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tv   News  RT  June 2, 2020 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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but in commercial reading so many most of that opposition is coming from huge agricultural groups and even the streets that have nothing to do with dogs don't buy dog. riots against police brutality in the united states stretch into it 7th consecutive night president trump sais that if the situation worsens he'll do whatever it takes to win the protests if the city or state refuses to take the actions that are necessary to defend the life and property of their residents i will deploy the united states military and quickly solve the problem for them. while mr trump talks telephone home of our country's call them odd for double standards when it comes to white house criticism of violent protests or.
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100 other news the paying for the pandemic spain and italy see millions plunged into poverty employments well the incomes of operates. the crisis affected us a lot because i can't get a job comp work i was infected by i was host put a lot. doing one thing forcing us to commit suicide perhaps hundreds of people have to pay taxes and that happened. one minute past 2 pm here in moscow this tuesday the 2nd of june a warm welcome to the program my name is you know neal good of your company. they are the united states worst race riot since the 1960 s. with the violent protests for 7 straight days now over the death of george florida
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thousands of a policeman base 40 cities have imposed curfews with the national guard activated in at least $23.00 states as well as in washington d.c. and missouri police say 4 officers were left injured by gunfire after a violent protests instantly. the mayor of new york has extended a citywide curfew as more loosing erupted in mentality thousands of extra officers were sent to areas where there was particularly violent damage to property while the governor of new york says violent protesters obscure the righteousness of the message.
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this is washington d.c. where protesters out another which was mostly peaceful rally were forced off 'd the streets with tear gas and stun grenades in order to clear the way for president trying to help his folks who take it outside a church near the white house he later wore in the if the unrest continues he will do whatever it takes to stop the. recent days our nation has been gripped by professional anarchies violent mobs arsonists looters criminals rioters and and others today i have strongly recommended to every governor to deploy the national guard in sufficient numbers
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that we dominate the streets if a city or state refuses to take the actions that are necessary to defend the life and property of their residents then i will deploy the united states military and quickly solve the problem for them those words. well with several governors who condemned his remarks as inflammatory dangerous or to america's foreign friends i was there for us in the capital just before the protesters were moved. before there was hundreds around this afternoon now there are at least thousands here in front of the white house i want to talk about the people that are here in front of me right now we have a lot of young old black white browed all together standing in unity saying that they want a peaceful protests now trump is calling on state and local leaders to crack down on these and get tougher on protesters actually unloading on governors earlier today calling them quote weak now. has called in the entire d.c.
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national guard which is made up of about 700 soldiers to help control these protests metro police arrested 18 people ranging from 18 to 34 years old in there also putting pictures out on social media with images of people caught on security footage asking for the public's help in identifying them now today president met with attorney general bill barr who actually took a step outside on the grounds here in between all of the natural police the park police and the d.c. national guard to take a look at what was going on with the protesters he's also the one that's fast tracking the investigation into george floyd now ivan you're with protesters all afternoon i was saving how ben wanting to remain very peaceful there was a couple skirmishes between a couple protesters going over that barricade and some police actually bring them down telling them they had to say behind that barricade now taking a look behind me i want you to see there is those these different lines if you can see through these protesters where you're going to have your timeline of d.c. police but now the national guard and the military police are actually on that front line now. foreign friends like they're all veteran u.s. news man an r.t.
