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which searched for. hello there i'm an electron you're watching in question broadcasting from r t america's national news headquarters in washington d.c. we want to welcome our viewers from across the nation and all around the world here are today's top stories 1st thousands are preparing to honor and remember of george floyd he is the arm black man whose death sparked a global movement for change we are live in minneapolis plus peaceful protests continue here in the nation's capital today we're asking are those heavily armed police officers with no insignias and refusing to identify themselves
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a full report from the ground next then hong kong passes a controversial law making it a crime to insult china's national anthem meanwhile thousands defy the ban to hold a vigil in tiananmen square all right it's time to boost your news i. as protests against police brutality continue across the united states lines of armed guards have formed as a barrier around the property surrounding the white house here in washington d.c. but who are these guards and what agency are they actually from artie's rachel blevins is joining us now live from outside of the white house with the latest on this so rachel what can you tell us who are these people. woman i know we actually have an update for you because while we saw those armed guards that were surrounding this area around actually out right now they seem to. all but
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disappeared this morning so today we are much much closer to the white house than we were able to get yesterday and right now as you can see behind me there is a crowd of protesters and then behind them there is still that very large barrier that was put up around lafayette park and this area was completely off limits when we were here yesterday and it was surrounded by these armed guards and we're number of questions about exactly who those guards were what agency they were representing because many of them looked like they were ready to be deployed to a worse but yet they had no insignia they had no badges telling how they work and when protesters and journalists questioned them which agency they were when they responded by saying that they work for the federal government or that they work for the department of justice now we're not seeing those guards here right now outside of the white house but the fact remains that there are a lot of questions about exactly who they were with and why they were allowed in this area now we've seen my maker speaking out against us and so i say so what are your lawmakers calling for changes to be made that democratic representative john
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boehner said quote it is unacceptable for uniform federal officers policing constitutionally protected assemblies to refuse to identify themselves to people who pay their salaries denying accountability to the public they serve ensures abuses democratic senator chris murphy also took to twitter saying quote we cannot tolerate an american secret police i will be introducing legislation to require uniform federal officers performing any domestic security duties to clearly identify what military branch or agency they represent the latest reports claim the armed guards at work here and do you see were part of a specialized emergency response force run by the bureau of prisons which is part of the justice department to help maintain security at the still it is now the director of the bureau of prisons i actually spoke about that during a press conference earlier today take a listen to what he had to say. crisis management teams are highly trained to deal with various types of the murders the situations the crowd control and civil disturbances. they're experienced in confrontation avoid conflict resolution in the
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aftermath of the tragic death of georgia it is unfortunate that these services are necessary. now during that press conference attorney general william barr also said that there have been more than 50 arrests in relation to rioting and the federal fish also spoke were very focused on the violence that we saw this weekend against property here in the nation's capital but at the same time it's also important to note that we're out here for yet another day and yet the protests we have seen have been overwhelmingly peaceful the people who are gathered here have spent time sharing their stories of their experiences with police brutality and they have been very encouraging to one another so we really haven't seen those violent scenes that we're seeing over the weekend but it is interesting to see how the trend administration has responded to that and the fact that they have seemed to take very little response to all of the peacefulness that we have seen here and their focus here is to be on that violence and how they are responding to that now this
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obviously is a developing situation so we will continue to bring you the latest coverage but as for now it doesn't look like these protesters are going anywhere anytime soon reporting from outside the white house rachel bobbins art scene. and a massive memorial service is being held right now in minneapolis minnesota for george floyd this as america and the entire world continues to mourn the man whose death sparked a global movement for change in race relations and police tactics actually banks's there in minneapolis with a closer look at today's memorial actually. that's right monella i am in front of north central university located in downtown minneapolis where memorial service for george floyd is under way and now reverend al sharpton will soon be delivering the eulogy the civil rights leader he spoke to the president earlier today and he said as a community we need to stop jumping from funeral to funeral for those who are not aware and we deliver. eulogies for both michael michael brown's funeral and eric garner
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is for the funeral and for those who are familiar with their garner he is someone who died in a similar fashion to george what al sharpton is basically saying enough is enough we need to stop this he simply called george floyd's death a murder he said he believes this time is different a pointing to the fact that people are marching and massive numbers crowds are so diverse and people are risking their lives in the middle of a pandemic he said this shows that there's a real passion and that there will be change within police departments across the country the reverend sharpton he added that minnesota attorney general keith ellison is a part he played a major role and bringing criminal charges against the 3 remaining officers now i know we saw yesterday that the charges include aiding and abetting a 2nd degree murder which is punishable to up to 40 years and aiding and abetting 2nd degree manslaughter which is punishable to up to 10 years and also former officer derek chauvin 3rd degree murder charge was elevate it to the 2nd degree
