're hoping that officer shows in a 3rd degree murder charges change to the 1st degree i'm actually banks reporting in minneapolis. eric and city is putting neighbors against one another racial tensions rise to the surface over the death of george floyd in minneapolis but will there be one unified voice to come from this latest round of rioting or well this further the divide here to discuss our panel tonight they want ken he's a college professor and editor at large for salon dot com and of course former congressman and lieutenant colonel in the u.s. army allen west gentlemen thank you for being with us today so i'll start with you head of of george floyd's death you wrote
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a piece for huff po about dirty cops in your hometown of baltimore and your brush with one of them as a young teen reflect on your personal experience for us in light now of mr floyd's death. so what i want to do what they say is just to show people like i want to take it a step beyond 30 counts because we are know that they're very tough but i wanted to highlight what went through and how you can be on either side of the won't drugs but you still if you're a victim if you're selling them using drugs which are also a victim it's going to be an incentive but locking up people a lot of companies should be locked up or at the people who shouldn't be around using the bench as a tool to every just sells off of money that's made on the street and i really wanted to cover that and i just do it i use my personal story but i use terms of. terms in terms of court documents and testimonies from victims and witnesses who
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participated in the incarceration of this police officer because you know we are noted there are 30 cops but we got a ticket for this on the other people outside of communities like mark i understand and congressman west you are are known for being an outspoken conservative and a proponent of the 2nd amendment how do you feel that the mainstream media's coverage of the the reopen protests that we saw last month we saw armed people descend on state capital buildings like those in michigan with how they're covering the protests we're seeing today. for the very simple i've been to some of these rallies with a lot of 5000 a rally in arms in texas just 2 saturdays ago there was no destruction of property there was no burning down there was no looting or anything i think the problem that is happening right now is that we're losing focus piece about it firsthand this news talk and anyone remember george floyd because i don't think that the people
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that are out there doing all of this damage think about if you're a small business owner and you just got your business opened back up because of the coburn 1000 issue and now you have also more come along and destroy your businesses you had nothing to do that that's exactly what has happened here in dallas texas as a matter of fact saw some of the social media communications from these groups that are out here at the for related this and they're pushing this out of dallas texas let's move further up and garland let's go on the wire and let's go to saks these are small suburban communities so this has nothing to do with getting justice for george this is an opportunity in these very violent gangs who should rightly be called domestic terrorist groups to what they're doing who are not and perpetrating again in the city will. and a now barring the minority of those people looting and displaying occur. you know behavior how do you take this momentum as president obama spoke about today and
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propel change what does that change look like and how how do you harness this why for want a people and varying ideologies about what moving forward means. you know at the end of the day i think the generation before me. didn't have a figured out in a generation before and there didn't have to figure out you got so many people who make in a conversation about any and everything but the history of violence and poverty and racism and white supremacy and all the different things cocktail that a few really nice people in the streets right now i know that my job as a person who loves my city and who loves my community is the pull of love and support for the young people who are going to be left here and have to put this that these things back together i think you know there's no big answers because police you know police police are different and every minute is a paladin every state every city every community they have their own way they
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police so we as people who love our community have to do what we can in the places where we live on campus on what happened and you stand because i have to put my energy into the things that i that's happening and bottomless city right now but i do think we need to change the conversation i think the conversation is this you know that it a day there be no small business if you keep killing people in general it isn't as if people care to see a park so we have to figure out how to get to the bottom of that ok that sounds like you're saying that the change starts locally at home and then maybe eventually will get there and in the bigger conversation but then congressman there's that old adage one rotten apple spoils the bunch we all know that when we've heard it applied to the protesters and these rioters why doesn't the same apply to a cop. who. there was a plot of cops i mean you think about the gentleman who shot the young man down in
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south carolina he's in jail this man will go to jail i'll agree to be a 1st degree murder without that in they should be accessories to murder those other 3 police officers but look i cannot explain why the city attorney there are many apples did not decide to do that. with allen west and be right back in just 2 minutes. wall street's busy trading your money 5 days a week and there are 4 corners. and 3 major stock market. and when you have to watch right or fail it all becomes clear there's just one business show you can't afford to make. the one and only.