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host laura king say's the current political leadership is feeling to handle the situation. i'm so sad and overall this of course as a nation we seem to have progress and then we take a step back it amazes me the civil wars is over yet we're still racism in america is so sad what we need now is a leader to lead us down trump has no empathy and you've got to have empathy at this time so we need a leader to take us forward without that and the sadness of what you see on the screen in washington blames the governors and it's all blame kicking around is just so damn sad just broadening the story no donald trump's threat to send in the military to quell the nationwide protests has left some world leaders scratching
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their heads after he previously condemned them for being tough and violence in their countries on calling that leader accuse washington of double standards they are launching as of late i don't see they take their own country's national security very seriously but for the security of our country especially the situation in hong kong this look to tinted spectacles we have recently seen these kinds of double standards most clearly with the riots in the united states we see how the local authorities have reacted but last year when we had similar riots in hong kong what was their position in. the arena and foreign minister also came out swinging he took a red marker to a 28000 statement from u.s. secretary of state mike pompei on protests in iran with key words replaced to fire the criticism squarely back out washington so much do as i say not as i do is at play right now with more right gusta. human rights human lives she moves
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cheap nowadays look at what's happening we have police brutality systemic racism inequality riots on top of mass protests on top of an economic crisis on top of a pandemic. brights pale in comparison and that isn't me saying so we can all see it. from the. piece of. the. atlantic. the. people have died even killing if the court agrees hundreds have been hurt entire streets looted and torched the structure rage and anger of them on
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both sides that's hate something that's going to disappear in a week for 1000 people have been arrested in just days and you know what sort enough trump wants to make an example you've got to arrest people you have to track people you have to put them in jail for 10 years and you'll never see this stuff again you have to dominate or you'll look like a bunch of jerks the 1st amendment of the us constitution guarantees people's rights to peaceful protests to freedom of speech and to the right of the press to do its thing here's what the police think of that pain bulls and rubber bullets a literal slap to the face with little concern that they're shooting at a journalist to a peaceful protest this field at that time and time again but let's be frank police under huge pressure rises mean goal with the protests the sooting and burning and
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egging everyone else on that they must be dealt with but like these. no it was the condemnation we want to see the discoloration of all of those tensions in america come together that all the journalists so much as trip suvir in china for example and rights groups get an aneurism you have to check for yourself their websites human rights watch for example little to nothing mentioned a vicious protests ken roth the director of h.r. w. is doing his absolute best to ignore what's happening in america tweeting instead about hong kong and china the irony is overwhelming just weeks ago washington was preaching to everyone about how sacred protests hot the united states is gravely concerned by the deepening political unrest and violence in hong kong including the standoff between protesters and police free iterate or warning about any decision
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or remnant elements of the mature regime to use violence to repress press the peaceful democratic transition the iranian people are once again on the streets because of the regime's poor economic management. and instead of it dressing their grievances tehran has responded with violence and by blaming those outside of the country naturally those usually on the receiving end of american lectures have not passed this opportunity to sleep america off proverbially speaking china tweeting the snooping of the protests in america i can't breathe and others joining in on this chorus of counter condemnation to the american people their walled has got hurt your outcry. although it is the it operation the ward is standing. there very career is purse strings violence and bullying at home and abroad. why does the us going fight hong kong rioters as heroes and
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warriors while calling those u.s. people who protest against racism right says the u.s. blames restraint and civilized law enforcement while threatening to shoot protestors and mobilizing nation's security question for us u.s. practices are world famous double standard what they don't get is that america is exceptional he said plenty of times the congressmen the officials the president most americans thought that included then it never did it's the state that's exceptional those in power the police the military they're exceptional the american people now to them you would just like everybody else. yes and more significant news today a private post-mortem examination arranged by george flood's family fun he died from the result of compression to the neck it's in contradiction to the preliminary
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findings which claim preexisting medical conditions as the cause of death also going through what we know the up. on the george floyd's death was homicide while noting that he was intoxicated at the time i'm back to the heart disease video floyd pleading with the officer kneeling on his neck saying that he couldn't breathe has not been charged conscious times many americans i agree at the sites of the restored floyd's brother up. and a heartfelt plea really for protesters to remain peaceful. nonviolent on. time got a. 0.
