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tv   In Question  RT  June 4, 2020 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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yeah look. there i'm in the military and you're watching in question broadcasting from r.t. america's national news headquarters in washington d.c. we want to welcome our viewers from across the nation and all around the world here are tonight's top stories 1st thousands of mourners gathered to remember george lloyd at a memorial service in minneapolis this as the 3 officers accused of taking part in his death are now appearing in court all the details next plus peaceful protests continue here in the nation's capital today we're asking though who are those heavily armed officers with no would seek the altar of refusing to identify themselves will try to answer that for you then hong kong passes
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a controversial law making it a crime to insult china's national anthem meanwhile thousands defy the ban to hold a vigil or to mend where alright it's time to boost your use i q. a massive memorial service for george floyd took place today in minneapolis minnesota the service got underway on the same day 3 police officers were charged along with former officer derrick shogun seen on the far left they all appeared in court there bail was set for $1000000.00 each the officers are being charged for aiding and abetting the murder of george floyd chauvin as many of you already know the officer who kept his need on floyd snack resulting in his death he is now facing charges of 2nd degree murder ashley banks is in minneapolis she is covering the. we of course actually you were there just outside of the memorial tell us what
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happened. now is very minimal i am here at north central university where the memorial for george floyd took place here earlier today and the more morial service it was not open to the public and there was a limited access for press but there were at least a 1000 people here and they were behind barricades set up around the perimeters here they stood outside and they were able to listen and on reverend al sharpton deliver the eulogy now reverend al sharpton he asked the congregation to stand for 8 minutes and 46 seconds the amount of time that former officer should have been kept his knee on floyd's neck and his back and today's you eulogy the reverend told protesters to keep going until we change the whole system of justice sharpton also said floyd's death is a tragedy seen time and time again. reason it got to me is joe huge throwing story has been the story of black folk because every
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401 years ago. the reason we couldn't be we wanted. kept. the civil rights leader also deliver eulogies during the funerals for michael brown and eric garner someone who died in a similar fashion as george floyd garners mother 70 year old when current celebrities like kevin hart later chris and master p. also were in attendance at the memorial service now master p. he talked to media and he discussed his experiences with police brutality he also spoke out against the media coverage saying some members of the press are showing quote the wrong parts of this tragedy now manila we've seen plenty of video of looting and fires and while those things have happened masterpiece says it's sending the wrong message he says that as a community we need to show unity and positive images of this global movement now
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after george floyd's family al sharpton benjamin crump the lead attorney for the family left the university a peaceful protest took center stage where people shelled it george floyd's name and still cold on accountability and demanded that these officers be convicted the crowd then travel to the location where floyd died and during a moment of silence reverend jesse jackson shouted i can't breathe monella now actually what are people saying on the ground there. yes so i've been here for almost a week now and i've spoken with quite a few locals from day one manila people of minneapolis they have wanted to see these 4 officers charged and know they've been charged they want to see convictions that's still the case they still want to see these convictions now. all the protests i've attended have been peaceful even the ones that have taken place post curfew the crowds are always a verse and there seems to be
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a real sense of community i interviewed quite a few people who said they are willing to risk their lives in the name of justice and although curfews have been put in place the people of minneapolis they refuse to abide by the curfews as they are angry and upset with what's happening with what's been happening for years within the justice system and people here are still upset over germar clark they're still upset over philander because steele and as you know manila like these people these 2 african-americans died at the hands of police in minneapolis they died at the hands of police in st paul and those officers and those cases were not charged and convicted so the attorney general is asking the public for patience saying that it's going to take time and it's going to be challenging trying to convict these officers and a judge has said bail for the remaining 3 officers at a $1000000.00 each man though i want to point out people once again want to see change and after speaking with protesters they said to me that if these 4 officers
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are not convicted then quote it will be a bad day for the city of minneapolis back to manila actually banks live for us there in minneapolis emotions still running high thank you. as protests against police brutality continue across the united states winds of armed guards have formed as a barrier around the property surrounding the white house here in washington d.c. but who are these guards and what agency are they actually from artie's rachel bloodlines is joining us now live from outside of the white house with the latest on this so rachel what can you tell us who are these people. woman i know we actually have an update for you because while we saw those armed guards that were surrounding this area where i'm actually at right now they seem all but disappeared this morning so today we are much much closer to the white house than we were able to get yesterday and right now as you can see behind me there is
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a crowd of protesters and then behind them there is still that very large barrier that was put up around lafayette park and this area was completely off limits when we were here yesterday and it was surrounded by these armed guards in the word a number of questions about exactly who those guards were what agency they were representing because many of them looked like they were ready to be deployed to a worse but yet they had no insignia they had no badges telling who they were and when protestors and journalists questioned them which agency they were when they responded by saying that they work for the federal government or that they work for the department of justice now we're not seeing those guards here right now outside of the white house but the fact remains that there are a lot of questions about exactly who they were with and why they were allowed in this area now we've seen my maker speaking out against this so i say so what are their lawmakers calling for changes to be made that democratic representative john boehner said quote it is unacceptable for you to form federal officers policing constitutionally protected assemblies to refuse to identify themselves to people
