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tv   The Alex Salmond Show  RT  June 4, 2020 9:30am-10:31am EDT

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to lead them towards some kind of recovery if johnson is a disaster the question is is kier starmer the man who could replace him if the johnson is excessive doesn't matter what kissed ahmed does because johnson is going to be in power for 10 years so the question is can he actually now johnson down that amount for much of mafia which perfectly percipient governor we can collapse in the opinion polls for the government i mean off the mark for the dominic cummings shambles how the hoa's keir starmer performing himself as a living up to the early expectations of the leadership find out later in the program but most of those without and glasgow via twitter should be e-mails of your messages thank you alex and some interesting responses to i sure last week on whatever happened to breaks it fixing m.p. daniel kaczynski caselli and they missed the ality jump start it says england and wales voted for breaks it scotland northern ireland didn't so the claim that the
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british people voted for it is bogus scott had and says truth be told britain's exit from the e.u. has left a vacuum no one has the power to pay or the loss of identity for each trading party within the block has revealed itself and it is of concern to the e.u. that each country will no please or chill for themselves rather than use each of you as a launching pad form for treat james says informative sure thank you the covered 1000 becks double whammy compelling a degree of realism on both sides. davidson says scotland's future is a full member playing a full part as an independent nation within the e.u. martin says god bless all our people brics is going to be bad and yet we voted to stay richard flanagan says a train crash waiting to happen seem confusion as a covert crises politicians misleading the masses folk on the channel continent isolated but don't worry boris and donald will survive and then john gurley says i agree with mr alkio that both sides need a deal but this overhaul of businesses may look
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a lot easier without any bricks complications or toe and nor do breaks it may suit the e.u. no and put the u.k. and its proper place more quickly rhino in humbly says govan gang still on track for the new deal common prepping the masses for the e.u. bad results and finally alan james read messages us all the way from new zealand sending his greetings locating back to you alan distaste and keep watching. now few people have studied the they are the political leadership more avidly than steve ritchie of the a political commentator stephen just no joins me to assess these early days of sucky of stamina so stay virtue of how the surface appears starmer doing thus far i think he's doing pretty well when you're elected leader of the opposition in the midst of a pandemic there's a real danger that you are perceived as being wholly marginal from the crisis you
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have no power all you have are worth and we're a pretty hopeless in the context of a pandemic but he's made himself read a bit by his scrutiny of the government which it got away really with very little scrutiny before he got the job and that has been highly effective and 2nd this is not to be underestimated in the context of the u.k. labor party he's taken control of its machinery quite early are and for a leader to have control of that machinery appointing is chosen general secretary of the party for example give sit quite a lot of leeway so it quite difficult circumstances he's made a significant start but in a sense these difficult circumstances have actually played into starmer style which is forensic and an understated the air passed rather suitable to the prime
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minister's questions in there and the virtual social distancing edge the house of commons prime minister's question has been closer to the core truth he is familiar with the former director of public prosecutions what is untested is whether he will be as effective when the house of commons is and its rowdiest when you have to think very quickly when will it could be. he a very powerful weapon he hasn't had to use any of that he's played his strengths which is of course forensic questioning he's done throughout his entire career so there are still shoots huge tests to come and as you say in a way that wouldn't have always been the case with everybody this pandemic and the consequences of actually play to his strengths have been the having to lance that. twitter if he'd done it as very safe and very disciplined or not much chance
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of twitter fact checking stamina i don't think there is that sort of disciplined approach is that going to be enough for a leader of the opposition one say we get through this pandemic and people are going to be looking for a bit of inspiration. you know it's by no means enough i think the calculation for the moment is that the government isn't obvious difficulty on many different fronts and it's best to just let the government play out some of these difficulties at some points in the cycle a leader of the opposition mistah stirring things will start. the passion of the electorate as well as it sort of distant admiration and so it won't be enough i can understand the all white caution is the driving force but if it
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remains the case that electoral mountain will not be climbed the will have to be moments of great political courage in the years and months to come if it has to happen hope of winning this election whenever it comes later that of steve richards your fame for your portrait so for a prime ministers and leaders of the opposition from the past not been to labor leaders in the last half century or so who've overpowered and large conservative majority is how wilson and tony blair how would subpoena stahmann at this stage compared to the approach to leadership of that jewel well he has displayed a degree of wide in this both blair and wilson had in common has yet displayed the wit and flat that both of them also in their early years in opposition had it call the stomach has quite a job in keeping his labor party united he has said that wilson is model in that
