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traditional to just agree to barker she's a power line i would submit this demonstrates that the struggle is very real. struggle. hello there i'm a military man you're watching in question broadcasting from our to america's national news headquarters in washington d.c. we want to welcome our viewers from across the nation and all around the world here are today's top stories 1st up india and china are calling for peace following one of the deadliest border clashes between both countries in decades a full report on that straight ahead plus the unlawful and illegal words germany are using to describe possible crippling u.s. sanctions over the north stream to project we're going to discuss that and then n.b.c. news is under fire for reportedly coding with a british watchdog group to sneer to media outlets prompting google to remove them from their platform our panel guests will weigh in on this subject all right it's
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time to boost your news i knew. just 2 days after the 1st deadly clashes in decades between china and india both countries are now calling for a peaceful resolution but the violence also comes at a time when the u.s. has strengthened its relationship with india and has seen increased tensions with china argues rachel blevins is joining us from the newsroom with the latest developments there rachel well manila secretary of state my pompei was set to meet with one of china's top officials today amid increased tensions between washington and beijing from trade disputes to involvement in hong kong to the coronavirus the meeting is expected to cover a range of topics that could now include the latest dispute between china and india and india has confirmed that at least 20 of its soldiers. were killed following
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border clashes with china on monday but beijing has yet to report a number of casualties on its side political groups observers suspect china's decision not to release the number of soldiers killed could be its desire to downplay the situation due to days high level meeting and whole why still some indian news reports place china's death toll between 35 and 40 the border dispute between china and india has been ongoing for jack aids with the 2 countries agreeing to an actual line of control after a war broke out in 162 the surrounding territory has become increasingly militarized and recent disputes amid recent disputes and on monday china claimed indian soldiers crossed the border twice and acted provocatively which led to a fight that included rocks and clubs but no shots fired but just 2 days after the 1st deadly clash since 1975 both china and india say they are seeking a peaceful resolution a spokesperson for china's foreign ministry said they are in communication with
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india but they were fused to accept blame because they say the clashes happened on their side of the border should i thank you chinese and indian border troops are jointly dealing with the relevant matters on the ground the merits of the incident are very clear this incident happened at the chinese side of the line of actual control and china is not to blame for this. and his prime minister has also deny that his country provoked the attack and he claimed the soldiers who died gave their lives for a just cause. i want to assure the country that the sec refind support soldiers will not go to waste for us the unity and sovereignty of the country is the most important and no one can prevent us from defending india wants peace but if provoked we are capable of giving an appropriate response now i know the world is watching this conflict closely because not only are these countries the 2 most populated in the world but there are also 2 nuclear powers and the effects of an
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all out war would be devastating so rachel how has the u.s. responded to these latest clashes well hours after the news of the clashes broke the state department released a statement and which it did not appear to condemn either side and stat it said quote we are closely monitoring the situation between india and chinese forces along the line of actual control both india and china have expressed a desire to deescalate and we support a peaceful resolution of the current situation now earlier this year president trump was greeted by a stadium of fans when he visited india to meet with prime minister modi the state department also confirmed that the cheerleaders just got the situation on the india china border recently during a phone call on june 2nd now this all comes amid continued conflict between the u.s. and china as a trumpet ministration has blamed beijing for the spread of the coronavirus and threatened against involvement in hong kong reporting in the newsroom rachel love and archie. and there's anger in the german parliament aimed at the united states
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over threatened sanctions linked to the major north stream to gas pipeline project with russia the head of the economic and energy affairs committee wants the government to consider countermeasures here's our europe europe correspondent peter oliver well this latest move by the united states is caused across the political divide here in germany. here in the week. we have the german foreign minister saying that relations between washington and at the moment worth of well difficult is how he described it that was over donald trump's decision to pull u.s. troops out of germany well that relationship is equally as problematic when you look at the north stream to project washington is currently threatening crippling sanctions against companies that they're involved in that project that is straight up a legal according to the chairman of the committee for economic affairs and energy . and we've got work to do against companies but also against governments it is an
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unlawful it's a legal system in europe and there's also a german. while the u.s. senators including texas as ted cruz have put forward a bill in the united states that would put the sanctions on any company and insurance firm related to those companies involved in the laying of undersea gas pipelines as part of the north stream project now the german foreign minister the german government saying they reject that out of hand the fact that sanctions are being considered or could possibly be nice should in the united states does not change anything in our position or it's true to sanctions been discussed now are extraterritorial by nature. we reject them the german government has long had the view that sanctions with extra territorial effects are in conflict with
