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tv   In Question  RT  June 3, 2020 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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hello there i'm a military man you're watching in question broadcasting from our to america's national news headquarters in washington d.c. we want to welcome our viewers from across the nation and all around the world our top story today america in chaos. we are continuing to follow breaking news out of minnesota that is where state attorney general keep ellison is upping charges against the now fired minneapolis police officer derek shogun to 2nd degree murder in the death of george floyd and
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also charging the 3 other officers involved with aiding and abetting now ex officer derek shogun is currently in police custody his 1st court hearing is scheduled for next week on june 8th and while we await more details on the charges of the other officers a group of student led protests in this galvanized environment were able to organize massive support for a demonstrations in the state's capital now the high school youth hoped to bring in a few 100 demonstrators to the state capital but were pleasantly surprised after more than some 12000 people expressed interest so as these developments continue to change in minnesota we'll turn to ashley banks with reaction on the ground. benjamin crump lead attorney for the family of george the way you spoke at the location to work florida under his last words i can't breathe as former officer derrick show been suffocated him by placing his knee on his back and neck chris.
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says all 3 officers were accomplices to murder saying we must have equal justice for the united states of america and change is going to come and i proclaim with his son as my witness that change starts today i've been here for 5 days and every one i've spoken with in this city demand these officers be charged and if they aren't demonstrators say it won't be a good day for the city of minneapolis when i see people arguing about how this is just us being bored and we need something to do and we're just these rioters who want to cause a ruckus a lot of people tend to forget that history tends to repeat itself this is something that is affected a lot of us here's. hundreds of years from the trail of tears is slavery we have been seeing this 1st so long we are in 2020 right now. and the fact that. i'm still scared every day for my nephew should not be happening and this enough
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for me not that will happen if. cops police departments whatever wherever. psyche on these cops and she what they've been through as a child i mean. to me it seems like they let people who have been bullied in high school by different. people in high school that are black and they just say here was a gun that's what they do all over the united states heard a lot of people being cuffed or killed in the state of minnesota. get me for this you know but people go in the police stations and they have been locked in sales in their data in the sale you know there's really been a minneapolis and st paul residents are fed up with law enforcement and want justice to be served at this time minnesota department of human rights has filed a civil rights charge against the minneapolis police department to see if the department has participated in systemic discriminatory practices. to see what
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relation to death and over the last 10 years meanwhile floyd's family and friends are preparing to hold a memorial service for the lead in minneapolis at 1 pm central time and north central university ashley banks reporting in minneapolis. 10 days after the death of george floyd if they hands of a minneapolis police officer protests continue right here in the nation's capital the boisterous crowds demanding an end to police brutality following the death of george floyd earlier today defense secretary mark asked for ordered active duty military troops stationed all across the streets of d.c. to return to their home base. and live outside of the white house with more to this rachel what's the latest on the ground now. well i know like even the news that all 4 officers in the death of george boyd would be facing charges has done very little to change the atmosphere out here i want protesters say that it is a start they also say that this movement is much much bigger than just void not
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just 30 minutes ago there were hundreds of protesters here behind me they have since marched on and we've seen a bunch of different protesters coming and going but all of the protesters to back here are lining up alongside this line of police that we have back here now this is a new development that we've seen today where it appears to be both federal and military police that have formed a line across the street and behind them we have at least 2 troop transport vehicles that have been there for about the last hour now we've heard that news the defense secretary mark says that he doesn't want active duty troops on the ground responding to these protests but it's incredibly important to note just how peaceful these protests have been here in washington d.c. over the last 24 hours and that is extremely notable considering the fact that we've seen so far just protests in the city so far take a listen to what we saw earlier today.
