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tv   In Question  RT  June 3, 2020 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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i'm going to. go there i'm a military man you're watching in question broadcasting from r t america's national news headquarters in washington d.c. we want to welcome our viewers from across the nation and all around the world our top story tonight america in chaos. 10 days after the death of george floyd protests continue here in the nation's capital the boisterous crowds demanding an end to police brutality and earlier today a group of protesters reportedly pushed down on multiple security barricades briefly sending the white house on lockdown rachel blevins is live outside of the white
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house rachel what's the latest on the ground is it getting rowdy. it is all over i'm a no we're out here and as you can see i am surrounded by hundreds of protesters we've been out here for 10 hours now today and this is the largest crowd we've seen so far and we even learned today all 4 of the officers were fired for their role in the death of george boyd will face charges that really hasn't changed the atmosphere here because even though protesters say it is a start they also say that this movement is about much more than just words but what now as you can see behind me there is a massive crowd of protesters and behind them there is a line of armored police and personnel now we've seen that line increase even more as the day has gone on and it is an interesting development because last week we saw much smaller barricades and then yesterday we saw in new border fence that was put up around lafayette park but today is the 1st day that we've seen those armored personnel to up and put up their face. it's faced with protesters and so far things
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have been largely peaceful but it was the smaller barricades back on friday that reportedly protesters are ran into them and were able to barrel through them and now report they're claiming that that was what led to those reports of president trump being rushed to his own car now as we have said these protests have been incredibly peaceful here especially over the last 24 hours which is very important because these are the largest protests that this city has seen going to take a look at what we saw earlier today. thank god for iraq protesters gathered by the hundreds in washington d.c. wednesday morning for a march to the capitol building demonstrators said their goal was to continue spreading their message despite the threat of an increased crackdown on riddick protesters are marching to the capital right now here in washington d.c. and we are here in calls but no justice no peace say his name george floyd and say her name briana taylor and people that have gathered here want to emphasize the
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fact that this is a largely peaceful protest but at the same time they are still i don't know about bringing attention to this case as a police reality the cases where americans have lost their lives at the hands of police yet in these cases as they have said there has been no justice and they say there will be no peace the protest was organized by the group freedom fighters d.c. and they repeatedly emphasize the fact that it was meant to bring awareness to a message that has been at the heart of these protests since the beginning organizers were seen handing out bottles of water mask and hand sanitizer and demonstrators included people of all races all ages and all backgrounds this protest comes one day after thousands were seen marching to the white house marking the largest gathering the city has seen since the protests began many of those protesters broke the 7 pm curfew implemented by the district but even then the demonstrations were largely peaceful and the clashes with police appeared to be minimal. now the overwhelming message we have heard these protesters
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want their voices to be heard they want there to be justice for victims. like rwanda paler. and they want to see i. think here in the united states and even though we've seen. a new curfew tonight. we are on the street throughout the protests these protests and they don't plan to stop any time recording from outside the white house rachel commons are seen. it is a photo that hasn't left the spotlight since it was taken and if anything it's kind of made things worse this photo behind me taken monday afternoon in front of the historic st john's church has a top pentagon adviser now publicly resigning so here to talk more about the fall out is art he's fair project fair and you were there just moments before that picture right there was taken right we actually left 5 minutes later i would have been in the middle or almost directly in front of this picture when it was taken
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and also in the middle of those smoke bombs that went off that you know it's one of those things to move those protesters away from that area again you saw those smoke bombs going off and save your st john's church across the street from the white house but that is this big issue now which is why chains miller resign now in this letter published in the washington post miller who was a department of defense advisor says that defense secretary marc esper one along with quote trumps orders to fire canisters into the crowd writing to esper president trumps actions monday night by a late of his oath to take care that the laws be faithfully executed you may not a good able to stop the president but you could have chosen to oppose it instead you visibly supported it and you know looking at this picture of the guy we're talking mark asper under fire it's the guy all the way here on the left so now we know who mark esper is but who is this james miller and has mark esper responded to that public. getting so actually james miller is actually really big and the d.o.j.