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international law and that they are not a contribution to advancing international corporation not stream to is the name suggest the 2nd face in that this underwater gas pipeline project it takes russian gas directly from russia into germany a multi 1000000000 euro project and involves companies from a number of different nations. it had been supposed to be open running by 29 team pressure from the united states has forced delays washington says this pipeline gives moscow too much of a hand in the european energy sector however politicians here in berlin well they think there may be an all teary a motive behind the united states protests. and the aim of these actions from the united states is not from our perspective to reduce dependence on russia but rather the goal is not surely to be able to sell their own gas to europe and that is easier to do with less gas is delivered from russia. the trade
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relations in the energy sector would be disturbed. historically not a lot has changed here even in the darkest hours of the cold war west germany as it was then the energy from the u.s.s.r. as it was then what we have here though is essentially who's going to blink 1st the german government are insisting it's not going to be them they say it's german energy policy it who germany buys its energy from is german business and that donald trump the united states and any u.s. senators that want to get involved well they should think twice about doing that. and the u.s. senate has approved new sanctions on the north stream to gas pipeline between germany and russia while only about $100.00 or so miles of pipeline are left to be built next through danish waters which were actually suspended since december of 2019 due to u.s. sanctions targeting companies providing work to the project bear in
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a last ditch effort these new expand expanded sanctions are an attempt to thwart the business deal the deal still needs to be approved by the house and get a signature from president trump but given the troubled ministrations recent discord with germany the president is expected to sign on the dotted line for more on this we will go to former u.k. and georgia. so george the u.s. appears to keep looking for ways to kill this pipeline in order to keep distance between the germans and the russians why. well the words like unlawful and in conflict with international law are merely a polite ways of saying is legal this is a blatantly illegal act that is being threatened not against venezuela not against iran against the united states is closest allies in the world states as closest allies in the world in western europe it cannot make sense strategically
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for the united states to be day after day after day making enemies of friends we discussed just yesterday the i.c.c. threats the as the patterson accords those 'd the iran nuclear deal oh most without number of fights are being picked not with traditional enemies but with traditional allies and it's probably you ask why it's partly to stymie russian cooperation in europe not just with germany because this guy asked will. the houses of people throughout europe but it's as the german statesman just said it's a shakedown it's a soprano style shakedown by our freedom gus instead of what they're calling it it's what ted cruz calls it r l p g liquid petroleum gas instead of the nasty russian gas it will cost you
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more it will have to travel half the world to get during her but it's freedom gas if you know what i mean by george it's you know good old american marketing we'll call it that president trump has ramped up rhetoric against germany in recent days as it pertains to nato you know that and consider. saying moving u.s. troops from bases there how do you think the germans are perceiving this sort of tough talk. well here you see president trump has a point the united states is shouldering a far disproportionate amount of the financial lifting the heavy lifting and yet supposedly in germany to defend germany personally speaking i want to see every last american soldier out of europe so i'm very happy about it but trump does have a point that he's made ginning this very expensive military infrastructure in
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europe and the u.s. taxpayer is having to pay for it with the european taxpayer getting a cheap ride if not free right now i mean president does have a point there saying he criticized the market for saying you know he pay up there and they're nato dues because the u.s. a shouldering this but then they're going to go buy russian gas problem as what he basically said so how do you view vitamin putin's next steps here to expand gazprom reach into europe. while president putin just has to sit by and enjoy it because there's no way that germany will back down on this there are far too many billions invested in this project it's far too out by the tejas a to the german and other european economies of the project to go ahead the threat
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to governments as well as companies involved in the project is dark but the threat to insurance companies is darker still because russia could build the whole point line if necessary they don't need any western engineering for 100 miles more of pipeline but the do. joy is now in loading insurance companies and once the us is threatening insurance companies engineering company is as well as all the other sanctions that they are throwing around like confetti you're going to see this is all out of control unless as i see you really as a country want to lose all of your friends well george the us often talks about you know the market deciding for itself is that nordstrom to self evident of the market demands. this is
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capitalism the germans want to buy russian gas not because that's where enough or how. big boots but because it's economically just to to do so and that's what capitalism 'd is supposed to stand for people making efficient economic decisions in their own interest absolutely if you can get a cheaper deal you go with that one simple as that well we were right there george galloway always appreciate your take thank you. fran b c news is coming under fire for reportedly colluding with a british watchdog group there to smear 2 media outlets we're going to discuss all of that and then over sports regina hamm brings us highlights from 8 heartbreaking games for at least one team and it can be you and make sure you keep up with all the latest news and anything you might have missed by downloading our brain create app called portable t.v. watch their 247 watch me back here to.
