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tv   Going Underground  RT  June 10, 2020 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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but some say is that he was putting racism on a pedestal and that is britain's education system and mendacious history teaching that now needs to be toppled joining me now is someone who has pushed for greater diversity among university students as the 1st black british muslim president of the national union of students and co-founder of students not suspects but they have out here joins me now by skype from labor in the netherlands thank you so much for coming on malaria so as i said here starmer and boris johnson the prime minister condemning those who brought down that monument celebrating a slave trader in bristol what did you make of it i think you're calling chooses to use his air time at a time when the government has effectively waged war continues to wait for brown and black bodies through its cut to the national health service through systematic rejection of oppression exploitation of communities of color that have led to the astronomical debt that we have seen amongst those communities and events force them
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to do a inquiry on it and starmer instead of using this time to read mobilize from below to ensure that this government never gets reelected again in order to continue bolstering and strengthening the very policies that continue to kill black people and to dehumanize them he uses it to condemn an action that is largely symbolic but important in light of the total annihilation people's ability to dissent people's ability to organize and a time which let's face it the most exploited and oppressed among. disproportionately black communities are being blamed for the spike in infections that minutes the kobe pandemic so i think it's deplorable that he has used this puppet for that in fairness against dharma now leading western europe's apparently largest socialist movement because a. it was brought to that level by his predecessor jeremy corbyn in fairness to
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starr it is difficult for him arguably because he refused to prosecute the metropolitan police killers a joint child the ministers the brazilian citizen of color who was a gunned down in south london shortly given that the labor party is realistically has historically been the only space in which people have seen. remote you radical anti racist campaign there is a legacy there the likes of star mark spect it to are now obviously the actions of the labor party in recent history. the war in iraq to the introduction of the prevent strategy to their continued witch hunt that members of parliament particular black women haven't exactly demonstrated the legacy that they profess and the people who are quire a radical. and an apologetic uncompromising anti-racist starts and that includes the courting the people whether they wish to topple
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a statue or whether they do they demand the total dismantling. the systems across our society and institutions in the name of anti-racism and cologne it is a surprise that many in the elites bishops politicians journalists or say that statue is a good for education statues are good only in the sense of providing us with an insight into the bloody and. bloody history of the united kingdom particularly like particularly in reference to the likes of colston. but i think that it added to our focus should not be limited to the statues themselves this is about a deeper problem across our society and the refusal for the british government to tell the truth to intervene in the ways that are necessary into.
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the curriculum into the. methods of assessment into the attention and retention of students of color their abilities to succeed then academic spaces their abilities to. to hold to have access to the same platforms that their white counterparts particularly privileged upper middle class white counterparts have had throughout history one does not need to come from an educated background in order to know that racism is wrong and that it should be stopped by any means necessary do you think it's a sign of how important they know education is that we now have revelations of g c h q workshops for people as young as 9 years old 9 to 12 years old the cyber 1st a system of teaching children about cyber activities we now have revelations about counter-terror programs like prevent using facebook and instagram do those in power
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know exactly how powerful education is when it comes to forming the minds of the population absolutely i think that we shouldn't underestimate. that the government is aware of the power that lies in education and access to it we have seen over a decade. of. the continued privatization marketisation across education as a whole so we know but other than that i think that often dissent. and political mobilizations come from those with an education whether you look at to come together it is a crucial space in which people learn about the problems with the message citee but more than not understand and develop the solutions to it it's about deep our ties. you know political integrity the value of human life. the global south countries like the. m.n.