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who pay their salaries to 9 accountability to the public they serve ensures abuses democratic senator chris murphy also took to twitter saying quote we cannot tolerate an american secret police will be introducing legislation to require uniform federal officers performing i need to mess to secure. duties are clearly identify what military branch or agency they represent the latest reports claim the armed guards at work here in d.c. were part of the specialized emergency response force run by the bureau of prisons which is part of the justice department to help maintain security at record so it is now the director of the bureau of prisons i actually spoke about that during a press conference earlier today take a listen to what he had to say. crisis management teams are highly trained to deal with the various types of the murders the situations including control and civil disturbances they're experienced in confrontation avoid conflict resolution in the aftermath of the tragic death of george truly it is unfortunate that these services
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are necessary. now during that press conference attorney general william barr also said that there had been more than 50 arrests in relation to rioting and the federal officials who spoke were very focused on the violence that we saw this weekend against property here in the nation's capital but at the same time it's also important to note that we're out here for yet another day and yet the protests we have seen have been overwhelmingly peaceful the people who are gathered here have spent time sharing their stories of their experiences with police brutality and they have been very encouraging to one another so we really haven't seen those violent scenes that we're seeing over the weekend but it is interesting to see how the trend administration has responded to that and the fact that they have seemed to take very little response to all of the peacefulness that we have seen here and their focus here is to be on that violence and how they are responding to that now this obviously is a developing situation so we will continue to bring you the latest coverage but as for now it doesn't look like these protesters are going anywhere anytime soon
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reporting from outside the white house rachel blevins art scene and despite social distancing measures still in place because of kobe team thousands of people over in hong kong have gathered to remember where in the crackdown 31 years ago today for more on that story let's go. artie's fear and actually is sitting here live with us to discuss this anniversary happening right now at a time where there's this controversial bill passed in hong kong right so that bill manila actually now makes it illegal to insult the chinese national anthem in china a move that the probation which already says is necessary for hong kong citizens to actually show respect to china now just before the vote pass you had some lawmakers actually protesting and boycotting the vote arguing that the bill is an infringement of freedom of expression now this protester there you saw earlier he had a sign that read a murderous regime stings for 10000 years to other lawmakers actually were objected just before the vote in those chambers now the vote was held on the 31st
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anniversary as you mentioned of the tiananmen square protest back in 1909 where thousands of students were killed as tanks and troops assaulted the center of beijing to break up weeks of student led protests now again many saying this new law will infringe on freedom of speech mainland china says it will do nothing of the sort listed here. little disturbing news that occurred in the late 1990 s. government has how do you know you were great but she was you know you've achieved over the past 7 decades. going to china has only demonstrated that the devoted family china has chosen is completely the right which should be one of the china's national legislature and as one since you're of the chinese people. now if you are caught disrespecting the chinese national anthem you're actually looking at almost $6500.00 u.s. dollars that's that would be your fine and you could face up to 3 years in prison and that is pretty steep yeah i know this bill is now coming just
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a week after they had worked on another controversial bill what was that one all about so that was actually china's national legislator legislature they actually formally approved this decision last week of a national security law for hong kong that actually could potentially see mainland china security agents posted up in hong kong now this law actually came into play after the long running protest movements that started back in the summer of 2019 that you could see there led to violent clashes with police and the u.k. they actually have a proposal to take up to 3000000 hong kong residents because of this new security law to which china retaliation against the u.k. if they actually want to run with that now we know that mainland china obviously doesn't observe the anniversary of tiananmen square for obvious reasons but in hong kong there are usually large vigils sometimes small private ones but i'm hearing those are all canceled because believe it or not we still are living in the covert 1000 pandemic but that actually didn't stop residents especially students like this one you'll see here from going to that vigil take
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a look i think it's the response to that is certainly going on. today we don't even know if we can still make sure. i mean all this was the 1st time in 30 years that the massive vigil was canceled but it really is kind of a bit odd with all the protests now going on here in the united states especially around this in. verse 3 you got americans out practicing their own democracy of freedom of assembly the irony of all this is you see those tanks there back in 1909 scrolling through square now we're seeing u.s. military trucks rolling through the streets of washington d.c. so it's kind of ironic you know definitely a sad irony i thank you for filing that report. over to georgia where a judge has ruled that the case against 3 defendants charged with shooting and killing a lot are very will go to trial powerful testimony inside the courtroom revealed how our barry was targeted by travis mcmichael his father greg and william bryant back in february the lead investigator described how the trio boxed in are barry
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with their trucks while he jog through a neighborhood he then said that brian told him travis mcmichael used the n word after the fatal shooting. brian soon. after the shooting took place before police arrived on shore over who's on the ground to be heard from michael feinstein. and the british government is hosting a global vaccine summit as the world continues to fight against the pandemic we're going to discuss that and then over in sports we're going to hand takes us to denmark where football fans there attend their soccer games in a very unique way and to keep up with all the latest news and anything you might have missed please download our premier free app portable t.v. catch there 247 will direct that.