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respect but in terms of flair and wit and birth and mischievousness we still haven't seen those characteristics and to star me yet. for better or worse both for her wilson and tony blair can be said as opposition leaders to catch the mood of the titans and the post call that an environment is going to the choir some fundamental reassessment of the cats the mood in that situation is that the sort of thing that care stammers and likely to be able to to grasp and to to run with this will be his biggest test because suddenly we're in a world where the state is seen as a benevolent force but what follows the pandemic in terms of economic policy and the role of the state i think will be stomach as they call it how much he disagrees with the government too might retain some of the statism in the years that follow
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and the degree to which he pushes for an even greater statist approach that's going to be a huge call because it shapes everything it shakes out shapes how much you're going to raise a taxation how much you plan to spend how you plan to tax and then you have to frame arguments that when elections with these policies so unquestionably the post pandemic economic debate will be the one i think decides in the end the fate of kiss star more than anything else now they told the press their right wing media have been pretty quiet on the start of the us file presumably because of the covered crisis and the atmosphere that we're been working under politically here but the attack presumably will come when it does come what direction do you think it will take what they can't do which is what they usually do with
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a labor leader is say you can't trust this figure he's inexperienced he will not know what to do if he got into government or she so. he with labor you can't do that with someone who rose to the very top as director of public prosecutions you can go for some of the things he decided to do that but you can't make that attack that here's someone capable of government not to be trusted with government which is a familiar attack so i think they will go for him in that way but i think it's very interesting even in these early days he has at least attempted to form some kind of pressure put it slip patients relationship with some of the more doting tory supporting papers and how will care stamina approach the european issues i'm in my back and i'm a clinician much more a positive towards the european union much more of
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a pro european and generally carbon that has been pretty quiet on issues like extension of the transitional period and and things like that will leave a guy europe as a as a hot potato that he's going to have to handle very carefully yes i think he does we know that he's a pro you're in we know that he thinks that perhaps it is a disaster because he has opposed it and sets he doesn't believe a significant trade deal can be negotiated in a year he thinks it is impossible just purely from a practical point of view to do it so he will say look the government say they can't let's sit and when it transpires that either they come or it's awfully threadbare hat. i think then he might find the space to challenge and attack it but he's going to be very very cautious because he knows he can't win an election unless he gets some of those seats back that he lost that labor lost in the
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december election but he compared to other opposition parties who are already saying what's the government doing the should be an extension you're right he's be absolute. really cautious and hasn't after the word to that effect yet there's something coveting sainz for kids stamina near u.k. poll say but both their labor party ratings are improving and his own passionate ratings overtaken by this johnson but not much sign is cutting any ice in scotland how us can't stomach tackle the scottish issue his stomach know he has got to make inroads in scotland i don't think he knows yet quite how he's going to do it it remains in a way more than brett's it is you know better than anyone the most fundamental shift in british politics since the independence referendum has been the rise of the s.n.p.
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in the collapse of the labor party in scotland it's surprised every minute that the degree to which it happened corbin failed totally in his early hopes that he could turn that around and i think starmer he knows he's got to do it but it's not sure how as you know. jeremy corbyn and his allies were hinting that there could well be a referendum and you see what will happen on independents i think he will oppose that route and be more strongly identified unequivocally with the defense of the union beyond that and he'll have thoughts about the scottish labor party but i don't think they are fully developed and i don't think he has remote yet thought through the messaging that will be effective in scotland stevo jobs thank you very much indeed thank you alex. coming up after the break i'll be joined by political commentator professor richard murphy who look at some of the keep policy challenges
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facing the new labor leader. 54 jets and more than 1300 military personnel are headed to air force base in alaska where is that to say come on i'll show you what's the reason for any type of enhanced u.s. military presence in this area russia. what is it suddenly about the south china sea that makes it so that it 11000000000 barrels of oil. take a look at this map who really owns what kind of says no it belongs to us india says no we claim that that belongs to us both of these countries have nuclear weapons
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capabilities there is reason for concern so that's why we're going to drill down on the story for you today right here on the news with rick sanchez where you know as we always like to say we do believe by golly it's time to do news again. virtually never great it was founded on the rape murder. nothing changed so we said in. response to these situations that we deal with. people get shot every other day she is just people killing each other blacks are killing children. so it was just no way that people are going to just sit back and allow children. since he shot down law enforcement. this country