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and the lack of accountability and responsibility that they feel from below from the people that they were all that they can get away with making such deals with allowing such immoral and effectively and to human. policies and practices to take place within our education system i think that. the government clearly sees education to be one of the battlegrounds during my role as an us president that was very clear. our mobilizations our organizations are protests were you know constantly attacked by those at the very top and if you look at the attempted interventions through the prevent strategy which are all about policing which are all about camping down on on dissent on on demobilization demobilization alongside let's say the academy is a should of schools it's about stripping us of our abilities to come together to
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hold them accountable to interrogate our structures and system to demand them to understand our political power and our of our roles across a society where the final lie should truly lie and which is. you see when you talk like that and when you mention by any means necessary quoting malcolm x. people in power in this country say things are very different in this country compared to the usa you don't think it's possible that there while black people are twice as likely to die in police custody the fact that say 2017 every prosecution over a death. over 15 years ended in acquittal shows that the police were innocent the problems that existed in us exist in the u.k. and we can. there are attempts from those at the very top to do rail to try and paint and whitewash the realities of that but we know we know from the united
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families and friends campaign of those killed in state custody across the u.k. but. when i went over with some time unease from the u.k. mainly those. loved ones were killed in police custody in particular the us argue best counterparts were shocked to hear that the levels of death of violence and the lack of accountability because they would ask the same question across the west coast but how is this possible when your police officers aren't even armed well in part 2 are going to talk to the un special rapporteur on freedom of association who argues it was wrong for the metropolitan police to charge horses at demonstrators here in london in the past few days but in the us a black law is the matter is arguing for a nationwide defunding of the police why do you think no one here is talking about defunding the police i don't think that no one in the u.k.
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is talking about defending the police turf spoken about it for a very long time that conversation about the nature of the police as an institution does a lot of character assassination a lot of attacks with people who dare to interrogate that space and to the justice . by also pointing to the fact that we should be taking an abolitionist stance on that from the police to prisons you've also campaigned against what you call israeli apartheid what do you think about education in britain's complicity with what you call israeli apartheid especially in the context obviously of the labor party shadow foreign secretary saying condemning atrocities by the israeli government is anti semitic in our home secretary pretty dull previously had to resign over secret meetings. with israeli officials i think that the reality of our our institutions complicity with the israeli apartheid is obvious for all to
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see in fact there's been a mass mobilization of hundreds and even thousands of students across the u.k. demanding. apartheid these cuts in these ties be removed the tuition fees within universities for example not be put towards the continued strengthening of our relationship with. you know a colonial state with the black eyes matta protests around the world. including. across the middle east we have seen that people are making our preaching links our understanding the global systematic nature of racism of colonialism of that humanization of global south communities and that therefore our response are not organized being in opposition to them requires. that we
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come together that we built coalitions and that we look to solutions beyond the limits of each of our borders not just finally we do have a sad you have churchill alleged racism violence where we also have a statue of nelson mandela what is it about black heroes like mandela for instance when it comes to education that no mention today is made that mandela real or in south africa this comes to army and to strengthen spaces of accountability the ways in which we organize must always come from below our government will respond to this in the long term even if it's minor tokenistic reforms it will respond and we have to hold them to account around the attempts of solutions which include the likes of. the mandela statue. and i think that we have to demand side the reforms we have to demand more radical
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difference and i shouldn't be afraid we cannot let this time this mass protest this these uprisings be limited to just the removal of statues has to go has to be far more transformative than that it is a dishonor to mandela that all that came from his legacy is a statue in parliament a space that continues to be incredibly privileged that continues to churn out policy is incredibly races that continue to reinforce the deficit the division between all and so the ways in which we truly are not his legacy is by the dismantling of race the structures for my education to our healthcare system to the walls of parliament themselves where they are brought to our thank you after the break as the united states meets demonstrations with military style forces we are the united nations repertoire on the right to freedom of peaceful assembly it is
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a global double standard when it comes to the malaysian of the human right to protest all the more coming up a project of going underground. probably the greatest success of the civil rights movement with respect for human dignity all lives matter under the rule of law that was then but today the same concept has been turned on its head we are told to change the need or face consequences social shany is being turned into a ruling ideology. and also seems wrong. why don't we all just don't hold. it. the old game yet to shape out just being a cop out to hold it against it was
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a trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart. chance to look for common ground.