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to each to glimpse the big picture question more. big taki is coming under fire again after 2 right leaning websites were allegedly threatened by google of the monetization of their sites due to some of the views posted the federalist and 0 heads are now under the microscope and conservatives are concerned that big tech is censoring free speech so joining us to expand this conversation our panel today investigative journalist and boom bust co-host ben swan and attorney and media analyst lytle of litle media are a gentleman but i want to go to you 1st can you give us a summary of what this latest spat is all about. yes so essentially you have 2
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websites as you said the federalist and 0 hedge and in this case 0 hedge was in fact to monetize from google's ad platform the federalist was given a warning to correct information on their site and to remove it or else they were also going to be doing monetized what was at issue here were articles reportedly about the protests over george floyd and apparently there were statements made not in the articles themselves but in the comments section of the articles that in b.c. news found along with this group out of the u.k. and then n.b.c. news apparently contacted google and reported it to google to try to get these platforms monetized that's all we can get into that that's a whole other issue but essentially the core issue here i'm lionel can speak better to this part of the legal side of it which is that essentially these were not in the articles these were in commenting sections and therefore google was punishing 0 hedge and the federalist for having commenters who said things that google didn't
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like so why don't what about that from a legal standpoint should content providers or websites and the like should they be responsible for the comments and opinions of their viewers or their readers. well this may not be a legal answer but responsible for what for an opinion that's rude or might be controversial you know we speak the last speech to libel slander defamation the statement of a factual basis that turns out to be false which causes damages but what we're talking about here going on and then are statements that might be hate form or in correct or spiteful or or or injurious to the soul or i've never heard anything like this in my life isn't that the whole purpose of what free speech is about that down the marketplace of 3 ideas so this has no place in the world of law in terms of what they want to ban ok so ben you obviously are
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a big proponent of free speech no matter what direction it goes but google not being a public good or or utility doesn't that give them the right to allow whomever they want to be able to earn money through their platform the thumbs up or thumbs down. well that's a good question i mean there's really there's a certain level of irony built into this story because remember president trump issued an executive order recently that would remove section 230 protections from tech companies like google and you tube and twitter and facebook meaning that those companies could no longer be shielded as they are now from content that's placed on their platforms google says hey that's not fair we're a platform we're not a publisher and yet they're acting exactly like a publisher by go in and saying we will remove you for being monetize on our site and here's the other thing i know said about about the issue of what exactly are you removing and trying to save and protect the world from are you saying that websites cannot have readers and users who have opinions that google doesn't agree
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with and if you do have those viewers and readers you must prevent them from speaking or commenting on a story in a way that google doesn't like that is insanity you know like a bigger. picture here google is essentially the internet the internet is our reality if google or facebook or any other major platforms continue down this path of indirect censorship what might be the ramifications on our society lionel. a complete and total shut down of free speech and the exchange your free speech and ideas look imagine this mill and ben let's assume going back to the days of newspapers imagine i made this week and i mean that was the company in this age that i happen to use was used by 99 percent of everybody in the newspaper business but i'm just a private industry but just so happens that the thing that i produce is responsible
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news by 99 percent of all people who want to engage in speech don't do you think this idea that i'm a private concern that this argument were slightly more absolutely not it's species and by the way what are we talking about all of this this indemnity on the part of google what are we protecting them from exactly this i'm not really i'm not sure i can use my imagination but they've never really explained to us exactly what it is dear be shielded from i mean libel slander per se or just nasty talk well on that note lie and all the d.o.j. is considering rolling back certain protections that big tech presently enjoys that section 230 that that ban just mention it doesn't hold them accountable right for for what users or content or siders write what the content providers post but it allows them to also moderate content from those 3rd parties but is that a good idea or bad idea then and because it seems like big tack is trying to have
