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german prosecutors accuse the russian government for ordering the killing of. germany's foreign minister. in the us. describing the pain. of the scene. but after everything you. hear. through.
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the. nations of. racism in the united states. supporters rally behind a french. video. through. to the world this is your international my names you know neil you're welcome to the program. german federal prosecutors filed murder charges against a russian national and claim he was acting on the orders the team is accused of shooting a suspected terrorist in berlin last summer in what prosecutors say was
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a killing the german foreign minister is really taking measures against moscow let's go. no to berlin correspondent peter all of our people are very direct accusation that is likely to have consequences die in the road or perhaps even more recently what are prosecutors saying. well. i surely was gunned down in a city center park here in berlin in august of last year the main suspect in that case is being named locally only as using the alias s. has been charged with murder and weapons charges but the really outstanding thing about the allegations put forward by the german federal prosecutor is that they claim that this killing was carried out at the behest of moscow the accused
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accepted the russian government order to kill even hope for a financial reward or should the multiple of his clients to kill a political opponent. well those claims have been dismissed out of hand by russia the russian ambassador to germany has been invited to the german foreign ministry to discuss this case further and it does look like it is developing into a serious diplomatic incident if we cast our mind back to december of last year or 2 russian diplomats were expelled by berlin over claims for of from the foreign ministry that they weren't helping with the investigation now a spokesperson for angela merkel's government has said that they reserve the right to take further steps and that berlin takes this case very seriously that's also been reiterated by the german foreign minister heiko must now feeley was a georgian citizen of chechen heritage he had fought against russian troops in
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chechnya in the past prosecutors say that the suspect approached the victim from behind in this central berlin park on a bicycle and shot the victim 3 times the main suspect was arrested nearby the scene and has been held in custody ever since now surely had asylum status here in germany however he was wanted on terror charges in russia russian president vladimir putin saying that numerous attempts to be made to try and get extradited back to russia to face trial. because the moment the russian side the dusk the number of times to extradite these gunmen the killer and fortune he we did not reach an agreement. so the situation as we have it is that a russian citizen has been charged with the murder of a georgian man in the central park last year the russian government accused by
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prosecutors as having been behind the order to commit that killing something that is vehemently denied by moscow the russian ambassador to germany has been invited to the german foreign ministry to discuss this issue further our europe correspondent peter all of our bring us up to date on what is known at this stage thanks peter well let's get some reaction let's delve a little bit deeper into this story and the ramifications of it with political commentator i care i care is in her own over i could germany is making a serious accusation against russia how likely are prosecutors to to back up with public evidence because it does seem that the main proof right now is a claim by the actual suspect. well i think there is much more behind this and there is as you know german prosecutor are a political people so we have not a lot of system where you prosecutors accuse something that is against the law 'd
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or the politics and always the last were to do it so i think in this case you have to dig a little bit deeper this is in alliance with the long agenda to how we germany and russia why. this guy was an international terrorist the worst fighting against russia so there must be some people behind it who made him fighting these are warlords who are for money so what benefit should russia out of this case to to kill him there's no benefit the only benefit or of the killing would be somebody who could be sucked into this entire case in the war in russia so people who are behind him so he. can make a this is clearly. operation that was
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a key operation to to get rid of some possible witness and that doesn't make any sense for russia to do this how do you see this not progressing several russian diplomats were expelled last december over this russia's ambassador has not been called to the german foreign ministry again what measures do you expect. well it's even in that an alliance we have the following political situation that is pretty prepared in the pentagon and the and the white house are trying to get close our connections to russia boss the former president of the united states and haiti who are very much at just still and even more active in europe try to fulfill the old age and of preventing germany or to do something germany or
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working together with russia and in this case i think this is an alliance of course those who are not in alliance with the pantograph 3 not in the lines with the white house who try to somewhat toss politics a the peace politic on the eurasian do you think it actually could i can affect the relationship between russia and germany because you know there's a there's a lot of big projects the north stream to gas pipeline for instance between russia and germany you know that's hanging over this isn't it you're absolutely right you're absolutely right it has to be seen in an alliance and i think the german polish russia russian politicians especially love the mood and a lot of growth are clever enough to see that german politicians are not just puppets of different forces who are not us in the best interest of german population of european population and especially not of eurasia be so i think