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and his resignation actually had mark esper out responding as soon as it was published now miller served on the defense science board which is a group of retired senior officials who tackle cyber and communication technology along with weapons of mass destruction now he also won 4 times the medal for distinguished public service which is the highest award a civilian can actually get from the d o d now as far as mark esper he says that he had no idea they were going to be taking a picture rather saying that he thought he was going to be doing 2 things 1st seeing the damage to the st john's church and also talking to troops in lafayette park that's directly across the street again from the white house he also pushed back on the media saying what was reported was inaccurate take a listen national guard forces did not far rubber bullets were tear gas in the crowd as reported 2nd guardsmen were instructed to were helmets and personal protective equipment for their own protection not to service some form of intimidation. now at that same news conference you also had esper there saying that
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he was against using active duty troops to keep the protests from turning violent something that president donald trump has actually threatened to use word inside the white house now is that esper is on some thin ice not just for what he said about taking that st john's picture but also manila for not standing behind trump's decision and you know it happens when you're on thin ice sometimes right now especially with the trumpet ministration exactly but now the state department came out with an interesting statement today on the 31st anniversary of tiananmen square they're saying they honor are the victims there is don't they see the irony yet is a little bit odd with all the protests going on here in america but this you know now being 31 years later the state department releasing this message here we honor the brave chinese people whose peaceful calls for democracy human rights and a corruption free society came to a violent end when the chinese communist party sent its army into tiananmen square armed with tanks and guns adding that the u.s. stands with the people of china who continue to aspire to
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a government that protects human rights fundamental freedoms and basic human dignity so again manila in the wake of americans out practicing democracy by freedom of assembly protesting the irony of all of this as you see those tanks rolling into tiananmen square back in 89 well today we're seeing u.s. military trucks rolling through the streets of washington d.c. now today's protesters not calling for democracy but still calling for human rights and a corrupt free society so. kind of interesting in iraq sounds like it's going to be another long night though. thank you so much for that update. over to new york city where after a night of looting and destruction comes little sense of peace but the protests over the death of george boyd continue and so do those curfews trinity chavez has that story right today a much different scene than previous days i don't preach dryland i preach equality after days of disturbing video and images of clashes between police and
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demonstrators there were calls for calm throughout the city the people that looting videos taking a great opportunity to spread. are going to stop killing people and using that for a chaotic icon. if we can as a pastor luanda and. for our voice to grow several peaceful protests taking place around the city tuesday hundreds paying their respects at a silent vigil in foley square some facing off with police with their hands up without incident this video capturing a touching moment between an officer and a demonstrator the right was no it was a truck. but as night fell the protesters once again defying curfew. the n.y.p.d. making 280 arrests and urging people to move on i heard her through her wall some of the ramp of destruction and looting quelled tuesday night still some aggressive
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confrontations they grabbed innocent people for no reason just started like a coffin and push them to the ground this door was a he's a journalist and a press does a press pass and they push them to the ground video capturing the moment an officer screams at a journalist and his body at one point a journalist said he was pinned to his car and forced to leave don't be like they were back in the past but despite some new york city. the mayor bill de blasio calls it progress we saw a very very different picture around new york city last night we still have more work to do like the affirm that right up front blasio doubling down on the citywide curfew which will stay in place for the rest of the week however continues to reject urging from president trump and an offer from governor andrew cuomo to bring in the national guard reporting in new york trinity chavez r.t. . and similar protests taking place in houston texas george floyd's home state among the 60000 demonstrators included some city officials and floyd's family
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calling on protesters to continue calling for an end at least brutality in kentucky there was a large turnout of mostly peaceful protesters as well. and over in st louis missouri a retired police captain was shot dead while responding to an alarm at a pawnshop late monday according to investigators the business was being looted at the time police say they made 25 arrests throughout that night after 55 other businesses were also looted retired captain david dorn was 77 years old. and today marks one week since protesters 1st marched through the streets of los angeles it was the 1st break off protest from minneapolis following the death of george floyd los angeles county alone has seen thousands of arrests being made from these demonstrations artie's the tosh of sweet now with that report. thousands of protesters marching the streets of los angeles more than 2700 arrests
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have been made since protesters began last wednesday a curfew was extended citywide for a 4th night tuesday national guard having quite a presence throughout the city here you can see vehicles stationed outside the famed dolby theater tuesday night the los angeles mayor eric or said he received a bit of backlash for even calling in the national guard over the weekend on saturday he said this is no longer a protest this is destruction this is vandalism. but his tune changes as he takes a need to show solidarity with protesters at a police station tuesday later that evening demonstrators staged outside of course he's home police arrested the one year old gregory wang dressed in similar attire to a national guard uniform carrying an assault rifle officials believe he had other weapons on hand but other protesters like keith johnson say he's out there to promote love wow lots of them know that some. of them are going to go out or are you know it's not looking good on the reeky obama that's right we just wanted to. come up
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thank you guys but i'm not really despite the droves of peaceful protesters looters throughout the city at various demonstrations are causing chaos governor gavin newsom saying there is a big collaboration happening to monitor these extremist groups during the protests a lot of it's generated by the federal government by the state and then a very well organized system that is existed for some time in the state where we share that in real time with local law enforcement cities that were looted such as beverly hills and early curfews for wednesday efficient saying they will be actively patrolling the streets reporting in los angeles the toughest sweeps are. elsewhere around the world pope francis is weighing in on the protests in the u.s. and addressed to was followers the pope said quote we cannot tolerate or turn a blind eye to racism he also expressed great concern about the disturbing social
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unrest in reaction to the killing of george floyd the pope added that nothing is gained by violence and so much as lost and called for for national reconciliation and peace. are the heads are bumping at facebook after market upper berth decided to leave president trump's controversial messages posted up on my we're going to talk about that and then a 4th we're going to hamburg. that's some good news about the future of the 2020 m.l.s. season and to keep up with all the latest news and anything you might have missed make sure you download our brand new free app called portable t.v. can watch there 247 it will be back into. the little little.