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this spiral downward depending on who you believe in the media the civil unrest in america is the result of systematic racism this explains protests and writing but doesn't the commanding heights controlling the financial system media and the business world are loans to him it is the economy stupid for them graze on these farms. to me. to. go to work so straight home will. join me every thursday on me all excited i'm sure i'll be speaking to get us out of
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the world of politics this list i'm show business i'll see you then. boris johnson is hosting the gavi vaccine alliance summit today virtually of course this all done video conference due to the coronavirus obviously contrary to all that we're seeing in the media corona virus is still a thing people are still contracting it and people are still dying from it in fact the prime minister himself is expected to go back into quarantine again after suspected contact with a covert positive person so joining me earlier to discuss this was former u.k. m.p. george galloway here's what he had to say. there's already well over $100.00 for developing a vaccine going on there in the public sector or in china or in the private sector
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or across the world saw those no need for another entrant into the race to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus but the funds will in part be used the distribution of any vaccine that is eventually america is thought to be safe. but it's got to be a good thing because there are a lot of places no mater how cheap you make it if it is developed by the private sector you still have to pay for it saw this summit and the money that it raises will be used to help distribute it not sold more sucked up now george on the surface it sounds like a really good thing but gabby is the organization launched by bill and melinda gates and a lot of people have been reticent to fully embrace any gates affiliated anything
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do you think that's warranted. i do want to be honest i've never quite understood why he and regis so many people. so much of the time it's like he's the new ross child you know there was a time for a long time when every conspiracy theorist was looking for mr ross child under the bushes then it became george soros now it's bill gates and bill gates is case as he put it today all i'm trying to do is give my money away he's not making money out of vaccines he has some pretty repugnant political views from my point of view these big. opposition or 'd population growth for example thinks thus far too many people in the world but if he's giving away his money to vaccinate children against them dying unnecessarily i think we're going to probably forgive him for because what he's doing is helping keep children alive look i grew
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up in a time when vaccines were saving lives on a mass scale the polio epidemic was killed by vaccine cholera small pox all kinds of things have been cured or at least stopped by vaccines so this hatred of. unwarranted fear of vaccines is a very dangerous thing now i understand in part because if back scenes and if health in general is being used to make profits for people and then people are going to wonder whether what's being offered to them is for their own good or for the good of the profit maker and i guess but shouldn't translate into a hatred of vaccines a distrust of vaccines because that we will see polio come back we'll see smallpox come back. in the poorest places particularly that would be
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a very very bad thing there george i am with you 100 percent on all of that especially when you couple the vaccines with bill gates i am not sure why so many people are. against both and george back to the coronavirus now despite all these global protests happening which obviously lack social distancing coronavirus is continuing its spread now moving to south america the new hot spot but today we are learning that boris johnson will self quarantine again out of an abundance of caution after coming in contact with a coded positive person has learned from contact tracing do you feel people need to keep it in mind this pandemic amid all of these protests i mean is it possible to have both that the demonstrations and covert awareness. well i don't know what it's like in the us but in britain as a result directly of government policy pronouncements the quarantine social
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distance and so on have already begun to seriously break down when you're sending people back to work you're ordering 'd children back to school you are effectively saying the quarantine in the law is very much regret because corbett 19 is still a thing and there's a very real danger of a big spike over the summer into the autumn long before we have a vaccine if we ever get one. enough to overwhelm 'd the health service. for many many thousands of people we've already lost the highest number of people in the world per 1000900 people per 1000000 in britain who have died from the corona virus and so people should be taking it more seriously if they are but there's a moral difference between someone feeling impelled to go on. a
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lynching the shore in broad daylight on prime time and people headed for the beach. or headed for the part mulling around rubbing shoulders with each other there's a moral difference but of course the coronavirus will not recognize the moral difference it's another reason to expect to feed are a big spike boris johnson has again beaten dutch with the cabinet member who appears to have gone down with the live on t.v. while i'm suing questions in the house of commons he began to. cough and sneeze it looked like he was going to pass out despite books in the parliament and i just had that meeting with the prime minister. therefore the prime minister was probably be the war actually may be off again pretty soon boy a lot still to be worked on with corona virus and people need to remember that
