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tv   News  RT  June 9, 2020 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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thank. you. pay their last respects to the late george gloried in his hometown of houston in texas as protests continue to rage across america and politicians are accused of politicizing his death. also this hour the black lives matter activists in the u.k. told police that she linked the slave trade it raises debate about the fairness of their action. was a slave trade in the 17th century 300 years of. democratic means to. take you to the stuff that you see flipping campaigning that. the north and israel's plan to annex parts of the west bank following the green light
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from washington doesn't get much the port from some is raided secular themselves. although they're welcome to day here in moscow you're watching r.t. international george floyd whose death at the hands of police in minneapolis sparked nationwide riots in the u.s. will be buried later on tuesday 2 weeks after his killing a small private funeral will take place in his hometown of houston in texas and despite most of monday being dedicated to a vigil protests have continue to rage across america. i. i. protesters took to the streets of new york the 1st stay on after a curfew is lifted crabs chanting george floyd's name and black lives matter march
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through the city without any major clashes with police or the protests across america are expected today meanwhile around 6000 mourners filed past george floyd's coffin in his hometown of houston the final stop after a series of memorials were held in his honor for the 4 legs from his death has provoked claims that politicians are now trying to win political points democrats for example knelt and 8 minute silence in congress the length of time prosecutors say floyd was pinned under a white police officers me before he died. every american should try to stand in silence for 8 minutes and 46 seconds to acknowledge the pain of george lloyd in the pain of racism charge enough to grieve but it's much harder to do it in public it's much harder with the whole world watching your incredible family is old daughter was there i want to sit there is going to change the world and i think
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her dad is going to change the world hopefully george is looking down right now and saying this is a great thing that's happening for a country this is a great great day. in terms of equality i just want to finish by saying to save the economy we passed several pieces of critical legislation. for the. recruitment of. well your character is very very very. meanwhile the democrats are preparing police reforms to make it easier to prosecute misconduct and require local police to report data on the use of force police officers would also be obliged to undergo biased training and chokeholds and other dangerous practices would be prohibited and all uniform federal officers would need to to wear body cameras political commentator and contributor for the red state dot com jeff charles they believe there's definitely
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a political motivation behind them and you know this is a right i mean never let a good crisis go to waste they're all definitely be people from both sides who are going to capitalize on what happened in georgia. to bolster their political careers it is an election year so it's hard to tell whether or not the people really were those are really wanting to change or if there are posturing for november the true test of whether people really want to affect change well will occur after the election is over if this is still going to be an issue that they were going to be pushing in our in our media and also at a at a political level as well then it is possible for or positive change to. george ford's death has made more apparent a shift in the country's media culture a couple of editors from top newspapers have quit after receiving a huge backlash to articles they published about the protests that has led some
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though to claim that public opinion has prevailed over us journalism kind of more pain there's more in the story. the best journalism includes balance inclusion of all perspectives and a clear headed presentation of the facts but not everyone agrees with that these days and this is what we are getting the business to do is that journalism is not a profession of the friends journalism is a profession of agitation these words came in response to the philadelphia inquirer the paper recently published an opinion piece buildings matter to opposing the looting and destruction of historic buildings during protests 44 journalists who were later backed by jamelle hill stood in opposition to the publication of this op ed the editor in chief was forced to apologize and resign the philadelphia inquirer published a headline in choose days edition that was deeply offensive we should not have
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printed it was sorry and regret that we did you also know the nepali giani saturn is not sufficient philadelphia inquirer editor in chief stan which is now a ski team won a pulitzer prize back in the day is not the only one to recently resign the new standards of journalism are forcing others out the door as well for example james bennett editor of the new york times he was forced out the door after staffers opposed his publication of an op ed by u.s. sen tom cotton that advised the use of the army against rioters last week we saw a significant breakdown in the editing processes of the 1st we've experienced in recent years both of us concluded that james would not be able to lead the team to the next leg of change that is required so where does all of this lead it's not only watch what you write but also watch who you know as you can no longer be associated with anyone who is not actively involved in supporting these protests.
