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god. is loving this tuesday the 16th of june stocking up in seattle's self declared. george floyd protesters dig into the police take a walk through to see what they ultimately hope to achieve. currently standing outside of the police department's east precinct which has been abandoned now. years of dollars for energy and then we're supposed to protect your money for america how does that work it doesn't work in other news president trump orders thousands of troops out of germany accusing the country of underfunding nato. for monuments to t.v. classics to shutting the leading national newspaper now campaign this push to purge britain of its racist. brazil on the brink of
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a coronavirus catastrophe overtaking britain the world's 2nd highest number of people feel that on the government's handling of the crisis. the president of the republic needs to understand that the brazilian people are going through the worst crisis in its history and there are thousands of dead grieved families because of hunger looking in the homes of a residence. no one good morning from russia this is our international life what will do use h.q. in moscow and kevin our 1st than this choose stay to the northwest united states of the self declared autonomous zone in seattle occupation protest by black lives matter protesters who moved in after police moved out of their precinct building in the city's capitol hill crowds are building camps and stocking up on supplies
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suggesting that they're in it for the long haul activist. walked us through. when was the last time they used and 2 cities at once to my right is the city of seattle typically dreary monday afternoon. that is the capitol hill autonomous so it's now becoming known as chat but what exactly are the goals of this community what exactly is trying to be achieved here. let's go check it out. currently standing outside of the seattle police department's east precinct which has been abandoned now after a series of protests that devolved into riots the seattle police department decided to be prudent to actually leave the station and so this is become the kind of epicenter for for chad is the capitol hill autonomous zone this absolutely
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beautiful mural of the recent black lives that have been lost in these protests so i'm currently walking down the north part of pike street right now and see on the ground we have a sports car that's been put up i think a lot of people are working on this all week. trying to create a beautiful little space they have here this is the change right here is more ready story and a lot of people are looking for a presidency with the changes already begun so you think this is about police brutality or is this more about systemic racism exists never couple think the goal of the chances of what's happening down here the goal is the people this is this is the gold medal around the road wallace no this is the go to congress everybody here or part of the goal to bring everybody together i feel like what's going on here is like definitely different than anything is legal on the floor some down at
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cal anderson park right now which has become sort of a living center for the capitol hill autonomy and you can see in the distance. quite a few tents and people have been setting up and and kind of creating slowly over the last couple days a living community. going way way you can think about feels like we're not being listened to. and that's why it's important that the noise has to be made by the side of the community garden that's been established here you can see that people are really coming together here establishing an actual permanent garden in the ground i think they're mostly trying to grow food and hopefully the goal of this becoming an actual sustainable community we want to consumerism because it's just feeding into the system even more so explain what you're doing here you know what's the good of both people. priority is going to look at the people of color and people that are in need everything is that there's been some disagreement about
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what the name of this this area and the community should be. for a while it was being referred to as the capitol hill autonomy own or chaz but now they've changed the name to the capitol hill organized protest or chop the reasoning behind this is that calling this area and a ton in the stone. could invite more violence from the federal government or from the police and i think it's very obvious town here that nobody wants more violence are you worried about the police coming up here and trying to bust us out trying to move this thing out is not really people are going to come here. and like protesting our protest we need some sort of protection. and whether that be guns or whether that be our voices we need that people down here they are not. politicians they're not leaders they are nurses they're teachers they're restaurant
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workers they are the unheard but they're not writing they are making music they are making art they are feeding the homeless they're doing wonderful. special thing. but if the people of the world refuse to listen to the messages that are being spoken down here and they're going to miss out on something very important and very special. zack is in is he coming to you from capitol hill seattle thank you for listening. while president trumps made his feelings clear about the handling of the seattle autonomy as though laying the blame squarely at the mayor and governor of a governor that doesn't do a damn thing about it and you have a mayor that doesn't know she's alive she's talking about it's going to be a love fest this summer you know if they don't do the job i'll do the job and i've already spoken to the attorney general about it but if they don't do the job we will do the job will you do about 10 different things either any one of which will solve the problem quickly now there's also
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a video of this plan circulating online to showing a protest or apparently handing out assault rifles to minors despite being very much against the law in washington state is good and long where we go to seattle local reporter joe white is there a joey thanks to make the time to be with us says late at night their love and pm i think if i got the time's right what's the situation at the moment so yeah we just came back from a bit of a march here about 300. and. it's going to be one strategy as we are all out of this army is facing a lot weaker so this threats of violence to the we cannot stand up we had a flash point in our going. out and even a 2000 or so space you're now. saying now that extends. our. i just have to put one joy just before we went to this
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spot a video circulating apparently showing a protest handing out assault rifles to minors to young people the commute corroborate that you don't think about it. this is the 1st i've heard of that you know then you know. what about the reports of the looting in the villages saying it's quiet it's been largely quiet what you see looks pretty quiet around somebody. but how do you see the trouble 1. so i think we talk about you know more violence right i think it's sort of out of touch with what purchaser see on the ground have come to understand for the last 2 weeks the looting and violence started. and they were violent with flash bangs and. you know sound cannons on times so this is the most.