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they know exactly that. this german politics is ridiculous but they are some of causing as i don't think they are they are trying to escalate the anti they even the germans call it the hyper model and other people try to do this but i don't they buy. let it escalate you're absolutely right this is according to his last 2 they all try to how we germany and russia and. the possibility that long lasting peace is on the eurasian continent i don't believe they will succeed just one aspect briefly get your thoughts on this germany sees that russia was uncooperative enough in the murder investigation russia sees it repeatedly in fact asked germany to extradite and gosh really why has there been this intractable standoff the thing. that i really go is the german government is
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lying like hell they are they are what they are they're stressing they're accusing . secret. from us so no nothing named no proof no nothing and of course the russian government are there to give any group to give any but other than this russian citizen did it because they don't have anything so they are just our king like dogs and trying to keep the big big shot at it and try to get away with this life from hanover this hour i can't help our political commentator thanks for your time. you're welcome. ok moving to the us now where a. police officer who fatally shot a black man twice in the back as he tried to flee a drink driving arrest has been charged with murder faces possible life in prison or the death penalty if convicted the other officer who was there is charged with
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aggravated assault 27 year old brooks had failed a breath test then was fun to sleep in his car as officers attempted on the rest of the officers tasers and fired in their direction before attempting to flee brooks was shot twice in the back died later in hospital the district attorney said there was no justification in opening fire before revealing for the details about what the officers did next. office alone actually miss bruce while he laid on the ground the other officer officer bronson and actually. on this the group's new song we've concluded at the time mr brooks was shot dead he did not pose an immediate threat of death or serious physical injury to the officer we appreciate and we come in the d.a.'s office for charging
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these officers appropriate. but that's just one. step too. it's come to this isn't like a celebration or a victory lap of watching these officers get charged. nobody's happy nobody's celebrating because this never should have happened i just hope they can rethink how i need to follow the house as i charge right how serious. it is is i don't know what i want to know how to sing if you must help but after everything in a throw back here is. what he went through the american president has spoken on the issue saying he hopes the accused officer is treated justly outing the brute should not of resisted arrest. nobody gets a fair shake because a police have not been treated fairly in our country they have not been treated fairly but again you can't resist
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a police officer like that and they ended up in a very terrible disagreement and look at the way and look at the way it ended very bad very bad they also serve who fatally shot brooks was also accused of covering up the shooting of a black man who stole a truck back in 2015 according to court documents seen by the guardian newspaper the month survived but suffered a collapsed lung the time the officers failed to report they had opened fire. black lives matter protesters staged the so-called die in protest by lying down in front of the atlanta police department to symbolize those killed and altered patients with officers brooks shooting was race relations with america's police really at rock bottom at this the age following the killing and subsequent riots over the death of george. following on from that at least 8 officers we know have resigned from the atlanta police department this month alone
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a private group that works on crime prevention in the city say it is because of low morale and that appears to be just one of the reasons behind similar mass resignations across the country. 7. you know every now and then maybe we have to do we have to begin to look at whether or not an individual is suitable for the job 1 of being a police officer because there's this great expectations from individuals who up will be solved or wish them to do awful and if you can't do it tell us and then that's fine i think what has happened is a given that the incidents that they've been involved in here and across the
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country have now come to light. public everybody is noticing these acts of violence death police officers on bob dylan and yet they get away with it there's no accountability and. no one is punished and so. it's about time the number that we're getting rid of those individuals who really don't want to work and be say. public safety to our community. over on the other coast in seattle there is an occupation a protest in a police free zone on them or their house announced officers will only enter it in urgent life threatening cases but lies mother come painters have been holding the capitol hill organize protest known as chop for more than a week they moved in when police moved over precinct building a misfit he was been circulating online showing a protester a partly something out assault rifles to minors that's very much against the law in