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number demand from the lead attorney for the ford family say that these 3 officers were accomplices that. he tweeted the family's reaction yesterday saying that this is a bittersweet moment we're deeply gratified that the attorney general took decisive action arresting and charging all the officers involved in george floyd's death and i'll bring the charge against their children to felony 2nd degree murder hash tag justice george from also said this is not a time to celebrate because an arrest is not a conviction and we want justice now i've been here for almost a week and i've spoken with caution of protesters of all backgrounds and resist and some of them tell me that they are willing to risk it all in the name of justice and change and clothing risking their lives protesters say they will continue until justice is served i want to mention we have seen it time and time again of our police officers who have killed unarmed african-americans that oftentimes use excessive force are usually not true. and if they are they're just not convicted so
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the people in minneapolis are still waiting to see how this all plays out and i also want to mention the attorney general he stated that he's and i'm asking for the public's patience in all of this he said that it's going to be really hard and challenging to convict the whole 4 officers vacuum in illinois washington d.c. right now actually being there in minneapolis thank you all right from the protests to protests on the other side of the globe despite social distancing measures still in place because of coke at 19 thousands of people in hong kong gathered to remember the tiananmen square crackdown 31 years ago today so for more on that let's go to our to hear from zack who's sitting live with me so far in this anniversary right now happening in the middle of a very controversial bill taking place in hong kong right so that bill now actually makes it illegal to insult the chinese national anthem in china a move that the majority says is necessary for hong kong citizens to show their respect to china now just before that vote passed you had some lawmakers actually
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protesting even boycotting the vote arguing that the bill is an infringement of freedom of expression and this protester you see there another one that was holding up a sign that reads a murderous regime stinks for 10000 years to other lawmakers actually were even objected from those chambers for the vote was held on the 31st anniversary as you mentioned the tiananmen square protests in 1909 where thousands of students were actually killed as tanks and troops assaulted the center of beijing to break up weeks of student led protests now again many saying this new law will infringe on freedom of speech in mainland china but they say it will do nothing of the sort. as little disturbances that occurred in the late 1990 s. government has had a. great but she was that we've achieved over the past 7 decades. going to china has only demonstrated that the development of china has chosen is completely in the right which should be one of the china's national legislature and as one. of the
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chinese people. now manila if you are caught disrespecting the chinese national anthem you're actually looking at almost $6500.00 u.s. dollars fine for that and you also are looking at facing up to 3 years in prison now that it's harsh punishment. this bill is coming just a week after another controversial bill what was that one all about right so china's national legislature formally approved a decision actually last week of a national security law for hong kong that could potentially see mainland china security agents posted up in the city now this law came into play after the long running protest movements in the summer of 21000 that actually led to violent clashes with police well now the u.k. is actually a proposal to take it up to 3000000 hong kong residents because of this new security law to which china threatened retaliation against the u.k. if they did go through with that manila ok so we know that mainland china doesn't observe the anniversary of tiananmen square for obvious reasons but vigils in hong kong there's usually hundreds of the small ones large ones but i'm hearing those
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were canceled right and it's all again because we still are in the go over 19 pandemic but that actually didn't stop residents though especially students like the one you'll see here from attending i think it's the response that. is. really going on. today they don't even know if we can still see. the middle of this was the 1st time in 30 years that the massive vigil was canceled but it's a bit odd with all the protests going on here in the united states 31 years later in the wake of americans out you know practicing their own democracy by freedom of assembly the irony of all of this is you see those tanks that were destroyed through chatham and sky. or 31 years ago but we're seeing u.s. military trucks rolling through the streets of washington d.c. so little ironic definitely a sad irony. thank you for that update. a hearing for the case of our barry took place today he is the unarmed black man in georgia who was shot and killed by 2 white man if you recall during the testimony
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one of those officials involved in an investigation drew out further details about the fatal shooting. transmute might be. about. to try to you know. prior to private. what about it made about the food she. says in all 3 shots. the 1st shot to the chest. and the u.n. human rights office is calling out the philippine government for human rights violations in a new report they demanded the philippines and all violence targeting suspected drug offenders and to disband private and state backed paramilitary groups they point out longstanding concerns about state backed and vigilante violence that the u.n. says has worsened under president roderick go to turkey. and iran today has released
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a u.s. navy veteran who was held in custody for about 2 years veteran michael white left iran on a swiss government aircraft according to his mother who said she feels blessed that the nightmare is finally over his release is reportedly due to a prisoner swap deal between the u.s. and iran. and the british government is hosting a global vaccine summit as the world continues its fight against the pandemic we're going to discuss that with our friend george galloway and later at the sports h.q. regina hamm tells us of a massive runaway game between 2 top 5 teams over in the cave and make sure you keep up with the latest all the news and anything you might have missed by downloading our brand new free app it is called portable t.v. right there you go watch 247 there will be back in to.