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sympathy for you or your sports h.q. . 00. 0 by. an ocean of stories even the news worth knowing can overwhelm you. you can even your way i know you want it all let me bring you the bad. it's easy just. play. major questions birth new question. number as stars and endless as the sea and bring you all in sight distance death and. keep driving all that remains in
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question. i'm a journalist it's all i know being a truth teller people say i make among come from good news is like a jackhammer good drill down and they find the truth neutered rick sanchez because it's time to do news again and question more. i like it when lee hosts ask the question for the guests and then actually listens to the guests answer and then reacts to that answer a folks douglasville are here i've got a new show. away from us shores there have been solidarity demonstrations from australia to
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argentina while in europe rallies have been taking place in britain italy sweden greece even the netherlands a major rally protesting george floyd's death took place in central london our correspondent shaadi edwards brings us that story from hyde park well done to say that police brutality is not just an issue in america but it also right here in britain of course in recent years we've seen various incidents and seen the deaths of various people including mark duggan i'm sure and brake and that's why people are very out here today to show those comparisons when we look at statistics in the united kingdom we know the fact that the 4 times more likely to be at the hands of british police in the resulting in accepted by british because that's well done by white counterparts when we look at what's going on during this demick we could see that be i mean people don't want more likely to be disproportionately fined than their white counterparts as well when it comes to the knocked out meshes though of
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course organizers did try and keep that social distancing you can see that is clearly not the case today but when it comes to the police offices they have really out here in force but a sense of me being outnumbered by the protesters for them though of course is too great as this one and they all flounce in these measures because the cost is too great to stay at home. mark zuckerberg of facebook has long been criticized as left leaning and catering to that audience when it comes to freedom of speech on his platform but today he's getting heat from the left for refusing to remove president trump's latest remarks about when the looting starts the shooting starts and some of that fire is coming from within the facebook ranks itself so for more on this let's bring in our panel to. expand this conversation we have investigative journalist and co-host of boom bust ben swan and host of eating the press steve malzberg ben i'll start with you now you and i have discussed this many times the
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question of is facebook a platform or a publisher is up leaving trump's post up where does that land them on this question now. well if it doesn't do anything to change their status as not a platform and yes acting as an editorial publisher just because mark zuckerberg is the side of that in this one rare instance he will not remove the comment from the president which by the way i don't think you should. does not mean that he is now ok we see we've taken care of this we're just a platform not a publisher because the problem is that baseball does moderate and editorialize on lots of other pages in fact what this does is it goes to even further prove that point that zuckerberg has a small team of people by the way which he left to their little v.p. of content out of the discussion and instead focused on the c.e.o. osho will samberg and zucker berger just like 3 or 4 people who made this decision unilaterally that's an editorial decision they decided that in this case they would
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leave it up with other cases other posts would have been taken down yeah and as a side note gentlemen this just happened to me just moments ago and we know instagram was bought by facebook and i posted up just moments ago a photo wearing a face mask that scottie nell hughes so graciously gifted to me and said to me i took a photo saying you know thank you for my face mask you know my you've added color to my kopek life and they have chosen to add a link to the cd see for information about coven. so you like like i said whatever you post if you put a post that has coded in it automatically link it to the c.d.c. to give you correct information right right so i find that fascinating that that's happening right now now we're talking about zuckerberg and steve i think we can both agree that this is a good thing for the 1st amendment that zuck is is being bold enough to do this but he is getting
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a lot of hate from his own rank and file in silicon valley they say he's glorifying violence do you think he's going to buckle under the pressure. i think it will keep it this way until the trump administration should be voted out of office and if the senate should go democrat then he has free reign to do what he wants well on the eve of donald trump senate signing the executive order last week i was interviewed and in a couple of places and he stated that i don't think political speech should be regulated i think political speech should be heard i almost fell off my chair because all you've been hearing about is this supreme court of his that he's appointed to do just that to all kinds of speech to regulate it but he backed off in contrast to twitter who doubled down and mocked the president on and on voter fraud in flag didn't and they've done more against him in this week that they took down that the burglar left up so i think tweet twitter and facebook are going in
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opposite directions so dumb like a fox he is on the left and as soon as he sees it's ok he'll go back to censoring everything well at the moment give credit where credit is due write and say something short of the real quick well twitter is actually kind of spinning in circles right now where they're trying to now clarify that or we're not fact checking anything in fact on the president's tweet that they did take down they're now saying that we context check we're just checking the context the statement because here's what's happening is that both facebook and twitter and google they're all freaking out right now over this executive order from the president that essentially says that they have been in violation about $230.00 protection and because of that they're all terrified if they lose that those social media companies are done and that's why they're all running in circles right now. on on that note a leaked recording out of zach's meeting is now readily available to the general public if they want to look that up it turns out that trump actually called zuckerberg directly after the facebook team reached out to the white house to