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washington state activists and since kate walked us through it again overnight claiming that this onus mostly peaceful. this. little community is already sprouting up in ways that some of us never even imagined the main focus now being a set of concrete pillars and pliers being set up in the streets by the city itself in order to help the protesters be established here. what is it like around here at night what exactly is going on let's go see what's happened. in. the past past few nights those hear the word feelings of anxiety and fear about
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a white supremacist group called the proud boys best time goes by you'll get set up here there's more food there's there's more people and the feeling of community and feeling of safety is becoming a lot more prevalent we have got a facebook page we've had a website i have donations from greece from jamaica all around the world we've been feeding people for 12 days and as long as this keeps going we're funded we'll continue to feed these people and after this ends we're looking into continuing this that there's claims that it's just the summer of love and there's people being crazy all over none of that is true there's no crime the attitude during the night is the same as the day it's not just a summer of love it's noticeable 30 people are down here to protest this is the area where the city is actually brought down some concrete blocks that you can see near me and the black lives matter protesters and every one down here is actually set up some of these wooden blocks on top of the concrete where
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everyone has just been creating are they say oh there are armed guards everywhere that's not true these are americans a lot of times they're expressing their 2nd and their rights there are. armed border guards there are people who watch the border to make sure that. you know we don't have anybody coming do things are bad here and usually 5 hours from now we're going to be here tonight. why did you come all way up here meant well i came up here except the people of you need my support 'd and i feel like we all need to rally like around a single cause so that way we can actually get some progress made you know police force across america has been a problem for. decades now it's time that we get that mantle a lot of it because a lot of and if you can remember if you're going away you know one ship may have been in prison it wasn't too long ago down here that people were there were riots the police for being violent there were rumors of white supremacists so more and more as the days go on as you'll get more comfortable setting up here i think the real message of what's happening becomes more and more obvious which is exactly
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what's behind me in the city we believe black lives matter no human being is illegal science is real and love is the way. seattle activists and ski with his 1st person account of his view of what it's like inside the protest capitol hill organize protests will keep you posted. in the coming days. joining me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics spoke this unless i'm showbusiness i'll see that.
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we go to work so straight home. if the epidemic continues as a disease the economies will not recover we will not have trade tourism. investments we will have continuing very deep economic crisis. 20 minutes into the program welcome back a french nurse has been released from police custody after that you all of her violent to restoring choose this nationwide health care workers protest sparked
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widespread anger she still expected to appear in court in september though having been charged with rebellion this is look at this his name is frieda was forcibly seen by several officers of the police said she had been throwing projectiles off them free to say she was being left traumatised by the way she was treated a rally was too few organized and her supporters are to show their guns because their. 50 year old nice was arrested during the house look as fresh as that took place in paris all of that seized by now she's being named has been redone is said to be from the abscam ship the city is now it said she shall shop obsessional for some 17 years and that she was taking part in those protests have taken basic corresponds to meet demand increase salaries most i don't know money in general for some of us that many been saying for a long time is all i'm not. if said chair in front of videos on social media showed that the moment that she was arrested with offices charging towards her.
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there is a huge and go over the way that she was apprehended it said that for rita suffered a broken rib cuts to her face and she was seized by her head during that arrest now video also shows a cooling for some sort of breathing device and she couldn't breathe. through citigroup her. daughter later took to twitter in defense of her mother who said she needed a ventilator because she's asked smarting. this woman is my mother she's 50 years old a nurse she worked for 3 months between 12 and 14 hours a day she had to call the 19 she was demonstrating so that would be erased those who work would be recognized she's us matic she has her uniform on she's on the one meter 55 tall supporters feel free to say that this is the latest example of police
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brutality and they have had enough it is critical to say that is to say that if we find the conditions a far readers arrest scandalous there was no reason for her detention this really was a disproportionate use of force. to israel to usual the police always promote protesters and the police crackdown every time and now we have a few 2 year old woman even if she threw a stone this does not deserve being thrown to the ground just so i want to say yes sadly what happened was not the 1st time we see police threatening stopping people from trying to peacefully leave the demonstration under the pretense of wanting to isolate a few individuals to end up terrorizing everyone there. they say for a reader who is it makes it being overcome with anger at the end of the demonstration crackdown that her reaction was normal given what's been described by so many people here as provocations by the police during that protest.