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i mean as this develops organically how well organized this protest. so i think this is a leaderless movement very intentionally right what we see in the civil rights movement is the tendency to focus on their heads and it's a lot easier for the government to topple them. discrediting them or blackmailing them or writing the islands so while it may not look like there are emerging leaders that's not that there's a lot of back and conversations happening on different chat and. there's organisation still have self-esteem protests a stocking up looks like they're going to be in this for the long haul it's not the vibe you'll get in this well. well i don't know if this space was originally one of the demands like money or actually this sort of a cool social by product sorts where white folks see from together and talk about how to dismantle system of racism and also symbol space and part of the peace
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treaty and so when we talk about stocking up i think folks will be out here it's along the side. and use violence of course it pegs the question i suppose further down the line if this does go on what's going to happen for the down line if the city authorities say we won't play spot we're going to move in there could be trouble couldn't. well if you know anything about history and there are some of these protests last that are 300 days i know the request quite cry think lasted nearly a gear don't fact checking on that but protest it's not meant well and i think the idea of a long haul joey think should time joe weiss a south reporter they keep us posted throughout the house the day she had nice to see you. thank you so much. more than $1000.00 american troops stationed in germany to be pulled out president trump made the older offer accusing berlin of being delinquent it is payments to the nato security line suggesting it will to spend more on defense. but the only countries that hasn't agreed to pay what they're supposed to pay is germany so i said until they pay we're removing our soldiers
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a number of our soldiers by about half. well this argues we brew for a wireless go to our europe correspondent in berlin peter all of a morning nice to see you but have a short for chancellor merkel but trump has been talking about this before but moaning europe especially germany's contribution to nato yeah. it's been bubbling on for a little while what trump says on monday is those he wants to coast the 52000 as he sees it u.s. military personnel who are stationed in germany past him it seems a little high compared to the figures we have from here it suggested he may be including defense department civilian contractors in there as well but he wants to see that number reduced to somewhere around 25000 the reason for doing this is he says that germany isn't paying its way when it comes to near saw he's also been
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happy with the with germany has as far as he's concerned the united states when it comes to things like trade angle or merkel has pretty much put donald trump's nose out of joint since he came into power. a few years back one of the those main points that have really caused concern for the u.s. president is to over trade and also over energy where donald trump says why should the essentially should the u.s. be protecting germany from russia when germany's buying russian gas but is germany paying russia billions of dollars for energy and then we're supposed to project germany for america how does that work it doesn't work. well if you look at it in perspective though even at the height of the cold war germany west germany bortz energy from the u.s.s.r. this is more to do with donald trump wanting to hawk u.s. l.n.g.