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protesters gathered by the hundreds in washington d.c. wednesday morning for a march to the capitol building demonstrators said their goal was to continue spreading their message despite the threat of an increased crackdown finally the protesters are marching to the capitol right now here in washington d.c. and we are here in calls of no justice no peace say his name george floyd is a higher name briana taylor and people that have gathered here want to emphasize the fact that this is a largely peaceful protest but at the same time they are still adamant about bringing attention to those cases of police brutality the cases where americans have lost their lives at the hands of police yet in these cases as they have said there has been no justice and they say there will be no peace the protest was organized by the group freedom fighters d.c. and they repeatedly emphasize the fact that it was meant to bring awareness to a message that has been at the heart of these protests since the beginning organizers were seen handing out bottles of water mask and hand sanitizer and demonstrators included people of all races all ages and all backgrounds this
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protest comes one day after thousands were seen marching to the white house marking the largest gathering the city has seen since the protests began many of those protesters broke the 7 pm curfew implemented by the district but even then the demonstrations were largely peaceful and the clashes with police appeared to be minimal. now the overwhelming message we have heard from these protesters is that they want their voice be heard they want justice for victims of police brutality like george floyd and briana taylor and they want to see a shift in the way that policing is carried out here in the united states that even with all of the curfews and all of the militarized police on the ground these protesters say they're not planning to stop anytime soon reporting from outside the white house reach a woman starting. right it's a photo that really hasn't left the spotlight since it was taken if anything it's kind of made things worse this photo behind me taken monday afternoon in front of the historic st john's church has a top pentagon adviser. now publicly resigning so here to talk more about that
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fallout is our he's here in fact parent you were right there i mean just moments before this picture was actually taken monday yeah and actually if you look at the picture too it's the guy on the far left that's at the center of this big controversy today we have depart state secretary of defense mark esper now when we were there had been left 5 minutes later we would about in the middle of all those gas canisters that were fired those flash bangs as well to move those protesters away from the white house and st john's church across the street but that's the big issue which is why james miller resigned now in his letter published in the washington post miller who was a department of defense advisor says that defense secretary marc esper went along with quote trump's orders to fire canisters and the crowd writing president trump actions monday night violated his oath to take care of the laws faithfully executed you may not have been able to stop the president to asper but you could have chosen to oppose it instead you visibly supported it ok now i'm sure
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a lot of people are wondering who is this james miller guy and what has mark esper said about his resignation so james miller is actually a pretty big deal at the d a d and this resignation had mark responding to this as soon as it was published miller served on the defense science board which is a group of retired senior officials who tackle cyber and communication technology also weapons of mass destruction now he also won 4 times the medal for distinguished public service which is the highest award a civilian can actually get from the so far as esper he says that he had no idea that they were going to be taking a picture rather he says he thought they were going to be doing 2 things one to see the damage to st john's church and talk to the troops in lafayette park which is directly across the street from the white house he also pushed back on the media saying what was reported was inaccurate take a listen national guard forces did not far rubber bullets were tear gas in the crowd as reported 2nd guardsmen were instructed to were helmets and personal
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protective equipment for their own protection not to service some form of intimidation. nominal you also had others that were part of that st john's walk to the church one of them being the nation's highest ranking military officer also piggybacking off of esper statement saying that they had no idea that that was going to be hard about whole thing yeah. the state department came out with a statement just a couple of hours ago saying that today they're honoring the victims of tiananmen square it is the 31st anniversary of what's house up here so it's a little odd monella because with all of the protests going on here in america 31 years later the state department is releasing now this message we honor of the brave chinese people whose peaceful calls for democracy human rights and a corruption free society came to a violent end when the chinese communist party sent its army into tiananmen square armed with tanks and guns and the u.s. stands with the people of china who continue to aspire to a government that protects human rights fundamental freedoms and basic human