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let's go through some of the latest incidents to emerge and that you protesters beating a man who was wielding a machete here in dallas texas has claimed he was trying to protect his neighborhood from looters reports say he was hospitalized but is in stable condition. troubling scenes to you during new york's choose the night curfew a month thought to be a police officer was struck by a hit and run driver propelling him into the air there's no official word from the police department yet but reports say a police sergeant was taken to hospital in a serious condition there are also other incidents involving new york law enforcement at the weekend. and this is all in the least apartment vehicle film tara tempting to try for a crowd and suffered a after a standoff with protesters
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a separate video shows an officer pointing his gun at protesters after a colleague was assaulted new york city police say around half a dozen incidents are being investigated by the department in contrast to the clashes though on efforts to build bridges officers in some cities have been seen since policy kneeling and solidarity with protest. oh. 000000000 . if the police are going to kneel with the protests going to. embrace and try to protest is my desk good because the police
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are human too the solution is in building a relationship with each other in it also seeing the human factor that does that also exist and it is a part of deceit quaid i served as a police officer myself for 24 years here in washington d.c. and i witnessed police brutality about some of the people that i worked with there were several cases that i was involved in because our reported police officers full pulled this misconduct unfolded from challenges it's about time that we have some i would say several into bichon in it because it just makes sense that this should be some federal standards associated with police behavior in our citizens and then community. this is r t international the killing of an unarmed autistic palestinian police in jerusalem sees locals draw comparisons with george flood's death is folly tell us what
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happened i'm over stories just after this.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race is all off and spearing dramatic development only mostly i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. we're back with art international hundreds turned out on sunday for the funeral of a palestinian man was killed by israeli police helic who was autistic died on saturday interest while on his way to a special needs educational facility israeli police suspected him of carrying a weapon after he failed to obey orders to stop the open fire but it was later confirmed that it was all and his family have been describing how the tragedy
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unfold. he was just a peaceful boy who was heading to school for students with special needs he always took the same route for the last 6 years and his teacher previously introduced him to the officers of the police station nearby so they knew him they saw him passing by all these years and their surveillance cameras were seeing him every day to the soon as that policeman brought my son to the school's gate he killed the boy he got scared he was kneeling for the policeman and his teacher was also standing beside him trying to explain that the boy had disabilities and that he had an id card to prove it but they pushed his teacher away and then killed my son shot him multiple times while he was kneeling is then that they have a yelling they dared to tell me my son had a gun my son was afraid of a needle how to keep carrying a gun he didn't even know the days of the week or the dates although simple things he just couldn't understand how can you call such a person a criminal or terrorist he was disabled and he should have had more protection than
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average person and yet he was executed in cold lot while they knew that he went to a special school which also was an international facility. around 200 people gathered near jerusalem's police headquarters on sunday to protest. comparing it with the death of george floyd in the us carrying banners with slogans saying palestinian lives what are the killing was the 9th by palestinian leaders as a reward for calling prime minister netanyahu responsible for the execution of a young. the israeli defense minister has apologized for the deadly shoot. the story of the incident how it should be sharing the family's grief but i'm confident this subject will be investigated swiftly and conclusions will be reached . there have been similar deaths in recent months a palestinian teenager was killed in majoring in army raid on a refugee camp official say the soldiers were attacked with rocks and in february
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another teenager was killed in clashes with israeli forces which accused him of throwing petrol bombs he had how x. family told us that as far as their case is concerned the police violated all lol. on saturday my cousin called me she was crying and she told me that i thought it's cute yod had beaten their father a rest of their mother and she was asking for help i couldn't understand what was going on because i couldn't imagine for 2nd that yard could do anything wrong he never talked to strangers or even to his relatives as he was afraid of the most simple things i went to the house with my father and uncles and we found the police had smashed everything that. 7 had been outside if we can wreck havoc in our house they beat all for us including my daughters one of the soldiers haven't spoken of all the way to my girl see by what right did they do that now even if they didn't hear himself comes in apologizes to us i want to accept it and one who know nothing
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more than that soldier to spend the rest of his life in prison sentence my son to death and i want him to feel the same. well of course we're not yet into the post pandemic era but spain's already got other big problems emerging lengthy queues for food banks the economic downturn caused by coronavirus has hit spain's purposed hard but also families who have been managing to make a living only a few months ago they'll have to wait in line for red cross food parcels the scribe the spain's new pearl and make up a cross section of society for many the situation is to. put the crisis affected us a lot because i can't get a job i can't work i was infected by couvade i was host put a life my wife also got culbut i have to wait 3 or 4 hours to get the food i don't get any help from the government they took a lot but the doing very little thank god we have overcome it with the help we've