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in case you've forgotten covert 19 continues to grip the world cases now topping over 6500000 with about 386000 deaths reported globally the u.s. still leading the way with the most confirmed cases followed closely by brazil and then russia taking a closer look at this country the u.s. now with about 1800000 cases and 107000 deaths. and amid the nationwide protest over the police killing of george floyd health experts are worried of another wave of cope with 19 infections they are among protesters and long horsemen experts say the large protests provide fertile ground for transmission of this respiratory disease and because most of the protesters are young experts say they will likely be silent carriers they urge protesters to wear
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face masks to minimize infection. meantime u.s. cities are seeing another side effect of the pandemic kind of gross clog sewers that's because wipes and masks are being flushed down the toilet officials say there have been a 17 ton increase in wipes blocking sewage pipes as a result sanitary overflows in emergency repairs have been pretty commonplace during this pandemic. and let the games begin in las vegas casinos officially reopening doors after being closed now for 2 months hotels and casinos in suburban areas for the 1st to open followed by resorts along the las vegas strip there are big hopes for recovery as the economy suffered a loss of billions of dollars in gambling revenue. and in a move towards healing america's racial divide the governor of the state of virginia is trying to remove. a civil war statue of a confederate general seen as
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a totem of african-american repression or of pressure rather today's trouble today's troubles over george foy's killings are forcing more and more americans to face the past and the impact it's having on present day but is removing those monument the answer are these caleb maupin explores. george floyd's death is being fit into a much wider array of grievances protesters see police brutality racism and inequality has all wrapped up into one the 1st protests focused primarily on george floyd's tragic can't. make a will was a was a was a was a was the police are frequently accused of targeting minorities but
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george floyd's death seems to have revitalized the black lives matter movement protesters have defaced monuments to the confederacy and more recent u.s. figures deems to be racist many wonder if it seems like the whole history of the united states is being challenged we've seen white protesters kneeling down as a way of acknowledging their privilege and the history of slavery and colonialism gallery he. was told. the. whole of the inequality of today is certainly rooted in the history of slavery segregation and lack of opportunity for african-americans and many people are looking at the looting of today and saying it's rooted in a crashing economy. was
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black people have every right to burn down a country they built for free the looting firestone's couples is nothing compared to what black america has suffered over the past 500 years and so these day the chant eat the rich is catching on that comes from an aerosmith song but many see it as expressing anger about income inequality. all of. the. right extremists are being blamed for the chaos but different political voices are blaming different extremists violence and vandalism is being led by intifada and other radical left wing groups this and i will try and what i'm asking the media to help us on we're going to start releasing who some of these people are and they'll be able to start tracing that that history of where they're out and what they're doing on the dark web and how they're organizing i don't think they thought of themselves the vast majority of them has the way to try to see if they look at
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they all go who declared it is their own who are the brothers and sisters of the clan are it seems that some are angry at the system altogether like. the very. silly as it played out in. a way that you're i think this is not about one cop and one tragedy about the structure of us society one murder charge is not going to change anything it will come up and new york. and space x. successfully launched a launched 60 starlink satellite last night from cape canaveral florida that comes just days after space x. that 2 astronauts to the international space station space x. its founder ilan musk hopes to use those satellites to beam high speed internet to the world. and that's pretty cool over now to regina ham at the support h.q.