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dignity so again manila in the wake of america americans out there practicing democracy by freedom of assembly the irony of all of this is you see those tanks rolling into tiananmen square back in 89 well today we're seeing u.s. military trucks rolling through the streets of washington d.c. today's protesters not calling for democracy however but still calling for human rights and corruption free society so kind of ironic very ironic day to be saying that they support the chinese protesters but you know hey exactly all right fair in france i thank you for that update. and similar protests also took place in houston texas georgia going home state among the 60000 demonstrators included in city official and police family calling on protesters to continue calling for an end to police brutality and over in kentucky there was a large turnout of mostly peaceful protesters many of them went to work by tear gas and pepper balls by riot police. and to st louis missouri
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a retired police captain was shot dead all responding to an alarm. at a pawnshop late monday according to investigators the business was being looted at that time police say they made 25 arrests throughout that night after 55 other businesses were also looted retired captain david dorn was 77 years old. and over a new south wales australia the police chief outright rejected comparisons to the united states after an indigenous boy was roughed up while being arrested this past sunday you can see in the video there how the officer turns him around and kicks both of his legs causing the teen to all face flat to the pavement and while the arresting officer has been suspended the police chief defended his officer saying his department takes a much different approach and that sydney is not minnesota in reference to the death of george floyd. and elsewhere around the world pope francis is weighing in
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on the protests here in the u.s. in an address to his followers the pope said quote we cannot tolerate or turn a blind eye to racism he also expressed great concern about the disturbing social unrest in reaction to the killing of george floyd the pope added that nothing is gained by violence and so much is lost and called for national reconciliation and peace. are at the r. and c. is apparently moving out of north carolina so where will the r. and c. actually take place we're going to discuss that next with our friends got to know hughes and then later in sports regina hamm brings us a big birthday for one of the greatest players to grace the tennis court so we'll be back with that and make sure you keep up with all the latest news and anything you might have missed by downloading our branding free app horrible t.v. you can catch there 247 will be back in 2.
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something for you on your sports h.q. . oh yeah yeah. he plays shit. take a bite. an ocean of stories even the news worth knowing can overwhelm you. you could even use your way i know you want it all so let me bring you the best. it's easy just. play. the questions birth new question.
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numbers as stars and lists as. bring all these just to get. drunk. the remains in question. i'm a journalist it's all i know being a truth teller people say i make them uncomfortable good news like a jackhammer with that they find the truth newt gingrich because it's time to do news again and question more. like it was me host the question for the guests and then the actually listens to the guests answer and then react to that answer a folks does this really here i've got a new show. president
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trump announced where else but twitter his decision to move the republican national convention from charlotte to another city following north carolina governor roy cooper's insistence on convention attendees follow the c.d.c. guidelines requiring social distancing and wearing face coverings but where will the convention go on such short notice so for that let's bring in our friend got e-mail news host of news views heroes who also happens to be in nashville tennessee one of the cities pitching to. have expressed their interest in welcoming the republican national convention in august so scotty i mean how difficult is it going to be to move such a huge political convention in less than 3 months i mean you can't plan a wedding in that short amount of time. you're correct middle i mean you've planned a party before but if you ever planned a party for 50000 people that's
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a lot of not only food but hotel security everything that goes into it i want to break down the numbers with this and we just have read much of the aren't this bill slated to begin on august 24th and last till of the 27th now there's only $2472.00 actual delegates that did the convention but we all know there's got to be more of the party than that as you have to have a full stadium size to host the amount of attendees that usually and along with the delegates now you've got $15000.00 plus members of the media who are expected to attend not to mention the security and who can forget the protesters $18000.00 plus protesters are expected at this year's aren't these that a lot and not many cities are actually able to handle that kind of a crowd that you know what i didn't even think about all the protesters and of course all the press that attends all right so what cities have actually expressed interest and what are we going to know a final decision. well that's the thing when a lot of cities are going this is what you get you pick charlotte who hosted the