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liquefied natural gas to the european market the thing is that it's more expensive than it is piping in natural gas directly from russia when it comes to this troop withdrawal statement though well it's surrounded by confusion must the german foreign minister has said this hasn't being consulted hasn't been briefed wasn't informed about the president's decision. i would see us german relations are difficult as you see that the decision has not been 100 percent coordinated with the united states government it is not surprising that it has not been coordinated with the us either. well the announcement from donald trump was also corrected somewhat about the role of u.s. troops stationed in the german federal public by the german ambassador to the united states she pointed out that those troops are there as part of nato they're
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there as part of the transatlantic alliance and that by their being there they also give the united states quite a bit of clout when it comes to different areas of the world what will happen nobody really knows at the moment whether these troops will be withdrawn whether they'll be relocated there had been some talk about moving some troops from germany to poland going to have to wait to see what happens with that though as it stands donald trump very unhappy with germany germany doesn't really know what they're going to plan what the united states president is going to do next though you know about developing we'll follow it with your help peter all over our europe correspondent thanks for now this morning. mystical in europe for an extra to go in the further west the campaign is digging deep into britain's a store recall racism and the now making calls for the country's leading leftwing newspaper to be shut down there are thousands strong petition accuses the guardian of being hypocritical in supporting the black matter movement these days pointing
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to the fact that the very paper was founded from the fortunes of a 19th century cotton merchant you slaves the petition also details how the guardian originally supported confederacy in the american civil war coming out against president lincoln's moves to abolish slavery the paper's just one of the targets getting a racial wake up call than in britain right now more on it from saskia taylor. poor old blighty once an empire that spawned a quarter of the wild land mass and now back to haunt today's generation is to leave the colorings. to british. from the sea if you really want to use the b.l.m. movement galvanised like never before people are taking a baseball bat out a few things seen as quintessentially british and the crowd was fast in light. of this. we have a new sovereign young. woman the crown must win
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no don't worry but jewel is safe so now but queen victoria did get in most on regal ball off to protest as dogs the words slave owner feeds a few subjects suffered the same fate bristol city benefactor a new tory s. slave trader who took up a dip in the harbor to big toppled and then there's wind chill once proud he looking over at westminster and now boxed up not even the dreaming spies of oxford escaped unscathed apparently it too must pay penance for the british empire as diabolical costs the university currently high school in the quality must once and for all improve its intake of black and minority ethnic british students and students from countries that the u.k. has colonized and exploited. of the precipitous on historic centers of learning how
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to also been told to do some serious soul searching they must now d. colonize the canon and teach the dangers of white privilege but one staple of british life decided to get ahead of the cuff and do some reforming before being hit major t. brands p.g. tips on your. t. say that racist customers are officially persona non please don't buy our t. again we're taking some time to educate ourselves and plan proper action before we post we stand against racism which does rather conveniently gloss over the fact that the origins of the great british quite literally rooted in imperial history and that the industry continues to use band on to pay workers in india so really no nothing rata oh speaking of which even major t.v. comedies are getting a go over from the reappraisal prison. technological
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achieve we've had running water for over 10 years underground tunnel that leads us to prove. david and i have spoken publicly in recent years about regret that we played characters about the races once again we want to make it clear that it was wrong and we are very sorry but you know i think if they banned the english. and us conversations about it well that that's when britain would truly just pull to pieces. she was developing in russia are they good morning coming up from r t's world news age q with me covello in the 2nd wave coronavirus fears no the united states clusters of infections are reported as people dates distancing of course all those crowds have been protesting maybe it's no surprise that this is being reported now we're across it will brief you just one of the stories.
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join me every 1st week on the alex salmond shill and i'll be speaking to guest of
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the world of politics or business i'm sure. i'll see you then. again brazil's become the key focus in latin america's coronavirus fight right now having surpassed the u.k. in the number of deaths with more than 44000 fatalities brazilians are increasingly taking aim at president and his government over what they see as their poor handling of the crisis is out he's done all quarter. bodies are piling up in brazil now the country with the world's 2nd highest coronavirus death toll grave diggers are literally unearthing the dead and transporting them somewhere else to
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make room for new arrivals and understandably the new practice has not gone unopposed but if. the president of the republic needs to understand that the brazilian people are going through the worst crisis in its history there are thousands of dead grieved families the ghosts of hunger lucan the homes of for bella residents president gerald also gnarls continued downplaying of the pandemic has left brazil deeply divided right after activists erected those crosses in protest of the country's high death toll they were destroyed by a supporter of the government one father who lost his son to the coronavirus couldn't stay silent as he passed by the scene. make of the. right. words likely more intended for balsa noro than the actual vandal since the president seems eager to cover up the country's uncomfortably high death toll