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find it now on portable t.v. . oh yeah oh. by. the host question. actually listens to the answer and then react to that that's it folks. i've got a new show. you know it doesn't really matter where you've been but that. is where you're going right we'll see you church generation look. at the establishment media as the
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lead in the water pipes that drove the romans bad do you find yourself watching t.v. to turn your brain off to relax i want you to watch t.v. to turn your brain on i'm rick sanchez. it's time. to do news again. and tonight in new york city protesters have gathered in times square just hours ahead of but 11 o'clock curfew tonight the nation's biggest city is trying to head off another night of destruction erupting amid protests from the george floyd
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movement according to state officials the curfew will last until 5 am tomorrow all of this happening in the midst of as you know what the coronavirus pandemic. i'm trying to teach all of us reporting from new york. today the nation rocked by another day of mass protests against police brutality. demonstrations now taking place in at least 140 cities coast to coast. many turning violent scenes like this erupting around the country cars in flames and businesses destroyed. the national guard now activated in 20 states and washington d.c. curfews and forced and thousands arrested. and one. started off as peaceful demonstrations in new york quickly turning destructive in parts of manhattan was
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pointed out it was the outside of it was demonstrators clashing with police setting fires to police cars throwing bricks rocks and fireworks at officers who responded in full force mobs of people seen rampaging down sidewalks smashing into numerous luxury shops to steal merchandise over 100 stores vandalized by sunday night at least 33 n.y.p.d. officers injured and 47 police vehicles destroyed buildings are crowding god and brown people i know this as an independent investigation is underway over the violent clashes between police and protesters including this moment when an n.y.p.d. police cruiser drove into a group of protesters there must be immediate investigation and must be the appropriate penalty and that penalty fare include all the way up to being removed from the police force at least $250.00 people arrested on sunday alone including blasio the daughter mare bill de blasio for unlawful assembly saturday night all
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this in the midst of the corona virus pandemic the virus already ravaging new york city accounting for more than 50 percent of all infections in the state the city which was the epicenter of the outbreak for weeks hasn't even started lifting lockdown restrictions and already new concern the mass protests will spark a 2nd wave of the deadly virus hundreds seen here clustering together in large groups chanting and screaming many going against state regulations not wearing face masks was officers using tear gas and pepper spray to disperse crowds causing people to tear up and to cough further increasing respiratory secretions enhancing the possibility of transmission but despite the risks the message is clear i for example are proud been able we need to be out here on the streets doing the world reporting in new york. treated each other as r t. after days of protests and riots across the country many u.s. officials are looking for someone to blame for that violence but the countries that
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routinely receive harsh criticism from washington for their handling of protests are pointing out some hypocrisy blevins is joining us now to discuss the details of all of this so rachel let's start with the obvious right now china how have they responded to these protests happening here what china just recently passed national security legislation for hong kong which specifically targeted foreign influences after months of demonstrations that were cheered on by the u.s. even in cases where the clashes became violent but when it came to mass protest here in the u.s. with many of the violent china responded by issuing a statement in which they expressed concern for the minorities who have been targeted by police. social current state of affairs once again in the seriousness of the problems of racial discrimination violence law enforcement by u.s. and police and the urgency of the solving the problem. so you know a spokesperson for china's foreign ministry also took to twitter sharing
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a broadcast from r.t. america where anchor rick sanchez pointed out the contrast between how the trumpet ministration referred to those who take part in riots here in the u.s. as dogs and those who take part in riots in hong kong as heroes she also referenced a statement from the state department which criticize china for quote breaking its promises to the people of hong kong and to that she simply wrote the phrase i can't very well and richard what about iran america's other arch nemesis how they responded well the u.s. has been known for praising any anti-government demonstrations that thieves in iran but in response to these protests are ron's foreign minister actually quoted a statement that was released by secretary of state my pompei you back in 20 team but the version you posted had a few changes to it now if we take a look at. that statement he added it so that instead of claiming the people of iran are tired of the corruption injustice and incompetence from their leaders the
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statement targeted the u.s. government and cited the american people with the caption some don't think black lives matter to those of us who do it is long overdue for the entire world to wage war against racism how much all that on twitter and what about domestically who is the us blaming then for all of this we've seen more than $4000.00 arrests tied to the protests which have seen a booting and destruction of businesses and now when it comes to those there have been claims that these acts of violence have been carried out by just far left or far right extremists however when you take a look at the data that we've seen so far it suggests that most of these suspects are local and many seem to be opportunists taking advantage of the chaotic environment as opposed to being part of an organization with but that hasn't stopped current and former officials from trying to place the blame on other countries now during an interview former national security advisor susan rice said quote based on my experience this is right out of the russian playbook we cannot
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allow these extremists the foreign actors to distract from the real problems we have in this country then senator marco rubio also claim the u.s. has seen very heavy social media activity on protests and counter reactions from social media accounts linked to at least 3 foreign adversaries now when asked about those comments current national security adviser robert o'brian confirmed that the u.s. is currently monitoring online activities from china russia iran and even zimbabwe in relation to these protests and it is interesting to hear claims of other countries cheering on protests here in the united states because we know that whenever it comes to mass demonstrations against the government the u.s. government is typically the main true leader but when it happens in other countries yes absolutely blevins thank you for digging into that think you. are regina had. over the sports h.q. or regina we don't see too many high scoring games here in major league baseball at least here in the us but over at the cave you know just their rack i'm up 25
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actually total runs was the magic number in the k.b. over the n.c. dido's to find a way to end their 2 game losing streak top of the 1st in dinah's break up and scored with a solo home run off the bat a 2nd baseman parchman woo all the way to the right field stands lead one to nothing top 2nd downs that's war again this time it's get your kid to go all the way to left field warning track ready to run double dynamos lead $310.00 nothing and n.c. is on the roll they are the 4th again this time an r.b.i. single right center field trip a season for him di nos putting samsung any i have nothing hole and top of the fear that doesn't really get any better than to go in with his 2nd to run double of the game downs of 8 to nothing and sansom just know often at all with the bat that doesn't get better top the left fielder 20 dawn with a 3 run homer putting the dyna at 12 the 3 that actually had 6 more to defeat the lions team to 7 and manila we've seen around the country
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a protest in response to george lloyd's murder we also see that the sports world has also offered their support via social media coaches have spoken out as well one of the most being a boston celtics cancer and his cancer team he went out actually protested in boston so we're seeing a lot of this impact spread everywhere you know lebron james certainly i'm getting up a storm many many of them did and you know as well he's going to the minnesota freedom fund i believe it's called as well so all right we're going to have thank you for that that is it for now make sure you download our brand new app called portable t.v. i am manilla chance i'll check in with you later. well
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here are the bullet points. for those of you keeping score. cities are on fire. 40000000 unemployed. in america. g.d.p. to the climb by 50 percent in the 2nd quarter. the last
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a day of money is dead. small businesses are dead. and jay powell said chairman says this is fine this is fine this is fun time. is you'll media a reflection of reality. in the world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation community. are you going the right way or are you being that. guy with. what is true what is. in the world corrupted.


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