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sent texts to relatives and loved ones telling them you will not be visiting them or answering phone calls until we take significant action in supporting black lives either through protests or financial contributions and now it's watch what you read stop studying books that might reinforce your prejudices have you considered that if you identify as white and read only the work of white authors you are in some ways listening to an extension of your own voice and repeat while the details and depth of experience may differ white forces have dominated what has been considered canon for eons that means non white readers have had to process stories and historical events through a white author's lens to some these new standards of journalism controlling thought and action might come across as more dangerous than state censorship but those promoting them make no apologies it would mop and artsy new york well legal and media analysts leinil police at these events to show that the public itself is not
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limiting free speech since when is journalism determined by consensus since when do you poll your employees to make sure that not only do you have to gear your message to comport with the worldview of your subscribers but then you have to tweak it and make sure it fits into what your employer you feel what we're seeing right now as we're seeing citizen vigilantism it's not the thought police but the thought vigilantes people individual citizens who want to limit opinion either through newspapers social media name it and again my beloved constitution has nothing to say about this because this only limits the government from limiting it. what's happening is the bigger problem
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americans are becoming so used to so conditions so habituated to this kind of limitation of speech and they don't notice it anymore. so what if they want to limit it that's the problem. now elsewhere black lives matter protests have also been held in the u.k. some of the demonstrations there though turned violent with statues becoming something of a target in parliament square in central london for example protesters graffiti statues of abraham lincoln and also winston churchill branding them racist but in bristol demonstrators went even further. i. protest this pull down this statue of 17th century slave trader edward colston who had stood there and 895 demonstrators and threw it into a nearby harbor with hundreds of people chanting black lives matter slogans moved
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though it was condemned by the government. no justification pulled by actual and when it comes to exercise in people's voices and off to see their particular issues and concerns there are many adding to which those with the concerns can be raised and made earlier the home secretary there also claimed that people are distracted now from the course of the protest or other politicians have called for criminal charges against those responsible however many activists claim the start she was inappropriate and should have been removed a long time ago to put the issue up for debate. why people should want to defend having a statue of a man who represents the genocide of my ancestors and i would ask and i would ask your next speak would he defend having for example the commandant of the
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japanese prison camp who had been responsible for $20000.00 plus english deaths what do you defend the statue being kept up there no that's not the point the point is we have to be actually sane to have justice for all people wherever they are and i think many people have heard of it what caused them before is that she came down in bristol yesterday look i understand the strong feelings around that he was a slave trader in the 17th century 300 years ago because of what he did tens of thousands of people were brutalized and tortured and their lives are made a living hell i understand that absolutely but there are democratic means to putting up statues and taking down statues and it shouldn't have been done in that way you can go to a statue you can shout into the air all you like you can say whatever you want but it's against the law to vandalize stop using buildings and it's against a lot of sad things down if you want to tear something down if you want to remove
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something you do with the democratic process because otherwise where is this going to end what are the protesting bristol that's going from the past and look towards the future that what in the process to bristol have been a great opportunity to force a concession to get it removed without what's going to be seen as not just as for instance people have been campaigning for decades to have that statue removed they have been nort suddenly today a skull and a concert hall had decided to remove both the name and the memorial isolation of this match into the genocide we have campaigns that years for that to her. but now you should be asking why people have ignored the reasonable requests of people of color and their supporters to have such a racist abuse removed in terms of public space that it had to respond to that i mentioned was that ed wood coaster was responsible for tens of thousands of no i
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don't t 1000 yeah you need now i think one man with colston was work for the royal africa company and that when he was there he was responsible for exams of thousands of people being enslaved which is what i said which was not holiday that one man actually came with the fact that you're of course of 12000000 people being taken into slavery in total in the in the whole sort of 300 year period so that is not what i am i don't disagree with you on that but you just need to understand what i'm saying but i think the focus of what these protests need to be doing to date is not bringing up you know some feigned outrage over what happened 200 years you know it's a day when i was scared you people are slaves to day mainly in north african countries such as libya and look. when i longer.
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terry minister that i'd be announcement highlighting that offices in france are not like the place in america. let me put up the joke called method known as the strangulation method will be abandoned and will no longer be taught in police schools it was a method that had its dangers in addition if a police officer has to keep someone on the ground during their arrest they will now be prohibited from leaving on their head or neck and the minister also added that 0 tolerance for racism should be applied in norm for smooth and the police will be equipped with body cameras that comes after that lives matter protests were held across the country announced on monday several 1000 part in the demonstration there a former police chief and french politician told us he has personally dealt with racist officers in the country. of the police as a former chief of police i can assure you that i've investigated cases of racist police officers racist in every aspect by the way there were cases of violence of
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theft and others all the proceedings resulted in penalties for the perpetrators but a policeman should get used to the public having sudden changes of heart when one day all citizens applaud because a policeman saved hostages when people were in danger and then on another day the same policeman is insulted by a raging crowd that want to harm. another news hundreds of palestinians have gathered in the city of ramallah to protest the israeli plan to extend sovereignty or as others would call it an expanse of the west bank if implemented the plan would bring 30 percent of the west bank under permanent israeli control move follows donald trump's so-called peace plan to the region that recognizes israeli settlements while offering a path of palestinian statehood albeit with severe restrictions but it now seems that some israeli settlers are just as unhappy with the plan as palestinians