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welcome back from latin america to the middle east the united states is always the 1st to threaten sanctions and even military action when it comes to crackdowns on peaceful protest but in the wake of the murder of george floyd by the police last month the u.s. has met one of the greatest waves a domestic unrest since the civil war with military style repression using rubber coated steel bullets tear gas and armored vehicles so is there a global double standard when it comes to the violation of the human right to protest joining me now via skype from geneva is the united nations repertoire on the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and of association come all the way to measure opportunity much for coming on let's just begin with under coronavirus what is your campaign for freedom of assembly what must nation states actually do now don't think you are going to move my foot of to that route. too obvious your you
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know your old yeah i think that these are not about it since the outbreak of it or not but now it seems a lot of measure. which are not. in line with the international. basket some of them taking advantage of the koran about. and you'll also see that based on doubts and based on the information that i see from that a.b.c. . and one of my 1000000 there. is also a story about governments but i suspect you mout. see i doubt that it seems to not be a protest so look out so the fundamental freedoms that while we don't have a nice. any government to rule. 2 to one step the need to send out loud international. bad international governments again but it's got that the freedoms
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should be considered to be i suspect that and the 2nd thing is also about it's for me it is important also to have this guy lance also that the corrupt and very simple to show that democratic lie our institutions and must continue to function and that it will be one thing we saw also that in some towns if there is. some country there is a lot of us that's been more out there to the it's all bad but that institution and there is a program of check and balance and i think it's important that when we haven't seen this beat spread of peaceful beat we're also aspects and look at it and station the problem and the need to work that out when it's a pretty beastly the civil society need also to have the money to out in public to be able also to monitor what is going on how those things are implemented it is that i mean does that mean that does that mean that one can defy government orders
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to lock down and not go out i mean over here we have the leader the opposition's a can't stop saying it is wrong to protest he's told this by his the politicians of his party do not protest and i think we need to be good to be clear that we are on the citizen media on standby to our city and we want to support the government let it clear that it's not because the peace it's going and that the people not brought us justice will not. i guess it is once yes so i think it is important that and we saw that we see that on the walk that people are able to protest while the last autumn and then some of the militia are really wearing the mouse in that they get some of this out of this mess and that we should be seeing to live because i mean. nor how many times the school be you know no i
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mean it's i mean that's in. just the span of a look at just the span of democratic decision until we are able to effect clear as to something ok and i think that we you know saying that yes government. action. and doing research should be wary about you see that it isn't. so that you see what i mean not that you need the official position of the government here i don't know whether it's complying with principle one of your campaign for freedom of assembly it says that you can't you can't assemble in public if you're in a group of more than 6 people is that a violation of those principles meeting you to mean that. sound down where you saw that this. is going on yes you go you go knock the process you'll have more school to be sure that these are not going to all that i saw nice you see that you did i
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mean. you know it's a little bit that's really it was like a number of people to want to see well anyway i mean everyone's ignoring it anyway clearly in the united states you must have seen the pictures of thousands maybe tens of thousands of people what have you made of the pictures of. militarized police even the army on stand by the tear gas the rubber coated bullets being ordered by local states in the united states not by donald trump i have to say because he's not in control of the police force what have you made of those pictures of what happens to demonstrators who have ignored as you say government advice yes actually i think let's be also i meant that what is that unite us this hour that get him up the charts. it is not accept. and meeting this 1000000000 this is not acceptable and into this is to protest took on the state to take our this
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image or to be sure that it is the end of this in injustice that is and obviously discrimination and that states and mission to east all of that everybody every person in the united states and live. in the country be doubts fair enough if the lab and we saw some of that did in this protest the police used excessive force where we convene our consent of the united states we did mention some of this problem that we saw and then we also request the government on this image are to ensure that the police can happen on our backs the police that the police in children not to be. the police official that aspect international not which is also that when there is some violence it doesn't mean that the whole peaceful protests if the protest is not peaceful and that is a reply that they reply to
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a letter. yep you know what i think. he's only getting 2 weeks that started we asked you 2 weeks in to receive the start of it you know i want respect the source of who have come to you about and sometimes it is this is like any other democracy democracy's now is in some time and i'm confident that. this will it's going to be able to look back and be studied and to become strong because this is how we get back i think that ought to let people who are breath and also. saw that we meet the demand the least significant of people and this is it i mean over here in britain i don't sure they've seen the pictures of the demonstrations the uprising here outside boris johnson's house in downing street is it all right to charge horses at protesters who appeared to be unarmed although the police say they were throwing bottles is it ok to charge horses in the pouring rain