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doesn't work for us it doesn't function for us. this is. happening in america we come from the streets we've got to deal with why this is a reason i have to run like this it's a reason. welcome back everything sucky of style one has said thus far as leader of the opposition for very understandable reasons has been dominated by the covert crisis but ultimately it's his approach to policy issues such as europe and above all the economy and the postponed demick that will determine his success or failure as labor leader to assess these prospects i talking to professor richard murphy who joins me from cambridge. mafia terms of how the pandemic has impacted on people's
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attitude i know that your family have had your own past experience as have so many others to tell us a bit about that and how that impacted perhaps in a new attitude to the journal of fish. well i am quite certain i've had coronavirus and i didn't have a test because that just sucked weren't available and my son who actually went to italy in february only a university trip came back with what was in retrospect glaringly obvious the coronavirus even though he wasn't taught this in the seattle area at that time indeed i went to see him i was so white about his health and almost certainly he gave it to me personally because of that now the reality is that for most people compliance with locked out is going to last for a lot longer we have a lot more to 'd distance to go before we return to something that looks like 2019 again in my opinion or october very glad to have your back fed from commenting on
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on this program when i asked you during the leadership race you said a lot of what sucking of stomach does more the panda hobart as johnson was performing as prime minister how right you where. indeed look to boris johnson this reformed abysmally as it might be in this prime minister and i don't think i'm alone clearly now he suffered recent record of fools in popularity for any leader in that week so kissed on his being given a blessing in the form of doris johnson's performance to date and that's very confusing for what we're about to discuss though because it meant that kiss time has not had to define his own position he has probably wisely just let boris johnson keep digging the hole he's already in and that's the it dominic cummings affair that the sub point to something that was transitory or does that suggest more fundamental weaknesses in the conserve the government structure where subpoena
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starmer will be able to exploit as opposition leader. both you and i have been around politics for quite a long time alex and i equate this with the black wednesday era of old john major's government there's been a catastrophic loss of confidence in the ability of the government and boris johnson has reacted by supporting dominic cummings rather than taking the necessary step of getting rid of it in that case i see this is being full year period of a lame duck government staggering towards and in negligible election where things are going to be very different what we from what we could have imagined last december very few people only the optimists thought that labor had a chance of winning in 2024 when we looked at the last election result the dog only cummings affair seems to have changed that completely i think we're seeing a government that is already hold below the waterline and where we're just going to watch it seem steadily over the next few years. but of course the conservative
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party are stol living in the polls albeit the gappers nara and of course their guns of the tory press haven't been turned on the labor leader yet want that sort of thing make a difference well. let's be honest alex we don't know if we now see a situation where there are a great many further guess who coronavirus then i think we can see the to repress holding this government to account i don't rule out what that would require a change of tory leader. i certainly can see there being an internal challenge to boris johnson in a way that was unimaginable last december so many things are still to play for in the situation to starlets job right now is to let it roll to be blunt and only when the can damn it comes towards a close and epidemiologists tell me that will be late this year early next year come what may then. he will have to lay out his real school and people will need
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to know where he sense but right now he doesn't need to do that too but when he does need to do that when he has to lay out install what he says approach going to be on the hot potato of of europe and as such your style of a softer past and who's going to have the imagination to come up with policies from the host pandemic on the economy which are going to be fundamental to success at the next election. everything that we know of has been cooked on hold except apparently rex it where the transition period is not going to be extended i'm still not entirely convinced that that is true i think that there will come a point where panic will simply set in in the government about the consequences of continuing to pursue resolutely now to extend the transition because the the lack of preparation and i am not convinced that we are going to finally break on the
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31st december this year as a consequence that doesn't mean to say we don't need a policy kissed on the clearly doesn't need a policy on europe what his star has got to do is find a policy platform that lets him. balances risks while saying he respects the result of the referendum because he can't in the us he cannot for example say the lead ability reopen the risk of having that fight again so really he's saying the part of the walt eventual reconciliation with europe and i believe you would have to negotiate the skills to do that and on may economy it could be argued that the postpone demick atmosphere that the the sort of economic measures required to get us through the crisis and then after the crisis are rather more suitable to the labor party to a left of center party than to the tory party but equally they'll be a lot of imagination acquired a new economic policy as the labor party in