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the un human rights council held an urgent debate on with over the issue of alleged systematic racism and police brutality in the u.s. the meeting was called by the west african nation of burkean a fossil and so multinational concerns being raised one notable absentee though the united states reporting. racial unrest in the united states has prompted 54 african countries to call on the un human rights council they want the international body to look into racism and police brutality in the united states and beyond this if it meant that i should the tragic events of may 25th in minneapolis in the u.s. which led to the death of george floyd lots of protests around the world against injustice and police brutality the persons of african descent face on a daily basis in many regions of the world and the death of george floyd is unfortunately not an isolated incident we believe the situation in the united states warrants urgent country specific intervention and that
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a thematic global investigation is also an order the family of george floyd has also called on the u.n. to get involved george floyd's brother made an urgent appeal and a landmark u.n. debate my brother joe my brother is one of the many bad made women that have been made over by planning is everything going to have an exit you know the help you know i'm extra you know they don't mean i have anything you know. but i had people in america the data has already been collected black people in the united states are 2 and a half times more likely to be killed by police than whites and they are far more likely to be killed by police tasers and outrage over these deaths has been dragging on and building up for decades.
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there is sponsoring u.s. officials was to hail their own country's supposed transparency and. and then to make they'll dig at those who criticize them we call upon all governments to demonstrate the same level of transparency and accountability that the united states nor democratic partner spragg this but the usa did not participate in the debate on racism u.s. representatives weren't there why the united states has withdrawn from the un human rights council in response to criticism of israel we take a step because our commitment does not allow us to remain a part of a hypocritical and self-serving organization that makes a mockery of human rights and that trend of putting pressure on international
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bodies continues states is now threatening sanctions against the international criminal court because it dared investigate the actions of u.s. troops in afghanistan but will not stand by as our people are threatened by a kangaroo court and indeed i have a message to many close allies around the world your people could be next the united states likes to think of itself as the policeman of the world and just like the police at home the united states isn't too excited about being expected to follow the same rules that it claims to go around the world in forcing caleb mop and artsy new york. campaigners across britain took the knee on wednesday in the lead a show of solidarity for the black lives mother movement recent weeks of seemingly take a little emotional toll on many and the oxford university is offering to help students whose exam performance may be affected essentially by marking their papers easier
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there's been pressure from campaigners at the university who said just watching the video of the killing of george boyd had left black students on the tuttles. we share our concerns about this dramatic effect of the brutality which killed george floyd and which is him and his station of institutionalized racism any students taking university assessments who feels their performance has been affected should submit us. south assessment mitigating circumstances for him after the final examination or assessment. campaigners at the university have also been pushing to remove a statue of sessile rhodes on one thing centric lowliest prime minister of south africa's cape colony have long argued that the monument glorifies racism is an insult to offer its black students. we talked to people in iran london who broadly welcome the university's sympathetic response but others think it's gone too far as should be taken into consideration because this is a global thing that's going on offering us 2nd to much into account because it life
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you still believe aware of all the different obviously. you know they should be put into that fresh air while the corona going on i don't agree as much or because people are going to line even the say oh yeah i'm affected by and to get awfully sick to have such early this really does affects a lot of members of society and actually is something which i can understand would affect people and that she should be taken into account so you know i say save us as she reads the title is it the guy will die in america you know i don't take out when you think of these. students here actually. but free speech on censorship is fast becoming the battle of the 21st century what lies ahead for us all watching the hawks those deeper moments. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy people in
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from day shouldn't let it be an arms race is often very dramatic development only mostly i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. some control for a middle class to who most of the night most of our very hard working people that want to get ahead that have either have some some health issues or have some of it out of strict about luck the whole time job won't always pay for a place to live and missing just a month's rent can get you a victim to gunpoint if anything bad happens to any thing that just throws your budget off slightly. you better catch up real quick or you're going to have a judgment of possession against you and get addicted to anyone that's homeless is history like garbage people look at you like a monster or some.


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