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of demonstrators i don't think this. time where some of these demonstrations happy because it's an experience which is the did not. see this communication at least at this commission i think that there are process up with that issue would be more she would be more listen to people and i guess the anxiety that's leave the hostages i think for me are this is about human rights this is not a principle it's got it on but it's not abuse but human right is a fundamental act that people are asking and i have to say for who want to do a wink of the the information we now have about journalists being affected your principle 7 on your list as freedom of expression must be guaranteed what do you make of assault tandem arrests sometimes on television of c.n.n. dortch avella r t correspondents black lives matter protests in the usa yes let me your so i find
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that out that my black and. this this is something that you are asked actually that where you buy you out if you are black people you know that matter and this fight is important it's a long fight is as many as are you by the sea it's a mini i thought cycle and i wanted to in fact say that's not nice when it might be your money trying to put it all in the hours of work that is full of something because you cannot address tonight is that bit to provide information and i guess in the midst of mark and i saw that's my. belief going or saw 'd we do lots of fun things that a system will issue a statement to come down out of this film like this because we need information we need to know what is going on if there is or if the government i believe that it is right and it is. so easy to people see is not just donald trump says it's a lame stream media doing everything within their power to foment hatred and anneke
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as long as everyone understands what they're doing that they are fake news and truly bad people with a sick agenda that's why these journalists perhaps are being targeted by law enforcement i don't want to argue about it going after i said but i think that that you know isn't that aspect of their act up to now this is about democratic process and the free information flow of information and believe that you can not be not all people have it not only to do this i'm going to turn the fig leaves and between what is the acts but if you just reflect on what you've seen of the black man lives matter protests do you think they're on a par with nations that they usually sanctioned for human rights abuses you know i think i think we need to take this minute to take this in and in the looting are specific about also about this i don't think using this word is i've been going on t.v. how they live for many of my they started last there are so many for that. when i
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sprayed the police they asked that we don't need to outwork to use the mess and the police got there was this is not just on the west it's also fights and we shouldn't wonder and that is that this is not the parts i did this one please don't you are against one simple people asking justice in respect of the ag ok just finally article 21 appears not to apply to un stuff what did you make of the un secretary at sending an e-mail to staff telling them not to demonstrate not to exercise their freedom of association and peaceful assembly and i want to emphasize that for many years what un and currently when you stand in quote you mark for protection you might act for it and you know it isn't discrimination for anything injustice and inequality and i think that this news is going in the bathtub and i think that this is not right and in my orbit i am writes. about this because you
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get up to leave it at this time because acting that we are going to plummet for it where you are should be and you are starting the showing that the way these are not about the sentiment is about also action and acting un is important and i'm sure and i respect square and i do matter you know that and i'm shocked that this occurred to do no doubt will listen to the core of many of you who are a lot to release. and that's one star it will also to enjoy fundamental rights as a human being but also as this segment because this the actor in this cause and we need to say that this also for the international community that the at you can not find this in just use the silence when we. should be done when we buy about to be without this community here and special thank you. sponsor then you thank you
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very much and that's it for the show special shout out to my phone. he was 90 years old today will be back on saturday 49 years to the day u.s. military whistleblower downloads books revelations of systematically mind by u.s. authorities about indiscriminate killing in vietnam cambodia and laos were 1st published people watch our interview with ailes began to support the london imprisoned wiki leaks publisher julian assange on our you tube channel saturday wash your hands and join the underground you to put a sound that is to go in the face of a. clip of she will be no use to you. but it's always ok it was a cool moment. you know we didn't see the
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media. today taking with us the mood at the. smithsonian bush and the. yes. yes well.
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demonstrators in paris hold a large anti racism protest in honor of george floyd with almost 9 minutes of sun and condemnation of police brutality. london's mayor dances a review of all statues and street names in the city and it concerns slavery. racism protesters monuments to a slave trader in the u.k. city. everybody's trying to. get that feeling of paris about our profession. us police say that all officers shouldn't be blamed for just one month's crime law enforcement turns into its own movie.


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