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a position as yet to come up with the answers to these fundamental questions. it's obvious that this situation is one where labor should be able to play a strong hand and the conservatives are playing a hand which is one they're unfamiliar with. limited involvement in the economy in probably one 3rd of the u.k. payroll which is what the government is doing at the moment is something that no conservative prime minister has ever imagined doing so it's their way out of their comfort zone and we're already seeing a reaction to that they are trying to enter their scheme too soon by look at it they're panicking about the size of the national debt when actually the national debt has gone down this year let's repeat that the national debt has actually fallen in 2020 because the bank of england has bought that more debt than has so far being created this year which means that the real terms of what is owed back to the market the national debt has fallen and there is therefore an opportunity here for labor to come up with something really creative there's not a shadow of
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a doubt where that direction of policy should go 1st of all they should be looking at very long term debt financing almost every sane macro economists that i know is now talking about issuing debt at tiny rates of interest the government can pay nork 14 percent interest on debt of up to 15 years oppresses that means effectively no interest throughout the lifetime of the learned issue that or even issue in perpetuity never ever canceled the debt and never repay it and there's a demand for debt of that sort and if you're in a situation where basically you can fund what's going on now without having to worry about a repayment it's put off not just like grandchildren 0 but wait no grandchild has ever repay the debt created by their grandparents in history so we don't need to worry about that metaphor either but it's literally good thought at the point where we just don't have to worry about it there is no issue about repaying the tool so he can fund whatever he wants he can say he can deliver
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a green new deal he can say he can commit to create a. jokes in every constituency of the u.k. and all of that is supported by business and there's not a question about major this this is all agreeing with what labor should be saying so there's a very very clear platform at this so the labor party policy should be very clear i just wish to start spelling that out because i believe people need to hear it so as a sort of 1945 moment will the electorate make conclude pos pandemic of these things were possible when fighting the pandemic just as the electorate regarded what was possible in in fighting the 2nd world war then quietly possible in peacetime come this sort of x. the same chill creates this big a fundamental transformation in public attitudes and might that be to labor's benefit. yes i think you're absolutely right about that alex i think that there is every chance that the public ass you just can't change the fear of what is called
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debt which is actually investment will go the idea that we are somehow in a desperate financial position because we are in fact spending to invest in an old term future is going to cease to be a cause of concern remember that in 1945 the debt to national income ratio was 250 percent and in real terms at the present point of time net of wants to do the same it's only around 60 percent only a quarter of what it was then and the idea that the government has got to fund its programs with tax a balance the books which is being promoted for a decade by the conservatives as a way of putting forward the ideas for government has again been shot it the idea that everything has to balance and that we can't borrow has gone and i believe the time for politicians to not only. write that way but actually explain why it's appropriate to do so and this is the reality of the way in which the future can be found it has
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a right and they need to actually explain that we really should now be talking about people investing through the government in our future and the national debt in this sense is not anything to do with debt still it's a national credit or better still let's call it national savings and investment and bizarrely national savings and investment which has 167000000000 in it at the moment is part of the national debt it is just the savings scheme put to use to create a future for our country and that's what the national debt is if the labor party can communicate that this is the way to save for our future then i believe that we have a real opportunity to transform society at large and finally professor richard murphy talking of grasping the 1st of all what was king of stammers approach to scotland b. and does have a chance of success where the inverse the appropriately so do is replacing. as leader in scotland will oh i'm sure that's something that the scottish labor party has to address itself but i hope they read the runes if labor was granted the
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dissolution and run with it and cook or a radical economic policy for scotland operated within a more liberal part of that which i think labor would be wise to consider after all it was the original promoter. in 197 of the scottish parliament devolving and allowed that process to take place then if it was to do that i think scotland would have a chance of recovery in scotland and seeing all members return to london as a result if it doesn't do that it's standing it's got at the moment he's done it right and again i don't need to tell you that i know how bad it is i see scotland is the future saudi arabia of europe is it has all opportunity for renewable energy just that anybody else just got leaves totally different thinking to mean as far as labor is concerned has it got the will power the energy inside to do that i don't know certainly not in the current scottish leadership professor richard murphy thank you for joining us again on the alexander and show thank you alex many
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commentators thought that silky of starmer had drawn the ultimate short straw and becoming labor leader under the shadow of the greatest health crisis for a century and the event the atmosphere of crisis listen to them in good stead governments particularly in his forensic understated style as prime minister of questions of the classes as prime minister has been shorn of the being ranks of prosecuted by social distancing and as a result of his look stumbling and then that you'd like to see how it'll take more than bottle says a bumbling to make your stammer prime minister that will inquire squaring the european issue with labor's former support of and above all finding that new economic platform to take account of the post pandemic reality. over the last half century or so the bin to labor leader wilson and tony blair who hold the top of the log told the majorities for better or for worse both of them caught the mood of the times and it means to be seen whether sucky