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discuss with them their terms of service so how much of this of this decision do you think is based on trump calling him directly. i don't think it's based on that i really think it is based on this fear right now that they are going to be seen as editorializing and acting as a publisher is not a platform the problem is is that zuckerberg got in front of congress last year and said testified saying that they are a publisher and they act as a publisher he's already said it jack dorsey the same thing the problem is is that they can't turn around and now pretend that they are not they were gone too far and so everyone's everyone's terrified of what this means but you want to talk about this for now 2 years 3 years when a lot needs to happen that shield needs to go away and steve this this one isn't so much about facebook as it is about twitter since we're bringing that up but we have seen these large tech companies sort of toeing the liberal line that's no secret but as users continue to move away from facebook or twitter or various other
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mediums and in this case conservatives are leaving twitter for parlor do you think that that is also forcing zuckerberg to reconsider censoring conservative voices and meanwhile we should add by the way snap chat has also just announced it would remove president trump from its discover tab accusing him of promoting racial violence and injustice in tweeting about rioters outside of the white house so do you think this is playing into how they're arriving at this decision. i don't think and i could be wrong because the expert on this i don't think zuckerberg is fearing or twitters fearing losing conservatives i think they would be very much happier in their employees are you much happier without it and ribs are better and all i mean today the president today that for barack obama said make people in power uncomfortable in the context of everything that's going on twitter might be wise to say hey that's that's urging violence that's how i would interpret it. you have now
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you have them going after trouble because he says he wants law and order you know what ever most americans want law and order. there's nothing racist about that or feel about that twitter's picked a war based books to lay their war they couldn't care less about conservatives if they all disappeared and last word on all of this what i would push back on is i think they do care about conservatives more than they pretend to they want to control the narrative and the problem is that competition in a free market is what they spoke and twitter fear the most competition is coming to them and conservatives make up a huge number of people on facebook in terms of communicating that way if they go someplace else it will devastate facebook like an exactly because the kids are all moving to the tick tock guys they're not here and scram anymore there is a god and that like all right gentlemen we'll leave it right there ben swan steve malzberg thank you for a fun talk today. thank you. all right let's head over to the sports h.q.
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regina hamm is there we're going to m.l.s. is one of 2 leagues here in the u.s. that has a plan to get the ball rolling it's all puns intended right because just days ago it seemed major league soccer is on the verge of a lockout with its players over the collective bargaining agreement effectively putting bosh on the season now soccer fans can breathe a sigh of relief at the m.l.s. p.a. approved the league's offer players' association agreed to a deal that dealt with economics and you collective bargaining agreement total economic concessions about $100000000.00 and include across the board salary cuts of 7.5 percent in order to soften the blow to league financially unless suspended season on march 12th due to the coronavirus demick many teams just played 2 games players are now allowed to start preparing for the season to resume at some point this summer with the tournament florida details of that are going to have yet to be released but the league's $26.00 teams and limited staff would be sheltered or tells of games played at e.s.p.n.'s wide world of sports complex and dizzy it's
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pretty fitting keeping with social distancing of course fans would not be allowed into any of the games and you know manila we talk about all the all day how much they're kind of struggle bus and you know they're the slow horse pulling up the rest with n.b.a. already getting a plan in place m.l.s. is gearing up the national women's soccer league has a plan in place they had one done for anybody did so well that's something yeah because women are more organized exactly and the fact that you know they also have a lot of names that we are known as household names maggie repeated plays in that league as well you know they just got all their stuff together like we're ready let's go they're going to play in utah will see how hopefully fingers crossed. thank you for that regina and make sure you keep up with everything in question at all times by downloading our brand new free app portable t.v. you can watch there 247 it is a really user friendly cool look at go check it out follow me on twitter too at manila chan if they don't censor me remember to question more i'll see you later.
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in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. of the shallowness. tonio in this is america's war you are the death of george floyd of the hands of police officers last week is now sparking national protests and riots but are over militarized police officers have made the situation worse than it should have been so tonight we're going to talk about the problem in general also tonight we'll talk about exactly how the cops are protected from lawsuits arguments for granting them legal immunity from this conduct on the job may be headed.


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