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d.n.c. back in 2012 so obviously you're head to have a democrat mayor who is in charge of it so a lot of immediate republicans that come to our state so let's look at 1st at the governor of west virginia who has publicly and privately said jim just that he reached out to the white house problem is west virginia doesn't have a city that 50000 people if there's even a city that has 50000 people west virginia but make no mistake you have a florida with governor romney and this immediately stepped up and said jacksonville miami take your pick either one has posted before would be thrilled to have you again check that houston dallas both all governed by republican governors and mayors welcome the r. and b. but here's a funny one that i thought that you would like to store in manila you have republican georgia governor bryant reached out and said please come to georgia except you have atlanta democratic mayor he should lance who has become quite known notorious and has raised her profile these past few weeks and days and how she's and all these protests she has said no atlanta probably is not the plan for you may
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think my she's on the short list to be vice president biden contender that's a possibility now now now speaking of biden yesterday was also the primary election for at least 8 states and here in washington d.c. but you know cold and the numerous protests around the country presented challenges to say the least to some voters even though many states were trying out this new 1000000 voting system so how did yesterday all go. well that's the thing with all most of those states are as these were postponed dates from code from the past few weeks news or just kind of tying up loose and as a primary was just to confirm joe biden as a nominee unfortunately it did not go as smooth as they were hoping would be pennsylvania as a week ago the governor came out and said they would going to extend absentee and mail and voting by an additional week but we don't even know 6 how those election results might be. but that is only for philadelphia and 5 other counties that there
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are already reporting some sort of issue going on so we're not going to know those voting title there in washington d.c. long lines obviously were met but most of when there's already absentee ballots missing ballots they don't even know where they are the expandability issue is already shown to be an issue so we're going to see if those teams can get worked out before november the big race yesterday for republicans was iowa steve king representative there in iowa for 17 years was actually beat by randy fentora now it's going to probably stay in republican hands but remember steve king was as a very controversial congressman making very racially charged comments and kept a confederate flag on his desk so in this time it was no doubt that he was by more than a 1000 votes within his own district who had a 1000 vote isn't all that much but enough to win is a win right side in iowa in iowa and a district that's not and there was 4 people in it that was a pretty big a big lee obviously the people of iowa said that they did not agree with obviously some of the comments that he had made in the past he has definitely said some
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questionable things but i guess good luck to his his what's this new guy's name you know well this is randy fisher and one thing manila that just coming across i'm saying las vegas don't realize vegas out for the count for the r. and c. might not be the best place for a christian conservative party but you know what the mayor there is saying we will do whatever it takes to get the money into our streets and maybe it's including about in the public but you know at lots of hotel space there are lots. and it's all going into thanks to a lot of hotels right now are begging for people to come or the rooms great deals you got a lot of great deals there all right scottie we'll see how this pans out scardino hughes host of news views hughes thank you much. thank you. meanwhile cope at 19 continues to spread worldwide with cases now topping 6400000 and about 381000 reported deaths now taking a look at the countries with the most confirmed cases the u.s.
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still leading the way followed by brazil and then russia right here in the u.s. about 1800000 confirmed cases and 106000 deaths. and today china is denying reports it delayed sharing coded 1000 information with the world health organization according to an associated press investigation the w.h.o. struggled to evaluate the risk of the virus outbreak during the early days because few details were given by the chinese government chinese officials say the report is inconsistent with the facts and that china remains transparent with the w.h.o. . and the u.n. secretary general is warning that yemen is in a race against time as the war torn country battles the pandemic and the ongoing war in a virtual pledging event antonio good terrorist asked for other countries to funded mergence aid in yemen stressing that ending the war is the only way to address this crisis the rate of death from cope at 19 in the city of 8 and alone are among the