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a style can do likewise so for myself and all of the show it's good bye for now stay safe we'll see you again next week. the world is driven by a dream shaped by one person. who
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dares thinks. we dare to ask. welcoming our peers from around the world to life from central london this is the u.k. . charity say rocketing unemployment levels will plunge over a 1000000 britons into poverty and looting hundreds of thousands of children it follows the prime minister's warning that many many will lose their jobs following the coronavirus don't make. as america's ongoing. the racial unrest continues all for police officers president george w. to call now face a serious. discussions for the 1st minister is edging leader nicholas sturgeon to
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extend the break the transition period for scotland in the global economy i'll be joined by the fall that minister himself if we make change. and a report by political party prime country accuses the welsh government of being complacent in dealing with the pandemic i'll be joined by genetics experts. charities warn soaring unemployment stooge the coronavirus pandemic will send over a 1000000 more britons into poverty by the end of the year the start warning comes after the prime minister admitted u.k. unemployment levels are going to saw before on this. joints in a father recess so it looks like a bit of doom and gloom here tell us more about these unemployment predictions absolutely we know of course that with the corona virus outbreak we've seen can
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come with the closing down of the country and with the economy and that of course is that too many warnings with regards to once locked on the edges awfully lifted how long it will take for the economy to recover and that's a see that the prime minister boris johnson was also touching on the warning about when he had the press conference yesterday let's be in there don't you course i'm afraid tragically there will be many many job losses and that is just inevitable because of the effect of this virus on the economy and because of that because of the shutdown that has taken place. now there have been varying types of warnings with regards to the severity of the economic slowdown that will or has already taken place and will take place following the end of the lockdown period some saying it could be the worst in a 100 years the very least others saying it could be the worst since the unemployment rate's of the early 1980 s.
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but we've also been hearing from a number of former chancellors who all of us really sounding quite similar when it comes to their warning about economic downturns. really only the government is big enough to provide the scale of support that i think will be necessary and as i said earlier we need to get ourselves into the frame of mind we were thinking about 1000 eighties levels of unemployment if it doesn't happen that's great and we need to be ready for that and we're not ready for that people ask why didn't you start thinking about these things don't we look program builds up this all the social as well as the economic problems we didn't really have to deal with mass unemployment in the u.k. a very flexible labor market unemployment did rising 9201011 but it did you know we never space the kind of structural unemployment that we saw in the 1980 s. when i was a child. and i think the kind of chance here is 0 overall economy might lurk to have wrecked coverage indeed that's where equity markets at the moment are racing.
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and and their 'd kind of overall g.d.p. might look like it's back and there's a loss of g.d.p. might be less than in 20089 but that there may be a large number of human casualties out there in the in the process in any scenario because the decline in output has been so dramatic over the last few months the 1st part of the recovery will look like a quite sharp v. shape but the real question is what was the last part of the recovery look like once we get back to you know a lot of output of quote only 6 percent how do we how do we make that last bit back up is it a steep curve or is it a long shallow curve. some quite stark warnings there from those charts of the a lot of how the u.k. will recover or could recover will depend on the type of measures undertaken by
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both boris johnson and of course his chancellor so that now losses in warnings from the office for budget responsibility say that measures to help the economy and also . give tax cuts could cost hundreds to $1000000000.00 pounds charities are concerned more than a 1000000 children or more a 1000000 people could be plunged into poverty by next year as a result the institute for public policy research says that 200000 of those will be children avoid using un report saying that there are many children in the u.k. already living in poverty 200 more 2000000 apologies people more could face unemployment by next year and that could bring the total number of jobless people to $3300000.00 that would be an unemployment rate of just under 10 percent of the total british workforce lots of work to do if the country is allowed to it's always going to be allowed to get back onto its feet economically and we lots of people in
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particular small businesses and self-employed who'll be saying the government does support far more data thank you very much indeed. now the remaining 3 former minneapolis police officers who were present at the death of george floyd will now also face charges after initially only losing their jobs they're now charged with aiding and abetting murder while the officer who fatally pinned floyd to the ground by his neck has had his charge raised to 2nd degree murder or face and maximum of 40 years in prison if convicted meanwhile across america the calls for justice and police reform continue many are peaceful but not all.