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horsley reports. i'm here in the west bank in the israeli settlement of a lot more where where you'd expect most of the settlers to be enthusiasts. take a bow prime minister benjamin netanyahu is plan to annex such areas to part of israel proper but surprisingly more and more of them are speaking out against such a move we'll as per trumps peace plan all settlement will be turned into an enclave a jewish settlement hundreds really sovereignty situated at the heart of the palestinian state now it's clear that life would become impossible in such enclaves . along the medieval settlement is turned into a man clave who won't be able to leave without a military escort there will be more bones more shooting stones north of cocktails palestinian police would not even take us into account while the annexation would still be hugely symbolic as sick as here enjoy the same rights and privileges of people living inside israel which is why some argue that the territory has
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a way to defect to beam and next the israeli government enjoys the full support of the united states with the american president donald trump's backing of an expression part of the so-called deal of the century by palestinians trumps planning visions millions of them living in demilitarized enclaves mostly surrounded by israel the plan office the potential for palestinian self rule but only off to strict conditions are met setlist though israel should unilaterally annex terror treat without agreeing to any of the clauses in trump's plan that they see as concessions to the palestinians until now this plan is not a good choice and i hope. it will. reconsider this plan because this is a very bad plan for us is sober n.t. . is our goal but if this. act come with the price of giving 70 percent of the area in order to get
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a permit it by the united states for a 70 over. the president of the area no thanks i don't want to give most of the land in order to get legitimized by the americans for the minority of the land more and more settlers are claiming that trumps no good for israel and that his plan endangers the very existence of the state of israel and that n.x. ation although it looks good for the settlements in the long run could be something bad culture as i said wrong things he's a friend and he really advanced a lot compared to the europeans but still he's not conscious that actually he's giving us more danger than good things so i tell him thank you very much for your willingness we are happy that you begin to understand the reality of the oldest nation in the world who it turns to its homeland after 2000 years but still this is not enough because this is destroying our whole existence both the moral and
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physical sides which on the other meanwhile is pushing to bring the topic of an exception to the cabinet for discussion as early as the beginning of next month he says annexation is another glorious trapped in the history of zionism the irony is that many argent design is disagree policia in the short run west bank. still ahead alberta province in canada has passed a 3rd ring of a controversial bill that could soon get us protesters fined and even arrested if they demonstrate close to essential infrastructure but after the break we'll have a look at how this story is playing out alongside the black lives matter movement in neighboring america. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of
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the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you there.
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again now while anti racism protests have been raging in the united states in neighboring canada a 3rd reading of a controversial bill has passed that would criminalize protests of indigenous people near so-called critical infrastructure many wycombe whose indigenous name is slated to believes the country is on the edge of real civil unrest. we would fight it on the ground you can keep indigenous people are their territory i think that you it's. huge civil unrest opposition. there and definitely legal action. by many indigenous peoples there would definitely be protests this is unacceptable even the idea of going through or it
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being asked or brought. to consider. it's unconstitutional and so it would be in stark contrast and of violations of. every level the bell named as the critical infrastructure defense act all be all one is designed to protect essential infrastructure from damage of course by protests that implies large penalties for blocking or damaging property and a potential 6 month prison sentence if passed the bill will protect pipelines among other things it was the construction of one particular park line tape that triggered large scale protests for indigenous rights.
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and alberta's justice minister has tweeted that the bill was brought in when there was quote lawlessness across canada he also added that the rule of law must be upheld alberta's energy minister meanwhile had this to say. now the great time to be building a pipeline because you can't have protests of more than 15 people on the. you need government claims that they want to move forward with reconciliation between indigenous peoples and the federal government that all of their actions. in terms of. oil and gas industry and projects moving forward they are showing that they actually want to move forward with reconciliation so their
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actions are in conflict with what they're saying that they'd like to do lists and it's just the government's been very good at rhetoric they've been talking about a reconciliation approach and they should they surely should share but in reality what they've been doing that much saying one thing and doing about are and what they've been doing on the ground is trying to promote modern agreements that basically terminate the preexisting right so conditions peoples and to a lesser newer formal right but given the you know carried out more control over the lads and resources to to hand them over to the corporations they could just can't unilaterally act as if they can do things what the layouts territories resources with corporations without including a vicious people should territory it is now the coronavirus has had a big impact on most of us but in the town of bali things become really complicated that's because it does straddle the border between belgium and netherlands and
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means 2 completely different sets of rules are in place while cafes and restaurants in the dutch parts of the time have reopened the use on the belgium side remain closed that is despite all residents being allowed to move around all parts of the city freely that country by country approach makes the daily life though with locals rather tricky not gallery owner claims it's made things even more challenging and they were already. greeny i have to ask ok where you from. if they say we are from the netherlands i have to say i'm sorry you can't come into my shop before it was that way so. i didn't like that i was very nervous especially the 1st week i was very nervous because when you can open a shop and you get a letter. to accept all you people from belgium. i
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don't think that's a very good reason for corona because when i have a customer from in the neighborhood from from the netherlands. and the neighbor open with a lot of people. i don't think that's a question about the viewers. but we spoke to other locals for their take on the situation. look i find it very strange that experts gave different advice in the netherlands and in belgium maybe it has something to do with political decisions not with experts in general in the netherlands the situation has been handled somehow more loosely than in belgium where it's stricter we will know within a year whether this was really necessary whether it should have been stricter in the netherlands or whether belgium should have been a bit more relaxed. they are not glad of course but they say the rules are rules so they have to listen for that for us we had the luck. and they had bad luck. it's like dead officially we're not allowed to have belgian
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people. because the belgian government says you're allowed to go across the border to do some stopping to go to family but go to the restaurant or a cafe it's not allowed. so we do not have a lot of belgian people all the wise if there are belgian people it's people here from the good to have you company more from us about how. long.
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