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regina american fans of the k b o got a pretty early and they were actually in pretty wild game it's not as cool as space if you watch at space x. on i know i did that was pretty cool but something else i was pretty cool these high scoring games that are a staple of korean baseball and the most recent game between 2nd place l.g. twins and the 5th play samsung alliance did not disappoint twins bats. live bomb and seconded to run double by center fielder leash on one down the right field line twins break open scoring 210 nothing bottom of the 3rd things keep cooking for the twins starting with this sacrifice fly by designated hitter part young to right field that'll bring home some twins with a 30 lead and lions are just struggling they're morons though for the twins this one to run double by catch are you counting non to the right field at warning track it is going going almost gone but heels for both joan kumu and kim in song that'll give the $25.00 nothing about the 4th was much the same for the man on trent right
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fielder sung with a hard aground off the 3rd base and it beats out the throw from lehigh you base of loaded 2 batters later this to run double to right field off the bat of 3rd baseman came in song scores you sung and kim sued to push the twins to an 8 nothing lead and the twins office kept on coming next batter another sacrifice fly by young to left field scores were hurt the ramos twins now up to 9 up in the add 2 more runs in the inning and shut out the lions 11 to nothing. now many athletes across the national football league have spoken out supporting the protesters angered about the death of george floyd but new orleans saints quarterback drew brees expressed as a proof for those who neil during national anthem twice 16 bre said reporters quote i agree with his protest i don't agree with his method when i look at that flag and think about my grandfathers i think about a lot of things like when i stand to listen the national anthem with my heart or my hand there is
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a motion that well up inside of me breeze reiterated that comment interview the yahoo finance are when they say he'll never agree with anyone who disrespect the united states flag that comment you anger for many of reasons teammates and other players in f.l. calling his statement insensitive and saying he's actually part of the problem since offensive back malcolm jenkins took to instagram after recent comments expressing anger that his quarterback took the this time stance take a listen. to what you are. now look the world will fire and you still continue to 1st criticize how we peace to help how we peacefully protest because it doesn't fit in which you do and your beliefs without ever of knowledge and that a fact that a man was murdered at the hands of police in front of us all that has been continuing for centuries that a same brothers that you break the hold down with before every single game the same god as you do with a gun a battle with every single day go home to communities that have been. decimated. assen 24 hours later brees took to instagram to issue an apology saying quote i
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would like to apologize to my friends teammates the city of new orleans the black community n.f.l. community anyone to her with my comments yesterday in speaking with some of you it breaks my heart to know the pain i have caused he also went on to say that he stands at the black community and there is more work to be done in the fight for equality and manila he's actually not the only person the n.f.l. to come under fire yesterday for what he said regarding the protest movements the broncos head coach also said he didn't see it racism issue in the n.f.l. at all and then walked it back saying oh we do have a lot of work to do which people say there's very few minority minority owners i think there's you know a nonwhite owner in the n.f.l. 2 nonwhite g.m.'s and only 4 non white head coaches so it's at this time that is not the focus and i think that's where a lot of his ire is coming from from fans and fellow players and coaches and meanwhile while you were reporting on that we just had breaking news from your world about the n.b.a. regina look they are coming what actually has been 22 teams that is a lot for a playoff they will start about the end of july it's seeming that's the way it's
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going to go we had rumors of it yesterday to you had to be approved and i know our fellow friend steve christakis is probably over the moon with how big of a basketball fan he is so it's great to see the n.b.a. actually making progress to bring the sport back and m.l.s. is the other league as well now here's the other thing i just reported on las vegas reopening but if sports don't come back that is a big chunk of their business to they have there is a lot of things that vegas with sports betting i i don't know much about it i will admit but they give me millions of dollars off of sports better so now they are reaching to you know the national women's soccer league is actually going up for betting they start a tournament in utah over the summer so they're apparently high odds on that people are also betting on you'll see fights which are coming back here and there so there is some money coming in to vegas but when it comes to the overall main sports like n.b.a. the n.f.l. and then usually the stanley cup playoffs all that money is gone now. regina as they say in vegas not you know what happens in vegas stays in the back actually
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anything goes in vegas if you can think it up you can bet on it exactly i mean u.s.c. is headquartered in vegas they thought of fight island so you know right if you're going to you might you know i don't know if i like that i like that one it's a girl are all right thank you for that update regina and you don't go anywhere we will be back at 3 pm with a lot more news for you democrats cheer general james mattis his recent rebuke of the president but is there hypocrisy involved they're going to discuss that with our panel all that and more coming up today at 3 pm but that's it for right now make sure you keep up with everything and question at all times by downloading our brand new portable t.v. pretty cool app though check it out you can follow me on twitter at manila hand the number to the question more will see you back here very soon.
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most people in philadelphia ballot 2 paychecks away from home. daycares thinks. to ask. reaction to president trump's threat of deploying active duty troops to u.s.
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cities would get that reaction from the former mayor of los angeles on this particular. politicking on larry king although he's quieter on the subject now than days past president trump has not backed down from his criticisms of the way mayors in some of the largest cities in this country have handled protests and rioting in the wake of george floyd's death and he's leaving open the possibility of sending u.s. troops into some cities to quell the rioting we've seen the last few days we'll get reaction to that now from our good friend antonio of the hour ago so the former mayor of los angeles let's start right there mayor what what was your reaction to his threat to call in the u.s. troops.


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