10:07 am
and near the wind her son washington d.c. there was also another day of protests several demonstrations the call to be targeted the security barriers that have been erected outside altie america's racial bevan's reports from the capital. 3. 100 the protesters are marching to the capital right now here in washington d.c. and we are here in calls of no gas is no peace say his name george floyd is a higher name briana taylor and people that have gathered here want to emphasize the fact that this is a largely peaceful protest but at the same time they are still adamant about bringing attention to those cases of police brutality the cases where americans have lost their lives at the hands of police yet in these cases as they have said
10:08 am
there has been no justice and they say there will be no peace. now a former 1st minister of scotland has urged current leader nicolas sturgeon to request a scotland only transition period extension from the european union to avoid it otoh breck said henry mcleish claims the country would have trouble dealing with the no jailbreaks it amid the coronavirus pandemic and the economic recession that will follow but prime minister barak's johnson has made it clear he won't seek a further delay to proceedings the transition period to finish on december 31st and commons leader jacob response has reiterated the government will not extend the transition period ensuring we leave the transition period successfully in full by the end of this year is one of the government and even more importantly the british people's highest priority is an extension of the transition period in the u.k. northern europeans interest both parties want and need to conclude a deal this year to complete the transition period an extension to the transition
10:09 am
period was bind us in the future your legislation without having any say in designing it but still having to foot the bill for payments to the e.u. budget we must be able to design our own rules it is our own or best interest without the constraints of the regulation so i would like to assure my own friends and the people of our old that the government is delivering on this promise so to quote margaret thatcher will we have an extension no no no. i don't i joined by the former 1st minister of scotland head in the case henry thank you for joining us i mean why would you like an extension boris johnson as we heard there also jacobs response they've already said they won't delay proceedings any further. well we need an extension for the whole of united kingdom but it would be simply insane and to take the kind damage that we've got a health emergency the economic recession that we've got which could get much worse and then i don't i'm not an adventurer not a level of crisis when we don't need to this is not about rewriting the brics that
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result that what it's saying to the government stop being distracted by breck's it and start to concentrate on the kind demick and when you think about the economic consequences why would any country want to leave the european union i tried and trusted partner over many decades about solidarity about trade and number and position where we want to leave at a time of crisis in the u.k. and even more problematic possibly try and have a consolation prize in arrangement with donald trump who's a very unreliable president at this particular time so all in all i think we should keep the pressure on par with johnson to do the same thing to allow him to concentrate on the big priority which is the pandemic indeed that it's unlikely in terms of scotland itself though isn't it that the e.u. would grant a scottish i mean extension of the u.k. is supposed to leave as gone isn't it and it i mean and you know the rules of the european union do a commit up but what i think is important is that there are many people in england many local authorities many regions we've got we always got northern ireland we got
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scotland we should all be applying the pressure because see the great problem about reese marg bar the johnson they still think they're campaigning my advice to them is to start governing and what the united kingdom needs now is not the said venture with no destination in sight what we need to do is deal with a pandemic deal with the economic recession and then in a year or 2 years' time conclude the arrangements with the european union and of course at the present time that it goes into negotiations are going nowhere obviously both sides are sticking in and clearly we will get a result and the other problem for me is that we've only got a few days. left before the end of june and we have to have some agreement on the extension to the withdrawal agreement so time is running out but it looks obvious to me it's a question of sanity boris johnson should not be playing politics with the people of britain at a time when they're facing the biggest challenge that hard since 1945 and did that
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also was a bit of a challenge for the british people also go to the whole process of correction as well the majority of u.k. want rex it's sort of resolved and done and dusted so how long the mentioned am abt is that how exactly would you like an extension for while there is talk of this provision for the fight for your 2 year extension when you think about the consequences of the kind dammit you know setting aside the tragic loss of life we are in recession your previous. item on the your agenda today was talking about what might happen and so look is very foolish and it's not a vote rewriting that breaks it deal the deal has been. cut the guy has been cast and what we've got to do know to say to the british people look do you want 3 crises do you want to punt demick you want to recession or and do you want another european union crisis don't appoint you trade is so vital a time of economic recession we're in one just know and what we should be doing with our 27 other colleagues is trying to get that stability that solidarity and
10:13 am
that prosperity that we've had over many decades it's quite simply putting country before politics and before the ideology of the conservatives if they can do that then i think that when a lot of friends and of course tragically for me but for a country it will still be the european union in one or 2 years time also he mentioned those 3 particular crisis that let's concentrate on the 1st one he said the u.k. government has handled the coronavirus crisis well. well you know it's a difficult situation you want to try to have some solidarity some unity of purpose that is not don't have to use a phrase they are have been behind the curve on many many issues and i think what is important for me is and this is this issue about campaigning as against governing in terms of company could make outrageous commitments you can make you could over promise under deliver they're still doing that i want them to govern i don't want to want borders joins you to lose the confidence trust and faith of the