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george galloway always appreciate your time thank you so much. the reopening of miami's beaches a tourist hot spot hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic is on hold once again as the nightly curfew remains in effect while protests over the death of torch floyd continue across the city are to correspondent john harvey has more for us out of miami miami residents hoping to catch a tan or take a stroll on the beach will just have to wait again the city of miami and miami dade county are holding off on reopening the beaches as long as a curfew remains in effect as protests about the death of george floyd continue the city of miami dropped its curfew monday but miami dade county still has an active curfew in effect miami police remain on high alert as protests the largely peaceful continue according to miami dade county mayor carlos gomez who tweeted thursday attention everyone effective tonight i have moved the curfew time to midnight from miami dade county beaches will remain closed for tomorrow keep in mind that curfew
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time may change again if street conditions change but they just here in miami shut down in march due to the ongoing corona. pandemic and police have arrested or detained anyone who's dared to go out on the sand but this week in miami more businesses such as restaurants and some malls started reopening again including those on the famous ocean drive in south beach where 10 blocks have been shut down to traffic to give restaurants more room to social distance it's unclear of course when the protests over george floyd's death will simmer down only here in miami but nationwide the protests in miami and other parts of florida took a violent turn last weekend when protesters clashed with police and the demonstrations turned into riots in some parts of the state where cities like tampa jacksonville and orlando saw some looting but this week in light of the peaceful demonstrations city miami mayor francis swore as a mayor and then as both praised activists leading the protest marches for keeping it calm and even commended along with the police several protest organizers who
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helped stop the looting of a c.v.s. on may 31st when they linked top arms to form a human chain to block potential looters from breaking into the store it was a gutsy move that garnered local and national media attention and well mayor how many says there have been some outside agitators coming into miami to try to stir things up they failed as the city county local police and protest organizers continue to work together to keep things peaceful and calm the question now will calm prevail this coming weekend for our tea john hoodie. and meanwhile co-head 19 continues to grip the world cases now topping 6500000 with 388000 deaths reported globally the u.s. still leading the way with the most confirmed cases followed by brazil and russia taking a closer look at this country the u.s. now with about 1800000 cases and 107000 deaths. hi
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regina ham over the sports h.q. we're going to soccer fans across the world have been having a hard time accessing the stadiums for a pretty long while now and it's going to get to new because soccer clubs across the globe are gripping but the big question how did fans of all they can actually be at the game well one danish club put together a pretty creative solution to the problem their super league leaders as the midget learned helped fans get together for the latest game as aisy horse in the league is playing behind closed doors is that of a drive in movie theater for fan still enjoy the action hundreds of fans showed up to cheer on their teams in the comfort of their cars the venue can hold up to 2000 fans david teams are finding ways to keep fans engaged and many are going the way of the driving viewing party other soccer leagues in europe have mulled the idea as fans may not be allowed stadiums for a while so miller may have to get creative here the m.l.s. as well right thank you for that update regina and before we go make sure you check out our brand new app portable t.v. that's up right behind me right there it is i'm going to chance we'll see about.
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virtually every great founded on the rape and murder. nothing changes so we said in. response to these situations that we're dealing with. people just sat there was you know the day is just kill each other but with the children. it was just no way that people are going to just sit back and allow children to be shot down. this country doesn't work for us it doesn't function. this is can't be happening in america
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we call from the streets we've got to deal with why this is the reason i have to write like this is the reason. he took millions of years of evolution to get to this place of set of elected would be no need to become a mess. believe you that hamas and. millions of years are working to give you these big brain which functions with this many. most human beings as suffering what is a magnificent matching human being to any man affecting machine. according to several sources fleecing the united states kills from 2 to 4 people every day my. head his hands. with sand i used to read and. see one of my being arrested for
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a response from me and. it's just their little to establish they developed just us against. a long history of 2525 years as. i read this from someone told me. there is a corruption inside of his family's wealth and i think closure is. seems wrong. just don't hold. me. yet to stamp out the active. and engaged equals betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. reaction to president trump's threat of deploying active duty troops to u.s. cities we'll get that reaction from the former mayor of los angeles on this is the to. the bottom of the politicking on larry king although he's quieter on the subject down than days past president trump has not backed down from his criticisms of the way mayors in some of the largest cities in this country have handled protests and rioting in the wake of george floyd's death and he's leaving open the possibility of sending u.s. troops into some cities to quell the rioting we've seen the last few days we'll get reaction to that now from our good friend antonio of the hour ago so the form.


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