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been given and we've been able to get ahead we get the basics oil rice lentils and fruit. we're getting help the most important things are diapers and milk for my baby because i have a 10 month old baby and i have an 11 year old son. pretty startling figures before the pandemic struck spain was already grappling with high unemployment running at around 14 percent among the worst in the eurozone jobless claims storage 560-0000 during march and april and a 1000000 fewer job contracts have been signed compared to a year ago welfare payments hitting new records as well the government agreed last week to pay a basic income to the most vulnerable families but one residents' association spokesperson says that even in their desperation felonies feel ashamed to seek help when i can pass another. $1400.00 families now we're trying to arrange it so they
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can get basic food in small groups in other parts of the neighborhood so we don't have all 1900 immigration that at the same time there are so many people who don't adhere to join in this. chain it's very very hard to see how many people don't have food right now but it's a lot of. hungry families on raging on employment problem for athletes and it's a calm i mean was already struggling when europe's 1st lockdown put everything on hold now as it slowly emerges the human cost is becoming clearer with many struggling to put food on the table. so the institutions do nothing for us they have abandoned those in fact the institutions are doing one thing george forcing us to commit suicide. has been almost nonexistent those who took the 600 euros. chris the coup situation we'll scope bullets to students to learn those and. we
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have been stuck without money without anything they have abandoned us who have children to feed them have to pay taxes and they have nothing you have to give us a job nouns up them and we merchants no longer know how to cope we just want to work and can't do anything with the 600 years of government. it's lee's main business confederation predicts a loss of up to a 1000000 jobs once the pandemic sober there is also increasing public frustration over the government's response to the crisis on saturday you can see here a so-called orange vest staging a protest in several cities calling for leaders to quit they also demand that the total end of lockdown restrictions dismissing the viruses and only exist in the government say it prophesied $400000000.00 euro to pay for food watchers in march. who is responsible for distributing food to the per told us the pandemic has undeniably taken a heavy toll on the town. before the pandemic has affected you poor it's
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a very strong we have new because everyone who did order jobs illegal work is now in enormous difficulty they cannot get benefits from the state they cannot get subsidies and i can say that there are so many unfortunately there is an increase. in the government has dealt with these emergencies by providing food parcels now been so see issues like ours and it has taken various measures and surely we must do more laws that do not look after the people and the fact immigrants this lack of attention as long we create to manage difficulties the pandemic did the rest of mice and in many workers and in. online news resource used by tens of millions of people every day is about to lose its human touch microsoft's m.s.n. is axing dozens of journalists who cure rate stories for its website and ups
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because it's a ai software can do the job better robots are supplanting workers in other jobs to take these synthetic staff members giving a new twist start the computer server a chinese restaurant that's in the netherlands but gimmicks aside there are some jobs that are. are perceived as too dangerous or difficult where it's perhaps better to let the machines do the heavy lifting on the coronavirus pandemic hours seen companies having to ramp up the automation stuff stayed home we brought together an artificial intelligence researcher and a leading social sciences academic to ask which way humanity is heading. ringback who the winners and losers are that's the big question and that's where we need some political control to make sure that it doesn't end up with mass unemployment and all the benefits of that huge productivity increase ending up in the hands of a few very wealthy people we can now i think we can trust we can trust we're boards
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because in most of the times they have pre-designed auctions so they had their their own their mistakes rate is is very low so i don't see any. problems a sum paid work is really quite crucial to people's lives people who don't have any paid what people are unemployed although in theory they can do all sorts of things it doesn't work out well and mental health becomes very all but even with just a small amount of paid work just one day a week even that that amounts could really protect people's well being and they get the best of both worlds they can that also enjoy much more leisure time i don't see any problem you know accepting automation and we can see it is in a manner popular in chains nowadays and all the people who most of us when we work with devices more buyers and and all of these technologies so i think is a natural steps for the next fuel. if we do have to watch out we do have to be
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careful that we are creating the right to tell to go through lease huge changes that i think becoming a pretty. in-depth focus now on the riots engulfing america who are crossing to washington and the watching the hawks crew for more not in months. the world is driven by a dream shaped by. the dares thinks. we dare to ask.
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