10:14 am
british people but obviously his performance recently despite box his comments about easing the lot don't have created mixed messages jake scotland scotland is good different regime the 1st minister has been much more cautious so what we should be looking for is unity of purpose around the pond demick and not for any minute thinking that we can still keep campaigning barra's the campaigning is over we expect you to govern and clearly from his performances in the house over the last 3 or 4 weeks he's harder not sit with the coronavirus himself i appreciate that but knows the time for his inexperience cabinet to get together stop breaks or for the moment stop campaigning and start to govern the united kingdom and it had an occasional the 1st minister of scotland thank you for joining us thank you. well meanwhile a government body claim scotland's frontline services could be in trouble it has suggested the country's councils are facing a 100000000 pound black hole miss isn't scotland have been warned the test and
10:15 am
protect program as well as key work a hobbs and scholes could all be at risk caps and scotland have been killed in implementing measures in the battle against coronavirus scottish local also it is president allison everson claims the councils need extra funding to ensure they can cope with the additional precious she added they were already severely underfunded before the pandemic began. or discuss this in the next hour we're joined by former scottish health secretary alex neil. when a report has accused the welsh government of complacency over its response to the coronavirus crisis there port ordered by plod comrie found that stopping community testing and tracing had led to the virus spreading it also suggested the government's communication has been inconsistent during the crisis the party's leader adam price has claimed wales should have focused on what was happening around the world he said ever listening to westminster a spokesperson for the welsh government has defended its position our strategy in
10:16 am
the initial delay phase was petaca to testing of people in care homes hospitals and symptomatic critical work is more extensive testing across the broader population was not routinely recommended at this stage because the majority of people will being asked to stay at home largely through our own sourcing arrangements the p.p. east asian in wales has stabilized and we are now a net provider of critical p p e items 2 of the u.k. nations through mutual aid. want to discuss the welsh response to the virus and i'm joined by a consultant in genetic pathology dr ian frailing dr fighting thank you for joining us it's not a question it's just in wales that community testing and tracing seems to be stalling isn't it isn't this a nationwide issue. world but is an issue of the world government taking the lead from the government in london and not accept problem with the evolution you give people the freedom they need to take responsibility with the. it's also
10:17 am
a nationwide issue regarding care homes and also that particular effect scotland doesn't well there does seem to have been a lead taken across the u.k. it's it's it's unfortunate to say the least that community testing etc wars stopped when it was i strongly suspect that was a question of there just wasn't the capacity for testing and so they had to make a decision what got tested. but that son fortunate because it's like turning your radar off during the battle of britain applied on resonator claims while shouldn't have listened to westminster but couldn't differing u.k. responses also have cause more problems well that is a problem with with devolving health care across 4 countries but then wiles did theoretically have the choice of taking the best from the rest of the world they
10:18 am
argue that they have circumstances bikila it or wiles' well they're at liberty to take advice and experience from other countries that have been affected of a similar kind you know make up population demographics are something welcome and in the meantime does claim that problems with p.p.a. have stabilised certain east things are looking better. yes in that respect. that that certainly seems to be the case but again what why do for agencies have to scramble for p.p.a. when we could have had one centralized agency that taken the lessons of the cygnus trial in 2016 which showed that you needed to be pre-prepared on p.p.a. not order it when you needed it they'd it is the better they are looking at the overall picture to investigate the government's handling of the crisis after the pandemic the actual investigation into how it was conducted but focus in the
10:19 am
meantime in dealing with the crisis right now. well. that's one point of view in medicine if something was going terribly critically wrong in say accident and emergency or operating you don't wait until the end of the year to sort out what the problem is you get to grips with it there and then. so this argument that oh it's not a good use of officials time to ask serious questions about major problems now is is i don't i don't buy that one sorry date and finally that doctor dr fighting. what more do you think that the government could actually do and what do they need today for the w.h.o. a device which is test test test they're finally getting around to it but we hear that a huge proportion of the 50000 tests they had to send to the u.s. have had to be repeated and you can't repeat a direct virus test because if you do it 5 days later you've missed the boat they did also transfer infections and the train failed thank you very much indeed thank
10:20 am
you kitty. well let's look at the coronavirus figures from across the u.k. sky the nation. according to individual health authorities a further 133 people have died in hospitals across the u.k. rotavirus n.h.s. england reported 115 hospital deaths while the scottish health schools which is reporting tonight is the 1st time since march the daily number of deaths in scotland has been the single biggest. 8 people have died in wales and northern ireland are called one to. analyse how the pandemic. according to johns hopkins university which collates worldwide data over 6 and a half 1000000 people have now been infected with copd 19 across the globe over 380000 people have died but the total number of recoveries is approaching 3000000.