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highest in the world. right switching gears now over to regina ham at the sports h.q. there is a big birthday for one of the best players in the tennis world today there is that it is a big birthday but when you think federer serena williams novak djokovic. all names that are at the forefront of your mind when anyone thinks of sport but today we celebrate one of the most famous names who ever graced the court rafael nadal the 1000 time grand slam chip. he turns 34 and celebrated his big day there often a doll academy in spain more than 70 players socially distance of course joined in to sing have a birthday before presenting in a doll with a cake featuring tennis ball celebrate the occasion called the king of clay the spaniard won 12 french open titles in his decades long career 1st win over a number one seed came at the age of 17 in 2004 against roger federer the doll reach a world number one in the 80 ranking in 2008 at 22 years old and spent over 289
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weeks as world number one and just last year in 2019 the doll at the age of 33 became the oldest year and world number one in history just gets better with a. change to a different sport with different had a ball the 7th place katie with hosted the 3rd place just on bears in the cave in a bid to climb out of the bottom half of the league in search of a much needed win that's cost vic and dory yes pronounce like victory just hanging around the at the stadium cheering on the waves and they should have bombed the 1st with left fielder mel rojas jr with a tune on double to right field that will support joe young hole and a big gong and catcher gets just 28 with open scoring to nothing above the 4th with 3rd base and one with a solo home run to left field you can actually hear it this dance with go up 3 nothing against their gas bombs that bears you get a chance to shine and joe young called the fly ball to center field and very young to begin with a diving catch who brain gets it on the tip of his glove it actually has rolled out
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but he still pretty impressive catch next batter does better for the wizard how soon your again towering opposite field home run to left and build it of the year for him and put the wind up for nothing top the night bears get their 1st part of the game up and i realize they go to left field by right fielder part well. and bears make it 7 to one later in the inning though they had another an r.b.i. double from catcher hole makes it 72 and that's all she wrote the it's come away with the home win. days ago. it seemed that major league soccer was on the verge of a walk out with its players over the collective bargaining agreement and it would effectively end the season now soccer fans can breathe a sigh of relief as the m.l.s. p.a. approved the league's offer the players association agreed to a deal that dealt with economics and a new collective bargaining agreement total economic concessions is over $100000000.00 and includes across the board salary cuts of some point 5 percent in order to soften the blow to the league financially m.l.s. suspended its season on march 12th to the current are as condemning many teams just
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playing 2 games players are now allowed to start properly prepared for the season to resume at a term in florida in the summer details kind of still being worked out but the leagues try sixteen's a limited staff would be sheltered at hotels with games played e.s.p.n. is wide world of sports complex and disney not a bad scene he plays social distancing though fans would not be allowed to any of the games and manila speaking of major leagues trying to get the ball rolling trying to get their seasons back the n.b.a. is making way we're progress than anybody else they have a whole bracket set down that's going to happen there 31st i believe 1st day but m l b is dropping the ball they have. the n.l. b.p.a. put forth a proposal that will be rejected it they're saying we wanted this amount of games and now it's not happening so he gets no sense i am no probably has the least physical contact then in what way is physical man to man like your skin on skin you're going to get coded that way you have players in the m.o.b.o. who are saying we want our full salaries you know we deserve it which you're
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getting millions like taken a few off to be prorated is not the worst and then it was all going down to games 1st it was $82.00 games and it was we want to 100 games he's now will be like you know what you get 50 and what really can be decided 50 games nothing is special in a season that normally goes $100.00 and then 80 something so that it's it's weird at this point baseball it's like it may not happen that i doubt that's a bummer right now going to give you so don't be too sad or willing to have to get up really early depends on how you are i think you. so that regina and don't go anywhere because we are back at 5 pm with a lot more news for you former president george w. bush releases a rare public statement about george floyd's death calling on the u.s. to examine its tragic failures we're going to discuss that with our friend larry king all that and more coming up at the 5 o'clock hour but that's it for right now make sure you keep up with everything in question at all times by downloading our brand new free app called portable t.v. you can catch there 24 seventh's catch up on any news you might have missed
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greetings and sally you taishan. mark of the day on your calendars my friends monday on the very 1st day of june 2020 the us president berkeley declared war on the citizens of the united states of america or at least those citizens who do not support one donald trump's vision for america whatever that twisted necrotic self and intelligent vision actually is the brand name and cheap emerged from a white house bunker on monday after tweeting tough and hiding out most of the weekend.


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