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a supreme court judge even ordered his administration to resume publishing death statistics after the official site stopped doing so and began wiping information according to paulson r.-o. though the officials were just adapting the information. the healthcare ministry has adapted the disclosure of data on cases and deaths related to covert 9 saying the measures allow for more accurate data to be obtained on a. he's even encouraging supporters to take covert 19 research into their own hands . if there is a field hospital or public hospital need you find a way to get in there and film it lots of people are doing this and more need to do it to show whether beds are in use or not. but many experts believe the real situation is far worse than the government is letting on official stats say that rio de janeiro's had 40000 cases of the virus however independent research is in the country say that number is more likely as high as half a 1000000 at the same time the university of washington says brazil will surpass
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the u.s. in per capita deaths by may july nevertheless thousands of bulls and also porters are marching on the streets calling for an end to the lockdown as the country faces creeping unemployment we are being barred from working sure could be 1000 is out there who need to live with it until we find a definitive q we're beat that a vaccine or something else we're desperately asking our leaders to let us go back to work one could say this is a low point of the pandemic for brazil who knows what new threats polson are will face as the death toll continues to spiral out of control and who knows what he'll do if it means staying in power. further north concerns over a 2nd wave of infections in the world's worst affected country are rising pockets of increases are being reported in the united states as the country rushes to reopen from logged with people abandoning distancing and also contending with crowds of protesters nationwide scientists say it's making conditions ripe for and
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for a resurgence over 20 states registering a rise in cases of the most affected texas and arizona which say hospital beds are now filling rapidly the u.s. is by far the hardest hit by the global pandemic having seen over 2100000 cases professor william schaffner from the vanderbilt university school of medicine says there is simple reasons to wild why covert is coming back. 2 things happen almost at the same time we started to open up and these demonstrations occurred now that things are opening up we are seeing more cases again and that's because people at least in the end i did states many of them are not wearing their mess they are not observing 6 foot distancing and they're going to large gatherings where people come together and that's a wonderful place for the coven virus to be transmitted some people call it a 2nd wave that's fine with me because we see an increase in cases whatever you
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name it we're seeing more cases and we know why it's happening we're better equipped now but still it would not take much for us to so many patients that we would have a great deal of difficulty providing them good care and death rates would go up on i do not think we will have another locked down that causes so much distress financially culturally socially that i think no one in this country wants to go back i'm kind of not sure whether our responses ever will be that strong as they are for example in china or south korea well that said the governor of new york is threatening to reinstate shutdowns if district leaders don't to force the code 1000 regulations under cuomo says there's been 25000 complaints against business is
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violating the reopening plan reporting that america's trinity chabris. broaching reopening hitting a bit of a snag over the weekend hundreds of people seen crowding along the streets of manhattan violating social distancing guidelines and not wearing face coverings this is non rocket science and this extent if you have large gatherings of people who are not socially distance who are not wearing masks you will have an increased spreading the virus this state receiving 25000 complaints the governor singling out manhattan and the hamptons as problem areas and demanded local officials to do their job and crack down on violators enforce the law you have large gatherings that are in violation of the law this will most probably lead to a spread of the virus do your job and in force.
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if you do not and this continues we would have no sure. but to take state action mayor bill de blasio firing back saying that imprisoning people isn't the answer this as police brutality and racial injustice protests continue for the 20th consecutive day throughout the state. governor cuomo doubling down to calling on the mayor to reform the n.y.p.d. by 2021 saying that if he's not up to the task city council can do it. well as to why things look in so far from moscow this morning. on a social media here it's kevin i mean the rest the same so thanks for watching have a great tuesday.
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6. in seoul you can't get away from advertisement urging you to change your appearance and. many local people see plastic surgery as a prerequisite for a successful career employers are often most interested in the job seekers appearance as a graduation present parents often give voters plastic surgery for an extra food in the islands to make their eyes look bigger. almost every community in egypt dreams of looking just makes it a needles. ah no team no crowd. no shots no.
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action to help speed up. when the lights drive no 1st one. which your thirst for action. this is the bus the one business show you can't afford to miss fanfare montevideo in washington coming up stocks stage a comeback after a major drop to start the day over fears of a 2nd. pub at 19 we'll ask our experts if we should just get used to this kind of volatility and millions of people are unemployed and facing uncertainty due to the coronavirus that includes the over 40000 through line workers believed to be stranded abroad we have a show today so let's go and dive right in. global
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markets are slipping as concerns grow over a possible 2nd wave of coven $1000.00 will beijing reported a cluster of new cases after nearly 2 months without new infections will china's capital reinstated some restrictions including security checkpoints while both schools and sports venues also close after an outbreak tied to a huge market well this comes as south korea also continues to see a rise in new cases especially since the government has not enforced stricter social distancing guidelines you are very concerned that spreading factions in the metropolitan area in the virus is spreading particularly through daycare centers and nursing facilities a senior citizen said we are making our best efforts in tracking people who have had contact with confirmed virus so we are still facing the limitations.


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