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it both ways then the are well i think they are trying to have a both ways but i want to tell you that as this is taking place there is a new development in the story manila that's very important is the few hours ago a senator josh ali of missouri filed a bill and he has introduced a bill now in the senate that essentially would allow users of big tech platforms to sue of those platforms if they are not even and fair in the way that they moderate content from conservatives versus the way they do from liberals and so that's all the asli a relative term. and but essentially for instance if google is is treating you know 0 hedge and the federalist one way and going in and surveying their commentaries and making sure there's no hate speech are we did monetize you is anyone doing that to be the rat in this case in b c news that came forward and said oh by the way we're going to let you know what's happening is that it will go into their comments sections and say will it be
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c. news needs to be d monetized as well because it commenter said something that n.b.c. news maybe didn't say themselves but we don't like it that's the problem is you're holding these sites responsible for what someone else is saying not with the publishers not with the reporters but what a commentary is saying right right why don't. you know are there's just one of an idea now of these these watchdog kind of like the s.p.l. see there's u.k. greed and want they established themselves as the forum against hate speech and wrong stuff and once the speak all of a sudden people just sort of been out are going to do say oh well we we must do something s.p.l. see southern poverty law center is a great example of that they've created themselves as the arbiter of what is each group think about their ass so all of a sudden do this we're going to acquire as i legislative judicial imprimatur or we are now making these people what arms of not only the government but arms of the
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conscience of the world well you're right be out here right well it's about branding this is get this is not yes it's about branding the one in the u.k. it's called center for countering digital hate and they're the one that had a hand in all of this so you know it's the word hate in there so they're they're there to counter it but hey this is a relative term guys that hate is a relative term and i hate speech is relative in that if one group says it like for instance i guarantee you the southern poverty law center has not gone around a designated anything that black wise matter protesters no matter what then sad because some are likewise matter and some are anti funds and you know all these people who are protests. and some of what's being said how could you not call it hate speech and other parts of it is activism so how do you differentiate between those groups and groups like the s.p.l. see don't they merely declare one group is bad and one group is good and evil said by feel. it's totally just whatever they feel like whichever way the direction the wind blows right so what the leave right there guys we could be talking about this forever bents one line of line media thank you gentleman. thank you thank you.
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all right let's go over to regina ham at the sports h.q. another day another battle in the standings at k.b. oh where else are you good baseball and in the cave you look like the dusan bears had the chance to break the winning streak of the samson lions on their home for turf yet the 3rd place he realizes is going to be a little bit more of a taller than he hoped lions start off the scoring top a 2nd r.b.i. single right center gap by catcher can you mean it was carpark you sansom with a one and nothing leaving the 4 think it's interesting runners on 2nd and 3rd one out straight 3 young man gets away at least you scores and i don't see if we move on to the next batter part came in ground in the apparent inning ending double play but sanson is going to ask for a review that play will be overturned car came in will end up being safe at 1st and parks to give you scores the lions increase their lead 3 to nothing to the top of
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the 5th we go and it's a home run till left center field off the bat alliance 3rd baseman tyler sal dino gets that the season lions lead for the one bears bats though they respond to the bomb the 6 bears 2nd baseman thank you for juan sends one to the bench is dusan still trail samsung $4.00 to $2.00 bombs and there's counterparts at york with a so on one of the right field stands the bears are only behind by one but top of the 9th samsung the 3rd baseman. with a 2 run single left field of battle scored and games. dandelions laid. out of the winds pick the road 6 to 3 and take a baseball or we can manila exactly all right thank you for that regina and please don't go anywhere we'll be back at 3 o'clock with a lot more news for you including g.o.p. senators today unveiling their police reform legislation how different from president trump's executive order on reforming police department nationwide we will tell you in about 30 minutes of sit tight that's it for right now make sure you
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keep up with everything fashion at all times by telling our brand new free app for the ball to be there anymore 7 follow me on twitter at manila chan healthy back here in 30. we go to work so you stay home. in the troubled 19 seventies a group of kilo's rampage through parts of northern ireland that was coordinated loyalist attacks to take the only catholic population of belfast tens of photos and
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support forced to flee their homes come up with straight and put these attacks was that the r.u.c. the police actually took part in the attacks so instead of preventing them they were active participants and the girl in your full streets in belfast at the plague more than a 100 innocent civilians will know that as the review can seniors and we found out more i was surprised about the extent and integrates which the solution was involved in some of those cases they killers would lead to be named into the now we're getting i think it went to the very very. top i think if the phones cross the water where all the tastes and you know on the go ahead.
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