10:21 am
still to come without. the shadow coming the speed of loss the shambolic curing system for voting in parliament as the business secretary just has to pull coronavirus. on to record a number of illegal migrants cross the channel 150 people were schoolkid into british waters. in 2008 there was the global financial crisis and the solution was not to reform the banking system to stop the crisis from repeating again the solution was here's a bigger credit line to the worst banks in america to do the same thing but much worse and we said we predicted within 10 to 12 years there would be
10:22 am
a repeat of the 2008 crisis but much bigger a much bigger scale something saqlain what's happening now. seems wrong. well we just don't hold. any belief yet to shape our disdain to add to it and in gains from an equal betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
10:23 am
welcome back illegal crossings a big fish channel of hit record figures for a single day off for a french naval vessel the school took more than 150 migrants into british waters this day. groups of men women and children were seen near dover one vessel was thought to be 30 feet long and carried as many as 60 people there were $166.00 migrants attempting to cross the channel in total it in a record for a single day one of the boats was 1st spotted just off the french coastline and then was a supported into british waters. so should the british government renegotiate illegal migration terms on lost or to discuss this i'll be joined in the next hour by a forward breaks that party m.e.p. and human rights lawyer. their commons leader jacob reese maher continues to face criticism for his plan to end virtual voting after m.p.'s voted it through on cheers day the shadow commons leader warned that forcing members back to parliament could risk their health it were 2 pictures of long
10:24 am
queues one was of us in parliament the other was outside a furniture store with better social distancing that we had when you get to the top of the queue with one you've got a cushion and maybe some meat balls with us you might even get infected i notice that the prime minister and the minister for the cabinet office or not they're voting with us. but the leader of the opposition was there that image of our parliament is going to live with this government forever the government is putting the house staff the doorkeepers all of us up risk they are alarmed. fears continue to mount after the business secretary our options are appeared visibly ill at the dispatch box after his stint in the commons he was tested for covert 19 and went into self isolation of the bullets. in terms of the package of measures of 3 elements and
10:25 am
a charm for refinancing such as the bedroom of more business has already announced its from which the measures will stop or the prime minister insists the public does want to see m.p.'s return to the commons but a new poll appears to tell a different story. just 12 percent of the public agree that m.p.'s should be in parliament to vote while 41 percent think remote voting should be in place until the pandemic is brought under control and certainly 5 percent of people think the option of remote voting should always be allowed. well as officials from the union representing plucks the security guards and kitchen staff and parliament all strike and strike action following change days voting q i've told authorities that m.p.'s fail to keep their distance from stuff reflect a high numbers of fame employees who've been disproportionately affected by coronavirus as a concern. however despite the pressure to and ditch the in posts and system
10:26 am
remains in place and the 1st rounds of socially just inspecting left a lot to be desired. please. please. please. please. please. note. joe carter started to. see that. those fellows are.
10:27 am
students out there. i. give a pretty. good tool to. make their models for. a list of the likely. just that it may have been granted because you know you moved from the need. to get off the ground way to. lawyer up the mile. for.
10:28 am
more news at the top of the. america was never great was founded on the rape and murder. nothing changed so we said in. response to these situations that we do in the ways.
10:29 am
people get shot every day she is just people killing each other blacks are killing children. simply just no way people are going to just sit back and allow children to be shot down. this country doesn't work for us it doesn't function for us. this is can't be happening in america we call from the streets we've got to deal with why this is a reason i have to read like this is the reason. 54 jets and more than 1300 military personnel are headed to air force base in alaska where is that to say come on i'll show you what's the reason for any type of enhanced u.s. military presence in this area rush up. what is it suddenly about the south china
10:30 am
sea that makes it so that it 11000000000 barrels of oil. take a look at this map who really owns what kind of says no it belongs to us india says no we claim that that belongs to us both of these countries have nuclear weapons capabilities there is reason for concern. so that's why we're going to drill down on this story for you today right here on the news with rick sanchez where you know as we always like to say we do believe by golly it's time to do news again. there was a clip of shield. still on the screen but the way it's always the case it was. like not something you.


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